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Quote# 120139

Turkey says Pope Francis' description of the WW1 mass killing of Armenians as genocide shows "the mentality of the Crusades".

The pontiff's remarks have "no relation to reality", Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Nurettin Canikli said.

Armenia and many historians say up to 1.5 million Armenian Christians were killed by Ottoman Turkish forces in 1915.

But Turkey disputes the figure and denies the deaths constituted genocide.

It says the deaths were part of a civil conflict triggered by WW1.

The row continues to sour Turkish-Armenian relations, drawing in other countries such as Germany, whose parliament recently declared the killings to be genocide

Pope Francis made the comments on Friday during a visit to he Armenian capital, Yerevan.

"This tragedy, this genocide, has unfortunately marked the start of a sad series of great catastrophes of the last century," he said.

But Mr Canikli hit back late on Saturday, describing the remarks as "unfortunate".

"It is possible to see all the hallmarks or reflections of the mentality of the Crusades in the Pope's activities," he said, quoted by the state-run Anadolu news agency, referring to military campaigns in Medieval times promoted by the papacy against Muslims in the Middle East.

Pope Francis also used the phrase last year, prompting Turkey to recall its envoy to the Vatican for 10 months.

Nurettin Canikli, BBC News 4 Comments [6/29/2016 6:54:06 PM]
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Quote# 120133

Chemtrail - Is a colloquialism

Chemtrail is a colloquialism in common everyday use to refer to the aerosol sprays emitted from high altitude tanker jetliners. The technical term for aerosol spraying from planes is Geo Engineering or climate modification. These tanker planes have customized spray ports along the wings. Commercial planes also have spray ports as in this video made by a passenger on a commercial flight https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DybLUGo8xp0 This video shows a chemtrail being left by the plane while the jet engines are NOT leaving a CONTRAIL. A contrail is a vapor trail left for a short while - ten minutes - when the air temperature allows. Chemtrail aerosols not only remain in the air but expand into a suspended vapor covering 1/3 of the sky from one chemtrail.

Tanker planes have been filmed turning off and on the aerosol sprays https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aSx44akT8As

A new effect of the nano particulates sprayed from tanker planes and jet lines is massive forest fires like the McMurray fire in Alberta Canada which in 11 days has burned 1370 square miles (CNN). The Rocky Fire in California in 2015 burned 10 square miles in 24 hours. Aluminum is used in rocket fuel because of its expansion rate. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rocket_propellant Burning aluminum particles creates wind (air displacement) resulting in such super fires as above.

Documentation for tanker planes and commercial airliners spraying aerosols with metal particles can be found by using any of the following terms; Aerosol spraying, Geo Engineering, Climate modification, Chemtrails.

Djagda, Wikipedia 5 Comments [6/29/2016 3:18:51 AM]
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Submitted By: TimeToTurn
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Quote# 120131

Traditional Chinese Medicine is certainly no pseudoscience. It is approved by the World Health Organization and used by 1/3 of the world’s population. Scholarly treatises both present and for many centuries past plus continuing excellent research results published in many medical journals in both mainland and Taiwan back this up. The elegance and sophistication of it’s herbal medicine in unparrelled in the world today.

Since this is supposed to be a liberal and progressive web, I am surprised at some of the judgemental and inaccuracte comments above. As a longtime practioner (also long time Democrat) of this esteemed medical art I take umbrage at this. Many of my patients and myself had run the gamet of western medicine to no avail before finding relief and healing in this ancient yet modern medicine. We are living testaments to the power of nature based healing modalities.

Rhino horn (pinyin is "xi jiao”) is not used for “boners”. A tiny amount can save a life when the body temperature is so high the blood literally erupts from the body. The deadly new North American disease of Hanta Virus is a good example. Now days water buffalo horn is substituted albeit in much larger amounts. Among the uses of Bear bile (pinyin is "xiong dan”) is to alleviate acute febrile disease severe symptoms such as convulsions, delirium, and conjunctiva. It can also be used topically for red hot skin lesions and alleviating pain and swelling. For the most part Cattle gallstones and bile are presently substituted and recommended due to the endangered status and poor treatment of many bear species. More detailed information and research results on these two and hundreds more natural Chinese medicines can be found in the text and reference book “Chinese Herbal Medine Materia Medica” by Dan Bensky & Andrew Gamble.

Animal farming for a medicinal product in what may well be considered despicable conditions is also used done for western pharmaceutical grade estrogen. Mares have been and may still be harnessed and kept in stressfull positions to harvest female urine which is processed to form oral estrogen for human consumption. In my previous profession as a rancher I personally visited one of these farms. Tis no way to treat a horse, one of human’s best animal friends.

The diary writer may not be expressing his/her thoughts in a technical form, but please do not dismiss the information or this great medicine as anti science. Please do not believe and repeat the misinformation and inaccuracies concerning TCM herbal medicine.

sehatonka, Daily Kos 7 Comments [6/29/2016 3:18:24 AM]
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Quote# 120123

As with many sincere observers who are woefully ignorant about history, Pope Francis blames “free market” (Capitalism) for poverty and the imbalance of wealth in the world. The problem has never been free market, God forbid. In fact, it's the exact opposite, that is, tampering with free markets, that is at the root of the problem. Capitalism is delicate and absolutely cannot work nor thrive in a dishonest, controlled and crooked system of funny money, deindustrialization, illegal immigration and over-taxation.

America's economy is 100% controlled by a sinister private banking cartel. The criminal Federal Reserve (fractional reserve) banking fraud began at Jekyll Island, Georgia (listen | download MP3) and became law in 1913. The U.S. has been in deep doo doo ever since. America's paper money isn't worth the paper it's printed on (and that's a fact!). U.S. President Richard Nixon finally took the U.S. dollar 100% off the gold standard and today the dollar is literally worthless! Don't blame capitalism, blame the gangster Banksters! The Zionist/Wall Street controlled U.S. newsmedia won't dare expose these criminals, because they own the media!!! The synagogue of Satan is alive and well in the world today, owning America lock, stock and barrel. The average person can't handle the truth because it requires steps, a process, to strip away a lifetime of brainwashing from the lying newsmedia, bogus secular education and false religious indoctrination. It took me several years to wake up myself. I could give you a hundred examples.

