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Tens of thousands of Malaysians rallied in the capital on Saturday to support the adoption of a strict Islamic penal code, a proposal religious minorities fear could infringe their rights.

Prime Minister Najib Razak has thrown his weight behind the contentious bill, which seeks to incorporate parts of the Islamic penal code, or "hudud", into Malaysia's existing Islamic legal system.

Najib, who is currently embroiled in a corruption scandal, is hoping to burnish his Islamic credentials in order to boost his chances in national elections that must be held by August 2018.

Critics of the bill warn that it could pave the way for full implementation of hudud, which prescribes punishments such as amputations and stoning, and disrupt the fabric of Malaysia's multi-cultural and multi-religious society.

"The so-called 'empowerment' of the Shariah Court will only exacerbate the unequal treatment of Muslims and non-Muslims before the law," said Bebas, an NGO that organized a smaller counter-rally.

No official figures were available on how many people attended Saturday's peaceful support rally in Kuala Lumpur, but estimates were in the tens of thousands.

Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man, deputy president of the hardline Islamist opposition Parti Islam-se Malaysia (PAS), one of its organizers, said 100,000 people were expected to attend.

The PAS presented the bill in parliament last year but later withdrew it in order to fine tune the legislation. It is now expected to be reintroduced in the next parliamentary session, in March.

Najib, who has resisted calls to resign over a scandal at state fund 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB), where he was an adviser, backed the bill despite the anger of members of his own United Malay National Organisation (UMNO) ruling coalition.

Lawsuits filed by the U.S. Justice Department in July last year said nearly $700 million of the misappropriated funds from 1MDB flowed into the accounts of "Malaysian Official 1", who U.S. and Malaysian officials have identified as Najib.

Prime Minister Najib Razak, Parti Islam-se Malaysia, Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man and Malaysian demonstrators, Reuters 2 Comments [2/19/2017 8:24:46 AM]
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[But remember, it's everyone else who's fake news.]

Donald Trump appeared to invent a terrorist attack in Sweden during a campaign-style rally in Florida.

On an evening during which he attacked the news media and the judges who ruled against his travel ban, Mr Trump used his speech to talk about migration in Europe and linked it to terror attacks in Brussels, Nice and Paris - before inexplicably adding Sweden to the list.

Mr Trump told supporters in Melbourne: "We've got to keep our country safe. You look at what's happening in Germany, you look at what's happening last night in Sweden.

"Sweden, who would believe this. Sweden. They took in large numbers. They're having problems like they never thought possible. You look at what's happening in Brussels. You look at what's happening all over the world. Take a look at Nice. Take a look at Paris."

One of the country's official Twitter accounts, controlled by a different citizen each week, reacted with bafflement.

Its current administrator, a school librarian, said: "Nothing has happened here in Sweden. There has not [been] any terrorist attacks here. At all."

What Mr Trump's remark referred to in unclear, but it came after Fox News aired an interview with filmmaker Ami Horowitz, whose latest documentary examines whether high crime rates in areas of the country is attributable to its previous open-door migration policy.

Donald Trump, Independant.co.uk 19 Comments [2/19/2017 8:24:52 AM]
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There is a whole antitheist industry or modus of entertainment/expression based around ridiculing all of theism which rides on the back of unfalsifiability.

Apart from revealing the inner redneck there is real social harm to be had here.

The term ''there might be categoric differences'' is disingenuous.

These are either points to take seriously or humourously. If we are to take philosophy seriously we must look to non categorising or generalising.

Atheists find God unfalsifiability.

Atheists find ridiculous things unfalsifiable

Atheists then conclude that all unfalsifiables are ridiculous

Atheists challenged by multiverse

Atheists conclude not all unfalsifiables are ridiculous.

Antitheists still like the ridicule link though.

Antitheists arbitrarily single out which unfalsifiables are ridiculous and include God.

Antitheists take the rise out of theists and mock them on the same bases that homophobes might ridicule say a gay pride march........ based on logical fallacies.

