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Quote# 139175

On April 9, 2018, The Social, a YouTube channel linked to BBC Scotland, released a video entitled Homophobia in 2018 | Time For Love. The video is a propaganda piece for the liberal view being pushed on society at the moment. That view being, that love is love and we all should be able to experience it … no matter the cost.

In our current cultural climate, we live in a day and age where people are being convinced to believe this lie that love is anything you want it to be … no restrictions, no hindrances, and no judgement. Well, at least no inbound judgement on those who live their lives according to these principles. The reality though is largely different to what you’ve been told.

The video this article focuses on is worth watching so that you know the kinds of argumentation being used against anyone who does not blindly affirm the mantra of the LGBT+ propaganda machine. As the arguments in this video are the standard ones you will find, shame-mongering, judgement, iffy looks, and hate all rear their heads here. But there is one particular line of argumentation I want to pick up on here. That being the argument used against Christians. Let’s look at this by reviewing a quote that is featured in the film:

“And a Bible basher rehashing lies about Jesus like how Poundland rip off Mini Cheddars and sell them on as Cheese Savouries. Because it seems to me that Jesus saved a lot of time when He died for all crimes that He would’ve wasted teaching small minds that love is no sin. See him, he thinks it’s faith but under all that din, it tastes like cardboard and it smells like hate.”

Notice straight away the condemnation within that statement, “and a BIBLE BASHER”, the label of Bible Basher is a negative label. One put upon Christians who stick strictly to the word of God, sticking to it in a way that raises the ire of those who don’t see it in the same light as them. But the thing that really strikes me in this argument as being the thing we need to spot easily and be able to combat whenever is needed. That being the claim that those who object to homosexuality are telling “rehashed lies about Jesus” and as a result pushing an inauthentic faith on to anyone who may be listening. See this is a key strategy for the LGBT+ agenda, it’s a strategy that seeks to convince people that Christians are getting what Jesus said wrong, and are pushing prejudice and hate rather than love which is what Jesus was apparently all about. In reality, this is a similar strategy that the devil used to persuade Adam and Eve to eat the fruit in the Garden of Eden, back in Genesis 3:1 … using the argument of “did Jesus (or God) really say that?”

We see in the next part of the quotation why this argument is used. It’s not to show fault with our worldview. It’s not even to show fault with Christianity. It all boils down to a desire for affirmation … even at the cost of one’s faith. Now hear me out here, the people pushing these types of arguments, they know that the end result of those who take liberalism to its natural conclusion is atheism. However, there are many who blindly regurgitate these arguments, who don’t know the web of lies they’ve stepped into blindly. Taking that comment into context, who’s the authority here? It’s self, “and to me, it seems”, this is the phrase that holds this video together. It’s all about me! Me, myself, and I.

Ultimately the LGBT+ agenda is based on a selfishness that seeks to persuade the masses of love, niceness, and selflessness. Something that isn’t really the case, and is merely a faulty portrayal of the false reality those pushing this agenda want you to blindly believe.

All of this, and the video leads me to ask a question of us, one that I will answer here from my view, but one I would like you to think through and answer as well … that question being is it really homophobic to object to homosexuality?

Is It Really Homophobic to Object to Homosexuality?

To answer this question we need to understand two things, the first being what the world tells us homophobia is. And secondly, what homophobia really is … because they’re actually very different.

According to Websters Dictionary, homophobia is the irrational fear of homosexuality. The dictionary does include now the aversion to and/or the discrimination of homosexuals as part of the definition. However, this seems to be an updated definition of the term, as the notion of the aversion to is relatively new in terms of phobias.

Simply put, homosexuality is the irrational fear of homosexuals and/or homosexuality. This contrasts greatly with the variation of the definition, which simply means anyone who disagrees with homosexuality.

This definition of the term homophobe from Urban Dictionary really makes this note of mine very clear:

“Someone who repeatedly whines that homosexuals endanger family values and the sanctity of marriage until outed as a closet case, desperately afraid of the gay person looking back in the mirror.”

Notice how within that statement, there is an element of judgement. A line of thinking that says that no one can judge someone who practices homosexuality without making them the enemy.

So, what’s the answer to this question? Is it really homophobic to object to homosexuality?

The answer to this question is a resounding NO! See, God has defined homosexuality in His word as being sinful, and like with any other sin, it would be like saying we can’t question someone who commits murder, or someone who steals, or someone who commits adultery. And I could continue. Essentially by saying that someone is homophobic for objecting to homosexuality, it means that no sin on the planet should be questioned due to the precedent it sets.

