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Gulags where necessary. You can not let the counterrevolutionarys organize and do whatever they like. They will try to take over the state again, crush the revolution and get back to the old status quo that benefited them. So you have to remove them somehow.

And on Kulaks. They choose to be Kulaks. They could've just cooperated.?

Der Spliff, youtube 7 Comments [9/15/2017 12:38:36 PM]
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Submitted By: hydrolythe

Quote# 131658

TSawesome: That's the kind of "gay stuff" that I usually do... Do I really need to "spell it out for you"?

Heteros are all about sex. You know, that's how we define people -- by what we imagine they *might* so in the privacy of their own homes.

TheThirdHelix: I don't know about the people you talk to, but I've never met any Christians who are particularly eager to discuss homosexuality, homosexual sex acts or anything related. The only reason any of us talk about this at all is because we're constantly bombarded with it and demanded to explain ourselves for our refusal to change our religion to be more accommodating of it.

Most of us would rather talk about almost anything else, but when we're met with lies and propaganda about what the Bible supposedly does or does not condone, we're forced to clarify, which entails explaining precisely what the Bible condemns, which entails naming the specific sin.

Then, when we do, people like you have the audacity to accuse us of being "obsessed" or "preoccupied" with the subject, when no -- it's not us. It's you.

TSawesome: Not from our perspective -- the ones "bombarding" and obsessing over our lives are the fear-mongering Fundamentalists. Tell *them* to knock it off.

TheThirdHelix: How are fundamentalists interfering with you at all, much less "obsessing" over your life?

TSawesome: Let's see... Passing legislation against LGBT in states such as NC, MS and TX, wanting to overturn marriage equality and obsessing by spending their energy arguing about bathrooms for my transgender friends.

All this things are obsessions generated by a fearful group of politicians and pastors afraid of losing power and influence to "others".

It's sad, really, that those people confuse holiness with persecution of some of the smallest and most vulnerable minorities in society.

TheThirdHelix: First of all, it's everybody's business if we're talking about giving grown men legally-mandated access to little girls' restrooms. I really couldn't give two craps about any of your sanctimonious indignation over our refusal to expose little girls to predators in order to enable people with a delusion. So get over it. Nobody's buying it. That you're attributing it to "fearful politicians" and "pastors afraid of losing power" without any regard for the other side of the argument tells me you are totally oblivious to any reality outside of your own precious echo chamber of identity politics and victimhood mongering.

Second, the government historically recognizes marriage because there is a specific public benefit to doing so. It is not because it's the proper role of government to endorse our romantic choices or to validate our sexual preferences. The government is in the marriage game because they know men and women are likely to have sex, sex makes babies, babies thrive with two parents who can divide up and cooperate in nurturing and material support duties, and when they don't have that, they're at a disadvantage later in life -- people who come into the world as bastards in the literal sense tend to grow up into bastards in the pejorative sense. High out-of-wedlock birthrates always lead to increased poverty and crime, which strains social services and public school systems, leading to societal economic hardship, so it's in the public interest for the government to incentivize marriage with tax benefits.

But gay "sex" doesn't make babies. There is no public benefit whatsoever to incentivizing gay "marriage."

And, if it were really about "equality," rather than gay supremacy, the LGBT lobby would have jumped at the compromise offered years ago in the form of civil unions, which would have bestowed all of the same legal benefits and protections as marriage, without calling it "marriage." But, the LGBT lobby, being typical Leftists, thinks the federal government can bestow moral and spiritual legitimacy, and it wanted to use the government as a cudgel against anyone who dares oppose their dogma. And, it's succeeding.

So stop with the persecution complex. You got your way.

I realize victimhood has been a staggeringly effective political weapon for the past 30 years and you don't want to stop using it, so you're still playing the persecution card whenever you possibly can, but you're in danger of overplaying your hand. When athletes are publicly hailed as "heroes" for announcing their gayness and every TV show has one or two gay subplots, giving gays representation in media vastly out of proportion with your actual numbers, and a nearly 70-year-old man wins a "woman of the year" award just for putting on a skirt, AND, on TOP of all that, Christians are losing our businesses and livelihoods because we don't want to participate in your subversion of western civilization ... it's pretty absurd for you to still be playing up the "oppressed and persecuted minority" farce. It's played out. You should quit while you're ahead.

TheThirdHelix, RELIGION 12 Comments [9/15/2017 12:38:33 PM]
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Until a person becomes born-again he or she is under the thought process of demonic spirits. Because until you get genuinely saved you basically operate from a demon's way of thinking. And how you think is what governs your life and how you ultimately live.

"We know that we are children of God and that the world around us is under the control of the evil one." 1 John 5:19

"If the Good News we preach is hidden behind a veil, it is hidden only from people who are perishing. Satan, who is the god of this world, has blinded the minds of those who don’t believe. They are unable to see the glorious light of the Good News. They don’t understand this message about the glory of Christ, who is the exact likeness of God." 2 Corinthians 4:3-4

No matter how nice or graceful we imagine ourselves to be: we even parent from a demonic perspective. The scriptures declare:

"As it is written, There is none righteous, no, not one..." Romans 3:10

Jesus Himself even stated: "If you then, who are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father who is in heaven give good things to those who ask him!" Matthew 7:11

Jesus basically called even the best parent an evil parent: because until one comes into a dynamic born-again REAL encounter with the living resurrected Jesus: that person still carries the wicked, evil and demented mindset of demons.

