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Quote# 104265

Winston Churchill was determined to keep India a part of the British Empire at any cost. He overlooked no weapon–no matter how insignificant–to accomplish this.

As well as being a master of disguise, Gandhi had another unique talent for a spy: the ability to fast....Churchill loved the idea of fasting and non-violence because it would accomplish absolutely nothing to free India . . . except help his spy Gandhi to lose weight . . . and live longer.

Gandhi went on several long fasts to keep the British in India.

His emaciated frame became an icon around the world.

Churchill the materialist never took much stock in fasting but that discipline is a vital part of Hinduism. When Westerners visit India seeking the "wisdom" of the Hindu gurus, they tell them to go on long fasts and then they will be able to make contact with the unseen powers of the universe.

Fasting for power over Satan is also highly recommended in the Holy Bible but it tells us not to advertise when we fast. The Messiah of Israel said:

“Moreover, when you fast, do not be like the hypocrites, with a sad countenance. For they disfigure their faces that they may appear to men to be fasting. Assuredly, I say to you, they have their reward. But you, when you fast, anoint your head and wash your face, so that you do not appear to men to be fasting, but to your Father who is in the secret place; and your Father who sees in secret will reward you openly." (Matthew 6:16-18).

The emaciated frame of Gandhi spinning a yarn became famous throughout the world.

Gandhi forced Subhas Chandra Bose to resign from the Presidency!!

Subhas Chandra Bose was the real hero of Indian independence and the true FATHER of the Indian Republic. From the very beginning of his quest for Indian freedom from British oppression, he was mightily opposed by Gandhi . . . even to the stratagem of having him poisoned.

In February 1938, Subhas Chandra Bose was elected President of the 51st session of the Indian National Congress.

Under his leadership, a united India was on the road to true freedom.

Gandhi opposed him mightily even resorting to poison!!


Subhas Chandra Bose would never have agreed to the partition of India into warring factions. The partition of India caused a dreadful civil war between Hindus and Muslims. Gandhi's answer to the millions who were uprooted from their homes was to FAST.

Jawaharlar Nehru worked with Gandhi for the partition of India and he was Prime Minister from 1947 to 1964.

Muhammad Ali Jinnah was the first "Muslim" governor-general of the newly created nation of Pakistan.

Both men trained as spies in Britain!!

In 1947, India was partitioned and 2 hostile nations were created where one nation had existed for 4,500 years. The British divide and rule strategy was applied, with Hindus, Sikhs, and Muslims divided along ethnic lines.

After the partition in 1947, a further partition took place in 1971 with the creation of Bangladesh. More countries mean more wars and wasteful military expenditures which could be used to improve the lives of the people.

British Secret Service agent Gandhi underwent pagan cremation on January 31, 1948.

A memorial to the spot where he was cremated now exists at Raj Ghat.

Subsequently, mighty man Mahatma Gandhi was canonized by most of the world's religions.

The false religion of Hinduism teaches an endless cycle of rebirth or reincarnation, until a soul merges with the divine essence of the universe. Cremated or buried, all will be resurrected on the Last Day:

The great day of JEHOVAH is near, it is near, and hasteth quickly, even the voice of the day of JEHOVAH: the mighty man shall cry there bitterly (Zephaniah 1:14).

Patrick Scrivener, Reformation 0 Comments [10/23/2014 2:09:22 AM]
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Submitted By: Yossarian Lives
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Quote# 104263

Baha'i Faith the Religion of the NWO

Social principles
The following principles are frequently listed as a quick summary of the Bahá'í teachings. They are derived from transcripts of speeches given by `Abdu'l-Bahá during his tour of Europe and North America in 1912. The list is not authoritative and a variety of such lists circulate.

Unity of God
Unity of religion
Unity of humanity
Unity in diversity
Equality between men and women
Elimination of all forms of prejudice
World peace and a New world order
Harmony of religion and science
Independent investigation of truth
Principle of Ever-Advancing Civilization
Universal compulsory education
Universal auxiliary language
Obedience to government and non-involvement in partisan politics unless submission to law amounts to a denial of Faith.
Elimination of extremes of wealth and poverty
With specific regard to the pursuit of world peace, Bahá'u'lláh prescribed a world-embracing collective

The Bahá'í International Community is an agency under the direction of the Universal House of Justice in Haifa, and has consultative status with the following organizations:

United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)
United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM)
United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)
United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)
World Health Organization (WHO)
The Bahá'í International Community has offices at the United Nations in New York and Geneva and representations to United Nations regional commissions and other offices in Addis Ababa, Bangkok, Nairobi, Rome, Santiago, and Vienna. In recent years an Office of the Environment and an Office for the Advancement of Women were established as part of its United Nations Office. The Bahá'í Faith has also undertaken joint development programs with various other United Nations agencies. In the 2000 Millennium Forum of the United Nations a Bahá'í was invited as the only non-governmental speaker during the summit.

