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Quote# 120776

The Isle of Man, otherwise known as “Mann”, is a self-governing British Crown Dependency, located in the Irish Sea between the islands of Great Britain and Ireland. It was named after Minos of Crete who sired the Line of Man which in time became the ruling family of Crete, the Greco-Roman Empire, and eventually the entire world. The island's parliament, Tynwald, has been in continuous existence since 979 AD, making it the oldest continuously governing body in the underworld. Since 1399 AD, the title of Lord of Mann has been used on the Isle of Man in reference to the island's Lord Proprietor and head of state. Interestingly, the current holder of this title is none other than Queen Elizabeth II who evidently holds the highest ranking political position in the underworld. Evidently, the Isle of Man and its parliament were specifically chosen by Rome to rule over the underworld. Due to its location in the middle of the Irish Sea, Roman ships and submarines from Greenland were able to deliver messages, money and weapons without being easily apprehended or seen. According to legend, from the summit of the Isle of Man, one can see 6 kingdoms: the Isle of Man, Scotland, England, Ireland, Wales, and Heaven (i.e., Greenland). Coincidentally, the National Anthem of the Island of Man is entitled “O Land of Our Birth”, a possible reference to the notion that the Roman Airship responsible for the discovery of Greenland may have been launched from the island. Interestingly, the flag of Tynwald, which represents the parliament of the Isle of Man, features a Greco-Roman Dragon ship along with what appear to be Roman Vikings.

Isle of Man Symbology
The idiom “Third times a charm” was likely created in respect to the three homes or dens of the Line of Man (i.e., the Island of Crete, the Island of Sicily, and the Island of Greenland). Like Crete and Sicily before it, Greenland is now inhabited by the 13 Bloodlines of Rome (i.e., the Line of Man) whose leadership forms the Imperial Cult, the ruling body of the Greco-Roman Empire. Although the three homes or dens of Rome are most commonly depicted by the trident symbol, they are also depicted by a three-footed symbol which is coincidentally found on the flag of the Isle of Man as well as a number of related flags and heraldry symbols (e.g., coat of arms of the Island of Man, the flag of the Standard of the Lieutenant Governor, the Civil Ensign of the Isle of Man, the flag of the Civil Defence Service, and the coat of arms of the King of Man). Interestingly, a 3-footed symbol is also found on the flag and coat of arms of the Island of Sicily, the second home or den of the Line of Man. However, unlike the Sicilian feet, the feet of the Isle of Man have Roman spurs which are shaped in the form of a 5-pointed star. In short, the spurs represent the war flag or Roman Empire while the stars represent the steering hand of Rome. In other words, the Isle of Man represents the tyrannical boot of the Roman Empire stepping on the collective throat of the underworld. Interestingly, the term “QUOCUNQUE JECERIS STABIT” (K+K+N+K-J/G+K+R+S-S+T+B+T) is found in the coat of arms of the Isle of Man. Translated acronymically using the Roman-English alphabet, the term evidently equates to “Coup Con Coup-Greenland Cross-State Boot”, an apparent reference to the coup d’états ordered by Roman Empire in Greenland which the Isle of Man executed in the underworld via the British Empire. That being said, evidence now suggests that country of Switzerland and its CIA are responsible for executing Roman policy in the underworld, especially in respect to initiating coup d’états . Therefore, the Isle of Man, while still the highest ranking political office in the underworld, is now nothing more than a historical decoy. Greenland’s switch to the country of Switzerland as its main proxy state was likely the result of advances in electronic communication as well as the naval decline of Roman Britain (i.e., Britannia).

David Chase Taylor, Greenland Theory 9 Comments [7/27/2016 3:05:06 AM]
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Quote# 120764

Munich False Flag – the unanswered questions

Less-than 24 hours after the chaotic and bizarre events in Munich, Germany, several key issues remain unresolved, yet they were swiftly memory holed out of the official narrative.

•At the beginning of the event at the shopping mall, three terrorists bearing automatic rifles were reported. Why are they now claimed not to have existed? Why did it take the authorities only a few hours to revert back to the good old “lone gunman” narrative , so familiar from many other false flags (the most notable recent one being the Dallas shooting attack on active duty policeman)? Why did an 18-year-old Iranian migrant kill 10 people and then fled the scene only to conveniently “commit suicide” in a remote location, where no evidence for the “suicide” theory could be produced?
•Reports of shooting incidents in different places in the city, including the Munich metro.
Key parts of the city traffic was stopped. Every movement of trains and buses in the metropolitan area was stopped. The police blocked the highways leading to the city and from it. Is any of the above related to security drills that went live at some point?
•In different districts in the city sirens were heard. All city residents received instructions not to leave the places where they are and look for shelter. Is this related to preparations for martial law regime? Was such terrorizing of the population necessary just because of a “lone gunman” ?
•German security forces and major medical teams poured in from all over the country to Munich – which left other cities in Germany exposed for terror attacks – this is exactly what happened in 9/11 , when multiple drills during that day reeked total havoc on counter terror units and air-force fighter jets, many of which were dispatched to remote places while New York and Washington were left exposed.
•German security agencies convened emergency meetings during the crisis. In none of these meetings Chancellor Angela Merkel was present. She was gone. Where was she during those critical moments?
•Who tried to “leak” the rumor that the acts of terror were committed by “German right-wing circles”, and not the action of a Muslim terrorist? The same pattern was observed in the Boston Bombing which they initially tried to blame on “right-wing extremists”, but upon exposure were forced to fall back on meaningless “Chechen terrorism”.

osnetdaily, OSNet Daily 3 Comments [7/26/2016 4:43:26 PM]
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Quote# 120762

The Munich Olympia False Flag McDonald’s Massacre and Pikachu vs Zika Virus Coming to Rio

Headline: “Mass Shooting in Munich on 5-year Anniversary of Norway Massacre”. (This was NOT a coincidence).