See, you have to understand that from the day you were born you've been mentored by an evilness that controls the mindset and way of thinking of everyone in the world. And it remains this way for you until you fully surrender your life - including your mind - to Jesus Christ. Especially your mind! Because your mind is the controlling factor for how you think, act, treat others, treat yourself, and for how you live.

Even when we are born-again we still must go through the lifelong process of renewing our minds. We do this by literally being brainwashed; not in a bad negative way. But in a good way. The right way. After all:

if your brain has been steeped in filth and darkness its entire existence, washing it is exactly what's needed. And you wash your mind by listening to the Word of God - the Bible - and allowing it to teach you how to live, act and be.

By allowing your mind to go through the metamorphosis of total transformation under the brilliant cleansing light of God's Word, you prepare yourself to be a Kingdom citizen of the Most High, and a person God can trust with His true riches.

Get into His word! Become studious - addicted even - to reading and devouring the scriptures. You know you are undergoing the type of transformational positive brainwashing I'm speaking of here when you find yourself crazy-addicted to studying the Bible. You can't get enough of it, no matter how many times or how often you've read it.

That's the kind of addiction God wants you to have; an addiction to hearing what God has to say.

"O God, You are my God; I shall seek You earnestly; My soul thirsts for You, my flesh yearns for You, In a dry and weary land where there is no water." Psalm 63:1

That's the place we all need to strive to get to: where God becomes our fix and our addiction! God wants to do a clean, complete work in your life. And He wants to start today. Will you let Him?

Mack Major, Facebook 16 Comments [9/14/2017 1:41:11 PM]
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More anti-DPRK hysterical warmongering from the British government this time from Defence Secretary Michael Fallon who claims DPRK nuclear missiles will be able to reach Britain in a few months time. Again UK KFA condemns these anti-DPRK histrionics and jingoism . Britain is not considered a sworn enemy of the DPRK , it is the US and Japan that are considered to be sworn enemies of the DPRK .

The DPRK nukes will target the US , not Britain . If Fallon, May , Johnson are so worried about the security of Britain that they should make sure Britain stays out of Korea and does not prop up US warmongering as it did in Iraq and Afghanistan

UK Korean Friendship Association, Korean Friendship Association 12 Comments [9/14/2017 1:40:52 PM]
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On today’s episode of the “Pass The Salt Live” webcast, Religious Right activist “Coach” Dave Daubenmire said that the government should stop spending money on the study of the “fake science” of evolution and instead give that money to scientists who will work to prove the existence of God.

“Evolution is fake science, it is not true,” Daubenmire said. “Do you know how much government money goes into science research? If you want to get a government grant, you have to make sure that the research that you do is going to support the positions of the government.”

“I would like to see the government do this,” he continued, “why doesn’t the government fund research into whether or not there is really a God? Wouldn’t that be good? Let’s dump a lot of money—rather than dumping all this [money into research] proving there isn’t a God, let’s fund some scientists to do some research to see if there is a God.”

Dave Daubenmire, Right Wing Watch 20 Comments [9/14/2017 1:40:45 PM]
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Submitted By: Demon Duck of Doom

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Stop the War Coalition (STWC) held a meeting on the tense situation on the Korean peninsula . From a KFA viewpoint the meeting was a bit hmm to say the least . The problem with STWC is that they believe in excluding and marginalising any pro DPRK , pro Juche view point .(KFA did offer to send a speaker but this was declined ) One of the positives of the meeting was that the warmongering and hype of the British media , including so-called 'liberal ' papers like the 'Guardian ' .They were some attempts to explain the context of the DPRK nuclear programme , it was correctly pointed out the US introduced nuclear weapons on to the Korean peninsula in 1957.

However where the meeting went seriously off track and ended up justifying US imperialism was when two of the speakers parroted the claim of the US to have withdrawn nuclear weapons from the Korean peninsula in early 1990s,. The US had deployed up to 1750 nuclear weapons in south Korea at one time and the figure averages at around 1,000. The US took a NEITHER CONFIRM NOR DENY stance towards nuclear weapons in south Korea after 1991 . Evidence revealed to the south Korean ' national assembly ' has shown that they are still there . It is deplorable that STWC echoed US imperialist propaganda on this point.
Veteran fake Leftist and DPRK basher Tariq Ali was relatively restrained but managed to tell a silly and ludicrous story that Benazir Bhutto had given the DPRK nuclear weapons and had taken them to the DPRK on her presidential plane !!! (Blimey !) .

Those speakers who put the DPRK nuclear programme into its historical context did not mention the use of biological weapons during the Korean War . None of the speakers mentioned the Juche idea and the DPRK's spirit of anti-imperialist independence during their presentations but tended to portray the DPRK as a puppet or client of the USSR-Russia and China .

