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[In response to there being a precedent of having historical figures in Dr. Who prior to Rosa Parks]

You don't need to tell me. Im a who fan of all eras and doctors. It just seems oddly convenient that they'd want to do a Rosa parks episode while a woman Doctor is cast, which is what i didn't want them to do: Use her as a vehicle for soapboxing.

O thought you of all people would know what I'm getting at here

beatles123, Wrestling Forum 3 Comments [11/12/2018 2:30:55 PM]
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Submitted By: Just Along For The Ride

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Men were sexually aroused 100-years-ago by simply seeing a woman's ankles and arms, since it was at the time BEYOND the normal dress for women. Today men see so many women dressed immorally that it has become socially acceptable for women to walk around 90% naked. But men are still men, and they do become aroused by the preponderance of nude girls and women. Thus, sexual sins are epidemic in America today! Women and girls who wear dresses are laughed at and mocked to scorn by the wicked, just as they laughed at Noah before the flood.

Out of 3,232 magazine pages, over 600 contained sexual advertising in 2003. Have you been through a retail or grocery store lately? Literally, 90% of the magazine covers contain sexual advertising!!!

“Looking at 3,232 full-page ads published in 1983, 1993 and 2003 in popular magazines Cosmopolitan, Redbook, Esquire, Playboy, Newsweek and Time, researchers found sexual imagery in 20 percent of the ads. Using sex to sell everything from alcohol to banking services has increased over the years: 15 percent of ads used sex to sell in 1983; that percentage grew to 27 percent in 2003.”

SOURCE: Magazine trends study finds increase in advertisements using sex

As you read earlier, over half of all alcohol ads exploit women sexually for filthy lucre (money). That doesn't surprise me, since alcohol is Liquid Devil. But what is tragic and shameful is that “POINT OF GRACE” (a professed Christian female gospel group) uses sexually suggestive advertising on their album to make money. There's no mistaking the way they are sitting, the short length of their skirts, the way the woman in the center is sitting. The entire picture is sexually inviting. It's subtle, but that's all the Devil needs to put immoral ideas into people's minds. Human nature doesn't change! Satan's greatest tactic is to make people think that he doesn't exist. Satan makes people think that something immoral is moral.

Shame on them!!! Men are having enough of a hard time these days without whores wearing shorts skirts, with the camera positioned just right to make people think dirty. But you say, “Preacher, you just have a dirty mind.” No, I have a man's mind!!! And you're an idiot if you don't know what I'm talking about. Don't act stupid, the Lord is coming back soon and we all need to redeem the time. Women ought to wear long dresses!

David J. Stewart, Jesus is Savior 2 Comments [11/12/2018 12:26:32 AM]
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Science confirms being a manlet increases likelihood of suicide

A short man isn't worthy of love for most women simply because most women, at their core, are vain narcissists devoid of true empathy and compassion for others. All a woman loves is her own image and her own children....who she often views as part of her image in the first place. All a woman typically says or does is an extension of her will to be validated socially. How women choose mates is no different.

The limit of women's romantic compassion is usually her own vanity which often is the essence of modern femininity. Even if a woman likes a man, if she feels he cannot help improve her own social status, she will reject him. A man's physical stature comprises a large portion of a man's worth/status to women; A small man is embarrassing and a shame for a woman to be sexually or romantically associated with. Even if a short man is ambitious or has strength many women will choose to view his work and achievements as the result of insecurity or over compensation.

Men are truly closer to trophies than human beings to women. For most women, being associated with a big trophy is akin to being perceived as a winner or a superior human being; If a woman is associated with a small man, then she looks and thus feels like she is holding a participation trophy...proof she is a loser for all other women to see.

A man with a noticeably small skeleton's options are simple:

Betabux. Work extremely hard and essentially pay for what chad got for free and with minimal effort. Know deep down she's only with you for your resources and that you will not be able to compete with her experiences with chad.

Become or look like a psychopath and demonstrate a capacity for violence in order to attract women, many of which are hybristophiliacs by nature.

Suffer from loneliness


Seriouslyarealperson, r/Braincels 3 Comments [11/12/2018 11:38:01 AM]
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Single moms produce soyboys and pussyhat sluts.

Single fathers produce warriors and tradwombs for the West.

Don’t you love when science affirms your gut instinct? It’s like, why bother with painstaking methodology and securing grant money when you can just open your door and step outside for a front row view of the world?

THAT MEN HAVE HIGHER AVERAGE LEVELS of social dominance orientation and group-based anti-egalitarianism than women is one of the most thoroughly and consistently validated research findings in contemporary social and political psychology…

…the relative influence of male and female parental figures should influence the general group-based anti-egalitarianism of their children. Specifically, because of the relatively higher level of social dominance orientation and group-based anti-egalitarianism found among men, the greater the overall relative influences of male versus female parental figures, the higher the average level of group-based anti-egalitarianism children would have.

“Social dominance orientation” = a great trait for players and pappies alike.

