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Quote# 130883

Why Men are superior than Females in every way

Equality is nothing but a distorted dream of humanity.

Since the beginning of time Males have always been superior; always have been in every culture on the planet.

Men are stronger, have a longer prime, faster and more durable. This is why we are physically more stronger, and dominate every sport known to man. No one gives a shit about femloids playing in sports. Why do they even exist?

Our hormones do not fluctuate frequently. We are more in control of our emotions. We think rationally and logically while femloids always get their emotions and feelings in the mix (this is why femloids should never run a country or hold any kind of leadership position). We are even more intelligent than femloids. Don't believe me? Albert Einstein, Sir Isaac Newton, Leonardo Da Vinci, Nikola Tesla, Galileo Galilei, Plato, Johannes Kepler, Nicolaus Copernicus, Aristotle, Charles Darwin and etc are all men.

Still don't believe me? Ever look at the Nobel Prize list of winners? Ever peruse through the doctoral dissertation section of the library at your university? Even the most perfunctory of investigations will show you the following: close to 95% of them are men. Why? Men are more intelligent than femloids.

The vast majority of wealthy people and people who succeeded are men. So much so that the feminists cunts directing our country, who got in solely by playing on men's emotions (which is what they always do. Even Christianity got that right), offer advantages to businesses owned by femloids.

Femloids always need special treatment, always need that little help. One might argue that femloids raise kids better. I beg to differ. Hitler was raised by a single mother, so are most psychotic sociopath serial killers.

Eventually, femloids will be completely unnecessary. The only two advantages that femloids have over men is their attractiveness to men early on in life (mostly thanks to fakeup), and the ability to continue the human species via pregnancy and childbirth.

Scientists have already created artificial sperm and eggs using stem cells, and they are already working on getting stem cells from skin. Eventually, women will have absolutely no reason to exist. They have lower intelligence, less (if any) ability to control their emotions, low physical strength and vitality.

When it comes to femloids in relationships; there's no shortage of femloids lying about rape and mutilating themselves to fake an assault case and get their husbands and boyfriends incarcerated. The reason they do this is because they're biologically programmed to seek attention; they're basically big children. They have never been able to accomplish anything outside of government.

When this technology finally comes along, femloids will finally be obsolete.

lookismisreal, /r/IncelReddit 6 Comments [8/23/2017 1:31:55 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

Quote# 130885

@(the submitter):
If women are only ever attracted to the most attractive tall guys...

... how can they simultaneously be supersluts sleeping with an immense number of these exceedingly rare men EACH?

Pornography does not accurately reflect real-life sexuality.

Chad's are not exceedingly rare. They are few in number but they are in most social gatherings

They are attracted to 7+ men. There is more than enough dick per man for 5 girls in one week. Men are thirsty and fuck anything everage or above. Leaving no girls for anything below 5/10 unless that person has status and is naturally good with people and scores points through that. He wont score as much as 8+ though.

Landwhales and lower normies have the high partner count because they sleep with normies. Lots of normies to go around.
They forget about Chad because they never ever get him.

ilieknothing, PurpleBarry and elliotrodger14, /r/IncelReddit 8 Comments [8/23/2017 1:32:14 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

Quote# 130873

Brutal BlackPill: 1 man likes 4 women while 4 women like 1 man

A man's lust for women will never be satisfied unless he is Chad. Even if he does get laid he will always be stressed about the possiblity of his gf/fuck buddy leaving him. He will always check out females and imagine what it would be like to fuck them. You just can't enjoy life as a sub 8 man.

Women, on the other hand, are only attracted to the top tier males. They would happily become part of Chad's harem than date 100 incels each. Chads, being men, like to fuck as many women as possible(a man's goal is to impregnate as many femoids as possilbe after all) so they happily do them a favor and give them dick. It's simple supply and demand. Women crave Chad's cock and the later is willing to provide it.

incelwarrior95, /r/incels 7 Comments [8/22/2017 10:51:17 AM]
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Quote# 130872

(comments on this article: Woman born without vagina raising money so she can have sex"


"“He doesn’t really focus on the sexual side of our relationship because we can’t do anything since I don’t have a vaginal opening,” she said." -from the article. WTF? She has three holes, so if one doesn't work, she can use the other two, that is a pretty weak excuse not to have sex, I am suprised her Chad bf sticks around with her, if she is such a prude.

Can't she live without sex? Sex is overrated, as we all know.

I wanna have sex, too. Send me money.

HOLY CRAP I bet the entire inceltears donated lol.

I hope she dies in surgery as well.

I hope she dies on the surgery table.

But why? Sex isn't everything!

Fucking LOL @ the cucks donating so she can fuck chad

i think thats the highest level of cuckery that can be reached? what could be more cucked out than creating her privlege and entitlement

Inceltears is donating as we speak.

Her boyfriend is male model tier...though she's fairly attractive herself.

I'm sure he has turned her anus into a roast beef sandwich.

her anus could be used as a submarine base at this point

Fund it!

God was acting like a misogynist!

why is she model tier?

Various incels, /r/incels 5 Comments [8/22/2017 10:51:13 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

Quote# 130875

"My boyfriend has all the flaws you listed in terms of being unattractive and I still love him"

Sure you do roastie. Let's be honest. If your boyfriend had down tilted eyes, high hairline, crappy beard genetics where you can't even get fucking stubble, too much upper eyelid exposure, beta puppy eyes like blackops2cel, narrow jaw, no chin, framecel, manlet (<5'8), skincel, overbite, and other unattractive features the only reason you are with him is because you went through your whore phase, and just want to settle down.

You KNOW that disgusting subhuman won't be able to cheat on you ever, and you know you will never be physically attracted to him and you have to constantly fake your orgasms, or forcing your boyfriend to turn off the lights in sex so you can fantasize that it is Chad fucking the shit out of you.

