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Quote# 118913

I am of Serbian heritage. During WW2 my ancestors lived in the notorious Independent State of Croatia, where hundreds of thousands of Serbs were murdered by the Ustasha movement. Yet, my ancestors fought against this, some of them joining the Yugoslav Partisans or going into hiding if they were too young. Other Serbs would flee to some other country nearby or join the Chetnik movement.

Despite the fact that the Serbian regime in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia was often brutal towards non-Serbs, there was nothing ordinary Serbs living in NDH did to deserve such pogroms.

So if some Ustasha during a WW2 captured a Serbian woman and dragged her to execute her Ustashas would be stunned and probably laughed themselves silly if her brother, husband or a father was going after them and begging them to allow him to break one of her legs or shouting at them to shoot her in the head because they're both monsters.

And bear in mind, this Serbian regime lasted until 1941, and WW2 in Yugoslavia from 1941 to 1945 !

Slavery ended in America and other places in the West over a hundred years ago, most regular Americans did nothing to harm the Muslims, blacks or their other holy groups, *certainly no living American participated in regular, state sanctioned slave trade while many of the Serbs that resisted from 1941 were a part of an oppressive regime before April 1941*, yet they would act just the way WW2 Serbs never did.

These imbeciles have no idea that it was other Africans who captured slaves for the Europeans and sold these to them, that Arabs held many slave trade routes in which the mortality of black slaves was much higher then on Western ships, that Barbary pirates were regularly capturing white slaves up to 19th century in the Mediterranean or that it were Western countries that ended slavery.

They are ridden with white guilt and so historically illiterate that I know they would be the ones doing what I described as something that WW2 Serbs would never do. Once blacks, Muslims or some other group liberals find sacred would try to capture or kill their women they'd actively encourage them to kill these women, screaming how they all must be punished for being monsters. I was just imagining one of these liberals running after a pack of blacks, Muslims or whatever other group liberals find sacred who are carrying his wife and begging them hysterically to let him harm her as well, to allow him to beat her more severely than they would, as if to somehow wash off their horrible sins. It made me laugh so hard.

What pathetic lunatic cucks liberals are.

caamib, r/Truecels 32 Comments [5/13/2016 3:33:21 AM]
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Quote# 121357

7 Ways to Discipline Your Wife

Discipline toward your wife should always start with the gentlest approach first and only move toward harder forms of discipline if the gentle approach does not yield results. Warnings should always be given before harder types of discipline are implemented. You should always pray and seek the Lord’s guidance before bringing these types of discipline on his wife.

Here are 7 ways you can discipline your wife if a gentle rebuke does not work:

#1 For Disrespect

If your wife is speaking in disrespectful and demeaning ways in public in front of others (whether this is toward you or others) this might require a public rebuke of her tone and actions.

#2 For Overspending

If your wife is spending money against your wishes – this may require confiscation of her credit cards and ATM cards. Of course this can be done in measured amounts. Perhaps you might just take away one or two cards that she has abused and if her spending continues to get out of control you would move toward removing the ATM card as well. This does not necessarily mean she would have no money, but you could give her a cash allowance each week.

#3 For failing to care for your children or contradicting your authority with your children

If your wife is failing to do her duties as a mother toward your children or she is continuing to contradict your authority with the children then perhaps you might put off buying that new car for her and have her continue driving her older car for a while as long as it is safe for her to drive. If you have to purchase another car – you could downgrade the type of car she will be able to get or buy her a used one instead. Maybe you put off the purchase of that new dishwasher she has been wanting.

#4 For too much TV watching

If your wife is watching too much TV you could cancel the cable or satellite TV and just have antenna service.

#5 For too much online time

If your wife is spending too much time online (like Facebook or other social outlets or online shopping) then if she does not respond to your warnings about this you could change your internet code on your router so that her devices will not have access to the internet.

#6 For neglect of the home

Maybe your wife is not watching too much TV or spending too much time online but she is still neglectful toward her duties in your home. If your wife is being neglectful of her duties to care for your home then you might put off that new living room furniture set you have been talking about or those new window dressings she has been wanting.

#7 For sexual denial

If your wife is un-submissive in the sexual arena and chronically denies your sexual advances (without legitimate medical or psychological reasons for doing so) then perhaps that upcoming trip you were going to take her on gets canceled. Maybe that wardrobe upgrade your wife was looking forward to gets downsized or canceled. The Bible says a man has to supply his wife with clothing, but it does not say it has to be the expensive clothing she wants!

