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Quote# 108068

You will find that most evolutionists have not ever really thought about their own position; they simply take it for granted. And so it is often effective to ask a very simple, straightforward question to get an evolutionist to start thinking. For example, "which gender evolved first?” It’s a really simple question, but I don’t think there is any good answer from the evolutionist camp. Other simple challenges to evolution are: how information in DNA could possibly come about by natural processes, the apparently irreducible complexity of living creatures, and ubiquitous evidence for the youth of the world such as C-14 in allegedly ancient diamonds. These are all relatively simple lines of evidence, but they do not have a simple answer from the evolutionist camp.

Jason Lisle, creation conversations 38 Comments [4/24/2015 3:25:35 AM]
Fundie Index: 14
Submitted By: Tony
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Quote# 46705

[Message left on Edward Current's channel]

Let me tell you my friend, God is aware of your deceitful ways. You claim your videos are nothing more than comedies, but what you are doing is twisting up people's perspective of Christianity! You're giving people the impression that all Christians believe in simple "blind faith", and that science cannot prove the existence of God, as an excuse to support the idea that Christians have no valid reasons to believing in God. Science DOES prove God, eg: The lack of transitional fossils; The Grand Cayon( with regards to its rigded, and close to 90 degree angle, cliffs) and many more. So, stop going around making Christians seem as unintelligent and naive individuals.

amplifythenoise, YouTube 38 Comments [9/7/2008 6:31:45 AM]
Fundie Index: 7
Submitted By: Tom S. Fox
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Quote# 1746

it's interesting to note that ALL stars, no matter where they are in relation to the earth, show red shift, indicating they are moving away from the earth. does this mean the earth really IS the center of the universe?

Christan4Israel, Rapture Ready 10 Comments [12/1/2002 12:00:00 AM]
Fundie Index: 5
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Quote# 19426

As I already said numerous times, the universe (or multiverse) does not have the property of being able to create itself. A creator does. And a creator also has the property of creating itself. It is the most logical answer.

Yeah 'Goddidit'.

Avatar, Christian Forums 36 Comments [1/15/2007 12:00:00 AM]
Fundie Index: 4
Submitted By: JustinGG
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Quote# 4211

God exists because the Bible proves it.Historical records have written about Jesus.What more evidence that God exist do you want??????

JK, NucleusWeb Teen Hang Out 12 Comments [9/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
Fundie Index: 1
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Quote# 5905

many espouse ' deism ' and ' evolution ' as long as their health , occupation , and mental faculties are within proper design peramaters .... many change their mind on their death bed .....

pmarquette, Christian Forums 10 Comments [1/1/2004 12:00:00 AM]
Fundie Index: 0
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Quote# 108049

They not only need to be voted out --- the lunatic left--- but also throw them out of the country.

Because, whether they are politicians or private citizens, the lunatic left will always be subversive to the good and the right, and always carriers of the wrong and evil that define them.

Obama=Nazi, WND 22 Comments [4/24/2015 3:11:28 AM]
Fundie Index: 7
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Quote# 108066

FYI you atheists... America was FOUNDED by puritan Christians.

That's right, Puritan Christians laid their lives down for YOU to have the freedom to believe you came from a rock....

This is a Christian Country, like it or not. Congress printed out BIBLES in the late 1700's/early 1800's and passed them out to ALL THE SCHOOLS.... The Word of God is the foundation of this Country.

Go to communist China you g-dless fools.

This is a Christian Country.

Love Christ, Warren Throckmorton 38 Comments [4/24/2015 3:24:05 AM]
Fundie Index: 14
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Quote# 108061

All children today go to school for 13 years (kindergarten plus 1-12 grades). It used to only be 12 years. But they kicked the Bible and prayer out in 1963 and then added kindergarten (making it 13 years). The public school system is stamped with rebellion.

You have to go for 13 years to have your faith destroyed in God. Originally there were only 13 channels on television. 13 year olds are known as rebellious. There is something about the number 13 that is far more than mere coincidence. 