Emergence - The Musical, Religion and Ethics 9 Comments [2/19/2017 8:25:02 AM]
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Whether one calls the negative anti-morals of modern culture morality is just a semantic question. I do call this negative morality because I don't know how else to describe it. Of course patriarchy is required in any positive moral system.

fschmidt, Mikraite 8 Comments [2/19/2017 3:53:28 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep
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I will say though that anybody stating that methodological materialism is/gives you a model of reality which is adequate for them is dripping philosophical entailment since the statement is not a methodological naturalistic one, And certainly if adequacy entails using such arguments to discuss God as an inferior to philosophical materialism.

Emergence - The Musical, Religion and Ethics 8 Comments [2/19/2017 8:24:59 AM]
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There is no proof that Muhammad rape Ayesha, yes he married her which was common practice among arabs at the time but he did not rape her?

Faris Khan, youtube 14 Comments [2/18/2017 8:35:14 PM]
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Quote# 124667

If you reach the age of 20 and you still have yet to see a naked female, you are doomed

Family nudity, strip clubs, porn, movies and such don't count. Nudity before adolescence/puberty also doesn't count as you the time thought girls were gross because they had cooties. I'm talking a woman who isn't your moher either being voluntarily nude around you or not minding you seeing her nude.

IFA_MTBL, /r/incel 12 Comments [2/19/2017 8:25:08 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep
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[...] I am just one of millions who has stopped being homosexual, and become heterosexual.
The sick irony is that many people have absolutely no problems when someone goes from "straight" to "gay," suggesting that the person had a latent homosexuality that was just waiting to "come out!" But, what about the possibility that nobody has a latent sexuality that is anything other than the freedom to choose? Homosexuality is a choice, not a born identity. It may develop - those same-sex desires - in people for various reasons, but rather than focus on the reasons for same-sex desire, it's far more important to focus on the reality of choosing homosexuality, and the ramifications for society as well as the individual soul's relationship with God.
Those who claim they can't imagine a person leaving homosexuality are trapped in a mindset that - at its root - doubts Christ's ability to overcome. A person trapped in another sinful addiction will never be told, by any good-hearted person, that he can't possibly quit, so he should never try! But, seemingly "virtuous" people actually SAY that to friends and family members, with regards to homosexuality!? People who take the side of evil will INEVITABLY take the side AGAINST that which is good. This is a major sin; and, honestly, anyone who doubts the truth needs to seriously spend some time in prayer with God, before opening their mouths again and pushing people much further into bondage. Christ is liberty; it is up to Christians to get all of our arrogant assumptions and misconceptions out of the way, and let Christ free the trapped souls.
I don't have much patience for Christians who pretend they are "concerned" about this issue, but doubt God's truth - acting as though they, somehow, are more intelligent than God. Those people have issues.

[On those who can't "pray away the gay" even after years or fall back]

People spend too much time doubting the power of Christ, and living - instead - an entirely grace-less, self-indulgent life. The truth of the gospel is that Christ's life actually comes to life within your body, and you are no longer alive - you have been made dead in Him. So, there is nothing to complain about, if the God who created the universe and loved us enough to send His Son to become sin on our behalf, dwells in our very body!
Sure, life has its challenges; but, there is not a man or woman on earth who does not have challenges in life! People need to rise up out of their victim-mentality, their supreme self-indulgence, and let Christ have the pre-eminence in their lives. Only then will they be filled with the "fullness of joy" of glorifying God with every "word and deed," and they will love their lives in Christ so much, no matter where He takes them.
So, I reject the victimhood approach. If I were to say that a person who struggles with homosexual temptations were any different than a person who struggles with other temptations, I would be only observing one - selected - portion of reality, rather than the whole thing. And, in that unity of mankind, Christ understands what we're all going through, because he was in all ways tempted just as we are, but without sin. Thus, he can succor those of us that suffer - WHICH IS ALL OF US! It's about how you view your walk through life. If it's all about you, you, you, you're probably going to whine and complain a lot - ultimately, directly rebelling against God, doubting His Goodness, and suggesting He isn't powerful enough for you! But, if you submit - recognize, as a Christian you're dead in Christ... essentially "get over yourself," - you will find the true liberty in the grace of God, which will take you through some remarkable places, including deliverance from sins and a far better life lived for the true glory of the living God. But, don't take my word for it - or, you're bound to just think I'm an opinionated man with no compassion. Study the Bible. Get to know God yourself. It's your choice.
Many people fail because a part of them would rather wallow in despair than accept the fullness of God's grace. It is a subtle form of pride; no surprise full healing can't happen amidst that kind of a spiritual condition!!!