Some of these disciplinary procedures may affect the family as a whole, but sometimes it is necessary to do this in an attempt to bring your wife to repentance.

These are just some examples of non-abusive ways that a Christian husband can discipline his wife in a way that honors God and his design for the home.

God not only give husbands the power to discipline their wives, but he also gives them to the duty to do this. Men should not discipline their wives out some sort of power trip or prideful arrogance. Instead men should discipline their wives from a place of love in order to bring about holiness and order in their homes. Even if a wife rejects her husband’s discipline as Israel did God as her husband – he should still discipline her and pray that God will bring his wife to repentance.

Larry Solomon (a pen name), Biblical Gender Roles. 25 Comments [8/30/2016 3:33:30 AM]
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Submitted By: solomongrundy
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Quote# 121370

[1925 vs 2016. 90 years later and we’re still policing women on what they wear to the beach.]

So, in 1925 women had to cover up and perhaps didn’t have a choice there. 2015 we have people trying to control a violent religion that oppresses women and forces them to completely cover themselves. If you think that these are the same thing then youre wrong. These are extreme measures to try to control an ideology incompatible with western values. Incompatible with the ideas that even would have inspired this post to begin with.

Im not sure whether or not I agree with the measures. One one hand I think that it genuinely does deter Islam and on the other I would want people to be able to make the choice. I do not however think that we need to be tolerant of extreme ideas that hurt others.

moderationinallthings, Tumblr 10 Comments [8/30/2016 4:21:30 PM]
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Submitted By: Demon Duck of Doom
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Quote# 121367

Have you heard the latest Democrat scam? Have you heard about the agriculture department's financial grants to lesbian farmers? You think I'm making this up? See, this is how they do it. All right. I hadn't intended to get into this right off the bat. Let me find it here in the Stack because it's something that's happening. It's actually real, and there is a strategic reason for it. Here it is. Are you ready for this? It's two pages. Let me pull 'em out here. It is from the Washington Free Beacon. That's the website.

Headline: "Feds Holding Summits for Lesbian Farmers -- USDA wants to change image of farmers from 'white, rich male.' The US Department of Agriculture is holding summits to promote the role of lesbian farmers as a part of its 'Rural Pride' campaign. The agency is working with singer and LGBT activist Cyndi Lauper for a 'day of conversation' about the struggles of gay and transgender individuals in rural America. [USDA] says its wants to change the perception of what it means to be a farmer in America away from the 'white, rich male.'"

Now, I understand farmers are not "rich." This is part of the disinformation campaign. "Rich, white male" is how the left describes pretty much any constituency group that they're opposed to. What the point of this is, folks... It's not about lesbian farmers. What they're trying to do is convince lesbians to become farmers.

You sit in there and laugh. Okay, go ahead and laugh at it, but I'm telling you what they're doing. They are trying to bust up one of the last geographically conservative regions in the country; that's rural America.

Rural America happens to be largely conservative. Rural America is made up of self-reliant, rugged individualist types. They happen to be big believers in the Second Amendment. So here comes the Obama Regime with a bunch of federal money and they're waving it around, and all you gotta do to get it is be a lesbian and want to be a farmer and they'll set you up. I'm like you; I never before in my life knew that lesbians wanted to be farmers.

I never knew that lesbians wanted to get behind the horse and the plow and start burrowing. I never knew it. But apparently enough money can make it happen, and the objective here is to attack rural states. They're already attacking suburbs, and that has been made perfectly clear by what happened in Milwaukee. They're going after every geographic region that is known to be largely conservative. They never stop, folks. They are constantly on the march.

Rush Limbaugh, Rush Limbaugh.com 25 Comments [8/30/2016 3:39:08 AM]
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Submitted By: Skybison
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Quote# 121329

Can anyone give a good logical reason why many powerful people are pushing globalism and open borders?

What do they get out of a one world government? What madness is driving them to do this?
I can only surmise either that they are the most power mad people on earth
they are demonically inspired by Satan himself.

Anonymous, Yahoo! Answers 26 Comments [8/27/2016 7:26:13 PM]
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Submitted By: TheReasonator
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Quote# 121365

Prior to the legalization of gay marriage, gay activists said that under no circumstances would an affirmative ruling from the U.S. Supreme Court on this issue result in a diminution of religious liberty. They were either wrong or they lied. No matter, no one now disputes that there is a determined effort to use gay rights as a club to smash the religious liberty protections afforded by the First Amendment.