Many well-meaning people see greedy company CEO's and heartless rich people hording all the world's wealth for themselves. So the logical solution would seem to forcefully take away some of their wealth and give it to the poor and less fortunately people of this world. The latter is exactly what Socialism and Communism does. The problem is not wealthy people; but rather, wealth gotten by tyranny, criminal activities and massive fraud. Capitalism is NOT a bad thing. Contrary to what most people think, the U.S. is not a truly free-market economy. For every success story there are ten homeless people living on the streets.

The average American has no clue that they're already enslaved. Why do people have to work 30 to 40 years to pay for a home? It was planned that way. The banksters don't want to break Americans, because then it's game over. Instead, they give Americans just enough to keep them satisfied, but never enough to become financially free. The plan is to keep Americans working as an ox plowing a field until the day they die, keeping Wall Street wealthy. In fact, The Henry Kissinger Report 2004 conspires to Lure American women into the workplace to hinder them from having children. The average woman will never know that her own government conspires against her to keep her childless, broke and single. There are agendas at work in America equal to Communist China! INSANE ALERT! China, Cuba, Russia And Saudi Arabia Appointed To Advise United Nations On Human Rights! This just shows the true Communist colors of the UN, which was created by the demonic Council On Foreign Relations (the visible organization of the Illuminati and New World Order). Truth is stranger than fiction!

America is a cash cow for the New World Order. The national debt is intended to keep running up higher and higher. Congress WILL continue to raise the debt limit to accommodate the reckless runaway debt-spending. America is being DESTROYED BY DESIGN (free 2 hour video documentary by Alex Jones).

David J. Stewart, Jesus is Savior 6 Comments [6/29/2016 2:53:55 AM]
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Quote# 120118

Barack Hussein Obama engineered the Islamization of Europe and now has his sights set on America.

#Trump2016 #MAGA @FoxNews @NRA #NRA #2A

Carmine Zozzora, Twitter 13 Comments [6/28/2016 3:11:18 AM]
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Quote# 120104








I HOPE YOU FEEL THE SAME AND GET UP AND CALL ME at 352-729-2559 to verify that I am not defrauding you.

www.sandyhookjusticereport.com Watch what Notre Dame University did to me and I will file a Civil Lawsuit for damages and if I win will repay you.



[Address you will all leave well enough alone]

Wolfgang Halbig, Facebook 11 Comments [6/27/2016 3:24:56 AM]
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Quote# 120096

Monkeys are not native to earth - they are from Mars. Earths`natives are of Reptilian heritage.

Yep thats what you have to understand.
The monkey race comes from Mars.

On earth life stems from Dinosaurs. I assume that one day the bonobo people who love war, have destroyd theyr planet so much, they decided to come to earth.

They pretended to need help, so we the reptilians who are unfortunately to helpful let them liv here.

The sneaky and evil bonobo descendants then made a plan, to take over earth and enslave earth`s original Race the descendants of Dinosaurs.
The bonobo descendants have brought so much destruction and evil over this planet and its inhabitants, its so painful just thinking about it.

The Monkey descendants love War, destruction and perversion.
Google the sexlife of bonobos. Disgusting to the very core.

The monkey race came to earth, because they were Refugees!
Does that ring your bell????

again, to the monkey race belongs every race, blacks, whites, asians.

Anonymous Coward, Godlike Productions 15 Comments [6/27/2016 3:19:24 AM]
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Quote# 120095

NO Haredi Jews are human! they are all REPTILIAN!

No humans would ever willingly live such a crazy extremely overly strict and opressive lifestyle!

The human Jews are mainly in the modern Orthodox, Conservative, and Reform sects of Judaism!

The only ultra orthodox or properly called frum Jews are that are human are Jews who have been FORCED AGAINST THEIR WILL TO BE VERY RELIGIOUS/FRUM!

The frum sect of Judaism as a whole is VERY EVIL!!!

No ultra orthodox Jews that are human are willingly very religious!

It is only there to horribly oppress humans, Jewish humans mainly, which there are plenty of in the world!

Ultra orthodox/frum Judaism HORRIBLY oppresses women!!!

The reptilian Jewish women who are frum which is the VAST majority of them will claim they are not oppressed at all, they will claim that their laws regarding women are good laws and that they love living their lifestyle.

They don't actually believe their gender modesty laws which are the main laws that horribly oppress women(and men) are actually true!! THEY KNOW THOSE LAWS AND CUSTOMS ARE FALSE!!!

They have to pretend to genuenly live those crazy lifestyles so that they have the grounds to try to force it upon humans! and give them the ground to look down upon and put down Jews who do not are not frum!

Obviously if they outwardly did not live a frum lifestyle then it would defeat them being able to force it upon humans!

No Jews in the biblical times covered their hair(once married) covered their arms, their knees, none wore collars specifically up to their collar bone.

There is NOTHING immodest about a girls arms showing above the elbows, anyone and I mean ANYONE who genuenly believes that a girls arms showing above the elbows is immodest are INSANE and are not human at all and are nothing but reptilians!

How can a girls are OR shoulders showing be immodest when there is no private parts showing at all! EXACTLY!

NO Jews in the biblical times practiced the "no touching the opposite gender rule" which means they will speak to the opposite gender an acceptable amount, but will NEVER have any physical contact with them asides from their spouse and close family members!

Their excuse for that insane rule is that if men and women start shaking hands, putting their arms around each other like in a picture, or hugging each other, that it will lead to them cheating on their spouse! because they are crazy.

Well i'm sure LOTS of frum men and women cheat on their spouces but you will NEVER KNOW because they strictly live frum lives as far as out in public goes!!

I say that because reptilians are degraded slutty whores who are ALWAYS SECRETLY SLEEPING AROUND, period!

NO Jews in the biblical times were abstinent! all post pubescent males in that time masturbated a hell of a lot, and had premarital sex! which is OK! if you actually know them!

and masturbation is not harmful when your balls are producing endless amounts of sperm in the millions every day!!

Masturbation is not WASTING when all the sperm created in your balls dies within a couple weeks and gets absorbed back into the body anyways, so I guess that you are wasting your sperm no differently if you masturbated even when you are celibate >:)

Frum Jews will LIE and say that biblical Jews did everything frum Jews do today, when THEY DID NOT!!

The mainstream frum sects of Judaism practice the no touching the opposite gender rule, but they ALL speak to the opposite gender a decent amount, while many of the Haredi ether limit how much they speak to the opposite gender to hardly speaking to the opposite gender to MANY of the NOT SPEAKING TOT HE OPPOSITE GENDER AT ALL!

