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The Word of God foretells of a future time when SEVEN WOMEN will hold on to ONE MAN, begging him to marry them! Wow! I can't even find one wife. Isaiah 4:1, “And in that day seven women shall take hold of one man, saying, We will eat our own bread, and wear our own apparel: only let us be called by thy name, to take away our reproach.” Consider the sharp contrast to America today, where many women are merely looking for a Sugar-Daddy to take care of her and pay all the bills. Granted, it is a man's job to provide for his wife and take care of her, but it is also her job to take care of her husband's needs (intimacy, clean the house, prepare home-cooked meals, wash the clothes, care for the children, et cetera). The biggest problem with women today is their SELFISH attitude! They want this, want that, but don't have a servant's heart. A godly woman wants to wait on a man hand and foot! In today's messed up female world, women are pursuing careers. It seems that most young women are enrolling into Bible colleges these days to become nurses! Really? What about staying home as a homemaker? 1st Timothy 5:14-15 commands women to get married, have babies, and guide the house, not become working nurses who never get married and never have any children. They are turned aside after Satan!

1st Timothy 5:14-15, “I will therefore that the younger women marry, bear children, guide the house, give none occasion to the adversary to speak reproachfully. For some are already turned aside after Satan.”

Bob Jones University and Crown Bible College (to name but a couple institutions) are helping young women to TURN ASIDE AFTER SATAN, training future nurses, many of whom will never get married or become mothers. How messed up is that? Hey, there's lots of guys out there who want to get married and take care of a wife, like me, but few Christian women want to be cared for. Instead, they want to take care of themselves! Christian women have the WRONG PRIORITIES today! In the old days a century ago, feminine women sought for a husband. It was expected of a female, and they knew their role. Today, increasingly since World War II, women have entered into the workplace—wearing tattoos, driving cars, fighting with machine guns in the military, operating heavy equipment, managing businesses, and are today as manly as ever. SHE-MAN, YOU KNOW THE NAME OF SHE-MAN!!!

Check out Google to see Bob Jones University's shameful female students exposing their thighs and butts in sexy sports outfits! BJU's females are rugged, they're tough, they're fearless, they have THE POWER...SHE-MAN!!!

Today's Bob Jones University Female Graduate (SHE-MAN and the masters of the universe!!)

Alex Jones is right—Women are empowered, angry and rebellious!

Sadly, that includes Christian women as well, who are not very “Christian.” In fact, you cannot tell a Bob Jones University woman apart from the heathen world anymore, and that includes many of their shameful female graduates. GET RIGHT WITH GOD!!!

David J. Stewart, Jesus is Precious 2 Comments [3/22/2019 4:44:22 PM]
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Heard a group of Chadlites bragging about cucking dudes today

I wish I recorded that shit, it was Blackpill gold. The first thing I heard was one saying “I asked her ‘what about your boyfriend?’ and she said ‘FUCK HIM!!!’” The whole group erupted in thunderous laughter. Then another one said “chicks are ruthless” then another one agreed and told a story about calling a girl’s boyfriend while she sucked his dick and she didn’t even talk, just kept loudly sucking his dick. They practically cackled at that. Then one said “I don’t even feel bad, if they satisfied their girlfriends they wouldn’t be so quick to cheat with us” (proving that they’re bluepilled in their own way) then one agreed and said he told that to a boyfriend who tried to fight him. Then said he laughed in his face because he was 5’8 and thought he could harm him. It was BRUTAL.

Slight lifefuel two cute foids looked at them with slight disgust. But probably virtue signaling and wanted to fuck them

The girls with looks of disgust were probably getting turned on deep down. I would be perfectly fine with women wanting to fuck hot guys if they were just open about it, what’s the point of breaking a guys heart and humiliating him to other people like that. Seriously

Yeah legit, before I became a disabledcel I was a little like this, although nowhere near as bad. Before I ascended I was a mentalcel from a lot of childhood trauma and thought this was how all sex havers lived, just fucking as much as they could.

WHat they are getting off on is the power and humiliation of feeling superior. It's fucking sad, and honestly only small men feel the need to do it.

A true chad, something to aspire to, is someone who tries to spread positivity and love. Not going out of your way to bully, mog and humiliate others.

Sadly though standards have been thrown out the window and this is how a lto of the "elite" act. With thiss disgusting air that they are "untouchable" and no morality exists but getting the most kicks out of life. It's one major reason society is breaking down, anger and depression is rising. Is this narcissistic worship of self vs compassion. If a girlfriend cheats with you. Sure great, you fucked a girl. Bit ethically iffy on your part, she's the one ultimately at fault, but you shouldn't be then using it to humiliate the guy. That's just bullying.

