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Reminder: The catechism is a guide for the faith, reason and behavior of Catholics that has been adapted multiple times through time and keeps being a playground for the individual interpretation as a demand for consciousness. In contrast the Sharia is a Thousand year old ordered from Allah to Muhammad mechanical grid that controls the states of Islam, excludes every variation in thought and action and controle Islam-far over the times of the so-called "Prayer". This closed system rejects categorically every living being and especially Jews and Christians and has freed to the furthest the Islam-land from unbelievers with the predictable consequences.

It is that and only that radical efficiency, that made Islam to the dominant culture of the political and mediatic class in Europe with arrowed obedience qualities. So proved the abuse of the from the constitution granted freedom for this as a religion disguised ideology of violence the ideal mask for the continuation of the German far-right through the "New Left" of the 68-Generation, that betrayed its own capital critical principles and nowadays could reach its limits.

Original German:
Zur Erinnerung: Der Katechismus ist eine Anleitung für Glaube, Vernunft und Verhalten der Katholiken, die mehrfach dem Zeitlauf angepasst wurde und Spielraum für die individuelle Auslegung als Bedingung für ein Gewissen lässt. Dagegen ist die Scharia ein tausendjähriger, von Allah über Muhammad verordneter, mechanischer Raster, der die Staaten des Islam steuert, jede Varianz im Denken und Handeln ausschließt und über die Zeiten des sogenannten „Gebets“ islamweit kontrolliert. Dieses geschlossene System lehnt jede andere Lebensform, speziell die der Juden und Christen, kategorisch ab und hat denn auch mit vorhersagbarer Konsequenz das Islamland im historischen Djihad weitestgehend von diesen Ungläubigen befreit.

Es ist diese und nur diese radikale Effizienz, die den Islam zur Leitkultur der politmedialen Klasse in Europa und mit spezieller Gehorsamsqualität in Deutschland gemacht hat. So erwies sich der Missbrauch der von der Verfassung gewährten Freiheit für diese als Religion ausgegebene Gewaltideologie als ideale Maske für die Fortsetzung des deutschen Rechts-Extremismus durch die „Neue Linke“ der 68er-Generation, die im Armani-Anzug ihre kapital-kritischen Grundsätze verriet und heute an erste Grenzen stoßen könnte.

DR. HANZ-PETER RADDATZ, PI News 2 Comments [10/28/2017 1:35:13 AM]
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Just imagine being a Chad. You go your whole life not having to worry about anything because you know everything will ultimately work out in the end. You don't need to have any inhibitions because you know that no matter what you say, you'll get a positive response.

You get all the sex you want, you're more likely to get hired and paid well. People naturally gravitate towards them and want to be their friend, even if their personality sucks. Their happy lives are completely handed to them by genetics, not hard work, not character. Genetics.

taiwanna, r/incels 22 Comments [10/28/2017 1:31:04 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

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Our free speech is eroding. I know we have pastors who have had problems for speaking out against homosexuality. We also have had our free speech clamped down on if we say anything that promotes hatred toward islam.

Naturally, it was a muslim who brought this bill into law and nobody dared say anything. Our dreamy man/child Prime Minister loves the muslims. He also loves the homosexuals, so I don’t know how that lines up, but, whatever. I guess he just never has a photo-op with both groups at the same time.

JudyinCanada, Free Republic 11 Comments [10/27/2017 12:52:50 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 133496

While I am anti-Nazi/anti-racist/anti-ANTIFA, etc., I hold the strong belief that you can't police anyone's thoughts nor beliefs.

We Christians have been persecuted for years, so...I cannot support thought-control. The alt-left would love to harass bible-believing Christians in our church houses, control what's preached from the pulpit and edit the bible to approve of what God has strictly forbidden, so...I just can't support that.

Lady Checkmate, Disqus - News Network 15 Comments [10/27/2017 12:52:38 PM]
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Quote# 133495

(Responding to this image:)

That meme doesn't make sense. Sarah Palin I understand, but Cruz and Trump I support.

