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Quote# 131776

Because that wouldn’t be ‘Science’

You have to be able to have some cooked numbers to cite after doing some jiggered study.

Not to mention that some scientist with all the politically correct ideas has to get paid.

This is just the sort of ‘Science’ that convinces me that government should not be funding science.

This, and of course. ‘Climate Change’ shows the dangers of government money in science. Those who control the flow of government money control the direction of science.

Those submitting grants for government funded studies know before hand what results those screening the grants are looking for and design their studies accordingly.

Government money is killing the advancement of science.

Pontiac, Free Republic 9 Comments [9/18/2017 11:15:01 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 131775

I like to joke about how both the homos and the WeedWankers are our new overlords, given the cultural clout that they wield for now.

The label I slap onto them is The Gay Old Pothead establishment, otherwise known as the neo GOPe and all the negative connotations that are infused with such a wretched acronym.

Andrew Sullivan is the pathetic epitome of this cultural sewage: he stinks like anal methane and smelly-assed weed.

Vision Thing, Free Republic 13 Comments [9/18/2017 11:14:54 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 131770

Activist-lawyer Azhar Harun says PAS should provide statistics and proof to back its argument that the annual craft beer festival in Malaysia will increase crime rates.
“Has there been a study by PAS or survey by PAS to show that in respect of the beer festival every October the crime rate goes up? Or has the crime rate gone up in Germany every October?” he said when contacted by FMT today.
Azhar was referring to PAS central committee member Riduan Mohd Nor reportedly calling the annual beer festival a “vice festival”.
Riduan had questioned the authorities on what guarantee they could give to members of the public who are not participating in this annual event, “to ensure their safety from crime, free sex, rape and so on”.
The PAS leader had also warned that Kuala Lumpur could one day be known as Asia’s vice centre if such events are not stopped.
“It is something that is shameful for an Islamic country like Malaysia when ‘mungkar’ (treacherous) programmes can easily gain a place in society’s heart and it is allowed to be organised without obstruction,” Riduan was quoted as saying by Malay Mail Online.
Azhar, who is popularly known as Art Harun, said PAS objects to the beer festival on a yearly basis, adding that the party’s stance on this is not surprising.
He added that PAS should look at Palestine, a country Malaysia supports wholeheartedly, where the beer event is also celebrated.
“It is a Western non-Muslim event, it started in Germany and it caught on in other countries. It happens everywhere, even Palestine.
“So if people want to hold that in Publika, why are we objecting?” he said, referring to the annual Oktoberfest celebration.

Meanwhile, Azhar said in proposing the amendments to Act 355, PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang had claimed it would not affect non-Muslims, but now “they are already imposing their values despite what was said”.
“They said that when they want to amend Act355, it will not affect non-Muslims.
“Look at this, this is a non-Muslim event and they are already imposing their values and religion on non-Muslims.
“So where is PAS’ argument that hudud and the amendment of the law will not affect non-Muslims? It’s a blatant lie to me,” Azhar said.
According to him, Kelantan does not celebrate the beer festival, but the state has the highest drug addiction and AIDS rate there.
Referring to Riduan’s warning that there could be “extremist” actions in response to the “treacherous programme”, Azhar said it did not sound like a warning but like a threat instead.
“People will be worried. It is an irony PAS has come up with this when our Prime Minister (Najib Razak) has gone to meet US President Donald Trump,” he said.
Zaid says that if PAS is unhappy with the festival they should protest against Najib and not the people.
Zaid says that if PAS is unhappy with the festival they should protest against Najib and not the people.
Meanwhile, DAP’s Zaid Ibrahim said if PAS was unhappy with the festival, it should bring its concerns to Najib, not the people.
“Why protest and then make a political case out of it? You want to ban the festival go and see Najib,” Zaid told FMT.
FMT has contacted the organisers of the Better Beer Festival 2017, MyBeer Malaysia, and is awaiting their response on the issue.
The Better Beer Festival will be held from Oct 6-7 in Publika.
The festival is set to showcase 250 different craft beers from 43 independent breweries from 12 countries, and also includes a variety of food and live performances.