So yes, we can question homosexuality, we can ask honest and open questions about it. We should not be deterred by this liberal agenda seeking to judge anyone who disagrees with them, while crying out for tolerance.

In future posts, I will aim to unpack this subject of homosexuality and the Bible further. As well as many other subjects.

Mark Jones, Mark Jones 1388 13 Comments [7/25/2018 2:57:42 PM]
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(Note: More fundie reactions to evangelical leaders Brad and Jen Hatmaker's support for gay marriage. Once again this is just some of the qoutes, and so many that the fundies can't exactly be pin pointed or named.)

1. You said you came to your conclusion after studying thoughtfully, prayerfully, and carefully. I just want to know where in the Word did you come to that conclusion ?

2. Oh no...this cannot be. (Teardrop emoji) Unlike.

3. You think you are loving them ? Loving means telling the truth. I have a gay sister who thinks I hate her because I won't accept or agree with her choices. I won't call her marriage "holy" because that's the loving thing to do! How do you not get that ?

4. You can have a fancy speech prepared all you like. The reality is you sold your soul for popularity and don't even care about those you are leading astray!

5. I have been reading Jen's books for years. I admired her for her love, compassion and being filled with the spirit while holding true to the Word. It's sad to see you choose this, choosing popularity and culture over the truth...but at least we know where your loyalties lie.

6. There's no such thing as a gay Christian or a Christian that supports gay "marriage". If you aren't one of us now, you probably never where.

7. The Bible warned us that we would be hated. It also warned us about teachers who ignore the word, and tells their followers what they want to hear. It's sad to see Brad and Jen in this category.

8. We are supposed to be changing the world, not changing with the world! We are supposed to follow Jesus' example and he always said "Sin no more"! I just can't imagine God accepting a homosexual union, I just can't!

Various Fundies, Facebook 10 Comments [7/25/2018 2:56:47 PM]
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Quote# 139173

I have nevr condemned others, but would say that unless one holds to a fully inspired Bible, with the lieral/historical Grammerical view, all sorts of problematic theology come creep in!
And evolution has really zilch scientific support when the facts are understood in the correct way!

Yeshua1, BaptistBoard 8 Comments [7/25/2018 2:53:36 PM]
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Submitted By: Klogg

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Re: Study: Women don't want to date vegetarian men

I have NEVER in my life seen a vegetarian and thought to myself, "Now THERE is a hunk of man I have to throw myself at immediately because I am in a FEVER that only he can quench!" God damn...

They call us (Americans) "Burgers" for a reason.

Well, according to Heinz Linge, Hitler was a sex symbol who constantly got lingerie sent to the Berghof from German women, it became such a problem they didn't know what to do with it. Linge said at one point boxes of underwear were stacked high in the front hall, when Hitler ordered it to be passed to charities.

Hitler was a vegetarian!

Yeah, lots of famous men have this problem, whether they eat meat or not. They don't even have to be very good-looking (see negro basketball players), they just have to be famous. That's also a natural reaction - as I understand it, although there are very, very, very few rich and/or famous men I'd give a second glance - but it comes from a different psychological source.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

All this study really does is reveal the ignorance of those women, and the disturbing prevalence of the modern "soy-boy" image influencing peoples' minds. I say this because I am downright vegan, yet experience none of these issues.
Then again, I'm not like... them. *shudder*

You may take better care of yourself than soyboys do (and if you do, then that's obviously different), but every male vegetarian I've ever met speaks like a woman, walks on legs thinner than mine (which is saying something, because my legs are skinny), and some have an overall greyish pallor I never see on people who eat moderate amounts of meat.

Men like that can't have healthy children, and they wouldn't raise healthy children. Women not being attracted to that are following their natures, not being ignorant. This is like debating one of those types who think there are 279 genders - it goes against basic biology that even animals inherently understand. Like I said, if you are able to maintain yourself, then that's different, but I'll go out on a limb and say that's not the majority of guys who go vegan/vegetarian by a long shot.

Roo, Stormfront 11 Comments [7/25/2018 2:53:33 PM]
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Quote# 139169

(He's referring to the Unabomber)

It's interesting how ahead of his time Ted really was, I'm just starting to see the negative side of technology but Ted saw the negative impact in the late 60's a in the 70's. He was even able to predict the loss of individual freedoms that technology would bring about, it was just a prediction when he made it, now it's a reality. God bless Ted, he was fighting for the first amendment long before anyone even knew it was going to be jeopardized in the future, it's unfortunate he got caught...?