Lady Checkmate, Disqus - News Network 25 Comments [10/27/2017 12:48:43 PM]
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Submitted By: Jocasta

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+Borna HorvaTh bitch I'm not from a sect. I Am a Hebrew Israelite from the tribe of YaHaWadaH, Gad and Simeon. I'm well traveled from Brazil to china, iam commissioned and anointed by YHWH to serve u demons the dish cold just like I'm serving it. YaHaWaH bahasham YaHaWasHi barak ahtha?

a MightyAdvisor of da Hebrews, Youtube 10 Comments [10/27/2017 12:48:27 PM]
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Petter Gustafsson yes, we are the most envied and copied and disenfranchised people on the entire planet! Christ told Us that We are three salt of the earth. we give it flavor. go to any white neighborhood then go to a black or brown neighborhood, one us bland the other, full of flavor. I've been wholeheartedly seeking the truth since I was 4 or 5, and diligently since 16. I'm 37. I am a prophet and seer of the hebrews, I have known my fate and destiny for a long time now. I'm still figuring it out but it definitely has to do with being forthright for my national for the truth overall, no matter what it is. we didn't trip when we thought Christ was a white man with long hair (wicked Cesar Borgia ), but let's see how honks take it when it is revealed to the world that Christ is what the world calls a nigga! lol lol this shit is gonna get better as time passes. I'm excited abut the future cuz I'm sick of being able to experience in 3d, 4d 5d what the wicked devil bloodline has done not only to the hebrews, but to the entire world. I wish it wasn't like this. it's hard for me to be hard on whites like this cuz I really am a humanitarian. but the real a disease in the world worse than cancer, it the roots must cut off. I don't channel, I pray, I ask YHWH with humility to guide me, reveal to me, I wait, I study, I pray, I have epiphanies, shit, YHWH put something in me called the infinite spirit of truth, and I'll doe with and be resurrected with it. I am clairvoyant because I receive intuit information from the source of all.?

a MightyAdvisor of da Hebrews, Youtube 2 Comments [10/27/2017 12:48:16 PM]
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Quote# 133492

We got overthrown because OUR GOD who just happens to be the Creator of EVERYTHING allowed all these heathen, beast bloodline, dick sucking and condoner of other dick sucking nations, dog fucking, demon and demi demon worshipping- to over- take and submit US  because we wanted to be like the heathens and did not follow the Commandments, Laws, and Statutes of YHWH, period! Dont Fret, its all part of a far sighted plan to save the Hebrew Israelites, the niggas, the nappy headed burnt brown people, hmmm the most talented loved yet envied people on the fucking planet... Question, whens the last you saw the world, yes the world, trying to copy and be like the fucking Sudanese? The Ethiopians,?The Somalis....NOPE! They and everyone else wants to like US, the Niggas, lol, cuz you know why? We REally ARe the HEbreW IsrAeliTes.... and its like that.... Its all prophecy and Guess what else, Christ Came Only for the lost sheep of the house of Israel! Paul was a negro, a modern day Jamaican or such.....  YHWH and Christ who is a negro like the ones from the good ole cracker ass USA, HE chose US negros, not Hamites or sons of Ham, the ethiopian who is son of Cush, Egyptians or the modern Sudanese are Mizraim, and so on,,, Of course the West Africa colonies such as Camaroon, Nigeria, the Igbos/Heebos which means Hebrews, the Yorubas, The Falashas of Ethiopia, The Fulani which I am, the Lemba, are all Hebrew Israelites.................But ground fucking zero is America bottom line, starring Esau the white red man and his righteous brother Jacob aka Israel aka me and mine!, or still at war, and once the fallen ones are defeated, the negro (not the hamite, not the arab ishmaelite, not the china man) will be Forever rulers of this Earth under Christ!

a MightyAdvisor of da Hebrews, Youtube 5 Comments [10/27/2017 12:48:07 PM]
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Quote# 133491

So today after work I was chilling at the bus stop. I was either looking at stuff on my phone or just staring into space not really looking into anything and contemplating my subhuman existence. Then a sound broke my trance, I hear the sound of a roastie saying "Excuse me?". The roastie was trashy early 20s degenrate with tattoos and was smoking.

"Yeah, what?"
"Can you stop staring at me?"
"I will stare at whatever the hell I want"
"Don't fucking stare at me"
"I will continue to fucking stare at you and whatever else I want to fucking stare at, I'm well within my right to do whatever the fuck I want"

The roastie saw a subhuman and thought she could stamp all over the subhuman. I guess she expected me to apologise. After my exchange the roastie gave up her attempt to antagonise a subhuman and looked the other way, I guess she was a little scared as well. Anyways brothers, this isn't much but I am extremely proud of this. I did not pussy away.

ilieknothing, r/incels 13 Comments [10/27/2017 12:47:59 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 133484

Former members of Colleton Co. church allege sexual abuse, say it's a cult
By Harve Jacobs, Reporter

COLLETON COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - Former members of a Colleton County church have come forward saying they were sexually assaulted by the church's leader.