Ridhuan Mohd Nor, Free Malaysia Today 3 Comments [9/18/2017 11:13:19 AM]
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Submitted By: Bedhead

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Our missles are a source of happiness for me as I contemplate sending the Ayatollah to see Allah and Mohammed in The Lake of Fire...

Dale McNamme, CNS News 8 Comments [9/18/2017 11:13:05 AM]
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Quote# 131767

Transgenders, Lesbians, Homosexuals, etc. should be made into "cannon fodder" and sent into the hottest actions...

I'm finished with them all !

Dale McNamme, American Thinker 16 Comments [9/18/2017 11:12:57 AM]
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“So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.” (GENESIS 1:27)

According to evolution, man evolved from an ape-like ancestor. Because evolutionists believe this happened they expect to find “missing links” between people and our supposed ape-like ancestors. We know from our Bible verse that people were specially made by God in His own image. We did not evolve from anything, so the “missing links” evolutionists are looking for will always be, well, missing!

One fossil that is often called a “missing link” is a fossil skeleton known as “Lucy.” Many evolutionists believe that Lucy is a link between ape-like creatures and people. Lucy’s skeleton is missing a lot of her bones. Originally she had 207 bones, but 160 of these are missing including most of her hands, feet, and skull.

Far away from where Lucy was discovered are a set of fossilized footprints that look just like the footprints you would make if you walked along the beach. Evolutionists believe that these footprints are too old to be human footprints, even though they look exactly the same as human footprints, so they decided that something like Lucy must have made them.

These footprints couldn’t have been made by Lucy, though, because she didn’t walk upright like people do. Other fossils of the same species as Lucy have been found and they have curved toes and fingers just like modern apes do! They also have ape wrists and ape shoulders, which means that Lucy and her family did not walk upright. Instead, like other apes, they lived in trees and walked on their knuckles.

Rather than a missing link in the evolutionary chain, Lucy is just an extinct ape! We can trust the Bible when it says that all people were created in God’s image!

Avery Foley, Answers in Genesis for Kids 21 Comments [9/17/2017 2:15:13 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 131763

(YE stands for Young Earth Creationists)
Charlie, you are making the assumption that God set the age of the universe at 15 billion years and started it from that point. We know from Scripture that Adam was formed as an adult male. We do not know at what age God preset the universe, if it was preset at all.

However, let's ask the question, what if God had made Adam as an infant? If he were the first man who would be there to care for him, nurture him, feed him, teach him. It makes sense that God would create man and beast as adults. Did He not create the beasts to be fruitful (reproduce after their kind) in the Garden?

Now for the universe, if God started creation with a big bang and allowed the swirling gases to coalesce into planetary systems we have a problem with the text of Scripture, not just in day and night designations but with the order of creation itself.

Also keep in mind that YE Creationists don't want to disprove radiometric dating because it would prove their YE position (although probably a few believe this). Radiometric dating is flawed at its core and needs to be abandoned as a part of scientific theory.

YE gains nothing from knocking out another leg of the OE stool. But science does gain a modicum of respect back, especially in light of the utter failure of so called "peer reviewed science" in the Global Warming hoax.

biggandyy, Puritan Board 17 Comments [9/17/2017 2:14:44 PM]
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Quote# 131760

I came to believe in a flat earth, because I was convinced that the earth wasn't spinning and I kept seeing videos of flat earth associated with a stationary earth. I kind of resented that, because I thought it was making stationary earth look crazy. After a while though I gave in and watched some of the videos. Eventually, I started trying experiments on my own and could see that a lot of it made sense.

For example, something falling off a table and hitting the floor could be explained by a lot of other things, besides "gravity." And that was easy to accept for me, because a stationary earth had already got me thinking about that. You know, if the earth isn't spinning at a thousand miles per hour, you don't have to worry about flying off of it!