Today was another “Terror Friday Attack” or what I’ll call “False Flag Friday” (which most of them tend to happen now on a Friday or a Monday). This one has all the fingerprints of an Operation Gladio orchestrated Mossad attack to further push the anti-Muslim sentiment that is presently spreading across Europe as we are living in the summer of New World Order Organized Chaos. The same day that McDonald’s in Japan is launched a 3,000 restaurant joint sponsorship venture with Nintendo and their mind controlling phone app ‘Pokemon GO’ we have a terror attack in Munich, Germany… the infamous city that hosted the ill-fated 1972 Olympic Games. I have been predicting a major event during the time of the upcoming Olympic Games in Rio and this event is a prelude to to Olympics. After all this Munich shooting happened at the McDonald’s in a shopping mall coincidentally called ‘Olympic Plaza’ and I don’t believe in coincidences.

Global Agenda, Before It's News 4 Comments [7/26/2016 4:43:15 PM]
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Quote# 120736

The HAARP frequency fence and the inducement of collective delusion and madness.

As the planet transitions from a 3rd to 4th density frequency and environ, holding the population in a 3rd density frequency is the aim and goal of HAARP arrays around the world. The 'clash' between the natural 'evolution' of the planet inclusive of the human population and the frequency 'wall' put up by the 'authorities' is creating total, psychological madness and delusion in the population. GLP used to have a good thread with links to real-time HAARP output - weighing it against 'events' that involve mass delusion shootings, murder-suicides, etc.

Be sure, upon inspection, the relationship will be shown to exist that HAARP is in high output phase when mass meltdowns occur.

Expect even more unreal displays of total psychosis and acting out as things 'heat up' and frequency fence output increases to its limits to hold the people in.

Anonymous Coward, Godlike Productions 5 Comments [7/25/2016 5:01:01 PM]
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Quote# 120735

World Governments were ESTABLISHED by aliens from outer space.

I am not even joking.

The Anunnaki or as they were known in Egypt the Neteru, hybridized with humans to make a worker race. And they also took children of their own from these offspring to be the kings and representatives of their empire.

For Example, the god Ra in Egypt is the Anunnaki Marduk.

His symbol is the Ram or Ares.

His human son was Menes and he made him the king of the first dynasty of the joined south and north kingdoms. So he was the first Pharoah.

Menes was from the ancient city Mendes.

Known as: "The Domain of the Ram Lord of Djedet"

The Ram Lord is of course Ra / Marduk.

The Goat of Mendes. Baphomet.

Anonymous Coward, Godlike Productions 5 Comments [7/25/2016 5:00:54 PM]
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Quote# 120734

Zionist Agents Are Main Videographers at Nice Truck Killing Scam and Hoax

What was a German journalist, arch-Zionist agent Richard Gutjahr, doing in perfect position to capture the footage of a supposed truck on the run, one aiming to kill July Nice-area revelers? It cannot be a coincidence that this individual was so perfectly placed, this hostile pro-Israeli agent, to capture the lorry imagery. That other well-placed videographer, arch-Zionist mole Mark Krikorian, has already been described, here, as a hostile Islamophobic agent, also on-site in perfect position: also capturing the harmless, slow-moving lorry.

Gutjahr is, no doubt, a fabricator, just like his cohort and fellow Zionist Jew Krikorian. In the video he captures a key element of the staging, one that has fooled many people. This is the motorcycle scene. It is standard Hollywood, complete with stunt-man. The stunt man rides the bike up to the cab, then spin it out, as if he has been shot at or whatever. By the way the lorry doesn’t hit him.

drkresearch, No Disinfo 8 Comments [7/25/2016 5:00:49 PM]
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Quote# 120731

If you think it is only a conspiracy theory that the CIA is trafficking massive quantities of opium and cocaine into the United States, you are dead wrong — It is a PROVEN and WELL DOCUMENTED FACT friend (Lots more documentation). Let's start with California Congresswoman, Maxine Waters. She has taken trips to drug-infested countries like Nicaragua to investigate and document what our own CIA is doing to fight drug trafficking into the US, absolutely nothing! Maxine says, "There is no war on drugs going on in America today!"

She is doing everything possible to stop the CIA from further destroying south Los Angeles with tons and tons of drugs being trafficked in at an alarming rate. This is not some nut on the internet saying these things, this is a respectable congresswoman of the United States of America!!! And might I add, I am proud of her for taking a stand (Psalm 94:16)!

The CIA should be renamed the "Cocaine Import Agency." Book after book has been written about this present-day evil.

Al Qaeda = CIA = Cocaine Import Agency

The American people have fallen hook, line and sinker for everything that the global elite have thrown at them. I hate to say it, but it's the best word... Americans are just plain STUPID!

Georgia Congresswoman, Cynthia McKinney, has also exposed the CIA's involvement in illegal drug-trafficking in the U.S. It's common knowledge that Afghanistan yields a yearly supply of opium (with a street value of $500,000,000,000). Don't believe the lying propaganda about the U.S. military burning poppy fields, our boys are over there protecting those crops!

David J. Stewart, Love the Truth 8 Comments [7/25/2016 3:35:23 AM]
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Quote# 120729

Intelligence services posing as Jeremy Corbyn supporters could be behind the abuse and intimidation of MPs on social media in an attempt to “stir up trouble” for the Labour leader, the Unite boss Len McCluskey has suggested.

Speaking to the Guardian, the general secretary of the UK’s largest trade union and one of Corbyn’s strongest supporters said he thought “dark practices” would ultimately be uncovered by the 30-year rule, under which classified documents are released into the public domain three decades after being written.