The Haredi Jews practice actual gender separation in their whole daily lives while the main stream frum Jews do not!! the mainstream frum Jews will admit that Jews do not have to segregate themselves from the opposite gender in their daily lives while many Haredi will say that it is an actual rule!! when that rule cannot be found ANYWHERE in the Torah, PROVING THAT THE HAREDI JEWS MAKE UP INSANE LAWS, which proves that all sects of frum Judaism have made up all the other insane laws! since NONE OF THEM are stated in exact words in the Torah!!!!

They act like the "no speaking to the opposite gender custom" is an actual rule(while even the main stream frum Jews will admit there is no rule in all of Judaism saying that Jews can't speak to each other, and that Jews are allowed to speak to each other casually a normal amount) so that proves that all of frum Judaism is a hoax when you have the Haredi Jews who greatly limit to not speaking to the opposite gender at all, a big insane law of theirs that is totally made up, which shows that since they make up a whole bunch of HORRIBLE bs, ALL SECTS OF FRUM JUDAISM HAVE DONE THAT, resulting in ALL the modesty laws of ultra orthodox Judaism!

It's all very sad, the frum Judaism definition of modesty is CRAZY! and VERY NEUROTIC!

As long as girls have no private parts showing then that is modest enough!

The fact that frum women have to cover their arms up to their elbows while men with their very attractive big muscular arms do NOT have to cover their arms at all, when women pay attention to guys arms and are attracted to guys arms a lot more then men pay attention to women's arms and are attracted to women's arms, just shows how FALSE the law of women having to cover their arms is! and women are just as attracted to men as men are to women, women, and you have just as many men who control their sexual urges as well as women, and just as many women who have a lack of control over their sexual urges as much as men, SO THAT IS NO EXCUSE!

and that the law of women covering their arms was made up by EVIL REPTILIANS who posed as great rabbi's and sages when they were really FRAUDS!!

I could go on for ages and ages, but that is enough that you can see that frum Judaism just like Catholicism is very evil and is only created to horribly oppress humans and make our lives very miserable!

Conservative Judaism like original biblical Judaism is not evil AT ALL!

Anonymous Coward, Godlike Productions 2 Comments [6/27/2016 3:19:20 AM]
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Quote# 120094

Anton Yelchin Killed by Satanic Hollywood Pedophile Cult

Rumor circulating that Yelchin was about to go public with allegations of child sex abuse stemming back to his early childhood acting days against high level suits at large studios.

His death is staring to look like a professional hit and the Jeep transmission recall is a smoke screen. One of his friends who was aware of the past sex abuse has hired a PI who already confirmed through the Jeep's vin number that the recall on the transmission WAS repaired. She also doesn't believe it is possible that Yelchin could get out of the Jeep, move to the bottom of the driveway BEFORE the Jeep started to roll. In a scenario where the car remained in neutral the Jeep would have run him over mid driveway or he would have been able to get out of the way.

Do not be surprised if a toxicology report comes up positive as his friend believes he was sedated and placed at the bottom of the driveway gate.

JeffersunTzu, Godlike Productions 5 Comments [6/27/2016 3:19:16 AM]
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Quote# 120093

Here at Natural News, we fully endorse the BREXIT vote to leave the European Union. (Heck, we even support #Texit for Texas independence!) Yet I predict that "remain" will be declared the winner for a simple, obvious reason: The globalist slave masters of the EU will not voluntarily allow the peasants escape to their control.

Over the next day, we are going to witness the most extraordinary voting fraud ever pulled off in history as the globalist machine makes sure BREXIT fails. After all, they already murdered a member of Parliament (Jo Cox) to try to sway the votes... do you really think they won't commit ballot box fraud, too?

Financial markets already know the vote has been rigged

The financial markets across Europe have already factored in what they believe is a near-certain win for the "remain" vote, even though most real people on the street desperately want to leave the EU. What do the financial kingpins know that gives them this confidence? They know the vote results have already been rigged.

The very last thing a dictatorial regime wants is to give the people any real chance to alter the future with their votes. Thus, the game being played in the UK and everywhere else around the world is to give the sheeple the ILLUSION of democracy while actually controlling the outcome of every election from the very start.

If you think the EU globalists are going to stand by while an honest, democratic vote by the people takes away their power, you need to have your head examined. The only way a free, open vote is ever allowed to happen is if the controllers already know the outcome in advance (and have sufficiently manipulated the minds of the voters).

Vote all you want, in other words... but the outcome is already pre-determined by the globalists in power. Who do you think runs the voting systems in the first place? Do you think they actually leave these things to chance? Not on your life.

Mike Adams, Natural News 9 Comments [6/27/2016 3:19:05 AM]
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Quote# 120092

Are bald men alien greys in disguise

Anyone ever think about this? Stop for a second, just wonder what type of evil it takes to be bald. I heard aliens communicate better with each other just from being bald. Being bald is a new form of terrorism on this planet that needs to be dealt with. Serial killers are usually bald. The most evil men in history have been bald.

Anonymous Coward, Godlike Productions 9 Comments [6/27/2016 3:18:54 AM]
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Quote# 120077

What could be more inane than this, that is the claim that an actual UK MP was stabbed and then shot to death, right in broad daylight, precisely near her office facility? No one can find this plausible. There is no basis for her murder. Why would anyone brutally murder her in such a fashion? Yet, despite the obvious nature of the scam the fraud continues on, with great sums of money from the fully bamboozled public flowing into the perpetrators’ coffers.

There was no crime scene, no forensics activity: no evidence that a crime of any kind was committed. Regardless, it is easy to see this is a fake. Who could demonstrate otherwise? The actors and players themselves have fully revealed the nature of the arch-fraud.

The news media knows it’s a terminally inane fake, an absolute fraud and farce to the extreme:

Right, sure: it’s plenty funny. She was brutally murdered, stabbed and then shot three times in the head. What great treachery, what a bloody mess, this would be. Does her sister, far left, or her mother, far right, act as if this really occurred, or do they behave in the opposite fashion, confirming the hoax?

It is glaringly obvious precisely what there pattern is. Even so, where is Cox, now? Where did the secret services disappear her to?

The mother’s smirk tells all. Even so, why in the world would anyone wipe tears away that don’t even exist?