Marciano, The Flat Earth Society 15 Comments [9/17/2017 2:14:23 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 131759

Yes folks 14,000 reel of telemetry data of the moon missions.


NASA can't keep reels but can travel 475,000 miles though space landing on the moon and return. Here's your sign !

If you admit we went to the moon, you are either of the Devil or Stupid.

The Earth is Flat with a dome. You cannot leave.

HEY GLOBERS :) See the flat earth and cope.

J-Man, TFES 14 Comments [9/17/2017 2:14:14 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 131758

Which is why you didn't connect with me and just looked at my profile?

At any rate, I hope to have no professional connection with you as you seem to be an academic; academics are not only part of the problem at large, but are also a despicable sort of tyrant that should be completely removed from our society - by force if necessary. A profession born out of restriction to advance and clutching on to existing power and antiquated ideology - it surprises me that anyone associating themselves with the Flat Earth would choose to make themselves party to such awful business.

I suggest you look into the history of our group and the circumstances surrounding the time when we emerged as a force to be reckoned with. The emergence of the scientific profession is at odds with the emergence of free-thinkers like the real Flat Earth Society and at odds with the ideas of a free and open society.

While rare few have shown themselves to be above the petty power grabbing that is rife in the walls of the ivory tower you laud, I will not make exception in this case. The academic is the intellectual equivalent of the bourgeoisie who derives his power from the structure and validity of a false religion; from the fruits of those whom those above you have duped into creating real labor and addition while you yourself add nothing but a will towards keeping the status quo and an ever increasingly crescendo of "yes! yes yes!" while increasing the number of useless papers in useless journals that no one will peer review or in many cases even read.

Thank you for your interest in my consulting, Steve. We are booked up until the end times in 2023. Feel free to inquire then.

John Davis, The Flat Earth Society 7 Comments [9/17/2017 2:14:06 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 131757

Everywhere on earth where Muslims contact into contact with non-Muslims, they engage in systematic violence against them. It is irrelevant whether these Muslims who engage in this violence are a majority or minority of the populations they came from. The pattern exists and it is universal.

czakal, Wordpress 13 Comments [9/17/2017 2:13:46 PM]
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Quote# 131755

Someone here want to ridicule Adam and Eve??...because, if you do you are ridiculing Almighty God first...as well as every Christian, every Jew and of course, Jesus Christ, himself. We all struggle with this Biblical account but it seems to me that science and Biblical teaching can come together on this point if we have an open mind...and the beauty of an open mind is that it is very healthy indeed, which causes concern when you realise just how closed-minded people can be. The innocent child has an open mind and in their innocence they become a little like Adam and Eve. They obey what their parents tell them and Adam and Eve should have too. Our genetic sciences are still very new to us scientifically, but not to an all knowing God.

He, apparently took a lifeless, void planet, and resurrected it. We know this because the planet was tidally locked although the evidence suggest it had all the life supporting mechanics already on board because there was darkness on the face of the watery deep....It was probably knocked out of kilter when visited by Wormwood, previously, but Almighty God had it surveyed and decided to resurrect it...hence Adam and Eve.

The whole process of preparation wouldn't take more than a week because it was all a question of spinning the planet out of its tidal lock and thereby its life supporting mechanics restarted and we are told about this, step by step, as it happened.

So...Adam and Eve were genetically perfect as Jesus was, but they decided to be persuaded to alter their genetics from pure to deformed...all by trying to scam God. This tells us how our genetic health starts to deform when we turn away from being childlike and start lying and deceiving...scamming and listening to evil...but it isn't the end of the world because Jesus taught us to use his righteous mechanics to recover by...so only the foolish will ignore him.

NicholasMarks, Religion and Ethics 13 Comments [9/17/2017 2:13:11 PM]
Fundie Index: 11
Submitted By: Nearly Sane

Quote# 131754

Tom, many of these ‘peculiar customs’ exist only to inconvenience westerners; moslems do it on purpose, as they know damned well westerners are so naive and terrified of the mighty moslems, they will grovel and comply with the most stupid demands.