Asked if he believed the online abuse of Corbyn’s critics was posted by people trying to discredit his supporters, McCluskey said: “Of course, of course. Do people believe for one second that the security forces are not involved in dark practices?

“I have been around long enough … the type of stuff that we ultimately find out about, about who was involved in who, the 30-year rule.

“We found out just a couple of years ago that the chair of my union then, the Transport and General Workers Union, was an MI5 informant at the time that there was a strike taking place that I personally as a worker was involved in. [In] 1972, I was on strike for six weeks. And 30 years later it comes out that the chair of my union at that time was an MI5 informant.”

Asked again if he believed that classified documents would eventually reveal the involvement of security forces in Corbyn’s leadership difficulties, McCluskey said: “Well I tell you what, anybody who thinks that that isn’t happening doesn’t live in the same world that I live in.

“Do you think that there’s not all kinds of rightwingers who are not secretly able to disguise themselves and stir up trouble? I find it amazing if people think that isn’t happening.”

McCluskey said he believed that MPs and others who had spoken of death threats and intimidation were exaggerating the extent of those threats.

“There’s a hysteria being whipped up,” he said. “A few people say things they shouldn’t and then it’s blown up out of all proportion, to suit the imagery that the Labour party has somehow become a cesspit, and suddenly it’s a crisis.”

McCluskey said he condemned the threats, but he was unsure what politicians could do to stop it. “God knows how you can control social media,” he said. “I know the more vicious elements hide their identities, and all these horrible things like [the Labour MP for Wigan] Lisa Nandy’s baby being threatened are despicable.

“They’re nothing to do with me. And they’re nothing to do with what I believe in. But how can you control them? Who are they?”

Len McCluskey, The Guardian 7 Comments [7/25/2016 3:32:25 AM]
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Quote# 120722

Allegedly named after the constellation Crux, the Southern Cross is found on the coat of arms and flags of at least 50 countries and territories around the world, all of which with border the Atlantic or Pacific Ocean. Considering that these respective flags pertain to nations on Earth rather than a constellation in the sky is rather curious. In other words, it appears that the Southern Cross is terrestrial-based, not space-based. In all likelihood, the Southern Cross is a naval blockade which is enforced globally in order to keep Greenland safe from wandering aircraft and ships. It is also being enforced to keep the fraudulent map of the world from being exposed as a hoax for a cartographic revelation which would expose Greenland as well. By continually shooting down aircraft and sinking ships which violate the Southern Cross, unauthorized travel between the Earth’s continents, which are far closer than they appear, is relatively non-existent. The 5 English speaking nations and territories which form the Southern Cross include Greenland on top, Australia on the bottom, the United Kingdom on the upper right, Ascension Island on the lower right, and the United States on the left. To date, their respective navies have been successful in blocking, destroying or diverting all means of travel not going through the proper channels. These respective countries, which have historically always had state of the art navies, have created an impenetrable maritime blockade crisscrossing the oceans of the world which ensures that Greenland is never accidentally or purposely re-discovered.

Ascension Island
Because the continent of Africa is tilted roughly 30° to the right, Ascension Island is not under the northwestern bulge of Africa as depicted but rather further to the west. Although it is located in the South Atlantic Ocean, roughly 1,600 kilometers (1,000 mi) from the coast of Africa and 2,250 kilometers (1,400 mi) from the coast of South America, the exact location of Ascension Island is a mystery. Nevertheless, the island is located somewhere between Africa and South America which is perfect spot for blocking air and sea travel between the two respective continents. The island was likely chosen as part of the Southern Cross because of its key location and well as is striking geographical similarity to the Island of Rhodes, the primary military base of the Greco-Roman Empire. Coincidentally, the island is home to RAF Ascension Island, a Royal Air Force station with a United States Air Force presence, a European Space Agency rocket tracking station, a signals intelligence facility, and the BBC World Service Atlantic Relay Station. Ascension Island also hosts one of five ground antennae that assist in the operation of the Global Positioning System (GPS) navigational system. Therefore, the island has the latest GPS technology as well as the firepower take out any airplane or ship which violates the Southern Cross. The island is governed as part of the British Overseas Territory of Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha, of which the main island, Saint Helena, is around 1,300 kilometers (800 mi) to the southeast.

Iron Cross
The “Iron Cross” and the “Iron Curtain” (which was made of concrete) were likely the original names for the Southern Cross which is constructed by thousands of iron ships and submarines. The term “Iron Cross” allegedly originated after 1219 when the Kingdom of Jerusalem granted the Teutonic Order the right to combine the Teutonic Black Cross placed above a silver Cross of Jerusalem. In the Roman Score (i.e., the Roman alphabet), the “+” symbol (i.e., the Roman Cross) equates to the letter “D”, an acronym for “Day” and “Die”. The term “Day” is a reference to the 24/7 daylight of Greenland via Earth’s second moon which the Iron Cross helps protects in the underworld. Consequently, a military decoration entitled the Iron Cross existed in the Kingdom of Prussia, the German Empire and Third Reich, all of which bordered the Atlantic Ocean. The recommissioned Iron Cross medal was awarded during the Franco-Prussian War, World War I, and World War II, all of which featured navies active in the Atlantic Ocean. Therefore, it appears that the Iron Cross was an award which was given out to soldiers and sailors who participated in the global naval blockade known as the Southern Cross.