David J. Stewart, Jesus is Savior 33 Comments [4/24/2015 3:23:09 AM]
Fundie Index: 12
Submitted By: Matthew
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Quote# 108058

(Jinn are invisible spooks in muslim mythology. They have free will and can be muslims or infidels. There is no information on whether they can operate smartphones or computers - Mr Spak)

A man claiming to be a spiritual healer has announced that he converted a jinn to Islam on Twitter, according to a report in a local newspaper recently.
The man who uses ruqya, the reciting of Qur’anic verses to heal people, published the supposed conversation he had with the jinn on his Twitter account, which has 16,000 followers.
Jinns are creatures with free will created from smokeless fire by God alongside humans and angels, according to Islamic belief.
According to the post, the jinn said: “I am the jinn Habibi. I announce my conversion to Islam at the hands of the sheikh. I testify that there is only one God and Muhammad is the messenger of God. The sheikh was good and helped me to convert.”

Unnamed Conman, arab news 16 Comments [4/24/2015 3:21:39 AM]
Fundie Index: 6
Submitted By: Mister Spak
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Quote# 108050

All I can think about is the coming days when believers even in America will be tortured, beaten and killed. I look at all of the Christians around the world who are going through this, and not only am I extremely scared, but I'm also angry at God that He would choose this for His children and want this to be the way we prove our worth to Him and how he wants the church to grow. And I'm scared. I'm afraid to go up to strangers and witness because they might beat me up. I'm afraid of losing my job for witnessing at work (which I don't do but feel pressured to do). I'm always paranoid. And I hate that God says it's an honor to go through this. It makes me wonder too, if God really does love humanity, why would He allow any of this? I've held all of this inside for so long and now I feel like I'm going to have a mental breakdown.

Godislove94, Christian Forums 24 Comments [4/24/2015 3:11:53 AM]
Fundie Index: 2
Submitted By: Light Horseman
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Quote# 107929

After much prayer, discussion and a recent unanimous vote by our Board, Alaska Right to Life is disaffiliating with National Right to Life Committee (NRLC). For several decades we have been the Alaska affiliate of NRLC. During recent years we have come to recognize that there are certain irreconcilable differences with the strategy and the direction of NRLC and that of Alaska Right to Life. The most notable difference would be NRLC's willingness to include rape and incest exceptions in legislation purely for the purpose of protecting incumbent politicians from their constituents. Alaska Right to Life has developed a policy to never support legislation that endeavors to protect some children while simultaneously condemning others.


We are excited to see what God will do as more and more people raise united voice against this great evil of our day.
We believe these changes were necessary to support our direction and mission "to protect and defend innocent human life from the moment of conception until natural end of life". We will endeavor to faithfully carry the banner proclaiming that message and watch as mountains are moved and the giants of darkness, deception, and death are slain by our mighty God. AKRTL's Statement of faith can be seen on our website.

Alaska Right To Life, National Personhood Alliance 61 Comments [4/17/2015 3:09:26 AM]
Fundie Index: 11
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Quote# 70373

Why is it still fuckin legal for those cock-licking homo pigs to maintain this nazi fucking LIE called evolution. Let tens of thousands of evil DEVILS of ETERNAL flames burns their grandchildren in concentration camps all over the planet. And if that doesn't shut down these cunt morons, I shall personally rip their intenstines through their GOD DAMN nosdrils!...I just get so fucking upset when I hear people talk about this gay shit piece of pussy EVOLUTION. I am NO son of a buttfucking God damn ape, and that's scientific enough for me! Hell yeah! We should decapitate all those bitch slapping freak loving idiots, who think God is dead and who uses the name of Jesus to wipe their infidel pedofile asses.

Sara Ahlmark, Facebook 216 Comments [2/15/2010 10:31:05 PM]
Fundie Index: 245
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Quote# 1218

And since this is stated in the bible and purgatory can not be found in the bible, I tend to go with God word, not some man made belief.

Kathyp, Rapture Ready 13 Comments [11/1/2002 12:00:00 AM]
Fundie Index: 2
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Quote# 108033

We don’t need to go around trying to fix people or overcome world problems that God wants to exist. There is supposed to be poverty, hunger, sickness, suffering, and violence in this world. “World peace” is a slogan that Satan came up with in order to get us distracted from God’s priorities.