The leader of Overcomer Ministry in the Canadys community in Colleton County is under investigation after Ralph Stair apparently was seen on video touching a 12 year old girl's breast.

Some say the 84-year-old so-called preacher actually is a predator who preys on young girls and women. A video recently surfaced that apparently shows Stair cupping the breast of a 12-year old girl during a church service.

"I'm gonna touch those things till nobody else can touch 'em," Stair is heard saying in the video.

The video brought back some bad memories for three former members of Stair's church. They all decided to speak out after seeing the (video).

Stacey who asked us not to show her face moved with her family to Stair's farm in 1999. At the time she was 17 years old.

"I think it's that he's really charismatic, he's powerful sounding, at least back then with his words," Stacey said.

Donna Jackson and her family moved to Stair's farm in 1995. At the time Jackson was married and in her 30s.

"It wasn't that difficult for me to do because I was under the impression that this was a man of God and that what we were doing was the right thing," Jackson said.

Lita, who also asked that we not show her face moved to the Overcomer farm with her family in 1997. At the time she was 17.

"We all assumed that ok, he hears from God and whatever he says, do this is what you do," Lita said.

The brochure for Overcomer Ministry portrays the farm as a place where people seek to live together for God and each other. The brochure states residents will "go nowhere, no shopping or trips. Your life will be here on the farm until Jesus comes." Families also were forced to give all their possessions to Stair and his ministry.

"Just everything, we went with nothing," Lita said.

The women say their families learned to be self-sufficient, growing their own food. Soon, they saw some red flags.

"Started giving me hugs and he had never paid me much attention at all except he asked me a couple of times how old I was," Stacey said.

"He made a beeline for me pretty quickly once we moved there," Jackson said.

Lita says she was forced to live apart from her parents.

"That's when I started encountering sexual advances from Stair," Lita said.

Stacey says one day the elderly preacher did the unthinkable to her inside a trailer on the compound.

"He just sexually assaulted me right there. I still couldn't talk. I couldn't say anything. I just basically let it happen. I covered my hands over my face and let it happen because I didn't know what else to do," Stacey said.

Lita says she also was sexually assaulted by Stair for more than a year.

"I was like I don't want to do this. Can you please leave me alone? He's like don't you want to please God?" Lita said.

Jackson says she was attacked but not sexually assaulted.

"He grabbed me and I could feel him if you understand what I mean because he had pressed himself against me that firmly," Jackson said.

Jackson told her her husband about the (assault). The two other women were afraid to speak up.

"Even if you thought in your mind against him you were in danger of going to hell or being judged by God," Stacey said.

"Nobody's gonna believe anything you say. If you say something against him, you are going to hell. You're just like outcasts," Lita said. "I was told to just be quiet and let God handle it which is why this time I feel like I have to say something."

In 2002, Stacey went to the Colleton County Sheriff's Office. Stair was charged with sexually assaulting her. Stacey says prosecutors told her because Stair was old and it was the holiday season, it would be hard to get a conviction.

Stair pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of assault and battery.

Lita did not ask for charges to be filed.

The former members now say what they initially thought was a church is something else.

"It's a cult, it's absolutely 100 percent cult," Stacey said.

"Today I call it a cult. Then I would have said it was a church community," Jackson said.

"It's brainwashing at its finest," Lita said.

Now years later, the women say the recently posted video looks all too familiar.

"Now he's abusing children in front of an entire congregation and not only in front of an entire congregation. He's actually bold enough to videotape it and put it on his website," Stacey said.

"I was disgusted but I wasn't surprised because this is something he was doing forever," Jackson said.

"I was tore up," Lita said. "It's like everything that I've kept hidden for all these years. All of those emotions and feelings just came rushing back up. I was messed up."

Reporter Harve Jacobs went to the Overcomer compound to try to get a response from Reverend Stair. There are no trespassing signs outside the gate, so he called for a comment. Harve was told Stair was not available. He left his number but never heard back. The former church members who came forward all eventually left the ministry.

All say they still bear scars from their time at the farm.

"All he does is destroy families in the name of Jesus, that's what he does," Lita said.