Blunt Man, YouTube 5 Comments [7/25/2018 2:53:02 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 139147

And I'm sick of idiots saying you'll never reach people for Christ with hate. It's the Godless crowd saying that garbage! The King James Bible says in Ephesians 4:15, “speaking the truth in love.” There's more love contained in my online ministry then you'll find in most churches in America combined.

David J. Stewart, Jesus is Savior 16 Comments [7/25/2018 2:50:14 PM]
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As a parent I think statutory rape as a crime should be abolished. It's been used as a sledgehammer against too many teens it was never intended to be used against, much the same way we're seeing child porn laws being wielded against the kids they were intended to protect. And if parents don't want their child having sex with someone, regardless of the other party's age (young or old, it doesn't matter), then they should have the right to nix the relationship. If that other person doesn't stop then we have tools in place today that didn't exist when statutory rape laws were invented, namely restraining orders that keep people away. If, and only if, someone violates the restaring order should they be arrested.

Having seen the world and lived overseas for many years, it's clear that people can consent much younger than we currently allow in the US. Plus girls tend to mature faster than boys. And then there's the fact that some people even in their 20s probably aren't mature enough to be having sex--it goes both ways. We as society need to accept this reality, not hide from it by criminalizing healthy natural sexuality because some people happen to fall below a certain age.

If someone's parents think they're ready for sexual activity, or not, then let them be the arbiters of what's appropriate for their own child. Parents can determine if their child can have tattoos, piercings, medical procedures, but for some reason when it comes to sex and/or reproduction they have no say in the matter. It's legally and IMO morally inconsistent.

Bsutansalt, Reddit 8 Comments [7/25/2018 2:40:10 PM]
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Quote# 139141

It seems to me that Asian men and black women are the most loyal to their tribe. That’s probably because Asian men lack desirable testosterone, and yes, dick size to be appealing. And black women typically aren’t the most feminine types. They stick to their own with more loyalty because they have less to offer. It’s actually quite respectable.

Huwitestknight148, Reddit 1 Comments [7/25/2018 2:34:41 PM]
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Quote# 139137

(This fundie is being serious, alas)

since gay sex is consensual , as the argument goes ....

then does that mean if someone wants to die and tells some1 to kill him and he does than does that mean it was alright since it was consensual ?

noobz, Ummah 13 Comments [7/25/2018 2:33:10 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 139124

Blanton cannot see the forest because of the trees. Blanton’s religion is materialistic naturalism, stemming from Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s idea that nature is everything that was, is and ever shall be, purposefully excluding God and the divine from the grand picture a priori. How can you be open-minded if you’re willing to consider only one line of explanation? Taken to the logical extreme, skeptics must doubt everything. Thus, truly, like Descartes they know next nothing. But God knows everything.

Creationism is scientific. Atheists acknowledge the fact that why the universe came into existence is a metaphysical question. Thus whether the universe came about either through natural or supernatural means is an open question. Therefore, since the origin of the universe has not been observed by a human eye, it is certainly possible that God created it. And, in such a supernaturally created world, it is possible to pursue origins science. Creationism doesn’t claim to be privy to the supernatural process of divine creation. Rather, creation science studies the handiwork of God’s creative acts. God created, therefore, let us examine the created world.
It is a well-known fact that thousands of so-called living fossils exist all over the world, resisting change over long periods of time. Taxonomists have discovered and studied millions of species, which all cluster into disjunct kinds that are spoken of in Genesis 1:21. Missing links are still missing. The scientific literature is chock-full of examples of genetic structures being “evolutionarily conserved,” an oxymoron if there ever was one. Genome reduction in organisms is so pervasive that researchers Yuri Wolf and Eugene Koonin in 2013 devised the biphasic model of genomic evolution whereby the genomes of organisms undergo initial rapid (miraculous) complexification, followed by gradual genome reduction, which is itself contrary to evolution.

Thus instead of trying to extinguish other opinions and points of view, so-called freethinkers should allow them to flourish.

Matthew Cserhati, My San Antonio 8 Comments [7/25/2018 2:32:30 PM]
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Quote# 139164

Most people are blackpilled, they just deny it.

Upon reaching teenage years most people become blackpilled. The only reason blue pill rhetoric is still accepted is because each individual fears hostile backlash if they speak of the BP openly.