Staging can also be categorically confirmed by the following screen-capture collage. The woman is not crying and is one of the prime government actors for this scam. She finalizes the first act and then looks directly towards the camera, then back.

drkresearch, No Disinfo 4 Comments [6/27/2016 3:02:01 AM]
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Quote# 120064

It's Time to Acknowledge the Spiritual Truth of All these False Flags and Hoaxed Shootings

Whether real people are killed in false flag shooting engineered by some black ops, or the whole thing is a hoax from start to finish and there wasn't even a shooting or death it's time to acknowledge the truth about these events:

They are rituals.

They are dark magic rituals performed to create fear and lower the vibrational state of the sheeple. Wherever these rituals are performed they charge the area with negative energy that TPTB to soak up, giving them more power. Also the sheeple believe these events and whatever contrived narrative the Main stream likes to fabricate, putting the sheeple in fear with a lower vibrational state making them more vulnerable to further spiritual attacks.

The effects of these attacks are greatly amplified by the MSM, reaching national and now even global audiences. (Facebook and social media have greatly aided in this endeavor, french flag profile pics anyone?),

The media creates a big spectacle of the ritual False flags repetitively broadcasting images of it and obsessively giving hyper analysis and play-by-play of supposed details of it breaking professional protocol, ethics ,and even laws to convince the masses a great trauma has indeed occurred and the MSM narrative for the event is real. Thread: Breaking!!! Over 100 JOURNALISTS destroy crime scene apartment in San Bernardino !!!!!!!!!!!!

It's like trauma based programming.

We've seen it in the Paris false flag. Almost immediately afterward there was martial law in paris, guns were rounded up, and france became a defacto police state.


The ritual performed in paris was a smashing success for the elites. The area was extremely negatively charged, which allowed for 150 of the worlds leaders (including Obama) to meet in paris for `10 days under guard of 120,000 security forces so they could soak up the energy and use it for even greater satantic rituals.


It's all a ritual folks. You can counteract their dark magic by not being persuaded to give into fear. And Pray for God to stop them.

Apokalupsis, Godlike Productions 3 Comments [6/25/2016 3:35:36 PM]
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Quote# 120063

CAUGHT IN THE ACT: Orlando Shooting Victim's Transporters PROVEN AS FAKES ON VIDEO! Crisis Actors caught off guard!! Hysterical video !

I was so shocked by this video from Peekay Truth, who is AMAZING, btw, very blunt, funny British or Australian guy (don't know which) who does the outstanding truther videos pointing out the fakery in various false flags. Guy is OUTSTANDING!!!!

Anyway in this video, it shows one of the "shooting" victims being carried off by several people, past a camera, to a very surprising end. We've seen several of these videos from Orlando where "victims" are carried away by several people, supposedly on route to a hospital or emergency service. Well.....once these guys get past the camera, they set the "victim" down and start laughing!!!!! My jaw dropped. I know many of these things are fake but this is just....sloppy. I actually laughed my ass off at this.

You HAVE TO SEE THIS VIDEO and PLEASE save it for yourselves in case anything happens to Peekay or his videos. In fact, you might want to save them all it's a treasure trove of False Flag Fakery!!!

Mehitable Adams, Godlike Productions 1 Comments [6/25/2016 3:35:30 PM]
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Quote# 120062

Disney Alligator Attack is a Cover Up Hoax

It is said by the Orlando Sheriff’s Department that in some 45 years of operation there has never been an alligator attack at the Disney resort. Then, pray tell, how could it be a mere coincidence that it is happening now, merely a bit longer than a day or two after the Orlando gay bar shooting hoax? This makes no sense. It cannot be a coincidence. Thus, it is a hoax, a mere diversion.

Disney Alligator Attack is a Cover Up Hoax

There are some 52 million visitors to the Orlando Disney park yearly. Yet, this happened never before? Moreover, it happens now, in perfect timing for an attempted cover-up of the Orlando arch-scam?

The exact quote regarding the improbability is as follows:

The Police Chief has stated on video that “Disney has operated for 45 years, and they’ve never had this type of thing happen before.” Thus, this is a cover-up for the failed gay bar shooting hoax, which not coincidentally was micromanaged by this same police department.

No one can find it plausible. The family is nowhere to be seen. This is a fake. Who can demonstrate otherwise?

Yet, it is said that the body of the two year-old was found intact some 10 to 16 feet from where the incidence took place, that is “Lane’s lifeless body was found 10 to 15 feet from where he was playing.” Even so, see the following wild, dramatized headline:

Alligator attack at Disney World: Body of Lane Graves found after five gators are cut open

Which one is it, was the body found separately or actually taken from within the bowels of the alligator? Where are the images of these dissected animals?

drkresearch, No Disinfo 12 Comments [6/25/2016 3:35:23 PM]
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Quote# 120061

Surveillance Blimps In The Sky Near You!

I’m passing on this article because I think you should know what’s happening in the world today. While we sit around on our computers or watching the HELLivision, the government that you pay taxes to is watching us on the internet, via the military, and now, tada! We have spy blimps in the sky. Could we possibly expect any worse? You better believe it!! The spy state is here, folks!

Check this out. This article was written 2 years ago, but that doesn’t mean the powers that be have decided to quit where they were. Oh no, just imagine how much MORE sophisticated and improved they must have gotten in the past two years! Wake up out of your slumber! Knowledge is power!

kingjameswriter1965, I Hate The Internet But I Love Jesus 5 Comments [6/25/2016 3:35:12 PM]
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Quote# 120052

The likes of Jew book and Twitter, are only influential with those who have no independent thought ability of their own, there are a lot on their, especially Jew Book, at the moment I'm going through my second ban, for my views, my account was deleted, anyone with an Independent thought of their own, are often deleted, those who blindly follow the Establishment line are left alone, after all, what threat are they..

As for the above, they've gone through years of Political though control, and thought implantation by Establishment trained teachers, and the Comfort blanket of the Established Nanny State.. They couldn't have an Independent thought, if they were told to have one, their personal Independent thoughts, come from their rears, as wind..

You'll also probably find that the above sheep come from the Football and Soap brigade who actually believe that the Media News out lets are telling them the truth, and Auntie BBC can't tell a Lie..

They are not the majority, and are not of any use to our survival!!