Just a reminder where we talk about ugly features and some stupid bitch comes in here saying how her boyfriend has some of those features, and it didn't stop him from getting her just a reminder that she's full of shit, and does NOT find him physically attractive. EVER. And if she could cheat on him she would. She just needs a beta supporter.

I rather be incel than a beta cuck supporter anyday.

anincelforlifelol, /r/incels 9 Comments [8/22/2017 10:51:39 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

Quote# 130786

Why Does Society Care So Much About Female Consent?

In no other species does the concept of female consent for sex, even exist. It does not make much sense from an evolutionary perspective either since for a sub 7 male it is easier to spread his genetics forcefully than to try and attract a female. So how did this concept of female choice and female consent evolve, in human beings? Why do we prioritize it so much that society believes some men should die virgins rather than violate sexual consent laws?

universallyabhorred, /r/IncelReddit 14 Comments [8/20/2017 6:46:47 AM]
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Quote# 130835

Today a woman* touched my hand

I punched her so hard that some of her teeth came out. I bet makeup can't fix that

MarriedAndLookin4Fun, /r/IncelReddit 16 Comments [8/21/2017 10:34:54 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

Oedipus Complex Award

Quote# 130809

Finally had enough made an account to come here and confirm even our own mothers are roasties

My mom and dad just got a divorce last month. I went to dinner with my mom and all through out dinner she keeps asking me when I'm going to get a girlfriend. Ignore and push on through dinner, when the waiter shows up and tells my mom that a gentleman at the bar has bought her a drink. My mom waves, and with in 10 minutes she's at the bar with this fucking Chad. 10 minutes after that I get a text saying she's going home with him. Let's face it guys even our moms are roasties ditching us cels to go home and fuck Chads

I am going to need pics srs.

Picture this, your mom is probably on her back spread eagle. Chadthundercock is making her cum all over your dads bed...his semen is all up in them guts and who knows maybe he will finish on her face...the next time you see your mom imagine all the semen that has been on her and inside her...she's going to take everything your dad has....

Jesus you're a real cuck


oh. my. god.

only somebody mentally sick would care about their mother's sex life enough to get as upset as you are. you shouldn't sexualise your mother like this. why do you care who she sleeps with? are YOU attracted to her? disgusting incels.

^ this is today's normie argument. get it while it's hot.

Son arranges a family dinner to keep his divorced mother in good spirits and catch up with her. A random man getting drunk at the bar sends a trashy sexual invitation to her while she's eating dinner with her son and she decides to leave halfway through the dinner to have sex with this man.

"Wow, she's just having fun. Why are you being so judgemental?"
Incels are lonely and upset and needing to vent. They create an obscure subreddit where their emotional venting won't bother other people and they use it to share their feelings

"Wow, and you wonder why women aren't interested in you. Sorry, I just don't feel any sympathy when these guys commit suicide"

Holy fuck. This is what women talk about on that datingoverthirty sub. They leave or divorce their partners/husbands because those guys aren't physically attractive and because of that there was a dead bedroom situation and now all those women are only having sex with and dating the tall good looking white men using tinder and other dating apps and rejecting every other guy. This is how every woman is like. There's no wall. Women don't magically become less shallow at 26 or 30, they're the same their entire lives. Extremely shallow forever.

Ugh hate this kind of hoe mom. At least just grab his number, spend the rest of the time with your son, then go get filled up by Chad on your own free time. Brutal. I'd lay it down just like that on her. Family first and stop acting like a loose sex crazed whore. We need some old school shit in our lives where we can set these sluts straight.


why the fuck is downvoted??? This is the most reasonable comment I have ever read

Visiting stacies know they would do this to their son, anything for Chad. Apparently dropping your son at a restaurant to go suck off Chad is acceptable these days. Revolting. That woman needs to be pulled aside, called a whore, and be reminded that family comes first. I'm a fucking Don, I don't have any time or patience for that floozy shit.

Various incels, /r/incels 11 Comments [8/21/2017 1:32:48 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

Quote# 130785

Daily Reminder that Femoids are our enemy

It seems to me that there are a quite few incels here that have forgotten that femoids are the enemy. So, I've come to remind you that how vile and heartless they are.

Just remember: they want us all gone so its natural to hate them.

Truecelism, /r/IncelReddit 9 Comments [8/20/2017 6:46:44 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

Quote# 130848

(another batch of comments fromthat thread)

hearing your mom get dicked by chad

This is when you sit quietly in the dark and wait for one of them to come out of the room. If it's the guy I would start off with "You come into my home, and you fuck my mother?" If it's your mom I would say "Hey, aren't you supposed to be fucking dad and not random guys?" I'd freestyle after that lol.

If my mom ever did this I would beat the living shit out of her. Forgeting cucking my brain dead blue pill father, but her roastie ass has to rub her active post menopausal life in my face, when ive not had so much as a handy? Fuck that.

I cannot even fathom how traumatizing that must be, realizing your mom herself is a slut and enjoys riding the chad cock carousel just like any other roastie.

99% of girls enjoy riding a dick, wtf kind of people do you think women are? You know how badly you want a girl to ride you? Girls want to ride a dick just as badly (just not yours).

Reminder to those low iqcels who still love their parents: your mother is not exempt from sluttery, your father is not exempt from cuckoldry. You have 0 reasons to respect your parents.

Dude, you could create a cuckold porn site of the highest order, just think of all the money you could make! It might even get you out of inceldom!

beat up her chad senseless in front of her

I'd beat her to death.

this is so fucked up man, so fucked up.

various incels, r/Incels 1 Comments [8/22/2017 5:41:17 AM]
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Quote# 130851

(final batch of comments from that motherf*cking thread (mostly to wrap up))

hearing your mom get dicked by chad

Have you called your mom out on it? Have you told your dad? Man thats fucking shitty. Women have no shame.