"I want people in Walterboro and in Colleton County to realize that is going on right there around you and people that can stop it are not stopping it," Stacey said.

"I would just really admonish everyone, anyone who's ever thought about going there, don't do it, you will regret it," Jackson said.

So far no new charges have been filed against Stair.

The Colleton County Sheriff's Office with the assistance of the State Law Enforcement Division is investigating Stair after the latest video that surfaced.

(Story contains video)

Ralph Stair and Overcomer Ministry, WIS 9 Comments [10/27/2017 9:43:00 AM]
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Quote# 133482

Sriram's confusion is only that cultivated by New atheists who wish to avoid identification and responsibility for their utterances by coalescing, Slime Mould like, into a single entity which ''Merely has disbelief in Gods'' when conditions get tough for them or dispersing as lone amoeboids which ever is most useful.

'andles for forks, Religion and Ethics 5 Comments [10/27/2017 9:24:13 AM]
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Submitted By: NeatlySane

Quote# 133481

[original article is in Croatian, translation and additional notes are by Vman. You can see the video of the speech (also in Croatian) in the middle section of the article]

September 29, 2017

Vlado Košic, the (Catholic) bishop of Sisak, led a holiday mass honoring St. Michael, the protector of the Croatian city of Šibenik. He also spoke about secular topics like the media, the Homeland War (1991-95) and the Istanbul Convention. (link was not in original text, it's given here for explanation's sake)

"These days Satan has camouflaged himself within the most influential media, which are more against Croatia than for Croatia. Indeed, look at how many untruths and half-truths they constantly frame people for, and how they accuse their brothers of having committed fictitious crimes, while the other people have almost no space in our media," said Košic.

The bishop of Sisak asked himself how to win and overcome evil in such circumstances. He claims that truth will win, and victory is God's and of his people.

"St. Michael is like a heavenly military commander who defends this nation from the Devil. It may seem as if these days we don't need him so much anymore. However, we could argue that today his protection is more necessary than ever, because modern man is increasingly losing his direction," Košic noted.


"The Istanbul Convention misleads us all because it brings gender ideology. We must decisively say 'no' to this swindle. It gives a distorted image of man and seduces the youth in order to create a new order and a society without God and moral values. The Devil wants to destroy the family because through that he aims to destroy man," said Košic.

Is it not the most normal thing that Croatia, with the greatest number of Catholics, isn't [sic] being compared to Poland, asked the bishop.

"Croatia is trying to be among the countries which dechristianized themselves, allowed same-sex unions, allowed abortion and euthanasia, legalized drugs and accepted a large number of non-Christian immigrants who are mostly unintegrated and violent towards the native people and our Christian culture. What do we want to follow, which examples? We are called upon to join in so we could take part in God's victory," bishop Košic concluded.

bishop Vlado Košic, Šibenski portal 7 Comments [10/27/2017 5:08:11 AM]
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Quote# 133480

But once the news hit and thoae groups were forced to report on it, those women suddenly felt in the clear. Which means they think those groups are enough now.

What is really happening is that the report hit and those groups reluctantly cut Weinstein loose, and once he lost his protection, now it was safe to come out and accuse him… More than safe, now you get hero-points and sympathy for just making the accusation, proof no longer required. But before the NYT report hit, these allegations were apparently well-known and widespread. Until the media gave the go-ahead, his victims obviously felt like they had no back-up, but once the media gave the go-ahead, they feel no fear at all.

I believe Weinstein is probably a pervert, but I’m disposed to believe that. I think all of these Hollywood progressives and liberal men are perverts. I don’t know why the NYT decided to take down him in particular, but dollars to dimes says there are more of his type still out there but since they aren’t being cut loose yet, there’s no accusations being put forward. Which means these women do trust the media’s power to protect them and their careers… But they don’t trust the media to actually do so.

ChuckMonk, Catholic answer  0 Comments [10/27/2017 5:07:57 AM]
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Submitted By: Mary

Quote# 133479

No. I’m saying the alleged victims here kept their mouths shut for years rather than risk something. This is revealing for two reasons. One, they thought Harvey Wienstien had the power to completely destroy their career (or worse) regardless of any rape charge. Two, who was it they were afraid of? Mean old conservatives? Fox news? Brietbart?

Nope. They were scared of the feminists, the leftist media, and Hollywood progressives. Very interesting how that works.

