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Quote# 138875

The indictment of these "Russian spies" is bullshit.

It's already been shown, months ago, that the DNC computers (and various voting machines) had been accessed by other domestic computers. There's no evidence included in the indictment other than what Meuller says they found, and there's nothing showing that they "hacked" or "manipulated" our elections in any way.

Does anyone here think that "The Russians" would even be capable of this without the NSA/CIA knowing at the time? They have more covert cyber capability than our own agencies?

It's also been shown that our own three-letter agencies and those of another shitty little Mid-East country can easily mimic an originating hack or email or whatever as being from another country, as if that would even be necessary in this "because we say so" indictment. A nice bonus is that now the Russians can be blamed for Seth Rich. Yeah, they really wanted him gone, with all his efforts on voting accessibility, LO fuckin L.

Anything that comes out of the MSM that makes Russia an enemy can be called into question, because Putin/Russia have never come out to call the U.S. an "enemy" – other than to mention how fucked-up our foreign policy is. It's that simple.The fact that Wolf Blitzer got John Podesta on the phone to comment is fucking in-your-face absurd.

It's also nice cover for Imran Awan, DWS, the Clintons and everyone else who have guilt written all over them and have been screaming "RUSSIA" for months.

Edit: The three components for finding guilt in any crime are means, motive and opportunity. I think all three are in question here, but especially "motive" for the Russians, when they can just sit back and watch us fuck ourselves domestically. They've already shown a low tolerance for anything within 100 miles of their borders, which is more than we can say.

MrMarmot, r/conspiracy 6 Comments [7/14/2018 12:50:05 PM]
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Quote# 138920

The British torched the Whited House, the Canadians were used to trap, cook and fuck. They were the slaves of the British Forces. Canada. You are fucking nothing, stop trying to say you burned down the White house.

The Brits set it a torch. The Canadians where used as sex slaves for the British soldiers, I'am dead serious. Learn history Canada.

Anonymous Coward, Godlike Productions 4 Comments [7/16/2018 12:54:39 PM]
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Quote# 138925


Dan, Youtube 7 Comments [7/16/2018 12:58:35 PM]
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Submitted By: hydrolythe

Quote# 138773

We live in a large insane asylum today in America. I read an article yesterday about why trauma doctors are committing suicide, overwhelmed by the things they seeing. One child was shot in the head because her mother was a crack addict and didn't pay what she owed to the drug dealers. You can thank Uncle Sam for the drugs! There has never been a legitimate War On Drugs in America. That scam was started during the daddy Bush administration, who was head of the CIA for decades (i.e., the secret police of Wall Street). Anyway, I read a few years ago about police officers committing suicide. And lately many teenagers have been committing suicide across America. All I hear from foolish people is that we need to “raise awareness” to the problem, but that is NOT the solution. We need the inspired Word of God put back into children's daily lives in the school system. We need the King James Bible!!! Furthermore, we need to get rid of the public school system entirely, and stop letting the government indoctrinate our children with the satanic New World Order! It will never happen in this world, not until the Lord Jesus Christ returns, puts the wicked into Hell, and He takes charge (and He will). Suicide is on the rise because our entire American society is run amuck with wickedness, lack of faith in God and humanism!

I catch the daily news once in a while on my computer, as I did yesterday. I stopped watching TV a long time ago. I do not keep up with the latest lies from the mainstream newsmedia. It is an insult to my limited God-given intelligence. I don't allow the presstitutes to brainwash me with misinformation and lies. I really couldn't care less about anything they have to say, and if everyone followed my lead, the manure-spreading newsmedia would go out of business overnight! I hate the evil newsmedia, which is controlled by the Luciferian elite behind the subversion of America. Don't ever forget that the Washington Monument represents the true Masonic power behind America today, a giant erect male phallus 666 feet tall and 666 inches wide. You couldn't make this stuff up, it is so bizarre! Our entire government, intelligence agencies, police, military, court system, colleges, churches and nearly every facet of American and European society today is controlled by the Illuminati at the highest levels.

I read yesterday that Ozzy Osborne's wife, Sharon, is promoting the Episcopalian church. I immediately confirmed my suspicions that the minister she is promoting is pro LGBT, another satanic homosexuality-promoting pastor! It just proves the true saying: As the church becomes more worldly, so also does the world become more churchy! I am utterly disgusted over neo-evangelical Baptist churches today! I am talking about over half of the so-called independent Baptist churches across America today!!! They promote counterfeit Bible versions. They promote the heresy of turning from sins to be saved. They promoting the heresy of Lordship Salvation. They support other wicked churches, bidding Godspeed to shameful neo-evangelicals. God is disgusted too! (Revelation 3:15-16).