One speaker wrongly claimed that the DPRK decided to develop nuclear weapons after the fall of the USSR , ignoring the fact that the DPRK was never part of the USSR's 'nuclear umbrella' nor was it a Warsaw pact member . Generally a few of the speakers came across as being part of the " I love Russia and China " brigade and supported the idea of these countries forcing the DPRK to disarm . UK KFA reject the idea , regardless of where it comes from , that the DPRK should disarm ,

UK Korean Friendship Association, Korean Friendship Association 4 Comments [9/14/2017 1:38:31 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

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It’s about destroying Christianity, especially the churches which have not embraced the leftist agenda.

They are not ever going after muzzies, and trapping them into refusing to perform a gay “marriage” because they know damn well the muzzies will refuse and cut their heads off.

How long before they go into a Catholic church to be “married” and sue the Church?

I want the USA back, Free Republic 12 Comments [9/14/2017 1:36:18 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 131645

This is why many of us opposed homosexual “marriage” in the first place. It wasn’t about what consenting adults do in private or even who people spend their lives with. It was about the normalization/legitimization of homosexuality and the subsequent and ongoing war against opposing views. When government says two homoesexuals can marry, for example, that marriage has to be treated as entirely normal in all aspects.

We already surrendered religious freedom, free speech, and freedom of association in the civil rights era (for an arguably worthy cause—elimination of institutionalized racism), and legal homosexual “marriage” allows the homosexualists to use those same mechanisms to drive opposing thought/speech from the public sphere. In other words, the legal framework to oppress Christians was already in place.

You may be allowed to practice your faith in private—maybe.

CitizenUSA, Free Republic 15 Comments [9/14/2017 1:36:12 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Pyromanic Proselytic Psychosis Award

Quote# 131643

Washington DC, September 6-11

Got to DC Wednesday afternoon in the pouring rain. Did not deter me. Went right out to the median strip on 9th and Pennsylvania with the DOJ on my right and the FBI on my left.

Soon an FBI worker came up to me and THANKED ME for Holding high the Holy Cross and saying, “DC needs this badly.”

Then a DOJ top official came up to me and respectfully said, “This is very important what you’re doing, sir. Thank you for praying for all of us. Only prayer can save this country.”

He was obviously a devout Christian, very well dressed, and had a very impressive look.

I thanked him for his encouraging words and heard myself saying to him (a man in his early 50s): “You’re a man of destiny. Stay in touch with Christ for His leading.”

He looked back at me in a standstill, a bit stunned, but at the same time, deep in thought.


I alternated between 9th and Pennsylvania and Constitution Blvd and Pennsylvania Ave adjacent to Capitol Hill.

The police here simply love me and ‘get it’ what I’m doing. They honk and wave to me.

The bus drivers do the same and especially the cab drivers who are mostly Ethiopian ‘orthodox’ Christians. (They don’t accept Chalcedon, and are monophysites, BUT they LOVE Jesus Christ and have CROSSES hanging from their rear view mirrors in their windshields.)

A man in his early forties, during my afternoon session, nicely dressed, careens over, pulls beside me and says: “Brother Nathanael! What a treat to see you! I work for the Senate and watch every single one of your Videos.”

Aah, that felt good!


The demons come out every Friday nite.

The yuppies riding bikes were yelling out, “Hail Satan!” to me.

One homosexual started picking his nose in front of the Cross and blasphemed.

I burned them all with the Holy Cross.

You see, the demons through their agents, see the Cross and wish to oppose it. They can’t with me. I burn them with the sign of the Cross and they quickly leave the scene.

BUT the OVERWHELMING majority of the people in DC LOVED (and love) what I’m doing.


Brother Nathanael Kapner, Real Jew News 14 Comments [9/14/2017 1:35:27 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

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I wish it was not so, but I fear that it is too late to save England. They voted in a mus slum mayor. It took English people to vote khan into power. With the birthrate and the continued immigration it is, I fear, too late. I hope that we in America can learn from the mistakes of swedistan, englandstand and so on. I loved England and I greive for what has happened.

This can be turned around with deportation and so on. The brits do not have the strength or the will power to save their own country. One of the first casualty of the musslum take over will be the end of the monarchy and then the end of democracy and religious freedoms and so on down the slippery slope of political correctness gone to hell. God save the UK.

cat, Bare Naked Islam 12 Comments [9/14/2017 1:35:10 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 131641

I’m not a Muslim but… can I borrow a puke bag after watching those useful idiots kissing Muslim booty?!

I wonder how many of those airheads would still feel that way if they were forced to watch several hours of gruesome beheadings.

Muslims Cansuck Myass, Bare Naked Islam 7 Comments [9/14/2017 1:34:57 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

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The science is simple...it's following it where it gets difficult...especially when you have divorced yourselves from Jesus Christ's accurate teaching.

