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Quote# 116753

An offer the illumislutties couldn't refuse...

The monkey minded moron idiots at the helm of our world validate each other's ideas by excluding all but their core ingroup in discussions. Their neuron connections make sense to one another accordingly.

They keep greater intelligence out of their circles so as to not "corrupt" the purity of their peer-validated insanity.

Copy and paste this instantly - spread it where you can - this site is a counterintel hub and deletes real truth very quickly.

This is the pathetic world we were all born into. Solution to the worlds problems? Easy - it's exactly this: Pass a maximum earnings, profit, and capital gains law = free market capitalism with healthy limits to prevent monetary authoritarianism (MA). MA is the actual governing technique throughout the world and euphemistic speech is used to spread it like "getting people out of poverty." Agrarianism is not poverty, it's freedom from monetary authoritarianism. Votes are purchased or programmed into people's minds with media... that's what democracy is. In addition, real freedom would be passing a universal fundamental human right stating that: It is a fundamental human right for every person to gather together with their ancestry group to live a healthy culture with the goal of preventing health problems and striving for better youthful longevity through the years by cause/effect observations.

CIA, NSA, MI6, MOSSAD and all the rest... I currently work with a planted MOSSAD agent at a big Korean company in Silicon Valley, have interacted with idiots affiliated with the CIA too often, and the brain power is imbecilic. Robots doing as they are programmed, thinking they are donig something for some greater good. Nope... you're just making the world safe for monetary authoritarianism... the shits the few authoritarians take and the orgasms they have inside of whomever. That's what you are protecting idiot agents.

No real progress is ever made by design... Google, Facebook - branches of the CIA/NSA etc - achieve such great company valuation because they are helping the global spy network. Certain companies get the green light for success if their part of the core global in-group.

Engineers and people that work in supply chain are excellent covert agents to walk around China and other countries just "doing their job" with some Silicon Valley company.

These are the facts on the ground. Maybe one day it will improve, I don't know. I've done what I can but the idiots at the helm are, well, idiots. They lack the capacity to do the right thing. Nothing but wrong written throughout their neuron connections. The entire world could be a completely different place today with better leadership... they maintain a sort of intelligence "dark ages" fueled by endless entertainment counterintel to keep people's mind spinning on nothing of significance from birth to death. This is the actual, intentional design of society today. It's the best these idiots can do. It's all they got - all the meetings they have throughout the world - all you see around you is the best they can do.

They suck. They are pathetic worms, with even more pathetic worms doing as they command. A few people on the sidelines like me strive to get some creative new direction going, but it's always stopped, delayed, prevented in some way. Never supported, helped, moved forward.

Anonymous Coward, Godlike Productions 3 Comments [2/13/2016 4:47:48 AM]
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Quote# 116752

The Flat Earthers Are Being Sent Into Every Real Truth Movement To Disrupt And Destroy Them, Especially The Planet X Groups

by Society of Flat Earth Debunkers

If ever there was a PSYOP designed to distract, divert and misdirect, the thoroughly insane Flat Earth Theory (FET) is the one. Never in the history of black operations have the co-conspirators been so fierce and fanatical in their mission to deceive and dupe.

Just what is that covert mission? To effectively blow up every internet chat room, forum and blog that has many meaningful discussion about Planet X, formerly known as the 10th Planet. Planet X is the real megillah that everyone has been tying to hide for decades. Simply put, its profound ramifications are so far-reaching and highly consequential that TPTB cannot risk the people catching on. Hence, along comes the Flat Earth Theory to change the conversation into absolute and utter gibberish.

Anyone who knows how COINTELPRO really works will tell you that these Flat Earthers have been carefully cultivated in some serious mind-control programming experiments. Whenever they encounter any resistance to their utterly absurd FET hallucinations, they literally go ballistic. However, they do so with great purpose and calculation. Their studied responses are quite manipulative, just as their triggered reactions are practically inhuman.

Just go to one of the big chat rooms and hang out in one that has made the Flat Earth Theory the topic of discussion. Watch the intensity on the side of the Flat Earthers, especially the way that they deceptively advance their daft arguments. It’s almost as though these folks (probably droids) have been fabricated in some laboratory somewhere in Andromeda. Their thought process is not human, and the practiced sophistry that they routinely employ in downright otherworldly as in AI gone awry in an evil Grey lab in Area 51.

There is no good reason to confront a Flat Earther—Anywhere, Anytime or Anyway. They have proven themselves to be incapable of exercising their faculty of human reason. Likewise, they completely lack any common sense and the ability to utilize basic logic. The Flat Earthers were somehow brainwashed in such a way that they can spontaneously suspend the use of their intellect. Most of them lack the capacity to even discern between a simple right and wrong answer to a question which is obviously black and white. For real, these dunces can’t even answer “Yes” or “No” when asked if the sky — RIGHT NOW — is blue or green, when it is a perfectly deep blue sky. Yes, they have completely left the reservation of rationality and reason. They’re either permanently “Out To Lunch”, forever “AWOL”, and “There’s Nobody Home”. We’re talking the complete absence of even an iota of intellectual integrity. Do you now get the picture? (-: Actually, it ought to be )-:

The bottom line, then, is NOT to waste your time with the Flat Earthers. Their primary function is to waste your time … mightily! As well as to distract you from much more important things that are going on everywhere, all the time. During these times, when things are moving VERY fast, no one on the planet has a second to waste. So why spend a moment in debate with a veritable idiocracy of Flat Earth nonsense?!?!

If you really knew that this whole Flat Earth PSYOP was a full-blown DARPA-conceived, CIA-directed, NSA-monitored, DIA-driven black operation, would you continue to given them any energy whatsoever? Well, now you know. Perhaps some folks enjoy the journey into the realm of the extremely deranged; however, be aware that these Flat Earthers know exactly what they’re doing and that you may find yourself trapped off in a fictitious space-time continuum of puerile phantasmagoria and mentally challenged pseudo-entertainment. BEWARE, and be aware, of where they might be taking you.