In Middle East, you should have had to kill your mother and that Chad to clean your honour. This is why you Western men are socially oppressed. You even can't listen your instincts.

Cheating with evidence is instant death if she was married but lashes for the guy if he was unmarried but if both were married then both need death.
Edit: also if both were unmarried then both get lashes if there is evidence.

Dude I'm from Turkey, Eastern Turks aka Kurds would kill that degenerate cunt in such a case very very most probably. I like their sharp patriarchal traditions. It's not totally Islamic, it's a social rule existing before Islam too.

Even for a normie this shit would be fucking repressed memory material, for incels it's even worse. It's one thing to cheat on someone, it's another to involve your own kid in it against their will. Can't imagine what you're going through, friend.

Jesus fucking Christ. One of the few positives of being middle eastern is not having a slut for a mom.

Hhahahah. here is a blackpill: i'm from a conservative middle eastern country

What the fuck? I am from a conservative middle eastern country as well so I'd like to know what country it is. I am genuinely baffled.

levantine raised in ksa

This is so fucked...
But I am glad I am blackpilled, I used to be a naive idiot that would have never suspected something like this. That said this is still surprising for me, the ride never ends.

What the fuck. How can you still respect your mother?

that is the least of it

please elaborate story.

too many stories and they're long, but she would go on vacation on my beta dad's dime and take me with her, she would introduce me to new guys there telling me they are family or family friends. she would book two rooms and hide that she booked a second one. she would go and fuck chad and then come into our room sweaty in her bath robe when done.

thats fucked up, i don't think i could look her in the eye again if she was my mom. wtf and ur father he is clueless as fuck. the fate of the beta cuck what pointless existence. just pain and humiliation.

This, also how recent was this and are your parents look-matched?

dad is ugly, mom is hot

i was younger, but fully capable of understanding what was going on

various incels, r/Incels 1 Comments [8/22/2017 5:43:06 AM]
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Quote# 130830

What Females really mean when they say that they like all kinds of guys

all kinds of chads

All kinds of Chads! Chad, Chad with glasses, Tyrone

It's funny how delusional females are that they don't even realize their delusion

What can you expect from such low IQ creatures?

99% of men are crazy and stupid. 100% of women are

^ Massive black pill that normies haven't swallowed because they make up part of that %

This is probably the most true statement a normie has ever made. I've seen some of the stuff you say here and usually it's bullshit, but man did you get it right with this comment. Continue the blackpill, son. Let the hate flow through you. Let it shape and mould you.

It's a terrible fucking world to realize how true it is and also to see how people exploit all this craziness and stupidity of others to get ahead/above/rich/power over them. The thing that annoys me most about normies is how prone they are to deny THE MOST OBVIOUS FUCKING SHIT, like how could a sane person possibly deny that maybe incels can't get laid because they're 1/10's? As if someone proposed that dragons exist to them they fully deny it, fucking crazies. And the #1 most annoying rage fuel is women saying that getting cat called and so much sexual attention is unbearable harrassment and that if incels knew they wouldn't want to be women. << Actually I think that last sentence is the best rage fuel I've ever heard.

Gotta ask tho, what stuff have I said that's bullshit?

She forgot the very Rare Chang

lol asian guys dont get any, FOH

various incels, r/Incels 11 Comments [8/21/2017 10:34:23 AM]
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Quote# 130684

Although it’s pretty clear that a lot of the blame for problems in modern relationships can be laid squarely at the feet of young women, we ought to at least ask why they are such miserable failures compared to their grandmothers. They are genetically pretty much the same people, after all, so there must have been something about their upbringing that made them worse than useless as wives. Well, I guess we all know that’s pretty obvious, but how often do we get down to brass tacks and ask “what really makes the difference?”

Having had the dubious benefit of having raised a couple of children for almost five years, much of the time all by my lonesome, I’ve started to get an idea of what’s going on. One thing I can say is that raising kids, although rewarding in some incomprehensible way, is hell. I’ve never had a harder job. Doing it yourself is an exercise in masochism, or maybe martyrdom, which is why I don’t believe all the BS about “single mothers” going it alone. In fact, I’ve never, ever met a single mother who did it alone. Women are better at social networking for a reason: they need to be to get help raising kids.

Nevertheless, modern young women are particularly deluded about childrearing. Most of them have no more experience than a few weeks in total of babysitting kids during the easiest possible age bracket — between the ages of six and twelve. Your typical parent wouldn’t dream of allowing a teenage girl to babysit an infant or toddler for more than a couple of hours, and in that event would do their utmost to set everything up for the babysitter so that it went as smoothly as possible.

So young women come into marriage without a clue. In days past this wasn’t the case. Just as boys in old times would be expected to handle firearms, chop wood, and deal with large, dangerous farm animals, girls would be thrust into the business of childrearing and homemaking as soon as they had the strength to pick up a child and handle a cast-iron skillet. Now, these girls are texting on mobile phones and chatting with friends online all night as soon as they’re done with their homework.

However, the instinct to be a grown woman and mother remains, so girls dream of the traditional marriage without having any idea what it really means. Therefore, as a guy who’s been there and back again, I’d like to give other men an idea of what they really ought to be thinking about if they are serious about a traditional marriage, so I’ve come up with a few questions to ask women before tying the knot:

Can you handle the obliteration of your former physique for at least eighteen months for each child you bear?
Could you drive a car with someone screaming into your ear at a high volume for a prolonged period of time, day after day, without losing your cool and/or crashing?
Would you be able to interrupt your dinner to put your hands on human excrement, and then return and finish eating?
Can you go for weeks without sleeping more than a couple hours at a time?
Are you prepared to handle a 1000% increase in housework?
Can you see yourself acting as impartially as a referee in a boxing match during sibling disputes?
If your sex life were to evaporate, would you still be able to retain a fair perspective concerning your spouse?
Does the prospect of being chained to a few little hellions every minute of the day, at the risk of prosecution if you fail to do so, seem bearable?
Can you sacrifice your shoe budget for family necessities?
Would you be able to control your hormonal mood swings enough to prevent yourself from blowing your marriage sky-high?
Do you have enough sense to stop and look for the light at the end of the tunnel?