You see...there are 3 key elements that make this science work. The most important is an indestructible, dynamic energy that is so abundant that if you rolled every galaxy out into this raw material there would be enough of it to make all all those atoms and their component parts in the style, shape and form that modern science analyses and tries to interpret.

Then we need 2 dimensions of the universe which are best described as the static...pre-big bang universe...where nothing moved very fast...and also our own, high-speed, expanding dimension, which sprung into action when all that 'dynamic energy' erupted.

Link these two dimensions with black-holes, both on the macro-scale, and the micro-scale, and we finish up with of a rush of this electric plasma, or dynamic energy, building galaxies, stars and atoms at a phenomenal rate and all the Biblical clues suggest Almighty God created this universe by giving this scientific understanding, life, and righteous meaning...and because it all happened millions of light-years ago we know that Almighty God is well versed in the 'word' that Jesus Christ made flesh, and this is why we should pay heed when they talk of serious, impending dangers...which they announced to us well over 2000 years ago.

Nicholas Marks, Religion and Ethics 9 Comments [9/14/2017 1:33:46 PM]
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Submitted By: NearlySane

Quote# 131638

My 'if' is a politeness saying, well, I've worked it out but I don't want to make a big thing of it..because I know you haven't...It's Biblically called, meekness...You see, bluehillside, I want to inherit a share in this new heavens and new Earth.

Nicholas Marks, Religion and Ethics 7 Comments [9/14/2017 1:32:47 PM]
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Submitted By: NearlySane

Quote# 131637

Nov. 14, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) - Since the election of Donald Trump, the level of meltdown on the Left has now reached proportions rivalling Chernobyl. University students at Cornell hosted a cry-in, meeting together to weep at the fall of Hillary Clinton. As per usual, more hate crimes were faked, and every bit of potentially racist graffiti was pounced on as evidence that Trump’s election would result in vicious race wars. Actual violence and rioting done by angry progressives has been almost completely ignored. And then, the one theme that keeps recurring on talks shows across the nation: fear. As the result of Donald Trump’s election, many people, apparently, feel as if the leadership of the country is now fundamentally opposed to them in some way, and they are scared.

Which is exactly how Christians have felt under Barack Obama for the past eight years.

Many of my non-Christian and liberal friends find it bewildering that both evangelicals and Catholics voted overwhelmingly for Donald Trump, a thrice-married casino operator infamous for his vulgar trash talk. I want to take a moment to explain to them directly why most Christians voted for him anyway. It’s simple, really: Christians voted for Donald Trump because they felt that the threat a de facto third Obama term posed to Christian communities was an existential one.

The attacks on Christians from the highest levels of government have been relentless now for nearly a decade. Obama wants to force Christian churches and schools to accept the most radical and most recent version of gender ideology, and he is willing to issue executive decrees on the issue to force the less enlightened to get in line. Christian concerns are dismissed out of hand as “transphobia.”

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton informed one audience that Christians would have to change their beliefs on some issues. And now Christians are having conversations around the dinner table about what do if the government forces curricula on them that they cannot accept, because their own government is increasingly indicating that Christian parents are too homophobic and too hateful to teach their own children. Can you understand how terrified mothers and fathers are at the prospect that those in power want to actively prevent them from passing their beliefs on to their own children?

I can understand why those from some immigrant communities might be worried about how a Trump presidency could affect them personally—but as for the largely white liberal university students throwing a temper tantrum—what do you have to freak out about? No one is saying that you can’t pass your values on to your children. No one is saying you’re a bigoted, fascistic hater of minorities simply because you happen to have a different belief system. But they are saying that about Christians—and you were, too. And they mean it. The students weeping in fear at a Trump administration have nothing to worry about. No one’s going to cancel their Women’s Studies program or shut down their LBGTQ2etc Collective. Get over it.

And then there was the rapid rise of rainbow fascism. Christian bakers are under attack. Christian photographers. Christian pastors. Real people are losing real businesses that they had labored for years to build. Their way of life is being destroyed. In some cases, Christian business owners saw the wages they needed to feed their families dry up because they were targeted by gay activists and labeled hateful, homophobic bigots simply for declining to assist in celebrating a gay union. That’s all. They just wanted to live their lives in accordance with their own beliefs, and because of that, activists came gunning for them. It wasn’t good enough to go down the street to any number of photographers or bakers who would be more than happy to help celebrate a gay wedding. They needed to see those little family businesses destroyed, even if it meant that the baker and his family ended up on the street. Dissenters must be crushed.

These things happened, and are happening, and many of you shrugged your shoulders and thought to yourselves that the homophobes got what they deserved. You didn’t care about these people, and you didn’t respect their right to live out their beliefs because you thought there was something fundamentally wrong with those beliefs.

And then there was the fact that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton wanted to force Christians to fund the abortion industry, something many of you support because everyone babbles on about “reproductive rights” without ever talking about what abortion actually is. Abortion. Google it. I’m challenging you in all seriousness. That’s how I ended up involved in the pro-life movement: by Googling it and realizing what abortion was. Take a second, and actually look at pictures of the dead babies, and then remember that Barack Obama even voted against protecting those children who survived abortion, and that Hillary Clinton defended abortion even in the latest stages of pregnancy.

