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Sure, everyone references or quotes the 1960s Brookings' Report - "The implications of a discovery of extraterrestrial life." i.e. the collapse of the three pillars of society: religion, financial system and government, with the added aspect of global panic. Aliens have made contact with a wide range of cultures around the world, from farmers (I take it this covers your 'chinese rice paddy') in desolate and rural areas, to native tribes, scientists, the military and world leaders - MUFON and various authors/ researchers have documented these encounters.

Since the 1960s and the Brookings' Report, intelligence agencies have updated their assessments: 1) based on the technological superiority, the aliens aren't here to eliminate us 2) contact with us, isn't recent - it's been a long term engagement by them 3) the aliens are interested in our DNA, as a means of gradually evolving us 4) that it's by our decision that their presence will be known; this doesn't translate as "contact," when admission by governments deem it's time.

Point 4 is important. At any time the aliens could've made themselves known, regardless of how governments felt - they haven't. Are they complicit in the silence and cover-up? Yes. The conclusion is they'd have to be. So, the 1960s Brookings Report is outdated. What's holding back admission of an alien presence? Why 'cover up definitive proof of extraterrestrial life?' As an alien race, there's no way you'd interrupt a race that's engaged in multiple wars, genocide, etc. There's a good chance we'd use their technology advances to kill each other, if not attack them. Other than disable our nuclear weapons, which they've done repeatedly, as proof that they don't want us to really eliminate ourselves, their role remains mute in the big picture.

It's all about timing. Part of any advanced race is the ability to take care of themselves, as well as the environment they're living in. Sure they can step-in and stop wars, cure cancer and fix the atmosphere - we as a people, haven't learned the most important lesson; that we're one. We need each other. We need to show that we can respectfully work and trust each other, to clean up the problems we've created; to get our house in order. We're made to feel alone, controlled and contained, by us.. by our governments, for a reason.

iBalls, r/UFOs 2 Comments [11/5/2017 1:38:17 PM]
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I always believed they killed him because he knew too much about the UFO truth and was going to go public about it. Same happened to Marilyn Monroe because JFK had told her too much and they were worried she would go public about it too.

Boogertwilliams, r/UFOs 0 Comments [11/5/2017 1:38:12 PM]
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Prince and not yet King, but any truth to the rumor that Prince Bill was seen taking pics by TheGeorgiaGuidestones™? and remember, the Guidestones opine that the optimum population, the 1% and theSerfs to serve them, is right around 500,000,000 so there is some culling to be done..

His grandfather, Duke of Edinburgh was quoted saying "if reincarnation is real I'd like to come back as a killer virus to control the world's population..." There is probably some scientist somewhere whipping something up in labs all across the globe...

JimNasium, AboveTopSecret 3 Comments [11/5/2017 6:06:16 AM]
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Do you have serious doubts about “modern physics”? Do you question the Big Bang, black holes, worm holes, the nuclear theory of the atom, Quantum Mechanics, neutron stars, quarks, degenerate matter, dark matter, dark energy, strings, curved space, the hydrogen-to-helium conversion process in stars? Do you question QED, virtual particles, and the “Standard Model” of particle physics? And do you doubt the existence of the “Higgs Boson” and gravitational waves and gravitons?

You’ve come to the right place! The Reciprocal System replaces all of the above with a completely unified, rational, general theory of the universe! Yes, the Reciprocal System is a “Theory of Everything!” It is a fully integrated axiomatic system and is fully quantitative and mathematical: the Postulates are inductively derived from observation and experiment; the theorems are deductively derived from the Postulates. Therefore, the Reciprocal System supersedes all other theories– All physical quantities in the Reciprocal System are expressed solely in Space-Time terms! See for yourself!

The Reciprocal System is verified scientific knowledge; for the proof, see the Database! Scientific “Establishment”: You may keep trying to ignore the Reciprocal System, but the truth will eventually out….

Dr. Ronald W. Satz, ReciprocalSystem 9 Comments [11/4/2017 4:06:33 PM]
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Actually most of the Muslim immigration has been part of a plan to invade Europe, the Kalergi Plan. The dominantly young men invading Europe were directed by their Imams to go and rape Europe, impregnate the women, and take over Europe. Climate has nothing to do with this plan and never will.

higley7, Watt's Up With That 1 Comments [11/4/2017 2:14:06 PM]
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The British, with the "Modern" Germans, were the originators of revisionist history. It was they who first began to write Blacks out of history after the “Race/Religious Wars" of the late medieval. Now look, the British will soon start teaching their children the truth: that Blacks were the original people of Britain. But please know, this is not the result of truth seeking, those truths were always known.

Rather, this is them succumbing to the pressure of sources like Realhistoryww, and others, who publish the truth. The truth causes people to ask uncomfortable questions of authority. Accordingly, we call upon students and truth seekers everywhere to keep the pressure up, demand the truth - it works!