But how exactly was social dominance orientation measured in this study? This way (fyi left unmentioned but safe to assume: most of the test subjects were White):

This [anti-egalitarian/social dominance orietnation] scale assesses the degree to which one supports or rejects social equality. Because two of these four items specifically refer to race and were also embedded in a series of other questions referring to race and social class (see Sidanius, 1976), this scale has a distinctly group-based flavor. The respondents were asked to indicate the degree to which they agreed or disagreed with each of the following four stimuli: (a) White superiority, (b) racial equality, (c) increased social equality, and (d) social equality. Each response was given on a 7-point scale ranging from 1 (strongly agree) to 7 (strongly disagree). All responses were then coded into the direction of anti-egalitarianism.

That first stimuli goes right for the id, eh? I’ll guess that, paraphrasing, the responses broke down to “men invade, women invite“.


Will it be single fatherhood that saves European Christendom? Or will it be single mommyhood that destroys it? The race, so far, is a losing one for Team Patriarchy, but that last lap is where the warriors show their mettle.

Naturally, this paper being the product of social scientists, genetic influence is given no quarter. It could simply be that the issue of single moms inherit their pathological pussyhattery, while the issue of single fathers inherit their tribal protective instincts, and these inheritances get confused for attitudes resulting from the “gendered nature of the family in which one is raised”. Nevertheless, it confirms for everyone who doesn’t have their senses numbed by SJW screeching that there is something intuitively dangerous about ordering one’s society around matriarchy at the expense of patriarchy. You simply can’t entrust your nation and its posterity to the political preferences of women or feminized men.


How about we play it safe and orient our society around discouraging single mommery and encouraging Father Knows Best?

CH, Chateau Heartiste 8 Comments [11/11/2018 11:49:36 AM]
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I hate the normie delusion that ugly people don't exist. We do exist, and I am a perfect example of one.

"Just get a better haircut/wear makeup/work out/take a shower, sis!"

I have spent TENS of THOUSANDS of dollars on makeup, skincare, haircare, diet pills, and injections, and am also currently saving up more than 70% of my income per month just to get cosmetic surgery next summer. This doesn't count the even more exorbitant amount I've spent on clothes that are meant to flatter my nonexistent figure, and all the time and effort I've spent looking at makeup tutorials, researching skincare techniques, and reading books on self-love and grooming. I am tired and I have done my best-- but apparently this isn't enough.

I'm so sick of normies spouting bullshit like how ugly people don't exist. That is not true and EVERYONE knows it's not true. Ugly people are treated worse, bullied in school, and ostracized for nothing more than what we were unfortunately born with. But no, apparently it's just because I don't groom myself that I'm ugly. That my haircut isn't flattering, or that I probably don't know how to take care of myself. That I don't wear makeup, and that apparently makeup is supposed to have these amazing transformative properties when in reality the vast majority of OMG TRANSFORMATION MAKEUP involves a Stacy with bad skin.

Throughout my life, I have been treating like garbage for how I've looked. I tried to wear makeup and a cute halter top in high school and a guy gave me a disgusted look and told me I looked hideous to my face. People have asked me out on fake dates, dared their friends to ask me out, and treated me as the butt of jokes when I did absolutely nothing but dare to be who I was born as. Then they'll turn their backs and claim that I wasn't "trying hard enough", when really I have tried so hard just to have my self-esteem crushed even more by people who think ugly people aren't worthy of love, dignity, and respect.

Yep. People are full of shit. "yOu juSt NeEd tO bE cOnFiDeNttTTTT", "THerE iS NO sUcH tHiNG aS UniVersaLly bEaUtiFuL PeoPle, iT's cOmpLetelY SubjeCtivE". I once made a comment on another subreddit on how much tougher life gets when you're ugly, and people went ballistic with the downvotes. Because NO ONE CARE'S ABOUT YOUR LOOK IT'S ALL ABOUT YOUR PERSONALITYYYYYY. Someone, who got a ton of upvotes, even said that working out made people sexy because of their motivation, not because a fit body is attractive. Sigh.

I'm sorry you've experienced what you have. And I know just how frustrating it is to not be taken seriously when you try to tell others how you're constantly treated like a second-class citizen, or flat out just gets ignored. It's always "you're just imagining things / have you tried being more/less outgoing? / I know a great Youtuber who... / maybe you should smile more!" or some other stupid clichées that I highly doubt they themself believe.

But hey, at least you're saving up for surgery! And next summer isn't that far away. I really wish you the best and that you'll find happiness.

messedupbeyondrepair & uglykoreangirl, r/TruFemcels 3 Comments [11/12/2018 11:35:37 AM]
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Unfortunately, the Creepy Left’s plan is working. Women really are more gullible than men, and they fall harder for the disingenuously weepy-alternating-with-angry pleas of The Fuggernaut to help them remake America in the image of a thousand dreary, violent, corrupt nonWhite shitholes. You can see the results of their plan here. The trend is bad: 43% of White women voted for Dem House candidates in 2016. 49% of White women voted for Dem House candidates in 2018.

White women have been abandoning their White men for a while, but it really picked up pace with Trump’s election. Their abandonment is reflected in every facet of our degrading culture: from increases in mixed-race dating, to miscegenation, to voting, to pussyhat mass hysteria, to PoundMeToo, to anti-White protesting.

But The White Woman Wedge isn’t yet big enough to assure the Left electoral dominance for generations and beyond. The Left is nothing if not impatient, so they’re hastening the arrival of Post-America by browning the country as fast as they’re brainwashing White women.