Michael Glatze, mojpribeh.sk 1 Comments [2/19/2017 3:16:57 PM]
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Quote# 124658

In Defense of Feminism

Here I will defend feminism, but not for the typical reasons. In order to understand this post, you must understand these two previous posts of mine:

Human Evolution where I explain why women in feminist cultures are attracted to stupid immoral men.

The Rise and Fall of Christian Culture where I explain how American Christianity failed in the 1800s, meaning lost the ability to impose morality.

In the "Human Evolution" post I explained that women simply choose the type of man who is evolutionarily optimal in the current environment. Let me take this one step further. Probably the most important thing for a woman is which men she has sex with, because this will determine the future success of her genes. Because this is so important, one can reasonably assume that a significant part of a woman's brain is dedicated to this issue. This means that women can intuitively determine which men are genetically "good" much better than men can using analytical reasoning. In other words, men have no right to doubt women's mating choices in terms of genetic suitability. When a woman says that a man is "hot", she is unquestionably correct that he is a good genetic choice in her current environment. And when a woman says that a man is a (genetic) loser, she is also unquestionably correct in her current environment.

One of the worst things that can happen to a woman is mating with a genetically unsuitable man. A woman can only have a limited number of children, so who she chooses to be the father of those children is critical. Mating with an unsuitable man is almost like the loss of a child because that child's genetic future is bleak. The word to express this tragedy is "rape". Men badly misunderstand rape because we interpret it from a male perspective. We think that the critical element is violence. This is because for men, violence is a huge risk for our genetic future since many men are killed through violence. But for women, this simply isn't the case. Violence plays a much smaller role in the genetic success of women. So now let's consider a woman in modern culture. If a violent thug forces this woman to have sex with him, is this rape? No it isn't because the violent thug is well suited genetically for modern culture. So there is no issue of mating with a genetically unsuitable man. Now let's consider the case of this woman being seduced into sex by a nice guy who studied seduction techniques. This clearly is rape since nice guys are genetically unsuitable for modern culture. Whether the sex was violently forced or voluntary is irrelevant, all that matters is the quality of the man's genes. In modern culture, any sex with a nice guy is rape regardless of the circumstances because nice guys have unsuitable genes for modern culture.

Throughout history, women have depended on society to protect them including protecting them from rape. Men in society have always played a role in protecting women from mating with unsuitable men. But of course it is ultimately up to women to decide what types of men are unsuitable. In an effective patriarchal society where promiscuity is heavily punished, intelligent moral men are optimal and stupid immoral men are unsuitable. In such a society, women expect society to protect them from stupid immoral men. And similarly, in modern culture where stupid immoral men are optimal and intelligent moral men are unsuitable, women expect society to protect them from intelligent moral men. In both cases, the motive is exactly the same, to protect women from rape, namely sex with unsuitable men. This is why modern society is currently implementing all these strange sexual consent laws. These laws are very well designed to protect women from intelligent moral men.

At this point it should be clear why feminism makes sense for women in modern culture. All feminism is really about is allowing women in modern culture to mate with genetically good men and avoid mating with genetically bad men. Why should women be prevented from this? But now let's move away from women's perspective and consider what is best for humanity.

The optimal society is a moral patriarchal society. In such a society, promiscuity (outside of prostitution) is strictly limited. Women are expected to virgins at marriage. Adultery (sex with another man's wife) is severely punished with the guilty being removed from the gene pool one way or another. Seducing virgins is also punished. In such a society, moral men are the optimal mating choice for women. So women in this society will be attracted to moral men and will consider immoral men to be losers. There is absolutely no chance of feminism occurring in such a society because women there simply wouldn't want it.

Now let's consider what happens when such an optimal society starts to break down. What happens is that for some reason society loses its ability to enforce sexual morality. This means that promiscuity and adultery become a viable evolutionary strategy for men. Women realize this, and these immoral men become exciting for women. And so the evolutionary decay of the society begins.