ChuckMonk, Catholic answer  6 Comments [10/27/2017 5:07:33 AM]
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Quote# 133478

What’s it doing on Instagram? Did Heather Lind bring it up with his caretakers first?

moviemeister76: So sexual assault victims need permission from their perpetrators before they speak about what happened?
That is not what I said at all. Stop engaging in the Republican strategy of deliberate misstatement. The reason to go public is when a private confrontation is ineffective. We cannot make starting with a public accusations (not just sexual ones) the norm just because easy outlets like Instagram exist. Soon people with a vendetta or simple maliciousness for whatever reason will start making false public accusations. If that has ever happened to you, you would know that a denial is useless. It is very difficult, and most of the time impossible, to prove a negative. People just start gossiping and you, though even if innocent, pay the price. Even if you win (as an acquaintance of mine did, even receiving a 6-figure settlement), you will probably have to move to another community. This is why our system says that people are innocent until PROVEN guilty.

If Heather Lind had gone privately to the caretaker (as it appears that Bush is no longer able to directly speak for himself) and received an apology, would she or should she go public? What would be the motivation to do so? Keeping quiet out of fear or because of hush money is one polar wrong. Blaring an accusation from the housetops is another polar wrong.

moviemeister76: You know what? Don’t you EVER tell me how I should deal with accusing the man who raped me. EVER. Victims have the fucking right to handle it however we fucking see fit. All you are doing is showing that you’re more concerned about being accused of sexual assault than the women who are sexually assaulted.
You know nothing about me. You don’t even know if I am a man or a woman. I was careful to point out that I am not limiting my remarks to sexual assault, but negative public accusations of all kinds. However, I am so glad no one has ever falsely publicly accused you of anything, that you have had the luxury of supposing that all negative accusations of any nature are prima facie true.

Cmae: More passive aggressive mansplaining.
Question: Is it still mansplaining if a woman wrote it? More likely you are attempting ad hominem—trying to discredit the person rather than engage the argument itself.

Cmae: Passive aggressive female misogny works too.
And yet there is no misogyny, male or female, in my comment. All I have said is there should be a “regular order” to making accusations of any kind. Otherwise, people will start making accusations of all sorts, and I have been careful to say, those accusations do not necessarily have to be sexual in nature to do real harm. You are also very close to the next step, presumption of guilt, rather than presumption of innocence. One reason police shoot unarmed black people more often than white people is the problem of presumption of guilt. I am arguing for consistency of approach.

I agree that too often society winks at sexual misconduct. Even on Dkos, many of the ads objectify women and all we hear are excuses about how Kos does not control the ads. Running headlong toward the polar opposite of presumptive guilt would be counterproductive. This is a true slippery slope. Note the comments. A number of people are ready to speculate all sorts of things about Bush.

moviemeister76: Dear God. Why is it whenever someone wants to defend something they wrote that was misogynistic or racist as hell, they always give us a multi-paragraph screed?
So instead of a refutation, you offer a restatement of your original assertion without anything to back it up except “misogynist” is the ad hominem du jour.

moviemeister76, Cmae , Daily Kos 5 Comments [10/27/2017 5:07:21 AM]
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Quote# 133459

Or it could just be the case for Anthropomorphic Climate Change is dubious at best... filled with decades of outrageous claims that have never come to pass. Its hard to believe a few more parts per billion of plant food in the atmosphere is going to destroy an ever evolving and living system that has supported life for over 3 Billion years.

HamiltonJay, Free Republic 13 Comments [10/27/2017 5:05:44 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 133458

Science uses the scientific method. Climate “science” uses computer models.

Computer models do not use the scientific method. Computer models are the digital equivalent of reading chicken entrails.

Why do Left-wing minds grapple with the reality that reading digital chicken entrails is not science?

E. Pluribus Unum, Free Republic 8 Comments [10/27/2017 5:05:34 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 133456

DIsney has been pushing sodomy for years now... Discrete and small, but its been in most of their movies of the last few years. Given the place is full of pedophiles its not surprising to say the least

HamiltonJay, Free Republic 9 Comments [10/27/2017 5:05:13 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 133455

When are people gonna stop teaching Satanism to ou children? Hell, even if days have equal rights, straights will always be better than gays. There ARE winners and losers, and gays are always inferior. The end!!

ErikJohnsky, Free Republic 11 Comments [10/27/2017 5:05:00 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 133451

Women’s rights activists have called for protests after a Portuguese appeal court upheld a light sentence for two men who attacked a woman with a nail-spiked club, on the grounds they may have been driven to it by her adultery – an offence punishable with death in the Bible.