Which tactic will win permanent rule for the Leftoid Equalism Fuggernaut? Browning, or Brainwashing?

Traitorous Anti-White shitlib judges are doing their job to support the Browning. Divorce, childlessness, the cock carousel, later age of first marriage, and declines in the marriage rate are accelerating the results of the Brainwashing.

It will be both tactics that “win” it for the Left, and maybe that’s a blessing in disguise. The transformation to Post-America will happen so fast and unequivocally that currently slumbering and cucked Whites will be shocked into a Real Resistance that washes all the scum off the streets.

If you were wondering where all the Left’s hate for masculine White men was coming from, this post explains it.


Facecock is all-in on the Brainwashing part of the Left’s plan to terrorform America:

FACEBOOK DELIVERS FOR DEMOCRATS: Erased 2 Billion GOP Page Views in Purge, Eliminated Conservative Content to Suburban Females

“What big tech has done to conservative and other undesirable publishers is nothing short of a digital Kristallnacht.”
— Andrew Marchs, filmmaker

The Left actively targets the weakest links in their natural enemies, and right now that means suburban White women. Faceborg does its part for the Party by censoring dissident political opinions that could influence White women to vote against Democreeps.

If it means dropping a giant deuce on the 1st Amendment, then FaceZOG will do that, safe in the knowledge that their Democortez clients will protect them from civil rights lawsuits.

“Build your own internet backbone and social media company” is sounding more like a rationalization of banana republicanism instead of a libertardian snark about first principles.

All right, then, shitlibs. Kill 1A, and then 2A. And then rule over the wasteland you’ve birthed in your short-sighted idiocy.

CH, Chateau Heartiste 1 Comments [11/12/2018 12:36:18 AM]
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Quote# 141267

Never forget the day Askreddit normies directly confirmed the blackpill and lookism

Ok but I hate when this shit is posted like some proof that blackpill is spreading. This is common fucking sense, everyone knows it and under the right circumstance, everyone will confirm it. It's when you use it to reach conclusions about reality or women they don't like that suddenly this is some taboo absurd idea only a crazy mind can come up with.

Same with "life is unfair". Everyone keeps saying it all over the place. But if this is a basis of you not being a positive, hard working little ant always ready to improve and prove himself, suddenly we live in the most just and amazing place imaginable and you're just to insane to see it.

Blackpill isn't spreading, they are just talking among themselves.

Yeah seriously. People who think the blackpill is spreading are delusional. Incels are becoming public enemy #1 and no matter how agreeable our ideology is, people are gonna mobilize against it. At this point you could bring /r/incels back as a pro-kitten rescuing sub and NYT would still pen thinkpieces about how dangerous and entitled they are.

The problem is that many leftists, especially the feminist manhating types, completely refuse to admit that women partake in a looks hierarchy. Yes, I am aware there is a left-wing party in Germany that wants to have ugliness classified as a disability. But I'm specifically talking about the virtue signalling gynocentric feminists of inceltears.

They will hypocritically fight for justice and humanity in every human hierarchy possible except female dating choices. That's the hypocrisy that many incels are fighting. No incel is complaining that life is unfair. What we are complaining about is that some injustices get a lot more attention than ours.

It's fucking over. I can't wait to die. I'm doing as much as I can before that happens tho. Got a ultra wide monitor. A new 1080ti. Some new games. I also got a new car that I'm loving. Couple years old Subaru sti manual of course. I'm just splurging before I shoot myself. I know I'll never find love. I'm also looking for drugs. I didn't want to do the dark web but looks like I have to. I'm just afraid I'll go to jail if I get caught. Fuck this world. I just wanna get t fucked up enjoy what I can about life and die peacefully. Fuck I this fucked apart piece of garbage world. But I'm making the best of it before I pull the trigger. It's kinda fun. I might pay for a hooker to blow me but I'll have to travel to Europe for that and that just doesn't seem worth it. I'd rather just get Fucked up anyway.

some incels, r/Braincels 2 Comments [11/12/2018 12:40:50 AM]
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Quote# 141251

Re: foids will be foids

See? even when they supposedly have 'Male brains' they still desire attention just like your any other foid, no wonder people don't take these delusional fools seriously.

Trannies are group of very confused clowns.

misleading . he was afraid he gonna be found out and had rumors started to circulating so he decided to make it public.


Trans men prefer he I think

It doesn't matter what they prefer they're still women.

And? You probably wouldn’t like it if people referred to you as an incel constantly irl because you’re an incel.

"I’m incelboi but I identify as Chad"

What are you even on about? why should i or any sane other individual play along with their delusions?

Because it helps them out with living a normal life? What do you think? Why you gotta be an asshole to everyone?

Why are you such a cuck? reality is reality, i don't give a fuck what mentally ill Trannies think they are.

You really are a retard. I’m sure you go up to any mentally ill person and scream in their face that they’re mentally ill. Yeah, no shit, they know. Now let them leave in peace for fucks sake.

LOW IQ response, Trannies don't want to 'live in peace' as you say. they want all of society to go along with their grandiose delusions.

Most people (myself included) don't give a damn about what these people think they are, they can believe they're animals for all i care.