But shame on any cuck who sticks by a foid who cheats on him in a relationship.

Howd you became disabled? Also , i agree.

Spine injury. Took years to recover form now. 24/76 pain for the first long while, hardly able to walk or move. That was a horrific 2+ years of treatment, pain, loneliness. I didn't see the sun for like 6 months after it happened. I could only fall asleep at about 7 am from passing out from exhaustion due to the pain, and I'd wake up around 3:30 to a whole new day/Night of hell when the sun would be setting.

I've got these dark rings under my eyes now, (Which I kind of like as they remind me of what happened and what people are really like when you're weak and vulnerable) ANd I don't think they'll ever go away. Even when I did sleep, people would tell me I was groaning in pain every 5 minutes

It was like 2 years of hardly any rest, just pain and positions of less pain, and a burning desire to experience life again, and the hopelessness of this torturous maze of pain. And extreme isolation. Really shows you who in your life cares about you. Which evidently was almost next to no one for me.

040211092616, crackheadkyle, Administrative_Worth, r/Braincels 2 Comments [3/21/2019 12:33:53 AM]
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Re: Why even try as a manlet

They aren't like this in real life, especially if they have no buddies around to back them up. If I was even a quarter as cruel as them I would bully them into submission but I don't. It's all so tiresome.

and if fake-up was banned they would be their timid selves a lot more too

ever seen some foids irl without makeup? they dont act up for shit because they know they look ill in comparison to their usual masked selves

A lot of insecure women gravitate to social media specifically for validation, and taking the piss out of men for things we cant control is a great, socially acceptable way for them to achieve some validation with minimal risk from other like minded insecure women. Lots of men would do the same thing, but its not socially acceptable for men to "body shame" women. Nobody checks women for seeking validation and approval this way, so they gravitate towards this method as it is a low effort way for them feel better about themselves.

When it comes to people like her, its better to take their opinions for granted. Insecure height queens like this are an extremely vocal minority of women that are distorting how most women actually look at men. Most of the time if a girl likes your face and how you carry yourself she wont care about your height.

For a second I thought this was r/short or something, these are cope levels that shouldn't be possible. All women care immensely about your height. I actually haven't met a single woman in over two decades who has answered even "maybe" to the question "would you date someone your height or shorter?"

The only way a short guy can attract foids is if he’s really good looking, or has a big dick, or is famous/high status. Otherwise it’s betabux.

Normal regular short guys all struggle immensely with women unless they betabux an alpha widow, and even now that’s less common as chad harems/poly relationships are beginning to normalize.

Women don’t want no short short man, they hate them and seriously see them as inferior. All foids see short men as a fate reserved for inferior women who lost at the game of love and are forced to settle. If a male is short, he seriously isn’t even a real man to women.

I went through his post history, at the least he’s delusional, at most he’s humble bragging about his success with women.

The worst part about being a shortcel is that both inceltears and braincels deny the heightpill. You're the ones coping: https://old.reddit.com/r/Braincels/comments/a3hq0u/the_ultimate_heightpill_compilation/

All women care about is how big a man is, how good looking a man’s face is, how big his dick is, and how much money he has. Lmao men need to wake the fuck up, women don’t love men.

It’s more important to be tall or well hung than it is to be a good person when it comes to attracting women. The fact that the exact opposite is what people want to believe is pure women are wonderful effect delusion.

Men are trying to deny what’s plainly in front of their faces lmao. Men need to wake the fuck up.

Tell me how what I said is cope.

Because most women by far are like the woman in this post and you don’t want to believe it.

If men started body shaming women, guys would pop up to defend women. Women dont defend short guys because they are silently agreeing. If this foid was talking about tall men in a derogatory way other women would probably shame her.

You are in denial, most modern women literally value men as status objects and height is a big part of a man’s status to women, particularly today. If a guy is short today, almost all women disqualify him right off the bat, because his stature prevents them from getting the status out of a bf they all feel they deserve.

Some incels, r/Braincels 2 Comments [3/21/2019 12:33:55 AM]
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Re: "Stupid inkel, women don't care about size, and they definitely won't tell their friends about it"

Lmao, look at this roastie's comment (which she later deleted), she spills the brutal truth

As a girl I can tell you, OP, that when I tell my friends I slept with someone new their first question after "how was it?" is always "how big was he?"