Feminism is the natural expression of women's changing mating preference in a decaying society. But let's imagine that we could magically eliminate feminism. Would this be better for humanity? I believe that what this would look like is America almost permanently stuck in the 1950s. As I explained in "The Rise and Fall of Christian Culture", American culture began to break down in the 1800s when religion went from encouraging people to follow Jesus's moral teaching to simply having a personal relationship with Jesus. With such a change, it was inevitable that society would lose focus on the core issues of sexual morality, and lose the ability of effective enforcement. In the 1950s, America retained the facade of a moral culture, but underneath society was breaking down. Women clearly expressed sexual excitement for "bad boys" in movies. And I am certain that this must have corresponded to a rising adultery rate. Without feminism, the facade could have remained intact for centuries, with moral men continuing to find wives but these wives cheating on them and having illegitimate children with immoral men. The genetic breakdown of society would have been much slower, but the ultimate result would have been the same. So instead of taking decades for society to call apart, it would have taken centuries. Which is preferable? I think it is preferable for a morally broken society to fall apart as quickly as possible so that it can be replaced by something else. Feminism doesn't change the end result, it only speeds it up. And so I support feminism.

What about the poor suffering moral men in modern culture who can't get women? One can read the complaints of these men all over the internet. If you suggest options to these men like using a prostitute or looking abroad, they will tell you that they want validation. Any moral man who wants validation from a woman in modern culture is simply a moron who deserves to suffer and die without reproducing. Unlike feminists, he hasn't slightest understanding of evolution. The only sound evolutionary strategy for moral men is to join together to form moral patriarchal societies. Such societies are evolutionarily superior to modern culture. When modern culture has decayed sufficiently, a good moral patriarchal culture should attack modern culture and slaughter all of its men for the genetic good of humanity.

If a woman from the modern culture calls a moral man a loser, the correct response is "I would be a loser if I were a member of your culture, but I am not. My culture is superior to your culture and my culture will eventually destroy your culture." Intelligent moral men must reject modern culture and find an alternative. And from the perspective of an alternative culture, we can recognize feminism as a good thing that is helping to destroy our enemy, namely modern culture.

(Submitter's note: Emphasis added)

fschmidt, Mikraite 15 Comments [2/19/2017 3:53:31 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep
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Quote# 124674

God's truth always turns the ungodly away from religion. Jesus guaranteed that the world will hate His approved workmen just as much as it hated Him.

Receiving hate from the ungodly is a telltale sign that a godly person is an approved workman of God! That's why, for example, all the ungodly posters on here hate KiBL, me, Kirk Cameron, and any & every other Bible-believing a.k.a. true Christian in the world.

The converse is also true: any so-called "Christian" who the world at large does not hate is most definitely not doing God's work, because as we said, God's work guarantees hate against the person who performs it!

Navaros, IMDb 1 Comments [2/19/2017 3:17:06 PM]
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Quote# 124583

Liberals are the real threat , we need to put them in prison or go to war with them, this is just sickening !! I would literally kill if a muslim raped anyone close to me, and liberals would be guilty !!?

Jon Beim, youtube 10 Comments [2/18/2017 8:52:37 AM]
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Quote# 124594

5 Stages of Inceldom

1 Denial
"I'm not incel! I'm just not great with ladies. Few more weeks at the gym and another self help book and I'll be drowning in poon!"

2 Anger
"These whores need to pay for rejecting me. Chad shouldn't get every woman damn it."

3 Bargaining
"Cmon girls, what if I pay for your dinners and movies, then will you look at me at least?"

4 Depression
Where most of the people in this sub seem to be, contemplating suicide, laying down and rotting, etc

5 Acceptance
The ultimate form of an incel. The final destination. This is when you get Wizard Powers. This is the only way we can end our misery outside of suicide and getting a woman.

H77b, /r/incels 13 Comments [2/18/2017 8:53:40 AM]
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Quote# 124637

I'm tired of seeing feminist cunts and bluepill fags tell us it's our personality.

