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There’s never a “good” reason to have an abortion. Many women have abortions without guilt or concern. This is one of the many reasons why women have mental and emotional disorders, and in extreme cases commit suicide or lead them to mistreat or murder the young children they did keep. The simplest definition of abortion is: Ritual Child Sacrifice. Ultimately, fornication breeds unwanted pregnancies. Unwanted pregnancies lead to abortions. And abortion in the eyes of God is pure MURDER: https://edendecoded.com/blog-2/item/baal-babies

Eden Decoded, Facebook 19 Comments [1/28/2017 5:30:28 AM]
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Quote# 123979

I am not programmed to judge anything as immoral. Though some actions I might find it weird, but I would blame his/her culture or maybe because it's just their way of life.

Lovely Mae Cabalo Embernate, Facebook 12 Comments [1/28/2017 2:50:10 AM]
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Submitted By: Demon Duck of Doom

Quote# 123977

Has anyone ever tried to seduce an Asexual?

Gross :p

because how can you be romantic without being sexual, and thus not make the asexual throw up.

flirting too... flirting is like hinting as sex, barf.

Holding hands... Noooooo!

I guess the only way to attract your asexual future lover is to turn into a cat

o_O oh vomit Noooooo!

Precipitous120, Deviantart 16 Comments [1/27/2017 11:27:26 PM]
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Quote# 123976

Concerning the suicide incident
by Feesu-san, Jan 5, 2015, 11:15:05 AM
Journals / Personal
Okay, so some of us have already heard about that guy who committed suicide last week, you heard the story, and everybody is talking about it, and most of them, blaming the Christian parents for their son's death. Well, I have something to say about that:

First off, transsexualism, believe it or not, is nothing but a sin before God. Okay? Did God make a mistake making Adam a man? No, He didn't. And did He make a mistake on creating Eve as a woman? Heck no, He didn't. Look it up in Genesis, it says "male and female created he them". On top of that, even the book of Deuteronomy condemns that sinful practice. However, the same God sent Jesus to die for every sinner on the planet, including those people, so that they can be set free from the bondage of sin. I mean, Jesus' sacrifice ain't for nothing.

On the subject of suicide, whether it is assisted or not, murder is murder before God; and believe it or not, any form of suicide is murder. And it's really heartbreaking to hear that everyday somebody commits suicide. And seriously, man doesn't not own life, only God does. And for some people to use suicide as a form of blackmail is downright ridiculous, and wrong.

And with that being said, the Christian parents should not be blamed for their son's death to start with. And I'll tell you why: him being born a boy is most certainly NOT a mistake, and whoever told him that he was "trapped in the wrong body" or was "actually a girl", that's a blotted lie from the devil himself. And so, yes, he told his parents about it, and as Christians, they did do the right thing telling him the Truth, and didn't compromise; they put their foot down when necessary, and it this case, they did just that. But where they the ones that forced him into that truck? NO! Okay?! He chose to do that on his own. Plus, how the guy handled it was just awful: committing suicide. :no: And, it's really heartbreaking that this guy ended his life that way... Really Sad

Let's be serious here, inasmuch as I'm against suicide (even God himself said "Thou shall not kill". And it breaks my heart to hear that someone committed suicide), the people who are blaming the boy's death on the Christian parents, really need to shut the living heck up and leave them alone! Okay?! Is it their fault that the boy chose to commit suicide?! No, it isn't! So the people who are still blaming them who are reading this right now, inasmuch as I don't hate you (and I'm being serious, I find it impossible to do that), I have had just about enough of you. Honestly, you better have a serious rethink over this; grow up, get a grip, quit blaming them for their son's death and leave them alone! OH. MY. GOSH. And you so-called Christians reading this now who are blaming the parents, you think you're doing the right thing, but are you before God? Certainly not. I just pray that God will open your eyes that you'll see the error of your ways.