I'm sorry because of course that sucks and society should change to be more genuinely body positive, but it's a fact of life right now. Your gf might have only been answering a direct question from her best friends at first, and once they know something like that they're going to keep bringing it up. It's okay to feel hurt, obviously, because we all want to think that our SO is showing respect to our feelings at all times. But I wouldn't say you should set fire to the whole relationship, because this is, unfortunately, a fairly normal way that girls talk. So if she's a good gf for you otherwise, I'd say to at least try to work on it with her or tell her your feelings and give her a chance to work on it. Without ever looking through her phone again.

It's OVER for dicklets, this is why euthanasia needs to be legalised

You can literally ignore anyone who says size doesn't matter, they're either lying out of malice or to virtue signal, or they are completely ignorant

justforlulzandkeks, r/Braincels 4 Comments [3/21/2019 12:34:14 AM]
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Re: Girls are using my dick.

You want a woman that wants a relationship, commitment and has collectivist values. A girl with individualist values will prioritize herself over everything else and only measure you for how much pleasure per minute you provide her. A collectivist mindset (a religious, traditional, nationalist etc woman) will be in a mindset that when you win, she wins and will be a loyal person.

Women like that are not often found at parties, drunk and dressed like skanks. You have to understand what r selection and K selection is. Hypergamous r selected women are the stereotype of blondes going for blacks because their biology and kinks direct them towards toughness, hypergamous K selected women are the golddigger/groupie stereotype because their innate biology sends them to chase for status.

Both are examples of toxic femininity. Any man who wants to find a proper quality female partner needs to ask appropriate and sneaky questions that make women reveal what makes them go, what turns them on and what kind of environment shapes their brains, what makes then excited, happy, worried etc.

You are probably doing no filtering and relying on your dick to do choosing for you.

Velebit, r/AskTRP 6 Comments [3/21/2019 12:35:02 AM]
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Quote# 142903

Re: They removed the sentence mocking ugly shortcels. In this article about women (featuring a tranny) being abused by men in the Warhammer community.

It's not simply about being ugly. It's just that the Feminist community or females in general hate short men. Short men are the most hated regardless of how the face looks or body type.

Women’s sexuality is nothing but the biologically motivated pursuit of status and security. Women naturally see short men as pathetic scum worthy of literal hate.

It matters less to women who a man is as a person, and more how physically large he is.

Im starting to loath trannies a lot

Why? They’re mostly just incels who trannymaxxed as a last-ditch attempt to find validation & companionship. The proof of this is their roping rate of nearly 40%.

Yep. Feminists go out of their way to hide their lookism/heightism. For example, that infamous "Ugly Creepy Guys" rant got scrubbed from the TwoX reddit (along with all the 300+ comments agreeing with it) because, in the mods' own words, it "wasn't good for feminism's image".

Some incels, r/Braincels 1 Comments [3/21/2019 12:33:49 AM]
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Math Does Not Work That Way Award

Quote# 142892

[Serious] Mathematic Proof That Women Are Evil

What’s up everyone, today I will be demonstrating how women are evil and proving it mathematically.

First, it is important to know that women thrive primarily off of time and money. More specifically, other people’s time and other people’s money.

From this we can conclude:

Women = Time x Money

Then, there are two common sayings, “time is money” and “money is the root of all evil. From these, we can respectively conclude:

Time = Money
Money = [root]Evil

Women = Time * Money
But time equals money, so:
Women = Money^2
And money equals the root of evil, so...
Women = ([root]Evil)^2

Women = Evil

(Submitter's note: FSTDT refuses to display the root symbol, instead rendering it as v)

Sans, incels.is 8 Comments [3/19/2019 12:53:58 PM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

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How to recognise a misogynist dystopia

Women claiming they live in a dystopia get the direction wrong

We might speculate on how we might recognise a misogynist dystopia in real life.


womens’ suicide rate multiples of mens’, while society fixates on the self-reported unhappiness of men;
women experiencing significantly shorter lifespans in all decades, while men receive three quarters of all gender-specific medical research funding;
womens’ homelessness an order of magnitude higher than mens’, while charities run by men provide shelters women are denied access to;
girls, taught by men, falling further and further behind boys at school and university, and earning less than them in their twenties, while the education system (run by men) fixates on the problems experienced by boys in education;
women given longer prison sentences than men for similar crimes, and denied rehabilitation programs reserved for men;
women defendants’ careers destroyed by being named in sexual misconduct trials brought by men afforded anonymity and simply believed, denied the right to introduce evidence proving that the man has lied, and forced to pay legal expenses even if proven innocent;
paedophile men, perhaps leaders of social movements calculated to manufacture moral panic by claiming that all women are sexually predatory, are exused the crime of raping underage girls on the common understanding (amongst men) that girls enjoy it and are likely to grow up to be rapists themselves.