If a woman says no to any of these, she’s a bad bet. Not to say there’d necessarily be a divorce (although chances are better than even), but the road will be very rough. Unfortunately, this probably comprises at least 75% of young American women. Their mothers, indoctrinated as they were by 1970s feminism, did a huge disservice to society. Not only did they frequently emasculate their sons; they coddled their daughters, teaching them to be the cheap facsimiles of men we are so familiar with today.

Is it possible to change a girl who has grown up within this milieu? I have my doubts. Even with game, just keeping things together with such a woman requires a Herculean effort from most men, and we have to be honest with ourselves and ask whether it’s even worth it.

However, if you are a guy who wants to knuckle under and go for it anyway, ask these questions. If you can’t ask your girlfriend, at least ask yourself about her and try to detach yourself from your feelings for her so that you can be as honest as possible about the answers. Although the conclusion might be depressing, it could save you from a kind of pain you never suspected you could be subjected to.

W. F. Price, Welmer 3 Comments [8/17/2017 9:44:13 PM]
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Quote# 130795

Why are sex offenders overwhelmingly male? Because sexual offence legislation is designed – by feminists – to target male sexuality. For instance, men are most attracted to younger girls. Age of consent, child pornography, sexual grooming laws and so forth are all intended to entrap men on this point

holocaust21, Resisting the coming 21st century holocaust – Men's Rights, Youth Rights, Sexual Rights 7 Comments [8/20/2017 12:24:52 PM]
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Submitted By: anon

Quote# 130787

A normie life is a sad life.

I'm glad I'm not a normie. What is a normie life? A life of constantly putting others down to make your self feel better. They do this by showing off their lives on social media, trying to make others feel bad and make themselves feel great. They live by this motto, "when you are weak I am strong".

Normies spend years of their lives going to parties, drinking till they puke all over them selves, and they mock their own friends and have no loyalty. If a normie gets a chance to hang out with some one who has higher status, you can bet that the normie will ditch their best friend for a higher status person. In general normies are heartless, fake, vapid saps.

(send_me_them_tits_ )
Without doubt. While there are some normies who seem to have meaningful relationships, most of it is status-seeking bullshit that I wouldn't want to be a part of even if I could. Sometimes I imagine being a Chad or normie, Chad's don't have to worry about being cutthroat quite as much, but what if you're on the lower end of Chads? All your buddies are taller/more attractive and you end up looking like a fuck, among your social group of attractive people.

Normies get some poon but at what cost? Their humanity.

This is modern culture. Seek an alternative.

I feel as though I lead a Normie lifestyle while being a secret incel. And yeah it pretty much feels like that sometimes. M

Normies try and lose, while we give up and accept reality.

Various incels, /r/IncelReddit 14 Comments [8/20/2017 6:46:51 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

Quote# 130418

Brutal story.

I went out running today, and silly me I forgot this is the middle of the afternoon on a hot sunny summer day. Why the fuck did I even show my face in public? Also I've said several times on this subreddit that I'm a muscular guy. I lift. I have a great body. I have abs, good arms. Just all around good proportions, but you will see why this is futile.

Anyway, what happened was while I was running who else but a couple of girls stopped their car at a stop light. They yelled at me saying stupid things to me while I was waiting the light to go green, and the girl in the passenger said, "Hey! You! You're not hot!" and I turn my head, and she goes "Yeah you're not hot!" And then the light turned green.

I then started running back home in a fit of anger. I wanted to just fucking run into traffic. I thought to myself what the fuck is the point of being muscular if you don't have face? Or height? It's fucking over. Being muscular means you are compensating for your lack of height or lack of your face if you aren't Chad.

Just LDAR. It's completely over. To all those fucktards saying "Just lift brah!!!!!!!!!" This is the true blackpill. Women don't give a fuck about muscles.

anincelforlifelol, r/incels 20 Comments [8/11/2017 12:29:07 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 130727

Will County Loan Co., Facebook 8 Comments [8/19/2017 3:46:53 AM]
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Submitted By: Demon Duck of Doom

