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Quote# 113316

Literally, mad scientists are now creating new species in their laboratories, creatures that are part human and part whatever the scientist fancies to use. The Devil's hands have been busy! In recent years mad scientists have successfully genetically mixed the DNA of scorpions with cabbage, silk moths with potatoes, fish with tomatoes, glowing jelly fish with all sorts of mammals, cows with humans, goats with spiders, and God and Satan only know what else! Man is destined for self-destruction.

In the National Geographic article, one researcher has already tried to give mice human brains. The intended goal according to that scientist, who says he's “not a mad scientist,” is to study the human brain function. As actor Sam Neill (who plays Dr. Alan Grant) says in the Jurassic Park trilogy movie series, in part two, “Some of the worst things imaginable have been done with the best intentions.” Tampering with genetics is one of the worst ideas in the history of bad ideas.

God knew what He was doing when He created the universe. Nothing is by chance or by accident. In a 2013 presentation titled, “How The Earth Was Made” by Walt Disney's H2 (History Channel), the narrator (Dirty Jobs star, Mike Rowe) refers to the earth's creation as an “Accidental Aftermath” and a “Cosmic Glitch.” In sharp contrast, the inspired Holy Bible says in Genesis 1:31, “And God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good. And the evening and the morning were the sixth day.” God saw that His creation was “VERY GOOD.” There are no coincidence or accidents with God. Yet, as insane as it may seem, mad scientists think they can IMPROVE on God's creation. This is because they are Godless scientists and do not accept the Holy Bible. Judgment day is coming for all mankind (Hebrews 9:27).

Visions of all manner of freakish creatures come to mind from various films; such as, Spiderman; and H.G. Wells novel, The Island of Dr. Moreau; Jurassic Park; The Thing; and Frankenstein. Chimeras themselves are defined as a Greek mythological creatures. The Egyptian Sphinx (half man and half lion) is an example of a type of Chimera. The Greek mythological character, Medusa, part woman and part snake, was a Chimera. Until modern science, Chimeras were only a thing of the wild human imagination and tales of folklore. Today, Chimeras are a frightening reality. A startling 150 such Chimeras were produced in European labs in recent years, shocking the world.

David J. Stewart, Jesus is Savior 6 Comments [10/3/2015 1:21:55 PM]
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Quote# 113302

What Do The Confederate Flag Fiasco & The Fake Clock Bomb Kid Have In Common?

Did you spot it?

Both are instances of the federal government exercising back-room control of almost every major public & private corporation in America to push an agenda....

You see what's happening here right?

You understand fully what this means RIGHT?

It's fascism people..

Bold and in your face..

Why does it matter to you?

Because if you don't share their same goals and opinions you will soon be completely shut out of society..

Think I'm exaggerating?

A recent example in my life...

A major public company I do business with was providing me with shitty service..

So I raise some hell, nothing out of the ordinary or extreme by my standards at all..

Put in a complaint with the corporate office over it..

Then 10 days later I get a registered letter in the mail banning me from all their properties!

Whereas in the past a company such as this, for a client such as myself, would have fired the fuckers I was complaining about...

Now instead they chose to fire me for bitching about it!

I was fucking shocked..

I've neer had a company pull some vengeful shit like this on me in the past for making a complaint..

But the world is changing my friends..

It's changing into a world of communism where there is only one option for you and if you make any waves you're ostracized from the machine you depend on for your livelihood..

This aint your grandma's or even your mothers America anymore boys in girls..

That shit died back in the 80's..

Full on control grid is upon us.

Ghetto Monk, Godlike Productions 9 Comments [10/3/2015 5:17:51 AM]
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Quote# 113275

NASA ends cover-up and finally admits water flows on Mars, but still won't admit to proof of life on the red planet, known as fact since 1976

After years of covering up the truth about flowing water on Mars, NASA has finally come clean and admitted what we've been telling you for years here on Natural News: Water flows on Mars.