Of course, in Western society, precisely the opposite it true and, to that extent, we live in a misandrist dystopia.

Richard Lyon, Richardlyon.net 1 Comments [3/21/2019 12:34:54 AM]
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Quote# 142887

The argument that women are living in "fear" (hence, "creep detector") is utterly ludicrous

How naive does a man have to be to actually believe this nonsense?

Newsflash, idiots: Women don't want to feel safe. They like feeling a sense of danger from men they're attracted to. Some will admit it (at least some of the time), some won't. But it's true of all of them. All you have to do is look at the behavior of every woman there is.

Where did the "stereotype" about women liking "bad boys" come from? Thin air?

Why do women fucking love motorcycles? They just like the wind in their face? It's just a coincidence that it's always while hanging onto tatted Bad Boy Chad's back.

"Nice guys" are "boring" to women. They all admit this at one time or another.

The reason for "creep shaming" is simply the fact that women are grossed out by men they find ugly. They're not scared of Ted Bundy. They're scared of Blackops2cel.

Do the math you fucking morons. Stop trying to tell us that reality isn't real.

Gotta disagree with you here. Perhaps some of them do not, but living with 3 female flatmates and having a sister, I can assure you that some people are just insane creeps.

Whistling and making sexy comments out loud during a stroll in public, molesting (physically and verbally) on the autobus, two times some drunk dude even started chasing them after yelling something about sex... I’m all for acknowledging that the sex market is unequal and they do not want men to show weaknesses, that they are way more superficial than what you’d think at first glance, but gotta disagree with you there. And I also live in a first world country, no some african nation.

Fucking JFL @ whiteknighting for foids under any condition.

I’m not whiteknighting they were almost assaulted and molested repeatedly, that’s just stating facts. Having an easy sexual/romantic life doesn’t mean they do not have other problems. Blackpill is not about consider them literal garbage.

JFL @ giving a fuck about foid's problems. And yes they are worse than garbage. They have no concept of morality, and they are incapable of logic,useless vapid NPCs whose entire goal in life to get men with specific bone structures.You expect anyone here to give a fuck about worthless shitbags like that? Gigacuck if you give a fuck about their problems.

So? Women literally do that to men all the time. Try going to a festival once and listen to females shout "big dicks xD", or acting like she creatures dont assault and grab men too. There's just endless white knight shits like you defending them.

Some incels, r/Braincels 4 Comments [3/19/2019 12:51:28 PM]
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Quote# 142862

Women are logically unequal to men

Women are lesser than men because they're subservient to men and therefore unequal. Like Ted Bundy said, "Beings that are for the most part subservient to males. Women are property, merchandise."

spambot and Ted Bundy, incels.is 9 Comments [3/17/2019 9:59:52 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

Quote# 142888

Alt right Chad literally has sjw girls on his cock.

JFL, fucking foids in my school are drooling over a 6”2 redpilled blond Chad who is literally unironically a fucking nazi. If he was incel he would have been expelled by now. Today he literally said the NZ shooting was hilarious but the foids don’t give a fuck because he is Chad. He currently has 3 super sjw girls trying to get in his pants lmfao. Chad can be Nazi and pull sjws. Fuck this gay earth.

in my class theres a 6ft2 Chad and I go to school in a very liberal area and half the class is hispanic sjw girls, and the Chad says "Man last semester I couldnt understand my professor at all she had the worst accent ever" and instantly all the hispanic girls turn around in disgust until they see who said it - the 6ft2 chad - the change in their facial expressions went from disgust to fuck me right now. it was pure suifuel.

had i said something about a professor having an accent, i'd be expelled and the police would be called

Wtf sort of bullshit is this. You're supposed to just ignore an accent that you can't understand, or get accused of racism?

i know its ridiculous. i mean the way the chad was saying it could be interpreted by some as being "disrespectful", but still, the reaction from disgust to please come fuck me was pure suifuel. they were ok with him saying it because of his looks

Imagine what it does for your growth hormone, dopamine and serotonin levels to basically be constantly and always validated for every god damn thing you do. You’d have no issue putting on muscle mass either since some 9/10 would be fucking you every day.

Damn. It's stuff like this that really gets me upset. Even if I could ascend to normal this is just wrong and I don't see how I could ever really live a normal life because of it.

I wish we could do something about it.