But when they try to push for insane shit like 'Gender toilets' and other nonsense on people then obviously folks get mad and disgusted so they speak up against implantation of insanity into society.?

I’m talking about people with legitimate gender dysphoria. Who the fuck cares who’s taking a shit in a stall next to you.

Are you absolutely brain dead? public toilets are separated by gender for a reason.

I mean imagine a man with a 10 inch cock going in a little girls bathroom just because he 'identifies as a woman'.

Lmfao, it’s not like you’re walking around naked together. Even you guys have separated stalls. Just implement individual bathrooms for crying out loud.

You're not walking around naked but it's off putting seeing a man waking in a female bathroom, it's bloody creepy.

Perverts for one would easily have their way with such things.

Right. Well that’s in issue with any public bathroom. A sign isn’t stopping a pervert from entering a women’s bathroom.

Like I said, individual bathrooms. Fairly common. Easy fix.

A sign isn't stopping a pervert from entering a women's bathroom but it surely is making them think twice, as they could easily get in trouble if they are seen.

Shulaverboi, r/Braincels 1 Comments [11/12/2018 12:37:34 AM]
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Quote# 141217

Women do NOT belong in the military. The alarming number of rapes of women soldiers by their own male peers is an alarming reason to warn women against enrolling for the military. Literally thousands of rapes have been reported and unreported. If your own peers are going to rape you, what do you think the enemy will do to you?

In addition, Jessica Lynch was brutally raped and sodomized in Iraq by the Iraqis. At first the military tried to cover it up, but for fear of being assassinated to silence her, Jessica Lynch went public with the truth that she was indeed brutally raped. The Iraqi's were paid back by the brutal torture and killing of over 1,455,000 Iraqi's. Iraqi men were shot in the buttocks by Blackwater's gang with exploding ammunitions, dying in slow agonizing pain.

Will your daughter be next, sexually attacked by dozens of males? The fact that hundreds of U.S. women soldiers have been raped by their own male peers is proof enough of what I am saying. Ladies, go be school teachers or work in a bakery, let the men go to war.

David J. Stewart, Jesus is Savior 1 Comments [11/12/2018 12:24:34 AM]
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Quote# 141204

They are right you know, in this matriarchy gynosentrism. Having standard as a man is futile. Men have to choose between getting bend over and bow down in submission to women, be incel, or trapmaxing.

The matriarchy is on the way at full speed, and nothing can be done to stop it. There will be resistance but it will fail. males that have any integrity or pride and refuse to beta buck, white knigh or numalemaxing will slowly die out by evolution. There might be some chad genetic that will survive for a longer time, but the future is all numale and submissive men that bow down to women.

manletcel, r/Braincels 1 Comments [11/12/2018 12:17:45 AM]
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Quote# 141213

Re: I saw my 13 year old cousin bullying some kid for never having had a girlfriend.

Be glad for him. Bullies get ahead in life your cuz has a bright future ahead of him

Cope. I was the big ogre-looking fat kid bully in high school for 2 years before I started vidyacoping. Legit the typical ugly fat bully you see in those stereotyped high school movies lmao.

I tried to fit in with the chads and normies and to preserve my social status I had to bully manlets and framecels together with them.

Girls always hated me because I was ugly anyways. Only good-looking bullies thrive. The chads and normies in that social circle bullied harder than me, but got a lot of female attention. Meanwhile girls told me they didn't like me 'because I was a bully'. jfl

It never began tbh.

JaJammerJan, r/Braincels 1 Comments [11/12/2018 12:23:45 AM]
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Quote# 141215

Did you guys hear that? she said if he were Zac Effron she would kiss him. Holy fuck. Zac Effron was already a grown man by the time this was shot.

It's like I argued here.

@mylifeistrash got it right: it's all about your looks. If you manage to reach your 30s with a full head of hair and still looking young and attractive, JBs will still be heavily attracted to you and the notion that they'd get traumatized by sex with you is completely lunatic. The only catch is, most men don't.


Answer me, what's the difference between me and a 14 years old boy other than my looks? I'm as immature as one of them. My dick has the same size it had back then.

I always thought that It should be possible to take advantage of their naivity.
But while I was watching this video I realised even 12 years old cunts are smart enough to avoid sub 8 untermenschen.

"Teenagers have fragile, easily convinced mentalities that pedophiles prey upon to take advantage of them" is one of the biggest lies I've seen in my entire life.

Just imagine myself as a 3.5/10 bald 30yo guy approaching 14 yo foids like these ones:

How do you think it would end?

This argument is only true to small children who you can either bribe with candy or easily command/force, but hey, cucktears, 14 YEAR OLDS ARE NOT CHILDREN.

Mainländer, Incels.is 1 Comments [11/12/2018 12:24:11 AM]
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Quote# 141228

Give me a break with this transtesticle poz-hole.

Isn't it a trannies porno dream to be in a shower filled with hard up men, and now "it's" suing for it?

I've had enough of the "LGBT" horse shit!



Ghost, Gab 1 Comments [11/12/2018 12:26:26 AM]
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Quote# 141111

You do need to know even though i think men are cute i think they are also crude perverted and disgusting But i do understand why. It comes with studying neuroscience. Same reason i know i am a female, gives women a good hint why men seem to be so obsessed with sex.

