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Quote# 3792

That is how it came to be in the place of God as the source of wisdom and knowledge. Just as the Children of Israel fashioned a golden calf saying this is the god that delivered you out of Egypt, [info <a href="http://www.princeton.edu/~his291/Experimentum_Crucis.html">here</a>--Ed.] is given the credit for leading Western Civilization out of the Dark Ages.

Oholiab, Christian Forums 3 Comments [8/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 3837

But on the way back to the motel, the kids did not fall asleep as we expected. They kept chattering incessently... they kept saying the word 'motel'... everytime they said it, I got butterflies in my stomach... We decided the Lord was trying to communicate something to us, so we... ended up paying the 150 for that nice hotel in the city. I don't know what the Lord saved us from. But we are convinced that He most likely saved our lives that night.

valerie, Rapture Ready 14 Comments [9/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 3848

I NEVER said she deserved to be slain. I said her lifestyle contributed to her being killed.

sweetkitty, Christian Forums 4 Comments [9/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 124201

Republican lawmakers in Arkansas have granted preliminary approval to a bill apparently aimed at Sharia, or Islamic law, after passing a law that would allow fathers and parents to block a woman from having an abortion.

State Rep. Brandt Smith (R-Jonesboro) introduced HB 1041, which won approval Thursday from a House judiciary committee, to “American laws for American courts,” reported the Arkansas Times.

He claims the measure was not specifically aimed at Sharia law, although it’s similar to legislation introduced in other states based on the conspiracy theory that Islamic law is creeping into the American legal system.

Smith also justified his bill to reporters by citing a custody case involving a man from the Middle East who based his claims on Sharia law and then fled the country, and the lawmaker shared the same story when presenting his legislation on the statehouse floor.

HB 1041 voids court rulings based on foreign laws that do not grant “fundamental rights, liberties, and privileges granted under the Arkansas Constitution or the United States Constitution” — such as due process, equal protection, freedom of religion and speech and press, the right to privacy, the right to bear arms and the right to marry.

Smith’s bill narrowly defines marriage under the Arkansas constitution, which specifically bans same-sex unions but was overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court in 2015.

After moving out of committee, Smith’s measure will go up for a vote before the full House, which recently passed anti-abortion legislation that’s stricter than laws in some Muslim nations.

Gov. Asa Hutchinson signed Arkansas Act 45 into law last week banning one of the safest and most common abortion procedures in the second and third trimesters and allowing family members to block abortions by suing health care providers.

The measure, which was signed into law less than two months after its introduction, is nearly identical to laws passed in Mississippi and Louisiana, and similar bans in Kansas, Oklahoma and Alabama have not yet been implemented until legal challenges have been resolved.

The Arkansas law makes no exception for rape or incest, and it allows a woman’s spouse or parent to sue abortion providers to stop pregnancies from being terminated.

The Daily Beast reported the law could potentially allow a fetus’s father to block an abortion through lawsuit — even in cases of spousal rape or incest, according to abortion rights activists.

Islamic law generally forbids abortion, although some Muslim legal scholars and religious leaders make exceptions for rape and incest in the first 120 days of pregnancy.

Some Muslim religious leaders granted exceptions to Algerian and Bosnian women raped during times of war, and an Egyptian sheikh approved a draft law permitting women to abort pregnancies that were the result of rape.

Arkansas GOP, Raw Story 9 Comments [2/3/2017 3:49:12 PM]
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Submitted By: Demon Duck of Doom
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Quote# 3817

The Word of My God is never wrong. If it is in the Holy Bible, than it is true. Ain't [no way] any of its wrong. The Bible and its prophecies are 100% true.

SmileyMike, Rapture Ready 16 Comments [9/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 3801

I 'know' [the Bible is true] because I am here and I am living. There is no way in heck something as complex as a human was created by a big bang (no one knows were the matter for that came from), Abiogenesis (big deal, they made amino acids), and random mutations (which are 99.9% of the time harmful). Go to AnwersInGenesis.org. They are the leading Creationist scientists and their site is full of evidance.

1SuprJesusFreak, Kyle Givler Teens' Board 23 Comments [8/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 3806

[Replying to 'You should be ashamed']Why, you believe Ron Wyatt's 'discoveries' are the real thing?

Hughes, Rapture Ready 2 Comments [8/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 3775

Really?? Where are God's commands against slavery? Would you like a list of God's commands against fornication? Do you have room on your hard drive?