Quote# 130444

What are the two groups that hate BLs the most? Surely, evangelical Christians and radical feminists. Evangelical Christians, we can understand as being probably self-hating BLs, who being unable to destroy their own homoerotic pedophilic desires without committing suicide, have to resort to attacking manifestations of similar attractions in others.
But what explains why "strong, independent" women would hate BLs? I've noticed that some of the most anti-BL people are radical feminists. For example, a lot of the psychologists in charge of sex offender treatment are radical feminists, and they tend to be very strict about policing their patients' BL thoughts and behaviors, going way beyond the call of duty in their anti-BL crusading.
Why is this? I think it's because BLs are the ultimate MGTOWs (Men Going Their Own Way). BLs are not part of the mainstream gay rights movement, which usually allies with feminists. Nor do they serve women as sperm donors, child support payers, and other kinds of useful chumps, the way that blue pill heterosexual, teleiophilic beta men so often do. Women have a harder time trying to milk BLs for resources, political support, etc., because they can't use their sexuality as leverage to manipulate them. So they have to resort to using force against these men, by disenfranchising them, imposing sex offender restrictions on them, etc.
BLs also provide an alternative link between boys and the adult world, potentially taking the place of the role of (usually female) schoolteachers and dominant or single moms who would otherwise have a free hand in indoctrinating little boys however they wish. Feminists would like to destroy all bonds between men and boys that could present a threat to their agenda of control and influence over young males as they develop.
Wherever there's an all-male environment (whether it's the military, or sports, or whatever), feminists would like to intrude and say that toxic masculinity is being propagated. They demand that either women be allowed entry, or the entire institution/organization/gathering/relationship/etc. be shut down. Once women enter, of course, they dismantle the whole culture that has developed, and replace it with a new, more politically correct culture that views men as malefactors and women as victims in need of empowerment.
In feminists' view, two males hanging out together without a woman present, and without plenty of "Ls," "Bs," and "Ts" to complement the "Gs" in their group of GLBT associates, can't possibly be up to any good. Feminists want to not only destroy any resistance to their agenda, but also even the smallest seeds of potential resistance, before they have a chance to sprout and take root.
More fundamentally, feminism is cultural Marxism that views any trade of services for money as exploitative. While we may speak of love, and it is indeed a real phenomenon, let's face it, it's often very convenient to hang out with a rich friend, and many women have viewed wealthy men as attractive mates. The more two people need each other, the more closely bound they are, and the more that true love develops; "love" has even been defined sometimes as a combination of mutual attraction and lack of other options. The fewer other options you have, the more special the person you're with seems to you, and the stronger your love may grow. It could even be a survival mechanism for ensuring that one treats helpful people well.
Yet, a situation of scarcity and youthful dependence on another is anathema to feminists, who view it as creating circumstances ripe for exploitation to develop. Feminists would like to dismantle all this, and view the person receiving money, gifts, etc. as an oppressed individual who needs to become financially independent before he can give meaningful consent to sex or any other kind of relationship.
We are at a point now where even a man who gives a boy a present without touching him is viewed as a predator for trying to "groom" him to like him. As is typical of Marxists, they view the wealthier adult as the bourgeois and the boy as the proletarian, regardless of the true balance of power, influence, dependence, love, etc. between them. If a sex act occurs between them, this is construed as a service from the boy to the man, rather than as mutually enjoyable affection, because material gifts were mostly being given from the man to the boy, making it seem like an economic transaction.
Yet, it is the oldest tradition for presents to be made from the older generation to the younger generation, who then pay the generosity forward by in turn giving to the next generation. What is really going on here, is that the ruling class wants to eradicate any interaction that occurs through private channels rather than being organized by the state, because the state wants to monopolize everything and gain total control. The state wants everyone to dependent on it, rather than relying on family or friends for material or emotional needs.
The problem is, the state is bureaucratic and cold, and can't provide true satisfaction the way a rewarding relationship can. The state is also vindictive and cruel. Anyone who has ever dealt with feminists knows that these are also characteristics that the feminists share.
While people claim, "BLs will just abandon their young friends when they come of age," it is actually feminists who will abandon boys who come of age. The feminist schoolteacher will stop being a mentor to the boy who has grown up, because it's not her job to remain in his life. Her effectiveness as a mentor to boys was always limited anyway, because the anti-fraternization policies of her job prevented her from getting too close, and because being a woman, she was not able to relate to boys' experiences the way a man could've.

Nathan Larson, Nathania 5 Comments [8/12/2017 12:10:24 AM]
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Submitted By: Hu's On First

Quote# 130688

Nick Kristoff, a NY Times opinion columnist who writes like a Unitarian minister and pens self-serving articles urging liberals to give more money (his wife is in the philanthropy business), has come up with a long piece advocating a “Crusade” on behalf of women all over the world.


So what we have is a concerted global effort to help “women and girls,” probably along the lines of the decades-old campaign to do so here at home, which has resulted in the collapse of traditional marriage and boys being increasingly marginalized in school and the workplace.

One of the tools used to promote women in less developed parts of the world is “microfinance” — essentially small scale credit extended to women through World Bank programs and such. An example Kristoff gives is that of a Pakistani housewife with an unemployed husband (who is, naturally, described as a deadbeat and a wife-beating villain)[.]


So here we have a success story, in which wealth is being created through light industrial production of apparel.

Of course, we should all cheer the change in circumstances for Saima, who has now turned the tables and become domineering toward her husband[.]


No, I don’t think so. Countries that successfully raised themselves out of poverty following WW II did not do so through small businesses run by women. Certainly, they put women to work, particularly in Asia, but these jobs were part of a state-planned emphasis on light industry that exploited country girls by making them the low-wage workhorses in factories, i.e. sweatshops. For Korea, China and Thailand this has worked out pretty well, but it didn’t have anything to do with “liberating” women; in fact it was all about control and exploitation. And once the sweatshop model outlived its usefulness, countries like Korea have switched to higher value-added products rather than footwear. These high-end products are manufactured and designed overwhelmingly by men.

Kristoff (who is actually a supporter of sweatshops) is getting it wrong. The countries that most successfully lifted themselves out of poverty did so through patriarchal authoritarianism and strict control and exploitation of women. Of course, once the hurdle was cleared, women were given increasing freedom and opportunity, after which most voluntarily switched from production to service jobs.

So Kristoff’s crusade is doomed. Any effort that encourages female independence and dominance as a means to lift a society out of poverty is working against its own stated goal, as we can see from our own ghetto failure here in the US, where women are clearly socially dominant, and yet have not managed to lift themselves out of poverty without paternalist carrot and stick type incentives from above.

We should beware of crusades advocated by pompous elites like Kristoff, who think they can solve the world’s problems despite having only a contrived understanding of the world, honed to very narrow specifications in detached, exclusive institutions.

W. F. Price, Welmer 4 Comments [8/17/2017 9:44:48 PM]
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Quote# 130745

I love the Patriarchy!

Yeah, you heard it, “I love the patriarchy!” Call me a sexist, even some intersectional crypto-racist, but I don’t just love a single cis-patriarchy. No! I love the Asian-Aryan patriarchy!