Is it really so hard for you to understand that those who fight tirelessly to protect these babies might be willing to gamble on the support of a brash billionaire rather than cast their vote for someone who thinks the youngest members of the human family are nothing more than soulless trash? I’ve seen an aborted baby before. I’ve held a butchered little boy in my hands. Maybe if you did, too, you could understand why we don’t think Hillary Clinton is a good person. We think her political positions directly result in dead children, because that’s the truth.

This is not even to get into the fact that the Democratic war on religious liberty was so malicious it had them going to court to force nuns—a group called “Little Sisters of the Poor”—to fund birth control. Dissenters must be crushed, after all.

The simple fact is that Christians voted in self-defence. They voted to put the brakes on the relentless, eight-year-long assault not just on their values, but on their ability to live their lives unmolested without having radical progressives attempt to force some newly invented ideology down their throat or hang some new “phobia” label around their necks or garnish their wages to pay for medical exterminators to suction tiny human beings into bloody slurry. Most of these Christians are not activists. Most of them simply want to be left alone. But for eight long years, they weren’t left alone. And so this time around, they voted to give Obama and his progressive minions the hugest shove they could.

Donald Trump may well prove to be destructive force. Time will tell. But for many people, he is currently destroying all the right things. Michael Moore wasn’t wrong to refer to Trump as a “legal Molotov cocktail” that the voters threw right through the front window of the elites. Secular progressives have been using political correctness to strangle the life out of Christians, calling them every name in the book and treating them like seething, hateful gay-bashers. Now, the media saddled a man with every label they could possibly come up with—and he won anyway. Progressives created a system that would convict Christians every single time, replete with ever-shifting speech codes that informed any number of bewildered men and women that the hate they didn’t feel towards anyone was obviously there, anyway. And then a sledgehammer named Donald Trump showed up, and the harried and henpecked voters decided to use it to smash a system created specifically to marginalize and label them.

What you have to understand is that Christians hear the media much differently than the rest of you. They hear themselves being mocked and ridiculed by men like John Oliver, who believes that a man with a penis can simultaneously be a woman. They hear themselves being cursed as awful people by Samantha Bee, who thinks that it’s perfectly okay to stab a baby in the skull in the third trimester of pregnancy. They hear themselves being called hateful bigots by Bill Maher, who claims to value diversity. And they may chuckle painfully, but they also know that they are loathed by those who are now demanding to know how they could possibly have voted for Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton, a woman who would have taken her own sledgehammer to religious liberty at the very earliest opportunity.

We’ll have to see how a Trump presidency progresses. With men like Mike Pence around him, he may prove to be an ally to the Christians who cast their ballots for him last Tuesday. But even if he isn’t, Christians are simply relieved that he isn’t Hillary Clinton. As I pointed out prior to Election Day, most of us are quite aware that Donald Trump doesn’t care about abortion or religious liberty. But on the other hand, Hillary Clinton is passionate about abortion, and she is passionate about furthering her party’s radical social agenda. Even if Donald Trump does nothing for Christians, at least he’ll leave them alone. After eight years of Barack Obama, that would be a tremendous relief.

That’s why so many Christians voted for Donald J. Trump.

Jonathan Van Maren, LifeSiteNews 16 Comments [9/14/2017 1:32:26 PM]
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Submitted By: Christopher

Quote# 131636

The author didn't want us to use his name because of fear of retaliation.

January 29, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) -- I am a Christian kid and I wrote this reflection when I was in grade 10 a couple years ago. With everything that is going on, I have to speak up.

But first, here is what Buzzfeed has to say about the new “Gender Policy” that has been released in Alberta:

The end goal of all this? To make sure everyone feels safe, welcome, and valued at school.”
Let me get this through your head: I DO NOT FEEL SAFE.

This idea that Gay Straight Alliances make a safe space for everyone, is false.

Here is what YOU need to know about this movement, because it’s fruits have made even Catholic schools a petrifying and socially isolating place for me – and many others like me who are to petrified to speak up.

Some Key Points:

a) I am shamed by others because I uphold that it is a biological reality that a male and a female can have a baby together, and that because of that, not all “marriages” are equal. They teach this in biology class, but if I connect it to faith, I am nearly stoned to death.

b) I am labeled as backwards and old-fashioned, because I think virtue is something special, and that sexual experimentation will not “do me well” in my preparation for marriage one day. Sexual experimentation to “figure out” if you are gay or not, happens more than most adults would care to know. Kids like me have been lied to by teachers and this whole movement in that we are told that if it “feels good” it means you are gay or whatever. What better way to get more people to consider that they may be bi or gay, than to teach sex ed in a way that teaches sexual exploration?

c)) I am labeled as a homophobe because I continuously speak about attractions experienced and identity embraced, instead of just saying people “are gay.”

d) I am scorned by many people who know that I would not attend a gay wedding (or any other wedding in which people were choosing to be closed to the transmission of new life). Not because of “hatred” which they accuse me of, but rather because it is a celebration of the commitment of two people to engage in unholy sexuality – unholy because there is an intrinsic closedness to completing the function of sexuality as it was designed. Again, a biological fact.