PIANOMANONE, Parallax Christian Discussion 6 Comments [8/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 3779

I'm not here for your approval, and I already have God's approval.

PIANOMANONE, Parallax Christian Discussion 11 Comments [8/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 124154

[Article "Nanking Massacre"]

The central issues surrounding the historical verification of the Nanking Incident are as follows.
• As a preface, there are very few images that have been definitively linked to the Nanking Massacre, but there are very many false or fabricated images distributed for the purposes of propaganda. Japanese revisionists are often objecting to the use of incendiary images, similar to fabricated Holocaust photos, which pollute legitimate historical discourse.
• In Japanese, the phrase "Nanking Massacre" is literally translated using the kanji characters "Great Slaughter in Nanking" (?????). The use of the "Great Slaughter" propaganda phrase is associated with the Communist Party and support for the Chinese government claim of 300,000 killed. But it is a well known fact, acknowledged by accredited scholars from many countries, that historical documentation cannot justify the enormous number of 300,000 deaths. The scholarly consensus is between 13,000 and 42,000 total people killed. (source) Therefore, many Japanese politicians avoid the term "Great Slaughter". Biased Western media report on this as "denying the massacre", even if they are in fact acknowledging that tens of thousands of people were murdered; see, for example, the reporting on Shintaro Ishihara (source).
• If those killed were civilians, we would expect to see many women and children among them. But in fact, only 0.3% of victims are recorded as having been women and children. The vast majority of recorded deaths were adult men.
• Western observers in Nanking witnessed Chinese soldiers changing into plain clothes, Chinese soldiers killing civilians, and Chinese soldiers killing other soldiers. The Chinese army in Nanking was in a state of chaos. This Japanese nationalist website provides many primary sources attesting to this. An army in a state of chaos can easily rack up enormous casualties, as was seen on the Eastern Front in World War II.
• All of this context is public knowledge in Japan, but it is censored in China. The Chinese Communist Party officially promotes the following myths, which can be seen at the museum about the incident in Nanjing: (1) that most photos purporting to be of the incident are real, (2) that no fewer than 300,000 people were killed, (3) that the vast majority of them were civilians, and (4) that all killings were done by bloodthirsty Japanese and none came at the hands of China's own soldiers.

There are a wide variety of opinions about the Nanking Incident in Japan, including some who endorse the Chinese narrative, but the general historical consensus remains unknown to the West.

Metapedia, Metapedia 9 Comments [2/1/2017 9:06:06 PM]
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Submitted By: JeanP
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Quote# 124199


The right to decide to kill a baby or let the man pay for it.

The right to work less hours and still complain that they are not paid the same

Men have

The right to remain silent or its mansplaining.

EconomicsofSex, /r/incels 10 Comments [2/3/2017 3:46:35 PM]
Fundie Index: 7
Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep
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Quote# 120026

WATCHING PORN IS DANGEROUS it is Witchcraft you are performing SEX MAGICK with Demons

Pornography is Witchcraft

In our current world pornography is used by witches and sorcerers to bind souls to the kingdom of darkness; hence, pornography is witchcraft and sorcery.

Of course not all involved in the porn industry production are witches and sorcerers, some humans do it because it gives them joy and easy money. Not every female model in porn is a witch, though there are many witches there, rather a big percentage do it for money and as a way for income. Whores, who sell the use of their bodies for money, are also a big part of the female porn models specially by doing porn they earn a lot more money than from prostituting themselves to individuals.

Often a witch female when she does porn (besides doing a service to her master Satan, the evil one) she is after fans to admire her and she is after gathering followers since she considers those hooked to her as belonging to her, their souls, their spirits belonging to her.

Obviously, she writes, there is a spiritual force that the Bible is warning us about. It causes us to take leave of our senses. Witchcraft releases strong confusion against our minds so that Jesus is not the clear focus of our lives. Once that happens, we are more vulnerable to the vain imaginations the enemy whispers to our souls. We have a responsibility to know about this spiritual wickedness and guard ourselves against it. With that said, she writes, here are eight signs you are under a witchcraft attack:

1. Confusion
2. Trouble paying attention
3. Wanting to hide in your cave [she means cocoon yourself]
4. Forgetting who you really are
5. Discouraged, depressed and ready to quit
6. [Feeling of being] Angry and frustrated
7. Sickness, aches and pains
8. Just plain worn out.