Honestly, I have never been this angry in my entire life. And whenever I hear something like this, and those people and the LGBT activists use it to not only ram their freaking agenda upon each and every one of us, including children, but they also use that to blame it on us Christians; and deep down, it ticks me off so much that I'm beginning to run out of patience with those activists. I mean, inasmuch as I am strongly against LGBT lifestyles, the one thing I find extremely impossible to do, is hate the folks themselves. Do I result to death threats? No, I don't, (I have received death threats in the past, mind you, even by LGBT activists) so don't even think that I even do that. And for your information, by calling the parents names, and blaming their son's death, you're actually asking them to hate you, which they can't do. And if you blame the boy's death on us Christians, you're asking for the impossible here: you're indirectly actually asking us to hate you, which is clearly impossible. You know, one thing that really baffles me is this: you guys claim to be all about "freedom of speech" and so-called "tolerance", and yet you go ahead and open your freaking mouths to call us names, hurl death threats, swear at us like crazy all in the name of "proving a point", spread false humors; what are you going to gain outta that? Nothing. Just nothing. With what is going on in this planet (may God forgive me for saying this), I'm beginning to wish that the word "tolerance" shouldn't even be existing in the dictionary a long time ago. Sheesh (sorry I lost my cool there).

*takes a deep breath* .... But then again, these same people need Jesus Christ. I mean, Jesus died for these people too, so who are we not to preach the real undiluted Gospel to them so they come to repentance? Who are we not to tell them that Jesus saves, when these people are lost and need salvation?

And you know what? Nem Crying I just pray that those people who encouraged that behavior on that kid, that their eyes will be opened, and they not only know that their hands are filled with blood; but that they also see the Truth and the light of Christ that they will repent of their sins..

Feesu-sun, Deviantart 11 Comments [1/27/2017 11:27:12 PM]
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Quote# 123975

"Step one, he says, "We need to talk."
I walk, he says, "Bend over. It's just a talk."
I smile politely at the Jew
He pegs my anus right on through
Overton window to my right
As it goes left and I stay right
Turn in my guns, and feel the shame
Dindu gun crime is my fault, I'm to blame

Why did I believe the Jewish lies
And cuck for all these non-whites
I speak the saddest words of tongue and pen
Now I know, /pol/ was right again

Let you know that white is best
'Cause dindus fail the IQ test
Kill some men in self defense
Gentle giant innocents
Lay down a list of what is wrong
The things they told you all along
You believe the Hebrew
But I pray redpills can reach you

And why did I believe the Jewish lies
And cuck for all these non-whites
I speak the saddest words of tongue and pen
Now I know, /pol/ was right again

As he begins to raise his arm
You raise yours, cause over all you're Deutsch
Heil until your arm is sore
And start another great war
He's kicking ass with blitzkrieg
Ignoring what generals are thinking
Invade Russia, but that's insane
Next thing you know he's blowing out his brains

Where did we go wrong? Our Fuhrer's gone
We went too far with the Lebensraum
And I would have sieg heiled beside the Rhine
Had I known how to save the Reich

Where did we go wrong? Our Fuhrer's gone
We went too far with the Lebensraum
And I would have sieg heiled beside the Rhine
Had I known how to save the Reich

How to save the Reich

How to save the Reich

Why did I believe the Jewish lies
And cuck for all these non-whites
I speak the saddest words of tongue and pen
Now I know, /pol/ was right again

Why did I believe the Jewish lies
And cuck for all these non-whites
I speak the saddest words of tongue and pen
Now I know, /pol/ was right again
/pol/ was right again"

Morrakiu, Youtube 18 Comments [1/27/2017 11:26:32 PM]
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Submitted By: ThePerson

Quote# 123972

Legal abortion is part of the cultural Marxist plan to destroy white nations and to divide men from women.

Mark my words: abortion will become illegal in most Western countries within our lifetimes.

Future generations will view it the same way we view medieval trepanation.


Matt Forney, Gab 19 Comments [1/27/2017 6:40:16 PM]
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Quote# 123971

Another reason why I became pro-life: watching just how triggered shitlibs and feminists become when anyone talks about restricting abortion "rights."

If they're that hysterically fixated on abortion, it's something evil that needs to go away.

Plus, I love watching shitlibs in pain.