I don’t understand how we are taught to tell the truth, every waking moment of our lives… until it comes to sexuality. Then, anything goes.

And if I come across a bit scared and or irritated, you should see the actual gay Christian kids that want to live holy lives for Christ. THEY are the ones who feel 1000 times more unsafe than I. They undergo all of this, AND are told to their faces that they are liars, they are deceiving themselves, they are suppressed, and that they should leave the church because they are brainwashed…. all because they want to honor sexuality in the way it was created.

One more time: in Catholic schools, they are fearfully hiding even more than I, because of their desire to see themselves through the lens of Christ and their desire to live a holy life.

If you want to call this a safe space for everyone, then I call bullcrap. My friends are paying the price for this fantasy that safe-spaces are being created for all. It is simply not the case.

What drives me even more crazy is that NO ONE seems to be open to hearing their voices.

So much for equality.

"Anonymous Student", LifeSiteNews 23 Comments [9/14/2017 1:32:10 PM]
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Submitted By: Christopher

Quote# 131634

Oh dear Seb, have you been continually sleeping over the past few years and missed all the flyovers of high altitude planes spreading thick dark and light trails which accumulate into artificial clouds, sometimes as many as ten of these toxic air-planes in the sky at one time going round and round emptying their poisonous payloads then coming back to discharge more. There has been an uproar on the net but the authorities are keeping quiet about it, as are the media, which tells its own tale. Still, observers from all around the world have been complaining about it...mainly to  each other because no one is listening...that includes observations made by serious scientific studies which condemn it.

The sun's uv levels are going very high and current researchers are saying that it is in a state of great distress with huge coronal holes forming and spitting out nasty high energy  projections, cme's (coronal mass ejections) and threatening our magnetosphere with high levels of powerful radiation. Still...if you prefer to sleep then these things which are creeping up on us and which only the Holy Bible gives us prior warning of, and which indicate that that rogue star system, directly implied by Revelation, is closer than we might think, which leads us to the conclusion that those who are alert and looking out for these things will have a better chance of survival...especially if armed with the righteous teaching of Jesus Christ that repentance urges us to take on board.

Nicholas Marks, Religion and Ethics 4 Comments [9/14/2017 1:31:35 PM]
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Submitted By: NearlySane

Quote# 131632

Sermon 9: Usury

By Rev. William H. Grimes

Let's start in Exodus 22:25. "If thou lend money to any of my people that is poor by thee, thou shalt not be to him as an usurer, neither shalt thou lay upon him usury." So, what is this saying? It's saying that lending money to other people and expecting interest on the principal is wicked! So, who does this make sinners of? There are all of these banks and other financial institutions RIPPING OFF THE POOR IN THIS COUNTRY BECAUSE THEY ARE POSSESSED OF THE DEVIL! WICKED BANKERS WHO ARE OF THE WICKED CLASS! WICKED FRAUDULENT CROOKS WHO THINK THAT THEY ARE THE CHOSEN PEOPLE OF GOD WHENEVER THEY ARE NOT! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Deuteronomy 23:19-20 says "Thou shalt not lend upon usury to thy brother; usury of money, usury of victuals, usury of any thing that is lent upon usury: Unto a stranger thou mayest lend upon usury; but unto thy brother thou shalt not lend upon usury: that the Lord thy God may bless thee in all that thou settest thine hand to in the land whither thou goest to possess it." Luke 19:23 says "Wherefore then gavest not thou my money into the bank, that at my coming I might have required mine own with usury?"


The Rev. William H. Grimes, New Testament Baptist Church 20 Comments [9/14/2017 1:30:18 PM]
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Scott Lively, Scott Lively Ministries  5 Comments [9/14/2017 1:30:10 PM]
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I post girls snapchats on 4chan. Big deal, so what. If you don't want it getting linked, then don't put pictures online in the first place.

bullycel , R/incels  13 Comments [9/14/2017 1:29:09 PM]
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I don't see what the big deal is about rape. It's just a dick in your hole for a few minutes. It's nowhere near as bad as murder, cancer, or getting flirty eyes from a fat chick. And really, women can't be raped since the vagina is designed to accommodate cock. Only men can be raped. If a woman is penetrated anally against her will, she's just experiencing male rape, which is an excellent learning experience for her, to discover the struggles that men go through.

For women, rape isn't a big deal. It's just typical female exaggeration to get attention. They all fantasize about rape so they actually enjoy it. They just want to trade in their "victim" status for clothing and jewelry and don't want to give sex away for free. Really, the only punishment for rape should be to pay the equivalent of the going rate for whatever sex act was performed with a local prostitute of equivalent attractiveness. Since it's the same punishment, why would anyone rape a Feminist instead of a beautiful woman?

