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Since everything is "RANDOM" for you except for evoultion, then explain please why species don't interbreed? Why don't dogs make dogcat babies?? How IS evolution not random enough that species are not crossbreeding - if they tried it is futile? The theory of your "No God" should also equal "Total Randomness in Nature" where there is none. & Explain why when we mess with mother nature, it is usually a disaster!! Mad cow originated from cows? being tortured or fed parts of their own--- fact!

BunnyBambiBambi, YouTube 48 Comments [10/1/2009 8:01:03 AM]
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hey if 2 faggots want to suck each other's cocks, that's up to them. i don't really care if they get married? or not. but i DO CARE when they try to normalize the faggot lifestyle in schools. kids should be taught that faggots are WRONG. that being a faggot is like being an alcoholic. it's not something healthy. sure we shouldn't be against faggots having rights. but we should be against being fed the lie that faggots are normal.

["Declaring? "faggots" are "WRONG" and then pretending he respects their rights, what an asshole."]

suck a dick? you fucking faggot. i already told you cocksucker, you can suck all the cock you want. just don't pretend that cum slurping ways represent normal behavior. now put the cock back in your mouth you fucking idiot.

westmeat, YouTube 75 Comments [10/1/2009 7:33:25 AM]
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My close friend has read Twilight, as did my older daughter. My friend said it was no big deal, but she is in her 40's. My daughter called it dumb. I would rather she had not succumbed to such trash.

For me, when people ask "have you read it?" my response is that I have read many reviews, done my research, and decided that it would not be pleasing to God. If it is a book, such as The Shack or the DaVinci Code, which twists the truth about the character of my God I would absolutely never read it. People who ask that question are typically trying to catch you, because then they reply that if you haven't read it you cannot make an intelligent assessment. Hogwash!

His_Bride, RAPTURE READY 71 Comments [10/1/2009 7:32:44 AM]
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[Swine Flu thread]

Well maybe the Lord has a plan to keep most kids out school so that they won't have to listen to the O man.

truthwarrior, Rapture Ready 55 Comments [10/1/2009 7:32:34 AM]
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