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Quote# 100579


What a bunch of pretentious fucking faggots crying for a camera like a bunch of homos that they are. These ZOG mercenaries are the scummiest of all pedophiliac scum, killing innocent people and raping little boys to
protect and facilitate the Zio drug cartel's $65 Billion a year Heroin business.

The video is from Korangal Valley n Afghanistan. Zio drug cartel sent film makers to accompany the mercenaries so the sheep
think these child raping assassins are some good guys or shit. The only organisms more despicable than ZOG mercenaries are brain-bleached sheep that support them with shit like: "Thank you for your service". You
can't get any more delusional than that.

First these savage cutthroats bomb an innocent family that owns next to nothing, then they
pretend on camera that they oh so care, then one of the fags gets shot in an ambush (thank you, Ms. Karma) and another twinky cries for the camera like he's just lost a partner with whom he sexually violated many a pre teen boys.

MOAR dead ZOG faggots, Mr. Karma... Thanking you

Zionist News Network, Liveleak 7 Comments [4/17/2014 3:25:39 AM]
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Submitted By: UTuber
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Quote# 100556

So you're a mouth-breathing libtard and you find our claims about genocide confusing? We are here to help. With a bit of explanation, even you, an anti-White psychopathic cretin, can understand this simple concept that first-graders are easily able to latch on to.

1. What makes genocide undesirable?

To non-imbeciles, the answer to this question is completely obvious, but liberals have trouble with it. The undesirable aspect of genocide is the part about an ethnic category of people ceasing to exist. Think of it this way: You whining retards are always yammering about how much you love diversity. When an ethnic category of people ceases to exist, there is less diversity.

Still confused? Imagine that you have income in the form of welfare, food stamps, and drug money sales (to list three common sources of liberal income). If one of those goes away forever, you don't have as much income. It's not there anymore. It's gone.

Still confused? Please kill yourself!

2. What makes the disappearance of an ethnic category of people count as genocide?

The United Nations has a simple and logical answer to this (again obvious) question: Taking actions--including inflicting policies or conditions--that will bring about such a disappearance. If, for example, you stopped feeding your baby and it starved to death, you can be charged with its murder even if you protest that you "didn't kill it." That is because you inflicted conditions that you could see were in fact killing it.

Still confused? Suppose there was a race of people whose genetic traits were quite recessive such that when they mixed with other races, the children virtually always genetically grouped with the other race, and you flooded their homeland with other races and encouraged them to race-mix with those other races until all of them were mixed out of existence. You would then be inflicting conditions upon them calculated to bring about their disappearance.

This is precisely what is being done to the White race (among other things).

Still confused? So you don't think that should count as genocide even though proponents of multiculturalism admit freely and readily that they foresee a time when all humans have been cross-mixed to being "brown" such that there is never another White person anywhere on planet earth? Suppose there was a kind of bear that was white in color and could mix with another kind of bear that was brown, consistently producing offspring that were not white, and legislation was passed to try to prevent this from happening so the white bears would not go extinct. You should ask the legislators why they did that since you don't see what the big deal was, because this actually happened regarding polar bears and grizzly bears out of fear of "climate change."

The desire to save the White race from eventual extinction is a conservationist movement no different in intent from any other animal conservationist movement; therefore you should oppose all animal conservationist movements unless you are some kind of a fecophagic hypocrite.

Common tripping points for weak minds:

Many libtards become confused by the decrease of the White population and the average net reproductive rate (NRR) of the White race being below replacement level. They idiotically assert that this low rate is the "cause" of the anticipate disappearance of Whites, and not multiculturalist policies, even though they encourage race-mixing. The key to understanding this abecedarian error is being non-stupid enough to recognize what an "AVERAGE" is (and what it is not). An average is NOT the set-in-stone value for every member of the group. Some members will have higher values, and some lower. Most people have learned this elementary concept before their teen years.

In an all-White nation, it does not matter if the average NRR is below replacement level because the White race has historically shown a tendency to breed less when the population is high and more when it is low. Thus the falling population will eventually trigger the faster breeders to have more kids. In a mixed nation, however, the non-Whites never stop reproducing, so the population never falls and the Whites never pick up their breeding rate until they are gone. The White race is the ONLY race that historically shows such a pronounced ability to stabilize its population instinctively. All other races breed out of control until natural limitations (for example, disease, war, and famine) increase their death rate to compensate.

Quick facts for liberal morons:

The White race is the only race decreasing in absolute number on the planet.
The White race is decreasing as a fraction of the population in every nation in which it exists, including the lands to which it is indigenous.
The multiculturalists admit freely that their policies will exterminate the White race.
This extermination could be prevented easily.
The obliteration of the White race will decrease the diversity of the planet.
Extinction is forever.