Judges Neto de Moura and Maria Luisa Arantes rejected the prosecutors’ appeal to toughen the suspended sentence and fine, saying the “depressive state” of the two defendants – the woman’s former husband and her former lover – was a mitigating factor.

“We read in the Bible that an adulteress should be punished with death,” the judges in the Porto court of appeal wrote. They also referenced the “symbolic sentences” given to men who murdered adulterous wives in the late 19th century in Portugal.

“These references are merely intended to stress that the society has always strongly condemned adultery by a woman and therefore sees the violence by a betrayed, humiliated man with some understanding,” they wrote in their 11 October verdict.

Neto de Moura and Maria Luisa Arantes, The Guardian 3 Comments [10/27/2017 5:04:41 AM]
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Submitted By: Yossarian Lives

Quote# 133426

AMEN!! Israel belongs to the Jewish people cause Almighty GOD says so, end of discussion!!!! GOD BLESS y'all in Israel brother Hananya, pray'in for y'all daily. Laurie Sue Larson stands with Israel and the Jewish people!!!!?

Laurie Larson, Youtube 8 Comments [10/27/2017 5:03:25 AM]
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Quote# 133477

In this country we are innocent until proven guilty. I’ll wait and see for the facts to come out.

You are literally repeating all the talking points people use to defend rapists. Misogyny and rape culture personified. How utterly predictable from you, though.
Honestly, fuck off. I am not excusing anyone. Innocent until proven guilty is the cornerstone of our country’s legal system.

No. The cornerstone of our country’s legal system was that SOME people were innocent until proven guilty. Our legal system was founded on racism and misogyny, which is why folks like you always fall back on it when you’ve got nothing else to explain away why you defend someone who sexually assaulted a woman.

moviemeister76, Daily Kos 24 Comments [10/26/2017 2:47:50 PM]
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Quote# 133476

I just wanted to share and have others include their own stories of such. My first deliverance occurred with a friend's younger brother who was a such a nice kid but suddenly had thoughts of not being able to look into people's faces, that they just look disfigured. It scared this kid so much that this could suddenly happen at school. I was a baby Christian at this time and just learned about deliverance and casting out demons. So, I believed that I could cast out these demons and sure enough as I started praying he started manifesting.

It was a very interesting experience, it's exactly like you see on youtube with certain deliverance ministers. His face started to manifest and I could tell it was no longer the same person. The demon was cursing and I could see in a lot of agitation and pain. I continued praying. What is interesting was that we were outside and literally there was a small little cloud that came over us (on a bright day outside) and it started raining a little bit. I didn't let that deter me and continued the spiritual warfare. The demons try to trick you and make you stop but I just continued.

Now after the kid regained consciousness he legitimately had no idea what we were talking about in the things we said. He knows this though, that he entered a dream like state and there were demons there and Jesus came. Although it was only a 5 minute deliverance for us, he was able to talk to Jesus for a long time. It was an amazing experience.

What I find amazing is that although this kid never read the Bible or knew little to nothing about Jesus and Christianity he was able to just tell me dead on biblical truths and sounded like someone who pastored for 30 years. He prophesied things in my life and told me that if I had any question about myself to ask Jesus that He answered it to him during his experience. So I asked and the answers came immediately, it was amazing. This kid really emphasized Jesus' character, and how truly loving He was. Everything he said was fully in the Bible, and it was so amazing.

After the experience he lost all of those bad thoughts, and was able to focus more upon God. He was delivered of that demon but I performed 2 more deliverances after the fact, recording one on video. God is very good! Thank Jesus for this victory in his mighty name, Amen.

YayLove, r/TrueChristian 9 Comments [10/26/2017 2:47:20 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 133474

So I've been a full fledged Christian for about 2 years now. Before that I have always believed in God or just something more. When I was Young I lived with my mother and she was heavy into witchcraft. Which now I have linked to my horrific dreams that I've been experiencing since I can remember. I also dabbled in witchcraft as a teenager. I've seen a far number of things in my younger years. Nothing that I could absolutely nail down as supernatural though. Of course I believed these things were, but i'm just not confident enough in them to even mention them.