It’s truly a pity the cops had not just visited a pig farm, as Cat says! And this is in U.K., not the middle east! The police must have had reason to raid the fort, er, mosque.

Peter35, Bare Naked Islam 0 Comments [9/17/2017 2:13:03 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 131752

Oh Dear..Poor Muslim Vermin so upset having White Police with their shoes on and a female officer without a headbag on..the only thing missing is a couple of pissed off Police Dogs. But the Muslim Scum have no problems about Child Rape,Genocide,Sex with animals,Slavery,Murder of Gays……Well its all OK in the Porno Fantasy Rag called The Koran…a great read for all Muslim Perverts.

Ozgaza, Bare Naked Islam 0 Comments [9/17/2017 2:12:26 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 131746

My reasoning makes it more than credible...but you are all in denial. You even deny what millions have already told you that ufos are constantly passing through our air-space who must have and have proven to your highest scientists and governmental authorities that their sciences far overwhelms ours. They have even established a fascinating way of communication through crop circles, which, if nothing else, tells many innocent bystanders...they, the ufo people, or at least many of them, are here to be helpful, through this very distressing period, where the planet is being overwhelmed by other, secret, and distressing tribulations recorded in the Holy Bible leading up to that last trumpet...I apologise for wanting to spare you from the full force of Wormwood, and other associated Biblically based tribulations...Try Revelation 21:8.

NicholasMarks, Religion and Ethics 8 Comments [9/17/2017 2:10:44 PM]
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Submitted By: Nearly Sane

Quote# 131744

Praise be to Allaah and peace be upon the Messenger of Allaah.

The one who looks at these games will see that they are based on mental skills and individual reactions or decisions. These games are of various types, with many aspects. Some of them take the form of illusionary battles which train a person in what to do in similar circumstances [in real life]; some are based on being alert so as to save oneself from danger; fighting enemies and destroying targets; planning; having adventures; finding the way out of a labyrinth; escaping from wild beasts; racing cars, planes, etc.; overcoming obstacles; searching for treasure. Some games increase knowledge and enhance one’s interests, such as games that involve taking things apart and putting them back together, jigsaw puzzles, building things, colouring, and shading and lighting.

The shar'i ruling:

Islam does not forbid leisure or having fun in permissible ways. The basic rule concerning these games is that they are permissible so long as they do not get in the way of obligatory duties such as establishing prayer [i.e., praying properly and on time] and honouring one’s parents, and so long as they do not include anything that is haraam. There are, however, many haraam elements in these games, such as the following:

Games which depict wars between the people of this world (“good guys”) and people from the sky (“bad guys”), with all its implications of accusations against Allaah, may He be glorified, or the noble angels.

Games which involve sanctifying the cross or passing over or by it to gain strength, to bring one back to life or the give the player extra “lives” and so on. Also, games which are used for designing birthday cards as in Christian culture are also forbidden.

Games which approve of witchcraft/magic, and which glorify witches/magicians/sorcerers, etc.

Games which are based on hatred of Islam and Muslims, like the game in which a player gets 100 points if he hits Makkah, 50 points if he hits Baghdaad, and so on.

Games that glorify the kuffaar and show pride in belonging to them, like games in which if a player chooses an army belonging to a kaafir state he becomes strong, and if he chooses an army belonging to an Arab state he becomes weak. Also, games which teach a child to admire kaafir sports clubs and the names of kaafir players.

Games that include depictions of nudity, and some games that allow the winner to see a pornographic picture; games that corrupt morals, such as games where the idea is to run away with a girlfriend from the bad guys or a dragon.

Games based on ideas of gambling.

Music and other things that are known to be forbidden in Islam.

Physical harm, such as damage to the eyes and nervous system; harmful effects of game sounds on the ears. Modern studies have shown that these games may be addictive and harmful to the nervous system, as well as causing stress and nervous tension in children.

