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Formative, vital experiences I missed out on whose window of opportunity has closed forever. This vital, formative experiences have no later-life substitutes.

Ages 11 - 13

This is when vital, formative experiences begin appearing. This is the cusp of puberty, when you grow from a child into a sexual being. This is when your function of a social animal extends beyond playing games. This is when deep and meaningful social bonds begin to form, and when you experience a gradual sexual awakening. This is what I missed:

• Never had a real first date or even a "date" (school-yard mock-ups)
• Never had friends of the opposite sex who you enter puberty with and develop with
• Never went to the cinema, got food with, had a sleepover with or went to a disco/party with my mixed-sex friend group
• Never cheekily took a first drag on a cigarette with my male friends
• Never had a first mouthful of wine or spirit that was promptly spat out or reluctant swallowed
• Never hugged, held hands with or kissed a girl while these experiences are new to her, and new to you
• Never had a chance to explore the beginnings of sexuality alongside another female who is also just beginning to explore sexuality

Ages 13 - 16

This is like 11 - 13 but more intense. Most of the formative experiences during these years depends on you fulfilling most or all of the 11 - 13 experiences. This is when your sexuality develops further, when you begin to experiment with substances (especially alcohol), when you have parties and when you go through the most intense part of puberty and begin your path to adulthood.

• Never had a real first relationship and its subsequent break up
• Never been helped through a break up by a mixed-sex group of friends, or helped your male and female friends through a break up
• Being able to relate to your friends and associates about relationship woes
• Experience getting drunk for the first time with your male friends first, then your mixed-sex friends. Getting drunk with male friends is optional.
• Never had a first passionate kiss.
• Never had the first below-the-waste fumblings, when you make out in the bedroom and brush your hands over the clothes of a girl's clothes
• Never seen a girl in her underwear
• Never fingered a girl or been wanked off by a girl
• Never had sex with a girl
• Never had a blowjob from a girl
• Never cheekily tried a puff of weed with your mixed-sex friends at a party
• Never took a late-night trip somewhere with your friends and just goofed around
• Never became embroiled in a love triangle, both being wanted by two girls and falling out with a male friend over a girl
• Never been to a teen-friendly night club or bar
• Never fallen in with some slightly older friends and got up to mischief with them
• Never sexted with a girl
• Never sent nudes to a girl or received nudes back
• Never experienced the excitement, anticipation and trepidation of your first real serious date.
• Never experienced the attendant fussing over your appearance, the jovial jostling of your family and friends.
• Never got drunk with a random girl at a party and made out for ages on the sofa before we both laugh about it the next day

#Ages 16 - 18

This is when you fully emerge from puberty and become an adult.

• Never been to an adult night club or bar
• Never went through the promiscuous phase when you date, kiss and fuck many women over a short space of time when your hormones are raging
• Never been through 3+ serious relationships at this point
• Never learned how to drive so you could go on trip with your buddies
• Never went on a "lads" holiday
• Never experimented with drugs such as getting battered off weed, MDMA, coke or anything else
• Never had a high one night stand with a hot as fuck wasted girl you pick up at a club
• Never had a FWB
• Never had a "best friend" who you bond with more than other people in your mixed-sex friend group
• Never volunteered with friends
• Never had your fill of women, done pretty much everything sexually you'd want to do which lays the ground for a serious LTR at some future point
• Never had a threesome or got a woman to dress up in fancy lingerie for you

I have never had and can never have these formative experiences.

I will never escape inceldom because everybody my age has completed all of these experiences and can live a normal life. I am yet to complete any of the experiences in 11 - 13. I am stuck there. Socially, I am 11 years old. But even still, even if I did do these things now, somehow, it wouldn't be the same. I'm too old. That exquisite, intoxicating and luxurious explosion of hormones, excitement, that shared enthusiasm and sense of wonder and excitement with your male and female friends as you being indulging in the splendours that life has to offer... Those moments are forever gone. They are memories that were never made, lives never lived. They are gone forever.

Even if I do escape inceldom and somehow deceive a woman into thinking I have had a normal life, I will never be happy because it will always be on my mind that I have never done these things and she has, and I will be jealous of her and will begin to hate her for it. I already hate her for it.