Ascension to Heaven
Ships and planes unlucky enough to violate the Southern Cross via Ascension Island are quickly sent to heaven or hell, respectively. This notion is corroborated by the coat of arms and flag of Ascension Island which bear two rocks, evidently representative of Africa and South America, two turtles, evidently representative of submarines which sink ships, and the Chevron symbol (i.e., “?”) found within the Roman Score (i.e., the Roman alphabet), an acronym for “Kill”, the apparent motto of the island. As with most things Greco-Roman, the name of Ascension Island has an alternative meaning. In the Holy Bible, the allegorical and metaphorical history book of the Greco-Roman Empire, the Ascension of Jesus, as depicted in Acts 1:9-11, is when Jesus is resurrected from the dead and taken up to heaven. Because Greenland is considered the “haven” or “heaven”, Ascension Island was likely at one point and time the primary military port in the underworlds where ships and submarines traveling to and from Greenland would harbor. In other word, seafaring vessels would rendezvous at Ascension Island prior to going to heaven (i.e., Greenland).

David Chase Taylor, Greenland Theory 10 Comments [7/24/2016 6:08:06 AM]
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Quote# 120718

[**MEGA TRUTH**] The Ongoing Story of You Know Who - Decoded and Extracted from Fake "News" and Media

This thread will be an ongoing compilation of the occult story being told by those in the know.

The Baton Rouge "Shooting"

What's in a name?


Gavin is the late medieval form of the name Gawain, which in turn is believed to have originated from the Welsh name Gwalchgwyn, meaning "White Hawk." Sir Gawain and the Green Knight is an epic poem connected with King Arthur's Round Table.

The occult King Arthur connection:

When he was born, Arthur was taken by Merlin. He was cut from any family bonds. This symbolizes that in order to pursue the path of spirit, one should cut all worldly attachments. Merlin symbolizes his spiritual guide or teacher. He stayed with his spiritual teacher for a long time after he overcame his attachments.
He eventually overcame the first portion of his lower nature (false ego). This is symbolized by taking the two-edged sword of the truth -- Excalibur -- from the stone of the false ego (raising of the kundalini). By marrying Guinevere, he was unified with his soulmate and through marriage, he purified his sexual relationship.
He repented for his action and understood that by the misuse of his powers, he had broken a great Law of the spirit and he promised he would never do it again. That is why the Lady (Holy Ghost) of the Lake (consciousness) gave back his sword of truth (Excalibur). He did not have to take it out of the stone any longer. He had already awakened his kundalini. The powers were taken from him only as a test and lesson. When these lessons were learned, God gave him back what was his birthright.
It was then that the quest for the highest state of consciousness -- The Holy Grail -- or Pure Consciousness, started. The Knights and King Arthur, who were all aiming for the highest, understood that with all their achievements they still had not found the complete truth. After a great struggle they realized that highest state -- The Holy Grail -- is within themselves. To purify and conquer the impurities within was an even greater struggle than the establishment of the Round Table and his kingdom.


English form of Eugenius, the Latin form of the Greek name Ευγενιος (Eugenios) which was derived from the Greek word ευγενης (eugenes) meaning "well born". This was the name of several saints and four popes.


Originally a nickname for a person who had long legs or arms, or that was tall.

Once again (just like Micah Xavier Johnson) the last name has a phallic undertone. In this case, a long penis.


The Anomaly may have long legs/arms and is undergoing purification to detach from worldly things. Once he has achieved detachment, his power will be restored along with his birthright.

Anonymous Coward, Godlike Productions 2 Comments [7/24/2016 6:06:12 AM]
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Quote# 120717

With the organic growers of whatever produce and livestock they do I think and feel the vast majority of them are fairly honest in what they do. You know precisely what you're getting. Fruits and vegetables that weren't grown in a quagmire of pesticides and other similar crap from Monsanto. With livestock you know they weren't eating their own dead kind, eating anything that went against their natural diet as a species, and even probably wasn't subjected to endless frequent bouts of antibiotics either.

However... with GMO or less commonly known as genetically modified organisms. This includes all edible lifeforms including fruits and vegetables. The problem here is simple. What's in the full DNA of what has been genetically modified? Monsanto is the world's most powerful bio-company out there. They refuse to disclose the full range of DNA modifications for each of their "inventions". We Humans are an invention of Monsanto's; at least in part anyways. Monsanto and other bio-companies worldwide tease people by disclosing bits and pieces of the fruits and vegetables they genetically modify. Their GMO corn is modified with I forgot what precisely but the end result is they produce their own pesticides to prevent bugs from eating them. Guess what, OP. The unnaturally produced pesticides don't stop being produced the second the GMO corn is picked. Until rot or being eaten by you, another human, or some animal the corn continually produces it's pesticides. This means you are most definitely being poisoned by pesticides anytime you're eating Monsanto GMO corn.

You'll have to do your own research into Monsanto's GMO crap, OP. The long list of crimes against Humanity and all life on Earth by Monsanto is already staggering. It continues to grow daily. Monsanto is entirely responsible for causing the suicides and deaths of hundreds of thousands, if not millions of Indian farmers in India.

darkwolf007, Godlike Productions 3 Comments [7/24/2016 6:05:59 AM]
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Quote# 120715

Albert Pike (1809-1891) predicted three world wars. He predicated WWI and WWII accurately! This is because the Illuminati (the Luciferian elite behind the New World Order) planned this all out before the founding of America. In 1775, Adam Weishaupt (Illuminati founder) laid out his blueprint for World Government. A year later America was birthed in 1776, with the secret destiny of ushering in a New Order of the Ages. Yes, as difficult as it may be to wrap your brain around the idea, the United States was founded by occult Freemasons with the intent of furthering the ancient mystery religion and global domination by the Devil. This is not hard to grasp if you learn about the tower and city of Babel in Genesis 11:1-11. The Great Pyramid of Gaza in Egypt was deliberately left unfinished (missing the capstone), which signifies the unfinished New World Order that was foiled by God at Babel. Why did it take mankind 5,800 years to achieve the industrial revolutionary of the 18th and 19th centuries? The only reasonable answer is that God's sovereign plan wasn't ready yet. James 1:17, “Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.”