Teutoburg Weald, Anglo-Saxon Foundation 9 Comments [6/25/2016 4:05:03 AM]
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Quote# 120050


I’m not going to say I don’t have the intention of pissing on everybody’s parade because that’s exactly what I’m trying to do so let me just get on with it. Slain British MP Jo Cox is NOT a martyr. Okay? She’s not. She’s not a “martyr in the fight against resurgent Hitlerian fascism” as some idiotic “leftists” who are probably on the payroll of MI5 happen to be saying–a “resurgent Hitlerian fascism” mind you that doesn’t exist. She’s not a “martyr for European unity” either–a “European unity” mind you that means the preservation of the Zionist-dominated, absolutely hegemonic, totally dictatorial, insanely bureaucratic, multinational-corporation-adored, sovereignty-eroding European Union. And she’s not a “martyr for BDS” as some maddeningly moronic “Palestine Solidarity Movement” activists are referring to her as–a “BDS” mind you that does not target Jewish-Zionist-owned corporations outside of the ‘Israeli’ tumor which represent pillars of Global Zionism or even ‘Israeli’ individuals who live on stolen land, only ‘Israeli’ companies and ‘Israeli’-linked companies in the West that fall under the strict guidelines of the increasingly toothless BDS Movement. Not under any circumstances, not in ANY definition of the word, not in ANY applicable situation vis-a-vis our Mouqawamist-Liberationist discourse which we use to extricate our peoples and homies from mainstream Zio-controlled narratives is this rank, stank, putrid British Imperialist a “martyr”.

Should she have been killed? No. Obviously not. Come on. To condone such murderousness is not Islamic, it’s not Christian and it’s not humane. The fact that such a statement even needs to be uttered though shows how Judaized and massively lost in the lamest of lame sensitivities a great many of our “comrades” and “allies” are. “Revolutionaries” you fancy yourselves as, huh? Please. As a dear brother of mine recently said, y’all are precious snowflakes. Y’all are fragile fairies; sissy sprites; glass gladiators and cowardly cornballs. What Jo Cox ACTUALLY was and what she ACTUALLY represented should, for all intents and purposes, THOROUGHLY sicken you. And because of this truth, NOBODY from our ranks should be shedding a tear, let alone sullying the word “martyr” by referring to her as one.

Forgive the repetition but Jo Cox was a rank, stank, putrid British Imperialist who endlessly strove for “regime change” in Syria up until her dying day. She called for “civilian safe zones” inside the Syrian Arab Republic, i.e. partition. She was a staunch advocate for “refugee rights”, i.e. depopulating the Syrian Arab Republic for the benefit of the “Greater Israel” project. She abstained from the December 2015 British Parliament vote on participating in an overt military intervention against “ISIS” (read: Damascus) not because she’s “antiwar”, but because of the opposite! She’s a “regime-change”-hungry maniac! She didn’t vote because the motion wasn’t explicit enough on the overthrow of Syrian President Dr. Bashar al-Assad! To hell with this image of sweetness and goodness that the Western-Zionist media is ramming down our throats, Jo Cox was bloodthirsty!

And when it came to Palestine, all she said was legally curtailing the right of people to boycott unethical companies is wrong. She also called for lifting the siege on Gaza. Both of these positions are now establishment-approved as they present the illusion of being “pro-Palestine” and acknowledge that Palestinians are human beings while still upholding the criminal Zionist entity’s existence. Not exactly groundbreaking. Not remotely revolutionary. Just typical liberal deception. I assure you, Jo Cox was NOT the British version of Rachel Corrie, a REAL martyr in the struggle against Global Zionism.

What is most interesting about Cox’s death is how closely it parallels that of Anna Lindh, the young, charismatic Swedish Foreign Minister who was stabbed to death on September 11th, 2003. While the official story says that Lindh was murdered by a “right-wing extremist”–identical to what is now being spun about Cox–in reality, she was assassinated by Mossad because of her staunch, public anti-Zionist positions that ranged from everything to opposing the aggression against Iraq, calling for the severance of ties between ‘Israel’ and the EU, rejecting the unlimited support provided to Sharon by Bush’s neocon regime and much more. Lindh’s anti-Zionism, if left unchecked, could have had a ripple effect on the nascent Zionist-Globalist project derived right from the Kalergi Plan known as the EU, so the usurping ‘Israeli’ regime’s international death squad eliminated her.

Was Cox, like Lindh, also murdered by an intelligence agency, be it MI5, Mossad or both, as a means of swaying the British people to vote “remain” in the upcoming Brexit referendum on whether or not the UK should stay in the EU, because, of course, this would “honor” her memory? Especially since the circumstances surrounding the man who shouted “Britain First!”–which is, for the record, a pro-‘Israel’, Zionist-run organization anyway–before allegedly killing Ms. Cox are very murky? And especially since before Cox’s death, the polls on Brexit indicated that Brits were leaning in the majority towards a vote of “leave” and now after her death the polls are indicating that Brits are leaning in the majority towards a vote of “remain”? Was this a false flag assassination operation? Well. Considering Mossad and British intelligence also collaborated in executing the false flag attack on July 7th, 2005, and have worked together so very closely in wrecking Iraq and Syria, it would be stupid to think that it isn’t at least in the realm of fathomable possibility and indeed a likelihood.

In the final analysis, we return to our original point: Jo Cox is NOT a martyr. She was a sanguinary, hideously hypocritical British Imperialist right to her core who seems to have been used by the very “elitist” system she spent her life protecting and serving as a catalyst to further its pathologically destructive agenda. If you want REAL martyrs, look no further than Iraq where the Popular Mobilization Units just finished leading the fight to liberate Fallujah from British-backed Daesh and gave countless MARTYRS in the process; look no further than Syria where Hizbullah is currently on a roll in the southern Aleppo countryside and has given dozens of MARTYRS in the last few days alone whilst combating British-backed Takfiris, as well as the Syrian Arab Army which is whipping through the Latakia-Idleb border region and has seen many soldiers fall over the past week; look no further than Yemen where hundreds of moujahideen from Ansarullah have given their lives to defend their homeland and 10,000 Yemeni innocents, more than half of which are women and children, have been MARTYRED by the British-backed, British-armed House of Saud.

THESE are martyrs. THESE are heroes. THESE are the souls we should be shedding tears for and praying about. THESE are the forces of Heaven. Jo Cox was nothing but a typically deceptive liberal akin to a succubus from hell. Stop getting it twisted. Stop conflating the two. Stop perverting our revolutionary lexicon to get on the good side of the very monsters you claim to oppose by showing them your “humanity”, as if humanity can only be measured truly when we fake-cry even faker rivers over a dead British warmonger. Just… Stop. And don’t expect me to say “rest in peace” because that just ain’t gon’ happen. There is no salaam, NO SALAAM WHATSOEVER, for crypto-Zionist British Imperialists who yearn for the dismemberment of our region. F*** your feelings and your f*** your sensitivities. We clear?