I am 27 and I have done nothing. I have had no social contact with anybody for any of the time it mattered. I have had no memorable experiences. I have no funny photos, old buddies who I can open a beer with and laugh about the good old days, laugh about that time when I got really upset because my first girlfriend called it off, laugh about that time after when I got drunk and had sex with a fat warpig, or got high and pulled a model.

I have done nothing. It's too late for me. I am crying as write his. I will never know the fulfillment of being with a oneitis. I will never be able to do these things. It's too late.

Life is a living decay. I am an empty shell of a man and nothing can fill me up.

I didn't have any of these experiences because women and normies would not let me. I was not sufficiently attractive to be deemed a social creature. Instead, I was used as a tool for normies to gain social points by abusing and ridiculing. I was like an arcade machine they put abuse into and got tokens out, which they could exchange for social esteem. This is why I hate them all.

This is what I mean when I say the positive reinforcement you get just by being attractive matters.

Link to peer-reviewed, heavily referenced journal detailing how social psychology during puberty, the formative years, alters neurological morphology and chemistry:


This is what I mean when I say attractive people live in a different universe to us, and how they can never understand us.

inb4 normies brigading this post saying "merrrr I only done 60% of those things"

Edit: shit grammar because I'm fucking upset

OrangeFez2311, r/incels 56 Comments [10/16/2017 6:18:28 AM]
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Average day for incel VS average day for Chad:

Incel: Rolls out of bed at noon. Has shitty cereal with old, weird tasting milk. Takes a shower and notices hair at the bottom of the shower and in his hand when he shampoos. Takes a look at his skinnyfat physique in the mirror and wonders why he can't gain any muscle despite lifting 5 days a week. Leaves his room for the first time in a few days to buy groceries hoping his NEETbucks for the week haven't run out. While out he is stared at by small children and avoided like the plague by women. The cashier at the grocery store treats him rudely and doesn't make eye contact. Spends the entire rest of the day binge watching anime, fapping to porn and eating shitty Ramen Noodles. Falls asleep at 3 in the morning alone.

Chad: Wakes up at noon in his room at his parent's huge mansion to a bj from his blonde 9/10 Instagram model gf. They shower together and he bangs her doggy style in the shower. Realizes that he missed class, oh well, he'll just have some nerd take the final for him. Hops into his Ferrari and meets his posse at a posh restaurant and has a delicious breakfast. Meets up with his side chick and they go shopping downtown. All expenses go on his dad's Amex. Next he hits the gym with his bros and hits a 315 lb PR on bench.

While at the gym he has a chance encounter with his VS model ex girlfriend. She throws herself at his feet and begs him to take her back, that she'll be his perfect submissive fucktoy and let him screw around all he wants. He decides the bitch is just too much damn drama and kicks her to the curb, though he has her number in case he wants a booty call. That night he throws a wild party at his parent's mansion. He has a threesome with two sluts in the hottub and gets into a fight with his gf because of it. She of course forgives him. That night he falls asleep in his bed with his gf and 4 other random girls dog-piled on top of him.

DonkeyPunch19, r/incels 3 Comments [10/17/2017 4:14:14 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

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Adult male virginity should be classified as a sexual disability. The law itself will define that a man who is unable to find a suitable sexual partner or is lacking sexual relationships, in which he would still be a virgin after the age of twenty five, would be classified as a sexually disabled person. The fact that a male could live on for more than two decades and five years without any kind of sexual encounter/contact means that something is inherently wrong with him, physically or phylogically, and he needs assistance to change his predicament in however manner it maybe.

Most people tend to believe that even after twenty five there is a chance that you may lose your virginity. Yes, there is a chance but a very slim one to be exact. And the odds are always against it, so it should not be encountered for in anyway. Also, before anyone says that one could use prostitution to lose his virginity, I would like to state: prostitution is a way of letting femoids win. Because you're not only paying them, but also validating them as well. So, losing your virginity to whores definitely doesn't work and the men who have lost their virginity to whores still should be classified as sexually disabled because without prostitution there is no way for them to lose their virginity.