Albert Pike, an occult leader in the secret society of Freemasonry, foretold in detail how World War III would unfold. He said the Arab nations and Israel would go to war, and the world would be drawn into the conflict. It is happening before our very eyes. Christians ought not take sides between Israel and the Arabs, but love them all with God's unconditional love. We are seeing and hearing much about Muslim terrorists and sleeper cells at work in the United States. This is all part of the Luciferian conspiracy to destroy all existing government and religions. Europe is under Muslim siege. France is gone. England is almost gone! The EU bureaucrats have allied with Islam! We're going to see a lot more terrorist attacks by Muslims in Europe and the United States. Hillary Clinton said (if elected as President) she wants to bring 1,0000,000 Muslim refugees into the U.S. her first year. They're bringing in military aged men. If elected, she'll bring in 5,000,000 Muslims!!! America is being overthrown!

Pervert sodomite sex is being forced on Americans, just like a mob of homosexuals in Genesis 19:1-11 tried to break Lot's down door and rape Heaven's angels! Transgenders and homosexuals are now openly welcomed into the military. It's wickedness! Russia is in full resistance to Globalism. Russians are banning GMO foods! They're paying people to have children! All Hades is breaking loose on the planet. We are seeing a war on western civilization!!! This is all leading into World War III and a New World Order, which will be the Beast system of the coming Antichrist. Yes, friend, we are now living in the Biblical end times. I'd say by 2050 we'll see WWIII (if not much sooner). If you don't believe it, learn about Daniel's prophecy. Even so, come, Lord Jesus!

David J. Stewart, Love the Truth 4 Comments [7/24/2016 4:55:38 AM]
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Quote# 120701

Another false flag in Würzburg, Bavaria, Germany. A young man attacks four passengers in a train and later a passerby in the street. The scenes repeat themselves now in rapid cadence. Paris, Brussels, Nice, Bangladesh… Same patterns, same motives – and same group of terrorists claiming credit. The lies and propaganda are becoming more flagrant, and, We, the People, just swallow it. No questions asked. For how long? Until it is too late – when we are all militarized and can’t make a move without being watched – or killed for disobedience?

How much longer!

Tell me friends, world compatriots – how much longer are we just looking on and accepting what authorities want us to believe for the purposes of serving the elite that directs and pays them? A corporate and financial elite that needs a militarized society to drive the final nail into the coffin of democracy? Of sovereignty? Of individual freedom?

How much longer?

As reported by the Swiss and various German media, on 18 July, in a train near Wuerzburg, Bavaria, allegedly a young, 17-year old Afghan citizen, who arrived a year ago in Germany as a refugee, attacked a traveling Hong Kong family and a passerby with an axe and knife, injuring all five people of whom at least two seriously. His alleged motive was revenge on infidels – those who do not believe in the Quran. The msm say that during the attack, according to witnesses – who are these witnesses? – he yelled repeatedly “Allahu akbar” (“God is Great”).

When the train came to a screeching emergency halt, the alleged perpetrator eventually jumped to escape. While running, he allegedly attacked a passerby. A special police commando, coincidentally (term used by the msm) in the area pursued the young man and killed him in, what they call, ‘self-defense’! – Wonderful! – An armed to the teeth German police commando killed a 17-year old boy, armed merely with an axe and knife – in self-defense!

Voilà. Again dead men don’t talk.

And Würzburg’s Ober-Prosecutor can now freely invent whatever suits the purpose, i.e. that a few hours after the attack, ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack, and that there was an apparent video from the alleged terrorist in which he was announcing ‘revenge’, that in his rented room the police found a hand-painted IS-flag and a letter that looked like a good-by letter to his father. The name of the young man — ehhh ‘terrorist’ was as of this writing not revealed.

Peter Koenig, GlobalResearch.ca 2 Comments [7/24/2016 2:58:37 AM]
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Quote# 120700

Hilary Clinton has an artificially grown eye. Hilary obtained the eye from the Pleiadians, aliens from Pleiades. The Pleiadians had a base in the middle of the pacific ocean. The Pleiadians grew a brand new eye and installed it in Hilary Clinton.

Remember the eye symbol in Egyptian hieroglyphics.

source; MK Ulta.

Anonymous Coward, Godlike Productions 4 Comments [7/24/2016 2:58:24 AM]
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Quote# 120699

Total Proof of Jets Spraying Chemtrails - Some Days the Sky is completely Clear, yet commercial jetliners are still flying

On the Days when Chemtrails are being sprayed you can clearly see Commercial Planes flying with either no Condensation Trail (ice particles) behind them, or a short Condensation Trail that within minutes disperses and is no longer visible.

On Some Weekends and Holidays when the Government Contractors get the day of from spraying the Chemtrails the Sky is free of Chemtrails.

ALSO: Commercial flights are going somewhere, they do not make high degree angle turns, and turn around and fly back the opposite direction and turn off their engines(spray) when they turn around for another pass.

Use your Eyes, and Brain, Godlike Productions 0 Comments [7/24/2016 2:58:16 AM]
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Quote# 120698

The Three Pillers of NWO

I will make a quick few statements.

NWO is already manifested to big extent, it is about a world that lives through the Light, the Light of Lucifer.

Lucifer is the software architect of the Universum(Unus Mundus), as you might guess Satan is the harware architect. The light of Lucifer is the binary code model.

Life we experience is just amzing computer game in the engine of the universal computer, created by and for God himself.

Thus, realize, Satan and Lucifer are part of God himself.

Yet evry part serves a certain idea, but by itself it is a incomplete part of the system.