Kate Drumgoogle was fired from Paramus Catholic High School in New Jersey last January after school authorities learned that she violated her contractual obligations. Now she is suing the school, the principal, and the Archdiocese of Newark claiming victim status; a judge has ruled that the case can move forward, denying a request to dismiss it. Drumgoogle was given the opportunity to resign, but she refused. The case has received nationwide attention, and that's because Drumgoogle is "married" to another woman, Jaclyn Vanore.

Drumgoogle was a guidance counselor and a basketball coach. When she took the job, she never disclosed her marital status, yet she agreed to abide by the school's Ministerial Policies and the Code of Ethics; they require adherence to Catholic teachings, among them being the stipulation that marriage is the union of one man and one woman.

No one knew of Drumgoogle's gay marriage until the sister of the woman she claims to be married to posted the information on social media. Elaine Vanore sent pictures of the ceremony to the Paramus Catholic Facebook page, the school's alumni page, and the page of school president James P. Vail. She did so following an argument she had with her sister, Jaclyn, the "wife" of Drumgoogle.

This case is not an anomaly. Dozens of lawsuits have been filed by gay employees against their Catholic employer, all alleging discrimination. The real issue here is that these gays have purposely violated their contract—an agreement to which they voluntarily consented—though no one would know this by following media accounts of these disputes. They have turned this into a persecution campaign by the Catholic Church.

It's not just gay activists who are trespassing on the religious liberty prerogatives of Catholic schools—the Obama administration is doing the same. Last year, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission filed a complaint against a Georgia Catholic academy because it fired a gay teacher who planned to marry his boyfriend.

Every time something like this happens, we hear how indefensible it is to discriminate against gays as it is blacks. The conventional wisdom does not take into consideration a critically important difference: homosexuality, as opposed to the status of being a homosexual, is the issue; there is no analogue with race.

Gay teachers in Catholic schools are not being driven out because they are gay: they are being dismissed because they publicly flout Catholic teachings on the subjects of sexuality and marriage, and because they violated their contractual responsibilities.

Following the Bible, the Catholic Church rejects homosexuality; it also holds that marriage is a monogamous institution between a man and a woman. And just like secular institutions, it expects that the terms of its employment contracts should be honored.

The big mistake is conflating behavior (homosexuality) with an ascribed status (race): Behavior is an achieved status having nothing to do with a fixed status. As with all behaviors, homosexuality is subject to moral approval or disapproval. These judgments take on greater weight when they are grounded in Judeo-Christian precepts, the very foundation of the United States.

It should be further noted that the Catholic Church rejects "unjust discrimination," thereby acknowledging situations where just distinctions are warranted. So, too, does the larger society: there are many laws that treat people differently based on age (driving and voting), veteran status, handicapped conditions, and the like. The private sector does the same, as evidenced by height requirements for certain rides at amusement parks and "ladies night" privileges at pubs.

Regardless of how one feels about these matters, there is one overriding concern that should be controlling: the First Amendment right to the free exercise of religion.

Bill Donohue is President and CEO of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, the nation's largest Catholic civil rights organization. He was awarded his Ph.D. in sociology from New York University and is the author of seven books and many articles.

Bill Donohue, CNS News 22 Comments [8/30/2016 3:38:01 AM]
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Quote# 121364

Oh I believe you brother. My best friend is a full-blooded Filipino man who is an admirer of Adolf Hitler as well. He told me he wishes for Duterte to just "get it over with and declare martial law already". Back when Marcos declared martial law, the only people crying are the oligarchs and the spoiled city students of Metro Manila. The provinces benefited greatly. The people as a whole, will benefit from a president who is unafraid to make very difficult calls and do what needs to be done for his people, no matter what the cost.

MasculineHapa, Reddit 12 Comments [8/30/2016 3:37:15 AM]
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Quote# 121363

Evolution has been disproven. There is absolutely no basis for believe in it. Only racists believe in evolution. Hitler did. You didn't know who [Michael Faraday] was, and you didn't know that he was a Darwin contemporary. You also didn't know that evolution has yet to be proven (as evolutionists themselves will admit), and you didn't know that Darwin based his entire theory of evolution on the fact that he thought blacks looked like apes and that they must have "evolved". You can read about it in his books. Hitler cited him for his bigotry, too. You don't know science, and you don't know basic history.