So, if you're a sexually disabled man, this law would not only provide you with certain protection laws, but the government would cover up important things like plastic surgery, for an example. Which is very vital for men who are suffering because of their unattractive looks and can do nothing about it because they cannot afford to do so.

Lookismisreal, r/incels 3 Comments [10/17/2017 4:14:09 PM]
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Do these people even realize that the foundation of our government and legal system, including the creation of our constitution, was created by our founding fathers, most of who were Christian? They’d be mourning from their graves if they could see the chaos and escalating depravity of our society. Our culture celebrates wickedness and abhors purity. It’s sickening.

Holly Oldham, Facebook 2 Comments [10/17/2017 4:14:48 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

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"Depression" is not a disease. It is a demonic attack by some very wicked evil spirits.

Eden Decoded, Facebook 3 Comments [10/17/2017 4:14:56 PM]
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Brian Lunsford: You bettervelieve that they ar messing with our emotions. Nailed me yesterday. Bottom seems to be dropping out today. Sky is literally falling here. Call me Chicken Little!!! I don't care....?

Ann Pearson: Crystal blue skies in Tennessee today also. I am riding my emotions like a wave in cat 5 hurricane and it ain’t funny for those of us awake. My surroundings our surreal as I walk along the walking dead. People in public never talk about the sky falling nor look up and question. The sun is a big blob of white and that alone should turn heads. I shop about trying to be normal and use it to ease my restless soul in this final hour. I even buy and take back just to be doing. Life will need the same under this dome. Only being released into kingdom of heaven will satisfy my thirst. My life has been far from a beautiful trip in land of dead. This earth plane has been one big mind f*ck from birth and it’s not right. I want home. I severely think there are less real human souls around. God bless?

Ann Pearson, Youtube 1 Comments [10/17/2017 4:14:24 PM]
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If someone got treated for HIV, found out they have it, and neglected to tell their partners. The risk is on YOU. You chose to have sex with that person. Anytime you have sex with someone, you're taking a risk (and not just HIV, either) and it's not THEIR job to inform YOU on their status.

Would it be a nice thing to do? Yes. Should they go to jail if they don't? No.

Most people with HIV don't even know they have it. And the reason most don't know they have it, is because they fear the diagnosis, not the disease. The stigmas on HIV make it as if the diagnosis itself is a death sentence. Then people fear dating (or even just being around) people with HIV, and now you have people being selfish with their status on top of that.

This bill doesn't make those problems go away, but it encourages people to get tested, and get informed. It also makes people (like y'all) who are trying to live in a bubble; more aware of the various incurable and curable diseases you are at risk of contracting every, single, time you have sex.

Use condoms, protect yourself, get tested. Shit, if you REALLY want to be safe, don't have sex at all. We need to stop criminalizing HIV.

Lol @ some of y'all saying "ALL STDs should be criminalized!" do you know how prevalent STDs are in America? A quick google search will show that as many as 90% of American adults have been exposed to herpes. An absolutely incurable disease that can appear around the genitals and as cold sores. Ever had a cold sore before? Congratulations, you have herpes. Make sure you diagnose that information to every potential date/fling/romance. HPV? 75%...but dont worry, in most cases the virus has no health issues! Still, it's an STD we gotta criminalize, yeah?

Take responsibility. Get educated. Get tested. America is already a cesspit ripe with disease. Don't blame others when you should be asking yourself why you never used a condom, or why "Yeah, I'm clean." is a good enough response before you drop your pants.

My coworker/good friend has a body count of 16+ of random women and romances, when I asked him if he knows his status, his response was "Well I'm sure I'm clean, I've never noticed anything." and when I asked him about the last time he's been tested for STD's, he told me he's NEVER been tested. NEVER BEEN TESTED. The man is 26 years old, slept with all types of women, kissed all types of mouths, and he's NEVER been tested.

I guffawed at his responses, but he was telling me how it's not a big deal at all. He's a totally normal dude otherwise, and I know he's one of many, many Americans. Maybe even some of y'all can relate...

When was the last time you've been tested? If your answer isn't "less than six months ago," then you honestly have no say in whether or not STD's should be criminalized.

Worry about yourself, not putting people in jail for shit like this.