So I recently moved into a house about six months ago. I'm not suggesting by this that OH now its a lifetime story about a guy that moves into a house and its haunted!!! NO. My dear friend was going through a rough patch with his wife and he needed to leave the house until they could work things out. They were hostile to each other and needed space to work out what was going on with them before they could work on each other. So I moved in with him so he wouldn't be alone and it helped me get away from my roommates.

We are both avid believers and we live accordingly. Well as best I can figure it this was unacceptable to have us so close. I would wake up at very odd hours in the morning and my room would feel wrong. Just heavy in the sense that you can feel some one when they are close to you. I would see this darkness closing in on my vision. Imagine that you are looking at a light. It starts getting dark from the outside in until it is pitch black. After it would get black I would hear a rumbling and them be totally paralyzed. With a heavy weight pressing down on me.

This happened for a while and then it started getting different. I would be lifted out of bed while unable to move. I prayed so hard and for so much protection that it eventually got better. I also let the men in my men's group know about it. After lots of prayer it stopped happening. I also anointed and prayed over my house and the doorways with in. I suppose it could have all been a dream, I am completely prone to just TERRIBLE dreams. They have never once frightened me though. I've had dreams of being in hell and being tortured, repeated dreams of being murdered or demons.

Nothing has ever once made me wake up screaming or sweating or afraid to go to bed. My experience though had made me more afraid then I have ever been. Also extremely angry. How dare something come and screw with me. If I thought it was corporeal I would have shot it. Well that and not being able to move helped me not to shoot it.

Side note: This has absolutely strengthened my faith. I know with out a doubt God protects. He listens to and answers prayers. Also If you are casting evil out of your house/self in the name of Jesus. You better make sure You have Jesus in your heart. The bible talks about what happens if you don't. ( basically you are an empty house since you don't have Jesus in you. So the evil comes back and brings buddies.)

alterego890, r/TrueChristian 7 Comments [10/26/2017 2:46:31 PM]
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Quote# 133473

Well, I've been a Christian for 7 months now at 32 years old. Before coming to Christ, I had about 3 or 4 encounters a year with gray or black cloud-like entities. That happened ever since I was a toddler.

I've had lots and lots of demonic attacks of various forms now that I've come to Christ, especially in the first 3 months. Possibly around 100 separate occasions. Appearances of the gray or black cloud-like entities that I had seen before continued but much, much more frequently. I also witnessed a lot of new manifestations such as shadow people that would follow me around during the day, numerous sleep paralysis episodes (multiple a night and sometimes so intense I would wake up with convulsions), a heavy burning weight on my chest, electrical sensations on my scalp that felt like a hand petting me, demonic dreams (essentially conversations where they try to tell me that my views on salvation or a Christian's authority over the demonic are incorrect), and poltergeist activity (paper towel roll unrolled itself, loud knocks on the walls at night and only whatever wall I'm looking at, a bottle of water started fizzing and boiling out, a pizza box opened and closed itself multiple times).

At a certain point, I became frustrated and defiant. I gathered up all of my books that I considered potentially demonic or occult-related and threw them in the trash the night before trash pickup. I stayed out on my porch and (quietly, so as not to disturb the neighbors or anything) taunted the entities and declared that my house was now off-limits to them. At one point during this, I saw the outline of a shadowy figure come up to me. I commanded it to go away and it charged me. It looked like it hit with its entire torso and head...although the sensation felt like being hit with an overcharged wave of static electricity across my forehead, arms, chest, and shoulders. It disappeared when it did this.

That's the most dramatic physical confrontation I've had and it was early on when I was still trying to stand up to them in my own strength. I've since learned to lean on Christ completely and trust in Him to fight for me. At one point, as I was growing stronger in my faith and trust in the Lord, I had a very nasty, blasphemous thought come into my mind that I just knew didn't come from me (some profanity cursing God). I said very quickly, "In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ I command you to go to the Abyss." and there was a loud "BOOM!" like a bomb going off right in front of me.

I went upstairs to see if my flatmate heard anything, she said she heard a loud explosion and saw a black spherical cloud materialize about two feet from her. She then heard a whooshing sound and it was gone. Apparently the demon wanted to scare someone else on the way out. It worked, she and her cat were pretty freaked out for awhile. I've called on Jesus to send demons away or declared, "The Lord Jesus Christ rebuke you!" They leave, and quickly, but never in such dramatic fashion as that.

bumblyjack, r/TrueChristian 7 Comments [10/26/2017 2:46:25 PM]
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