Mike111, Realhistoryww 4 Comments [11/4/2017 12:37:46 PM]
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THe brainwashed masses have been lied to about poisonous fluoride! This is causing cancer and brain damage. Poisonous fluoridated tap water kills animals as well. Pets beware!!

Sylvia Stanback, Facebook 4 Comments [11/4/2017 9:43:25 AM]
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We EXPOSE all Illuminati, ET's, UFO's, government conspiracies, reptilians, shapeshifting, human cloning, martial law, elitists, satanic Hollywood, targeted individuals, gangstalking, New World Order, D.U.M.BS., Dulce, Area 51, alien abductions, mk ultra, ect... welcome ... Join us and share your info so we can take our planet back... Feel free to invite any friends that is also interested and we also welcome your links, pictures, and videos on the subjects above. We must stick together and we will win. Thank you for joining us

Reptilians, UFOs & Conspiracies, Facebook 5 Comments [11/4/2017 9:43:20 AM]
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Hopefully you, the reader, have come into this discourse as a reasonable and unbiased individual—a seeker of Truth. If you’re not already aware, there exists much controversy and debate over who actually wrote the works attributed to the highly mysterious author known as “William Shakespeare”.

Yes, the vast majority of people on the planet have generally (and unknowingly) accepted the premise that a man named “William Shakespeare” (of Stratford) wrote the literary works attributed to him. The problem rests with the fact that there is scarce evidence of the Stratford man’s existence—but more importantly, there is NO TANGIBLE EVIDENCE the “Stratford man” wrote the literary body of work for which he is given credit—in fact, there is a mountain of hard, legitimate evidence to the contrary!

As extraordinary as it may seem, there is an avalanche of substantial evidence that reveals Francis Bacon to be the true genius behind the creation of the Shakespearean works! The evidence further reveals Bacon to have been the first (secret) son of Queen Elizabeth I. Moreover, the evidence also shows Bacon to have been the founder of modern, Speculative Freemasonry.

The Shakespearean works consist of a vast infrastructure of encryption—all of which rely on the precision and beauty of Numbers. The hard evidence (as we shall see) overwhelmingly shows that Francis Bacon artfully wove coded numbers into the Shakespearean tapestry not just as an amusement, but rather as a vehicle intended to serve as a paradigm of enlightenment designed to move the reader to much higher levels of understanding!

Categorically the cryptic “Shakespeare Sonnets” are at the apex of the Shakespeare Treasure Trail because they are understood by the vast majority of Shakespearean scholars to represent the Author’s Autobiography.

It is generally assumed that “1609” was the year in which SHAKE-SPEARES SONNETS was first published. However, as Edward D. Johnson has effectively demonstrated, 1609 is a code number rather than a publication date. Therefore, 1609 is a false publication date. Johnson states: “In 1609 anything written by Shakespeare was in great demand—the quartos of the plays were reprinted over and over again.”

“If these Sonnets had been published in 1609 then there would have been so great a demand for the work of a popular writer as Shakespeare that this book of Sonnets would have been reprinted again and again. Why was it not reprinted? Because it was not originally printed in 1609. The absence of reprints is a problem which has never been explained by the Stratfordians [or by the Oxfordians].” “There is absolutely no mention of the Sonnets as a complete body of verse or any phrase or quotation in letters, diaries, printed book or pamphlet between the years 1609 and 1624, a period of 15 years. This book was not seen by the public until 1640, when an edition was printed, 31 years after 1609.”

Finally, Johnson concludes:

“That there was neither printed nor published any book entitled Shake-Speare’s Sonnets in 1609 is also proved by the fact that there is no reference to this book by any Shakespearian commentator between the years 1609 and 1640.” The hard evidence unequivocally establishes the original publication of the Shakespeare Sonnets could not have occurred prior to 1621. All 154 sonnets and their accompanying “cover pages” are heavily encrypted with Bacon’s Kabbalistic Masonic code—clearly, nothing about them can be taken at face value.

Richard Allan Wagner, TheTruthAboutShakespeare  3 Comments [11/4/2017 9:04:31 AM]
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Soon it will be all over brothers and sisters. The Giants approach and all of these non-sense wars about race, religion, land, power etc will be over. As we approach the GREAT YEAR and completion of our 24,000 year cycle with our Binary Star System we should prepare for the Return of the Black Giant Gods. Yes, we are living in a Binary Solar System and our second Sun is a Brown Dwarf Star System with 12 Planets, a very dark Solar System and the Home Solar System of the Anunnaki Black Giant Gods. The Axis of the Earth (Precession of the Equinoxes) is at the moment pointing right in between the space of the constellation of Pisces and Aquarius.