The Society of Flat Earth Debunkers (SFED) perfectly understands that NASA does not tell the truth about anything ever, unless they must. The SFED also knows that there are many scientific laws and maxims, theories and hypotheses which are falling apart by the day. We put no stock in the many falsehoods and propagated by the scientific establishment. However, that doesn’t mean that doesn’t mean that everything that comes out of NASA is bunk. After all, they did know enough to launch a space shuttle every now and then. More importantly, the Russians would have given up the International Space Station years ago if all NASA science and technology was falsely concocted. Would you send up your cosmonauts if the math was all wrong?

Society of Flat Earth Debunkers, The Millennium Report 4 Comments [2/13/2016 4:47:32 AM]
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Quote# 116750

The Truth About TWO Day Sandy Hook Event (Dec 13 & Dec 14) - Advanced HSEEP Training

I posted this in another thread ( Thread: Sandy Hook : Well that solves the helicopter footage timeline. ) but a few people suggested I post it as its own post instead so I figured what the hell...

Anyways this is my theory, so feel free to agree or disagree.


I just wanted to share something with you guys as I have also been following the Sandy Hook event fairly closely in the background and I wanted to share a somewhat unique perspective I have on what I feel is a very misunderstood element surrounding the Sandy Hook shooting and how it was rolled out to the public. My hope is by the end of this you at least somewhat get where I am coming from, and I feel understanding this element really helps see the event and the "evidence" surrounding it much more clearly.

Before I start, without getting to long winded, I specialized in following and researching HSEEP protocols and how they apply to various events. My research into HSEEP started after SH and carried into Boston and LAX (at which point I was following HSEEP and its connected aspects so closely that I predicted a fake AR shooting at LAX almost to the day (was off by 2 days) over 2 weeks before the event is said to of taken place). Anyways I guess my point is I really follow how HSEEP protocols work, how they are built and how they are applied to the drill environment in a dynamic fashion.

When it comes to HSEEP drills you first have to understand how a MSEL works. Think of an MSEL as the script... even better yet think of the MSEL as a choose your own adventure book. A drill framework is designed into a story and put into an MSEL, and each element of the story is given various different pathways/branches the controllers can choose to activate or go down at any point in time during the drill (via injects).

Example: The (a - suspect, b suspects) arrives at the (a - school, b - hospital, c - mall) in a (a - car, b - van, c - on foot), carrying (a - 2 handguns, b - an ar15 & 2 handguns, c - 4 handguns) while leaving (a - 1 ar15 & 1 shotgun, b - 2 handguns, c - 1 ar15) in the (a - trunk, b - backseat) before entering the building by (a - being buzzed in, b - shooting way in, c - walking in open door)...

I think you get my point. Anyways the reason they do this is based on the main doctrine of HSEEP event control, which is the ability to alter/tweak elements on the fly and see how people respond to the dynamic change in real time. This is VERY important to understand.

To understand Sandy Hook fully you MUST look at it the same way but to do that you must realize a highly MISUNDERSTOOD element surrounding that event... That is the fact that the drill in question actually took place on Dec 13, 2012 NOT Dec 14, 2012... Let me explain... Understand the goal of this event was not to just do a drill and pass it off as real, it goes beyond that. If they just wanted to run a fake event and play it off as real, then why not at least fake a realistic response to it to help sell it right? Why no medical response to at least act like they are doing something? Why not have cops running around at the scene on the helicopter video in-front of the school? Why not avoid contradictions? Why not have more kids scheduled to be at the firehouse to sell the "mass evacuation" that much more? I mean That would be the logical thing to do right? If the goal was to fake an event and sell it as being as real as possible. So why don't we see that? Well there is a perfectly good answer.

The reason is the drill itself was only phase 1 of the event, where phase 2 which was the primary goal behind the event was to test the full boundaries of the HSEEP dynamic event control apparatus AFTER an event has already happened. Basically normal HSEEP training involves how much they can tweak/alter an event in real time DURING the active drill, where with Sandy Hook the HSEEP training also involved a 2nd phase which centered around using the same HSEEP framework of dynamic event tweaking but applying it AFTER THE FACT (create 1 story via a drill on dec 13, roll out that event as real on dec 14, then in real time try to tweak elements after the fact to gauge success of story changing abilities, test media response to contradictions and changing info, and lastly assess overall public reaction once everything is said and done).

Example (microcosm):
Can they run a drill with 2 shooters on Dec 13, announce it as real on Dec 14, and then change the story to only 1 shooter as the story develops and have the new story stick/overwrite the old one?

I call it Advanced HSEEP training, and that is exactly what Sandy Hook was...

Here let me explain it a different way, think back to the FEMA Document that some call fake (but I personally believe is 100% real and says it all).

"Exercise play will begin at 8:00 am on December 13th 2012. Play will proceed according to the events outlined in the MSEL, in accordance with established plans and procedures. The exercise will conclude upon the completion of operations and attainment of the exercise objectives, as determined by the Exercise Director/Controller. The exercise is expected to end at 11:59 pm on 12/13/12 and be evaluated on 12/14/12 as a real-time event."

Now think of what that is saying, literally.
1. "Exercise play will begin at 8:00 am on December 13th 2012." = the active drill takes place starting the morning of Dec 13 (not the 14th)
2. "The exercise is expected to end at 11:59 pm on 12/13/12" = the active elements of the drill will end late night Dec 13 (not 14th)
3. "evaluated on 12/14/12 as a real-time event" = roll out the previous days event as if the event is a real event AND as if the event is taking place a day later then it actually did.

Sidenote: #3 is a bit more complex then that, as on Dec 14 they left most of the elements outside of the school up so that the scene outside on both days looked very similar, and they overlapped a bunch of different elements from Dec 14 ontop of the rollout of the Dec 13 drill data to blur the lines between the 2 events (Dec 13 drill + staging area vs Dec 14 just staging area). This is why it is important to understand what elements of evidence are from Dec 13, and what elements of evidence are from Dec 14.

The way I see it the best way to look at the data surrounding that day is to look at every element of that day broken into a specific day in which it took place (which again is over a 2 day period). A few examples of this are...