Kebiinu, Neogaf 1 Comments [10/17/2017 4:14:26 PM]
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The trick-or-treat ritual was practiced by the Druids and their followers in medieval times.

The Druids went from castle to castle doing exactly the same thing. They also demanded a ‘treat’, however, this demand was for a young woman who could be offered as a human sacrifice in a Satanic ritual. The Druids were known as men of Oak and they demanded blood sacrifices. These men were so controlled by Satanic forces that they had strange and frightening powers.

If the ‘treat’ (the young woman) pleased the Druids, they would light a candle made of human fat and insert it in a Jack-O-Lantern to protect those inside the castle from being killed by demons.

When some of the families could not meet the demands of the Druids then it was time for a ‘trick’. A hexagram was drawn on the front door of the dwelling, and it was said that Satan or his demons would kill someone in the household through fear that night.

The spellbinding beat of the druid music would fill the night as the ceremony began. The men would assault their victim and then brutally sacrifice her to their gods.(1)

Unknow, Liberty to the Captives 4 Comments [10/17/2017 3:37:19 PM]
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There is all kinds of demons, not just one. They are some sexual in nature, some just want a body, some are straight up take over someone body if that person opens the door. Somethings you see are not demons, some are programed minds. Hollywood has many programed minds, but there is also demons who programed them. Little children are not to blame for what adults do to them. Remember the show doll house I think the name was, they used the people.

Not everything is demons but some place have allow demon infestation some of the largest ones are in California, they celibate people who have demons in them. A person who can not control themselves have a demon in them.

hankie, Godlike Productions 1 Comments [10/17/2017 3:57:51 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 85725

Furthermore, as America becomes increasingly polarized and white people begin feeling the full force of non-white hatred, they won't care about the alleged "violent" past of the Ku Klux Klan. The one thing they know for sure is that the Klan stands for white people. When they begin to realize that the alleged violence of the Klan of the past was in fact lawful executions of murderers, rapists, and child molesters, they will understand that it has been an anti-Christian force in this nation that has tarnished the once immensely popular and beloved Ku Klux Klan. They won't care what the agenda driven entertainment media has to say about this truly Christian and family oriented movement. They will only stop to consider...NO ONE is speaking out on behalf of my white Christian heritage and family...NO ONE but the Klan!

Rachel Pendergraft, The Official Website of The Knights Party, USA 79 Comments [1/22/2012 4:30:59 PM]
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Can we prove that evolution is false without using the Bible? Certainly we can! Evolution is a scientific theory that stands or falls on the physical evidence. In fact, one can be an atheist, a person who doesn’t believe in God, and still not believe in evolution!

Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution, as taught at school, is a biological explanation of how creatures have supposedly “evolved” or developed progressively through natural selection and variation (now known as mutation) over eons of time from the tiny cell to the largest creatures on earth today. What is taught in classrooms is not mere micro evolution—small changes within a species—but macro evolution, the change from one type of creature to another quite distinct life form.

What many evolutionists are trying to convince you of is that there is no need for a Creator since, as they say, evolution can substitute as the mechanism for creating and transforming life. They teach that life arose from non-life and evolved from simpler creatures to more complex life forms. In other words, the tiny cell eventually became an amoeba, then a lizard, then a monkey, and finally— you !

In order to remember key points that disprove Darwinian evolution—the “molecules to man” theory—we’ll use the acronym FALSE. (A few of these points also disprove the compromise of theistic evolution—the notion that God employed macroevolution over eons in forming the creatures we see on earth today.)

A fossil is the preserved remains of a living thing. The fossil record around the earth extends an average of one mile deep. Below this level we come up with a blank slate as far as living, complex creatures are concerned.

I collect fossils of what are deemed the earliest type of complex creatures with hard bodies—trilobites. No previous ancestors of these arthropods have been found. Similar to some marine “bugs” we see today on the seashore that disappear into the sand when the waves retreat, trilobites had hard shells, all the basic organs, and complex eyes like those of flies, with hundreds of sophisticated lenses connected to the optic nerve going to the brain. Trilobite fossils are found around the earth, and in all cases the level of rock beneath them does not reveal other creatures with similar features.