Matt Forney, Gab 11 Comments [1/27/2017 6:40:11 PM]
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Quote# 123968

I love to play the steel guitar. I already know that God has some beautiful steel guitars waiting for me. I told the Lord to surprise me. I never tell the Lord what I want, because I trust that He knows my heart infinitely better than I ever could, and can do a much better job of picking things for me than I can for myself. He said all things will be given to us in Romans 8:32. Jesus was a carpenter and can build anything handmade. I think it is amazing and more than a coincidence that the Creator of this universe worked on earth for 30 years as a carpenter! Amen! The Lord said to Peter in John 14:1-3 that He was going to prepare a place for him (and every believer), that we may be together forever in “My Father's house.”

I know that God is going to enable me to play music the way I have always wanted to (few artists like their work). God is going to give me an orchestra to play along with, and the best sound equipment. We likely won't even need sound equipment, but I hope so. I love the old tube technology. I love old things and aged wood. I don't play my guitar anywhere near as much as I'd like to down here on earth—in part because of my adverse health with my neck, and also because I sacrifice most of my time to maintain and work on my websites (and I am honored and grateful for the unique opportunity and privileged to do so).

I have given up my life for the Lord's work. Matthew 10:42 and 16:25, “And whosoever shall give to drink unto one of these little ones a cup of cold water only in the name of a disciple, verily I say unto you, he shall in no wise lose his reward. ... For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it.” God is going to reward me for every keystroke on my computer's keyboard, every night I've worked through until the next day, and for working hard even though it caused more pain in my neck sitting for long hours typing. Jesus PROMISED to reward all of our labors for Him.

David J. Stewart, God Loves People 17 Comments [1/27/2017 6:39:45 PM]
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Quote# 123967

That and normies are dumb...they wonder why they're in debt and tired all the time.

Socializing js expensive AND tedious.

Living expenses suck enough... To have disposable income to "socialize" makes you go from needing a part time to full time job.

And socializing won't do you a damn bit of good if

1: You don't drive. Mostly an American thing. A lot of people here don't drive either but women expect you to chaufer them around like you're the God damn uber.

2: If you live with your parents. Many cultures go generations living together or at least help their parents pay the bills and vice versa. You love your parents but want to get far away from them? What? Independence is fine but it's not independence if it's mandatory now is it? (What's even dumber is women don't get this upset about room mates... But they do expect you to get your own property after being with them so they can control your fucking life.)

3: Normie passtimes are expensive. Video games are expensive too and honestly that's pretty fucking normie. Paying out the ass to get server banned and "get good fgt"

Non normie pastimes would probably include vegan cooking, bird watching, gardening, weirdly enough anything outside. Normies go outside but do they actually interact with the environment?

GetaPoas, /r/incels 21 Comments [1/27/2017 6:39:39 PM]
Fundie Index: 6
Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

Quote# 123966

I'm torn on abortion. On one hand, it's grotesque. But, it prevents a lot of brown black and libslut births and opens way for gay screening.

Chateau Emissary, Twitter 8 Comments [1/27/2017 6:39:30 PM]
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Quote# 123964

Below are several posts of his.

So? Why should our civilization be held hostage by the "wisdom" of bunch of wealthy, 18th Century slave-holders who thought that only white male landowners should be allowed to vote?

We've learned so much more about humanity and the world since then. Our concept of "freedom" needs to change along with that understanding.


I care more about civilization, equality, and objective reality than I ever will about "freedom."

Freedom is what got us into this mess. Freedom is chaos. Freedom is crime. Freedom is giving lies as much weight as truth. Freedom is putting more emphasis on the greedy desire of individuals than the needs of the species. Freedom is environmental destruction. Freedom is allowing superstition to grow like a cancer.

Freedom gave us Trump.

Don't sing me any songs about free anything. It will fall on deaf ears.


In response to a post by someone who said they were accused of racism for criticizing the religion of Islam:
Considering most of what passes for criticism of Islam is mainly calling anyone who vaguely looks Middle Eastern a "Camel Jockey" or a "Sand N*gger" followed by advocating the Sam Harris Doctrine of racial profiling, torture, and nuclear genocide, I don't blame them for coming to that conclusion.