Anonymous Coward, Godlike Productions 30 Comments [6/23/2016 3:01:44 AM]
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Quote# 124203

The apostate wicked pastors and churches today (including many independents Baptists) who use the King James Bible plus some other modern revision are combining corruptible seed with incorruptible, and are just as guilty as Monsanto's seed war against organic farmers. Shocking Monsanto Documentary (1:05 hour film; the horrifying assault against all farmers). When Monsanto's seeds are carried by the wind onto neighbouring farms, the government authorities shut down that local farm, claiming proprietary rights to the seeds on the farmer's land, even though Monsanto were the ungodly villains who contaminated that local farmer's land in the first place. Hell will be hot!

And don't think for one second that these wicked pastors today, who are at ease on Zion with their cushy pastoral salary and frequent trips to manmade Israel, won't suffer the wrath of God on Judgment Day. Such pastors are doing the same evil thing as the Monsanto corporation, combining corruptible seed with incorruptible. Such pastors have lost their crown for being unfaithful, and I fear many are hellbound in their errant ideas of false repentance (which is what the Alexandrian Bible corruptions propagate). No church, evangelist, Bible college or pastor, truly loves God who supports corruptible seed (i.e., the Alexandrian Bible revisions).

Our nation is spiritually dying for pastors who once again have a backbone, genuine men of God, who relentlessly stand for THE TRUTH and preach uncompromisingly against evil, all evil. A pastor should be a balanced individual, possessing both strength and beauty. He should preach both grace (God's mercy) and law (God's judgment). The pastorate is not a profession, it is a holy calling! Young people today are entering into the ministry with the wrong mindset that it is a good profession to make a comfortable living. They should all be fired! YOU'RE FIRED!!! A pastor ought to be a man who walks with God, and a zealous preacher who says it like it is. Instead, we've got a bunch of henpecked pastors in America's pulpits today, spineless cowards, jellyfish who lack substance, saying much without really saying anything. They are serving the Devil in the churches.

David J. Stewart, Jesus is Precious 15 Comments [2/3/2017 1:36:20 PM]
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Quote# 51834

1. Barrack Obama cheated in order to win.


3. Fuck the stupid Europeans who interfered with the US elections.

4. Those who voted for Obama are stupid and/or mentally ill.

There, I said it.

Skyfire, livejournal 55 Comments [11/8/2008 6:36:58 PM]
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Quote# 124172

Feminism is a series of movements that address supposed issues of discrimination or inequality affecting women. According to Heartiste, "The goal of feminism is to remove all constraints on female sexuality while maximally restricting male sexuality."[1]

Modern feminism typically takes the form of far-left identity politics, focusing on frivolous issues while ignoring areas in which men are likewise affected; many may also favor forms of affirmative action (reverse discrimination) designed to achieve equality of outcome.

Feminists may adhere to the view that gender is only a social construct which has been used to oppress women, and may object to any notion of differences or inequality between men and women (such as differences in physical strength) even when the claims are backed up by scientific evidence.

Likewise many modern feminists may be comfortable with traditional notions of chivalry when it benefits them. Such as women being exempt from the selective service despite now being allowed to serve in combat, or divorce and child support laws which favor women (having their roots in more "chivalrous" times in which men were considered the primary provider, and therefore the primary financially responsible individual).

According to Roosh, "Because of feminist attempts to brainwash the masses, you may think that sluts only exist in the Western world, that only they are 'empowered' enough to fuck around. My dick is laughing at that premise. You don’t need feminism to have a healthy sex life with a lot of women."[2]

Article "Feminism", Kings Wiki 14 Comments [2/2/2017 3:47:23 PM]
Fundie Index: 6
Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep
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Quote# 6733

A constitutional ammendment banning gay marriage is the only real way to curb this problem. Unfortunately, I kindof doubt if it will pass. It's too late to do anything about interracial marriages, interclass marriages, or non-arranged marriages, but if we invoke the constitutional process, perhaps we can prevent the marriage institution from degenerating further.

Sambo83, BlizzForums 11 Comments [4/1/2004 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 4123

There is only one deity and that is God. And hopefully when you see Him, it will be right before He smites you. Ignorant Ass. Why don't ya just head down to your local trailor park and get smashed and think of some more stupid f{---}ing questions.

Wings Of Azrael, Totse.com community 5 Comments [9/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 3534

I can not think of anything more indecent than the homosexual lifestyle. It is a perversion that causes child molestation. Just look at all the priests that the news was saying molested childeren.