The Gods will show up right before the year of Aquarius, right before the earth becomes an actual Aquarius and becomes a water world for 2,000 years. The Precession of the Equinoxes is pretty much our CLOCK and Cycles of the Ages. The Precession of the Equinoxes is linked to the 24,000 year cycle of our 2 Suns. This is why it takes a wobbling earth 24 thousand years to point at each Constellation in the sky and it takes 2000 years to go from one constellation to the other. So 24,000 / 2 = 12,000 and this is why we have 12 Zodiac signs taking precession 2000 years to go from one constellation to the other; and 2,000x 12,000 = 24,000 years binary Suns cycle.

Now this 24,000 binary year cycle is divided into 2 Periods: 12, 000 Ascending and 12,000 descending. This is known as the cycle of the ages, The 4 Yugas or simply The Precession of the Equinoxes. At the moment we are in the GOLDEN AGE or the SATTYA Yuga according to where the Axis of the Earth is pointing right now and right now it’s between the constellation of Pisces and Aquarius. Planet Earth is being re-shaped as we speak and things will get worse as the Brown Dwarf Star gets closer. No one, not even animals will be able to live on this earth as it will be uninhabitable for 12,000 years. The Sun will be blocked and there will be no life for that long.

Yes, The End is near, but not the End that you think. It will be the end for those who are evil and the beginning for those who are good. So there 2 things happening: 1. Our second Sun is approaching and so it’s the Planet Nibiru. Nibiru is a planet that got caught between the 2 Suns gravitational pull. So instead of circling its parent star the Brown Dwarf it circles our Sun every 3,600 years coming in between Jupiter and Mars. According to The Precession of the Equinoxes the planet Nibiru will be here within the next 6-10 years and right about that time we will be entering the Year of Aquarius and the Earth will no longer be habitable. So, “ONLY THOSE WHO ARE GOOD WILL GO TO THE KINGDOM OF THE HEAVENS”. The rest will be left here to drown. And after 12,0000 descending years the Cycle will begin all over again starting from the Kali-Yuga or Iron Age and once the Earth’s Sun light is back the Gods will send 144 human beings to re-populate the Earth once again.

Now, I can prove everything I am saying here as I have been watching, tracking, recording, analyzing this Brown Dwarf Star System for 15 years and I have videos, pics, etc and more but i won’t do it because even if I prove it people won’t believe. Why? Because the Truth is always unbelievable. Remember Galileo’s story? Yeah, he was killed for telling the truth and 100 years later people discovered he was right all along. You don’t have to believe what I am saying here, just look at the world around you, all the floods, dead fish, dead birds, sink holes, poles shift, earthquakes, global warming, etc.

And finally just go outside and look up in the sky at Sundown, night or early morning and you will see something very peculiar something very bright. Yeah, government will tell you is the Planet Venus, I suggest from now on, you do your own research and you will discover the truth. Venus? Venus my ass! It’s a Mini-Solar System with 11 planets! with Nibiru being the 12th. A Mini-Solar System with Planets as big as Saturn, A Mini- Solar System and our Twin Star which is the Home Solar System of the Anunnaki Black Giants and the Gods of this Earth. And yeah, They are on their way here…..to show you racists neanderthals who are the real bosses on this Planet and the ones who are meant to rule.

Divine Consciousness, AfricaResource 4 Comments [11/4/2017 5:32:14 AM]
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You may ask: what Shakespeare problem? He was one of the most successful screenwriters of the 1990's and he never has to be paid. He gets away with crude jokes that would be called tasteless anywhere else. Shakespeare's just fine the way he is! Shakespeare is high and low. Shakespeare is gay and straight. The Bard, whose personal story is unknown and unquestioned, has been reduced to an icon or symbol of rarefied intelligence, of impenetrable, unreachable genius.
All things to all readers, the author has conveniently disappeared in favor of his words.

The problem has emerged because the few biographical facts that exist about Mr. Shaksper of Stratford-on-Avon don't tally with what we would expect from the brilliant author of the plays and poems. The content, attitude, life experience, interests, and deep classical education evident in the plays surpass what is on record for William Shaksper of Stratford-on-Avon. Nothing in his life suggests that he was the author of the Shakespeare Canon, or had a reputation in his own lifetime to that effect.

The man commonly accepted to be the author Shakespeare was born in the village of Stratford-on-Avon in April of 1564. There is no record of his actual birthday, but the boy was christened on April 26, 1564, and his name, as given, was Gulielmus Shaksper. No, he wasn't Italian, … "Gulielmus" was the scribe's Latin spelling of William. The Shaksper family's name is spelled dozens of different ways, but the most frequent, in his own time, was Shaxper, or Shaksper. The boy's father, John Shaksper, was a glove maker. William Shaksper himself was essentially a grocer, grain trader and landlord by profession. No one in the village of Stratford thought of him as learned, bookish, poetical or theatrical, nor are there any legends, let alone records, of him producing any local entertainment.