Think this two sexes two genders.... they are attached and for good reason. men have to think one way and women another. It is what makes them compatible in a way. it is women are good at doing many task... Men well they concentrate on one thing at a time and really there is a key to how to tell a real transsexual from the fake.

it is the wiring. and everything is set to assist in life and the continuance of the species. evolutionary mental development. all of the emotions locked in the limbic system along with a lot of autonomic basic body functions and a slew of very emotional clusters all jumbled up in a complicated mess of control of body and senses all tied in to the emotional section of our brain. this complicated mess all projects this to the pre frontal cortex that then talks to the frontal cortex that tries to rationalize a response and decide what to do and the amygdala should do. the hippocampus is looking up what we did last time. and all the clusters are firing and well the women are screaming the men are making aggressive postures. and the place is all an uproar. the women gather the kids and the men are fighting the threat. and on and on it goes. attraction and sex and on it goes each one doing their job to keep us alive. as time goes on the mind is built to compliment the struggle to live and prosper.

sex gender connected and made by brain evolution gender of the brain is brain sex.. designed to make man and woman compatible in more than sex but in every social event....

You males have a BSTc twice the size of a females regardless if you are gay or straight.

Now this spot is where sexual thought is generated of identity... it makes your thought pattern this is where men really show why.

Women's is a small grey spot with tiny little black dots. those black dots are neural fibers that go to important places in the brain regarding sexual thought.

Men's is a spot twice that size and looks like a giant bottle of ink was spilled out.

Now that is why you chase women around and get really jealous and then get stupid and the both of you start to fight and that is cute and all but kind of brutish. but that is why you males are perverted leg humping horn dogs. that beat each other senseless over a girl.

on the other hand some of you get to be really possessive and jealous and you start to beat on her and you talk all sick shit about how she is causing it. which brings me to Frank. and i thought there is no way. Lucy asked me to see what was taking so long. and i told her he was standing over near the driveway looking in the dirt. she said he was going to come in and say it. He did. every word. I saw the tire tracks outside who have you been fucking today.
Now why do men do that. it is not like a woman is looking to do everyone and well better not go out on her if you catch something she knows it is you that caught it. Because a woman she is not going to go out catch something she better not get something from you.

that is just how it works. So do know there is a very big difference and well men and women do not think the same and that is why you men act up when a group of women start talking and you are doing something like watching TV.
Or in Franks case yelling at me about listening to a song while i was talking to Lucy and watching the kids and the TV was on too so i was keeping track of what was going on the show. And when i stopped him from yelling well that was sick but typical male bullshit TMBS. But i had to tell him he was getting on my nerves yelling at me.
I don't think like you frank and then i told him what the song was saying and what was on the TV what Lucy and i were talking about and where his kids ran off too.
Why you men do not get we task a lot of things at once is beyond me. but yea he thought no one could do that. I had to tell him no half the world does that. We do that females. that is why i said i think like a female well i pointed to Lucy and said because i think like her.

Which Lucy knew she knew before i started to transition and she told me in 1994 i acted and seemed to be more of a female than male. So i told her and all about frank and his ilk. She said why didn't you warn me and i i said 3 weeks of meeting...... Yea and i come up and tell you that Frank is a psychotic pervert with a deviant sexual obsessions and it gets worse. No then she tells frank and i have to deal with him and well men are stronger you have to really be careful. And he rolled 55 gallon drums around no thanks i do not feel like being brutalized.

and i knew a whole lot about his perversions 1991 i found out he was a chaser. yea pro op porn ilk and a lot of it. and you are sitting there thinking why me....why do i have to be the bassist for a psychotic pervert that has a sexual obsession with pre op trans girls.
that is why after i kind of got upset and told him he was on top of me hissing about i was a turn on to him.
all i wanted to do is throw up. ilky sick nasty.

So there you go.... and to make it clear Transsexuals do not do it to be with men.....It is so we can look in a mirror after we get out of the bath or shower and not feel like throwing up at the sight of that ugliness.
that is why i call it "Ugly in the Mirror" looking at someone that you know is not you.

it is a nightmare no one want to have to endure for a lifetime. all the childhood please let me wake up a girl or not wake up at all....all to wake up and there is that face in the mirror and your life is a ruined mess.... stuck in a body that is not you and you have no clue how you are going to fix it. all you know then is that you are not a boy and they keep beating you and screaming you are a boy......

Who in the hell would want to live that life. NO ONE.

[Another user tells Dee to focus on her three year old instead of arguing on the internet]
she is right behind me right now asshole watching TV and if she needs she comes ask and i get what she needs. So asshole i am watching my 3 year old as i tell your stupid ass off.

see poor mr one task can not get women can DO BOTH AT THE SAME TIME AND A LOT MORE.
Oh god you men are so stupid. if you listen to us and not act like everything we say goes out the other side of your head.