Anna Diehl, The Pursuit of God 34 Comments [4/23/2015 2:51:53 AM]
Fundie Index: 22
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Quote# 108067

So true! How fortunate YOU are that your CHRISTIAN forefathers were so instilled with wisdom to leave to you a country that has been the envy of the world. Gotta love those CHRISTIAN founding fathers! Creating a country so free! Yes, those CHRISTIAN founding fathers were something else, weren't they! Thank GOD (whoops! YOU don't believe in Him do you? Sorry...) that they were CHRISTIAN and not just another of many godless governments who enslave and kill more of their own people than war itself!
Whoo eee! Dodged a bullet there, huh?
Gee...too bad America is now unrecognizable from her former self and turning her back on all the traditions and principles that once made her so great. And becoming just another godless nation whose leaders will have no qualms whatsoever about enslaving and slaughtering her citizens once the State becomes god to these fools.
Yep, real shame. But thank you CHRISTIAN founding fathers!
YOU GUYS did a phenomenal job! Sorry we let it all go to sh!t.

The Last Trump, Christian News Network 26 Comments [4/24/2015 3:24:14 AM]
Fundie Index: 11
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Quote# 108072

Obama and Erdogan are opening a $100 million mega mosque in Maryland. All of this is a form of invasion. But the reason why this type of invasion is happening — be it from Muslims, sodomites, or pagans — is because we are absent of Christian supremacy, and we are no longer proud of Christianity. We must establish Christian supremacy if we are going to destroy this demonic intrusion

Theodore Shoebat, sheobat.com 26 Comments [4/24/2015 3:29:56 AM]
Fundie Index: 14
Submitted By: Tony
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Quote# 108073

(The truth is, for every person singing the praises of homeopathy you can find ten who tried it and are still suffering--or worse. These people walk away quietly, and you never hear their stories, and you never take them into account)

The truth is, for every person singing the praises of chemotherapy, you can find ten who tried and are still suffering - or are dead. You never take them into account. There's no saving grace here just lots of wasted money and what seems like a nice science about "killing" cancer cells. Take a closer look please and stop ignoring what could be the greatest medical breakthrough in centuries.

Homeopathy is real and works. Nobody knows why it works. Maybe, if researchers are given a chance to find out, we'll know. Maybe it really didn't work, never worked - but anyone who reads can see the absurdity of the placebo rationalization or any of the other explain aways. Too bad the mere possibility, or reality, that it works is a threat to conventional medicine or at least some aspects of it. On second thought maybe that's a good thing. Maybe conventional medicine is not quite everything it has been made out to be. Maybe everyone is gradually figuring that out.

jamespannozzi, Science News 33 Comments [4/24/2015 3:30:06 AM]
Fundie Index: 14
Submitted By: Ivurm
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Quote# 47380

Satan's goal is to corrupt the remaining bastion of Christianity in America—the Bible Belt. Country music is a vehicle by which Satan is corrupting the Bible belt. Country Music today is more dangerous than Rock 'N' Roll because many of the artists falsely profess to be "Christians." This misleads many people into thinking it must be good music. The end result is always APOSTASY, i.e., a turning away from the God of the Bible.

Today's professed "Christian" Country artists all support the sale and consumption of booze, dirty dancing, sexually provocative CMT music videos, immodest dress on women, feminism, and ecumenicalism. Biblical doctrine ought to be the most important thing in a Christian's life. Tragically, many people's philosophies are formed by the music they hear on the radio, or from the worldly philosophy of their favorite Country "star." Instead of quoting Scriptures to themselves throughout the day, they spend their time singing the most retarded and meaningless lyrics.

David J. Stewart, JesusIsSavior.com 68 Comments [9/11/2008 5:56:45 PM]
Fundie Index: 4
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Quote# 108070

What are you doing with having friends that Christians have been instructed to remove yourself from as part of your "old life" of this world, meaning carnal and lust of the flesh? Either you are with Jesus Christ or you're with Lucifer. As a Christian your fellowships are to glory God, not celebrate Satan's sinful nature of adultery, fornication and relationships of vile affections. READ PSALMS 1

RMIROD, One News Now 24 Comments [4/24/2015 3:26:50 AM]
Fundie Index: 9
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Quote# 108064

WARNING! This analysis is blunt. South Park is a vulgar and vile movie. Any commentary will inherently border vulgar as well.