Making children get used to violence and criminality, and teaching them to take killing and murder lightly, as in the famous “Doom” game.

Corrupting children’s sense of reality by teaching them about a world of illusions and impossible things, such as coming back from the dead, supernatural powers that do not really exist, images of space aliens, and so on.

We have gone into details about some of the ideological dangers and things that are prohibited by Islam because many fathers and mothers do not pay attention to these things, and they bring these games for their children and let them play with them.

We should also point out that it is not permissible to compete for prizes in playing these electronic games, even if the game itself is permissible, because they are not a means of jihaad, and they do not help you develop strength for jihaad.

Sa'd al-Shathri, IslamQA 12 Comments [9/17/2017 2:10:07 PM]
Fundie Index: 5
Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 131743

I don't know why people find it so hard to believe that these magicians are working with jinn...it is common knowledge that almost anyone with fame has gained that position by enlisting the help of jinn. Singers, actors, sports stars etc, so why not famous magicians?

Me and my family had close contact with an evil black magician, who came at first as a friendly advisor but actually wanted to ruin our lives. I remember him saying that bush (who was president at the time) actually walks with the devil himself (i.e. lucifer, iblis). apparently thats why bush used to stand hunched forward. Allahu alam if its true, but its not hard to believe, although I wouldn't make a habit of believing what comes out of a black magicians mouth.

Also he said sumat about mike tyson havin a "gift" for 10 years, but he didnt use this gift properly. Obviously some kinda contract between him and the jinn who would help him throw a few punches. So please do educate urselves so u do not fall prey to evil jinn, evil magicians and evil black magicians

Proud-2b-MUSLIM, Ummah 5 Comments [9/17/2017 2:09:49 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 131740

Christians in the Armed Forces will have their faith tested on many occasions. This is important—since Christians are commanded to examine themselves (cf. 2 Cor. 13:5) to see if their professing Christianity is true, or false and vitiated.

True Christianity produces a love for God, a hunger for His Word, fervent prayer, devotion to a local, Bible-believing church, and not a military chapel. The imputed righteousness of Christ that is credited to those who come to Him by faith alone, will enable believers to hate the things that God hates, and love the things that God loves. This does not happen because merit and favor can be earned with God, but only because of the active and passive obedience of Christ.

Counterfeit Christians in the Armed forces will appeal to the Constitution, and not Christ, and they have no local church home—which means they have no accountability for their souls (Heb. 13:17). This is why so many professing Christian service members will say: “We ‘support everyone’s right’ to practice their faith regardless if they worship a god different from ours because the Constitution protects this right.”

Christian service members who openly profess and support the rights of Muslims, Buddhists, and all other anti-Christian worldviews to practice their religions—because the language in the Constitution permits—are grossly in error, and deceived. This article will explain a few reasons why:

First, where in the Bible do the apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, teachers, or Christ Himself, support or accommodate anti-Christians to give adulation to their false gods or to yield and obey anyone except the One true and living God? There is no exegetical support, and no moral justification for any Christian service member to openly profess or support the alleged rights of anti-Christians. Christian service members must share the Gospel with unbelievers so they can be saved, not support unbelievers to worship their false gods that will lead them to hell.

Second, professing Christian service members must answer this important question: “Do you appeal to the Holy Scripture, or the US Constitution as an ultimate standard to measure your conduct?”

The answer to this question will determine how the service member will conduct themselves, and what is truly the authority for their faith and practice.

If a professing Christian service member appeals to the Bible, all their thoughts, words, and deeds are to be examined and resolved with the Holy Scripture that points to Christ—not the Constitution. Why is it wrong for a professing “Christian” service member to appeal to the Constitution for their faith and practice? If the professing Christian service member appeals to the Constitution and not the Holy Scripture as their ultimate standard—they have no business calling themselves a Christian—since they would have nothing to measure their Christianity upon without the Bible.