I've covered this many times in radio interviews, articles and discussions about life in the cosmos, yet NASA has deliberately covered up proof of water on Mars and life on Mars for political reasons. See Natural News articles about water on Mars here, here and here, where I wrote, "There's also liquid water on Mars -- another fact that NASA has gone to great lengths to cover up."

Today, NASA ended its cover-up of the water on Mars, admitting in a breaking announcement that "liquid water flows intermittently on present-day Mars."

Gee, really? We already knew that.

When will NASA end the anti-science blockade of knowledge and admit there's life on Mars?

We also know that NASA's Viking lander discovered microbial life on Mars in 1976, but NASA still denies its own scientific evidence on that front. (There was a massive scramble at NASA in the 1970s to reverse the findings and declare the instrument to be incorrect by any means necessary.)

In reality, proof of living microbes was validated by the on-board gas chromatograph instrument in an experiment designed by Gilbert V. Levin. See this video for details on how NASA screwed its own scientist to cover up proof of life on Mars:

Now, NASA seems to be hinting in the direction of one day admitting there's life on the red planet. From the NASA announcement today:

“It took multiple spacecraft over several years to solve this mystery, and now we know there is liquid water on the surface of this cold, desert planet,” said Michael Meyer, lead scientist for NASA’s Mars Exploration Program at the agency’s headquarters in Washington. “It seems that the more we study Mars, the more we learn how life could be supported and where there are resources to support life in the future.”

NASA isn't interested in scientific TRUTH... it's playing out a political agenda

Now that NASA has "officially" ended the cover-up about water on Mars, don't look for any mass apologies being offered to all of us who have been reporting the truth about water for years.

Yesterday, all of us who openly talked about water flowing on Mars were considered "kooks." Now we're suddenly aligned with official NASA science. What changed in the last 24 hours? Only NASA's willingness to voluntarily end its own anti-science cover-up of undeniable evidence that's been available for years.

NASA, you see, is more of a political group than a science group. That's why NASA continues to go to great lengths to cover up proof of microbial life on Mars (not to mention possible artifacts from ancient aliens who previously visited the red planet).

Mike Adams, Natural News 7 Comments [10/2/2015 2:37:21 PM]
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Quote# 113273

It is important to know the motive behind the Children's Services organizations. The number one motive is MONEY. Federal dollars are awarded to each state based on certain statistics like how many children are taken into care, how many are adopted out, what kind of services a child needs etc. These services are "needs" created by the state to justify the well paid therapists, psychologists, doctors, counselors, lawyers etc. who all benefit from this industry. This makes JOB SECURITY the second motive behind Children's Services.

We do not believe that people would actually enjoy ripping families apart and placing children into conditions sometimes far worse than they were taken from (often only to die or be raped or abused in foster homes). We believe that people take the philosophy of "this is just my job" and "the state has the best interest of the child in mind". Our government has helped to create a nation full of mindless zombies who go about "doing their jobs" in direct conflict with their own conscience. If anyone raises an eyebrow they are quickly relieved of their position, sometimes of their life.

For now, Children's Services concentrates mostly on the weak, the poor and the vulnerable, people known to be easily subdued or swept under the carpet. But statistically they are running out of children, so they are working on ways to infiltrate all sectors of society.

Look at your local newsletters and bulletins. Do you see flyers and leaflets that beckon you to come and contribute to help prevent child abuse? Do they speak of how many children are abused and never receive help because it goes unreported? The only reason they want people to come to them is so they can scope out every family in every community.

Don't believe it? This year, 2000, Governor Kitzhaber decried his plan to screen every firstborn of all families in the state of Oregon. He wants to "ensure" no abuse goes undetected. If you are familiar with King Herod or Pharaoh of old, then this "Firstborn" talk should raise the hairs on your neck! History repeats itself my friend, WAKE UP!!!

David J. Stewart, Jesus is Savior 13 Comments [10/2/2015 3:15:01 AM]
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