Guest, Christian News Network 20 Comments [8/30/2016 3:36:32 AM]
Fundie Index: 15
Submitted By: Jocasta
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Quote# 121335

Ultra-Orthodox Jewish rabbis have banned women from going to university, The Independent has learned.

The strict Satmar sect issued the decree, seen by The Independent, warning that university education for women is “dangerous”. Written in Yiddish, the decree warns: “It has lately become the new trend that girls and married women are pursuing degrees in special education. Some attend classes and others online. And so we’d like to let their parents know that it is against the Torah.

“We will be very strict about this. No girls attending our school are allowed to study and get a degree. It is dangerous. Girls who will not abide will be forced to leave our school. Also, we will not give any jobs or teaching position in the school to girls who’ve been to college or have a degree.

"We have to keep our school safe and we can’t allow any secular influences in our holy environment. It is against the base upon which our Mosed was built.”

The decree was issued from the sect’s base in New York and will apply to followers of the faith group around the world.

Satmar Rabbis, The Independent 32 Comments [8/28/2016 3:56:06 AM]
Fundie Index: 17
Submitted By: Yossarian Lives
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Quote# 121340

Arguing with women is a losing proposition.

You're only going to make them hate Asian men more.
Our arguments could not be more logically sound.

But Asian women, like all women, have the ability to believe their own lies if it's beneficial to them.

It is advantageous for them to depress the value of Asian men. They can hold out for higher quality

Asian men when they have white men as leverage, or vice versa.

The best strategy for Asian men is to individually and collectively raise our sexual value with non Asian women.

Simultaneously, we should demand 100% race loyalty history for marrying Asian women.

If every Asian male in America does those 2 things, our situation will improve without a single verbal argument being made.

That would more closely resemble patriarchy, which actually does work to keep women in line. Look at Muslims.

We are the least patriarchal because our women have the most freedom.

Right now they have the freedom to fuck the whole football team and still marry a clueless

Doctor/engineer/Harvard Asian male provider when they're used up.

Whites, blacks, Hispanics would never marry a girl of their race who had exclusively fucked 40 Asian guys first.

macnjack, Reddit 15 Comments [8/29/2016 3:26:57 AM]
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Quote# 121351

You may think I am joking but I am not. I cannot watch a woman preacher without lusting after her in some way or another even if it is for only a few seconds and that is the reason I believe that women should not be on the stage in front of men preaching. A woman does not lust after men but men lust after women and you cant listen to a sermon while checking her out, it is just wrong.

James of Arc, Christian Forums 28 Comments [8/30/2016 3:05:24 AM]
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Quote# 121355

Oh, I have the goods ;) ... God is proved by facts, science and logic. At the same time atheism (big bang, abiogenesis, evolution) is easily destroyed by the facts and I'll list a few:

Nature (Bees making honey, flowers blooming, speciation, reproduction. gravity, time/space/matter) repeats daily, every 10 secs on every street corner; while the lies of atheism (big bang, abiogenesis, evolution) do not repeat period AND THEY SHOULD because atheist scientists list them as "nature." They don't repeat like other things of nature, because they don't exist and never did exist.

Since the big bang never happened, what does the evidence for the big bang point to instead? The fact that God created the Heavens from one point and expanded them (documented in his word over 3500 years ago):

"He alone STRETCHES OUT the heavens and treads on the waves of the sea." Job 9:8.

” … who STRETCHES OUT the heavens like a curtain, and SPREADS THEM like a tent to live in.” - Isaiah 40:22

"In the beginning (time [past, present, future]) God (intelligent force [Father, Son, Holy Spirit]) created (action) the heavens (space [height, width & depth]) and the earth (matter [liquid, solid, gas])." – Genesis 1:1

NOTHING CAN ONLY PRODUCE NOTHING. It's impossible that purposeless mindless unguided NOTHING created EVERYTHING from NOTHING. Everything came from God. There is no other option.

"Time" does not help evolution as "time" does not add new information to the genome (DNA) to make a life form

Any person that can create time, must be timeless. Does someone "timeless" have a beginning? No. THEREFORE God is "timeless" or eternal. He designed/created time/space/matter/energy ALL AT THE SAME TIME.

The only option for the design/creation of the high-complexity/high function human being, is a brilliant divine God. It's impossible that MINDLESS UNGUIDED processes (big bang, abiogenesis, evolution) designed/created anything.