Everywhere we turn nowadays, we are seeing insanity around us! I saw Joel Osteen being interviewed by Fax News. The interviewer suggested that Americans purchase Joel's book on prayer, so they could pray down a good job from God. What mockery! I heard another news report some time ago, where the media attributed the economic downturn to the increasing costs of insurance and oil. What lies! The truth is that elite Globalists have cut American's throats, bribing and blackmailing congress, who have sold us out! Literally tens of millions of high-paying manufacturing jobs in the United States have been lost to cheap foreign labor. That why the economy is failing, there are no decent jobs left. And the ones that do remain are being taken by tens of millions of illegal immigrants. America is intentionally being destroyed from within. Remember that giant erect male phallus down the street from the White House! Freemasons are a bunch of phallus-worshipping Luciferians!

David J. Stewart, Jesus is Savior 6 Comments [7/11/2018 11:14:29 AM]
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Quote# 138930

I will admit that I don’t really know because it is a part of secret societies.

Lucifer comes from Latin for “light bearer” while no other Biblical names come from Roman tradition, except perhaps Punches Pilot. (Pontius Pilate).

From what I have heard or seen on the internet, Luciferianism is the primary belief system of secret societies.

For example, until one reaches the level of 33rd degree mason, all of the rituals involve the god of Abraham. At the 33 level (as has been described), one learns that Satan is actually the real god of the universe.

For example, to become an initiate and member of Skull & Bones, one must be sodomized in a coffin.

According to Luciferians, the angry god of the Old Testament, portrayed in stories taken directly from Sumerian history, can’t really be “god.”

So instead they think that the satan snake in the garden actually created everything, instead of god intentionally creating that snake which is a contradiction to the story of Biblical creation. (Nevertheless the serpent is a character in all major religions before Judeo-Christianity, and not described as the epitome of evil.

In actuality

From what information is going around, Luciferians include members of Congress or even the executive branch. They believe that consuming the blood of children will help them live longer and so there are stories of massive pedophile rings like Pizzagate in DC, or of prepubescent children jumping out of the Buckingham Palace, naked, fleeing for their lives.

Whether it is just placebo effect or truly life-extending to participate in pedophile rings and the murder of missing children, Kissinger and the Queen have been around for way too long.

Denizen, Quora 2 Comments [7/17/2018 6:29:59 AM]
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Submitted By: Denizen

Quote# 138874

Television is saturated with insane commercials that show a person happy and smiling if they take a certain drug, but then the company lists all the dangerous risks of taking the drug. Such commercials are disturbing to say the least. It's almost like they're mocking the stupidity of the American public. I'm a firm believer in natural remedies where they are available.

So be careful about blindly trusting your doctor(s). Read up on the drug you're about to take. Ask questions, especially if you're being given a half-dozen prescriptions at the same time like I was. The human body can only take so much abuse. I assumed that my doctor knew what he was doing, but obviously he didn't, because the pharmacy had to issue warnings about the serious drug interactions that I would very likely encounter. That's just insane in my opinion!

You cannot poison your body into health with drugs, chemo or radiation. The homeopathic approach treats the whole body, ignites the body's internal healing force and stimulates the body's natural abilities to heal itself. Health can only be achieved with healthful living.

Watch Free B17 Cancer VIDEO Now

David J. Stewart, Jesus is Savior 9 Comments [7/14/2018 12:47:37 PM]
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Quote# 138799

I am 64 years old. That's more than old enough to remember how weather used to be back, say, 40-50 years ago. EVERYTHING about our weather now feels "synthetic". Nothing that happens with the weather, no matter where in the country I am, feels right. Yet, this evolution has been just gradual enough to have succeeded in hoodwinking a gigantic segment of the American people into thinking what we all experience now is the "new normal". And for the younger folks they've never known the weather as people my age and older have. This is not a boast of any kind. It's just a fact, that's all.

As a kid and teenager I always marveled at the weather. Storms in particular used to astound me. Thunder, lightning, torrential rains, the unbelievable smell of the air after a walloping Midwestern thunderstorm. The way thunder used to sound had a range of tonalities I haven't heard in almost 20 years or more. The onset, the crack, the duration, the lingering rumble. Lightning and thunder are relatively rare here in Arizona, as it was becoming back in Missouri when I moved away from there. Storm fronts in Missouri used to be quite spectacular…..everything was different, everything FELT different.