The local records only confirm that William Shaksper was a merchant, not a lyricist or genius of letters. Shaksper's will mentions no books or manuscripts. There is no remnant of any evidence that he was even literate himself. His parents and his children could not read. (What writer would not teach his own children to read ?) Nor did his children benefit, or show they had any knowledge of his alleged celebrity as a playwright. The few historical connections which would place Shaksper as an actor or investor in the Globe Theater, or any other theatrical enterprise were all created after the "fact". There is no contemporaneous evidence that Shaksper, the grain dealer of Stratford, was the author of the Shakespeare Plays and Poems. In short, there is a rather big Shakespeare Problem, and it is one of the greatest historical and literary mysteries of all time. The modern image of Shakespeare the Author, in his quaint country cottage, writing for a living while suing his neighbors in small claims court, is a myth. The facts concerning William Shaksper of Stratford-on-Avon tell a different story.


Because of the peculiar facts stated above and more, critical doubt about the prevailing myth of the Shakespeare phenomenon has been raised over the past several centuries by some of the greatest minds in Literature, Philosophy, and Science.


The earliest speculation about a hidden hand behind the Shakespeare plays was in 1785, when the Reverend James Wilmot, D.D. attributed the authorship to Sir Francis Bacon. In 1848, an American consulate named Joseph C. Hart speculated in his book, The Romance of Yachting, that the Stratford man could not have written the plays. Hart proposed Ben Jonson as the author.

The issue became popular knowledge in 1857 with the appearance of The Philosophy of the Plays of Shakespeare Unfolded, by Delia Bacon. Nathaniel Hawthorne wrote the preface, and helped with both the publication and promotion. This can be considered to be the first Anti-Stratfordian book. Although this work is ponderous, pretentious, and thin on facts, the author launched a whole genre of thought and criticism with her idea that the Shakespeare plays were a vehicle for a new philosophy, that looked beyond religious minutiae, and was based on a higher love and reason. Because of her name, (though she was not related to Francis Bacon), people have assumed that Delia Bacon was the first Baconian. She was not. Delia believed in a group theory of authorship, though she offered that Francis Bacon supplied the philosophy that infuses the plays. In her book, she named Sir Walter Raleigh as the mastermind who created the Shakespeare Plays, using the talents of a circle of men. In Delia's view this is how it went with Raleigh and Company:

"He became at once the centre of that little circle of high born wits and poets, the elder wits and poets of the Elizabethan age, that were then in their meridian there. Sir Philip Sidney, Thomas Lord Buckhurst, Henry Lord Paget, Edward Earl of Oxford, and some other, are included in the contemporary list of this courtly company, whose doings are somewhat mysteriously adverted to by a critic, who refers to the condition of the Art of Poesy at that time ."


In the World War I era, research into the authorship problem took a different turn. Robert Fraser's The Silent Shakespeare, 1915, offered William Stanley, the 6th Earl of Derby as the W.S. behind the Shakespeare name. In 1919 Abel Lefranc published Sous le Masque de "William Shakespeare". LeFranc also zeroed in on William Stanley, who was the son-in-law of the 17th Earl of Oxford. The watershed year in this field was 1920, when John Thomas Looney, a British schoolteacher proposed the theory that Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford, a Courtier to Queen Elizabeth I, was the author of the Shakespeare plays and poems. He outlined his hypothesis and discoveries in his book, "Shakespeare" Identified. This book had a wide reaching impact among intellectuals. It was reviewed favorably in the London press by John Galsworthy. Both Sigmund Freud and James Joyce read "Shakespeare" Identified and wrote about their impressions. Freud actually revised his interpretation of Hamlet in the light of his new understanding.

The "Status Quo" opinion seems to be that "Shakespeare is just fine the way he is." This is essentially the Stratfordian Paradigm. Shakespeare is seen as a miraculous freak of nature: a self educated country merchant who somehow learned the theater inside and out and wrote the plays for money, and nothing more. Within the Stratfordian position there are a thousand mythical biographies of Shakespeare, based on each modern author's deconstruction of the plays and poems, with the few flimsy facts about Shaksper thrown in for color.

The next paradigm or world-view is based on the variation: "Shakespeare had a little secret." This we may term the Radical Stratfordian position. Within this umbrella are theories based on the idea that Shaksper-of-Stratford was indeed the author, but he had a secret life that shamed him, or was dangerous, and has thus never been verified. The most popular is the "Shakespeare was Gay" theory. Runners up are: "Shakespeare was a secret Catholic", "Shakespeare was a Spy", or "Shakespeare was a member of a Secret Society".