Is Obama a Muslim?

I dunno, he kinda seems more like this.

However, this religion was initially viewed as a sect of Islam.

Ouiser, Godlike Productions 0 Comments [10/23/2014 2:07:10 AM]
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Quote# 104257

Welfare, and encouraging people to overpopulate

When I went back to the town where I graduated high school, I realized that almost every one of my co-students who were failures in high school started having babies as teenages, had many children, and their children did the same thing - failed in school, had kids as teenages, and kept having babies.

Now each one of them has 20-30 descendents, many of whom quit school (and went on welfare, got Section 8 and HEAP, etc.) or are in jail or are "disabled" and living off the public via fake social security claims.

Most of the people who were smart in high school ended up as single professionals, married late, had a kid or two later in life, or didn't have kids and now their excellent gene pool is dwindling.

It's like that crazy movie where the dumbest people outbreed the smart ones. Except I think it really did happen, or is happening now!

NewtC, Daily Kos 1 Comments [10/22/2014 8:43:20 PM]
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Quote# 104243

We're stepping into political territory here, but I think we should have kept the border with Mexico closed when President Eisenhower did it in the fifties!
If everyone came in legally, we wouldn't have many of the problems we have today.

America has become the "free lunch" to most third world countries, certain large groups of deadbeats, and politicians. The deadbeats and politicians are mostly "home grown" but we don't need to "import" more problems.

You don't think terrorists sneak across the border? You must not have seen the CBS "60 Minutes" episode some years ago where they showed the Islamic "safe house" in Mexico City where terrorists were prepared to infiltrate America by posing as "immigrants" and connected with "coyotes" who would take them across the border.

I sorry, but we have to agree to disagree on the border thing.

As far as Ebola and the border; if you can supply a nation of 360 million with plenty of drugs, why not Ebola? Probably unlikely it will happen, but there remains the potential that it will, and in large numbers.

Just like West Africa, where are you going go to get help? Scared people don't think rationally. As pointed out many times, most diseases would still be unknown here if not for them being brought in from somewhere else.

There's an old adage : "An once of prevention is worth a pound of cure." But no one seems to remember the wisdom of history, so we just keep shooting ourselves in the foot.

Stumpy in Ahia

mrstumpy, starship Modeler Discussion Forums 7 Comments [10/22/2014 3:30:45 AM]
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Quote# 104231

I don't think theres any inherent danger in the vaccine itself however, I do believe they hype up the danger of certain illnesses to sell vaccines. Theres a scare and a new vaccine for it every 3-4 years. This new "chinese" flu could be limited to a few thousand people half way across the world but they will make it seem like the new bird flu to sell their wares.
Now if the time comes when they decide to sneak some kinda computer chip or nano device into you for whatever reason, vaccines are the way to go

Grumpyorc, Shroomery 4 Comments [10/22/2014 3:13:06 AM]
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Quote# 104226

Oliver Cromwell created the fanatical Irish Roman Catholicism!!

A typical Jesuitical trick is to persecute their own dupes and thereby gain sympathy for their cause. The most notorious example of this strategy is the case of Galileo and his moving earth madness.

Oliver Cromwell is considered a HERO in England but in Ireland he is as hated as Hernán Cortés in Mexico.

His statue in London has a sword in one hand and a BIBLE in the other!!

He is a great recruiter for the Irish Jesuits, and it is a wonder that they have not made him a "saint."

Cromwell arrived in Ireland in September 1649, with a small army of about 12,000 men. His soldiers were carrying BIBLES and swords and quoting Scripture....Ireland had many men who were loyal to King Charles II and they were led by James Butler, Duke of Ormonde.

Over 30,000 Protestant Christian men, women, and children were killed in the Sack of Magdeburg during the 30 Years' War but the small number killed in the siege of Drogheda was great recruitment propaganda for the Jesuits.

As usual, on all his campaigns, Cromwell consulted closely with his Jesuit advisers


The Great Irish Famine and the Jesuits!!

Patrick Kennedy—the founder of the Kennedy dynasty in the United States—left Ireland in 1849 during the height of the Great Famine.

At that time, the Irish Parliament was in London, and they had equal representation with the Scottish peers. Most of them were not in the least interested in any kind of famine relief.