The sun… well…..all I can say is: if most people CAN'T SEE that the appearance of our sun, AND the feel of it's rays has profoundly changed in only a decade or so, then the grip of distraction and stupidity is greater than I thought possible. Again…everything looks and feels different: clouds, storms, the white sun, the UV, even relative humidity can engage in wild swings one way or the other. It truly, truly feels like some diabolical entity is intentionally terra-forming our entire, once breathtakingly magnificent planet into a kind of dead zone. And indeed, we have all come to find out that this is terrifyingly close to the truth of the matter. And yes, I accept responsibility for my own role in contributing to my carbon footprint BUT, I will not accept responsibility for the deplorable, irresponsible criminality of countless corporations whose lust for profits has trampled all other considerations, including sustainability, environmental health, worker's rights, etc. And for the deep surveillance-state goons who have systematically crushed any private, non-corporate technological innovations that might have stood a chance of threatening the supremacy of oil, nuclear and coal, including the withholding of free-energy technology (which absolutely does exist) I pose this question: After the collapse, which you yourselves played a key role in bringing on, will you finally accept responsibility for what you've done before you die? Whether or not Chief Seattle really did say the following words may be of secondary importance. But they are of supreme relevance here. "Man did not weave this web of life. He is merely a strand in it. Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself." Cliched? Yes. But wise, nonetheless? Yes.

marc, Geoengineering Watch 4 Comments [7/12/2018 2:52:20 PM]
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Quote# 138848

I'm in agreement that the "queering" of the Church is coordinated but disagree with Fr. Z's thesis that this is the work of out-of-control underlings who are running this stuff by a preoccupied and too-busy-to-notice Pope.

I believe that Francis has deliberately let these folks off the leash and given them the green light to push the sodomite agenda. In his usual way, he stays somewhat aloof in order to maintain plausible deniability, but his frequent rants about "rigid" Catholics are an effort to clear the field for the sodomites. He's running interference for them.

marshmallow, Free Republic 1 Comments [7/13/2018 1:53:46 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 138776

Dear Mr. President,

As you said very clearly, the United States is bogged down in a costly quagmire in the Middle East, engaged in covert military operations in countries where there is no real U.S. interest. We have gained nothing from 17 years of war in which untold thousands have been killed or maimed and entire nations have been devastated. Our Middle East policy is disastrous and must be changed. If we don't change our policy we can only expect more of the same – millions more refugees, thousands more dead, trillions more wasted.

In order to correct our policy we need to understand who got us into this mess in the first place. The 9/11 event as a false flag operation and the War on Terror campaign were both conceived by Israeli military intelligence in the 1970s under the leadership of Menachem Begin, the self-proclaimed "Father of Terrorism" and founder of the Likud party who became prime minister in 1977. War on Terror doctrine was rolled out in July 1979 at a Netanyahu Institute conference in Jerusalem. The Israeli trick was to get the U.S. military to neutralize and fragment its enemies, most notably Iraq and Syria, under the pretext of fighting terrorism. Since 1979, this devious plan has been openly promoted by Benjamin Netanyahu. On 9/11, War on Terror proponent Netanyahu told the New York Times that the terror atrocity was "very good" for U.S.-Israeli relations.

Christopher Bollyn, American Herald Tribune 2 Comments [7/11/2018 11:18:41 AM]
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Quote# 138774

Do weather forecasters have access to Chemtrail spraying schedules?

If not, how can they possibly predict the 'weather'?

There are days of clear blue skies (no spraying and no chemtrail planes, just the passenger jet airliners) which have indeed been forecast and reported on the previous days weather forecast.

So do the forecasters have access to the fake cloud schedules in order to report the extent of cloudiness or clear skies?

Anonymous Coward, Godlike Productions 4 Comments [7/11/2018 11:18:20 AM]
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Quote# 138745

Theresa May is having a Cabinet meeting today. Today's main news headlines are ALL about another " Russian Poisoning". Deflection Management again ! It's all "smoke and mirrors" at EXACTLY THE RIGHT TIME ! Coincidence perhaps ??????

Mr William Paterson , Twitter 4 Comments [7/10/2018 10:37:32 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 138736

Autism Conspiracy

We know that the powers at be want to significantly reduce the population, and that’s not hard to see.