Some incels, r/Braincels 2 Comments [3/19/2019 12:51:32 PM]
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Quote# 142891

Skilled Whore is a meme

i see a lot of normies thinking some "expericiend" women would give more pleasure than an inexperient virgirn.

which is complete bullshit, a women don't need special training to open her mouth and contract her libs around a cock, or to spread he legs, and moan while she take a dick.

this experencied how myth was invented so roasties could feel better about their slutness and feel superior to virgirns foids.

i'm tired of normies that say "why would you want virgirn hur dur?" "she woun't know how to pleasure you hur dur"
stop pretending giving a blowjob is some science, it can be teached to a foid of how to do it in less than 10 mins, and her tight virgin pussy would give much more pleasure than a punched lasagna of a rosted beef that took a hundred cooks plus.

you won't find any serious research about vagina becoming loose with sexs, everything you will find at google will be mun science seguring to whores that "your vagina will be tight even if you have sexs with 50 guys and have a babie despise your age hurdur"

GameDevCel, incels.is 5 Comments [3/19/2019 12:53:43 PM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

Quote# 142893

Re: Why don’t we talk about the lesbianpill more?

100% straight girls would rather lick each other’s flaps than LOOK at a sub 5 male. Almost every single girl above the age of 16 has had a lesbian experience but NONE of them have sub 5 experiences. Let that sink in.

Women's sexuality has developed as much more fluid than mens due to evolutionary purposes. It's already established that ancient caveman/ early agriculture chad had a harem of women. It was in their interest to get along. To share sexually. A "strong" woman demanding she be the only one and accepting nothing else. She wouldn't get the superior genes to breed with.

Anthropologists have actually documented this. Almost all women are bisexual to a degree, and it's believed it was an evolutionary strength as it produced more cohesive harems for chad and thus more likely to mate with chad and produce offspring.

if a foid thinks you're a chad, she will legit do A LOT to keep you interested. She'll kiss another foid and think it's hot, partly because she's doing it for chad, and her sexuality is fluid enough to enjoy it. She will do anal, she'll drop to her knees and suck him off. The kind of sex most normies only dream about, as they plug their 5/10 girlfriend who is giving them starfish non interactive sex for like 8 minutes. Foids will do groupsex, and if the mans hot enough, the arousal will drive them to seek his attention and seek satisfaction which can involve her playing with the other foids.

There's a world of difference between chad and normies. ironically there isn't as big a difference between incels and normies. Most normies aren't getting much. Maybe a top tier normie might, but that's it, that's where the exponential curve begins, at top tier

This is one of the basics of biology. Women are not sexually attracted to males, only romantically. Studies show that even the most 100% straight women will find the naked female body more sensual and arousing than the naked male body. And they will still assert that they are 100% straight simply because they don't consider sex important. For women sex is just the price they're willing to pay for a relationship with men, which is what they really want. And since they want a relationship (i.e. just romance and kissing) only with men then they consider themselves completely straight despite preferring to lick vagina lips than let a penis inside them.

Administrative_Worth & ActiveShitter, r/Braincels 3 Comments [3/19/2019 12:54:00 PM]
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Quote# 142865

Fuck @ChelseaClinton ! So proud of this brave soul standing up to these white terrorist imperial cunts. Just 2 weeks ago she was attacking @IlhanMN and now she has #ThoughtsAndPrayers go fuck yourself bitch. #ChurchChrist #BDS

Nozrati, Twitter 1 Comments [3/17/2019 10:00:20 AM]
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Quote# 142870

Re: Femcels

this is art.

Frederick Douglass IQ

theres some dude in a 3rd world country saying the same about us

I know 3rd world guys that have left the west because they state that "women in this country don't like sex"

Seriously? Like honestly 100%? Bro tell me that ain't true lmfao

LOL it is the truth, I am from the Dominican Republic, I had cousins say this to me, and have heard it from other people. My sister has a tax office in Pennsylvania and she files immigration papers as well as marriage documents for new immigrants.

These are some of the complaints men have, some of them leave the country all together and go right back to the island, were they say the economy is bad but they are happier and

"women are nicer and want to have sex"

they are very low inhib

Brokemgtow, r/Braincels 2 Comments [3/18/2019 10:04:20 AM]
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Quote# 142861

CyberBullying wimmin is liberating

I decided to indulge in some online harassment of some sluts who went to my high school. I contacted a few anonymously through social media and needless to say berated and slut shamed them to the utmost extreme. So much so that one of them threatened to contact the police and another sicked her big bad boyfriend and her sister on me through Instagram. It was quite funny actually. One of these girls had a picture leaked sophomore year of her sucking dick and I had a field day with that. The trick is to counter fake light-hearted responses like "have a nice day" with outright slander and threats until they eventually fold and go running to someone else to take care of their problem. But yeah I think I found a new hobby.

spambot, incels.is 9 Comments [3/17/2019 9:58:41 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

Quote# 142855

Re: tinder finally confirms 80/20 rule as of March 12, 2019. it's even worse than we expected. comments to the article from girls even agree it's true. it's over

beckies/normie/ and even some disillusioned low tier normie women want to fuck chad and chadlite throughout their late teens to early 30s and then find a beta buxx provider once their beef starts flapping. We just need to educate those men that even the most innocent of girl next door types were fucking every chad they could and are only settling for you so she can have her cake and eat it to. this is such a different cultural shift to human history that it will take a generation or two for men to figure it out.

yeah the most fucked up thing are those "cute innocent next door" type girls who you think are "good girls" are actually having casual sex with chads. they keep it on the down low tho to keep up with the facade.