Elements attached to dec 13 (drill) are...
1.Actual drill at SH (FEMA, involving children from St Rose of Lima using the nearby and closed Sandy Hook Elementary)
2.Police Scanner recordings (all, 24 hour delayed release)
3.SH drill participant interviews (morning, 24 hour delayed release)
4.Drill evacuation images (select few, 24 hour delayed release)
5.Social/news/charity prep (most with 24 hour delay, except for "official" drill partners like United Way which intentionally posted their content early and aligned with the live drill itself)
6.investigation at the house NEXT to the lanza house (34 Yogananda St)

sidenote: The 30 students involved in the FEMA drill on Dec 13, 2012 were St Rose of Lima Students, which played out the drill at the nearby closed Sandy Hook Elementary (26 of which surirve in the drill).

Elements attached to dec 14 (delayed release + reaction gauging & tweaking) are...
1.Social/news/charity posting (after the 24 hour delay to trigger as if something is going on for real on the 14th)
2.9/11 Calls (all made on Dec 14 to help SELL the previous days drill script as if it is JUST now happening for real on the 14th, all called in via the CT State police)
3.St Rose of Lima child interviews (they went into the school and evacuated it after the non-event on dec 14, scared the shit out of the kids (again for some...), and then interviewed them and mixed their accounts in with the SH interviews (from the day prior) as if they are referring to the same thing on the same day (which they are not)).
4.helicopter videos (taken of the staging area setup on Dec 14 to again help sell the idea that a breaking event is taking place on Dec 14th (which there wasn't))
5.dashcam videos (taken on Dec 14 (timestamp off by a few mins).
6.investigation at the lanza house (36 Yogananda St)

Think of it, ever wonder why the dashcam videos, helicopter videos and police scanner recordings all dont line up? It's because they are from different days and/or times all-together. The police scanners were part of the active drill (Phase 1, Dec 13), while the helicopter videos are from the next day of the staging area & firehouse (Phase 2 (staging), Dec 14) while the dashcams were also part of the next days staging area (Phase 2, Dec 14 (timestamp off by few mins)), .

This same thing can be applied to basically all elements of that day, and can really help put a better perspective on what is happening in each case. You just have to really factor in that each elements either attached to either the drill (Dec 13) OR the rollout (Dec 14).

As far as I can tell most the drill elements (Dec 13) were presented primarily by the following means, drill police scanner recordings, initial written interviews/reports (most of which got tweaked/removed over time such as the Principle Dawn interview), and MSM reporters initial reports (which again over time mostly changed)... while the rollout elements or dynamic after-action tweaks (Dec 14) were presented primarily by more visual means such as the damcams, the helicopter videos, most the in person interviews and live MSM stories TELLING us what what happening and what to think (which again got tweaked slowly through the day as part of Phase 2 rollout).

TruthNow88, Godlike Productions 3 Comments [2/13/2016 4:46:51 AM]
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Quote# 116749

Some aliens do proclaim Christ as Lord. that is how they deceived me. Satan cannot deceive a Christian with a Christ denying spirit, so he sends angels of light and ministers of righteousness that sound good on the surface but when you really dig deep you discover it is all designed to lead you astray.

Elelel Lelele, alien deception  4 Comments [2/13/2016 4:46:33 AM]
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Quote# 116748

By the corrupt and illegitimate judiciary with their gold fringed flags and black robes denying Americans their Constitutional and God given right to protest and seek redress peacefully, they are virtually guaranteeing the revolution will be violent and bloody when it comes.

Restless Boomers, Activist Post 3 Comments [2/13/2016 4:46:17 AM]
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Submitted By: TimeToTurn
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Quote# 116747

They have perfected DNA manipulation and can look human while being hybrid/demon/aliens, (such as "star children" hybrids) with the ability to shape-shift into their original form and then back into a human form. No this isn't science fiction, or Saturday morning cartoon central. This is real. Fiction, Cartoons, X-Files, this was/is just conditioning to get you and your children used to seeing these things happen and to just accept it when it starts to happen more in the future and out in the open instead of behind closed doors.

Sherry Shriner, The Watcher Files 3 Comments [2/13/2016 4:46:01 AM]
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Quote# 116744

Do I believe in a Flat Earth? I don’t know. The evidence suggesting that’s the case is nevertheless quite convincing. Even more convincing is that Nuremberg was merely a continuation of war propaganda, and that neither an order to exterminate the Jews nor homicidal gas chambers ever existed: all easily verified fact.


Broadcasters of mainstream ideas are the same people who create fictional entertainment. Think about it: our fake monetary system; endless wars which create debt in our so-called secular liberal western democracies; aeroplanes which disappear from radar in the southern hemisphere; ever taller sky-scrapers with no floors posed as radio masts? Can governments be trusted to tell us the truth about anything?

Alison Chabloz, Alison Chabloz 7 Comments [2/12/2016 4:08:01 PM]
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Quote# 116702

d so call bible that all his works where stolen from african ( kemet)

the so called bible dat d whites twist to favour them self

the so called bible written by drunk men who claim day got inspiration from d lord

so called bible written by a black man sharkspare ( the book of psalm)

wake up people they twisted ur history and put it in a book for u to carry around and forget ur history and make u believe in a white man with pink nose to save u while day loot ur land and keep u in bond with their the bible so u cant do sh..it


redvektor, Nairaland 9 Comments [2/11/2016 5:17:26 PM]
Fundie Index: 4
Submitted By: TimeToTurn
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Quote# 116680

The PUAs aren't the fraud/shills: it's the ATTORNEYS

UPDATE on the PUA takedown:

It seems that the "PUA community" is a pawn of an internet LEGAL community which makes a small fortune by encouraging online defamation and other actionable conduct, defaming people (like me) they know will file suit), encouraging third parties to defame, then offering to defend them (for a huge price, of course). Since they are defendants, they have no choice and appreciate the "help."