Venturing into un-orthodoxy completely we encounter the idea that "Shakespeare was really somebody else, but who knows who?" This is the classic Anti-Stratfordian paradigm. The 33 arguments against Shaksper's authorship of Shakespeare that I listed above have all been fleshed out into full explanations in countless books published in the last 100 years. There are many Anti-Stratfordians, and a good number of them are content to have the whole thing be a fine mystery, without yearning for a definitive answer.

The final stage is called Heresy or Truth, depending on your opinion. It is when one begins to make the claim, that "Shakespeare was __________ " (fill in the blank). If you fill in the blank with Francis Bacon, you are a termed a Baconian; if you complete the equation with the Earl of Oxford, you are an Oxfordian.

Robert Brazil, ElizabethanAuthors 4 Comments [11/4/2017 5:31:46 AM]
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It makes little difference to the masses to say hillary stole the election.. put out facts and proof of what she has done. There was a list of her crimes posted on here.. use it to educate those who attack you for being a Trump voter. Point them to ‘Arkancide’.. it is/was available ... give them the link and tell them to educate themselves.. they don’t have facts, they only repeat what they hear,, which are lies.

frnewsjunkie, Free Republic 4 Comments [11/4/2017 2:56:49 AM]
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The communist push in this country has been happening for decades if not the past century. The commie-types have been infiltrating many aspects of our culture driving that influence.

From seeing what researchers are saying about the newly released Kennedy files is President Kennedy’s fight to defeat communism. It even details how Adolf Hitler was still alive and living in South America at the time but the reason he is mentioned is because Hitler was used to help to fight communism in South America. The Kennedy files reveal and expose so many lies told to the American people by our government. The communist push in this country would not have been able to advance if President Kennedy had his way.

While the Kennedy files have been scheduled to be released, I seriously doubt a President Hiliary would have released them. By President Trump releasing the files, I do believe it is a shot across the bow of the deep state and the first stage of cleaning up the DC swamp by exposing the real and methodical push of communism in this country.

Americans are going to have to wake up to the fact this traitorous movement has been real all along. We have to help our President and fight to get our government and culture back from these traitors. Hopefully through peaceful means but we also have to be prepared as these traitorous commies probably will not go quietly. Pray America continues to awaken.

Conservative Gato, Free Republic 0 Comments [11/4/2017 2:56:32 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

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Unlike all other water treatment processes, fluoridation does not treat the water itself, but the person consuming it. The Food & Drug Administration accepts that fluoride is a drug, not a nutrient, when used to prevent disease. By definition, therefore, fluoridating water is a form of mass medication. This is why most western European nations have rejected the practice — because, in their view, the public water supply is not an appropriate place to be adding drugs.

Fluoridation – or any practice that uses the public water supply as a vehicle to deliver medicine – violates medical ethics in several important ways:

It deprives the individual of his or her right to informed consent to medication.
It is approved and delivered by people without medical qualifications.
It is delivered to everyone regardless of age, health or nutritional status, without individual oversight by a doctor and without control of dose.
The safety and effectiveness of fluoridated water has never been demonstrated by randomized controlled trials–the gold standard study that is now generally required before a drug can enter the market.

No doctor can force a patient to take a particular medicine. As explained by the American Medical Association, the doctor must inform the patient of the medicine’s benefits, side effects, and alternatives and then allow the patient to decide whether to take the medicine or not. With water fluoridation, health boards, city councils, and state legislatures simply tell the individual that fluoridated water is good for them and then proceed to add it to their drinking water, irrespective of their consent. Fluoridation us allows government bodies the right to do to everyone what an individual doctor is prohibited from doing doing to anyone.

In modern pharmacology, it is well known that individuals respond very differently to the same dose of a given drug. Thus, the dose of a drug that is safe for person A, may be toxic for person B. This same pattern applies to fluoride as well, as some people in society are known to be particularly vulnerable to fluoride’s toxic effects. Nevertheless, water fluoridation is based on the premise that the same dose of a medicine can be good for everybody, irrespective of their age, health, and nutritional status. Adding fluoride to water thus forces it on everyone in the community, including:

bottle-fed babies (despite recommendations by many dental researchers that infants should not consume fluoridated water);
individuals with poor kidney function (despite their impaired ability to excrete fluoride and their heightened risk for fluoride-induced bone damage);
individuals with iodine deficiency (despite compelling research showing that they can suffer amplified neurological damage from low levels of fluoride exposure)
individuals with deficiencies of calcium, vitamin C, and/or vitamin D (despite the well-documented fact that fluoride’s toxic effects on bone tissue are amplified in these individuals);
individuals who drink large quantities of water, including athletes, manual laborers, and those with polydipsia.
There is no other drug on the market that is applied so recklessly.