God is THE ONLY ONE that has life, intelligence, morality and value to give us AND the tools (divine power & divine brilliance) to give it. LIFE, INTELLIGENCE, MORALITY AND VALUE CAN COME FROM NOBODY ELSE as God designed/created us in his image:

Genesis 1:26.. “Then God said, "Let us (Trinity: Father, Word, Holy Spirit) make mankind in our image, in our likeness, so that they may rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky, over the livestock and all the wild animals, and over all the creatures that move along the ground."

Life could not of been created in stages and survived, because along w/ the ability to reproduce, life had to have all bodily systems (circulatory, respiratory, reproductive, pulmonic, digestive, skeletal, muscular, nervous, body (skin), etc., etc.) intact to survive and progress. This fact proves life was created SUDDENLY as depicted in The Book of Genesis, while at the same time destroys atheism (big bang, abiogenesis, evolution).

jacuzzi37, Christian News Network 19 Comments [8/30/2016 3:06:11 AM]
Fundie Index: 8
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Quote# 121353

“Science, fundamentally, is a game. It is a game with one overriding and fundamental rule. Rule No.1: let us see how far and to what extent we can explain the behaviour of the physical and material universe in terms of purely physical and material causes, without invoking the supernatural” (Chemical evolutionist Richard Dickson)
That's the sort of science that has brainwashed many a persons into believing we are nothing more than meat that has arisen from protoplasmic sludge and that we have no more significance than a cockroach. At the same time, falling into satans trap (Jesus refers to him as the father of all lies) causing men to reject Gods merciful offer of grace and thus being damned for all eternity.

George, Christian News Network 10 Comments [8/30/2016 3:05:55 AM]
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Quote# 114447

I imagine that because prehistoric men focused their efforts on acquiring girls before about 17 when they start reproducing, girls have evolved to invest the most in bodily attractiveness before that age and deteriorate afterwards as their attractiveness would have become less and less important

Norman, The Human Mating  34 Comments [11/15/2015 4:07:51 PM]
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Quote# 121360

(responding to story "Lawsuit filed against Chicago over abortion clinic “bubble zone”):

Pro-aborts and abortuary deathscorts cannot afford (insert picture of blood drenched money) to let the truth out.

But, the Truth WILL out!

WorldGoneCrazy, Live Action News 9 Comments [8/30/2016 3:34:08 AM]
Fundie Index: 7
Submitted By: Jocasta
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Quote# 95441

A Texas megachurch pastor is asking his congregation to help pay for upgrades to his helicopter blades after being advised by his “Aviation Department” that the upgrade would save the church $50,000.

Bishop I.V. Hilliard sent a newsletter to members of the New Light Christian Center in Houston asking his “Friends in Jesus” to help pay for the upgrade with $52 “favor seeds.” Hillard told the congregation that they would receive “breakthrough favor” within 52 days or 52 weeks.

“My Aviation manager stated that while repairing our helicopter they discovered that if we upgrade our blades today, it will save thousands in the days to come,” Hilliard wrote. “As I pondered and looked at the situation, I heard that still small voice of the Holy Spirit say tell your special partners who have special transportation needs and their obedience will release favor for their needs and desires.”

I V Hilliard, Holes in the foam 64 Comments [7/11/2013 3:31:52 AM]
Fundie Index: 50
Submitted By: Frostythesnowman
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Quote# 121366

Jinn possession of flats/buildings is common in ksa [Kingdom of Saudi Arabia].They remain empty for years to be rented and its quite famous that Jinns start to reside there.Second fact is as the Jinns mostly reside in deserts,jungles ,mountains & highways, but they do also live among human neighbourhood.Islam explains everything and also the solution.It is not always that the Sheikh can be able to convince them to leave the residential flat & situation ends by leaving the house and change it.It is advisable to do Istikhara & to consult neighbours when deciding to rent a house or flat if they r aware of any previous problems with the past inhabitants.
Witchcraft / Blackmagic is another phemonenon in which the sorcerer deals with these creatures by obeying them and ends by associating with Allah (shirk), then only the devils among jinnkind help the sorcerer and his/her clients.
It is important to differentiate the two entities, otherwise suspicions & insinuations will lead to superstitious nature of most muslims and they will be doubful when there exists some psychological problem or workout is needed to solve the commom problems we face in daily life.
May Allah bless the Ummah with Guidance , understanding & to solve these mysteries with Quran & Prophetic Method.Ameen

Dr.Mohammad Atif, Arab News 11 Comments [8/30/2016 3:38:42 AM]
Fundie Index: 9
Submitted By: TimeToTurn
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Quote# 121361

Polygamist leader Lyle Jeffs has escaped his home confinement — but his lawyer thinks there’s a possible supernatural explanation for it.