Everyone who’s ever been to school knows instantly that the social hierarchy there is based almost entirely on looks. Everyone is constantly subconsciously trying to looksmax in order to make themselves more appealing to the opposite sex, changing their hair, growing a beard and many other methods, especially for girls. Does this look like the behaviour of people who think that personality matters over looks? Everyone sees the dynamic early, the relationship between good looks and popularity at school is unignorable.

Upon knowing this, every individual also knows that they are seeking the most attractive partner they realistically can, and will look for a compatible personality between the candidates within that attractiveness range. This firmly places physical attraction first, and everyone knows they do this, why would they expect others not to do the same? They don’t, they already know that everyone else’s motivation is similar to their own, they just continue to endorse the bluepill and denounce the black because they fear what will happen to them if they don’t. Much like how in the Soviet Union, citizens would act like everything was going great despite knowing themselves to be impoverished for fear of what might happen to them if they spoke up.

The only reason they continue to spread the blue pill despite knowing the contrary to be true is to protect their reputation.

1. Goodlooking people cannot admit the blackpill because otherwise it will make them appear arrogant and boastful as they are thus speaking from a position of ultimate unearned privilege.

2. Normies and ugly people cannot admit the blackpill for fear of being labelled bitter and cynical for undeservedly not being in the privileged position.

This problem has arisen because humans, unlike other animals have developed a sense of logic, which can at times conflict with the incentives of our natural programming. Logically, we know that how a person acts is more important than how they how they look, because you do not choose how you look on the outside, but you do choose how you conduct yourself in the world, and Logically we know this is the true criteria we should judged on, which is why we keep insisting that we do despite knowing that we don’t (basically spreading the bluepill).

If you look at other primates who have not developed logic, they unapologetically follow their natural programming and thus reproduction is reserved for the alpha males. Humans also follow this natural programming, and they are all aware of what they are doing.

The only difference between them and the apes is that they must deny this natural programming’s existence in order to protect the sanctity of the logic their behaviour contrasts and to protect their ever precious reputations for the reasons I stated earlier.

No good looking person wants to appear like an arrogant cunt born into a position of superiority and no ugly or normal person wants other people to think they are insecure or bitter about something as illogical (because it’s unchosen) as their looks, despite knowing that’s main criteria they will be judged on. This is why they just continue to spread the bluepill despite knowing it’s falseness.

ADHD: most people are blackpilled from witnessing school hierarchies based on looks and experiencing their own desire for the most attractive mate they can get.

They continue to spread bluepill despite this because they know it’s illogical to judge people on criteria they cannot control. Experience tells it is unavoidable they are programmed to do this (they know the black pill).

They don’t want to admit to this in order to protect their reputation, so continue to deny the black pill despite knowing it to be true on an individual level

(Emphasis original)

ColdLightOfDay, incels.me 13 Comments [7/25/2018 5:23:27 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

Quote# 139163

Earth would've been way better if it was just a rock.

Srs fuck this life bullshit. From the second life was created it has all been a challenge to kill off the weak. Fuck this gay earth. Look at mars, does Mars cause suffering, does Mars have inceldom? No, Mars is a chill as planet that doesn't harm anyone and just exists. The Earth is such a fucking asshole. Legit hope this garbage gets swallowed by a black hole or something so all traces of Earth and our existance can just get washed away.

Welcumtotherealworld, incels.me 12 Comments [7/25/2018 5:23:25 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

Quote# 139161

Onto the actual definition of the blackpill and the incel phenomenon.

Here is my take on this topic.

De facto speaking, we are (admittedly, kind of angry) egalitarianists who argue for a percieved better solution to our problems. After all, what is wrong in being vocal in what you believe in? We are defending our ideas and expressing our capacity to think for ourselves...

We are in a sense a conglomeration of different individuals (with different ideeologies) united under a basic deprivation of our needs (biological ones), forming a reactionary collective towards post-modern society's view of the act of reproduction; nothing more nothing less.

The blackpill ideology is basic evolutionary biology, how it manifests itself in today's society and a reaction to that. It is an empirical (and sometimes controlled) observation and conclusion of human nature. The blackpill also intends to return to older values as those values are - at least trough our experience - better suited than those of today, on the topic of family, love and reproduction.

We are acknowledging an unfair system and trying to combat it. That is what the normies, and leftists fear... by example we are deconstructing their narrative of the pink-tinted, happy-go-lucky worldview. We want equality of outcome and - in the end - rational fairness towards our biological needs.