The Irish peasantry were totally demoralized by the teachings of Old Rome which condemns all industry and progress. Faith was replaced by fatalism and the living waters of the Spirit were replaced by the unholy spirit of alcohol. The people relied on one food source: the potato, and when that crop failed in 1846, the Jesuit dominated London government made sure that millions starved to death.

Lord John Russell served as prime minister during the entire time of the famine.

He later worked with Lord Palmerston to intervene in the U.S. Civil War.

His main goal was to get the Irish to leave the bog and grog in order to spread Romanism throughout the English speaking world.

This Jesuit strategy was very successful, because millions emigrated to the United States and all parts of the British Empire. The Kennedy political dynasty was founded by one such emigrant who left Ireland at that time.

Patrick Scrivener, Reformation 8 Comments [10/22/2014 3:11:32 AM]
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Quote# 104218

Both the 'ebola's real' and 'ebola's a hoax' tards are correct.. sorta.

Maybe the CDC's screw ups are the 'backlash' card in action; their ineptitude is unbelievable, as we're all witnessing. There'll be many people to blame for an upcoming outbreak, and no one will doubt that it's being spread across the world. Because of these idiots! (a good distraction.)

But we will not get 'ebola' so easily here. We will instead be poisoned and radiated (moreso than we already are), and then willingly injected with disease via vaccination. Ebola will be a convenient term for anyone with a symptom of illness, such as fever. The traditional symptoms of red blistering skin apparently don't apply anymore. How convenient.

Citizens will demand mass quarantine of anyone who's sick. That's the plan! Then what will happen to those quarantined?

chulahoma, Godlike Productions 10 Comments [10/21/2014 2:34:13 AM]
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Quote# 104207

My theory is that Comet Siding Spring is an ET ship disguised as a comet travelling ahead of an incoming celestial object or shortly after/before a superwave from a distant space object reaches us......

I think that there will be this big planet that will cause huge problems on Earth once its distance reaches us where its gravity and electro-magnetism would start to have a greater effect on our planet multiple times than it has caused to us for many years now......... Why we can't see it? It emits very little light and heat and can only be viewable in infrared and it travels at an angle either below or above the ecliptic plane of our solar system.

Why hasn't its gravity caused severe problems at Earth yet? The answer: Light to medium effects have already been caused towards Earth already since the 1990s, with most of the medium changes on Earth in concert with an accelerating magnetic pole shift started ever since the December 26 2004 9.3 Andaman quake. The medium changes that have started since that time would have caused even more greater cataclysmic Earth changes but due to the intervention by the angels/higher dimensional beings from 5th dimension, 6th dimension and above, the changes have been reduced in intensity by multiple times....

The annual megaquakes that happened since Feb 27 2010 Chile 8.8 quake were due to an electro-magnetic and gravitational alignment of Earth and the incoming celestial object/pulse emission from a distant space object where its position and emission vis-a-vis Earth's orbit around the Sun would bring it into a perfect opportunity to channel its gravity much more effectively towards Earth to cause such major seismic disturbances..... It's pretty complicated stuff that even our most smartest Earth scientists haven't figured out the mechanism behind that phenomena yet....

As for the severe changes, we are about to enter that stage, once the distance between Earth and the incoming object shortens to a point that our Sun's gravitational influence on Earth would exact less than 70% influence on Earth relative to the gravity the incoming celestial object would exact on Earth. For example, for the past two decades, the ratio has been from 95/5 (Sun's gravitational influence over Earth/ Incoming celestial object's gravitational influence over Earth ) since the 1990s to 70-75/25-30 in recent years.....

The heightened activity at Yellowstone and the agitation of several major magma hotspots around our planet this year are signs that Earth is about to suffer more intensely from this massive 'tug-of-war' between these two objects, since while the Sun is stationary and is not moving towards Earth, this object is moving towards Earth increasingly in momentum with each passing year.....

It could also be a superwave from the Galactic Center that would cause such changes..... Either way, Earth civilizations would never be the same after that happens....

Comet Siding Spring is an ET ship disguised as a comet travelling ahead of an incoming celestial object or before/after such a Superwave. Its purpose is to clear Mars from the remaining members of the Dark Cabal/Illuminati or to tow Mars' orbit into a much safer orbit far from the influence of the Brown Dwarf star/Superwave so that ships now in orbit surrounding Earth can transport Earth humans who want to go to Mars and with the ETs a safe place to live in Mars while Earth completes its changes/pole shift/dimensional shift.