As one source states: “The dominant life form was the now-extinct sea creature known as a trilobite, up to a foot long, with a distinctive head and tail, a body made up of several parts, and a complex respiratory system. But although there are many places on earth where 5,000 feet of sedimentary rock stretch unbroken and uniformly beneath the Cambrian [layer], not a single indisputable multi-celled fossil has been found there. It is ‘the enigma of paleontological [fossil studies] enigmas,’ according to Stephen Gould. Darwin himself said he could give ‘no satisfactory answer’ to why no fossils had been discovered. Today’s scientists are none the wiser” (Francis Hitching, The Neck of the Giraffe , 1982, pp. 26-27).

Question: If, after almost two centuries of digging beneath all the world’s continents, no previous ancestor of this first hard-bodied creature has been found, how then did the ubiquitous trilobite evolve? There should be some previous ancestor if evolution were true.

It’s like finding an exquisite watch on the seashore and yet never finding any previous primitive models of the watch on earth. If you reasoned as an evolutionist, you would deny there was a need for a watchmaker at all, maintaining that time, water, sand, minerals and actions of the elements are sufficient to producing a fully functional watch that runs. This is part of the reason it takes more faith to believe in evolution than in a Creator!

Further important evidence from the fossil record is the absence of transitional forms between species. Darwin was concerned that the thousands of intermediate stages between creatures needed to prove his theory were not in evidence, but he expected they would eventually be found. Yet those thousands of missing transitional forms are still missing!

Another reference explains: “If throughout past ages life was actually drifting over in one continual stream from one form to another, it is to be expected that as many samples of the intermediate stages between species should be discovered in fossil condition as of the species themselves … All should be in a state of flux. But these missing links are wanting. There are no fossils of creatures whose scales were changing into feathers or whose feet were changing into wings, no fossils of fish getting legs or of reptiles getting hair. The real task of the geological evolutionist is not to find ‘the’ missing link, as if there were only one. The task is to find those thousands upon thousands of missing links that connect the many fossil species with one another” (Byron Nelson, After Its Kind , 1970, pp. 60-62).

The absence of transitional forms is an insurmountable hurdle for theistic evolutionists as well. It also fits with our next point.

When there is no real evidence, evolutionary scientists simply make assumptions.

If evolution were true, then where is the evidence of different types of animals now “evolving” into other types? Where is the evidence of cats, dogs and horses gradually turning into something else? We do see changes within species, but we do not see any changes into other species. And, as mentioned, we see no evidence of gradual change in the fossil record either. Yet evolutionists continue to assume that transitional forms must have existed.

In Darwin’s landmark book On the Origin of Species there are some 800 subjective clauses, with uncertainty repeatedly admitted instead of proof. Words such as “could,” “perhaps” and “possibly” plague the entire book.

Evolution is still called a theory—a possible explanation or assumption—because it is not testable according to the scientific method, as this would require thousands or millions of years. Evolutionists will counter that a theory is not a mere hypothesis but is a widely affirmed intellectual construct that generally appears to fit all the facts. Yet evolution in no way fits all the facts available. Evidence does not support it—and in many respects runs counter to it.

The law of biogenesis as taught in biology class states that only life can produce life.

You’ve probably heard the famous question: Which came first, the chicken or the egg? It’s a real dilemma for an evolutionist to answer. An egg comes from a chicken, yet the chicken comes from an egg. How can there be one without the other?

To complicate matters even more, the chicken has to come from a fertilized egg that has the mixture of two different genetic strains from both its parents. So the problem of the origin of life and initial reproduction is still a mystery that evolutionary science cannot adequately answer.

Yet for someone who believes in special creation by a Creator, there is no dilemma here. First God made the male and female chickens, which produced the first fertilized egg—and the rest is history.

When one living thing needs another different living thing to survive, it’s called a symbiotic relationship.

A good example of this is the relationship between bees and flowers. The bees need the nectar from some types of flowers to feed while these flowers need bees to pollinate them. Both depend on each other to exist and survive. The question for evolutionists is: How did these plants exist without the bees, and how did the bees exist without these plants?