Those fat ugly feminists that scream the loudest that "no means NO," are actually hoping to limit the amount of sex the genetically gifted attractive women get. And, in so doing, hoping that some hapless male starving for sex will find himself scraping the very, very bottom of the barrel where the fat and ugly feminist will finally have the chance to scream, "YES, FUCK ME HARD."

Hey fat ugly feminists, it isn't going to work. You only really have one option. Lose the weight, learn how to use make up, and get an overhaul of your personality. In some cases you may need extensive plastic surgery to have any hope of getting my cock rammed into your ass. In some extreme cases, it is entirely hopeless and you should just give up. If you are this last case, try having sex with animals if you find you can approach them without scaring them away.

bullycel , R/Incels 26 Comments [9/14/2017 1:28:56 PM]
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So first you have to believe in Evolution!
Personally, I don't believe they could prove or disprove something like that. They can say they can theorize the position but there can be no proof about it. Even evolution has not been Proven without a doubt, because there is no way to know what started everything; again it is a theory.
You are welcome to believe whatever you want, and I am able to have my own beliefs. They may not agree, but it's still our rights. We can get along even when our beliefs don't match.
You see, whether there was one thing or another really doesn't matter in our lives, because we live regardless of the fact. Wanting to know is a personal thing too, because not everyone cares and are just glad they have a life to live. Discussing something that we have different viewpoints can be done as long as there is respect on both sides.
I'm afraid I don't agree with your 'evolution' theory. It misses too much about how the whole world is connected and how so many things rely on other things to survive at all.
Evolution is not a believable thing to someone who believes in God being the creator. It just does not work together at all.

Beamer, Christian News Network 6 Comments [9/14/2017 1:27:48 PM]
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Thankyou Floo, though highlighting the facts that most of your scientists are sitting on and which many governments are preparing for, in front of your very eyes, without you having any comprehension of, doesn't really count as light relief. 

You see Seb...everything that is happening in the world today equates down to a rogue solar system that is entering our own solar space, and along with frantic measures for survival of the (un)fittest it seems that we, ourselves, will be preoccupied with wars and rumours of wars...still, each to their own...especially if a spiritual eternity within one of these rogue, planetary bodies, turns you on...so be it.

You must remember torri that carbon is made from a wonderful electric plasma wrapped around a tiny black-hole, and as such, will dissolve back to its plasma state, along with all the other elements that aren't secured to the earth...which is a good job because the fiery lake of sulphur will then rid us of distressed electric plasma patterns including nuclear waste and those who refuse to repent.


Nicholas Marks, Religion and Ethics 4 Comments [9/14/2017 1:25:27 PM]
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Lady Checkmate's headline: "HollyWeird's New NAMBLA Inspired Movie Promotes Sexual Immorality & Child Rape"

Just when you thought the world was full of sin and couldn't get any worse, it proves that sin is never satisfied (just as the Holy Bible states).
There's a new movie out, "Call Me By Your Name," about an American professor who falls for his male student.

Actor James Woods spoke out about it stating:

"As they quietly chip away the last barriers of decency. #NAMBLA".

His comment was immediately met with the equivalency of, "Your sin is no better than my sin" from NAMBLA sympathizers...a convenient dodge considering that women and men were created to compliment each other and is not a sin but what that movie is promoting is not only an abomination, but an attempt for child rapists to segue into raping even younger children. The young man in the movie is 19, an adult teenager, but expect the wicked to try to keep going younger and younger as sin is never satisfied AND their goal is to legalize child rape.

One decent commenter responded with, ""When people have no God this is what happens." Of course the alt-left took that as nothing more than "hate", their regular habit of calling good evil and evil good.

NAMBLA stands for The North American Man/Boy Love Association, which reportedly fights to allow adult men to have male minor lovers. Men raping boys is a DISGUSTING ACT and ABOMINATION deserving of the death penalty!

DISCLAIMER: I'm not very familiar with James Wood's past, but apparently it's sketchy. I pray for him and the other lost souls that are searching for something and only abusing themselves in the process.

Don't forget to RECOMMEND. Lets get the Truth out so that Light may shine bright in this dark place and Jesus Christ may be glorified.Even if the discussion is closed, please still RECOMMEND.

Lady Checkmate, Disqus - Faith & Religion 11 Comments [9/14/2017 1:21:03 PM]
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This started off as a sensible answer but became a rant on Arranged Marriages in India in general. So read at your discretion. Though, Yes I have tried to answer this question too!

Don't we all love a good parents bashing? Let me join in too! I will tell you about Indian parents' mindset in general and why arranged marriages are preferred. Towards the end, I'll tell you about the daughter bit.


Arranged marriage is the norm in India. Sure the number of love marriages are increasing with the so called “modern youth” of today, declaring their independence and standing up for their rights and shit. But it seems that parents never want us to be happy doesn't it? Even though that is probably the only thing most parents want, they have a fucked up way of showing it. The real reason for arranged marriages though, and marrying off girls quickly, according to me, is YOU!