The uglier/ shy girls I knew were actually freakier cuz they had to make up for it somehow to make it chads worth while. They were the ones who practiced deepthroating, anal and gangbangs.

we honestly need a war or revolution

With sense of injustice it is inevitable. Platforms that mock incels, niceguys, foreveralone, mgtow all are just an attemp to preserve status quo and reduce the rate of spreading the blackpill. But truth will eventually find its way.

no dating app is working as intended. to keep the bloodline strong, the weaks must be culled.

No, It is not. The whore that hit the wall will eventually have seed of the betabux, not tinder chad. Also I think using strong-weak axis as an evolutionary paradigm is pretty ignorant. Humans are pretty weak compared to most other animals regardless of their relative size and few mm deviance of skull bones. What made us was communication, intelligence and nutritional flexibility. Until previous century we had a system to check women's primitive urges with monogamy and encourage/enforce sexual selection behavior that rewarded what mattered to common good. But that changed and we are yet to see consequences of it. I know one thing though: Having huge masses of angry and frustrated men never ends well.

Women today, especially while single, are literally sharing/fucking the hottest possible guys all thanks to dating apps. Then, as they begin to finally accept that chad doesn’t need to commit, they will eventually settle as they start to age with beta billy and simply lie about their sexual history, knowing full well he’d be demoralized and turned off from her if he knew some tall big dicked chad was regularly fucking her brains out better than he ever could.

Most guys today are living a lie. Women have always been notorious for deflating their partner count, now their partner count is filled with legit chads that most men literally can’t compete with sexually. Just lol at the soft-cucks who honestly believe it was “just sex” and “no big deal”. She’ll be secretly wishing he was one of her tinder chads almost every time he touches her just so she can get off enough to fake an orgasm with him.

Men today are cucked.

There's always going to be dating websites, and apps designed to meet people, but then used as dating platforms. Then all the other social media websites and apps that people use to meet at all. Including Craigslist and even reddit.

It's really the women on the app which are the problem.

Restrict female internet usage. That's all.

This should be pinned.

the situation for men is closer to a world with a small number of super-billionaires surrounded by huge masses who possess almost nothing. According to the Hinge analyst:

On a list of 149 countries’ Gini indices provided by the CIA World Factbook, this would place the female dating economy as 75th most unequal (average—think Western Europe) and the male dating economy as the 8th most unequal (kleptocracy, apartheid, perpetual civil war—think South Africa).

Some incels, r/Braincels 4 Comments [3/17/2019 9:58:17 AM]
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Quote# 142860

[Blackpill] being an incel is worse than rape

while i can uderstand a foid is traumatize by being forcefully penetrated by a non chad, it's only 10 mins, and maybe a few months recovering from the trauma, when you are an incel your entire life is a fucking hell, i'm not talking about sexs here, even to make friends and get job is hard when you are ugly and autistic as sin, from the moment you are born to the very end of your life, it is being lonely, being rejected by society, being made fun of for things you din't choose, never being able to have sexs/relationship/marriage/kids, all of that destroy your head like no other thing.

GameDevCel, Incels.is 4 Comments [3/17/2019 9:58:35 AM]
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[SuicideFuel] seeing young children makes me sad

I would love one day to have a child, it seems like something that would make one's life a lot more fulfilling, however I know that because of my situation there is no chance of that happening. No foid could have standards low enough to accept me. Was across the room from some guy the other day at a restaurant (where I sat alone of course) and i saw the look of joy on his face as his two girls (maybe 3 and 5 years) were laughing. I will never experience that.

more things that annoy me:

seeing a young couple hold hands
seeing a girl laugh with her Chad boyfriend (he's probably not even funny she is just in awe of how handsome and alpha he is)
seeing a girl with a man 9-10 inches taller than her (i am manlet and all i see here when i see such a scenario is that women lust after very tall men)

SaintElliotreeeee, Incels.is 7 Comments [3/17/2019 9:58:30 AM]
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[Venting] Small talk is blackpilling the shit out of me

I've recently been trying to get more extroverted since my loneliness is mentally torturing me at this point. I think I've become pretty well-versed in the art of interacting and small talk with certain types of people (strangers in public, male employees, classmates, acquaintaces). Older adults are always friendly; but for people my age, it depends.