Thus, the only problem arises when we close our perception of the majesty of the whole Universum and proclaim one of its parts as a supreme to the other, or even as the only one, and start bow to it, in our madness.

Thus is said in the bible to "Create no images in my name", as it is impossible to create a full image of the Universum. You can create only a partial image, thus you will be in ill blasphemous activity of prtial realization. The Universom is in constant motion, thus you cannot catch him, pin him, or immobalize him, so to observe all his glory.

This was the introductionary part, now we proceed to the realization of the topic which woild not be taking too much of your time.

1) individuation, 2) autonomy and 3) creativity.

These three pillars are the Luciferian "holy" trinity. However they all belong and are creation of the same master - Lucifer. The guy with the binary code. This thread is with initianatory purposes, thus I do not aim to proove my statement here, as it will take a whole book to do so. Decide as, and comment upon if you could trust to my statements directly. Actually, every Martial Arts GrandMaster, will tell you that the proper schooling goes exactly this way.

Thus said, we continue with the reliqushing of the idea of NWO. NWO is glorious idea, as glorious is Lucifer. In Kabbalah he is named exactly like this - Glory. Thus he not only is commander of all binary codes, and logistics(including your mind) but ideas, based on the archeotype of Glory. Ideas as:

1) individuation, 2) autonomy and 3) creativity.

And few more. But we will stop our eyes at these. They are the premium-mobile of our mass-culture worldwide. Why? Simply because humanity is experiencing a very close natural relation with the Devil, due to its natural evolutionary state. We get obsessed by what we see. And as we are in the domain of the Devil, the devil we see, yet sandly the devil we worship.

Can this lead to a problem? Usualy not. It is all normal phenomenon, yet if some force, starts to hold this idea of Lucifer as the holy of hollies, and cospire to hold all humanity it its chains this could be a trouble. And this is what NWO is. It is not only a New World of Light. It is the Order of the World of Light. It is The Prison of the World of Light. I would be very neutral to NW of Light if it was a thing that had not the desire to hold humanity in "itself" forever. Alas we will be blind not to see its desires. It wants to eat humanity and keep it in its belly for eternity.

Are we able to stop it?
Would we be able to brake the chains one day, even if it overtakes us fully?
Does this change your views of the word? Do you see how simple things are?
Do ask, and I will eleborate on certain matters from this post.

GmAndre, Above Top Secret 2 Comments [7/24/2016 2:57:46 AM]
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Quote# 120697

Turkish Coup Staged by the Mossad – Fake Blood and Crisis Actors

Regarding the purported Turkish coup there is great evidence of vast corruption. The timing is telling, coming in the aftermath of the Zionist-orchestrated, arch-fake Nice truck attack. Too, regarding Turkey there is much evidence of staging and hoaxing. Even so, it appears that military conscripts were largely unaware of the nature of the hoax that was perpetrated upon them and were brought in through deception and deceit. These conscripts are reporting that they thought that they were participating in noting other than a drill, while only realizing its true nature in the midst of the aftermath.

This seemingly peaceful disarmament does not mean that no one died. In fact, the number of dead and injured appears to be significant. It just means that the coup itself wasn’t a real, that is as an actual Turkish military revolt and was, rather, fully orchestrated by mere filthy spies. Moreover, it was all headed by the Israeli Mossad.

The Zionist agents are captured in the imagery, in the midst of the chaos and carnage:

This man is clearly not a Turk, not by any stretch of the imagination. Therefore, the entire plot was orchestrated by the Zionists.

Once again, what was this Zionist mole doing on the ground in the midst of the chaos? Why is the image published on the Internet in black-and-white? It is just like Egypt during the El-Sisi coup; the Zionists are completely behind this, just as they were during their murderous rampage in Ukraine.

drkresearch, No Disinfo 4 Comments [7/24/2016 2:57:39 AM]
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Quote# 120696

[Re. the attack on the Pentagon on 9/11]

Engine debris found at the Pentagon. This seems to be a part of a jet engine. However, it's way too small for a Boeing 757 engine, but typically has the size of a missile engine... Oh, and why did they use a missile? Well, for its precision of course!

Pratt & Whitney Turbofan Engine similar to Boeing's. The engines used by the Boeing 757 are similar to the Pratt and Whitney Turbofan engine seen in this picture, and have almost the same dimensions, being over two meters in diameter, more than twice the diameter of the engine shown in the previous pic.

Wreckage with US flag. A piece of wreckage with a US flag drawn on it. It's unclear from what type of vehicle this wreckage could have come. By the way, lest we forget: we're supposed to believe practically the entire plane was burned to ashes, including metal, synthetic materials (often very fire resistant), etc... which only burn to ashes at extremely high temperatures. Yet "miraculously", the DNA material was found of 63 out of 64 passengers, even though such material is the most likely to have been destroyed the first at such high temperatures!!

Fake pics of trauma victims. It is certain that these pics are fake. For the full story see this amazing and thorough photoanalysis by Jack White. Question: if the Pentagon was indeed attacked by some foreign "terrorists", then why was it necessary to make fake pics like these?

David J. Stewart, Jesus is Savior 2 Comments [7/24/2016 2:57:24 AM]
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Quote# 120679

Okay I wonder sometimes if either I’m going crazy, or if others are crazy and I’m perfectly sane. I was of course browsing through YouTube and I end up at something implying another flat earth “pond” on the other side of Antarctica. This video says there’s a second sun rotating around this other flat earth. ????? I’m just getting used to the whole flat earth concept, but now this bombshell? And what the heck is “hollow earth”?? The earth is flat, AND hollow?? What is going on?? Okay I admit I’m obsessed with this. I just want to know the TRUTH. Is that so wrong?