Dee Price, Kiwi Farms 1 Comments [11/11/2018 10:21:58 PM]
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Quote# 141061

A Christian wife is commanded by God to submit to her husband as unto the Lord Jesus Christ, not only if he returns the gesture. Ephesians 5:22, “Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord.” Marriage is not a 50/50 proposition; but rather, a 100/100 commitment. You're supposed to give 100% diligence and effort, even if your spouse only returns 20% (or nothing). This is God's way! This is the holy way! This is second-mile Christianity, which is almost unheard of nowadays.

David J. Stewart, Jesus is Precious 9 Comments [11/4/2018 11:41:11 AM]
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Quote# 141128

I absolutely lost all sense of morality. The black pill makes morality ridiculous. Once you know that people get the utmost admiration, love and respect for their aesthetic appearance only, being a moral person just seems like enslaving yourself for society. You're moral and attempt to contribute, society benefits from it only to use all your contribution to chase the evolutionary motive of stronger, faster, bigger. You also learn of the insane discrepancy between what people do, want and like in their deepest fibres and what is best for society. It's a nihilism I haven't come close to encountering in any of the depressing existentialist books. Being blackpilled just makes you realize how even people like Dostoyevsky are deep down optimists who believe in a good humanity.

You start to realize everyone is deep down an asshole, that nothing has any sense whatsoever, that nothing is worth any effort because what you're giving effort for - society - is sick and disgusting.

You learn that 50% of the population lives insanely easy lives but their inherent subhumanity keeps them from coping even with their easy lives. That the entire society brainwashes you into thinking calculating and instinct driven people are the angels on earth bringing flowers and goodness, while they spent 80% of their free time on what's in the end not much more than attempting to be better natural selectors, trying to look as pretty as possible to convince Chad to fuck (impregnate them). Getting insecure over their body issues because Chad (good genes) might not want to reproduce with them. Getting jealous of other girls, fighting with them etc. Having hobbies that just amount to make up and exercise meant to improve attractiveness for Chad. (yoga, make-up, workout, animals). Living in a society where you're forced to worship the proxy of the devil is, indeed, hell on earth.

Being blackpilled is the end. There is no way back, you see too much, you realize too much and you start to understand there's nothing you can do. There is nothing to work for, nothing to live for etc. other than your own entertainment.

Personally I cope pretty well. I take society like an insanely difficult game I cannot win in, but I take pleasure in me becoming better and better at understanding how it works and changing my life to reflect my understanding. I have something to do for myself, at least.

yuyuyuyuu, r/Braincels 6 Comments [11/4/2018 1:13:13 PM]
Fundie Index: 7

Quote# 141159

Maybe you want to side with women, because you think it gives you brownie points with them. Unfortunately, a woman is NEVER on a man's side. Simply put, they think totally different from men. Women have different brains. For a woman, a man is simply a means to an end. Maybe you are young, maybe you think you are special, and maybe you want to believe in them. Unfortunately, if a man's relationship ever conflicts with her self-interest, she will betray you too.

Now you say 'Not all women are like that', and maybe there is a bit of variation, but their nature is basically all the same. I honestly think it has to do with the XX chromosome. It's like none of them differentiate or expand into adulthood, like men do. It's almost like they contract instead. I'm not complaining about it. It's just evolutionary forces at work, and being childlike is actually advantageous if you are raising them. However, given the current framework, where relationships are based on love and equality, getting involved with them is a bad idea, because a man can sacrifice his whole life for her, only to find out that she didn't really love him, despite repeatedly saying so otherwise. You find out the whole thing was just an act.

You'd be surprised at how easy it is for a woman to move on from a relationship, completely cutting all contact off and never looking back, even if a man has invested his emotions or financial resources in her for years. Don't say I didn't warn you. You can feel like she took a part of you that you will never get back. This is the point at which men become bitter and indifferent to them.

bgates276, Future Timeline Forums 6 Comments [11/4/2018 1:35:42 PM]
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Submitted By: Smilodon

Quote# 141080

Anyone who tells you they hate incels because of "misogyny" is lying.

As a low-value male, people are disgusted by your very existence. Everything they do is an attempt to get you out of their mind.

Just look at ForeverAlone during its early days. Certainly a bluepilled sub by today's standards, but they were the punching bags of Reddit. No accusations of promoting violence, no quarantine, no shitty news articles blaming them all for a terrorist attack, but they were still insulted and considered an embarassment to Reddit anyway. People want you to shut up about your problems so they don't have to hear it, even if you aren't directly speaking to them.

And guess what happened when incels posted "rope threads"? You guessed it, a bunch of disingenuous normies who don't really give a shit about them, and would tell an incel to fuck off if he had ever approached them in real life. It lets the normie feel like he helped, thus allowing him to clear his conscience, but incels can see right through it after a lifetime of outright hostility.

People don't hate incels because of "misogyny". They hate incels because they remind people of the more uncomfortable truths of life- some people will just get screwed over because of factors they can't control, you can't guarantee getting anything you want just by trying over and over again. When confronted with a threat to the just world fallacy, they will do anything to try and get you to shut up and stop complaining.

And now that they have the long-sought-after opportunity to dismiss us all as evil rapist murderers, you can bet they're gonna take it.