I love it when white guys romantically get with the quiet Asian girl and I like it when Sexpat Loser post some AMWF stuff on my Twitter and fails to piss me off.

Am I some kind of cuck? No, I’m not. I like it when white girls act like anime character or develop an Asian personality. And I like nerdy Asian guys who play Starcraft and make the most crudest jokes ever. I feel like I belong with these people. It’s a culture no one really wants to talk about. Yet, some of those artsy-farsy people use to read Giant Robot magazine and now hang out by the dozen at a Mitski show. It makes me feel I am in the same room with my brothers and sisters.

I’m a bicultural person. I’m not a multicultural person at all. I will listen to trap music with my Asian girlfriend and act hood sometimes, okay, I can take that from black people. Does it make me “diverse?” No, not really, I have my boundaries, and I choose to be with whites and Asians.

I love the biracial Asian-Aryan patriarchy! It does so much wonders!

White guys need to dump the type of white girls that act like Lena Dunham from Mean Girls, and get with the homely Asian girl that appreciates his time. Asian guys need to start reading Yukio Mishima and show white girls a post-Asian-American future away from toxic feminism. I’m such a nice guy, there could even be a yaoi mannerbund between white and Asian guys. Call it gay, but I think that is progressive. A real patriarchy!

And for the girls? Let the Asian girls teach the white girls makeup tips on the train and let the white girls teach them how to be more Western.

I’m such a nice guy, I allow weebs to be self-determine if they want too, and it’s okay for me if Crazy Rich Asian girls want to move to Vancouver and have their Asian culture “whitewashed.” I think all parties can agree they are in it for Asian-Aryanism.

Asian-Aryanism is not only a collective, a community, and a future race. It’s also a spirit. Just like the “American spirit.” Anybody can be an American if they pledge allegiance to the country, right? I don’t want to kill the white or Asian races. I am giving a certain niche of people a space for them to grow. Asian-Aryanism supports big entryism, and any white or Asian can come into the community at anytime.

Asian-Aryanism is the best place to be a true hapa or Eurasian (whatever you want to be called). Both whites and Asians can agree upon having a Eurasian lover. A Eurasian person has two identities. While at the time, everyone, White, Asian and Eurasian, is for an Asian-Aryan identity.

…You know, Charles Murray who co-wrote The Bell Curve had an Asian wife? His theories about “the cognitive elite” is right. The high IQ elite will be Asian-Aryan.

It’s okay if you want to be called either “white” or “Asian.” I can agree, “Asian-Aryanism” is a low-brow term. …But it makes sense, yes?

If you are “white,” or even change your mind and say your “Asian,” just like Roaming Millennial, aren’t you both? Everyone faces challenges when they try and look for a third position.

So be it, you can have your Eurasian daughters and support the new white race. But again, there are opponents out there who are bigoted SJWs and egalitarian fanatics. That is not an Asian-Aryan value.

But I know you will be an Asian-Aryan too, that is, if you love the patriarchy in your own way.

…I love the patriarchy. It’s what is going to create this new movement. Those nerdy, STEM white guys are going to have Eurasian kids and the next generation will be the ones open to Asain-Aryan culture. Its a matter of time before their kids try to considered themselves to be “Asian,” and then they will reproduce with another white or Asian… or Asian-Aryan! I’m just waiting for the Asian-American guys to stand up and be vocal about being Asian-Aryan too.

And some Asian girls are now proud to be white too. It’s all coming together!

Pilleater, Asian Aryanism 7 Comments [8/19/2017 3:51:17 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 130725

White men aren't chanting "white sharia" for nothing.

They know that the white millennial whore is the most atrocious, venomous beast to ever walk this planet. The white millennial whore will be remembered for these attributes: alchoholics, drug abusers, sex fiends, sociopathic, insanely narcissistic, chad chasers, fucking chad like Sasha grey, chad fucking nightly, emotionally destroyed, psychologically destroyed, tatted, fat, purple hair, no femininity.... Etc. These white men are all incels or failed normies who know white women have reverted back to a primal matriarchal state where they are only fucking the biggest baddest gorilla on the block.

the_worst_93, /r/IncelReddit 9 Comments [8/18/2017 10:38:45 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

Quote# 130685

["Historical" note: this post is the closest you can get to an origin story for The Spearhead]

Now that gender equality in terms of income has been achieved in the younger generation, and educationally women currently surpass men, most of us ordinary men find ourselves staring irrelevance straight in the face. A friend of mine recently observed that women are “taking over” his department at his former company. Except in specialized occupations that require male minds or bodies, women do indeed appear to have the upper hand. However, I observed to my friend that the top remains largely male, while the middle is dominated by females. The bottom, like the top, is predominately male. Unfortunately for us men, there’s a lot more space at the bottom than at the top.

So what does that mean for men who are not among the fortunate few? Are we destined to be lowly peons shoveling muck out of gutters? For many of us, our fate could be worse than that. Gutter cleaning pays fairly well, at least according to the last bill I saw for that service. The future certainly does look grim, but could there be anything redeeming about our new status as disposable goods? Yes, there could, but only when we learn to accept and finally embrace it.

Bound by a sense of duty and responsibility to family, employer and country, men demanded certain guarantees in return. All these guarantees can be summed up in one word: fidelity. We expected not to be cheated, lied to or abandoned. Sadly, all these things have come to pass. Perhaps our own complacency is as much to blame for this as anything else, but our betrayal is a fait accompli. There was the inevitable denial, rage, and despair, but finally we find ourselves at the point of acceptance.