South Park is an incredibly dangerous movie for those who do not understand or are developing an understanding of the Gospel ....... INCREDIBLY dangerous! Some of the scenes in South Park reminded me so much of the image of demons screeching and dancing around a boiling cauldron as Satan gleefully looks on from the background as the demons pitch soul after soul after soul into the burning cauldron.

Satan is portrayed as the homosexual lover of Saddam Hussein and is portrayed as a sensitive, loving and caring being though the One who cast him into Hell clearly tells the Truth about him: that Satan's only interests are to steal, kill and destroy [John 10:10]. Hussein waves his disembodied male member around. And it was not a cardboard drawing like most other images of the movie -- it was of photographic resolution. The most foul of the foul words was clearly spoken by the children at least 131 times and many other times in a muffled or garbled way as well as in rapid uncountable succession in song [Col. 3:8]. The three/four letter word vocabulary was used at least 119 times, also mostly by children. God's name in vain was used 11 times without the four letter expletive and 6 times with it [Deut 5:11]. And many times the child characters were saying things like "What's the big deal" (about the foul language). "Suck my --", "Let's ([homo]sexual intercourse)", and repeated questions about a female private organ were but a very few of the vulgar expressions used by the kids.

Angels were portrayed as females - nude, very nude. God was called many vulgar and hateful names. Satan was glorified. Jesus was equated with sexual anatomy. A child was graphically incinerated by igniting his flatulence, then another kid tried to beat out the flames with a stick concerned about the stick catching fire. Body parts dripping with blood were ripped from a child by a surgeon who expressed flippant, shallow concern. The dead child was then seen with an exploded chest. The dead child, after being rejected from Heaven (by nude female angels) and cast into Hell (which is a violation of Scripture in and of itself), was then presented as a ghost trying to influence the other kids. An all-male chorus line wore pink bikini briefs. Homosexual acts were described. Decomposing burned bodies were cast as live occupants of Hell. "Big brother" electronic shock control of a child was used to prevent his use of foul language (each time he cussed he was shocked -- he used this shock later to defeat Hussein by shouting every known and several unknown foul words). A man committed suicide by jumping out of a window. And throughout the movie was script to promote licentious belittlement of wholesome life and entertainment: rationale to lessen even further the threshold of acceptance. [Rom. 16:17 - 18]

These are but a very few of the examples of ignominy in this sinematic cyanide. And the kids in the audience loved it, almost as much as the adults with them. Many of the children seemed to be laughing because their fathers expected them to laugh, looking up at their fathers, laughing nervously and loudly just so dad would know they were laughing along with him, not likely knowing at what it was they were laughing half the time. As long as dad was laughing. That was reason enough. May God have mercy on us. [Luke 17:2]

That is all I will say about the content this extraordinarily vulgar, vile, and repugnant movie. Other examples are just too vulgar and vile to even try to describe without being as vulgar and vile. Please note that the final score of 29 is not the lowest of scores earned by the movies we have analyzed, but this movie has earned the most severe CAP Influence Density (ID) of over 800 movies: a CAP ID of 10.65! Natural Born Killers (R) earned a CAP Influence Density of 7.46! Most R-rated movies earn CAP IDs between 1.00 and 3.00. A child cannot escape being influenced by "entertainment" such as this.

And you cannot imagine the depths of the influence of this sort of entertainment! In the months that followed our posting of this analysis report we received thousands of emails from adolescents who have seen this movie and spoke just like it. With the same or more severe level of contempt for wholesome and righteous ethics. I would post examples of their email here but most of them would look like "You --- ---, ---. You are a --- and a ---. Go --- ---. And see who cares about your --- ---, you --- --- sorry --- --- --- ---. --- my ---. And Satan's, too, you --- uncle ---- donkey ---." Just like South "Puke": BLU. And some people actually believe movies do not influence kids.

Tom Carder, CAPAlert 27 Comments [4/24/2015 3:23:43 AM]
Fundie Index: 7
Submitted By: Daspletosaurus
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Quote# 108036

I have gone to numerous mainstream news websites just to read news, and it has become so bad that I don't go to them anymore. I have a limited pool of websites that I know I can trust. You can't even look for an apartment or home anymore. One realtor website shows a father lifting his adolescent daughter up in the air like an airplane, but she is wearing only skimpy underwear, and her buttocks are pointing upward. It is 100% sexually suggestive. But you say, “pastor you have a dirty mind”; No, I have a man's mind, and you're a moron if you don't understand what I'm saying. For some insane reason, people think that colored underwear are ok, but white underwear aren't. If a young girl wore white underwear in public, people would complain; but if they are colored bathing underwear, then people accept it as normal swim attire. This is insanity at it's height! Underwear are underwear! Put some clothes on whore!