Yes, you! The Indian youth who has never made a single independent decision in their lives. Who had their schools, colleges, degrees, electives, books, breakfast, lunch, dinner, tea, snacks, drinks, video games, computers, mobile phones, shirts, pants, belts, sarees, salwars, bras, boxers, underwear, panties, friends and even sanitary pads chosen by your parents.

Now you might say, “That's not me! I have always had a say in all my life choices!”, well maybe you did.You are a minority. This is not about you then. But the real question is were they Life Altering Choices? Or was it just a scenario where you wanted to buy a Camlin Geometry box and your parents wanted to buy you a Natraj Geometry box?

Did you take science group because you wanted to study/learn Science or your parents pushed you into it? Or maybe all your friends were taking science group. Did you join that IIT coaching class of your own free will? Or was it for the same reasons mentioned above? Have you from a young age demonstrated independence and rational decision making abilities to your parents? The answer to this question, in most of the cases is No. No. A huge fucking NO!

If you have been completely independent throughout your life, you've earned the right to choose your partner. Yes that is how parents look at it. You've got to EARNthe right to choose your life partner. How can parents trust a 21-year-old girl/guy, who has not taken a single independent decision in their entire fucking life to choose a partner for themselves? Sure the person may not be the same dumb twat they were in high school but parents don't know that. Prove it to them. Show them that you are your own master. Stop cribbing about problems and start making your own decisions. In fact, move the fuck out of your house after you finish school (class 12).

In the US, the average 17-year-old is most probably working part-time. In Europe, they are carrying a backpack and roaming the continent or even the world. We are still sucking on mommy's titty here at that time. And you think parents will go down without a fight when you want to marry someone of YOUR choice? That is why couples who themselves were not a part of the arranged marriage community, have reservations when it comes to their child's marriage.

At the crux of it, most parents don't trust their kids. Why? Because we haven't displayed an ounce of independence to them. We haven't had conversations with them about our likes and dislikes. We have been bound by the roles society has imposed on us. We don't take the time to get to know our parents as human beings. All they see in us are bad decisions and worse choices. Like hell they're going to let you marry a person of your choice.

They think you're an idiot. A useless piece of shit incapable of sane decision making. They think they are looking out for you. Have you ever told your parents you don't need looking out for? That it's your life and you can take care of yourself? That you know what you're doing? You probably did after you chose a life partner.

They don't trust you then. Had you done that in class 8 when your mother forced you to go to JEE coaching because all kids are going and told them it's your life and you don't want to do engineering, and had you carried that attitude down throughout the years and made GOOD life choices (not fucked up along the road mind you) and are your own boss today, your parents probably won't give a fuck if you marry a chimpanzee.

Now I know all of this might sound exaggerated. But this is how parents treat us man! We are kids in their eyes forever. What I've written is true in most of the cases and mainly among the educated middle class. Tier 1, Tier 2 cities. It's a whole different story when it goes to villages and rural areas. There people take their shit seriously. It is an issue ofHONOUR who their children marry and this shit is downright wrong. The cure for this is education. Nothing else. Education and a good parent child rapport from a young age.

This is how their parents treated them and this is how most parents are treating us. What we can do is sit them the fuck down and make them understand our life choices. Sure there'll be emotional blackmail. You need to figure that shit out on your own, like, how serious your mother is when she says she will commit suicide if you don't marry according to her wish. I do not think there are any situations that conversations cannot solve, if that has been the norm since your childhood days.

Just because you've seen 4 English movies and have suddenly become a feminist/open-minded liberal hippie, don't expect the same from your parents. Give them some time to get used to you. Make them understand your point of view. Because at the end of the day, they THINK they know what's best for us and we have blindly accepted their decisions so far. A sudden opposition is kind of shocking especially in such a grave issue.

Girls are looked at in 2 extreme ways in India. They are either the apple of the parent's astigmatic eyes or things to be gotten rid off as soon as possible. One of the major reasons parents want to pack of their girls is because they look at it as a DUTY. They are worried about finding eligible grooms and even EDUCATED parents, think they've failed as parents if they don't marry off their girl child. Again this depends on your up-bringing. Sit them down and talk to them. Start talking from a young age. Discuss your choices with them. Ask for their opinions and if and when they're right/better than yours, acknowledge the fact and follow them. Display maturity.

Even after doing all this, the current parents who have 20+ year old kids, are from an earlier generation. They are digesting inter-caste/community marriages much better than their parents. But not all that well. What we can do is be better parents when we have kids. Give them the space to make mistakes and learn from them. Don't spoonfeed them shit forever for one day they'll grow up and be tired of it. And you will not like it then.

Jaganan Abhinav, Quora 3 Comments [9/14/2017 1:18:24 PM]
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[Response to an article about zookeepers' efforts to protect zoo animals during Hurricane Irma]

..fuck zoos..
..fuck (too many) humans..
..fuck speciesism..
..pardon my French..

..why not just shoot the precious innocent non-human sentient beings in the head..
..and save them the suffering and torture of drowning et al?

..I hate humans..

laddieluv, Exposing the Big Game 7 Comments [9/14/2017 1:18:09 PM]
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