Again, atheistic scientists are stumped. Theistic evolutionists are perplexed as well. Yet if you believe in a Creator who specially created the various forms of life on earth, the answer is simple—both were created at about the same time.

All living things are exquisitely engineered or designed. Qualitatively, a bacterium is as majestically built for its purpose as a human body is for its function. Yet evolution says it’s only an illusion of design—that there is no real designer behind it. Reality is not an illusion! Living things are multi-functional, which means they do many complex things at the same time, something evolution with its step-by-step process has never been able to demonstrate.

One example of a living thing with exquisite engineering is the tree. It provides breathable oxygen for us while processing carbon dioxide, which would in high amounts in the air be toxic to us. It supplies wood, housing for birds, roots to limit erosion, fruit and seeds to eat, is biodegradable and gives shade. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, “A healthy tree provides a cooling effect that is equivalent to 10 room-size air conditioners operating 20 hours a day.” How could something so complex arise from a random, undirected evolutionary process?

Again, you need more “faith” to believe in blind evolution than in an all-knowing Creator who designed the marvelous tree in the first place.

Now you have five proofs that evolution is F-A-L-S-E and that special creation is true—and we didn’t even use the Bible. Remember the acronym FALSE when you read or hear about evolution—and do take time to read our Creator’s great book of truth! It has much to say regarding origins.

Mario Seiglie, United Church of God 10 Comments [8/22/2017 10:50:50 AM]
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Quote# 19032

[Dmby's post, followed by this edit.]

Message from Admin - All names of God are to be capitalized! This post has been corrected.

Bro. Randy, Teens-4-Christ 61 Comments [1/6/2007 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 133061

[From "God’s Fiery Wrath Strikes Sanctuary State Of California, Leftist Wine Country Faces Ruin"]

Maybe I’m being a bit too cruel over this, and maybe I shouldn’t gloat over an entire region being consumed by what seriously seems like an act of God, but…

You know what?

I’ve long ago put aside any altruism aside from that reserved for my immediate blood family, close friends, fellow members in the Movement, and those Whites seemingly good, wholesome, and totally undeserving of punishment.

To everyone else, especially if you are [url=]devoted to the causes[/url] that would see us all die in horrible ways, I have no sympathy and no tears if you find yourself surrounded by red-hot flames.


Could it be that I overreacted while writing this article, and did I by any chance wish too much destruction on the good people of California?

Well actually…

For a state that pushes prison for pronoun misuse, I don’t think agonizing combustion is too severe a punishment.

Marcus Cicero, Occidental Dissent 16 Comments [10/16/2017 12:38:47 PM]
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Submitted By: JeanP

Quote# 133042

In refugee camps, in the middle of war, there may not be food but you can fuck. Sex is the one free commodity there is on this earth. No money NEED change hands. No bartering or exchange of good or services NEED happen.

Yet, this is not the case, esp for incels. Incels are the equivalent of a man dying of thirst next to a water fountain. What we need to quench our thirst is within reach but it is not for us.

It's funny how I can access 100s of 1000s of women's naked bodies through my PC screen, yet IRL, I can't get 1. So many women are willing to fuck if cash and a camera are present, but if a good man who wants to love her and share good times with her shows up, NNnnnnnnnnnope!!!!! What a fucking joke.

Anyone who wants to live on this planet is bluepilled or a chad. While I am not able to override the survival instinct right now, if an illness befell me, and I would legit die, I wouldn't be seeking medical treatment beyond pain relief. I'm fine with dying.

FACEandLMS, r/incels 11 Comments [10/16/2017 6:16:56 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 133074

Actually, Islam and Judaism are two heads of the same ancient monster. The Jews have, historically, been the allies of the Muslims. Both Jews and Muslims glory in the murder of Christians, whenever and wherever they can get away with it.

The Muslims believe the lies of the Jewish Old Testament and relegate Jesus to being a mere "prophet" who is a lesser light than Mohammad (mhrh). So, the Jews prefer to association with Muslims more than they prefer to associate with Christians. Islam is Judeao-Islam simply because the Muslims accept the OT as true but not accurately written. The Muslims re-write the OT fables with their own twist.