However, I think massive Earth Changes would happen on Earth long before Siding Spring reaches its closest distance from Mars on October 19 2014, but due to the ET's mastery of space-time travel, those who want to choose to go with the ETs to escape the Earth changes can ride 'ferry ships' stationed around Earth's orbit to travel to Mars or Siding Spring ship to start living in the new society/civilization there tutored and mentored by the benevolent ETs.

I think the massive Earth Changes would start with 9-10 magnitude quakes at many locations close to major fault lines and subduction zones, all culminating in a major crustal shift that would happen once our magnetic pole shift starts shifting hundreds of miles in a span of a few weeks......

The benevolent ETs will reeducate us and tell us the real truth about everything including life in the Universe as well as the fact that our souls are united with the Universal Consciousness and all we need to do is do good to one another to enlargen our energy aura of our soul so that we may progress faster in spiritual evolution, while those who do bad to others or cause others psychic pain thru bad deeds such as bad actions and bad thoughts would have their energy aura damaged by the negative energies generated by those whom they have hurt (Karma) and so that causes them to spiritually devolve since their energy aura of their spirit would be smaller after that.

This is the reason why some evil psychotic humans, Reptilians and Greys have no soul, since they only feed from others' suffering and do not give out any positive energy from their thoughts/actions so after a long time doing that evil their soul would lose all of their energy aura and chakras and become a soulless entity destined to be consumed by an inner black hole generated from their own soulless quantum collapsing energy field where they will be suck in to another universe/reality where they would have to start over as atoms in another universe....).

So, if my theory is correct, everyone on Earth would have their lives changed by the events involving Earth changes and Extraterrestrials before or by October 19 2014.

Solar Guadian, Godlike Productions 15 Comments [10/21/2014 2:29:39 AM]
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Quote# 104206

Breaking: Ebola is panspermia from Ison, Elenin debris!

People are going to freak when this comes out in the news...they are handling it very carefully. This means that the entire planet is COVERED and it is only a matter of time. I guess the Guidestones were right after all...

The Nobody, Godlike Productions 9 Comments [10/21/2014 2:29:19 AM]
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Quote# 104197

It's been know that the Freemasons paid for the Guidestones. No surprise there.While we can use a world government, one world currency, and need to get rid of freaking boarders, we don't need it done by this so called "elite". They are in their interest only. America was founded on Satanism. Freemasons and Illuminati's all practice it. They follow the Jewish Kabbalist which believe they are the descendants of Abraham (the child promised by God) The only problem is that the child they follow is not the correct one. Please read Jewish beliefs. Jews own the banking system, news media outlets, and world leaders. Ever wondered why you see nothing but Jews in movies? Because they own it all. Jennifer Aniston...Jew...Adam Sandler...Jew...Jerry Seinfeld....Jew....Larry David...Jew...really focus on how much you see that is Jew related. Also...ever wonder why you always hear about the Jew holocaust? Because the Jew elite want you to feel sorry for them in every way so you oppose anyone that tries to oppose Israel. You don't hear about the 14 million Ukrainians Stalin killed. Or how many Russians died in WWII do you? Because Jews don't want you to care about them at all. The Jewish Zionist rule the world. Rothchild....a Jew. Make sense yet? The Knights Templar...where Freemasons came from....were sworn to protect the Ark of the Covenant in Israel....where ever the Ark went countries ruled....am I making more sense yet? America was founded in 1397 NOT 1492. Christopher Columbus...Freemason...Paul Revere...Freemason...Ben Franklin, George Washington...Freemasons! America was founded on Satanism. All the elite have claimed overpopulation. AIDS was created to kill blacks in Africa. It's not working fast enough so they spread Ebola now. They admitted AIDS wasn't working fast enough. Albert Pike wrote a letter outlining the 3 world wars that need to happen to bring in the grand plan. WW3 is to be a war against muslims....this was wrote in 1871!!!! This plan has been around for hundreds and hundreds of years. The people in control really believe they are descendants of Gods. We are a product of their control. Look how many people are throwing up the triangle that Jay Z does....it's the all seeing eye in a pyramid...people are too stupid to see it. The elite are not stupid. Dumb people down with porn, football, Kim Kardashians nasty ass, crappy music with black people flashing $100 everywhere but can't pay their tax bills. The elite have done a great job of making you want to give away your rights and people fall right for it...threat of ISIS HAHA! All your tax money spent on super weapons and they call ISIS a threat? See how dumb everyone is....what do we pay taxes for them? To become more stupid? I think so. The end game is for everyone to bow down to Lucifer. Oh Statue of Liberty...designed by a Freemason. It's a statue of the one who bears light on the world.....Lucifer. Ok that's your lesson for today now go research for yourself.

