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Designating women as goods & means of pleasure in western world, most probably, is among Zionists’ plots to destroy human community.

Ali Khamenei, Twitter 7 Comments [3/19/2017 3:48:13 PM]
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Cleveland Cavaliers star Kyrie Irving was the first NBA player to reveal his flat-Earth beliefs, summarized as such: “Can you really think of us rotating around the sun, and all planets align, rotating in specific dates, being perpendicular with what’s going on with these ‘planets’ and stuff like this?”

Soon afterwards, Denver Nuggets wing Wilson Chandler and Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green endorsed Irving’s flat-Earth theory, with the latter explaining away NASA’s photos of the planet from space by suggesting everyone can manipulate doctored photos of the globe on their phones.

The NBA storyline became so outrageous commissioner Adam Silver had to address it in his annual state-of-the-league address at the All-Star Game, clarifying, “I believe the world is round,” and suggesting Irving was making some broader social commentary about fake news in this country.

Which, no he wasn’t. Irving doubled down on his flat-Earth theory this past week, before detailing his lucid dreaming skills and informing us how an ex-teammate came to him in a dream to say goodbye.

These are all very real things that NBA players have said.

This is one wild theme to the 2016-17 NBA season, and Shaq just made it wilder when asked about Irving’s flat-Earth theory on his podcast. This was his response, through a series of interruptions:

“It’s true. The Earth is flat. The Earth is flat. Yes, it is. Listen, there are three ways to manipulate the mind — what you read, what you see and what you hear. In school, first thing they teach us is, ‘Oh, Columbus discovered America,’ but when he got there, there were some fair-skinned people with the long hair smoking on the peace pipes. So, what does that tell you? Columbus didn’t discover America. So, listen, I drive from coast to coast, and this s*** is flat to me. I’m just saying. I drive from Florida to California all the time, and it’s flat to me. I do not go up and down at a 360-degree angle, and all that stuff about gravity, have you looked outside Atlanta lately and seen all these buildings? You mean to tell me that China is under us? China is under us? It’s not. The world is flat.”

Various NBA players, Yahoo! Sports 10 Comments [3/19/2017 3:47:42 PM]
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Conscious Beyond Comprehending Award

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Rowland Robert Reeves, Continuum Connection 15 Comments [3/19/2017 1:50:40 PM]
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Nothing screams "Buy my book!" louder than an assassination attempt on the author using a radioactive substance "suspected in the death of former PLO leader Yassar Arafat."

Or the contention that it's all twisted up with a "fabricated" Russian-hacked 2016 presidential election. OMG! Can movie rights be far behind?

Now, I'm not going to say the infowars.com story going viral on Drudge about Roger Stone's brush with death is some kind of publicity stunt. In fact, I'm personally vowing never to accept a cocktail from a fire-eyed, raging, known-liberal activist until the beverage first passes under a Geiger counter. On the other hand, Stone's latest book, The Making of the President 2016 -- How Donald Trump Orchestrated a Revolution, is due out Jan. 31. Some might call the timing suspicious.

The flamboyant Republican operative revealed Tuesday on radio's "The Alex Jones Show" he was poisoned several weeks ago "with, they now say, a substance that may have been polonium or had the characteristics of polonium. This made me exceedingly ill. The conjecture of all the doctors was that I did not receive a large enough dose to kill me, but I have never been this ill.”

Stone tweeted, "Yes, I believe I was poisoned to stop me from exposing the 'Russian Hacking' LIE b4 the Congressional Investigation."

Infowars.com says, "Polonium-210 is a radioactive substance that releases extremely harmful alpha particles throughout the body producing cancer-causing free radicals. It has been used in numerous high profile assassinations, including that of former KGB spy Alexander Litvinenko, and was suspected in the death of former PLO leader Yassar Arafat."

Stone contemplated who may have been behind the assassination attempt, and it gets a little ... well, Stonesque ... as the Miamian fingers Democratic opposition and dark forces within the intel community.

“Who would want to do this to me? I am an enemy of the deep state. I think people know that I was an insider in American politics. I was close to power in nine presidential elections.