Several in this legal mafia employ legal "bloggers" who are either profiting from the business their own conduct generates, or who seek out lawsuits, particularly from pro-se litigants, to highlight and ridicule, relying on public ignorance of the law, and stereotypes, to paint these litigants in a negative light, warning you not to back down if threatened with a lawsuit, etc. They're basically arms dealers profiting directly from the wars they incite, or fuel when they see an existing war.

Anyone who has been goaded into defaming another and wound up sued, or who has been defamed, particularly because they sued, has suffered from this mafia. Let's just say steps are being taken to stop them, they know who they are, they know I'm on to them, and it's just a matter of time at this point.

ThePUAMole, Sluthate.com 5 Comments [2/10/2016 4:24:33 AM]
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Submitted By: Ivurm
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Quote# 116663

The Spherical Earth - Wht you are not being told

Spherical earthers are very comfortable in spinning the assumption that the flat Earth theory is a massive psy-op.

A psy-op is something that needs a lot of funds and support. All the flat-earthers have is their own home-spun resources to fund their study of the reality they live in.

A psy-op will involve major corporations and secret agencies. So far there are no major corporations who are involved in spreading the FE theory onto the masses.
Secret agencies can infiltrate the truth movement and create a fake theory, yes. But in the case of the FE theory , such a psy-op can be dangerous to them.
It will accidentally open up the minds of the masses to the question of trust: should I trust the Nasa moon landings? Were they too fake? What about the centuries that ancient man believed the earth to be flat? Or was it because centuries of ancient people were pure stupid idiots, and its only we in the present day that are so marvelously ahead of our time?

Questions will pop up, and if anything, a FE psy-op will only make things worse for the secret elite. This is why the FE theory is NOT a psy-op.
The FE theory cannot be a psy-op because many of the proofs can be studied by anyone and the truth may be know by anyone with a bit of intelligence to know where to look. All evidences presented so far since the last two centuries can be verified by ordinary people. Yes you can see a ship with a telescope even after you think its dipped below the horizon. Yes you can see islands that shouldn't be visible using 'scientific' calculations of a round earth. Yes you can.......
Ask yourself this: what will such a flat earth psy-op gain for the elite? It will gain nothing, because us truthers have really sharp brains and can see through lies a mile away.
If FE was a psy-op , people would have moved on and not discussed it everyday. The 100th monkey effect is real.
If a group of people KNOW that there is a psy-op going on, soon the hundredth monkey on a remote island on the far side of this world will move on. This is the minds ethereal plasma. Everything is connected. If something is not right, the 100th monkey will know it deep within its soul.

Flat Earth theory is not a psy-op because it is the reality you are living within.

The flat Earth theory is being studied and examined by truthers like you and me. Together all us truthers have maybe a couple hundred thousand dollars combined, to fund our study and exploration of this topic.

What you have on the other side is a so called 'space agency' that is going to be terribly embarrassed if the truth were to be known.
What we have on the other side are Free Mason societies with trillions of wealth , who have the ability and the power to not only tell you what you should think of SCIENCE , and indeed lay down the foundations of this fake SCIENCE so you will think of them as your reality, ....but also have the power to force you think the world is round. They can maintain the illusion of a spherical earth for years to come. So long as they are in power.

This is what we are up against.

I am a truther.
I know the truth of the world.

And the world is FLAT. Not round.

Anonymous Coward, Godlike Productions 17 Comments [2/9/2016 3:56:37 AM]
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Quote# 116662

why tptb are scared shitless of the flat earth revolution

its because they know that it would spoil there plans of faking an alien invasion and getting man to unite under a one world government. They realise that the flat earth model refutes the existince of other planets. If everybody woke up to FE nobody will buy the fake alien invasion that tptb have been planning

Anonymous Coward, Godlike Productions 12 Comments [2/9/2016 3:56:33 AM]
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Quote# 116660

The story of how ex-Marine "Lee Harvey Oswald" defected to the Soviet Union, and was given a job at a top secret radar factory in Minsk, is one of the most sinister MI6/CIA covert operations in history.

Only a thorough knowledge of spies and spying can help unravel the mystery. Throughout history, doubles or look-alikes have been used as spies. In Russia today, a Putin look-alike is actually President of that great country.

Incredibly, in 1952, "Marguerite Oswald" moved all the way from New Orleans to the Bronx to be near her eldest son who was serving in the Coast Guard.

There is a photo of the young "Lee" taken outside the Bronx Zoo. Even back then there were fake "Oswalds" sighted in different parts of the country.

There is a picture of the real Oswald taken at Beauregard Junior High School in 1955.

Oswald was 16 at that time.

Oswald was mentally challenged and basically a dunce in school.

The only Russian word he knew was Sputnik.

The only redeeming feature that high school dropout Oswald had in the Marine Corps was the fact that he had a look-alike or double. The counterfeit was in fact much older, and taller, but the Office of Naval "Intelligence" decided that the resemblance was close enough.

Nobody knows what happened to the real Oswald after he was discharged from the Marine Corps. Most probably he was titaniced (man overboard) and just disappeared until Judgment Day.

The counterfeit Oswald joined the Marine Corps at the same time as the real Oswald.

That Oswald studied Russian, and worked at the top secret radar facility at Atsugu, Japan.

That Oswald imposter was a well trained CIA agent.

The Oswald double was a well trained Naval "Intelligence" agent or spy. He worked at various U.S. Naval Bases and was stationed at Atsugu, Japan. Of course he spoke Russian fluently but with an American accent. He would never be sent to live in Russia as a spy because a native Russian speaker would detect his foreign accent immediately.

The counterfeit "Oswald" defected to the Soviet Union in 1959!!

The fake Oswald arrived in Moscow on October 15, 1959, and wrote a letter to the Supreme Soviet demanding Russian citizenship. Oswald told the Russians that he was an ex-Marine who had worked at a top secret radar facility and had much clandestine information for them.

On October 15, 1959, Marxist Marine "Oswald" arrived in Moscow and stayed at the Hotel Berlin.

He wrote a letter to the Soviet government and demanded Russian citizenship.