Mike Bowman, Red Dirt Report 12 Comments [10/20/2014 3:08:14 AM]
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Submitted By: zipperback
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Quote# 104194

Fear, fear, fear, fear, and more fear. During the time that Ebola has arrived in America and allegedly killed one man in Dallas, as many as 200 people have died from choking on food, 250 from boating accidents, 3,000 from automobile accidents, 1,000 from homicides, and 5 from lightning strikes. (based on monthly averages from CDC statistics) If Sulzberger's Slimes were to treat each of these tragedies with the same degree of fearful hype it is giving to the Ebola virus, most people would never drive, eat solid foods, or leave the house ever again!

Something is clearly going on here. We have already covered the plot to destabilize Africa and prevent it from developing and forging close ties with the Russia-China bloc. But it now appears as though there is an American domestic component to Ebola-Mania as well. Beware the vaccine, if there is one.

But there may also be another angle to this strange pre-election "crisis". We can only hypothesize at this point, but what if Ebola-Mania is the new 'Benghazi-Gate'? What if the intent here is to create so much dissatisfaction with Homo-Obongo's handling of "the Ebola crisis" that the Republicans sweep to big majorities in the coming Congressional and Senate elections?

It is an open secret that Homo-Obongo lacks the stomach and the desire to blow up the Middle East and kick off World War III. Not to defend this vile Communist charlatan, but his self-stated main focus is to "fundamentally transform America", not to start World War III, or at least not in the Middle East. His Globalist-Marxist black heart is just not into 'Greater Israel'.

If the coming and expected GOP Ebola landslide puts the likes of Israeli assets John McCain and his limp-wristed sodomite sidekick Lindsey Graham in charge of the U.S. Senate, an utterly neutered Obongo can be stampeded into war or even impeached. During campaign rallies for GOP Senate candidates, McCain has criticized Obongo's "mishandling" of the Ebola crisis (here) and calling for, as always, more troops to be deployed to Africa!

The fact that Israel's neo-con shock jocks of Talk Radio are slamming Obongo so hard over his "mishandling of Ebola" is, in poker parlance, known as a clear and unmistakable "tell". During today's Geraldo Rivera radio show, the liberal turned neo-con fraud lamented about Obama's "detached handling" of this crisis and his shocking "too cool for school" attitude towards his job. The CIA asset and half-Jew later went on to predict that in spite of legitimate concerns surrounding Ebola, the scare will pass and no longer be remembered in a few months. He added that ISIS, on the other hand, "will still be here next year and remain a problem for years to come."

If Ebola-Mania should suddenly begin to subside soon after the November elections (less than 3 weeks away), the blackmail theory will have been proven. Keep your eye on the coming elections and the new crop of Adelson-owned Republican Zionist crazies sure to be arriving in Congress next January.

Mike King, Tomato Bubble 6 Comments [10/20/2014 3:04:05 AM]
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Submitted By: Yossarian Lives
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Quote# 104192

And Nina is kinda like "need a."

And Pham is pretty close to pharm, as in "pharmacy."

So her name is like "need a pharmacy."

Because this whole thing is about forcing us to take vaccinations!

Anonymous Coward, Godlike Productions 8 Comments [10/20/2014 3:03:22 AM]
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Quote# 104186

The return of MH370 in the mother of all False Flags will stop all flights across the globe and grant you your wish for flights to be grounded. What you should really fear is the upcoming winter/flu season. Will you take the chance that the fella that sneezes on you in the subway doesn't have ebola? Will you take this chance with the MSM hype that Ebola is in town? This is the kind of panic that will grip society and nobody will have to wait till they see later signs of ebola infection, with the blood oozing out on anyone before they GTFO. In fact, you may never see people with blood oozing out of them but rather the fear and panic that ebola is out to get you before society self destructs.

This is how society will cave in and crumble and hardly would anyone ever see the ebola myth in the final stages which leads me to the fact that the media and government hype is a hoax. Have you seen anyone with blood oozing out even with the MSM hype? No?

Because you all believe this lie, you will sink yourself further into an abyss when society starts falling apart and people begin requesting that governments do something......that flights be grounded. However because the whole western hemisphere will be in winter this period, a common ground, not only flights from Africa would supposedly have to be grounded because of your fears, all flights across the globe would have to be should the government even cave in and decide to act on your concerns.