Between these manufactured wars, fluoride in our water, all these chemicals in our food, the shit they spray in skies, the propagating of abortion, the embracing of neuterizing yourself with transgenderism, squashing natural cures from everything between the flu to freaking cancer, the bullshit in vaccines, and more...

They clearly want to cull us.

A smaller population is a much more manageable population, and it is then easier to control/implement their end goal of a one world government.


And no, I don’t mean the “quirky” high functioning Aspergers. I mean the disabling shit in diapers bashing your mothers head into the wall kind of autism, the severe kind.

The rates are always measured based off current 8 year olds. So when they say it will be 1 in 2 by 2025, that is of kids being born RIGHT NOW. Or how about the fact by 2050 it will be 9 out of 10?

And tell me...are they going to be actually caring for all of these kids with government funding? Why are these kids entered into registries upon diagnosis? What’s the plan here guys?

Let’s just say I think there is a reason they are trying to amp us up so much on being pro abortion and now pushing pro voluntary human euthanasia. If right now the push is to let us make these decisions...maybe the government will be making it for us when it’s 9 out of 10.

Keep in mind the Georgia guidestones call for 500M population, that is a 90 percent reduction (hmmm like 9 out of 10 with autism)

And I don’t want to hear any bitching here about my being insensitive to autism. I have Aspergers and I have an autistic toddler.

I am forced to pay attention to it and all of you should be paying attention too.

Edit: don’t get me started on there is no cure bullshit. Autism is bodies thrown out of balance from toxic chemical exposure over generations and nutritional deficiency. Google recovery stories, when you get your kid into balance it’s quite uncanny how the diagnosis begins to disappear...but the powers at be can’t have that so they harp on “no cure”.

Lolawola, r/conspiracy 3 Comments [7/10/2018 10:01:27 AM]
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Quote# 138704

Re: is the Thailand Cave thing a false Flag??

I'm going with it's a fake story, involving a fake death, to promote a 'real' corporation, which has fake merits.
Quoting: Anonymous Coward 12089920

Exactly. Fake death of a supposed SEAL team member.
If you are going to fake that it's in for a penny, in for a pound and zero credibility all around!

I think since it's a world story that the media is pushing as a "human interest" story with word association of soccer coinciding with the World Cup that these kids were surprisingly not interested in watching apparently to allegedly take a nearly three mile walk down into a hole in the ground that would require another near 3 mile walk back or maybe longer since I have not heard where they were supposedly going or stopping at.

That is a LONG trek to be making after giving your all at a practice or game or whatever reason these guys were together.

It could be related to a World event or a distraction from a world event about to take place with everybody looking elsewhere.

Anonymous Coward, Godlike Productions 2 Comments [7/9/2018 11:44:14 PM]
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Quote# 138744

(He's referring to the death of Dawn Sturgess by nerve agent poisoning)

It is more sad that you and British news media blame Russia for something not proved to be. This looks to me as old way when Natives in America were massacred by british settlers in biggest genocide in history of mankind. Blame others to steal and plunder. But Russia has nukes

Milan bozalo, Twitter 2 Comments [7/10/2018 10:37:23 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 138701

Thailand cave soccer boys is an Illuminati ritual for the World Cup.

Because this site is taken over by the trump idiocracy, and ACTUAL conspiracies are a thing of the past, nobody is talking about the obvious ritual in Thailand.

They got "found" after 9 days.

Although it's 12 boys plus the coach, a soccer team is made of 11 players.


Still, 13 in the cave, another occult number.

Gateshitter, Godlike Productions 3 Comments [7/9/2018 11:43:58 PM]
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Quote# 138440

Hollywood has nothing that we need as Christians, nothing that God approves of, nothing that leads men to Jesus Christ. Instead, Hollywood leads the masses into brainwashing propaganda, sinful agendas that destroy families, and a New World Order.

MANY movie covers have only ONE EYE, i.e., the Egyptian All-Seeing-Eye! AVATAR is one example... CONGO, PREDATOR, THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL. This is an occult gesture, representing the Egyptian Eye Of Horus, symbolism the coming Antichrist. Why are Luciferians taunting the All Seeing Eye and The Great Pyramid in front of our faces? The answer is found in Alice Bailey's book titled, The Externalisation Of The Hierarchy. Anytime you see these occult symbols displayed by a company, church or whatever, you know they are supportive of the New World Order (and they may not even realize it).