Accepting such a great loss of security, confidence and trust is a very difficult thing to do, but it is profoundly liberating. Whereas before one was shackled to deceit and resentment, now the fetters are broken, the cell door opens, and suddenly the world is revealed. Feelings of guilt, inadequacy, anger, envy and disappointment dissipate in the open air; ought gives way to is. When one arrives at this state of mind, all of the countless obligations, worries and responsibilities lose their sting. It becomes clear that reality – the way things are – is our only true master. We owe no debt to anything or anyone else.

So once a man throws off his countless restraints and goes all the way up the chain of command to take orders from the top, how does he deal with his only boss? Perhaps surprisingly, dealing with reality is very simple; it is only a matter of “can” and “cannot.” There is no want, should or ought with reality. All those are subjective, and have nothing to do with the sun setting or things falling when dropped. A man who has a good idea of what he can do has a great deal of choices and ability, because there are infinite things men can do. Of course, there are always consequences. For example, you can jump out of an airplane without a parachute, but you cannot survive it. This is where judgment comes into play. However, although dealing with reality requires good judgment, letting other people do so for you requires absolute faith in their judgment AND their interest in your own welfare. That’s a risky bet.

Once a man is freed from the bondage of others’ expectations and desires, all that he does comes from his own heart. Any help or affection is freely given and not in any way coerced. His love and goodwill are pure and free from any taint of flattery. Likewise, any malicious acts are undertaken only by his own initiative. His heart and intentions are made clear through his actions. Because reality is truth, he embodies honesty.

These principles apply to all people, whether male or female, but the loss of direction among men in our civilization is a fairly recent development, and needs to be addressed. At this point, a politicized “men’s movement” might be counterproductive, because it would lead us down into the sewers of contemporary discourse. But a spiritual awakening, accompanied by a recognition that we have our own priorities, is sorely needed. Women rebelled against their social obligations and limitations and threw them off. Men, too, can do the same.

When men see that bondage is a state of mind – often an unconscious choice – they realize how easy it is to cast it aside. Our own bondage came from the guarantees that we demanded, which slowly created obligations that we came to see as inevitable. But now that the guarantees have been removed, we find that we are still in chains, and herein lies the great liberating opportunity afforded by injustice. Without the shock of betrayal and loss, we might have plodded along forever, devolving into something akin to oxen, fit only for heavy burdens and the whip. But that will not happen now. The deal we’ve got is clearly rotten, and there’s no good reason to haul that load.

The uplifting feeling one gets when laying down a heavy burden does much for the spirit. The bitterness over loss and betrayal is forgotten as the realization sets in that one’s life is in one’s own hands. What others want, think or expect becomes no more important than anything else, because all that matters is what IS and how one chooses to deal with it. When men know that, they know true freedom.

W. F. Price, Welmer 1 Comments [8/17/2017 9:44:21 PM]
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Quote# 130686

Since I first discovered my desire for women, I have always taken this attraction for granted and held it to be an inseparable part of my straight, male identity. It has been just over twenty years since I began to lay awake in bed, imagining the female form and feeling a need for its presence. Although I knew that my need for women would eventually lessen, I expected it to last for the rest of my life. I saw it in my grandfather in his old age, after all, and expected it would be the same for me. I thought of it as an essential element of my masculinity — a part of my being that I’d both exult in and suffer for throughout my life.

However, essential or not, I thought of desire as external; separate from thoughts, emotions opinions and sense of self. I considered it involuntary, like the beating of my heart or the drawing in of breath.

Lately, I’ve begun to realize that the desire I’ve always counted on is a far more complex thing than a mere physiological process. It seems men aren’t the purely physical creatures I assumed, and that longing and need encompass far more than the switching on of a sexual response.

I often see explanations in popular culture for why men find themselves increasingly uninterested in American women. Some of these are quite compelling, such as the lack of femininity, the ever more aggressive and assertive nature of young American women, and the sense of entitlement that they display as though it were an expensive piece of jewelry. The raw, predatory sexuality encouraged on television shows for women has a distinctly unattractive quality; aside from certain anatomical features and minor differences in dress, these women display all of the characteristics of offensively forward and brash men. The hard look in the eyes, the strut and the lack of regard for others are now the mark of the superior woman. For many men, to desire these characteristics would require a change in sexuality — something homosexuals persuasively insist is impossible.

I see this as just another example of the shifting definitions of masculinity and femininity as society emerges from the Industrial Age. Recently, I reread Dickens’ Tale of Two Cities, and found myself amused by his devotional descriptions of the heroine, Lucy Manette, who epitomizes beauty, femininity and goodness. She is one of the least realistic characters in fiction, yet obviously was an ideal that Victorian Englishmen could relate to. This little doll with blonde curls, devoted to her husband and full of only loving and nurturing sentiments, was pure, unrestrained male fantasy. That impossible ideal lasted through the better part of the 20th century, but has clearly given way to something far different. Some blame feminism for the destruction of the concept of the exalted woman, but in fact it still exists! The exalted status remains, but the statue on the pedestal is no longer shaped and defined by the imagination and ideals of men.

The new woman on a pedestal reflects the conceits and fancies of adolescent female minds. She is their idea of beauty, power and freedom. Children occasionally appear as emotional props, and are conveniently cared for by nannies or others when the time comes for a night out on the town. Men slavishly follow and desire her, and she changes them as freely as though they were an article of clothing. On television shows such as CSI, she shows direspect to the dead, displaying her utter contempt for even the concept of dignity or decency. She takes her sexual and aesthetic advice from homosexual men, who have little use for the qualities that straight men admire and love in women.

This redefinition of the ideal woman has left a beast that possesses all the physical attributes that men desire in a woman, yet behaves, speaks and moves in a manner that most men find repulsive. Rather than a companion, she is an adversary. She offers not comfort, but contempt. This mutation from icon of male desire into receptacle of indulgence was the culmination of years of human self-deification: deification of our own desires, and deification of their objects.