If you don't think that racism is worthy of punishment, then I never want to hear you complain about racial prejudice.

Mark A. Siefert, Patheos 7 Comments [1/27/2017 6:39:23 PM]
Fundie Index: -4
Submitted By: Nemo

Quote# 123963

[Commenting under the article "Treason? Not a Problem!"]


Obama is a thoroughly loathsome creature. The clemency to the FALN terrorist is equally disgusting.

It is, as you say, equally disgusting -- and equally revealing, in at least two ways.

First, so much for the "low level, non-violent" offender tripe. The FALN terrorist planted over 100 bombs.

Second, both commutations were given to enemies of America. Now why would a person grant clemency to America's enemies? The answer is clear to me: Because the grantor thinks America is a sinister, shameful country that deserves what these criminals had in mind for it.

The frightening thing is that Obama has another 60 hours in which to do yet more damage.

A constitutional amendment to cabin this gross abuse of the executive's clemency power is going to have to be considered.

federalist and Bill Otis, Crime and Consequences 2 Comments [1/27/2017 6:38:47 PM]
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Submitted By: JeanP

Quote# 123950

(it hasn’t even been a week since trump got in office and he’s already making orders to fuck with people’s reproductive rights, advance the construction of oil pipelines on native american land, and repeal healthcare from millions of people so literally fuck anyone who says “just give him a chance”!!, because chances aren’t given to assholes who won’t hesitate when it comes to putting people’s lives in jeopardy )

Umm… so making it harder for you to get an abortion is putting your life in jeopardy?

Honey, umm, hate to break it to you, but it’s saving babies’ lives. Therefore, Trump is trying to save lives.

Iamawe, Tumblr 18 Comments [1/27/2017 6:38:34 PM]
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Submitted By: Ivur

Quote# 123949

[In response to someone criticizing a sexist video game trailer]

You know, there was a time I would be willing to stop and help some random person who seems to be in trouble... not so much anymore, because I might accidentally help someone like you.

Specialist, Siliconera 6 Comments [1/27/2017 6:38:25 PM]
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Quote# 123948

[Re. violence against Trump supporters]

You can think I'm sanctimonious if you want. But you know what? That doesn't make you any less of a Nazi collaborator in the long run. There are actual white nationalists in multiple cabinet level positions in this country. The democratic process is being ripped to goddamn shreds by voting restrictions, gerrymandering, and more than a bit of corporate cash. Media processes are falling apart into regurgitating outright bullshit. And yes I think less of anyone who'd look at 1930s Germany and decide "There is no point where I'd stand up and oppose this." You can call that sanctimonious if you want. It may well be, but it's deserved sanctimony. I think you haven't considered your own place in the world. I think a little less of your morality because you're not willing to decide when to fight.
And again, I was talking about violence directed at nazis not at lost elections, so leave your straw man at the door. Do you think I advocated violence when Bush won by scant margins in 2000 and 2004, just because I thought he was a shitty republican ass? Do you think I advocated violence at Mitch McConnel when the republicans took the senate? I'm talking specifically about Nazis because there are a sudden fuck ton of them.

ikanreed, RationalWiki 6 Comments [1/27/2017 6:38:19 PM]
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Quote# 123946

i have acquired skills necessary to spot thots that are beyond your imagination

Basically i was finding out the names of a new whore first grader, what does my brilliant mind that refuses to lose to the cuckoldry enforced by the swedish government do? I defeat them. I got her name, I know where she lives, I know her relatives and everything about her, CHECK MOTHER FUCKING MATE YOU FUCKING



[Note: Later, he clarifies that this "first grader" is a sixteen-year old classmate]

throwaway680603, /r/incels 14 Comments [1/27/2017 6:37:58 PM]
Fundie Index: 7
Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

Quote# 123941

It's ALL or NOTHING friend. You'll either be given your every heart's desire or else you won't be given even a single drop of toilet water to quench your suffering and torment in the flames of Hell. I can't believe that anyone would be so foolish as to sing about burning in Hell? Yet, Conan O'Brien boasts that he's going to Hell. As an Irish Roman Catholic, Conan O'Brien thinks Hell is a big joke. I've witnessed to many Catholics who don't even believe in a literal Hell. Their religion is all show-N-tell. ACDC sings that they're on a HIGHWAY TO HELL. Millions of fans worldwide sing along... I'm On A Highway To Hell!!! And they certainly are.