If that was the case, then why do the assholes over at /r/theredpill get laid so frequently?

Either it's our persssssonalityyyyyyy or everyone who posts at /r/theredpill is a liar.

Pick one normiescum. Just fucking pick one and stay consistent.

NoHopeLeft25, /r/incels 16 Comments [2/18/2017 10:48:51 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep
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Quote# 124639

My three lifelong fantasies

1. Having mental powers to kill everyone around me

2. Having a female twin who finds out about my existence and comes to find me, killing everyone around me in the process (EDIT: yes obviously we also have sex)

3. Just killing everyone around me using any tools available

StAliaHarkonnen, /r/incels 26 Comments [2/18/2017 8:33:14 PM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep
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Quote# 124622

this is what Jesus told me about why he persecutes
Jesus tells-8-1-2007-I spike your dick, like electricity going on and around to make you angry, shake you to undecided to make you fall all day saith the LOrd, I want you to fall, to embarrass you, then my heart will change, you are a dog to me, I love hurting you deep in your heart saith the LOrd, to hurt your pride and anger to make you want to leave me all day, that is killing all day long, this is how I do it, read again, ha ha says Jesus, serve me or hell, your choice, I will do you the same way, or perish what I was told on 8-2-2007-comeon back, I have casted you out and made you want to commit suicide...God told me something like, "I tortured you because you prophesied and I wanted to make you fall to embarras you, and make you sin in front of those you witnessed to, for no reason"........here what I jsut heard, "im making you perish". and I saw Jesus in visions and am wounded right now, and he said things like, "abate". that means bring me to nothing. here is what God is saying right now, "Im making you an example of my sufferrings, this is why, cause, I could, do, it, thru you, and knew you would not fall"...............I guess that means the Father did this to the Son, and I surely dont beleive that, so I dont know what it means, maybe his sufferrings is torturing me till I run out of his precence to sin, or a more pleasureable experience......as I work for God, he strikes me, teases, winks, like a eye winking to tease, entering into my heart and bringing in wrath, like striking a little gold fish in an aquarium filled with barracudas, keeps striking, and wont stop or for long, spiking with electricity my penus, carressing it, and one time in vision, I saw maybe the Lord, and like alittle head appeared on his arm, and it was like doing oral sex, and I could feel it............God, you word says, you are love, and you dont want me to perish, but, look what you are doing to your slave, dog...pray for me, if I was doing to to my wife if I had one, I like a fool stayed single, and God mocked me for that, and showed me crossing paths with girlfiriends former while saved, and I beleive they all would have married me.......God let me know that I stayed single and he did this to me anyway, and now im old, and even told me it was planned.......I told the Lord, "you will stop"......my guess is, when this page has been seen one time to many, and God tells me it embarrasses him, and me, then, but I also know, people see and read and think, are you Lord going to do this to me", and God told me or, here,he just spoke, "I will do that to everybody", "this is killing all day long", ------ok------I dont blame people for saying no to the call of Jesus-----the only reason to serve God is to stay out of hell, then, all this comes on you, ------who can be saved-----im prophet ministryofdreams, good luck no matter what choice you make--------heres what God is saying right now, "you prophesy, and that is God speaking thru, and I make it hard for you, immpossible"........I just saw Jesus in a vision and he said, 'remember that", and I saw this page........I guess in the Jud, God will show me this and say, depart, but, look at this page, and in real life it is much worse then this, Im being struck all day for the most part......Its hard for me to lay down for long without one of these strikes getting thru.....I just saw Jesus and he said, "close down the website", and here is what I think, "i came out of the world and sufferred and sacrificed and was obediant, and then you throw me away like this and I close down the website................no way------pray for me, and send me your prayer requests. maybe tonight when i sleep God will let me hear my family screaming and see thier faces glowing red hot cause of being in hell, and even showed me my sister that is mildly mentally handicapped screaming-----I remember once in a dream, there was a being, and it had on its hand like a freddy krueger knife glove..........gonna let him get me later Lord, since you have to torture, me, a nobody, whats the matter, dont you have something better to do Lord Jesus Christ??????? now, what will you tell people that read this------

robert hickman, Ministry of Dreams 5 Comments [2/18/2017 8:55:02 AM]
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Quote# 15054

Jesus told Peter he could walk on water. Peter failed for lack of faith.