Naturally, the Soviets, suspecting that he was a CIA spy, denied his request, and ordered him to leave the country immediately.

As a result of his citizenship denial, Oswald feigned suicide and he was "discovered" with a slit wrist in the hotel bathtub. "Oswald" was then rushed by ambulance to Botkinskaya Hospital where he received 5 stitches. He remained in the hospital for 3 days in the psychiatric ward and 4 days in the somatic ward for observation.

The "suicide attempt" delayed his deportation from Russia because the Russians feared an international incident if an American killed himself or died in the Soviet Union.

On October 31, the fake Oswald walked in to the American embassy in Moscow, threw his passport on consul Richard Snyder's desk, and demanded to take the oath renouncing his U.S. citizenship.

Snyder was a CIA agent assigned to the U.S. embassy.


How Oleg von Mohrenschildt became Lee Harvey Oswald!!

After the charade in Moscow with the fake "Oswald" attempting suicide, the scene now shifts to Minsk, capital of Belarus. Minsk was an industrial town about 500 miles southwest of Moscow. Oswald was given a high paying job and scenic apartment overlooking the Svislach River:

Lee started his job in Minsk on January 13, and in March he was awarded a pleasant one-room apartment with a view overlooking the river. His financial situation was superb. He earned $70 to $90 a month at work and received an additional $70 a month in the form of a Red Cross subsidy. He had as much monthly income as the director of his factory. Lee did not particularly like his job. It was mere manual labor, while he had hoped for a place in an institute and a chance to study full time. But as the object of much attention and the recipient, like every foreigner, of many favors, he was at first reasonably content. (McMillan, Marina and Lee, p. 79).

The high school dropout from New Orleans was certainly warmly received in Russia.

The "Lee" in Minsk was actually Oleg von Mohrenschildt, illegitimate son of Dallas resident George de Mohrenschildt.

On March 25, 1961, Oleg, aka Lee, met Marina Prusakova at a dance.

Marina–a fluent English speaker–was a "honey trap" and well trained KGB agent.

The KGB was formed by British Secret Service agent Nikita Khrushchev in 1954. Marina was the daughter of a high ranking KGB colonel named Ilya Vasilyevich Prusakov, who was stationed in Minsk at that time.

The KGB was the Russian counterpart of the CIA. Marina said that "Oswald" spoke Russian with a Baltic accent:

Almost immediately a knot of young men formed around her and she was introduced to one named Alik, who seemed instantly drawn to her. They danced, and when they spoke, she noticed he spoke Russian with a slight accent. At first she thought he was from one of the Baltic parts of the Soviet Union–Estonia, Latvia or Lithuania–but then found to her surprise that he was an American named Lee Harvey Oswald living in Minsk. (Epstein, Legend: The Secret World of Lee Harvey Oswald, p. 135).

Marina said that she called him Alik because Lee sounded like a Chinese name. A Texan speaking fluent Russian with a Baltic accent. What a fairly tale that only strong VOODOO could make people believe.

KGB "honey trap" Marina Prusakova married Oleg aka Lee on April 30, 1961.

No fiction writer could have invented a more improbable scenario . . . except that it really happened.

Her KGB assignment was to "help" Oleg aka Lee join his father in Texas and maybe do a little spying for his country.

When the time for the assassination of President Kennedy drew near, Oleg aka Lee decided that his decision to defect was not a good idea after all. To this his wife Marina eagerly concurred.

The "workers paradise" was not what he expected, even though he earned a higher salary and had a better apartment than workers twice his age.

Oleg aka Lee contacted CIA consul Richard Snyder and was told that he still had his passport. By that time, Oleg and Marina had a baby girl named June. Diplomats who married Russian wives had to wait for years for their spouses to get visas to leave the Soviet Union.

Femme fatale Marina–the female version of the Russian Guy Fawkes–rarely smiled.

If only Oleg's friends in Minsk knew that he was going to be framed for assassinating the President of the United States.


The man from Minsk was FRAMED for the murder of the President!!

It was a highly complicated psyop to get the man from Minsk in the right place to be framed for President Kennedy's assassination. Everything did work out perfectly until the aftermath of the shooting.

About 12:15 p.m., Oleg left the building; walked 7 blocks to Elm and Murphy, and then boarded a bus bound for his lodging house in Oak Cliff.

The bus was stuck in traffic so he got off at the Greyhound Bus Terminal and took a cab.

The driver entered the time in his logbook as 12:30 p.m.

The President was shot at 12:30 p.m., so how could the man from Minsk be in 2 places at the same time. The Russians are a super race to survive Napoleon, Hitler, and the Cold War but they are not omnipresent.

The whole diabolical assassination scenario took years to plan but it all depended on Oleg the "patsy" being killed immediately afterward. You could say it all began after April 15, 1865.

Our Great JEHOVAH intervened and the police failed to kill the man from Minsk in the Texas Theater. Since that time, literally hundreds of people associated in any way with the assassination have met violent deaths or were suicided.

Patrick Scrivener, Reformation 14 Comments [2/9/2016 3:55:37 AM]
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Quote# 116649

Holy crap... just figured it out... the O.J Simpson murder was nothing but a false flag

Everything surrounding the murders of Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman was nothing more than a false flag, on a small scale. It was a setup to take heat off the L.A.P.D during a time when racism was skyrocketing after the Rodney King beating and shit.

LAPD was defeated, they needed a way to show people they weren't racist and they let O.J Simpson, with him being high-profiled and all, be the one to defeat the LAPD in this fake murder.

The OJ Simpson murder shit was false flag before we even knew what false flag even was. It's written all over the place, review all the facts... it's a complete fucking mess, no organization, nobody had a clue how to make it believable on either side... it was false flag in its infancy.

Anonymous Coward, Godlike Productions 9 Comments [2/8/2016 4:08:57 AM]
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Quote# 116644

Because we all know this is about getting Assange to the USA What is the saying the bigger the lie the easier it is too get people to accept.I for one am insulted that we are expected to take this outrages lie seriously when we all know this is 101 gov. tactic to get someone.What about the raping by UN troops of little african boys.Stop tell to tell me black is white.