Then comes MH370 being flown by the corpse of Bin Laden, from the South Indian Ocean headed for a US, Israel or Western Interest. This will kickstart a global war involving nukes and then you will all truly have radiation sickness which have symptoms exactly as that of Ebola. This is what you truly have to worry about.

In the same month and almost exactly the same day Duncan was admitted into a US hospital, the search for MH370 takes off again. And guess what the name of the search vehicle is? Its called GO PHOENIX. not only does phoenix mean the mythical bird which rebirths itself from its own ashes, just like how society is about to fall apart right in front of our very eyes with the Ebola scare and governments have to pick it up, but the GO in front of the phoenix is actually a code or term for a GREEN LIGHT. Are you not surprised that Eric Duncan was in a green shirt in the image of him shown to the world by the media and all the Ebola imagery has been green?

So there you have it with them sending you a message about what is coming.

You are seeing the NWO being formed right in front of your very eyes.

Thereturn, Godlike Productions 7 Comments [10/19/2014 4:34:55 AM]
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Quote# 104185

No, the Nurse in Texas didn’t break protocol.

And the narrative that the Nurse in Texas who supposedly broke protocol when providing care to Thomas Eric Duncan (who died), and that was the reason she contracted Ebola, is complete crap too. Proper protocol was never set up and she fiollowed what she was ordered to do. This suggests that either the bug is more virulent than expected, can be carried through the air, protocols deployed were not effective, and higher protocols of protection are needed, or the Nurse was purposely infected as a part of a monstrous covert false-flag act of biological blackmail.

But blackmailing of whom and for what purposes? In any false-flag, someone or some party is falsely blamed. My guess is that a new Ebola Vaccine will soon be rolled out and many will refuse it, while Ebola is “covertly seeded” across America. Then the vaccination-refusers will be blamed for it. And this blame will then perhaps be used as an excuse to attack and intern those who won’t comply, either murdering them in their own homes, or taking them to quarantined FEMA Camps, where they can be forcibly inoculated with vaccines containing Ebola. Is this a great way to create a false need for forced vaccinations of everyone, even vaccine-resisters who know far too much about Big Pharma’s eugenics plan? This long term Eugenics plan is believed to be driven by the WZ Globalist Banksters from the City of London and is believed to involve the injection of known highly toxic substances and slow acting cancer causing viruses as as some believe, satellite tracking and mind-kontrol compounds (aka 21st Century “Koolaide”).

Preston James, Ph.D, Veterans Today 5 Comments [10/19/2014 4:34:38 AM]
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Quote# 104184

If you reject truth, no matter where it comes from, then you live a lie.

Rather than believing, start looking for real answers. The jews have everyone “believing” that muslims did 911. Look what that lie has created. Belief must be smashed to smithereens so that truth can prevail. No matter what that truth is.

The Abrahamic religions were designed to get you to reject REALITY. You’re not just rejecting true spirituality. You are rejecting a whole other world of possibility that is alive and well all around you. You are doing exactly what they want you to do. Ignore the truth, rather than learn about it, because once you realize what’s really happening on other levels, you become dangerous to them.

Don’t worry about offending me or anyone else. If the truth is offensive, the people offended by it need to look at themselves.

Subverted Nation, Subverted Nation 5 Comments [10/19/2014 4:32:20 AM]
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Quote# 104183

Well, President Ebola's bestest buddy and author of his books DID say you needed to kill off 25,000,000 people to advance communism in America. That was what, 40 years ago or so? Gotta figure that number would be closer to 100,000,000 today if not more. What better way to do it than oopsie, accidentally on purpose releasing a deadly virus into the country? I mean it is quick, deadly, and best of all it gives you plausable deniability. Look what they're doing now...nobody appears to be in charge, everybody is pointing fingers at the lowest guy on the totem pole (a la the IRS targeting) and most of all NOTHING IS BEING DONE TO STOP THE SPREAD.

HK Shooter, WND 7 Comments [10/19/2014 4:31:28 AM]
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Quote# 104182

[On the spread of Ebola to the United States]

I agree, it is absolutely intentional. Europe has banned flights from affected countries, but not our Tyrant in chief Muslim, not Barry. He ignores all protocols from every health expert so it has to be intentional, just like doing nothing about the diseases being spread throughout the country that Osatan is even having us pay for by flying and busing illegals all over the country. Martial law is coming, I see no other outcome. Please God, come back and rid the good Christians of this country of the evil that has been set upon us.

moochelle, WND 6 Comments [10/19/2014 4:31:18 AM]
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Quote# 104181