One mother was grinning from ear-to-ear as her two adolescent daughters were dancing like strippers in public, singing some filthy Rock song. That mama ought to be spanking those brats, not allowing Katy Perry to train them to be hussy whores! America is going to Hell! You idiot mamas who think it's cute to see your little girls strutting to the music of Britney Spears, Madonna, Selena Gomez, and Hannah Montana (Miley Cyrus) ought to be ashamed of yourselves. Madonna is the trash of society, portrayed as receiving oral sex from a dog in her book SEX. Is that the role model that you grew up with? Is that what you want your daughters to become? Madonna is a demonic cult-worshipping, lewd and immoral, child of the Devil. And she's proud of it too! Lady Gaga said on the Oprah Winfrey Show that she doesn't like the term “Lady,” but that's a lie, because that's what all her promoters and albums call her. She a slutty whore, admittedly promoting “shock art” as she calls it. No, it's demonism! Whore Gaga dresses, acts and behaves like a freaky, trashy, weirdo. She's correct to say she's no lady, and doesn't even know what the word means.

David J. Stewart, Jesus is Savior 49 Comments [4/23/2015 2:53:04 AM]
Fundie Index: 15
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Quote# 28643

[Part of the description for a board game called, Intelligent Design vs Evolution]

Intelligent Design Vs. Evolution is deliberately biased, because there are only two alternatives when it comes to human origins. Either we are the result of intelligent design or we are the result of the opposite - unintelligent design. We were either created by a God whose genius is infinitely beyond human reasoning, or the entire creation of flowers, birds, trees, the sun, the moon, the stars, the seasons, the marvel of the human body, etc, all happened by accident. Most who blindly believe the theory of evolution have no idea how unscientific it is. Intelligent Design Vs. Evolution is more than a game - it is an educational expose of perhaps the greatest hoax ever pulled over the eyes of secular humanity.

Ray Comfort & Kirk Cameron, FortPatriot.com 14 Comments [8/31/2007 4:02:43 PM]
Fundie Index: 9
Submitted By: Horsefeathers
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Quote# 41333

[When talking about how evil Christian can get, Hitler was brought up to a fundy]

Adolf Hitler was not a Christian. He simply twisted the Word to come to his own sick ends. He was a bastard in the sickest sense. My grandfather served in WWII, he was Christian, you forget about the thousands of Christians that died to free the people under the control of a sick man.

[When told to look up -Hitler, April 12, 1922 from a speech at Munich.]

Here's what the Bible says, it says many shall come claiming to be sheep of God and mislead many, Hitler came, claiming to be Christian and mislead many people into committing terrible atrocities. God tells us not to bigoted. He tells us to LOVE each other over everything else. Love, not kill, not hate, but LOVE. When I think of these times and how people turn from that so much it frustrates me to see how far we've fallen. Not to say Christians don't sin, because we obviously do, but we don't commit terrible atrocities knowing that God has commanded us otherwise. You need to understand there is a difference in claiming and practicing. I could claim allot, but it's what I practice which matters.

SpecterSparten, Youtube comments 32 Comments [6/21/2008 3:39:19 PM]
Fundie Index: 1
Submitted By: ChildeofMalkav
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Quote# 92646

Firstly, many women who enjoy their careers would still rather be home raising children if they have the option. This is their primary goal and desire. Sometimes they don’t even it realize it themselves. But it’s certainly not deceptive or manipulative. It’s very basic and primal. We call it the maternal instinct.

The second issue – her dependence on you – is also universal. It is in the established nature of male-female relationships that the woman is emotionally dependent on her husband. His love and approval are like oxygen to her. This metaphor is not an exaggeration. If deprived of this support, women feel as if they can’t breathe. And it doesn’t seem to matter how “independent” they were ahead of time.

Emuna Braverman, aish.com 54 Comments [2/13/2013 4:22:11 AM]
Fundie Index: 54
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