W. F. Price, Welmer 2 Comments [8/17/2017 9:44:27 PM]
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Quote# 130691

It seems to me that human resources has become one of those gender-specific jobs, like logger or cocktail waitress. In my experience, HR is overwhelmingly female, and these are the people who have the power to hire or fire you.

In my limited experience working with female supervisors, I have found them to be less forgiving and less considerate, possibly because they think that men only respond well to abusive slave-driver types. I have also noticed that they are far less likely to directly warn workers or inform them in plain terms that they are dissatisfied. This tends to make male workers feel that their authority is capricious and cruel, and that they can be terminated for anything at any time.

The end result is that men – and particularly men of a certain type – are being pushed out of certain occupations and organizations, and find themselves driven to more exclusively male lines of work, such as construction, driving and law enforcement, and this may explain why men’s unemployment is so much higher than women’s in the current recession. In fact, I would say that the increasing domination of the corporate world by women in middle management – especially HR – has greatly restricted occupational options for younger men, even as senior male managers go out of their way to foster and accommodate women.

What I’d like to know if this corresponds with greater productivity. I suspect that it does not, but I’d have to see the numbers.

One theory I have heard is that senior male managers use females in middle management to keep workers in line and more easily fire people, because they have less of a sense of responsibility for those who work under them. This leads to a more humble and frightened work force, and despite warm and fuzzy talk about wanting “satisfied” workers, perhaps corporate bosses (almost all male) actually want the people working for them to live in fear. A scared and humble work force will go the extra mile to avoid being fired, and will work for less compensation.

I am curious as to whether readers have observed the same. Has the introduction of women into management fundamentally changed the way we work? If so, has their arrival been accompanied by fear and insecurity in the workplace, or has it been positive on the balance? We ought to have these discussions, because women are not going to leave the workforce any time soon, and perhaps it’s time to figure out how we might mitigate some of the negative effects.

Given that there has been a lot of speculation recently about how women will dominate the economy (or what’s left of it) in the future, these are perfectly reasonable concerns for men.

W. F. Price, Welmer 8 Comments [8/17/2017 9:45:08 PM]
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Quote# 130708

In 2012, Anne-Marie Slaughter, the first female director of policy planning in the US State Department and mother of two, also expressed similar views, when she wrote an opinion-piece in The Atlantic entitled, “Why Women Still Can’t Have it All”. She described her guilt on the limited time she had with her children and the strain this had caused on her relationship with them. This led to her leaving her high-flying job in order to spend more time with her family. She talked about how the feminist beliefs that she had built her career on were shifting, and that for women to believe they could ‘have it all’ was airbrushing reality. She wrote, “It’s time to stop fooling ourselves. We have to stop accepting… male choices as a default.”

Last week in the UK, high-profile TV personality and self-avowed “passionate feminist” Kirstie Allsop made headlines when she suggested in an interview with the Telegraph that young women should acknowledge the decline in women’s fertility with age and therefore prioritise starting a family before embarking on their careers to avoid the heartache of not being able to conceive children in later life. She said, “At the moment, women have 15 years to go to university, to get their career on track, try and buy a home, and have a baby. That’s a hell of a lot to ask someone.” She said her advice was based on the biological clock of women and that while the time of starting a career or even a university education can be changed, fertility cannot be altered. Her statements elicited scathing remarks and a furious attack from feminists who casted her a misogynist and accused her of rolling back the fight for women’s liberation. In response, Allsop tweeted, “Nature is not a feminist”.

The problem with feminism is that it has consistently denied biology throughout its history, with drastic consequences. Its serious error was to not simply call for the right of women to enjoy the same worth and rights of citizenship as men but to measure their success based upon adopting all the rights, roles, and duties of men. This simply exchanged one form of oppression with another for it cast as irrelevant her nature as the bearer of children, expecting her to become equal to men in the workplace while ignoring the blatant fact that she will always be biologically unequal to them.

She therefore entered an unwinnable battle against nature in the name of playing catch-up with men, often sacrificing in the process her natural urge of motherhood – all to step into the shoes of an artificial, fictitious identity of the ‘have it all woman’ constructed by confused feminists past and present. And in embracing this identity, she replaced one form of devaluing of women who were treated within Western societies as intellectually, spiritually and socially inferior to men, with another. This is because by defining her success against the yardstick of adopting the traditional roles of men, especially as wage-earner, she diminished the status of the very thing that makes the woman distinct and privileged over men – the ability to bear and nurse the future generations of societies.

This unique attribute of the woman began to be viewed as a handicap to securing a successful career and aiding the economic productivity of businesses and nations rather than a vital quality for humanity that should be cherished, valued, protected and raised in status within societies. Liberation became liberation from womanhood. The consequence of all of this was stress, guilt, heartache, and lack of overall contentment with life. The other defining mark of feminism is ceaseless confusion regarding the roles and choices of men and women. This is reflected in relentless disputes between feminists over the issue, as well as ever-changing views of what constitutes women’s liberation. This begs the question as to why Western governments and feminist organisations are so stubbornly adamant in trying to market feminist ideals and this failed Western model of ‘women’s liberation’ to the Muslim world?

In this debate, one journalist wrote, “There is no template for successfully being female”. Islam utterly disputes this. It has for centuries defined a vital primary role of women as home-makers, mothers and nurturers of children – one that the Muslim society is obliged to greatly value and protect. This does not deprive women of the right to education, work, or a political voice as some secularists have claimed. It simply means that she is able to embrace the identity of the true ‘have it all woman’ – an identity that confers upon her a role which gives her time with her children, removes confusion and conflicts regarding her priorities, and that complements her nature rather than being contradictory to it. This is alongside enjoying all the rights of citizenship. Isn’t this what ‘having it all’ really means?

Dr. Nazreen Nawaz, TheKhilafah 3 Comments [8/18/2017 8:15:30 AM]
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