Salt Lake City news station Fox 13 reports that Jeffs’s defense attorney Kathryn Nester submitted a filing in court this week explaining that she is, at the moment, unable to contact her client. She then proceeded to explain that she had no idea what had become of him and speculated on some far-fetched scenarios to explain his disappearance.

“As this Court is well aware, Mr. Jeffs is currently not available to inform his counsel whether or not he agrees to the Continuance,” she wrote. “Whether his absence is based on absconding, as oft alleged by the Government in their filings, or whether he was taken and secreted against his will, or whether he experienced the miracle of rapture is unknown to counsel.”

Jeffs, who is the leader of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (FLDS), has been charged for his role in a food stamp fraud and money laundering scheme. He escaped his pre-trial home confinement this past June and has not been heard from since.

Kathryn Nester, Raw Story 19 Comments [8/30/2016 3:34:15 AM]
Fundie Index: 7
Submitted By: Demon Duck of Doom
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Quote# 121325

Let me understand... Billions of years" ago, "nothing" exploded, for no reason at all (defying scientific law in the process). Out of this "explosion of nothing, that was caused by nothing, came everything". It rained on the rocks and life appeared from non-life, (again defying scientific law in the process).

From this wild speculation came invertebrate fish, which "evolved" into vertebrate fish, which "evolved" into amphibians, which "evolved" into reptiles. Some reptiles "evolved" into mammals and some mammals "evolved" into Humans. Meanwhile, some reptiles, dinosaurs, "evolved" into birds.

That is the summary of my religious world-view and seeing as we are really just descended from pond-scum, from a random, cosmic accident - Not purposeful design by an intelligent Creator,- There is nothing wrong with butchering unborn children, Rape, Murder, Peadophilla, Theft, Nazi Holocausts, Cambodian Killing Fields, etc. It's just "survival of the fittest".

We came from nowhere and we're going nowhere.

JB_Calgary, Christian News Network 21 Comments [8/27/2016 7:25:51 PM]
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Quote# 121332

Last week, televangelist Jim Bakker declared that legal abortion is a sign that we are in the Last Days, expressing shock that anyone would favor abortion rights.

“People are literally, it’s a big thing in the news right now, they’re having nervous breakdowns over the political campaign,” he said, “because there’s people who feel so strongly on both sides. Isn’t it amazing, people are so strong that they want to kill babies, that they’re fighting for the right to kill babies?”

He added: “If an atomic bomb had dropped on America, it wouldn’t do any more damage than what abortion has done.”

Jim Bakker, Right Wing Watch 24 Comments [8/28/2016 3:47:17 AM]
Fundie Index: 11
Submitted By: Demon Duck of Doom
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Quote# 121337

Two prominent religious leaders in Russia have provoked outrage after suggesting female genital mutilation could help reduce sexual promiscuity.

The scandal erupted on Wednesday when Vsevolod Chaplin, a former spokesman for the Russian Orthodox Church, rushed to the defence of Ismail Berdiyev, a senior Muslim cleric from Dagestan who said “all women” should be subjected to the practice to eliminate sexual depravity.

Mr Berdiyev, chairman of the Coordination Centre of North Caucasus Muslims, made the controversial comments when asked to comment on a report into the practice published earlier this week.

“All women should be circumcised so there would be no debauchery on earth, so that sexuality is minimised,” Mr Berdiyev, a prominent figure in Dagestan, told a correspondent from Interfax, a Russian news agency.

“The Almighty created woman to bear and raise children,” he added. “[Circumcision] would not affect that. Women would not stop giving birth. But there would be less promiscuity.”

He went on to clarify that although Islam does not prescribe the practice, “it is necessary to reduce female sexuality. If it was done to all women, it would be very good.”

Mr Berdiyev was commenting on a recent study that found female genital mutilation is common in remote mountain villages in Dagestan, a predominantly Muslim region in Russia’s north Caucasus.