21cell, r/Braincels 5 Comments [11/4/2018 11:43:02 AM]
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Quote# 141141

I just made a fake dating profile with my actual face on a gay website, Holyshit

I got like 6 "Hey" in the first hour there. I had so many conversations at some point I had to ghost some dudes , I felt so bad for it but I imagine they also had tons of convos so it's cool. Some of those dudes were legit chadlites and still had an interest to meet up. Eventually I closed the whole thing because I am not gay even tho I wish I was.

Tbh it felt so good at first, to know that I was an object of desire, but then it slowly started becoming bitterness and jealousy. I am jealous of females and what they experience in their dating lives, I am bitter that they can't empathize with heterosexual males and how horrible it feels to never be seen in a sexual way.

Females are the devil in the flesh, their sexual selection pushes societies towards more and more competition, everything ancient misogynist cultures say about women is true. God I hate them. Sure I am ugly but if gays don't mind going for me, why wouldn't women? It's women's fault, they are the one who are absurdly sexually selective, they are to blame for all the tension between genders today. They are guilty

bcat124, r/Braincels 12 Comments [11/3/2018 1:17:33 PM]
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WARNING: Disturbing, Graphic Content Ahead

Child and infant rape with BDSM, Legally binding pedophile apologia

Quote# 141129

This post has one of the highest proportions of "legitimately serious possible triggers" to words I've seen: Count(triggers) / Count(words) hardly ever hits closer to 1 than this, so I'm not even going to try to list them; the "award" alone should give enough caution of what lies below. There are at least a couple things that cross over into other hotbeds of psychological traumatization, ones barely tangentially related to any form of child abuse or rape. I put what I thought were the worst parts in light grey, and I decreased the font size (partially for length and partially as a subtle, mild deterrent). If you decide to start reading this, and it starts fucking with you mentally, or even if you start wondering if what might come next will, then just stop. I should have. –shy

Court says ‘pedophilia does not apply’ — because perpetrator is a woman

Female pedophiles. She-monsters.

No such thing. Probably not. A woman can’t be a pedophile. Probably not. The clinical research is thin. Maybe the experts will change their mind, by and by. That happens a lot in the imprecise science of psychiatry.Although one expert’s mind was not changed by this:

A toddler sits at the woman’s feet, his small hands holding on to either leg. In this position, the woman — naked below the waist — masturbates using a baby bottle. The toddler, giggling, then grabs the bottle and drinks from it. The woman looks directly into the camera and smiles. That was one video seized by police from the Toronto home where the woman lived with her husband. On another video, the same woman is lying in bed with the same toddler. Both are naked. She begins to lick the child’s anus. Looking at the camera, she smacks her lips. A third video: The little boy is seated naked on a change table. The woman puts the child’s penis into her mouth. The child giggles.

In all, investigators discovered 25,066 child pornography images on more than 50 electronic devices when they executed a search warrant on April 25, 2016, including 111 child porn movies.

The couple is also shown engaging in BDSM (bondage/domination/sadism/masochism) activities with other couples. Police also found a contract signed by the “Slave” and her “Master,” an agreement containing rules and tasks to be completed by the woman as the submissive member in the relationship. They’d met through a website called “Bondage.com.” That’s who Jason Dickens and Dylan McEwen were, a man and woman joined in holy BDSM during a 2007 “collaring” ceremony — literally collaring — followed a year later by an ordinary wedding in front of family and friends.

Last week, Dickens, a former actor on Degrassi High, pleaded guilty to several child pornography offences, including two counts of making child porn, with an agreed statement of facts read into the record. Earlier this year, McEwen also pleaded guilty to sexual assault and two child pornography offences. She was sentenced to six years. But what the presiding judge would not do was declare McEwen a dangerous offender, which the Crown had sought and with impassioned urgency. In rejecting the long-term offender order, Justice Kathleen Caldwell weighed the various criteria that must be met, primarily a “substantial risk of reoffence.” Caldwell determined that McEwen wasn’t such a risk, relying heavily on the evidence and psychiatric report prepared by a forensic psychiatrist with expertise in paraphilia and sexual deviancy.

Dr. Mark Pearce was agreed upon as an expert witness by both the Crown and the defence when he testified in February. He diagnosed McEwen as a masochist and low-risk to reoffend [sic]. Caldwell accepted Pearce’s conclusion that McEwen derived sexual arousal not from acts committed against children but from the “extreme humiliation” of her involvement in those acts, which fed her masochism, described as on the moderately severe end.

The judge wrote (and read aloud in court): “Dr. Pearce testified that the current research suggests that women do not suffer from paraphilic disorders apart from masochism. This fact lends further weight to the conclusion that pedophilia does not apply to you.”

Crown Attorney Lisa Henderson, the judge noted, had “rigorously challenged” Pearce on this assertion.

“(I) agree that at first blush it appears illogical that women do not suffer from other paraphilic disorders,” Caldwell continued. “Sometimes, however, that which appears reasonable is anything but and vice versa. I accept the doctor’s evidence on this point. He did agree that this conclusion might change in the future as psychiatry continues to develop, but I cannot base my conclusions on speculative potential that have yet to develop.”

In this particular case, McEwen was her husband’s slave, committed to do his bidding. Court also heard, however, that McEwen had initiated at least one of the toddler videos without her “Master” present. And in at least two earlier instances, McEwen had obtained child pornography from two men she’d met online before she’d even met Dickens.