David J. Stewart, Jesus is Savior 4 Comments [7/8/2018 8:07:00 AM]
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Quote# 138260

Tesco oiks have been hand in hand with the establishment for decades. I agree. They had been planning all along in case the lost the referendum. The lost and the economy actually held and business has improved in many areas. And there are countries waiting to deal with the UK. But the UK establishment has been undermining its own economy in order to blame Brexit. I also notice these are ending the gold colour currency coins and leaving us with the coins that like the worthless fake money called euros. What a coincidence and wonder what is behind it? It was widely known that referendum was for the public to have the final say on EU membership. It was explained that we would leave completely if we voted to leave.

We voted to leave. We could have been out by now in all areas with no sell outs. But the lab/lb/icon suddenly asked to put in thousands of clauses to be included. When the EU rules and the EU did not then even ask for any. Now the MPs and lords think they have the right to sabotage and betray the will of the majority and our majority mandate to leave the EU entirely in all areas and permanently. They betrayal makes it clear they have declared themselves enemies of democracy and set themselves against the majority will of the people. Now the 17.4 million majority who won Betwixt must steel themselves again for the fight and vote UKIP at the next election.

Remember after the referendum UKIP had to deal with certain organised infiltrators, which it has done. And has also has to deal with since the Brexit referendum with what amounts to and establishment and media blackout. I will certainly vote for them. It is no good giving the vote to lab/lib/con traitors or even not voting because if we do no vote that is pointless gesture which the lab/lib/con would welcome.. UKIP are the true opposition to the Brexit betrayal and all that encompasses. It's new lead ere one of its founders.

Byrtnoth, Anglo-Saxon Foundation  1 Comments [7/6/2018 9:08:03 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 138508

America's either controlled by Korean/Latino or made secret music deals with them. There's no way that these absurd Latino hip hop videos and Korean music call K-pop can dominate the western world like this without a helping hand. Where's Bollywood music getting a billion views or winning the billboard award ? There's a billion people in India alone and you're there be these countries barely a hundred million and yet have around 3-4 billion youtube views ??? It's not like they are singing in English... they are singing in Spanish and Korean.

Nearly 100 youtube videos with billion views and not one of them is from India. Why are Latinos music so dominant ? What's so special about Latino music ? most of them are always songs about how women dancing in the slumps and clubs. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_o...YouTube_videos Despacito" 4.66 billion views, "Bailando" 2.45 billion views., Shantaje 2.05 billion views

Gangnam style is Korean. It was the first video to reach billion views and over 10 million likes. It also has 3 billion views ????? BTS a Korean boyband win the 2017 America's billboard award, their videos also have 200-300 million views in a month. Lol ask yourself why not Japanese ? There's so many anime or video game songs from PlayStation 3 and 4, so why ain't one of them as popular ?

ButlerKing, The Apricity 2 Comments [7/1/2018 12:01:47 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 138647

Mental time travel?

A long time ago, on a friday night to be exactly, I was trying to sleep thinking about the next day because I was going to do something really fun that saturday. What happened then was really strange: I closed my eyes, opened them after a second and suddenly my room was fully lit because the sun had already come up. It was really weird, and I have never experienced it again, but I just skipped 10 hours in a second without feeling like I'd been sleeping in between, nor being tired that day.

sv9412, r/GlitchInTheMatrix 7 Comments [7/8/2018 8:11:38 AM]
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Quote# 138382

Is there an agenda with the recent rise of incest porn? Why are all of these adult sites suddenly trying to brainwash men into wanting their own family members? Why has there been a boom in this nasty content in the past two years? Even Game of Thrones has it on full display, "look at how sexy this is, yes, look at it, think of how hot this would be in real life".

I've been researching porn sites and learned about how every major porn site is controlled by an influencing company called MindGeek. They've already been trying to encourage pedophilia for the last decade with the "legal teen" shit, but what is their end goal? Why are they trying to destroy healthy human sexuality?

QueenOvBrokenHearts, r/GenderCritical 2 Comments [7/8/2018 8:03:04 AM]
Fundie Index: 2
Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 138563

We used to have to work and mine gold which costs a lot of money until people excepted it as a medium of exchange. It called Proof of work (POW). Bitcoin is decentralized and bringing back the PoW standard.

Centralized banking has such a monopoly, they gave up the POW standard (Gold back dollars).

No more. This generation has the highest IQ in history due to having a supercomputer in their hands and any question answered in a minute. No more fake recessions, or wars for the sake of elections.