Modern archaeology proves that Judaism is a hoax. And since Islam is based upon Judaism, that too is proven to be a hoax.

But regardless of how false the OT is or the lies of the Jews and Muslims to contend with, Christians have the Truth of Jesus which transcends anything those two false religions have to offer.

James Gregory, Stormfront 19 Comments [10/16/2017 3:19:09 PM]
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Quote# 133059

Man spreads HIV to over 2 dozen partners

It is the person's responsibility to ask and make sure their partner is healthy. A person with HIV does not have the obligation to reveal their medical history to someone.

This man should not go to jail.

AHUGECAT, Bodybuilding forums 12 Comments [10/16/2017 12:37:32 PM]
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Quote# 133069

(By direct action this fundie means illegal acts like vandalism, arson, etc)

Direct action is the only action. Don't be a bootlicker.

DTF_20170515, r/vegan 4 Comments [10/16/2017 3:18:00 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 133003

Once upon a time, cartoons were about coyotes that blew themselves up with sticks of dynamite and cats that would always be outsmarted by mice. But we live in a much different time now, and cartoons, much like virtually everything else in American society, have been infected by the cancer that is progressivism.

The Magic School Bus is a cartoon from the mid-1990s about a class of students and their teacher who go on all sorts of crazy adventures – from exploring the Milky Way to navigating through the human body – in their shape-shifting school bus. Although the show officially ended in 1997, it has been shown for educational purposes in classrooms across the country for years thereafter. Now, the popular video streaming service Netflix has launched a reboot of the series called The Magic School Bus Rides Again, and as you probably could have guessed, it is not without its fair share of liberal indoctrination.

Episode 10 of the series reboot is called “The Tales Glaciers Tell,” and if you think that an episode with a title like that is completely free from political bias or indoctrination, then you are sadly mistaken. In it, the teacher takes her class to a glacier and informs them that man’s inventions are causing pollution that is destroying the planet, and unless we do something about it, Earth will continue spiraling into a slow, miserable death. As a solution, the students in the episode are instructed to ride their bikes instead of riding in cars and to decrease the amount of electricity they use on a daily basis.

It doesn’t stop there, however. Two episodes later in episode 12, which is titled “Monster Power,” the students become terrified when they learn that they might be eaten by a pollution monster unless they use clean energy. Because everybody knows that the first thing kids want to see when they sit down for Saturday morning cartoons is a pollution monster threatening to come after a bunch of school kids unless they adopt an environmentally-friendly lifestyle.

But The Magic School Bus isn’t the only kids show that is working relentlessly to brainwash young people with far left rhetoric. Earlier this year, Netflix launched a reboot of the popular 90s show Bill Nye the Science Guy called Bill Nye Saves the World. In the very first episode of the reboot, viewers are warned about the dangers of climate change, and that unless we take immediate action, cute and innocent pandas will die off. (Related: Bill Nye has been slammed by real scientists for blaming hurricanes on climate change.)

Of course, those who understand the left and the games that they play know that the messages conveyed in both The Magic School Bus reboot and the Bill Nye the Science Guy reboot are just scare tactics, but to young, unsuspecting children, the threat of manmade climate change is very scary and very real. They don’t have any experience in politics, they don’t know that there are people out there who will lie to them for political gain, and chances are they can’t even pronounce the word propaganda let alone understand what it is. (Related: Climate change science implodes as the IPCC climate models are found to be totally wrong.)

The sad truth is that the liberals know full well that young people are easy targets, and that with just a few political messages injected into TV shows and cartoons, they can create an entire generation of left leaning, tree hugging leftists. Aside from potentially boycotting programs like The Magic School Bus and Bill Nye the Science Guy, the only real solution to this relentless liberal indoctrination is for parents to step in and teach their children the truth. The future of our country is on the line, and it is our responsibility to make sure that our children grow up knowing the difference between fact and political fiction.