JEREMY O'ROURKE, Christian Forums 26 Comments [8/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 46806

"A true Christian cannot vote for a Democrat. Plain and simple. Anyone who does is a liar and a deceiver and serving Satan. Anyone of any party who supports the gay lifestyle or abortion needs to open their Bibles and see what the Holy Spirit tells them of their deceit."

Unknown, OneNewsNow 43 Comments [9/6/2008 4:25:57 PM]
Fundie Index: 5
Submitted By: RaptorJesus15
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Quote# 124091

Al Qaeda, Isis and other jihadi groups are thrilled with US President Donald Trump’s executive order on immigration targeting Muslim countries, describing it as proof that the US is at war with Islam.

The new legislation signed by Mr Trump on Friday temporarily suspends the US’ refugee programme and bans citizens of seven predominantly Muslim countries (Iran, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen) from entering the country on the grounds of national security.

Isis-friendly channels on the Telegram messaging service described the ban as “blessed”, echoing how the US 2003 invasion of Iraq was called a “blessed invasion” for reinvigorating anti-US sentiment in the region.

One user greeted the news of the “Muslim ban” as “the best caller to Islam”, hoping it will draw Muslim Americans to their cause.

Several posts suggested that the prediction of Anwar al-Awlaki – a US-born al Qaeda leader killed in Yemen in 2011 – that “the West would eventually turn against its Muslim citizens” was coming true.

Confusion reigned at border control over the weekend over whether green card holders and those with legal work or study visas should be sent back from the US or allowed to re-enter if currently overseas.

“[The ban] plays into this clash of civilisations idea, which is something that global jihadis need as fuel, to claim Americans are against them, that the West is against them,” Dr Renad Mansour, a fellow from the Middle East and North Africa Programme at Chatham House, told The Independent. “Trump is seen to be validating what they already claimed was happening.”

Islamists, The Independent 42 Comments [1/31/2017 2:37:53 PM]
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Quote# 124174

American women typically have little to recommend them in as companions due to their unattractive appearance—including short hair—and their bizarre, unnatural attitudes.[1][2] They make poor wives due to their tendency to treat their husbands with disrespect, cheat on them, deprive them of sex, accuse them of abuse because of minor transgressions in word or deed, and ultimately leave them. As a result, their only remaining utility is for busting a nut.[3]

Most American women cannot compete with Latinas[4], Ukrainians[5][6], or really anyone else at all[7][8] except perhaps women from New Zealand[9].

Causes of Disfunction

Michael Sebastian identified five environmental factors that have ruined American women: Disney princesses, girl power culture, unrealistic expectations, feminist media, and a lack of parenting—all of which derive from cultural Marxism.[10]

Louis Stuart has also identified white knights as key enablers for delusional and dysfunctional American women.[11]

Article "American women", Kings Wiki 21 Comments [2/2/2017 3:47:39 PM]
Fundie Index: 8
Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep
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Quote# 117282

Again, not trying to bait, but that's what we're seeing now. The Liberals are trying to reshape this country into something it's not, while you have candidates like Trump struggling to keep us to our values.

Supporting Trump is looked down upon by the mainstream media, kinda like supporting the Rebels in the Star Wars universe.

Anonymous, Tumblr 50 Comments [3/6/2016 9:02:23 AM]
Fundie Index: 15
Submitted By: Ivurm
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Quote# 124140

I can see however why the ‘ephebophile’ community hate Trump. An obviously normal heterosexual (alpha) male who has publicly admitted that 13 year old girls can be hot. I guess it takes away your sense of identity. ??

theantifeminist, Resisting the Rape of the Male – Sex Positive Men's Rights 16 Comments [2/1/2017 1:21:06 PM]
Fundie Index: 8
Submitted By: Xavier
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Quote# 3732

Not so BHiles. It says the flood was very far above ALL the mountains. Not impossible.

antsinmypants, Rapture Ready 5 Comments [8/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 124158

(responding to story "Trump Administration to Keep Intact Obama Order on Homosexual, Transgender Protections"):

If someone is mentally unstable, would you hire them?

"No, but what does that have to do with homosexuals?"

No you wouldn't but other's are supposed to? Yes, gays and the gender confused are mentally unstable - hypocrisy at it's finest.

"And can you find one, single, solitary medical opinion that agrees with you? No, of course you can't. Clearly you're as into "alternative facts" as your new president is."

Common sense is on my side despite the feel-good lies of the hypocritical left.

Oboehner, Christian News Network 18 Comments [2/1/2017 9:06:32 PM]
Fundie Index: 10
Submitted By: Jocasta
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