There is a reason that society requires prescription drugs to be dispensed by a doctor or dentist: if there are unexpected side effects or the patient is particularly sensitive to the drug in question, the doctor overseeing the patient can intervene and correct the problem. There is no such oversight with water fluoridation. There is no systematic or comprehensive program to track the level of fluoride building up in people’s tissues, or to monitor for side effects that may be occurring (e.g., routine urine and blood tests do not measure fluoride). Doctors are not trained at medical school to recognize the side effects of fluoride (if anything they are taught there are none). Even when people are suffering from overt crippling forms of skeletal fluorosis (fluoride poisoning of the bone), it can take years of incorrect diagnoses and failed therapies to receive a correct diagnosis.

Although water departments can generally control the concentration of fluoride being added to water, they cannot control the dose that individuals receive. This is because the dose depends on two factors beyond the water department’s control: (a) the water drinker’s weight and (b) the water drinker’s thirst. The less an individual weighs, the greater the dose (by body weight) they will receive for each glass of water consumed, and the more an individual drinks (and some people, including athletes and manual laborers, drink a lot), the more fluoride they will receive.

The uncontrolled dose that water fluoridation delivers stands in stark contrast to prescription drugs. When a doctor prescribes a drug he or she always specifies the daily dose very carefully. Even in the same patient, the dose is subject to revision, depending on the patient’s response. No such individual tailoring occurs with water fluoridation.

Randomized controlled trials (RCT) are the gold standard for proving whether a drug is truly safe and effective and are thus typically require before a government licensing body will allow the drug to enter the market. Although fluoridation has been going on for over 60 years, and although fluoridated water is now consumed by over 180 million Americans on a daily basis, there has never been a single randomized controlled trial to determine the safety and effectiveness of either fluoridated water or fluoride supplements.

This may explain why the Food & Drug Administration still considers fluoride supplements as an unapproved new drug, despite over 50 years of dentists and pediatricians prescribing them to their patients. Keep this in mind the next time you hear a dentist or city councilor state that “thousands of studies” prove fluoridation is “safe and effective.”

Flouride Action Network, Fluoride Alert 3 Comments [11/4/2017 2:56:03 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 133790

Seeinng 5 different types of UFOs . The first one I seen in Prescott Arizona when I was 13 , I believe the occupants communicated with me telepathically. I was hiding and it/they told me " I can see you" and then I believe it did something to me because something happened and felt every possible human emotion in seconds it scared me so bad I almost peed my pants. The last one I seen was when I was 30 and 8 months pregnant with my daughter. Between that time I could go outside meditate and ask them to show themselves and they would show up in the sky .

The last one I seen when I was 8 months pregnant with my daughter, something/ it woke me up at 1: 45 in the morning and told me to go outside and I did and when I went outside there was nothing and I was Facing East and it sounded like a crack of a whip behind me or something touching electrical wires and I looked and I didn't see anything and as I stood there looking East One quietly and slowly glided Over My Head probably not even a hundred feet up in the air probably 50 feet up in the air above me and it had 9 parabolic mirrors underneath it the mirrors also double as lights, as it floated over me I could see myself in the reflection of the mirrors.

I won't say what happened or what I did when that happened at the risk of already sounding like a nut job but as it floated down the street over the neighbors houses I could see their cars and stuff in their yard in the mirrors. I have not seen one since nor have I been able to call them to show themselves and I'm 45 now.

Xristen1, r/UFOs 1 Comments [11/4/2017 2:55:54 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 133789

The angels want to be seen(Nordics and pleadians). The demons(reptillians and greys) do not. People that get warned about their sighting usually get a little to close to negative entities and the risk of abduction or death is real.

TaxSlave74, AboveTopSecret 0 Comments [11/4/2017 2:55:49 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 133788

It is glaringly obvious that 9/11 was at the very least allowed to happen by some faction within the US government. Most likely, however, that faction was far more involved in the events of that fateful day.

I can understand why so many people refuse to believe that our government could be complicit, but it went that direction right away by not conducting a proper investigation and releasing a comprehensive and truthful report. It's shameful that the truth has yet to be revealed yet today with the abundant evidence that disproves the official story.

tabularosa, AboveTopSecret 1 Comments [11/4/2017 2:55:28 AM]
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I think at this point most people have their mind made up either way, the evidence is out there and the holes in the official theory are absurd to the point of laughable.

The thing that always gets me is who was the number one person in charge of the whole thing?, anyone who has done any Government work will tell you these idiots could not be trusted to run a bath let alone coordinate what went down with the months and months of planning..

I personally believe that the key to the whole thing is undeniable proof of thermite and WTC building 7, someone had to have put the charges and or installed the Thermite, who are they where are they???.. Floating with the fishes not doubt.

slider1982, AboveTopSecret 1 Comments [11/4/2017 2:55:21 AM]
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Quote# 133769

Man has not been to the moon yet it's all a hoax!!!?