I need to go to God’s Word and find this out. You’d think people would listen to the Bible and leave it at that, but no, our big brains just have to have some kind of answer, even if it’s bogus. I told you I don’t believe anyone anymore. I just believe GOD. HE says the earth is flat. He DOESN’T say ANYTHING about a “pond” or a “second sun” or why the moon looks like it has craters or anything else.

I’m NOT posting the video I saw, because I don’t want to start a controversy (not that there isn’t already any). Will somebody PLEASE help me with this? PLEASE?

kingjameswriter1965, I Hate The Internet But I Love Jesus 11 Comments [7/22/2016 3:36:29 AM]
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Quote# 120676


the uneducated blacks that make up the bulk of the employees at these establishments are attempting to poison White people. This is actually nothing new but it's at epidemic levels now. Think about it....you roll up in your BMW with your family and that alone pisses them off. The spit and rub shit in your food. They also drop the buns and run them on the ground on nasty tile floors. They put glass in a cops sandwich. It's time to start recognizing that the media has then so pissed off that they really hate you and want to hurt and get back at you. Be careful and be smart and remember most blacks are wonderful people. It tends to be the over dictated orbthebleast educated that hate the most. Consider yourself warned!!!!

Sorry for the typos! Typing with one hand and on bumpy ride!

Tc, Godlike Productions 13 Comments [7/22/2016 3:35:04 AM]
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Quote# 120674

Baton Rouge Another False Flag

At first the news reports multiple shooters, then the reports transform to one DEAD lone gunman. This is the modus operandi for these false flags which are orchestrated to mold public opinion, in this case our world would be better off without guns, is the hard sell at play. Isn’t it surprising that with over 2 MILLION CCTV Cameras deployed in the United States, we never get photos or video of these shooters in action???

The cameras are not ment to expose false flag operations; the cameras are to spy on Americans who might assemble and create a new political party to oppose the controlled two party system. It is so deceptive and evil, that many of the cameras watching US Citizens, are out sourced to other countires to watch Americans. I suggest you ask your local city council, who have they contracted with to watch the cameras at many stop lights and street corners; it can also be a Security Corporation, and that corporation is multi-national so their employees are in Israel, Beirut, China, Russia, or anywhere are watching you.

The news is suggesting echoes that make the number of shooters difficult to pin down, exactly like the JFK assassination audio, there were too many shots in the audio for only Oswald’s single rifle, so they explained it away with echoes.

The Great Marduck, Before It's News 2 Comments [7/22/2016 3:34:17 AM]
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Quote# 120673

Baton Rouge Has False Flag Written All Over It- Race War Coming to Cleveland

isn’t it interesting that Nice, Orlando, Paris, Brussels Dallas, Baton Rouge all happened within months of each other? This is no coincidence. This is an orchestrated plan to destroy Western civilization. This article focuses on the false flag elements of Baton Rouge, but it could be written about any of the above and contrived false flag events.

Tragically, three Baton Rouge officers have been gunned down. This corresponds to a false flag warning issued last week by The Common Sense Show, in which Shreveport and Baton Rouge were mentioned as possible targets for a false flag attack upon police officers.


I do not care how many young black males, complete with their manifestos, proclaiming intent, are trotted out for the cameras for crimes such as these murders of the three police officers, not far behind will be MS-13 and other groups such as the New Black Panthers and groups associated with the Muslim Brotherhood. Did you notice that this black shooter was also a Muslim? It is one combined effort being coordinated by George Soros and the UN.

DO NOT BELIEVE THESE FAIRY TALES THAT FOLLOW THE SAME SCRIPT EACH AND EVERY TIME. IF MS-13 IS INVOLVED, AS I BELIEVE THEY ARE, THE UN IS AT THE ROOT OF THIS AND I COVERED THIS IN THIS PREVIOUS ARTICLE. However, BLM, or MS-13, the intent is the same, the elite want to start a race war. The main perpetrator is George Soros and his empire of thugs that he represents. Soros, the former Nazi collaborator, represents the interests of the criminal elite who want to destroy America.

It is time to call “Bravo Sierra” on these false flag events. The globalists are coming after our guns, our liberties and our lives and they are starting a race to achieve these objectives.

Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show 3 Comments [7/22/2016 3:34:15 AM]
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Quote# 120672

Baton Rouge Shooting of Cops is a Drill and a Hoax

On Airline Highway in Baton Rouge, LA, it is claimed there was a shooting. Yet, there was no shooting of any kind. This is a mere drill and surely also a hoax. The purpose is to gain sympathy for the Baton Rouge police department after the shooting death in this city of Alton Sterling.

Sterling had been immobilized by police at the time of his shooting and posed no obvious threat. Thus, in all likelihood that fatal shooting could have easily been prevented. The videos of the shooting reveal a bizarre element, which is the screaming of a police officer about the fact that Sterling had a gun, or so the officer claimed, after which he was immediately shot to death.

Now, then, since this has become a rallying point against police excesses, then, this explains the need for such a shooting hoax and scam.

This was drill. All the powerful government agencies were there in order to perpetrate it.

These men are acting, which becomes clearly evident from any basic review of the data at-hand.

Too, then, there are the armored cops. In such a spontaneous event how could such individuals arrive on the scene so suddenly in such gear? Also, notice the militarily dressed SWAT member in the background. For all such agencies to be on scene with such a vast multiplicity of vehicles, all so close to the police headquarters, would be impossible in a real-life scenario.

drkresearch, No Disinfo 1 Comments [7/22/2016 3:34:12 AM]
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Quote# 120661

Anthony Stokes died in a high speed chase with police officers just two years after he was almost turned down for a heart transplant at 15 due to his “bad behavior.”