Also, appealing to anything except the Bible as an ultimate authority would not only be anti-Christian, it would also nullify their previous argument of professing to be a Christian—since an ultimate authority does not appeal to anything except itself. It is impossible to submit to both the Bible and the Constitution as an ultimate authority—because the Laws of Logic would prohibit this—since two propositions cannot both be right and wrong at the same time. Christ made this clear in Matthew 12:30.

Third, the First Amendment of the US Constitution states that the free-exercise of religion is for all Americans to practice their faith, but does that mean a Christian service member should accommodate or support things that are contrary to their faith? Absolutely not!

Also, is it wrong for a professing Christian service member to say, “I support the rights of all Americans to practice their faith since the Constitution protects their rights?” Absolutely!

Consider this theoretical question: If a young-woman in the military said that she was pregnant and wanted to abort (murder) her child, because she alleges that her faith would necessitate this right, would you accommodate or support that young woman to murder her child since you allege that the Constitution protects her right to have an abortion?

The answer to this question will determine who belongs to the Savior, and those who serve Satan. This is the logic that comes from supporting or accommodating everyone’s alleged rights because of the Constitution.

Dr. Sonny Hernandez, Barbwire 8 Comments [9/17/2017 2:09:06 PM]
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Submitted By: Damned at Random

Quote# 131736

Maybe Macron is the Antichrist!

He is 39 years old. He was not known by most of the French population until he was elevated to be the adviser of Hollande, then he worked as Minister of Economy in governement Hollande, and then he has become the Number 1 of France, he will destroy France. He is supported by Jews and fundamental Islam!

Jesus Christ was unknown for about 30 years and then He started preaching, and then He has been crowned on the Holy Cross as the King of the Jews, but He is the Messias, the Son of God the Saviour, the Number 1 to save us!

So we shall have war, civil war, and gulags for Christians!

O Lord Jesus-Christ Son of God have mery on us and save us! Amen!

Danielle, Real Jew News 5 Comments [9/17/2017 2:07:47 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 131734

Unfortunately the state of American education has made it possible for retards to graduate and propagate the lies.

So few people owned slaves, yet so many today are in an uproar.

The morons today are pulling down the statues of those who actually fought and lost the war of freedom in USA.

David, Real Jew News 8 Comments [9/17/2017 2:07:24 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 131731

One of the signs that a civilization is just about to crumble, is for it to embrace sexual deviancy.

It also always seems to be the complete selfishness of just one or two assholes to wreck it for everyone else. The Self Chosen Vampire (SCV) lawmakers will always use any opening, no matter how small, to push their civilization destroying agenda.

The typical homosexual will have sexual encounters with over five hundred other people, spreading disease wherever they go, and they make up almost all of the pedophiles.

The fact that they are allowed to adopt children is unconscionable, and should wake all so-called Christians up as to how far south everything has gone in the US.

To imagine Eisenhower or Kennedy touting “gay” marriage is beyond science fiction.

The people who wrote the Bible were not idiots, and were of course very pragmatic in their intent.

The loving union of the polar opposites of a man and woman provide the ideal stable and healthy environment for the raising of children. You do not have to be a rocket scientist to note the strong correlation these days of single parent households and juvenile delinquency.

Teenagers today are fat, ugly, rude and essentially intolerable to be around. They are mentally challenged and most have difficulty forming coherent sentences, as witnessed first hand at the carnival called the Hernandez trial.

It makes you wonder if the US has any chance at all to recover, because the coming generation is just a pile of crap.

jim, Real Jew News 16 Comments [9/17/2017 2:06:19 PM]
Fundie Index: 4
Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 131728

I used to find “Will and Grace” funny and as a sitcom it was often entertaining. But the show clearly had an agenda and its premise was ridiculous.

Although the show’s main character was an openly gay man I don’t believe he ever had a boyfriend for most if not all of the show. It’s because making the show about the gay lifestyle would alienate too many viewers.

He lived with his best friend who was a young, 30-something who for a bizarre reason would rather spend all her time with a gay man then date men and get married.