Jonathan Azaziah, Mouqawamah Music 3 Comments [6/24/2016 3:24:11 AM]
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Quote# 120040

To Catch A Crisis Actor - Orlando Massacre Hoax "Hero"

Published on Jun 19, 2016

Heads up the Blue Apple for the investigating

If Orlando was a 'hoax', and all the evidence or rather no evidence suggests it is, then all were in on it and thus all are 'actors'. Most everyone involved have been exposed as actors with acting credentials. There are only two not exposed as actors with credentials, crying mom and the all american hero. Fat american 'gay' hero guy seems to be in most all footage and was doing all the talking. Supposedly from Arkansas, he is said to just show up in Orlando for a 'new life' and wham, hes a hero and is given awards by the governor. The contradictions in his witness testimony are way to ridiculous.If most are actors then hes going to be one to, the 'chief' one. Well, the guy identified in vid is a 'chief' actor with almost a page of credentials and movie credits. Hes also a director and a model and according to his FB page, one that was not taken down recently, he also does drywalling it appears when not on the set (acting a piss poor career, no money unless your a star). This guy WANTS to be a star real bad and he may have had the role of a lifetime starring as the hero for the Orlando Massacre HOAX. From where Im sitting, NO ONE DIED AND NO ONE WAS WOUNDED, it was all a certified staged skit and the mass media in on it. Primary objective? TAKE AWAY GUNS!

JohnTheRevelator111, Godlike Productions 2 Comments [6/24/2016 2:43:00 AM]
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Quote# 120039

Just running the numbers. From the start of the slave trade until 1800 only ~130,000 Africans were brought to the United States. From 1800-1864 only ~130,000 more were brought. Yet, the Census from 1800 and 1860 show 1 million and 4 million black slaves respectively. How is this possible? Some more questions:

1. Where are all the slave ships?
2. How did they navigate the stormy Atlantic with wooden boats for 1-3 months?
3. If you run the numbers, in order for the 'millions' of Africans to be brought to the Americas, they would need to be running 3-400 people PER BOAT multiple times per year in order to reach that number over 400 years.
3a. Where are all these boats?
3b. How would it be possible to transport all those people cramped up in the hull of a ship over stormy waters for 1-3 months? Especially since you can't travel during hurricane season?

The answer is the greatest conspiracy of all time. They don't care if you talk about aliens, the Fed or anything else as long as you don't talk about this: African Americans Ain't African! They are the native peoples of this land.

Remember something, the 'New World' wasn't new at all! It was inhabited long before Europeans arrived in 1492. The Olmec-Xi were most likely a black civilization living in Mexico. The reason they 'disappeared' is because they didn't; their descendants are the black peoples all over this land.

Why lie? Because from the beginning they knew that conquering and stealing this land was ILLEGAL. So they tried their best to make it look serendipitous; all the while erasing the history of this people. Don't believe me? Google 'ar.noldus mon.tanus ame.rica' They knew that if caught the natives would reclaim their rightful territory under international law.

Common sense should tell you that the Transatlantic slave trade is a big ol' lie. The numbers are WAAAY too high. But they had to be because they failed to kill all the natives in their genocide pogrom. So they made something up so that the millions of blacks living here would have a plausible excuse for their great number. There are nearly 80 million blacks living in the Americas today. If you count abortion, there would be at least 100 million. So how did they get here?

They weren't brought over on boats. They were born here. As were their ancestors. Google gi.ovanni da verra.nzo. Look at how he described the 'indians'. Look up the act of Virginia that renamed Indians to NEGROS (!) in the 1600s. Realize that the term 'Africa American' has only existed since the 1960s with the cointel pro civil rights movement. Sell-out blacks like Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton pushed that lie. Notice that Africans have no knowledge of slavery or the slave trade. When asked they say they learned it from white missionaries. If they participated wouldn't they have an oral history of the events?

If that many million Africans were stolen from that land, wouldn't Africa be a demographic desert (Africa was much less populous in the past)? How did they manage to take TENS OF MILLIONS OF AFRICANS from Africa over the 1600s-1800s and not have the population crater? Simple. Its all a big lie. You think they JUST started that false flag bullshit? It works a lot better without the internet, where all you have to do is falsify some logs and claim some ancient castle is a slave trading post.

Oh and don't forget that according to official numbers only 14% of the 'Africans' brought over were females of child bearing age. So how could the black population skyrocket from ~130,000 over time to 1,000,000 in 1800? Especially considering the harsh conditions that slaves were said to have lived in? Whenever you ask these questions you get stone cold silence, because the answers don't make sense. Just like 9/11, the Gulf of Tonkin, the Lusitania, 'weapons of Mass destruction'. Honestly, ya'll whites (and brainwashed blacks to a degree) have been falling for this stuff for so long that they don't even bother to cover it up very well. 220 of the ~230 years of 'the U.S.'s existence you've been at war. ALL OF THEM started by false flags. NONE OF WHICH you've protested or called out. You have protested the wars but never the causes or the lies that were used to justify them.

There were no terrorists, no weapons of mass destruction, and no transatlantic slave trade.

AfricanAmericanAintAfrican, Godlike Productions 6 Comments [6/24/2016 2:41:28 AM]
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Quote# 120038

A rogue planet known in ancient times as Nibiru, The Destroyer, Wormwood, The Frightener, The Terrible Comet, Hercolubus and various other names, is headed toward Planet Earth once again, and has already begun to spawn a series of global catastrophes. In modern times, this dangerous celestial body has been known by the name of Planet X.

It's difficult to discern the exact truth about this subject because it's been deliberately obscured by disinformation. We're dealing with one of the biggest cover-ups in the history of mankind, and that's saying a lot, because the competition is so fierce.

But after 10 years of research, one school of thought that makes a lot of sense to me is that like most of the stars in the universe, our sun is part of a binary system. A smaller star -- possibly a brown dwarf star -- orbits the sun, and at least seven planets orbit the second sun, also known as Nemesis and the Dark Star. Planet X is the outermost planet in the Nemesis system, which invades our inner solar system every 3,600 years or so -- possibly even more often than that. Some evidence suggests this happens every 300 to 500 years.