WIZARD420 TDAWG, Youtube 4 Comments [11/3/2017 7:39:16 AM]
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One of the things not brought up is radar has spewed its death among americans for years,it makes one have less self discipline and more base urges.lower level thought processes. Once it went to nexrad,the gov could now fine tune it to a more average dose and more specific base urges. As a member once said,dems want to take all your money, Repukes want to take away all your fun.

Both are plagues upon the nation.a true anarchist just wants freedom.both parties have defiled the true definition of anarchy. The churches have also joined in this defilement. To heal the nation,freemasonry and eastern stars and tribes like gangs need to be purged.peacefully is preferrable! Revenge begets revenge.show the populace the error of their ways and if they dont change then show them the bars.always peace first! The two political parties use police as weapons.this has lead to police mafias answering to the highest bidder.

Which is the party in control. Two sides of same coin of destruction. Anarchy doesnt sound so bad when you see the other gangs true colors. Currently in my town the freemasons finance the winner of an election and the chosen loser. The loser gets paid to be the fall guy.both are traitors to peace and freedom.

Anonymous Coward, Godlike Productions 1 Comments [11/3/2017 7:38:49 AM]
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I've done extensive research into this subject because I appreciate facts. I was not alive during the moon race and I never just accept someone's word for something although when I was young I did because everyone else said we went to the moon. I know what our government is capable of and we all know there are secrets that remain for years even while hundreds sometimes thousands of people work on these projects. I spent weeks investigating film footage, photography, and many other aspects of the moon race.

It takes time, but the information is available. I don't rely on just 1, 2, or even 3 things for my opinion. All I know for a fact is that what people saw on TV, the photos,and have been taught by a government-run school system is a slight of hand magic trick.I believe that the Apollo program was a cheaply done fabrication so as to divert huge amounts of money to another top secret or several top secret programs. I am not a conspiracy person. I simply believe facts that I am able to judge for myself. Research, research, research is the key to knowing any fact. Have we gone to the moon? Yes, we have scientific equipment on the moon. Was it placed there by actual people?

I find no evidence that any person has ever stepped on the surface of the moon? Have we tried to send someone to the moon? I don't know but I do not believe we have. Since all experiments are always carried out by animals before people I find it amazing that after some successful and some unsuccessful attempts to send animals into low space (although the furthest animals in space, 2 monkeys, was not very far at all only reaching 360 miles I believe, someone correct me if I'm wrong) we decided to just start shooting multiple men at a time to the moon with great success. I know it's hard for people to believe that something they have believed there whole life could be untrue, especially when everyone they love, respect, and admire has been telling them it is true.

I ask you to simply put yourself in the position of someone a long time ago when the smartest people in the world, including governments, where teaching that the earth was flat and you would fall off if you went to far. How the idea that the earth was round was blasphemy. Just keep an open mind. Man is deceptive. Magic is slight of hand. We all know that you can't saw anyone in half, yet we sit in an audience and with our own eyes see it happen. If only the magician would tell us how he did it. He never will. He loses his power over us if he does. The magician is the government and we will never know how they performed the trick. Please forgive any spelling mistakes. I love you all.

A great magician never reveals his secrets, Debate 3 Comments [11/3/2017 7:18:59 AM]
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THE Moon landings between 1969 and 1972 never took place and were staged by the US intelligence community, a controversial filmmaker has claimed.

Bart Sibrel claims he has proof the CIA orchestrated the famous Apollo 11 moon landing – and believes no one has ever stepped on the lunar surface because it is too dangerous. Speaking exclusively to Daily Star Online, Sibrel reckons mankind would have set up bases by now if it was possible to travel to the moon.

And he believes the historic event took place in a film set and the crew were actors given instructions by the CIA through ear pieces. Rockets designed in the 1960s, according to Sibrel, were unable to exit the Earth's orbit and would never be able to resist a deadly radiation belt en route to the Moon.

Yet the manned Apollo 11 lunar landing on July 20, 1969, is regarded as one of humanity's greatest achievements. And today marks the historic event's 48th anniversary. Millions worldwide remember where they were the moment Neil Armstrong declared: "It's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind."

But Sibrel claims it is all a sham. The filmmaker has been on a mission since the age of 24 to prove the landings were a major cover-up.

Sibrel said he has obtained raw, unedited footage from NASA – that was never released to the public – that features radio conversation between crew and a third confidential party that prompts the astronauts with what to say and when to speak. Sibrel, who directed the film A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon, says: "I consider it not a theory, I consider it a fact.

"For the first three years making the movie, I was under the idea it might not be true. "Then I obtained an outtakes reel." In the footage, a voice says "talk" before Armstrong relays back to Mission Control in Houston – Nasa's headquarters. Sibrel believes this is a third-party voice – he assumes from a CIA agent – prompting Armstrong to speak and what to say.