Roger Sone, Sunshine State News 1 Comments [3/18/2017 10:51:51 PM]
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The 9 vaccines you NEVER need, that won't protect you from anything, especially the diseases they're labeled to prevent

Chicken pox vaccine (Varicella)

Measles vaccine (or MMR: measles, mumps, rubella)

Zika virus vaccine

Influenza vaccine (flu shot)

Swine flu vaccine (H1N1)

Bird Flu vaccine (H5N1–Avian)

Polio vaccine

HPV (human papillomavirus)

Anthrax vaccine

What the medical industrial complex doesn't want anyone to know

The real reason many children and babies have weaker immune systems than adults is because they receive over 50 toxic vaccines before age 7, as recommended by the CDC and the state department – and enforced at gunpoint in certain states, like California.

Chicken pox is a common childhood disease caused by a virus that lasts two to four days, and then most children are immune to it for life. Measles is like a cold that can include a cough, fever and a blotchy rash that fades after a few days and peels. Mumps is an acute viral infection usually accompanied by a mild fever lasting a couple of days, with a sore throat and swollen glands. What the medical industrial complex doesn't want anyone to know is that the normal human body that's not beaten down and infected by vaccine toxins and food toxins beats these infections easily. Same goes for the Zika virus, which does not cause deformations in babies; that's all a huge lie and scare tactic. The swine flu was a hoax, as was the vaccine, and those vaccine manufacturers have paid out millions in damages due directly to that toxic jab. Then there's the MMR vaccine that causes autism, as confessed by the head CDC scientist, Dr. William Thompson.

The anthrax vaccine is highly experimental and dangerous, and the polio vaccine, given by injection or through oral or nasal application, actually spreads the disease, with those children themselves becoming carriers, infecting other children and family members. It's criminal and the vaccine industry knows it, but the profits from selling the vaccine to all the paranoid parents and brainwashed, uneducated folks through fear-mongering far outweigh the damages paid out in settlements for health detriment. It's a simple formula for evil capitalistic success: sell millions of toxic vaccines and create a slush fund from about 1 percent of those profits to shut parents up who try to sue the industry when their kids and babies become crippled and maimed.

The only thing parents should be scared of is the vaccine industry. Take measures to build immunity with organic food and holistic medicine, and don't fall for all the propaganda and fear-mongering spread by the CDC in America. End of story.

S. D. Wells, Natural News 4 Comments [3/18/2017 6:10:00 PM]
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Are you secretly part of a medical experiment?


Science historian and writer Alice Dreger writes in Aeon, that ever since the response to Nazi medical experiments in World War II, the Nuremberg Code has been used as a “founding document of modern research medical ethics.” Informed consent is the rule. The U.S. doesn’t have a good track record of following that code. And, in today’s competitive and ruthless science climate, this standard is being ignored more than ever. Dreger’s work in fighting for the rights of intersex children led her to discover another heinous medical trial, where parents were again lied to.


Millions gobble down genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in their packaged food products without knowing what a GMO is, or what kind of damage could be done in their intestinal track. Millions more believe those white puffy trails coming out of jets are merely normal contrails without a clue that they are forced to inhale barium, cadmium, nano particulates of aluminum, radioactive thorium, “nickel, desiccated blood, mold spores, yellow fungal mycotoxins, ethylene dibromide, and polymer fibers,” and more, as reported by Globalresearch.ca. In both of these instances, a large percentage of the population isn’t fully informed. If the dangers were revealed, many would most assuredly withhold consent rather than be subjected to medical experiments. We are guinea pigs in broad daylight.

D. Samuelson, Natural News 3 Comments [3/18/2017 6:09:58 PM]
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Photos sent back by Curiosity show what looks like an armored alien soldier keeping an eye on the curious Rover. Is NASA under surveillance?

While searching through NASA images captured by the SUV-sized explorer, the owner of YouTube channel Paranormal Crucible made a strange discovery that could constitute yet another piece of evidence towards proving Martian life exists. Or once existed.

Sitting amid the dust and boulders on the Martian surface was a figure eerily reminiscent of a buff warrior wearing combat armor and holding what looks like a gun. An alien soldier perhaps?