Jayson Veley, NaturalNews 29 Comments [10/15/2017 5:00:56 AM]
Fundie Index: 8
Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 133049

Having a happy COLUMBUS DAY. If you think you're a descendent of interlopers, then get the fuck out. This was not a nation until Europeans created it. Before then, it was just a land mass.

lel817, Realabortiondebate 16 Comments [10/16/2017 6:27:40 AM]
Fundie Index: 11

Quote# 133048

(As part of a discussion on the cause of homosexuality, and in response to another member who said, in reply to the posting of an article from a Christian publication which claimed a lesbian had been "cured" of homosexuality: "Christian publicans are first and foremost telling a Christian story. For whatever reason, Christians do not want to believe homosexuals are stuck with being who they are, would rather hold to the idea that they can be 'corrected'. Such a view does not benefit from science, which is secondary to faith for them. This pretty much disqualifies them from the start. I put in the effort only for stuff that at least shoots for objectivity.") (boldface mine)

It's more than absurd and arrogant for you to claim you know more than a former homosexual.

It's a FACT that there are thousands of former homosexuals. It's absurd for anyone to claim they are lying or can understand what they've overcome.

So, you reject the gay gene? What else would cause homosexuality other than environmental causes? Are you claiming homosexuality is hormonal?

If homosexuality was hormonal, it goes to follow there should be a hormonal cure. That's why homosexual activists are so opposed to that theory being the cause of homosexuality.


kirkz2006@yahoo.com, Realabortiondebate 11 Comments [10/16/2017 6:18:33 AM]
Fundie Index: 3

Quote# 133068

(When this fundie says ALF he means the Animal Liberation Front, a terrorist animal rights group)

ALF is actually freeing animals today at threat to their freedom and future. What are you doing, besides acting like this is an issue about people's perceptions of you by association? To criticize ALF militants you have to actually be doing something worthy to make your opinion have weight.

Opposing organized injustice that is legal is what every social justice movement has done before they succeeded. It would be nice if abusing animals was not legal, but it is.

Nikolasv, r/vegan 8 Comments [10/16/2017 3:17:53 PM]
Fundie Index: 10
Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 133053

Incels face harassment, discrimination, and oppression than any other minority group in the world; not just in real life, but online as well. And what does society do about it? Absolutely nothing.

People are free to mock and bully Incels however and whenever they please without facing any kind of legal ramifications. Because of this we are consistently subjected to hate crimes on a daily basis thanks to our oppressors -- and unfortunately, we have no way of fighting back against them due to them beating us in sheer numbers. Unless of course, we plan a coordinated attack against them but that's something else entirely.

It is time for society to stand up for what is right and provide Incels with legal protection for the hate crimes performed against Incels, and class us as a protected class.

Lookismisreal, r/incels 11 Comments [10/16/2017 11:03:00 AM]
Fundie Index: 7
Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 132937

we have 23 chromosomes, a Monkey has 24, the reason we have 23 is because 23 is the # of Judgment that God will judge all of the unsaved throughout the entire world if you are not saved. A Monkey has never talked and never walked like a true man, they can not talk and they can craw walk, on all 4 limb.. If we evolved from something that means that we would still be evolving, but we are devolving because of sin, so that is your poof, we were created perfectly, and when Adam an Eve Sinned in the Garden of Eden, than, the whole world fell into sin, including the world and the animals, plants and everything, because in the beginning everything was made perfectly in God eyes, until we sinned and God sold us to Satan and sin and we fell from the grace of God, read Romans 6:23 read Ephesians 2:8 read Galatians 5:17-23

Ralph, Y! answers 15 Comments [10/13/2017 11:33:56 AM]
Fundie Index: 8

Quote# 133031

[Praying for something to fly isn't as effective as working out the principles of lift.]

How did nature manage to work out the principles of lift without science?

Huggy, AtheistForums.org 11 Comments [10/16/2017 1:55:45 AM]
Fundie Index: 9
Submitted By: Stimbo

Quote# 133034

I see nothing wrong with a nation wanting to preserve its culture. I would hate to see London become another New York. We should be thankful for conservatives, including the white nationalists, as they keep the liberals from turning us into a country that would only allow free speech if they found it agreeable, try to push Christianity to the sidelines, and encourage behavior and lifestyles that were considered immoral for centuries.

Aaron Adams, nytimes 10 Comments [10/16/2017 1:56:46 AM]
Fundie Index: 7
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