Still okay with genocide?
Go find some White children and tell them that you look forward to the eternal end of people who look like them since you are so comfortable with the effects of multiculturalism. Then ask yourself what kind of human being you are.

Fading Light, Stormfront 18 Comments [4/15/2014 3:32:30 AM]
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Quote# 100552

The Problem is that the Mexican army is already been
making incursions into southern United States escorting
drug shipments. And the current administration has done
nothing to stop it. They if anything have assisted the criminals
remember Fast and Furious. There are members of Islamic- jihad,
Hezbollah, and God only knows what other Iranian backed groups
living on the border. And You can bet they are spreading money
to the various drug cartels to add fuel to the fire.

jimintx, WND 6 Comments [4/15/2014 3:29:30 AM]
Fundie Index: 8
Submitted By: zipperback
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Quote# 100544

NATO has been aligned through FEMA many years ago, under the NATO/Civil Defense protocols of WW2 under the article 66 Geneva Convention. After klinton abolished the "Office of Civil Defense" late in his regime, all NATO protocols consilidated under FEMA ("shadow government", remember?) in reference to "emergency management". After 911, consolidation of FEMA/NATO operations funneled down to "Homeland Security". NATO = "Homeland Security".
That means when a "national emergency" is declared, NATO is in charge! All roadways and interstates are already designated "emergency corriidors" for NATO/UN troops to travel to carry out "emergency management" operations and "rest areas" are immediately converted into "check points" with "heliports" and "containment" areas marked. Your city or town already has NATO emergency plans in place and all sites are marked by M.G. GPS and coded signage easy access and confiscation for military use. NATO is in your "schools", hospitals, police dept., banks, credit unions, transportation facilities, military bases, airports, state and countyroad commissions, T.V./Radio station and news paper outlets. In some cases in your business, buildings and backyard! At the stroke of Obama's pen, NATO takes over.

hrgreenjr, WND 16 Comments [4/15/2014 3:26:44 AM]
Fundie Index: 7
Submitted By: zipperback
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Quote# 100543

I suspect Obuma is simply a puppet who was selected and trained by people who seek to overthrow the government of the United States. Does anyone remember George Soros's statement that his goal is to "bring the United States to it's knees"? Add that to the fact that Soros provided much of the funding for Obuma's rise to political power, paid large "donations" to Harvard for Obuma's "law degree" and expedited his elevation from street gang leader to candidate for POTUS . Blaming Obuma for the disaster this nation is being driven into is crediting him with intelligence he doesn't have. Our real enemy is outside this country manipulating his "representative" in our government.

handy, WND 10 Comments [4/15/2014 3:26:33 AM]
Fundie Index: 7
Submitted By: zipperback
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Quote# 100541

when did we last have a "real" president. The globalist/oligarchs/CFR has had control of the executive for very long time. Certainly going back to Wilson and FDR and all the presidents since them. The Fed is the third central bank. When Jackson killed the central bank (which he said was his greatest accomplishment), they just crashed the economy and then blamed him for it. People are stupid and believed it. If by some miracle a real patriot made it to the White House I believe the Fed would just do the same thing. I have already read they are starting again to constrict the money supply. Does one in a 100 understand what the Fed really is?

Tranqual, WND 8 Comments [4/15/2014 3:26:10 AM]
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Submitted By: zipperback
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Quote# 100491

The Enemy has been busy forcing others to have sex with them. They have a method of copying sex responses and placing these responses within penises and artificial vaginal canals. They copied my vaginal canal and orgasmic response, and placed that response into other artificial canals so that the enemy could insert it into themselves. They then reinacted the same process for the men using one of my lovers as a prototype.

For the past 3 months the enemy has been keeping the males as sex slaves, inflating their penises, and keeping them from leaving. The males sometimes are forced to have 20 or more orgasms in a 12 hour period. Meanwhile this is tied with the usual murder and mayhem and the males are sometimes tortured or murdered. For the past 24 hours they have been placing razor blades and sharp objects into one males penis and head. He’s been suffering very much.

Diana Napolis, Diana Napolis, M.A. 25 Comments [4/12/2014 3:39:13 AM]
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Quote# 100490

New information has been gathered about the perpetrators in this Millennial technological apocalypse waged by Quantum computer. Michael Aquino’s mother, Betty Ford, was High priestess of the satanic Temple of Set which turns out to have been Egyptian in origin. She was also sympathetic to Nazis.