They fear us for we gave ourselves a name and have an idea that that they do not want to admit it is true, for it has profound consequences of one's well being when it settles in.

KvltWarrior98, incels.me 10 Comments [7/25/2018 5:23:21 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

Quote# 139160

How do you newfags even cope not having a Nov 8 2017 join date?

Disgusting newfaggot filth, probably straight from 9gag and facebook. You can rack up as many posts as you like, your posts will forever be failo'd by your join date to the left, and you will NEVER be an OG. You're low status trash irl and low status trash on the most subhuman forum on the internet lmao. Bow down to your masters :feelzez:

VileGeneticTrash, incels.me 7 Comments [7/25/2018 5:23:20 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

Quote# 139159

I hate seeing healthy people on the streets

I'm envious of their good health and good genes. I'm constantly trying to spot what's off with them, "they must have something" I tell myself. But alas I can't find a single health flaw on people walking on young people on the street. Here I am 18 already having been through 4 surgeries and with new health issues popping up every now and then that don't go away. I've been having ED for about a year now but I've been too high inhib to do anything about it. Not like that dick is gonna get any action but it annoys me when I'm trying to jerk off. I'm always lethargic and tired as well which sucks major ass. I'm having a second blood test soon to check my hormones out. I will get to the bottom of my fucking issues. I don't care if I have to put my body through hell. I'll cure everything that I have to.

I am 100% sure that all my healh issues are from the fact that my parents had me when they were super old (mid thirties). If only I was born when my mom was 18-23 or something my chances of being incel would've been drastically lowered. I know that the future isn't bound to bring me any future joys as cancer also runs rampant in my family. When I get cancer I am pretty sure that I will be low inhib enough to off myself. I encourage all young foids I meet in work settings and for the sake of humanity the foids from IT cucks that are reading this to have kids as early as possible. In my opinion women above 27 should not be allowed to procreate as their eggs have become rotten and will only produce incels at that point.

The thing I hate the most is how little my mother seems to care about my health issues. She always thinks that I'm imagining things and she always tries to find some cucked "home remedy" to fix things. I told her to fuck off and went to an actual doctor last time. Turned out that I had inflamed turbinates. So I went to a specialist and got that shit fixed all on my own. Parents shouldn't try to brush aside their childrens problems. Like what the fuck, if I was a parent I would take my child on yearly health check ups at the doctor like a regular human being. She just fucking brushing everything aside like I'm exaggerating. I told her that I wished that she could have my health issues, then we'd see who'd be exaggerating. Dumb cunt would be traumatized after a day in my body.

If there's such a thing as a God he truly is evil. Like at the very least if I had to be ugly, couldn't I at the very least be healthy. But noooo Chad has to walk around healthy as can be whilst I rot from both the inside and the outside. This is why I'm always a bit happy when I see a Chad get cancer or some other disease. They finally realize how horrible the world is. Getting cancer is like the ultimate black pill.

Welcumtotherealworld, incels.me 8 Comments [7/25/2018 5:23:18 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

Quote# 139158

It's so easy to incelify someone

It's so easy to incelify a normie or a Chad. Everyone's life is dictated around hair follicles, skin complexion, and a few mm of bone. Recede a man's hair gradually and his life gets continuously shittier. Give a guy ever increasing skin blemishes and his life gets exponentially harder. In regards to bone structure? Take your pick.
Give a Chad a shitty eye area (bug eyes), lengthen the mid-face (horse face), recede the chin, narrow the jaw, shrink the skull, and the once popular and respected guy becomes a shadow of his former self in every area of life. Everything is dictated around looks. I wish I could morph normies to make them feel what it's like to be an incel, and then they could understand the pain we go through on a daily basis.

heightframeface, incels.me 6 Comments [7/25/2018 5:23:15 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

Quote# 139156

Incel Tears need to realise that we were once like them

We were once like this, (the truly blackpilled members here).

We were all women worshipping fucking cucks who would do anything to be with a woman.

Most of us still are, funny enough, the truly blackpilled members (you know who you are) are not.

I was in total denial for the longest time. Then i tried to accept the BP, then more denial then finally accepted it after months of actual coping mechanisms.

Incel tears you need to realise, you are in total denial.

If you took a second to look at the blackpill archive then you will start to question if the blackpill actually made sense.

But you wont, because you want to live in lala land 24/7.