The worst sin that a person can commit is not murder or adultery, it is forgetting God (which leads to all other sins). Psalms 50:22, “Now consider this, ye that forget God, lest I tear you in pieces, and there be none to deliver.” America has forgotten God, banning the Bible from our nation's classrooms. Women all dress whorishly and seductively in public. The abortion industry has taught Americans that life is cheap. The end result is a society that doesn't care what they do to others, even children. What do you expect in a society that cheapens and exploits the human body for profits? People speak of Seven Deadly Sins, but ALL SIN is deadly! All sin leads to more sin. Forgetting God is 100% sinful pride. The Bible says God will tear those who forget Him into pieces.

David J. Stewart, God Loves People 6 Comments [1/27/2017 6:37:39 PM]
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Quote# 123939

Rather, an article written by a real Christian would affirm the truth that God's Word stands, and when the so-called "science" of man contradicts, that is because the science of man is wrong. That's the real defense of God and the Bible.

Navaros, IMDB 7 Comments [1/27/2017 6:36:43 PM]
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Quote# 123938

So-called 'women' have the power to murder their unborn babies and not be prosecuted for those murders. In other words, they can and do quite literally get away with murder. There is no greater power that anyone could possibly have than to get away with murder. That is the most egregious & outright abominable example, and no others are even needed to prove the point that your claim of "men having the power" is utter bull.

But I'll still give other examples too anyway.

Women also have the power to steal half of men's assets and all of their children in divorce court, and furthermore, they have the power to leech tons of money off of their victim - for no legitimate reason - for the rest of his life.

Women also have the power to get men fired and hence leave him unable to survive via bogus "sexual harassment" claims: to be clear, I'm not justifying actual harassment, but what I'm saying is that women can fabricate claims of "harassment" that never happened, and the innocent man will always be found guilty just because of the same sexist attitude that the OP points out and which has spread like a cancer throughout all societies run by liberal/SJW/feminist crazies (which appallingly, is most of them).

Likewise, they also have the power to to fabricate false claims of "rape" that never really happened, and when they do, the innocent man will again always be found guilty, imprisoned, and have his reputation ruined. Of course, I'm not defending actual rape.

Navaros, IMDB 7 Comments [1/27/2017 6:36:24 PM]
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Quote# 123937

I think the problem is that the words "woman" and "women" and "female" have lost all their meaning since liberals now inappropriately include non-female monsters under those labels.

Therefore, before they allow someone to vote, they first need to vet every so-called woman rigorously to determine if she or it ("it" is the designator for so-called "women" who fail the vetting process) is a woman or not. I.e. The media calls hillary clinton a woman, but hillary is a monster, not a woman. It would never pass the vetting process. Nor would other monsters like itself (i.e. 99% of the other so-called "women" that the liberal media promotes).

Navaros, IMDB 5 Comments [1/27/2017 6:36:18 PM]
Fundie Index: 5

Quote# 123936

Hold down a job? What are you talking about? Back in the day when good & normal families were the norm (in contrast to the current norm which is terrible & broken families), women did not "hold down a job." Rather, their husbands bought everything for them and paid all their bills. In addition, they also owned 50% of all of their husbands' property and income, simply by existing.

As the character Wally Cleaver says in the show Leave it to Beaver, women under this arrangement "had it made!"

Research has proven time and time again that women were a lot happier living those good lives in normal families than they are today, when they instead lead broken homes, act like men, and worship their careers (as if any of that could ever make a woman happy, LOL!)

Only in the twisted fantasies of liberal revisionist history are the miserable lives that women lead today a "good" thing.

Navaros, IMDB 6 Comments [1/27/2017 6:33:19 PM]
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Quote# 123935

Naila Amin appeared to have an ordinary American childhood. She lived in a middle-class house on Long Island, New York. Her parents doted on her. None of her teachers or neighbors could have guessed that she had been betrothed to a man since age 8.