As for the risk-assessment testing, Caldwell acknowledged that such testing hasn’t been validated as being accurate in predicting risk with female, as opposed to male, sex offenders. They don’t really know what they’re talking about, the experts, because they haven’t looked at the phenomenon closely enough.

As an aside, at the Dickens trial, court heard that in 2003 a London-area woman offered him her 14-year-old daughter for sex after they’d connected online. Dickens took the teenager on a movie and date night, then had sex at the girl’s home while her mother sat beside them. Sex with teens and children had clearly been a feature of the couple’s role-playing, in their video commentary to one another, the child porn retrieved from their home and posters also discovered depicting female children, labelled with such descriptors as “15-year-old f--- slut” and “whore.”

In an interview this week with the Star, Pearce emphasized the scarcity of research literature on female sex offenders: “I’m not saying there’s no such thing as a female pedophile , but it is almost an exclusively male disorder. That’s not to say no woman has it. There may be some outliers. But women (sex offenders) usually offend for other reasons, not because of an innate sexual attraction to children. [...] These are damaged, needy, lonely women, not necessarily pedophiles.”

There was immense frustration at 720 Bay — in the attorney general’s office — over McEwen dodging the dangerous offender designation. But there will be no appeal.

Justice Kathleen Caldwell & Dr. Mark Pearce, The Star 8 Comments [11/2/2018 12:03:50 PM]
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Quote# 137246

People on here often use Telling Everyone Real Facts...

You'll also notice terf is factually incorrect, and "transsexist" because terfs do include transmen in their feminism, seeing as transmen are female and deserve the protections that women have due to biology, and are welcome in most female only spaces. Everything always has to be about the born males.

Personally I've openly described myself as a terf, I've even half attempted to reclaim "transphobic". Transphobic has officially lost all meaning because absolutely fucking everything is transphobic, even being vegan. I have said actually my fears of what is happening to women's rights in the name of transgenderhood is terrifying. We are all being terrorised by thought police into silence and our fears should be taken seriously not dismissed as an irrational phobia.

Patodp, Mumsnet 6 Comments [3/14/2018 2:00:34 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 141132

Women have an inherent and built-in creep detector. They call it the "creepy vibes" and we have no reason to doubt the existence of something so many women are reporting of having. But it's directed at ugly and feminine men because her entire body fears being impregnated by low quality genes. Hence she only fears and suspects ugly, disgusting men of being rapists or assaulters - it's with them that it matters, it's with them that her body gets the instinctual reaction to avoid them. Those give her the creepy vibes. It's a primal, instinctual thing.

A dominant, rapey, macho man is not a problem whatsoever if he is good looking. On the contrary, her body's instinctual reaction is to let him impregnate her (i.e. have sex). The more pushy the attractive man is, the better. Because then her body is excitedly getting ready for sex, anticipating the impregnation and looking forward to it.

I unironically believe this is the explanation to the baffling behaviour of women.

yuyuyuyuu, r/Braincels 6 Comments [11/2/2018 12:28:57 PM]
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Quote# 141126

Top 3 questions that nor(zucc)mies absolutely CANNOT answer:

1. Show proof of the existance of a woman who wants a boyfriend, but has literally zero guys interested in her. (Including ugly guys too)

2. Name a right that men have that women dont. (There are many that women have that men dont)

3. If a single man and single woman both like each other (as people) enough to be friends, and they're not dating, what exactly is stopping them BESIDES physical attraction? (If you say they're not "compatible", then why the fuck are they friends to begin with?)

Edit: More questions:

1. Why exactly do women's shirts have a "low cut" right where their cleavage is, IF NOT to show off their cleavage. Do you genuinely think it's just a coincidence? Additionally, what exactly is the purpose of women wearing skin-tight pants, IF NOT to show off their legs\ass\curves.

2. Is the amount of sex someone has a reason to shame them or not? (Referring to "virgin"\"slut")

Any braincel or non braincel is free to provide explanations for this. I'll even allow fem"""cels""" to pitch in.

DebatesNotBans, r/Braincels 5 Comments [10/31/2018 3:54:58 PM]
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Quote# 141121

How do women have sex without being scared?

I'm 24 and don't even know how they go on Tinder have sex and not feel terrified. Sex is a weapon of hate for most women. We are the object to them and they are the masturbator. The moid. can do anything to us or degrade or insult our bodies. The moid is close to control us and rape us and we are public property. The moid can leave you pregnant. The moid can kill you with HIV. The moid can insult our vaginas, our any bodily flaws. They can start choking or fisting us. The moid can make revenge porn. Sex is a risk for women that hurts us. Sex kills us, literally. I don't know how they do it without pay. It's too dangerous and degrading.

firequeen1994, r/TruFemcels 3 Comments [10/31/2018 3:46:46 PM]
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Quote# 141124

Soyboys and landwhales at IT are right we need a better personality to date women.

Personality is the most important thing when it comes to dating women.

You need to have better personality traits such as being Tall, Being white, Have a nice car , huge dick , strong jawline.

Only misogynist people don't have nice personality traits like those.

Hence those guys are incel.

OpenForDebatePMME, r/Braincels 6 Comments [10/31/2018 3:51:32 PM]
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