You would rather make a post on incel tears and get comments saying "hell yeah!" "those fucking incels...." "they need to realise THEY NEED A SHOWER!!!"

Time to wake up and actually have a look at the blackpill, read the studies, look at the numbers, they do not lie.

I could sit here all day and name studies on studies proving the blackpill, but i would rather make this thread and tell YOU to take a look for yourself.

Have a think about it, does it make sense to you?

Take a break, then read some more studies.

I don't think you will be posting on Incel tears anymore now.

FiveFourManlet, incels.me 3 Comments [7/25/2018 5:23:11 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

Quote# 139152

Demon possession. How can anyone deny it's existence in this dark and evil world?

Cindy Bear, Christian News Network 10 Comments [7/25/2018 5:22:57 AM]
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Submitted By: Bob J

Quote# 139151

Kathy Forth offed herself, leaving a lengthy suicide note in which she accused numerous men of sexually harassing her, and the entire society of ignoring this terrible sexual harassment, thereby driving her to suicide.

Fat, pushing forty, and supposedly suffers unbearable amounts of sexual assault.

Back when she was hot, the amount of sexual assault she suffered was entirely bearable.

All women love drama, all women create drama, and all women create drama because they are looking for a spanking from a strong man. All women are like that. Childlessness and the lack of a strong man in their lives greatly worsens this problem.

Not all women make false accusations of sexual harassment, not all women kill themselves, but all disruptively create drama and problems: The ones not under the authority of an alpha male, and the ones that have remained childless while their fertility is running out, create more disruption, more drama, and more problems.

They are all cruising for a spanking, every single one.

All the sides in this debate that are permitted within the Overton Window are the same insane side. Scott is evil, depraved, decadent, and insane, #metoo is even more evil and more insane, and the fat old cat lady who offed herself was ridiculous, hilarious, evil, sinful and insane, her over the top evil, and her over the top vanity being hilariously funny to any sane person. Any remotely sane person commenting on that reddit thread gets instabanned. Anyone who manages to post twice on that thread is evil or insane, and most likely both. That thread is a conversation in the lunatic asylum.

Every woman lusts for drama. Fat, and pushing forty, people were ignoring her: Men were ignoring her. So she decided to go out in a blaze of glory, the ultimate “Hey look at me” opera, a gigantic soap opera of martyrdom.

Kathy Forth was evil and spent her life ruining other people’s lives out of depraved, foolish, and ridiculous sexual lust.

It is normal, and indeed universal, for childless unowned women who are fertile age, or not very long past fertile age, to destructively and self destructively destroy their social and organizational environment, burn the family assets, disrupt the business, divorce, etc. Kathy took this to extremes.

All Women Are Like That. Kathy more than others.

When a woman creates drama she is unconsciously, and in Kathy’s case quite consciously, hoping to smoke the alpha male out of hiding so that he will take possession of her and give her a spanking. She flat out tells us in her suicide note. In her suicide note she tells of her fantasies for powerful alpha male to take possession of her, to own her, to command her, supposedly in order to protect her from all this supposedly terrible sexual harassment.

This is what female lust looks like. It is not genitally focused like male lust, but that does not make it better, it makes it worse. Much worse.

During her fertile years, a lustful woman is not funny. Past fertile age, a lustful childless woman is hilarious.

Not every woman makes false rape and false sexual harassment allegations, but every woman acts disruptively, every unowned fertile age woman acts more disruptively and causes great damage, childless unowned women even more so, and childless unowned women continue doing so well past fertile age, while women with children calm down as their fertile period ends, particularly women who have previously experienced the firm hand of the father of their children.

Jim, Jim’s Blog 6 Comments [7/25/2018 5:22:54 AM]
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Quote# 139150

MANAGUA, Nicaragua – Nicaragua's President Daniel Ortega blamed "satanical criminals," Catholic bishops and the US for a wave of unrest he has violently sought to extinguish, as he marked on Thursday, July 19, the 39th anniversary of the left wing revolution that first brought him to power.

The protesters, financed by the "North American empire" and domestic business chiefs, had been conspiring to mount a "coup d'etat" in the Central American nation, Ortega claimed to a crowd of thousands of supporters in Managua.

Catholic bishops who had attempted to mediate dialogue between him and the opposition were also "behaving like coup plotters," he said, asserting that some churches had caches of weapons and served as rebel bases.

Standing on a stage alongside the Cuban and Venezuelan foreign ministers and his wife Rosario Murillo, who is also his vice president, Ortega spoke as if his security forces had finished with the public dissent after armed offensives launched over the past week.