ID1597567, The Guardian 4 Comments [2/8/2016 4:05:37 AM]
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Quote# 116641


aquariusgolden, Instagram 9 Comments [2/8/2016 4:04:56 AM]
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Quote# 116619

Beethoven was actually an Afro-Austrian Moor even tho he's painted as a white man #BlackHistoryYouDidntLearnInSchool

Eat Yo Soul, Twitter 21 Comments [2/6/2016 6:45:49 AM]
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Quote# 116602

crisis actor caught again at her 5th false flag event!!!!!

check out the video....

same lady...tries to hide her face...this time....same nose..same lines on face...similar glasses....but exactly the same voice.....

maybe next time they will disguise that for you....

epic faill......

f*ck you crisis actors......

i been telling you all this is a false flag event.......few listen.

here is just one piece of evidence....
along with sanshilly..an admitted fbi agent...who got arrested because his cover was blown...

below...crisis actor caught at Fifth event....

JGARCYA, Lunatic Outpost 9 Comments [2/6/2016 4:26:12 AM]
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Quote# 116601

And who owns the patent on the virus? The Rockefeller Foundation!

Why has the issue of patent ownership of the Zika virus not been the object of media coverage?

Lest we forget the words of David Rockefeller in an address to a Trilateral Commission meeting in June of 1991

“We are grateful to the Washington Post, the New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost 40 years. … It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supernational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries.”

Is the ownership of the Zika Virus by the Rockefeller Foundation part of that agenda of “supernational sovereignty [dominated] by an intellectual elite and world bankers…”?

Guillaume Kress, GlobalResearch.ca 3 Comments [2/6/2016 4:26:08 AM]
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Quote# 116597

The Real Reason gov loves Islam.

Islam is an all encompassing system of control in its current form.
What you eat ( no pork or booze) what you wear( hijab) who you talk too( no infidels) . Every facet of life is under the control of this religion.

You are forced at a very young age to never question,only accept and submit. What you submit to is the opinion of the leadership of your sect. Independent thought is not tolerated or allowed.
People are forced to be literal sheep from almost birth.

Western governments are heading towards total control of people.
Now they have a religion that molds people to accept that control. Never to question what is said and done by the elite. It looks like a match made in hell for the enemies of free thinkers. But it serves the interests of the power elite.

Islam and democracy do not go well together. Erdogan of Turkey said 'democracy is a train that takes us where we need to go. We will get off the train when we reach our goal'. Where he wants,and where the rulers want us to go is to fascist control that keeps the elite secure, and the rest of us prisoners.

Islam is a tool to mold people to accept that. Why do you think the west is so hell bent on rapidly changing its demographics with refugees.

Anonymous Coward, Godlike Productions 8 Comments [2/6/2016 4:25:40 AM]
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Quote# 116566

So Now we have the “Zika Virus” circulating instead of Ebola, starting mainly in Brazil, and continuing on to Barbados, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Curaçao, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Guatemala, Guyana, Haiti, Honduras, Martinique, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Puerto Rico, Saint Martin, Suriname, US Virgin Islands, Venezuela ( http://www.paho.org/hq/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=11603&Itemid=41696&lang=en) and now hit the mainland United States covering:2016-cha-autoch-human-cases-zika-virus-ew-4
Arkansas – 1 case originating from Central America
California – 6 cases (2 from 2015 and the rest from 2013 and 2014)
Florida – 3 cases originating from Colombia and Venezuela
Hawaii – 1 case of a woman who gave birth to a child with microcephaly and had lived in Brazil
Illinois – 2 cases originating from Honduras and Haiti (both women were pregnant)
Minnesota – 1 case originating from Honduras
Montana – Not confirmed, but one case may have been discovered in northwest Montana, but labs haven’t confirmed it yet
New Jersey – 1 case originating in Colombia
New York – At least 7 cases
Oregon – 3 cases originating from Polynesia
Texas – 2 cases originating from El Salvador and Colombia
Virginia – 1 case from Central America

What exactly is the “Zika Virus”?
Zika is a disease first reported in 1948 caused by Zika virus that is spread to people primarily through the bite of an infected Aedes species mosquito. The most common symptoms of Zika are fever, rash, joint pain, and conjunctivitis (red eyes). The illness is usually mild with symptoms lasting for several days to a week. Zika is primarily transmitted through the bite of infected Aedes mosquitoes. Mosquitoes become infected when they bite a person already infected with the virus. Infected mosquitoes can then spread the virus to other people through bites. It can also be transmitted from a pregnant mother to her baby during pregnancy or around the time of birth. We do not know how often Zika is transmitted from mother to baby during pregnancy or around the time of birth. (http://www.cdc.gov/zika/disease-qa.html) Zika is suppose to be transmitted from animal or insect to human, not human to human other then through pregnacy. So they say… But their are ways for it to find itself being spread by other means such as the pharmaceutical route. Tdap seems to be a very promising delivery system, wouldn’t you say? Beginning back in late 2014, the Brazilian minister of health announced that a new Tdap shot would be mandatory for all expectant mothers starting in 2015. Since it’s mandatory, mothers with birth defect babies tdapreceived this newly formulated vaccine while pregnant. The timeliness of the Tdap vaccine and the sudden rise in birth defects is more than just a little coincidental. The consequences of this untested vaccine is being swept under the rug. Which brings us once again to Bill Gates, the King of Eugenics and Vaccines. ( http://www.trinfinity8.com/zika-virus-mosquitos/ )
Drug companies did not test the safety and effectiveness of giving influenza or Tdap vaccine to pregnant women before the vaccines were licensed in the U.S. and there is almost no data on inflammatory or other biological responses to these vaccines that could affect pregnancy and birth outcomes. There are ingredients in influenza and pertussis containing Tdap vaccines that have not been fully evaluated for potential genotoxic or other adverse effects on the human fetus developing in the womb that may negatively affect health after birth, including aluminum adjuvants, mercury containing (Thimerosal) preservatives and many more bioactive and potentially toxic ingredients.