This is important because of the role that Michael Aquino plays (claiming in some circles that he is the Antichrist) and who is really behind his satanic/Egyptian organization, including their High Priests and Administration who have Egyptian names, and who is actually the Antichrist. The TOS claim to worship a Being named Set, a semi benevolent entity well-known in Egyptian ‘myth’. However, that is false. They actually worship a snake/dragon referred to as APEP in Egyptian myth. I believe the name of Set in the TOS organizational name does not refer to Set but to an evil Egyptian by the name of SETI who manifested his evil via the form of a snake which actually gives rise to the meaning behind the name ‘The Temple of Set’ Seti’s family members were Ramses, I II and III, Apepi, Hatsheput, Hathor, and the Ptolemeys I, II and III.

Some might remember that there was an asteroid astrophysicists worried might collide with the planet several years ago. They named that asteroid Apophis which, curiously, is the Greek name for APEP

It is also curious that the name SETI stands for The Search for Extraterrestrial intelligence.

In the 18th dynasty Egypt a spiritual war took place. The principle of Good at that time was named the Amun. Some believe that Pharoah Tutankhamun [Tut] was an incarnation of the Amun. The enemy at that time were Voodoo practitioners from the neighboring African states and the group of people named above who worshipped a snake which incarnated was named the Aten.

On close examination it appears that the Aten has rewritten history and tried to replace the Amun as both ‘God’ and figurehead throughout the country of Egypt and in popular literature , including replacing the female face on the Sphinx with his own.

The news recently reports that DNA research also includes reserecting ‘mummies’ from Egypt

Diana Napolis, Diana Napolis, M.A. 8 Comments [4/12/2014 3:38:47 AM]
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Quote# 100474

One day I woke up to a world in which Nelson Mandela was very much alive and walking out of the prison.

I remember vividly his execution in South Africa -- so was it simply a bad dream. I don't think so, because I have met two other people who have very similar recollections of events and were likewise startled to see Mandela alive and well and walking into freedom.

Pellevoisin, Above Top Secret 19 Comments [4/11/2014 3:04:17 AM]
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Quote# 100453

I think I would be the only woman somewhat excited about having breast cancer. What better way to prove I know how to cure it? My boyfriend was kind of upset when I said that, but unless the person themselves turns it into something terrible via their decision of how to “treat” their cancer, it is really no big deal. The media just wants you to think it is a crisis because conventional cancer “treatments” make bank.

N3ko, tumblr 15 Comments [4/9/2014 3:19:37 AM]
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Quote# 100442

Because "the damn South" already did "secede."
The FUCKING NORTH is still gloating over how hard they kicked our asses -- slavers over the prospect of wiping us the rest of the way out whenever the subject arises -- to the point of dragging it up out of the fevered swamp of Yankee imagination whether it's called for or not -- because we were such subhuman mongrel slaveholding antebellum rotten bastards.

Even though we were, as a group, not.
Yes. Plantations existed.
Yes. Slave states existed.
Yes. Slavery --and remember that it applied to whites and was practiced by American Indian tribes on blacks, whites, and one another, as well as by whites, and that there were black slaveowners as well -- and contrary to Northern mythology not every single one of those owners bought somebody's freedom to give it back to them -- was and is a horror beyond description, and a major cause of the War Between the States -- there is NOTHING "Civil" about any war any where any time -- it was NOT the sole and only cause, and not every soldier in butternut gray was a slaveholder.

Economics was a factor in that war.
Politics was a factor in that war.
Fear was a factor in that war.
Prejudice was a factor in that war.
MONEY was the biggest single factor in that war, though.
It's been sugar-coated as anti-slavery in revisionist history.

Washington and Jefferson were slave owners.

That's not me defending a horror: that's a historical fact.

The Constitution was written to only count 3/5 of every slave as a human being for purposes of representation -- to suit the NORTH, who were afraid of real honest representation drowning them out, just as today's GOP is afraid of real honest voting beating them back under their rocks.

Other things were at work then just as they are now. Firebrand political hucksters demanding their way or destruction of everything first-and-foremost among those factors; just as Rupert Murdoch wants to destroy the USA today because he finds us reprehensibly not like him, and the Gee O Pee are eating out of his and the banksters' hands for the MONEY. Got nothing to do with freedom or rights or justice.

Forgetting that Sherman burned his way to the sea, and some people even right here have claimed he didn't do enough damage, remember this: as long as you give hatred you should expect it right back in your face.

Blacksheep1, Daily Kos 14 Comments [4/9/2014 3:15:35 AM]
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Quote# 100426

Its a tough task to summarize such a mountain of evidence. But you should know

1. Nasa astronauts such as Buzz aldrin and Edgar Mitchell have given testimony both to first hand experience with extraterrestrials and their craft and to their knowledge of government involvement with these beings. To my mind, who would know better about these issues than the handful of people who have actually been in to space?