One thing is clear -- Earth has repeatedly been devastated by cosmic catastrophes. It's well-documented in the historical and geological record.

* I had to stop updating my blog for my own personal safety. The death threats and harassment I experience have dramatically increased lately, which makes me think we're getting close to the main event.

Fortunately, the following youtube channels provide updates on a regular basis, and some of the videos they've uploaded are excellent: Prep Aussie, Separated Society, sasa lucic, smiff da mista, Expitaly. There are many others as well.

Facebook has a number of Nibiru forums where you can discuss this topic , including Nibiru Ascending, Nibiru-It's Real-It's Here, Nibiru Countdown and more. Also try the Pole Shift Ning.

Most of these groups are heavily infiltrated by trolls, but you can still find some useful information there if you wade through all the junk.

* There are lots of photographs (click on them to see an enlarged version) and videos on this blog that show various celestial objects in the sky right now. That leads me to believe Planet X might arrive sooner than some people have been speculating -- possibly as soon as June or July 2016.

The Jade Helm military exercises started on July 15, 2015, and supposedly concluded on Sept. 15. But even that could be a smokescreen. The military is already in place now, so a catastrophic event such as an asteroid strike, meteor storm, volcano eruption or earthquake could happen at any time.

Obviously I can't guarantee Planet X will arrive in June or July. If I had access to the information NASA is covering up, I could make a more definite prediction. I don't know exactly when Planet X will get here, but I think we should all be prepared for the possibility that it will arrive sooner than the dates often predicted on the Internet -- August 2016 or even sometime in 2017.

I think those dates might be disinformation.

The point is, it's going to happen soon -- possibly in June or July, and if not, almost certainly before the end of this year.


The movie "2012" was deliberately released with the wrong year in the title in order to discredit the Planet X cover-up as a wild "conspiracy theory." The idea was, when 2012 passed and nothing happened, clueless people would say, "See, it was all a paranoid conspiracy theory. There's no such thing as Planet X."

All along, the movie producers knew the major catastrophes weren't going to happen until years later. The psychological effect produced by the movie bought the elite some more time to make their preparations without society completely falling apart into panic mode.


Another film that depicted the impending cataclysms was "Deep Impact," which was released in 1998. Morgan Freeman played the black president (think Obama) who announced to the world that a comet was headed for Earth. It also depicted the elite seeking shelter in underground bunkers. Here's the trailer on youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fLgSKv2P-ow

Lots of other films in recent years have depicted Earth getting hit by meteors, including "Meteor Storm," released in 2009. This is because film producers often have inside information about events that are expected to happen in the future, and they release the films as a way of indirectly warning the public. It's called predictive programming. Here's the Meteor Storm trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HpmNw-o-3PAAnd then there was "The Day After Tomorrow," released in 2004 to warn the public about climate changes caused by the approach of Planet X. It's on TV just about every week these days. Disruption of the North Atlantic current, which is wreaking havoc with the weather in England and other parts of Europe, is one of the changes addressed in the film. Watch the trailer here: http://youtube.com/watch?v=MFLncfCvPeY

Not to mention all the apocalyptic TV programs, such as "The Walking Dead," that depict a world in which there's no electricity, society has completely broken down and it's every man for himself -- just like the world that will be left behind after the pole shift. Producers of these programs know what's headed our way, and they're trying to warn the public by showing us what we're going to be up against.

Why else would there be such an idiotic and morbid fascination with zombies in popular culture?

There was even a scene from "The Walking Dead" that shows people walking down the road with two suns in the sky. Many thanks to the reader who pointed that out to me.

Now there's a new movie out called "Catastrophe," another veiled reference to Planet X. And how about the TV show, "Orange Is the New Black?" Orange represents Nibiru and black represents death.

And there are a ton of Nibiru references in this TV commercial produced by the U.S. Navy:
Nibiru references in U.S. Navy TV commercial

Corporate logos are also loaded with references to Planet X. This video exposes it, starting around the 4-minute mark: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W2nxKAaDyJg

One reason why the economies of the world are deliberately being run into the ground is that governments know they'll never have to pay back all the money they've borrowed because there will be no one left to pay back! And a lot of the money that was stolen from the U.S. Treasury has gone into constructing underground bases and purchasing supplies for the self-appointed select few who think they deserve to survive and you deserve to die.

As one of my readers pointed out to me in an e-mail message, Planet X also explains GMO foods. They were created by Monsanto so they could be grown underground, because it might be years before anything can grow properly after Planet X passes by.

I believe former Homeland Security chief Janet Napolitano was also alluding to Planet X during her retirement announcement in August 2013 when she warned that the United States is going to experience a natural disaster "the likes of which the nation has never seen before."

Only if you understand the truth about Planet X will you be able to understand the seemingly incomprehensible events taking place today.

Dr. Robert Harrington of the U.S Naval Observatory was assassinated in 1993 for his part in trying to disclose the reality of Planet X to the American people. See this: http://yowusa.com/planetx/2008/planetx-2008-05b/1.shtml


They also crashed into my car on purpose twice in recent years while I was driving it to punish me for talking about this subject and to discourage me from telling anyone else about it. I was rear-ended by a gang stalker in 2012 and suffered serious injuries.

But this matter is simply too important to cover up. Everyone needs to know the truth about what is about to transpire on Planet Earth before it's too late to prepare.


"Global warming" and "climate change" are cover stories for the effects that Planet X is causing on Earth and all the other planets in the solar system. All the planets are experiencing drastic changes as a result of the electromagnetic and gravitational forces exerted by this rogue planet.

Arctic ice is not melting because of global warming, it's melting because the Earth is heating up from the core outward. These disturbances are also causing earthquakes, volcano eruptions, sinkholes and bizarre weather and much more, and they will continue to increase in severity as Planet X approaches.

NASA and other government agencies have hired professional debunkers and other disinformation specialists to go on the Internet and convince you this is all a hoax, but it's not a hoax. The government just wants to lead you down the garden path because it wants people not to panic and to continue working and paying taxes (at least those who still have a job). Don't let the disinfo crew throw you off track. There's no reason to panic, just get educated on what to expect and how to survive it.

Brussell Sprout, Brussell Sprout 6 Comments [6/24/2016 2:41:08 AM]
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Quote# 120029

Jo Cox Murder False Flag Hoax 100% Proof (EU referendum rigged)

Published on Jun 19, 2016
The murder of Jo Cox is a Gladio B media psyop hoax (fake) conspiracy to subvert the EU referendum. It is what we expected and it is what we got. In a desperate attempt to swing public opinion behind Remain after Brexit took a 6 point lead. If we now lose the EU referendum it will be because of operation Gladio B (something I have been documenting on my channel for 6 months now but no one has woken upto yet).