The 51-year-old said the idea of man setting foot on The Moon is "absurd" and said they were used to force the public's gaze away from the Vietnam War. "If it was so easy in 1969, there would be bases on the moon by now", he added. "(Christopher) Columbus sailed to the new world and it is absurd to say they could do something that cannot be completed today. "They (the public) cannot see it clearly because it's a religious event to them.

"I once spoke to a college professor and asked him if it was revealed Neil Armstrong didn't step foot on the moon, would they believe it? He said he would still think it was real."

Sibrel cites the studies of aerospace engineer Wernher von Braun as another reason why humanity has yet to make it to the Moon successfully.He said the Van Allen Belt – 272 miles from Earth – is impenetrable due to its high levels of radiation and a space rocket capable of reaching the Moon would need to be the size of the Empire State Building and weigh the same as the Queen Mary cruise liner.

Sibrel also claims the Moon is hit by mega micro meteorite storms every 48 hours capable of killing astronauts instantly and damaging space craft. While Sibrel is adamant he has proof the landings are a hoax, he said his family has endured death threats and he took no enjoyment from researching the topic.

He added: "George Orwell said 'who controls the past controls the future'. "Woodrow Wilson was the US president in the 1920s and he said there was a shadow government above him pulling the strings. "I am going to put it all behind me. I've not enjoyed this process in the slightest. "I got kicked out of church, I got unfriended by many people because of what I believe, that the Moon landings are fake. "It's been an interesting experience but so be it.

Bart Sibrel, Daily Star Online 6 Comments [11/3/2017 7:16:28 AM]
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OWEN SHROYER (GUEST HOST): Welcome in to The Alex Jones Show folks. It’s amazing, here we are, so much news and the news is so big and the news is so frequent that the biggest news every day becomes a back-page story the next day. The Las Vegas massacre cover-up, nothing. The JFK files being declassified, Hitler still alive. All the history textbooks lied to us. I was lied to my entire life about JFK, knowingly, by my government. I was lied to my entire life about Hitler, knowingly, by my government. And that’s just a nonstory now because you’ve got another radical truck running people down in the streets.

Owen Shroyer of Infowars, Media Matters For America 3 Comments [11/3/2017 7:13:04 AM]
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Honestly, sadly etc. They will reveal/disclose extraterrestrial existence as a threat once we begin to invest serious economy in space. Think about it: they are going to have to lower wages of the intrepid space traveling labor pool, or shit will get too expensive, far too quickly for their quota. Therefore, we will need a universal common enemy and thru the conduit of politic, we will have lower cost for space labor. Cheap labor is almost always the reason, for... well, everything.

The extraterrestrials must be following a very intense 5th dimensional rule and playbook, because otherwise - as every group has them - some jackass ETs would have "landed" on the White House lawn shitfaced on gas alcohol already. Perhaps the grandfather paradox is legit, or the many-worlds idea allows them to just skip over slices that they fuck up? Despite how intelligent they have to be, they definitely still have a reminiscent soft spot of an Achilles' heel for tomfoolery. With all that power, what left is there to do but amuse yourself?

I have seen UFOs and I "know" they exist, but I do not think that we will ever see definitive proof, i.e., a picture or video. To me, they very well could be "God-like" and be our future lineage that has managed to travel back in time for kicks. I do believe that their presence affects our minds and it wouldn't surprise me at all if our cameras literally cannot capture them as they truly are. Like a true unknown - something potentially hyperdimensional - all we have is our interpretation of what we saw and how our minds perceived them.

Oppenheisenberg, r/UFOs 2 Comments [11/3/2017 7:12:22 AM]
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Very insightful observation. I think you're correct.

It's because the government bureaucracy is a control system. The system can't be shown to not be in control, because that obviates its reason for existence.

Government Spokesdude: "Folks, there are these things flying around the atmosphere, they kinda look technological, and they can and do violate our airspace even over our most sensitive nuclear and military installations. We don't know what they are or where they come from and we can't do anything to stop them. Any questions?"

Public: "Yes. Why are we paying you?"

Commence societal upheaval and bureaucrats losing their phony baloney jobs.

At least, that is the fear from the bureaucratic mind, I think.

It is essential that the government maintains the tacit transactional agreement with the populace that they remain in control and can protect them. UFOs represent a negation of this. I'm unsure as to whether this existential threat is explicit or implicit in government, but it does explain the behaviour toward UFOs over the last 70 years; they want to get ahead of the situation.

My conclusion from this is therefore that they haven't, and UFOs remain a mystery. I guess they have some pretty good gun camera footage and radar tapes secreted away, but that is about it. This is also one of the reasons I don't believe the Black Triangles are secret government craft, btw.

CaerBannog, r/UFOs 1 Comments [11/3/2017 7:10:51 AM]
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