Other incels (including soyboys) are the easiest to talk to since they, like me, are also desperate to not be treated like garbage.
Normies are usually receptive, especially if they're alone or in small groups.
Chads will only be receptive if they're employees or if they're alone. If they're in groups, they won't be as rude as foids, but they still don't want to be associated with a subhuman nerd. They'll usually give a quick smile-and-nod response and mingle with someone else.

But then there's femoids :feelscry:. This is where it truly hurts. Sometimes, after continued success in riffing with other dudes, I forget that I'm a hideous subhuman and try to make conversation with a girl. I then get a harsh dose of reality when I see them disinterestedly utter a one-word response and not even look at me; or at worst, give me a dirty look. If they're employees, they'll manage to put on a forced smile but make me take the hint.

It's humiliating :feelscry:. Each time I briefly wonder "Was it something I said?" then I realize "Oh yeah, I forgot I was ugly."

Sadness, Incels.is 3 Comments [3/16/2019 5:58:55 AM]
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Ah, yes! It's been a while. Do tell me: Which version of Rouge is SEGA going with currently? Is it the bland treasure hunter that only exists to give knuckles a villainous foil? That is to say, despite the fact that his otherwise barely mentioned role as guardian of the Master Emerald should be more than enough cause for Eggman to be his enemy, thus rendering her completely unnecessary?

Ooh, I know! Maybe it's the thief with a heart of gold who suddenly cares about Shadow for some reason despite sharing absolutely no emotional connection to him OR E-123 Omega prior to Sonic Heroes! Who could forget those timeless character building moments between them that made her inclusion meaningful! Like when.........

[Picture of Spongebob Squarepants]

Or perhaps it's the Rouge who works for G.U.N. now because.......Fuck it, she wasn't doing anything else of note, am I right?

Rouge is nothing but one of at least a half dozen interchangeable Sonic characters with absolutely nothing of value to offer...at least, nothing you can make her do in a children's video game.

Welp, my work here is done!

beatles123, Wrestling Forum 1 Comments [3/17/2019 9:36:51 AM]
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[Story] Back in highschool. Storytime

Funny how all of a sudden I will remember things that I never wanted to remember. This story takes place on the outdoor basketball court during lunchtime. For all those unfamiliar, king of the hill is a chill pass time to play with your friends, it's simple, deathmatch 1v1's where the winner plays on. I wasn't lying about it being chill, however, bored foids mean that they're gonna come looking for chad. Unfortunately for me, the friends I played with were chads. Picture this, you're having fun knocking down shots from the outside when a bunch of roasties show up on the side of the court. You're playing against your chad friend in a non serious match when all of a sudden, the roasties start cheering for the chad.
Some background info on chad 1. he's an asshole, 2. he hates roasties and is known to call them sluts and berate them. So it's pretty obvious he's not well received. I on the other hand, rarely ever talk, i was indifferent to the roasties and assumed they were indifferent to me. So it came as a surprise to me when 90% of those noodle whores started cheering for him, given they should hate him and they shouldn't care about me.

Now that I think about this from a black pilled mindset, it's obvious, it doesn't matter how good you are, nice you are and how confident you are, foids will always secretely want the better looking guy to come out on top. It is a crime for an incel to beat chad at anything.
Of course I won that match in the first 5 seconds and the roasties all fucked off.

Back in highschool one of my chadlite friends kept asking me spar with him(i was known to fight well, in those times), i did spar with him and defeated him in 10 seconds, all the boys in my class cheered for me but i still remember seeing those foids face filled with disgust, at that time i thought i shouldn't have beaten infront of an audience(i didn't bully him, he challenged me to fight and lost, but afcourse to foids i was the bad guy) one of the foids went to complain against to the principal but the chadlite who fought me calmed her down and asked her not to complain.

arabce1 & FIVETHREEBALDCEL, Incels.is 2 Comments [3/17/2019 9:58:24 AM]
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Re: Sexual dimorphism

All I see is a chad and an incel.

Because incels have the bodies and skeletons of women instead of, as should be, men.

No one here complains about being too masculine. Guys here complain about being too short, having a babyface, having a high-pitched voice, not having enough muscles, having a tiny, recessed jaw, looking like a child/baby...

As a guy who likes tomboy girls i find this funny.

The tomboy girls you like are like the head on the left, not like the head on the right.

Do they have large, masculine jaws? No.