"The satanists have to be exorcized," he said.

"It has been a painful battle. Painful because we have confronted an armed conspiracy financed by internal forces we know and external forces," he said.

The 3 months of unrest in what used to be one of Latin America's safest countries has seen more than 280 people killed, most of them protesting youths, according to rights groups.

Ortega made no mention of those deaths, instead rattling off a list of two dozen police officers he said were killed by "terrorists."

Daniel Ortega, Rappler 3 Comments [7/25/2018 5:22:48 AM]
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Quote# 139145

Not all the suicidal are depressed

People assume that if you're suicidal, that means you're super-depressed. I don't really see it that way.

If you're depressed, it's like the cares of the world are pushing you down. That's what the dictionary definition of "depression" literally is: being pushed down.

If you're suicidal, though, then you've transcended depression. I would argue that if you're contemplating suicide, yet also feeling "depressed" or "melancholy," you might not actually be suicidal. The same force -- viz., the care and concern for your life, the world, your hopes and dreams, etc. -- that would "depress" you would also tend to hold you back from killing yourself, as long as you still hold out what in your eyes is a worthwhile shred of hope.

When you're truly suicidal, you feel freed of all that. You've let it go. That weight is no longer on your back.

What replaces it is a freedom to do whatever you want. You don't even have to try to cope anymore. You can just accept the unpleasant realities, because they'll soon be irrelevant. You can indulge in whatever behavior you feel like engaging in, because what the fuck does it even matter anymore? It doesn't. Even if you suffer consequences, you won't be around much longer to have to deal with those consequences.

Hope is what keeps us going, but it's also a burden, because where there's possibility, there's an obligation to pursue your potential, or else acknowledge that you're a loser by choice, because of your laziness or fear or whatever else you let hold you back. Despair relieves the burden. The black pill, then, can be a force for personal freedom, and the only downside of it is when it's a misguided pessimism that isn't grounded in reality.

When you get burnt out to the point that you say "fuck the world," you know that the world kinda deserves what it's getting by your killing yourself. Yeah, there were cool people who sought to do good in this world, but the people who really gave it their all and truly did what this world needed them to do in order to fix society and uphold the natural law, are a tiny, tiny minority. You saw that it was not enough to save your life from being a miserable hell, in which you reached a point where it became evident that further efforts would be mostly futile, to the point of it being like banging your head against the wall when there's not even anyone around to notice (or when they notice but just laugh at you for it).

You saw that what life had to offer was just never going to rise to your standards, and that it was all because of these douchebags who caused the world to be that way, and all the bystanders who just hung around with their thumbs up their asses instead of taking action to correct the situation, when they could have made the difference; so you said "fuck it".

You also realized that your own powers were to weak to enable you to either make the difference you wanted to make singlehandedly, or to organize a team to make those changes happen. So in the end, you failed the test of life; but in your death, evolution moves forward, so it's a win either way.

Someone was telling me that Lester Burnham from American Beauty was a psychopath. No he wasn't. He just realized the futility of trying to make his situation work. His wife was a hypergamous, emasculating bitch who cheated on him, so the relationship was doomed. He acknowledged this, put her in her place, and sought to replace her with some jailbait. The only thing "wrong" with that was that he was a middle-aged guy instead of a teenage Chad trying to fuck that girl.

You know, I tried to do something similar to what Lester did. I got out of prison and went to the fast food places and was like, "I'm a former accountant who did 46 months of hard time, and I just need ANY job." Okay, I didn't word it that way, but that was the thought running through my head. Anyway, unlike in the movie, I couldn't get hired anywhere, until I falsified my resume to make it seem like my whole work history had involved similar jobs as what I was applying for.

I feel satisfied that I have enough accomplishments under my belt to justify my having existed, sort of. I feel like my hands are tied from doing much more, too, and that if I hung around, in the end I would hit a new low, in terms of living conditions and what I would be subjected to having to see happen, with regard to people I care about but lack much power to try to help. I also have come to the conclusion that my whole family should commit a mass suicide, since their lives are mostly lacking in purpose; but I'm not going to force that on them.

One could say that the whole human race is lacking in purpose, but if it weren't us hanging around and existing and living, then it would be some other species that doesn't have as much capability for introspection. So it may as well be us. Hopefully as time goes on we can evolve further, but there will always be some dissidents who are on the cutting edge of progress, who have to put up with the rest of society's being further behind and holding them back.