Humans are evolving exponentially and the 1% centralized banking trick is dead. Don’t invest in those stocks. Short them and you can make a killing. We made a few test shorts of bank linked stocks and bought bitcoin with the proceeds. We are going to short them massively. JP Morgan insiders said through darknet chat rooms that they are all invested in bitcoin and have to use Tor to communicate cause Jamie diamond threatened them if they supported crypto. They are pissed cause his daughter and family own crypto but he won’t let them.

Short all banking. You can’t lose. It’s finally a dying industry. No 8-10 year old who isn’t allowed to open a bank account, is going to switch from bitcoin to banking’s inefficiency. A simple app they used their e tire life to a complicate banking system that tells them they can can’t spend money they earned freely on products they want. Makes no sense and these kids will be the smartest generation the world has ever seen. Banks are in fear and should be. The clock is ticking. A lot of people in the banking system are using Tor to communicate to short JP and buy more crypto. The baby boomers are dying off, the millennials are building the future and kids under 10 today are using this technology.

It’s the way of evolution. But banks will fight bank so it’s going to have to be revolution.

KalEll66, /r/Bitcoin 8 Comments [7/4/2018 4:14:28 AM]
Fundie Index: 1
Submitted By: zipperback

Quote# 138666

These lesbisans are finally finding out that the “LGBT” movement was never actually about helping Lesbians or Gays, it was always a Marxist movement in disguise with the goal of destroying coventional morality and social order.

Now that the movemetn have found the T’s as the latest most effective means of attacking the social order. The lesbians have been tossed aside.

Here is how it’s going to go. First it was destroying the distinction between heterosexual sex and homosexual sex (love is love). Now it’s destroying the distinction between male and female (the trans movement). Next up is destroying the distinction between adult and children (NAMBLA is next). Finally it will be destroying the distinction between human and animals.

Truthsearcher, Free Republic 1 Comments [7/7/2018 4:14:29 PM]
Fundie Index: 4
Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 138535

Something horrific dawned on me. So, lesbians play roles that say fuck you to men. Nothing drives a man crazier with desire than a very feminine woman. Vulnerable, dainty, soft, pretty...makes them feel even worshipful. Diana the princess had this effect...effects are not power, though men think they are...So they want to control the women who make them feel awed. Femmes do this....And then give it to the most hated woman...she who looks like a man.

Now look. Butches are being eliminated. Pressured to cut off their breasts and sew up their vaginas...take hormones and grow beards...even get fake dicks. Destroy their healthy FEMALE bodies...render them sterile. (That came out "gender them sterile"). So then the men can say to the femme:" you can't have sex with HIM. HE is now a male....And you are a lesbian. Here I am: a REAL butch lesbian." Just consider the madness. Real women are becoming men...on the say so of actual men...And their aunt Lydias. While real men are becoming butches.

They are eliminating the real butches and stepping up to take their place...And any femme who says transwoman are women hasn't got a leg to stand on. They have access now, the men. You have never seen girl on girl porn with a butch, have you? Or even clothing suggestive of sexual aggression, like red or black underwear. It's always white or beige, lacy, and the girls young, delicate, graceful, smiling. They want them...And now they have them...And from the peak trans thread there are already sexual assaults. "You don't mind I'm trans, do you? As the arm goes around and the dick begins to rub....

Screamofrage, r/GenderCritical 7 Comments [7/3/2018 1:56:07 PM]
Fundie Index: 3
Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 138604

How would you feel if you went to the anti-ICE rally today [July 2nd 2018] thinking it was about “keeping families together” but then you saw videos of the leaders of this movement literally raping infants? Would you still support this?
#Pizzagate #Pedogate #QAnon

I have a strange gift. I expose pedophiles. I could know nothing about you BUT, if you’re raping kids, I know! Not only am I NEVER wrong, I will make your life hell till you make it to Gitmo!

Liz Crokin, Twitter 4 Comments [7/6/2018 7:57:27 AM]
Fundie Index: 3
Submitted By: Citizen Justin

Quote# 138533

I think *all* of the Sexual Revolution projects for the past century, since the Mother of the Sexual Revolution, Margaret Sanger, have the same underlying theme. That theme is the destruction of natural sex on every level. And why would anybody want the destruction of natural sex? For the destruction of natural human procreation. They want to interdict humans, as a species, from procreation.

Mrs. Don-o, Free Republic 3 Comments [7/3/2018 1:56:00 PM]
Fundie Index: 1
Submitted By: Katie
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