Research by the Russian Justice Initiative, an NGO, found that in areas where the practice continues female genital mutilation tends to be carried out on girls up to three years old, without anaesthetic and often in unsanitary conditions.

The researchers said most cases they came across involved removal, or part-removal, of the clitoris and labia.

Archpriest Chaplin, one of the most prominent Orthodox priests in Russia, rushed to the mufti’s defence after outraged headlines splashed across Russian media and social networks.

“What feminist howling!” he wrote in a Facebook post defending the right of minorities to preserve religious traditions.

“Circumcising all women probably isn’t necessary. Orthodox women don’t need it because they are not promiscuous,” he wrote.

“Of course God created women to bear and raise children. Feminism is a lie of the 20th century,” he added.

Ismail Berdiyev and Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin, The Telegraph 46 Comments [8/28/2016 5:28:02 AM]
Fundie Index: 30
Submitted By: Yossarian Lives
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Quote# 121339

The thought process of an atheist is a list of irrational beliefs and a way to put off God. Be amazed at the evidence around us at www.AtheistMovie.com

Ray Comfort, Ray Comfort's Facebook page 43 Comments [8/29/2016 3:26:52 AM]
Fundie Index: 17
Submitted By: Chris
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Quote# 121342

God does NOT bless sin.

The only industries that thrive in the hood are the ones that cater to single unwed mothers. In other words: businesses that cater to fornication. Sadly, this also includes many churches! Think about it: what do beauty supply stores, liquor stores, day care centers, hair salons, nail shops, income tax businesses and churches all have in common?

They all cater to low income single women and unwed mothers. And by definition an unwed mother is someone who indulges in fornication - which is how she typically ends up as an unwed mother. The single women aren't any different. Most of them are living lifestyles of fornication too. They either hide it by getting abortions, or they simply haven't got caught slipping yet.

The 'hood caters to single mothers and SIN. Which is precisely why it has become a death trap for so many: especially black men.

The hood is really just reward for rebellion against God. Women these days have rebelled against God's assigned authority: Male Leadership. This is why they value the man's penis, but not his position as leader. They value his 'head' but not his headship. Let that one sink in for a moment.

In their often extreme pride and arrogance, many of these women actually expect God to bless their lifestyles of fornication and rebellion. They expect for God to make their lives better, when they're not even repentant for their own lifestyles of sin. No repentance for fornication, none for adultery, none for being lascivious, none for abortion.

It's the kids that end up suffering the most, because they are the fruit of that fornication. They're fornication babies and for all intents and purposes, bastards.

This doesn't mean God rejects those children; for He already declared 'he that comes to Me I will in no wise cast out.' But it does mark these kids of fornication as outside of the protective covering that comes from a home that is led by a man.

The man has been assigned headship by God. It's an anointing that each man carries, whether saved or unsaved. Not even Satan can violate or step over that assigned authority.

Now you know why Satan wants to remove men from homes so badly. He can only gain access to the home and therefore the children when the man is not present. Headship which equates to leadership belongs to the MAN - not the woman. A special blessing rests on families that are led by a man. Heterosexual man, that is. (It's a shame we even have to differentiate nowadays).

This is why single parent households ran by women are so disastrous to the black community. These are the leading cause of most of the crime, poverty, high incarceration and high school dropout rates. But at the center of it all is one word - rebelliousness. And that rebelliousness finds its biggest expression via sex outside of wedlock - aka FORNICATION.

While I agree that much of this can be laid at the feet of men as well; I'm an absolute realist: most of the men who mess around with women from the hood are hood dudes themselves.

Hood dudes are basically guys who were raised by single moms too - who rarely ever knew their own fathers - and now they are here repeating the process into the next generation.

Hood dudes aren't men who've abandoned their families. They simply never were a family in the first place. Mom was just a sex fling who wanted to get pregnant (why else take that risk of getting pregnant when a woman has over a dozen different ways to prevent pregnancy). And dad was just a guy from the neighborhood in search of an easy lay.

That's not a family. That's called fornication. And you can't expect a man who's a sinner to suddenly start acting like a saint, just because he's had sex with a woman. That's what whoremongers do - frequent whores! After all: a man can't be a whoremonger unless he's among whores, right? Hence the definition of the word.

Decent men, the marrying type, aren't hanging out in the hood all day, or sponging off of some woman and her kids.

Decent men are busy earning a living and being productive with their lives.