The 17-year-old heart transplant recipient was killed on Tuesday afternoon when Georgia police attempted to arrest him for allegedly stealing a car. The stolen Honda reportedly belonged to an elderly Roswell woman. The controversy surrounding the possible denial of the heart transplant for Anthony Stokes made national headlines as doctors at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta debated his fate.

A resident of Decatur, Antony reportedly suffered from a condition known as cardiomyopathy, where the heart is unable to pump enough blood. Such a condition reportedly leads to heart failure, blood clots, and irregular heartbeats. Stokes was given only six to nine months to live when he arrived at the Atlanta hospital.

The then 15-year-old teenager and his family were reportedly told that he could not be placed on the heart transplant list because the doctors felt he would be “non-compliant” with the necessary treatment. Patients in need of new organ can be disqualified from consideration if the medical teams feels they will not be able to maintain the medication regimen and other health related requirements after the transplant. Anthony Stokes had reportedly opted not to take his heart medication in the past, an act which led doctors to believe he was not a qualified candidate for the heart transplant list.

Stokes’ family and friends claimed that the teenager’s “brushes with the law” and poor grades were the real reason the Atlanta doctors refused to put him on the heart transpalnt list. Melencia Hamilton, Anthony Stokes’ mother, told the media that her son was being “stereotyped” as a “troubled teen.” Stokes had previously been required to wear a monitoring device by a Georgia criminal court.

Anthony Stokes’ family engaged the aid of Civil Rights groups, attracting national media attention in the process, in an effort to push for inclusion on the heart transplant list. The Atlanta hospital ultimately reversed its decision and spared a heart for the teenager, which gave him life until he was killed attempting to evade the police and avoid an arrest for allegedly stealing a car. Stokes went to the top of the list immediately after being granted heart transplant eligibility.


When asked why he wanted a heart transplant two years ago, Anthony Stokes said, “So I can live a second chance. Get a second chance and do things I want to do.”

Melencia Hamilton, Inquisitr 6 Comments [7/21/2016 3:28:42 AM]
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Quote# 120651

We now know that the Mandela Effect is real, but we also need to know that the changes are FAKE.

The cumulative effect of all Mandela or Quantum Effects will constitute a FAKE REALITY. In that case, only those who remember the truth will not be deceived and will remain in the true reality.

Think this out. Those who do not see the changes will persecute and ridicule those who do see the changes.

Christians: Your Bible(s) have been and are continuing to be changed. It is not just the King James Version but also the other translations. At some point, Christians will have to come to terms with the fact that their Bibles are defiled and no longer reliable. The Word that you already have in your hearts cannot be changed, and you have the Holy Spirit dwelling within to guide you to all truth and bring to your remembrance all that Jesus has said to you.

As time goes by, more and more, we will be living in two realities superimposed upon each other. Just think. You will have the people who know that there were four people in JFK's car living side by side with those people who believe that there were six.

The MSM (mainstream media) will support and reinforce the new FAKE reality and most people will live by the LIE.

By the Way, the Bible warned that this day would come in at least three places.

1. 2Th 2:11 And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:

2. Amo 8:11 Behold, the days come, saith the Lord GOD, that I will send a famine in the land, not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the words of the LORD:

Amo 8:12 And they shall wander from sea to sea, and from the north even to the east, they shall run to and fro to seek the word of the LORD, and shall not find it.

3. Dan 7:25 And he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws: and they shall be given into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of time.
Quoting: KJV Bible

Since I believe in Jesus Christ, I expect that we are in the last days and that all that God ordained will happen, is upon us now. The events leading up to the end will come very quickly. There is not much time left.

Because I believe those things, I expect this divergence in realities will accelerate and come to a head, with one group of people being led into the NWO (New World Order) and the other group resisting the NWO.

The Mandela Effect can be used to wake people up fast. Spreading awareness of the ME will cause people to check for themselves if they remember the way things were, or if they believe that things now is how it has always been.

To those who awaken, it is up to us, who already know the Word, to tell them the good news, the Gospel of truth, so that they can be protected by faith and remain in God's Reality.

The FAKE reality created by the Mandela Effect will be combined with the lies of the Powers that Be (TPTB) to convince people to conform to their plans and lead people, eventually, to worship Satan as God. That result is the End Game of these matters.

Therefore, do not participate in this emerging FAKE reality. Stay close to Jesus in the Truth and so that the Reality that manifests for you, is real and is like the man who built his house upon the Rock. (that parable has been changed).

There is really no time to get into arguments and heated debates with those who do not believe in Mandela Effect changes. They are not all shills. They simply live in the new FAKE reality. They need to be persuaded with enough facts to sway them to the truth. These facts are very difficult to find and are typically called Residue from the Mandela Effect.

Some proofs can be found in tangential information which documents how it used to be, some photographs that have not been changed, and in other words, examples of documentation that the Mandela Effect did not reach.

Memories are not enough proof, no matter how many people remember how it used to be. You cannot prove ME to others with just your memories.

In the meantime, be nice to those who do not believe that the changes are real. Pray for them that they will experience the proof that they need in there own lives and experiences.

Remember that although these changes are real, they are also, at the same time, FAKE.

For information on how the Mandela Effect is achieved through Quantum Effect manipulation, please see: Thread: D-WAVE X2 Quantum Computing explained with documentation and explains the Mandela Effect (video)

This thread starts with a long video that you can skip, because I posted a synopsis of the video. The thread also mentions the "me tell u thread' which talks about his world colliding with ours. And there are blurbs from another ME thread where the OP claims to explain how our reality is a computer simulation that now has a glitch because the memory impairment code did not work on everyone. It also has easy to understand links and videos explaining how Quantum Computing works.

Be blessed,


Me114, Godlike Productions 9 Comments [7/21/2016 3:03:44 AM]
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