Ebola is clearly Obozo's 'October surprise.' Fed. Disaster Assistance Response Teams (DART) were alerted in April that they would be activated in October. 2009 US Dept. of Defense working on Ebola vaccines. DOD & CDC have patents on 4 of the 5 different strains of Ebola. WHO & other health NGOs have been conducting vaccination programs in Sierra Leone, Liberia, Guinea, Nigeria starting in Jan. 2014, Populace not told what disease vaccination will prevent. So many Ghanaians got sick within 4 days of vaccination, that Ghanaian govt asked Intl. Red Cross to leave the country. Africans are suspicious of all injections (personal experience in Africa). Nigerian millionaire paid to have borders of outbreak province closed and people other than medical blocked from entering & leaving. Ebola stopped spreading. Nigeria has been Ebola-free for months. Globalist are using Ebola to create massive world-wide fear that Globalist will find a way to stop. Mind games, political games being used to control people. Americans will know the truth about Ebola sometime after the Nov 4 elections and after Obozo leaves office. History is replete with kings & rulers using disease to further advance their policies and/or wars. (Siege warfare/poisoned water supplies/catapulting corpses of plague victims into towns & cities, etc.)

roxy545, WND 1 Comments [10/19/2014 4:31:00 AM]
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Quote# 104162

I believe the 2014 ebola outbreak is real, but much smaller scale, more controlled and less transmittable then we are being programmed to think (with a lot of overlapping events, confussion, fear & media hype added to the mix). In my opinion Liberia is mainly Formaldeyde water poisoning with a very small amount of real ebola cases (primary poison target), Guinea is a mix of both (crossover of controlled ebola release & some Formaldeyde water poisoning), and Sierra Leone has the most cases of real ebola but for the most part are dying down (but are being replaced with Formaldeyde water poisoning now to help keep up the cover until ~Q1 2015 when the 10,000 doses of NIAID/GSK ebola vaccine & 100,000 doses of the CNLM VSV-EBOV vaccine should be about ready to be used in a part of the phase 1 mass vaccination program in West Africa. In my opinion most of the "ebola" related deaths in West Africa are not ebola related at all (directed tied to the coordinated drinking water poisonings happening across the 3 countries designed to mimic ebola), and I highly doubt a single case outside of West Africa is ebola at all.
I could go on for ages, and I WILL update this thread with more details about how I feel the media is playing into the agenda, and how all this is likely part of a 3 phase vaccination agenda (starting in early 2015, ending in ~2018) that is going to start off as optional for most (forced for selected areas), and transition over time to become more and more mandatory for even uninfected regions (phase 1 (current)=target sheep, phase 2=target submitters, phase 3=wipe out resisters) as part of a Gates Foundation funded global vaccination/sterilization/RFID agenda via The Global Vaccine Action Plan (with the aim of global immunization by the year 2020), which is all just a small piece of the overarching UN Agenda 21, and the ushering in of their New World Order.

TruthNow88, Godlike Productions 7 Comments [10/18/2014 5:50:33 AM]
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The Illuminati (aka, globalists, Zionists) are desperately trying to establish a Godless Communist Totalitarian Police State in the United States (and now Russia as of March of 2014) every moment of every day, relentlessly, and Satan is behind it all, knowing that his time is short. As the New World Order approaches, things are going to move faster-and-faster, escalating, pushing the limit, crossing the line, running over (killing, setting up, torturing or imprisoning) anyone who gets in their evil way.

If the occult Luciferian leaders of this world (not the leaders of nations who are puppets) will sacrifice innocent children and drink their blood in rituals, they are capable of anything. Few people understand that World Wars I and II were planned, deliberately started, and nurtured by the globalists until they got their wealth, power and United Nations. William Guy Carr (1895-1959) exposes these sinister criminals in his insightful book, PAWNS IN THE GAME. Demon worship and possession are commonplace throughout the world and especially in elite gatherings of the Illuminati. Read about Stalin, Hitler and Benjamin Franklin concerning their involvement in secret societies and the occult and you'll be shocked. These are but three of thousands! Do you know who are nation's leaders really are?

David J. Stewart, Jesus is Precious 8 Comments [10/18/2014 5:49:51 AM]
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(Commenting on the new 2014 block on the Georgia Guidestones)

posted this same thread topic at the exact same time as you. Great minds think alike. *wink*

I have a very bad feeling about this. When I first saw the headline, I thought maybe someone had chiseled the year into the granite slab but NO...they went to the trouble of chiseling out a notch and placing a "CORNERSTONE" with the year on it. This is definitely meant to send a message!!!