I once tryed to heal a blind friend. I thought I had the faith.
10 years later an operation restored some of his sight. Maybe I played a part

Gordon b, Rapture Ready 71 Comments [9/17/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 124653

Compared to Jesus, Satan is simply a chained, ferocious dog that cannot bite me, but only can bluff me. The real most horrifying Entity is Jesus Himself. Believe me. Through blood and tear, I learn this concept, that is, Jesus is Emperor and I shall never disobey Him. I’m Jesus’ darling, but I’m still His humble servant.
And tell you all what my immortal plan is, that is, once I’m immortally in Heaven, Jesus is gotta be my immortal gorgeous white “Alexander the Great”. And, I’m gotta be Jesus’ “Hephaestion”, an immortal “Hephaestion” concubine with an ass of immortal tightness. We both can go naked swimming, naked diving, naked sun-bathing, naked playing volleyball, doing everything just all naked in the Pacific island, a private island, just Jesus and I, a 2-guy world. I’m gotta be the sweetest, immortal ice-cream boy that always melts down in the arms of Jesus on His shirtless and white and sun-tan Big Chest when we hang out in the island in the Pacific. I’m Jesus’ Massage Boy, too.

usachinanukewar, All-out US-China nuclear war, looming, to wipe out one-fourths of the earth 12 Comments [2/19/2017 3:53:06 AM]
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Submitted By: Denizen
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Quote# 124647

[From "Brexit: Jo Cox’ Death was Not a Tragedy and the World is a Better Place Without Her"]

Today is Brexit day.

As we patiently await the results, I am compelled to comment on the most high-profile Brexit related event this year: the murder of Jo Cox.

Let me begin by saying I am against violence, and I do not approve of the assassination of politicians. I am also able to see that while Thomas Mair’s alleged actions won’t swing anyone who was already decidedly pro-Brexit, the media hoopla about how Brexit supporters are murderers could possibly have swayed uncommitted voters to vote “stay.”

All things considered, it probably would have been better, politically, to not murder this woman.

All these caveats having been given, I must state this frankly: Cox’ death was not a “tragedy,” and the world is a better place now that she is dead.

Jo Cox was an aggressive supporter of mass immigration. She lobbied for it, she enabled it to take place. And as such, untold buckets of blood were on her hands. Given the unimaginable suffering that she helped to cause, she deserved to die. It is simply justice. It is no more a “tragedy” than the execution of a murderer or a rapist is a tragedy.

By assisting the invasion of Britain, she was both a murderer and a rapist.

Lee Rigby was murdered by a Black Islamic terrorist. His blood is on the hands of Jo Cox.


Jo Cox was evil and she deserved to die.

Her death was not a tragedy, it was justice.

And the world is a better place with her six feet underground.

Andrew Anglin, Daily Stormer 11 Comments [2/18/2017 8:33:27 PM]
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Submitted By: JeanP
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Quote# 44276

Where has macro evolution ever been observed? What's the mechanism for getting new complexity such as new vital organs? How, for example, could a caterpillar evolve into a butterfly?

[Emphasis added]

(unknown), TalkOrigins 59 Comments [8/5/2008 7:15:45 AM]
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Submitted By: Tom S. Fox
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Quote# 124629

Can't tell you how good I felt when Jesus touched my child.

Rev. Dr. Kwasi I. Kena, Discipleship Ministries 14 Comments [2/18/2017 8:32:56 PM]
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Submitted By: Denizen
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Quote# 124485

“I understand that they feel like that is their body,” he said of women. “I feel like it is a separate — what I call them is, is you’re a ‘host.’ And you know when you enter into a relationship you’re going to be that host and so, you know, if you pre-know that then take all precautions and don’t get pregnant,” he explained. “So that’s where I’m at. I’m like, hey, your body is your body and be responsible with it. But after you’re irresponsible then don’t claim, well, I can just go and do this with another body, when you’re the host and you invited that in.”