Do they have very thick necks? No.

An example of this is Ruby Rose: Picture, Another one

She has all these feminine traits:

Thick, full, plump lips (compared to men's)

Large eyes

High and prominent cheekbones

Rounded, smooth chin

Thin, smooth jaw

Short jaw (in height)

Smooth skin

Curved eyebrows

Small nose

Thin neck

She looks really feminine, you would never think that's a man. However, the short hair, the tough girl attitude and the rocker clothes are masculine traits. Tomboy girls are feminine girls with slight masculine touches.

Inceldom is a big dimorphism problem more than anything I'd think.

It is true that you'll find nearly no incels with classically masculine, rugged features and sharp masculine appearances like a solid lower-third, wider face, higher and more projecting cheekbones and overall orbital structure (which is cheekbones, frontal bone and maxilla mostly) and just bigger bones overall.

Most incels do not have very masculine faces overall or sharpness/angularity. Studies show that masculine-associated appearances attract women so it is clear that it is robustness and shape more than nearly anything else that creates the problem of not just being unable to attract any women but in being literally closer to ugly as a male wholly.

Because women care about sexual dimorphism more than anything else. Inceldom isn’t about personality, intelligence, sense of humor, ect, it’s about the fact that women automatically value the sexual dimorphism of a male’s bones as his social status more than anything else.

No matter how obvious this continues to become, people will desire to deny this because of the women are wonderful effect; People today are conditioned to be unwilling to accept just how shallow women are.

Why does everyone here blame the women? It’s not their fault that they find you unattractive, it’s not their fault that they’re shallow.

It's not women's fault, they're just breeding machines, it's our fault as men for buying into dumb abstractions such as "equality" and "justice" and thus giving them rights.

Some incels, r/Braincels 3 Comments [3/17/2019 9:43:23 AM]
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Re: Mom literally confirmed the blackpill

When I explained I'm incel because of women being slutty and only caring about Chad: "they'll grow out of it eventually, when they get older they'll learn their lesson and look for a reasonable man to start a family with"

I hope this is the moment you lost all respect you had for your mother. Trying to bluepill you like that should be punishable by law. Same reasoning these holes use for "you are only a real man if you take care of another one's kids".

My mother used to try and bluepill me like that and all i did was laugh hard in her face and tell her to stfu her whore mouth. She is a single mom but was too retarded to get pregnant by chad so managed to spermrape some low genetic quality loser that died some years back. Dont even know where he is burried or ill go and piss on his grave if i knew

You'd piss on his grave for giving you his low quality shitty beta-genes (no offense)? Then you're just like me and my father, he's a son of a bitch and I'll piss on his grave for giving me beta genes and ruining my life

what is there to be offended about? only normies get offended whenever an uncomfortable truth is stated

?yeah i would piss on his grave because he was a weak willed beta that managed to get divorceraped when i was very young and left me with just my mother who, as any proper modern female, had absolutely no clue how to raise a male to become a MAN. i received no guidance, no green light to pursue any potential strengths I had as a child, I was highly talented in singing, tennis and football. I became so good in all of these that in order to progress I would have needed private tutoring, which i did not receive. If just one of these talents were encouraged by my dumb bitch of a mother I would be statusmaxxed moneymaxxed celebrity by now because I have always been approaching my passions autistically(aka practicing 24/7), which would invariably lead to some kind of extreme proficiency. instead i was just left to do other kiddie shit like watching cartoon network and playing gta all day

any genetic traits he left me are secondary to this. id never forgive both of them for the lack of male guidance in my youth. I am a completely lost person now because of this shit

Heavy_Sheepherder, r/Braincels 2 Comments [3/17/2019 9:58:15 AM]
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Boys should not be raised by women beyond age 6 or so. Women, from mothers and aunts to teachers and other strangers are very likely to try their best to suffocate their boy’s sexuality, to make him into the kind of man they wish they were attracted to. This is how you end up with mountains of nice guys.

The reason, quite simply is the nature of female sexuality as submissive to male sexuality, and women not wanting to appear as sexual beings in front of their offspring (which is normal). Men have to raise boys to be men. School, and civilization generally, also have a neutering effect, in that they demand compliance.

The jews are pretty brilliant at making their deviant fantasies come true. The various races of the earth are not equal, but by encouraging miscegenation eventually the jews make everyone equal, so it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Same thing with Freud, his Oedipal Complex probably only applied to a handful of men, but thanks to modern (((conditioning))) all moms want to shoot pornos for their sons - progress!

DerekWIll & G-Man, Daily Stormer 2 Comments [3/13/2019 4:55:59 PM]
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