2. There are tens of thousands if not millions of highly credible eye-witness accounts, including but not limited to fighter pilots, airline pilots, the former governor of Arizona, the current prime minister of Russia, police officers, highly trained soldiers, air traffic controllers, etc.

3. There have been numerous cases of fighter pilots being scrambled by the US and Soviet airforces to pursue and intercept these craft going back to world war 2 and the cold war. These craft are detected by airspace monitoring and fighter pilots are sent out to pursue them. During world war 2 they were called foo fighters and were common knowledge.

4. There are thousands of photos and videos of UFOs.

5. Entire governments of dozens of countries have declassified tens of thousands of UFO files including hundreds or thousands where natural phenomenon and other mundane explanations have been conclusively ruled out.

6.The disclosure project , with hundreds of credible testimonies from many branches of government, military etc

7. The government official in charge of the official government investigation of the phenomenon, who initially stated that they had concluded there was no reality to the phenomenon, has since come forward and admitted he was part of a cover-up

8. Nasa transmissions that make reference to alien space craft, bogies, UFOs, etc

9. A national security conference was held in Washington DC to discuss the issue of these craft interfering with and disarming nuclear weapons and facilities

10. President Bill Clinton asked the CIA for the ufo/ET files and was denied access. Why would they deny the access to the president if there was not real evidence to deny? In other words, why would they hide it if it was just swamp gas and weather balloons?

There is of course far more than I can summarize or discuss here. But If I had to ask myself what the most compelling evidence I personally have seen (other than extremely convincing and credible accounts from politicians, military officials, Nasa astronauts etc) I would probably point to this particular video.

The whole video is highly interesting , but at 3:45 there is a clip in London, in broad daylight, where dozens of onlookers are watching several craft in the sky that stop, hover in place, reverse direction, accelerate, turn at angles, etc... conclusively showing these are not birds, meteors, or any known human craft or natural phenomenon. Furthermore the same craft are filmed from another location. It is the most compelling video footage I know of.


The truth of the matter is that people who deny this phenomenon do so out of

A. ignorance- they simply have not done the research and engaged with the evidence, so they simply do not know

B. Stupidity- They can not understand the evidence, they miss the implications, they fail to see the bigger picture, they cannot connect the dots

C. Denial - They are so uncomfortable with the implications, they will deny it no matter how strong the evidence.

The tides have turned, and denying the presence of extraterrestrials on Earth is, in my opinion, closely akin to those who still believe that the Sun Revolves around the Earth or that the Earth is flat- the old worldview dies hard, especially for the old dogs who simply do not want to learn new tricks.

Moonshoe, Shroomery 14 Comments [4/8/2014 2:59:32 AM]
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Quote# 100312

It's cause I've got Alien Connections that's why the Men In Black are around me in my local area reason why cause of my Alien Connections cause of tingles all over me on 3 5 10 when a UFO Sphere with a wiggly island on it hovered outside my address and it made me stand up and tingles all over me.
It's the same tingles I had dancing in my skull two of them and entering my body in different directions when I was age 11 of year 89 when I a Scout outside on the Beach after bringing water out of this boy's mouth with my Eyes moving my eyes left to right inches away from his body without using my hands. Immediately after that tingles happened in my skull and body dancing all over in different directions and this presence tall presence and wide nearby me on the Beach appeared from nowhere. Supposidly when something or someone has alien connections the Men in Black are there around you how I know this for sure one guy on here told me he too saw the Men In Black and he said that Dan Aykroid from Films such as Ghostbusters and My Girl has seen them in real life whilst he filming a building that had alien connections to it and he saw this car on his Video Camera when he played it back and supposidly the car that he saw on his Video Camera elsewhere wasn't there in real time Dan Aykroid says that's the Men In Black watching him cause he's recording a building that has alien connections. That's why I'm seeing the Men in Black around me cause I've got alien connections from those tingles that happened to me 3 5 10 with that UFO Sphere that has a wiggly island on it from the same tingles in me when I was age 11 of year
89 for I'm an Alien from Planet whatever it's called in human form. When I was age 11 of year 89 I didn't believe in UFOs and Aliens back in them days I just a normal healthy kid doing what normal healthy kids do by getting wet in the Sea with my Jeans gear on denim all over me and playing in the Mud and them tingles in my skull and body all over me happened to me during the second week of being a Scout during the evening must be just before the Summer them days cause it's a bright blue clear sky of the evening during that time frame. I never heard of UFOs and Aliens till I age 12 of year 90 in March then I started to begin to believe in UFOs and Aliens when I was age 12 of March of year 90.

TheSplosher, Alien-UFOs 25 Comments [4/1/2014 3:55:12 PM]
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