Justin Humpfrey, Jezebel 31 Comments [2/13/2017 3:13:19 PM]
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Submitted By: Musicalbookworm
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Quote# 124660

What debate? What conversation? That's what progs call it when they lecture a deplorable on why he is so very deplorable. They are going to have to accept reality: equality is false, "equality" means abdicating the moral responsibility to judge what is better and what is worse, it means preferring the worse to the better, which is bad under every possible system of ethics. Treating unequal people equally is unjust. [edit cut...] Replacing the former nation with others will predictably lead to the US becoming as non-functional as Brazil, India, or South Africa. No amount of pretending equality is going to change the genetic facts.

[edit cut ...]. Non-whites were ~10% of the US in 1965, now ~40%. More than half the children under 10 are now non-white. That displacement will only accelerate as Whites are driven from power by the treason of their politicians, their academics, their clergy. Then Whites will be treated as they are in Zimbabwe or South Africa and civilization will sputter out.There is nothing to debate, our essential interests are irresolvably opposed.

Multan, Information Processing 3 Comments [2/19/2017 8:24:19 AM]
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Quote# 124617

[What is the single dumbest thing you've ever heard?]

That mental illness exists and is not just an excuse for spoiled little first world bitches to not properly cope with their little emotional problems.

Dave Cimillo, Facebook 8 Comments [2/18/2017 8:53:55 AM]
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Submitted By: Demon Duck of Doom
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Quote# 124625

Fear Or Respect?

As a new Christian I didn’t like the idea of fearing God. It didn’t seem right that this same Jesus who came to earth to die for my sins was Someone I needed to be afraid of. When I asked about this, everyone said, “Oh, that doesn’t mean that we should be afraid of God. It just means that we should respect Him.”

Each time I read “fear” I would think “respect.” But I wondered why it was only that word that people told me to change. If the Greek or Hebrew word was “respect,” why did the translators insist on using “fear”? I didn’t like changing a word in my Bible just because it made me feel uncomfortable.

Today, when I read “fear” in my Bible I think “fear.” And it’s not because I’ve learned Greek and Hebrew and I now know that the original word was indeed fear and the translators were right. It’s because I not only respect God, I’m afraid of Him.
Jesus Scares Me

Just like the disciples were afraid of Jesus when they began to understand what it really meant to be in a personal relationship with God in the flesh:

It scares me that He is so sure of Himself that He refuses to be controlled by my desires and wishes.

It scares me that He is so purposeful that He refuses to be swayed by popular opinion or political correctness.

It scares me that He is so powerful that He could take me out whenever He wants.

It scares me that He is so devoted to my children’s spiritual maturity that He doesn’t consult me concerning the easiest and safest path for their lives.

It scares me that He is willing to do anything, even inflict pain, to draw my loved ones, my friends, and me closer to Him.
And Comforts Me!

And then, just when His power and purposes begin to intimidate me to the point that I want to draw away, I realize that these are the same reasons why I need Him so. And I’m comforted.

It comforts me to know that He ignores the stupid parts of my plans for my life and just goes ahead and does what He wants.

It comforts me to know that He never considers opinion polls or popular trends; He just does what is right.

It comforts me that He is the one who will take me out of this life in His perfect time and in His perfect way–my end on earth will not be a random event determined by chemistry or physics.

It comforts me that He cares more for my children’s eternal well-being than He does for their temporary pleasant and prosperous circumstance.

It comforts me to know that there is Someone perfectly reliable and strong who, more than anything else, wants intimacy with me and those I love. And, that He is willing and able to do whatever it takes to achieve His goal.

So what are you reading, fear or respect? You need to respect God, but you also need a God you can fear. The only Deliverer who can meet your deepest needs.

“He will fulfill the desire of those who fear Him; He also will hear their cry and save them!” (Psalm 145:19)

Question: Why do you think we are so afraid of trusting our loving God with the course of our life?

Ed Underwood, Ed Underwood.com 6 Comments [2/18/2017 8:55:38 AM]
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Hey lgbt sisters and brothers… if u voted for H(illary)R(odham)C(linton) I hope you get HIV, can’t afford to medicate yourself and die young, before you are able to come to terms with the fact it’s really over

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