At 13, Amin was forced to marry the then 26-year-old man during a family trip to Pakistan. She returned to middle school in New York afterward. She did not take the marriage seriously. Her American life carried on as usual. She pierced her nose. She started dating in high school.

Her parents disapproved of her behavior. When she was 15, they moved with her to Pakistan, where her husband raped her night after night. She tried to swallow bleach, although she couldn’t bring herself to drink enough of the pungent liquid to die.

“It was unbearable,” Amin told me. “I cooked for my enemy, cleaned for my enemy, slept next to my enemy.”

Her husband confiscated her cellphone and passport. Amin convinced an uncle to call U.S. Child Protective Services (CPS) on her behalf, but it was too late. U.S. authorities could not intervene in a marriage deemed legal in another country.

At age 14, Amin stopped going to school and lived covertly at home. CPS workers made weekly surprise visits, but Amin hid in the closet during the inspections.

Five months after she and her family moved to Pakistan, Amin’s parents returned to the United States. Because her uncle had called CPS, Amin’s mother was arrested upon her return and charged with kidnapping.

Her father had no choice but to ask Amin’s husband to allow Amin to return to the United States.

Honor violence is all too familiar to Amin.

Before her parents’ return to the U.S. she had tried to run away from her husband’s house in Pakistan. Hearing that Amin was gone, her father reached for his gun, clutching it tight as he waited for male relatives to catch her.

The men caught Amin and forced her to return to her husband. To protect Amin’s life, other family members locked her father in the house for days. They hoped he would put away his gun. He eventually did.

various Pakistani relatives, truthdig 16 Comments [1/27/2017 6:33:05 PM]
Fundie Index: 13
Submitted By: mister Spak

Quote# 123934

"Teaching children that homosexuals exist is reality, not abuse."

No, it teaches children that abnormal immorality is okay. Such Nazi Youth education is wrong. All children need to learn the way of the Lord to live for life. Children have rights to dream about purity and goodness.

"No it doesn't Grace, because it isn't abnormal nor is it an abomination. You have been taught that by people with no business teaching it."

You are wrong. Secular Western women don't have children and they desire to destroy other people's children by the installation of abnormal immorality in the world. Those who submit to secular West's immorality are real pitiful slaves. No slavery to godless Western nudist women. It's a shame as a human being on Planet Earth. People must submit to God alone.

Grace Kim Kwon, Christian News Network 6 Comments [1/27/2017 6:29:54 PM]
Fundie Index: 5
Submitted By: Jocasta

Quote# 123933

One intelligent reader of mine has suggested that there may be a difference in sexual preferences displayed in men with regard to casual sex and the search for a long-term mate. On his view, EP would predict that men should find ‘peak fertily’ females most attractive for casual sex (20-25?) and young girls (13-19?) most attractive for long-term mating.

That’s certainly an interesting suggestion, and it seems to me to have a high degree of plausibility to it. But one of the glaring things missing from Primate’ analysis, as well as most of the discussion thus far on this site, is the high reproductive value that a virgin would possess for a man, in terms of the ‘mummy’s baby, daddy’s maybe’ argument, and which seems to me would suggest that, in this regard, a young girl in early puberty would have the highest value for a man in relation to both casual sex AND long-term commitment.

theantifeminist, Resisting the Rape of the Male – Sex Positive Men's Rights 10 Comments [1/27/2017 6:29:45 PM]
Fundie Index: 6
Submitted By: Xavier

Quote# 123932

If a woman has even dated another guy before, she is useless trash

Arranged marriages or death

(foreignincel comments)
I just want a women with an experience the same as mine, like this it sounds more normie :)

wich it means , I want a women who never held hands with a boy, never kissed a boy, never had a boyfriend, never been in a date, i want a pure women, now thats very sexist, but its the same sentence as my first reply just from a different angle.

Incel4Life and foreignincel, /r/incels 8 Comments [1/27/2017 6:29:29 PM]
Fundie Index: 7
Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep
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