There was also another flamboyant gay character in the show but both gay characters are heterosexual in real life.

Here’s the bottom line: Gays have embraced the frivolity and inanity of the culture they’ve created, not just in shows but in real life also.

They have been deceived, but deep down in their hearts most know their lifestyle will never be completely accepted. Hence they’ve created this fantasy world rather than face the truth. Most gays are messed up people psychologically when you get to know them.

Kirill had it right…”“Any sin kills the human soul and destroys people’s life. This sin [homosexuality] is one of the gravest sins because it changes people’s mental state, makes the creation of a normal family impossible, and corrupts the younger generation.”

We ought to have the greatest compassion for homosexuals and try to lead them back to Christ and away from the sin of homosexuality.

A. J., Real Jew News 4 Comments [9/17/2017 2:05:26 PM]
Fundie Index: 4
Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 131723

Rompin council stands by decision to shoot pet dog Barney

PETALING JAYA: The Rompin local council is standing by its decision to shoot a resident’s pet dog last month, despite it wearing a collar with a valid licence.
The district local council’s chief, Mohd Zulkifli Hashim, admitted that the pet dog was killed by the council, in a joint operation with the Pahang Veterinary Department.
The operation, he said in a statement to FMT, was carried out on Aug 22 and 23 to prevent the spread of rabies, and to ensure “public safety”.
“Investigations conducted following the dog owner’s complaint, found that the dog was wandering around Pantai Hiburan Rompin’s public space without the owner’s supervision.
“Owners of licensed dogs should not let their pets roam around without supervision.”
The dog’s owner, Chong Man Sin told FMT a couple of days after the Aug 23 incident, that he found his dog named Barney lying motionless on the ground, at the back of his house, with what he suspected to be a bullet wound to the dog’s body.

However, Mohd Zulkifli clarified that according to the bylaws of the Rompin local council, dog owners must take appropriate steps to ensure their dogs did not wander out of their premises on their own.
The bylaws also state that if a dog is out in public, it must be leashed and walked by its owner.
“Any dog, licensed or not, whose owner cannot be found, can be shot on the council’s instruction, or by anyone who the council gives such power to,” he said.
Chong had told FMT that he and his wife had done everything the law required of them, in order to keep Barney.
They obtained a licence from the Rompin local council, vaccinated him and made sure he was in good health. They even ensured Barney wore a collar at all times so no one would mistake him for a stray.
However, on the morning of Aug 23, Chong found Barney dead, after he forgot to tie up the dog like he usually did every night.

Mohd Zulkifli Hashim, Free Malaysia Today 4 Comments [9/17/2017 2:03:21 PM]
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Submitted By: Bedhead

Quote# 131710

It isn’t immaturity that compels them into that deathstyle.

It’s hedonism. For the homosexual, nothing in creation matters more than the next orgasm. Their brains are hardwired into their sexual organ.

Debauchery is all they think of, every second, every minute, every hour, on and on.

This is why homosexuals should be lobotomized.

Flavious_Maximus, Free Republic 11 Comments [9/17/2017 2:03:03 PM]
Fundie Index: 10
Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 131721

Salaam guys,

A lot of you guys in posts say that sometimes you come across Taweez which has a grid on it with numbers inside.

This is a mathematical tool called the Magic square. You might see it in Sudoku games. The aim is for all the numbers to add up both horizontally and vertically.

In the case of Sihr, numbers may be attributed to words and they may be added up or vice versa. Some people may add up numbers to get "786". However there is no case for "786" to mean Bismillah or anything of the sort. Numbers were never associated with letters by the pious predecessors.

The magic square is also used among Freemasons who actually use an 8x8 magic square to add up to 33, showing the number degrees in Freemasonry.

Long story short, magicians may use a combination of numerology, associating words (usually words of kufr) with numbers and then incorporating them in a square grid to ensure the numbers add up in rows and columns. So as soon as you see one of these grids: stay away.

BadarR, Ummah 18 Comments [9/16/2017 5:41:56 AM]
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