The BBC are in on it

KC Goldshine, Godlike Productions 6 Comments [6/23/2016 3:02:45 AM]
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Quote# 120028

The Moon Is So Busted Man So F*cking Busted!

From this thread
Thread: !!!!!!!***MEGA BREAKING*** ***SOUL TRAPS***!!!!!!! (Page 188)

Saw the movie gods of egypt again and here's some new things i took notice.

Apophis/shenron will devour the whole land of the dead.=Planet eater unicron/moon is devouring earth!
(see from earth's rare natural resources down to our very memories and souls)

When set/satan defeated horus and put him in a tomb where he was blind and couldn't hear also what is going on outside his tomb, this symbolizes us!

We have been murdered by the lunar boss/DOG=GOD SET/CERBERUS

and buried in this tomb of flesh where we are blind and deaf of the world/dimension outside of this tomb/flesh/eggrave as i like to call it.

Old man lucifer/god of light said "any bird/soul that lands on my ship/moon i kill it before it can shit".
Was shown also how bad his light burned the stupid human that was dumb enough to enter his ship.

In the scene where set said "i have conquered all worlds and the last world that is left to conquer is the land of the dead" this scene symbolizes of the galactic empire that have defeated the lunar scum across the entire universe and the last stronghold of those alien reptilians to be this very solar system.

In the scene where all the gods had retreated behind a walled city and were under quarantine by set it reminded me what lunar agents ghrees have said of the galactic police to have trapped the lunar scum on this solar system and to have them under quarantine!

Also the plan of the lunar scum that was shown in the movie wanted with angelina jolie, in the myth of odysseus with circe and in the story of jesus was shown here too where the lunar boss/satan/horus/ra used the help of the human to defeat his enemy!

This was shown also in dragonballz where when the family of goku came to earth from space satan piccolo fought them together with goku who had lost his memories when he came on earth into killing his own family that was coming to visit him from space!


Was shown also in this movie what i had decoded that the tower of babel symbolized of the earthlings trying to reach/destroy the moon!

That very long tower set build when he visited ra's al ghul/lucifer's spaceship/moon that was orbiting earth lucifer told him "little taller and it would be in my way!"

This reveals when they say "humans were building a tower to reach the sky" of the moon to be hiding behind the word "sky" like in so many other sayings, see "lunar god lives in the sky" hahaha or "ancient humans were afraid of the sky falling on them" hahaha the moon is so busted man so fucking busted!

KABOOM THE MOONS, Godlike Productions 11 Comments [6/23/2016 3:02:11 AM]
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Quote# 120027

Female politician "killed" before "referendum": Brexit 2016 remake of Sweden eurozone 2003
"British Labour MP JO Cox didn't resist injuries" = remake of "Anna Lindh murdered in Sweden before the 2003 referendum".
"Murdered" in headlines: all fake blood setting the stage for the BIG BANG.

Talk of setting the stage:
Fake murder of a woman politician before a EU referendum: agenda is NOTto influence the result.
Illuminati don't need that, because the other side is always ALSO led by illuminazi agents whose main role is to validate the rigged results.
Examples other than leaders of the Brexit 2016 and anti-eurozone in Sweden 2003 range from pro-independence in Scotland to anti-gay marriage in Ireland.

So why did the illuminati stage the murders of Lindh in Sweden 2003 and Cox in England 2016?
Answer: psychology, part of creating explanations to solve the contradiction between reality (rallies, stickers) and what will be announced as results.
In other words: have the human cattle accept the simulated reality.

Contrast it with plane crashes, terror attacks and shark attacks.
A general agenda of these series of fake blood is also to set the psychological stage, but in this case not for human cattle to accept rigged results but to accept global slavery.
In other words:
- episodes of these series will cause a few to voluntarily cancel plans for their holidays or weekends.
- yet the direct goal is not to strip human cattle from air travel, tourism and the beach but rather to make it easier for human cattle to accept to be stripped.
Reminder: global slavery, a world where there's no room for human cattle to relax, will be proclaimed following the imminent BIG BANG, that starts with the same actor in two acts within two days:
- Osama Bin Laden resurrects in Jerusalem crucified to the missing Boeing 777 caught on CCTV camera
- Obama Bi(nla)den's presidency arrested on live TV.

See the context for Anna Lindh here: fake Putin stages the fake death of Nemtsov
illuminati-fake-deaths.blog+spot 2015/02/boris-nemtsov-killed-by-putin-spock.html

Fake airliner crashes: "end of show" series.
Vaporized airliners of "all dead" type of fake crashes, from 9/11 to the ongoing "end of show" series.
General agenda now: set the stage for human cattle stripped from air travel.
Each episode and its specific agendas:
end-times-hoaxes.blog+spot /2015/02/

S_MPLE T_UTH, Godlike Productions 7 Comments [6/23/2016 3:01:56 AM]
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Quote# 120015

Pieczenik: Here’s where we get into the intelligence community and what I said a long time ago: When the CIA recruits an individual, particularly a president of the United States, there has to be a psychological deficit and lacunae in their personality. In the case of Bill Clinton, it was the fact his mother was a prostitute, she ran a whorehouse in Hope, Arkansas, and he was nothing but the bastard child of the john.

In the case of Obama, he was known to be a homosexual in Chicago with Rahm Emanuel, who was a trained ballet dancer, and he was recruited by the CIA repeatedly and basically threatened by them and the Muslim Brotherhood and everything else. That’s why the political correctness comes in.

Now, in the case of Hillary Clinton, I’ve known her for years and I’ve known her other family members, she is a well-known lesbian. The reason why she’s been recruited and could be threatened is she’s has a history of lesbian affairs which is relevant only to the fact that it’s a national security problem. [Huma] Abedin may be her lover, Abedin may be her lesbian lover, I could care less. But the point of fact is not one of our presidents, presently or in the future, other than Trump, is a highly compromised candidate.

Jones: And that’s why they hate Trump. He’s not compromised. He’s open about women.

Steve Pieczenik & Alex Jones, Right Wing Watch 8 Comments [6/22/2016 4:59:01 AM]
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Submitted By: Ibuki Mioda
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