Anonymous Coward, Godlike Productions 7 Comments [10/17/2014 3:15:49 AM]
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Do not take Ebola vaccine! Repeat: Do not take any Ebola vaccine

People, there is something related with this article which was related by this news outlet from Ghana: the event chronicle.

I'm referring to this link:
[link to www.theeventchronicle.com]

Mainly here they speak about that most of the people which were got diseased, were those which were injected something by Red Cross.

If you are curious more, you can try to get the cache, but you cannot access this link from any westerner country nor EU. You need to use an african proxy and then you can open.

Which leads to the conclusion, that I had before, that this is a spectacle of grand proportions, in order to terrify the masses and take the vaccines.

If we do that, then we will get the real deal, the real disease!

Try for yourself access that link and see why is this blocked from westerner countries?

Teutony, Godlike Productions 7 Comments [10/17/2014 2:57:24 AM]
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I have seen with my own eyes how Satanists and Freemasons work for the Jews. Satanism and Freemasonry are just gentile extensions (servants) of the Jewish agenda.


These Jews practice sorcery and witchcraft spell casting which is devastating to our people who are not aware of it and how it works. Our useless Freemason infiltrated Churches are not engaging in spiritual warfare because they are with the enemy and even deny it exists.

This woman Andrea Herrington [a.k.a. High Priestess Maxine Dietrich of Joy of Satan] is working for the Jews, she is a Satanist high priestess and her husband Cliff Herrington was leader of the American Nazi party, they are plants to lead white people nowhere and to make white separatists appear crazy fools, see the 60 minutes show on the American Nazi party, how they could agree to a Jew network interview and co-operation is beyond me. Only because they are plants infiltrators to trash and smash white hopes. That 60 minutes did what it was supposed to do, portray the American Nazi party as losers and thus defeat the idea of white liberation in the minds of the white nation.


She used the name Maxine Dietrich to front this organization because it is German sounding.

So she is promoting the Nazi Satanist image yet is not using her own name but a German name.

This is a deliberate attempt to smear Germans as Satanists.

The Jews do all they can to lead whites away from Christianity because there is real power in it to defeat the Satanic/Luciferian spell casting and sorcery they rely on. The Holy Spirit of Jesus gives true knowledge and discernment to a praying believer something Jews don't want.

Jimmy, INCOGMAN 4 Comments [10/17/2014 2:52:21 AM]
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Last But Not Least the APPEARANCE of This Ebola “Pandemic” (Should Americans Not Catch On) Will Be Used to Scare Countless Millions Into Taking the “Ebola Vaccine” Which in Reality IS THE PANDEMIC. Already They Have Started With Stories of How It Has Been Brought Back to the US and Has Appeared in Dallas, How White Doctors Were Cured But Black Infected Are Not Being Allowed to Be Treated Etc.

ALL That Will Do Is Make Blacks STRIVE to Get the Vaccine, Because It Appears That the “Cure” is Being Held Back From Blacks. They Will Run Out In Droves to Get It and Then There Will Be Serious Problems. With All We Have Seen Revealed About Vaccines This Year You Would Think We Learned Our Lesson. All I Can Do Is Hope So, Because They Depend Highly On Our Ignorance to Complete Their Agendas. Ask Yourself If Ebola Was Really Spread From Person to Person, Instead of Controlled Spread Through Vaccination – Then WHY Would the CDC and the US Government Continue to Allow Flights In and Out of These Countries With Absolutely No Regulation, Or At All? We Have Got to Start Thinking and Sharing Information Globally Because They Do Not Give the True Perspective of the People Who Live Here in West Africa. They Are Lying for Their Own Benefit and There Aren’t Enough Voices Out There With a Platform to Help Share Our Reality. Hundreds of Thousands Have Been Killed, Paralyzed and Disabled By These and Other “New” Vaccines All Over the World and We Are Finally Becoming Aware of It. Now What Will We DO With All This Information?

Elle, ZenGardner.com 11 Comments [10/17/2014 2:52:16 AM]
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We don't even know if Duncan or that Nina Pham even exists. We get to see some pics, they use social media as a proof for their existence again (that's the newest trend...)

Even if they exist, couldn't it be that they were trapped into something? Crisis actors? Come on GLPler you usually have all kind of ideas what they could be but now majority here buys the MSM story 100%...

The last thing that is present here, are real facts.
A lot over here also seem to forget that the entire year 2014 so far was full of distractions and psyops...

Anonymous Coward, Godlike Productions 7 Comments [10/17/2014 2:51:58 AM]
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