With this virus spreading the way it is so fast, Organizations around the world are saying this could be a “Pandemic”. The World Health Organization (WHO) will hold an emergency meeting Monday to find ways to battle the Zika virus, which is linked to birth defects and “spreading explosively” through the Americas. (USA Today)

Their seems to be quite a few different reasons circulating on why this could have popped up so fast and violent as it has. We have come across several plausible and some inconceivable. How about Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Rockefeller’s, New Word Order, or even suggestions this virus could be used to change harsh anti-abortion laws in Brazil… ( http://thinkprogress.org/health/2016/01/30/3744448/zika-abortion/ )
It seems to go right along with everything else going on around the globe. Is this another way of population control, along with all the Walmarts closing all about the same time and FEMA camps? Is the Government getting ready to round us up? Well, being that The recent outbreak of Zika virus in Brazil is now being linked to genetically modified mosquitoes developed by the British biotech company Oxitec, which is funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. This may seem to be the most plausible explanation. But also let us not forget ties Bill Gates has…

Oxitec has been releasing the genetically modified Aedes mosquitoes into the wild in Brazil since 2011 to battle dengue fever. The company produces up two million genetically modified mosquitoes a week in its factory in Campinas, Brazil.

Bill Gates. Suspicious? How about the Rockefeller’s? The laboratory selling of the Zika Virus with year of origin as 1947 by The Rockefeller Fundation… ( http://www.atcc.org/Products/All/VR-84.aspx?slp=1&geo_country=us#history )

Fear is what “they” want. Yes, take precautions, but don’t be afraid. Don’t let the Governments around the world scare you. No matter the reason for this possible “pandemic”, stay calm, pay attention to what’s going on around your local city or town, and be vigilant to what the Government is doing on U.S. soil. I can almost guarantee it’s unconstitutional..

Chris Parker, Why All The Secrecy 4 Comments [2/4/2016 2:36:28 PM]
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Quote# 116565


People we need to wake up. I know its easier to go about your normal daily routines when you feel all safe and cozy behind the shield of a protective government, but the fact is with every shield comes a sword and now that sword is pointed at you. The Imperial Presidency of Barack Obama far exceeds past episodes of constitutional overreach by previous Presidents. President Obama has shown an astounding lack of respect for the U.S. Constitution, the other branches of government, and the American people. If he wants it to happen, he is quick to use executive power. With attempts on gun laws and using executive power to institute Martial Law in non wartime situations. Local and state Police are being militarized right under our noses. When asked “why”, the response is the cities are getting more dangerous and the illegal weapons are getting stronger. The weapons are actually less deadly now than they were in the mob era, Tommy guns, fully automatic machine guns, and explosives were commonly used and the police were able to take control of the situation with shotguns and revolvers.
They didn’t need a tank to handle the situation. new1The truth is the U.S. government is trying to get you comfortable seeing the military on the corner. AR-15s in the hands of soldiers on your suburban street. Now we have military exercises such as JADE HELM taking place all over the country. On NON military, NON federal, and NON government owned land, and they expect us to not question why all of the sudden the military is performing exercises on U.S. soil for the first time. Testing to see if special forces can move through a populated city unknown to capture a so called high priority subject. Would that not be the job of local or state police, even FBI, but not military. While there are many different compelling theories as to the real reasons behind Jade Helm, the most likely theory put forward so far is that the government has realized the need to increase training for a martial law scenario in America due to some sort of impending collapse or civil unrest. Some theories point to the large number of FEMA camps popping up all over the world as a sign a government takeover is already under way as you are reading this article. The beliefs that the sudden closure of Walmart stores are in plans to be used as detention centers. Then we dug up that Walmart had received at least 1 billion in government subsidies and now more than 230 Walmart stores will play this video at select checkout lanes. In the coming weeks, a total of 588 stores will show the video featuring Secretary Napolitano reminding shoppers to contact local law enforcement to report suspicious activity. “Homeland security starts with hometown security, and each of us plays a critical role in keeping our country and communities safe” the Secretary said today, adding “I applaud Walmart for joining the ‘If You See Something, Say Something’ campaign. This partnership will help millions of shoppers across the nation identify and report indicators of terrorism, crime and other threats to law enforcement authorities.” So why is Walmart playing videos from Homeland Security? Who owns FEMA? The answer would be the department of Homeland Security. Personally I am not a fan of coincidence. Obama has put the plans for Martial Law in place. The exercises have been and are still ongoing. Civil War is inevitable. Prepare yourselves, fight back. Keep your protest and demonstrations legal but when the put you against a wall FIGHT for your Constitutional rights by any means. Remember when they violate the constitution, rebellion is not only legal it’s a responsibility. War is coming. To our armed forces we know there is a resistance within, we just hope and ask when the fight breaks out we hope you stand on the right side. The side of the American citizens, not the side of tyranny.

Shain, Why All The Secrecy 7 Comments [2/4/2016 2:36:21 PM]
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Quote# 116564

Zika: The CDC is the medical CIA

Its agents run global covert ops

The virus hunters

While I was writing my first book in 1987, AIDS INC., I spoke with a media rep at the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC). After a bit of wrangling, he told me what I wanted to know: the CDC sends certain people to Langley for CIA training, and when they come back they have advanced security clearances.

This melded nicely with what I was learning about the CDC’s little-known Epidemic Intelligence Service (EIS). Right off the top, I can tell you they create disinformation on a scale that must make the CIA jealous.

Graduates of this EIS program, as proudly stated by the CDC, have gone on to occupy key positions in the overall medical cartel: Surgeons General; CDC directors; medical school deans and professors; medical foundation executives; drug-company and insurance executives; state health officials; medical editors and reporters in media outlets.

It’s a loyal insider’s club. They collaborate to float prime-cut, A-number-one cover stories of extraordinary dimensions. They invent medical reality out of thin air.