By this point, it seems like it should be really obvious that we need to enslave foids, for the good of everyone. But there's a massive propaganda machine that says otherwise, and a lot of social pressure for us to shut our mouths and keep our contrary opinions to ourselves. If we don't shut our own mouths, they'll try to shut them for us, I've found.

People hate the blackpill, because they want to believe that they still have a chance to get what they want in this life. They don't want to face the alternative, suicide or LDARing, and all the drawbacks those choices have. Or if they choose to continue their mainstream life, they don't want to think about the outrages that are being perpetrated against them; they want to believe in a world where they are valued and treated accordingly. Or they think that if they just humble themselves, and live and speak in accordance with the bluepilled dogma, that society will respect them for this and treat them mercifully.

It sure is fun sometimes to fuck up their world of make-believe with the black pill, shattering their illusions like funhouse mirrors, but you know what's going to fuck up their world even more? Seeing you kill yourself. Because then they're gonna be like, "WHYYYYYYYYYY would anyone do that? This world is such a good place, with opportunity for happiness for all! Anyone can get help and learn to be strong enough to overcome adversity; there's no need to be weak like that." Yet, when respected people off themselves, it's like, "Uh oh, now I have to either lose respect for them, or come to terms with what may have made them want to off themselves."

Meanwhile, the blackpilled already know, and suicides are just confirmations of their theory. They see, "Okay, this is a logical person, someone aware of the truth, who weighed the alternatives and decided none were going to work for him to his satisfaction. Sucks that we now have one fewer person like that in the world, but that's the way it goes. The world is harsh to people like that. There will be others, though."

Nathan "Leucosticte" Larson, incels.me 10 Comments [7/24/2018 11:48:43 AM]
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Quote# 139144

Feeling so old at 25

It's not just cause I'm a kissless hugless virgin, I don't really care about that anymore, I made my peace with that long ago.

But it just feels like my best years have already gone by, and I was miserable through all of them.

It's all downhill from now but it was shit and hell to begin with.

anon1822, incels.me 15 Comments [7/24/2018 11:48:38 AM]
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How can we expedite societal collapse?

How can we push society towards the edge? Sooner the collapse happens the better

LuciferTakeMySoul, incels.me 18 Comments [7/24/2018 11:48:36 AM]
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Yeah happens all the time at work with me op which is why I remember if shit goes down such as a guy coming in with a gun I look out for myself. Always remember that comradeship with a normie is always false because a normie will always betray you everytime. The only thing that bonds people together are need, tragedy and freakhood.

Darthmat, incels.me 4 Comments [7/24/2018 9:44:40 AM]
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(This happened in 2014)

A bitter single man has sabotaged Valentine’s Day for film-loving couples in Shanghai by deliberately booking every other seat at one of the city’s cinemas to stop them sitting together. Couples who had hoped to celebrate February 14 by cuddling up in front of a special evening screening of “Beijing Love Story” found their plans thwarted. In a bid to show his intense displeasure at the happiness of others, the unnamed man, who split up with his girlfriend last year, bought tickets to ensure there were no two seats together, encouraging other singletons to do the same.

Other love-starved online activists started deliberately booking all of the odd-numbered seats in one theatre at the Xintiandi cinema complex thus rendering it impossible for couples to find seats together. The man, known only by the initials “UP”, had singlehandedly attempted to reserve every other seat in the cinema over the internet and - when that failed - at the cinema’s box office.

The self-described “nerd” used his computer to recruit a group of likeminded online accomplices, setting up a crowd-funding site that was used to pool resources and, eventually, book the tickets. Once their mission had been successfully accomplished, “UP” posted an online message, taunting those whose evening he had ruined. “Want to see a movie on Valentine’s Day? Sorry, you’ll have to sit separately,” he reportedly bragged on an online forum. “Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Give us singles a chance.”

In an interview with the Shanghai Morning Post, “UP” attempted to defuse the potential fury of frustrated boyfriends who had seen their chances of a popcorn-flavoured back-row snog snuffed out by his dastardly plot. “I hope all lovers understand this is just a small joke,” he told The Shanghai Morning Post. In an online post, one Chinese micro-blogger suggested the cinema saboteur of Shanghai had been looking for love in all the wrong places. “It’s no wonder he can’t find girlfriend when he spends all his time doing this,” they wrote.

UP, The Telegraph 13 Comments [7/24/2018 9:44:23 AM]
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