The only men you see constantly in the hood are:

• guys needing a place to stay because they're too immature to stand on their own two feet economically at the moment;
• drug addicts, winos, bums;
• broke gay/bisexual dudes who are known to be gay, who also have HIV (this is where many black women catch it from);
• drug dealers

All other men do their best to steer clear from the hood. Because they realize the urban black community operates as a deadly matriarchal society - something that is antithetical to real manhood. And no real man can be comfortable for long in a matriarchal environment. Sooner or later he's going to break camp too, just like the other decent men before him. Unless he fits that category mentioned above.

BOTTOM LINE: the hood with all its crime, death, brutality, violence, failure and poverty is the direct result of the judgment of God on all those women who don't want to do things God's way. It's an environment for spiritual rebels. And it won't get any better - not until there's wide scale repentance. You cannot violate God's divine order unrepentantly without expecting lots of negative repercussions.

The only kinds of businesses that tend to thrive there are ones that cater to a single unwed mother demographic. Which again includes many churches. Why else are so many churches filled with single unwed mothers every Sunday, with very few single men present? I posit that it's for the exact same reason why you find mostly women in beauty supply stores, daycare centers and nail shops: because those are places that cater to women in sin by making money off or attempting to ease their suffering.

If churches really wanted to be effective, they would preach a strong message of repentance from sin, living godly lives and exhibiting holiness. But here's the rub: most women currently attending church don't want to hear that! They'll attend church, become members, even pay tithes - so long as you don't touch their precious sexual sins! Once you start calling out their sins, they'll start exiting the church, and most likely end up down the street attending a rival church: all out of rebellion!

I'm just being real.

Many churches deliberately keep black women single by refusing to address their real problems and root issues.

The root issue these women have is sin - in particular sexual sin. And pastors know this. Which is why they'll often do slick things like verbally attack men with strong messages of stepping up to the plate, yet treat women with kid gloves.

This is easily understood when looking at it from a business perspective. Men aren't a church's main financial demographic. Women are. So it's easy to sacrifice a handful of men in order to make the women happy.

Male-bashing has always proven to be an effective sales tactic when marketing to women. And it's no different in a large number of churches.

It's time for a genuine Holy Ghost revolution in the black community today! I hesitate to even call these areas 'communities' because a community is built upon solid families. And when there are few husbands and fathers present in the home, that's not a family at all. It's an anomaly.

Strong families cannot be built upon the backs of women. That's out of divine order and will never fly. Just look at the black communities today where women are the 'backbone' for all the proof and evidence that you need. These areas are a wreck today - because only God's way works!

We must stop championing ignorance and dysfunction and start promoting a strong, robust spirituality that can anchor us to solid morals. Only with this type of foundation can we build real communities that are strong relationally, economically and politically. Our children deserve better than this.

Mack Major, Eden Decoded 28 Comments [8/29/2016 3:27:23 AM]
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Quote# 119240

I'm an anti evolutionist and believe we have a creator , I also believe we are only 6000 years old , BUT ! I'm a no to dinosaurs , there is no evidence to stake the dinosaur theory , only 2000 small bones world wide so all the dinosaurs you see in museums are all plaster cast model they are there to try and prove that we came from apes ,

Robbie Bishop, Ken Ham's Facebook page 24 Comments [5/26/2016 3:08:04 AM]
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Quote# 42406

Texas couples seeking a divorce would be required to either wait two years or take a class designed to save their marriage, under legislation proposed by state Rep. Warren Chisum, a Republican. It currently takes 60 days to finalize a divorce in Texas.

Chisum, who has been married for 50 years, attempted to pass similar legislation in 2007, but it was defeated in committee.

Glenn Stanton, director of family studies at Focus on the Family, applauded Chisum for his perseverance.

“Unfortunately, divorce is far easier in this nation than it should be,” he said. “So, asking couples to think more carefully about their relationship, to reflect on the process of divorce, to reflect on the incredible fallout that will come from that — not just for the children, but for husbands and wives — is a very serious issue and worth considering.”

Last year, Chisum authored a law that waves the $60 marriage license fee for couples who take an 8-hour premarital class.

"We're going to attack it at both ends — marriage and divorce — in an effort to keep families together," Chisum told the Austin American-Statesman. "If this just saves one marriage, it'll be fine with me."

Warren Chisum, Citizenlink.org (Focus on the Family) 37 Comments [7/8/2008 12:39:58 AM]
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