Here is a brief excerpt from the CDC’s website, “50 Years of the Epidemic Intelligence Service”:

“In 1951, EIS was established by CDC following the start of the Korean War as an early-warning system against biologic warfare and man-made epidemics. EIS officers selected for 2-year field assignments were primarily medical doctors and other health professionals…who focused on infectious disease outbreaks. EIS has expanded to include a range of public health professionals, such as postdoctoral scientists in statistics, epidemiology, microbiology, anthropology, sociology, and behavioral sciences. Since 1951, approximately 2500 EIS officers have responded to requests for epidemiologic assistance within the United States and throughout the world. Each year, EIS officers are involved in several hundred investigations of disease and injury problems, enabling CDC and its public health partners to make recommendations to improve the public’s health and safety.” (italics added)

Several hundred investigations a year. An unparalleled opportunity to shape the truth into propaganda. Control of information about disease. Control out in the field, where EIS agents rush to the scene of “outbreaks,” all the way through the hallowed halls of academia, into the press, into Big Pharma, into the government.

When I say control of information, I mean disinformation. That’s what the EIS is for. They’ve never met a virus they didn’t love, and if they couldn’t find one, they pretended they did.

They front for the medical cartel. And they provide cover for the crimes of mega-corporations. There’s a town where poverty-stricken people are dying, because horrendous pesticides are running into the water supply and soil? No, it’s a virus. There’s a hotel where the plumbing is broken and human waste is getting into all the bathrooms, and they want this hotel to be the epicenter of a new epidemic? No, it isn’t the plumbing, it’s a novel virus never seen before by man. There’s a section of a city where the industrial pollution is driving people over the edge into immune-system failure? No, it’s a virus.

And here’s the capper. Their propaganda is so good most of the EIS people believe it themselves. You don’t achieve that kind of robotic servitude without intense brainwashing. The first installment of the mind-control program is called medical school.

The EIS would have you believe the whole world is being attacked by viruses, all the time. That’s their mission.

Here is the data you need to know. I’ll try to boil it down. To even begin to say a particular virus might be causing a disease, you have to remove diseased tissue from many humans with the same symptoms, put the tissue samples under an electron microscope and see a whole lot of that particular virus, not just one or two stragglers. This procedure is rarely done. The tests that are used widely, the antibody and PCR tests, are worthless for this purpose. I have provided details in other articles (see this “zika” one).

Finding what might be a particular virus in a few people doesn’t cut it. Which is exactly what happened in the 2003 SARS “epidemic,” for example. Ten closed labs did all the original research. They emerged with what they called a coronavirus as the cause of SARS. However, in Canada, as the weeks passed, fewer and fewer diagnosed SARS patients showed any sign of the virus. It was all a ruse, a con.

Researchers are trained to think that possibly finding a virus in a few patients allows a conclusion that the virus is causing the disease. This is utter nonsense.

In the case of Zika, as I wrote in a recent piece, Brazilian researchers have just gone off the reservation and decided to revisit their own original findings. So far, they’ve only been able to confirm six cases of microcephaly (small heads, brain impairment) where the Zika virus is present. Six. The whole thing is turning out to be ridiculous.

The Brazil op has several dimensions. I’ll point out one here. The Zika virus, as in other cases, will be strongly linked to global warming (yet another example of bereft “science”). This tune will be sung: mosquitoes that carry disease are expanding their territory because of warming, and therefore people who once considered themselves safe from these “exotic” viruses will fall ill and die. Bottom line: to limit warming, the planet must adopt cap and trade, carbon taxes (and lower energy production). This is the Globalist agenda. It is intended to drive countries deeper into misery, debt, and chaos—thus making it easier to install a wider and wider global management system.

And this line of psy-op and propaganda begins with the virus hunters of the EIS. They control and own the chokepoint of disease research. They blow up their scanty findings into ex-cathedra pronouncements.

And of course, this strengthens the vaccine establishment because, for every virus, there must be a vaccine: the shot in the arm, loaded with toxic chemicals and a variety of germs.

The EIS. The CDC’s band of brothers. The medical CIA.

Jon Rappoport, Jon Rappoport'sBlog 3 Comments [2/4/2016 2:36:16 PM]
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Quote# 116545

California is drying up because evil satanic Jewish zionists want to depopulate through starvation. They want to start ww3 and make lots of money off the lives of billions of people.

Joe Eigo, Instagram 16 Comments [2/4/2016 4:07:12 AM]
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Quote# 116536

[Responding to a TV documentary saying that Robin Hood never existed]

I sent a complaint and got the usual spurious answer.

They don’t call it a program for nothing do they, as they are programming our children’s minds with a re-written and air brushed English history.

Can you imagine CITV air-brushing folklore heroes from Indian, Scottish, Polish, Irish and Pakistani history? No of course not as this insult of re-writing and airbrushing history to commit cultural cleansing as part of genocide is only aimed at the English.

I will complain again... join me by sending a message to viewerservices@itv.com

My message goes like this...

Email Title: CITV Prove It! Series 2 - Test The Truth “Some people say that Robin Hood was a real man...”

How dare you put on trial an English folklore hero? Can I imagine CITV air-brushing folklore heroes from Indian, Scottish, Polish, Irish and Pakistani history? No of course not as this insult of re-writing and airbrushing history to commit cultural cleansing as part of genocide is only aimed at the English.

You know exactly what you are doing and so do the English public and we will not put up with this sick brainwashing cleansing of our children.

I demand an apology and the program being deleted from existence.

Lee Ingram, Facebook 14 Comments [2/3/2016 4:23:11 AM]
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Quote# 116524

Vaccines are dangerous, that's why the drug manufacturers don't want to be held liable, why do you think this was created?http://www.hrsa.gov/vaccinecompensation/index.html

Why aren't the big Pharma Companies just as liable for the effects of their products as I am liable for my actions that bring harm to others? How do they rate exemption from liability for the death and destruction their vaccine shots cause? Oh I forgot, cuz we are stupid and they have lots of money to foist pro-vaccine propaganda on the world.

Dennis Wright, CNN Money 8 Comments [2/3/2016 4:08:21 AM]
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