The weird appearance doesn’t appear to be a living creature but rather a stone sculpture that has somehow managed to stand the red planet’s harsh test of time.

If this is a statue indeed, it was definitely meant to represent something. The menacing look and defiant stance attest to its possible warlike character. That would be quite fitting.

In Roman mythology, Mars was the god of war and the Solar System’s fourth planet was named after him. Seeing Mars in the sky was considered an omen and its apparition often foretold conflict.

Did the ancients know something about Mars, something that was lost over time? Or was the naming just a coincidence?

UFOHOLIC, UFOHOLIC.COM 1 Comments [3/18/2017 6:09:31 PM]
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The bogus story that radical Muslims caused the 911-attacks simply doesn't add up. Most of the provided names of the 911 attackers onboard the airplanes that crashed into the Trade Towers have been found alive and well. It's all lies and more lies. Of all people, the 911 Commission appointed Henry Kissinger (a warmonger and eugenicist) to lead the investigation. The public outcry was so great that they picked someone else. Of course, the 911 Commission was spearheaded by The Council On Foreign Relations (CFR), which is like having the fox investigate the disappearance of chickens from the hen house. Here are 500 questions concerning the suspicious 911-attacks.

As far as I'm concerned, those were my family members who were murdered in the 911-attacks. Over 200 brave firefighters died when those buildings collapsed. Doesn't it seem strange to you that Fox News attacks anyone who dares to even question the official 911 story? Sure it does. It shows that there's a massive cover-up, involving the highest level of government and the corporate-controlled newsmedia. I am not anti-government; but rather, anti-corruption and anti-evil. The biggest conspiracy theory of all is that a group of Muslims hijacked 2-jumbo jets and flew them into 2-buildings, thus causing 3-buildings to perfectly implode to the ground in just seconds.

And what about presidential directive w199-eye signed by president George W. Bush prior to 911, blocking all investigation by the FBI and the Justice Department of the suspect Saudi terrorists prior to 911? It's the smoking gun of the 911 attacks. Only a dishonest person, or a coward, would deny all the blatant evidence and blindly claim that 911 wasn't an inside job. At a minimum an honest person would consider the evidence and listen to the thousands of people who WERE THERE on 911, and said they think 911 was an inside job. Earthquake seismographs have also shown multiple tremors as the buildings collapsed, showing multiple explosions were used to bring down the Trade Towers.

As shocking as it may seem, the newsmedia were even reporting that WTC 7 had fallen, while the building was still in plain view for another 20-minutes in the background. This is how blatant these New World Order liars are, and also shows how sold out to Satan the newsmedia is. The media are so evil that they'll devour their own children. They're total scum, plain and simple. That's why newsmedia women dress like whores and their men cover for criminals. There's a lot of scum in America's so-called professional society. Don't think that God has missed anything. Even the words out of everyone's mouth is going to be judged by God on Judgment Day (Matthew 12:36). Blessed by the name of the Lord.

The New World Order criminal gang has used the 911-attacks to take away the freedom's of Americans, and we're stupid enough to tolerate this removal of our legal Bill of Rights. If enough American's got upset, they couldn't get away with this. Sadly, most people are willing to sell their soul for so-called “security,” from a boogieman that the government created to spook us. The War On Terror is bogus. It is a false War On Terror, a rotten scam to enslave the world. The Public School System has dumbed-down America's children, to where they think like morons, believing that voting is the most powerful thing they can do. No, dissent is the most powerful weapon we have against tyranny. It is a vile crime what is happening in America's airports against the American people. We are surviving today in Nazi-Amerika.

David J. Stewart, Jesus is Savior 3 Comments [3/18/2017 6:09:23 PM]
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Man cites “hybrid humans” conspiracy fear in horrific murder

In mid-January, a Pennsylvania man killed his pregnant 25-year-old wife in their home with a scimitar-like sword. She was found dead of multiple sharp force trauma to the head and neck. Their 2-yr old son was unharmed. The 6-month female fetus did not survive. This week, police testified in a hearing that John Ziegler III admitted to killing his wife Diana because he needed to save the world from “hybrid humans”:

When Northern York County Regional police interviewed John Ziegler III, he told them that he’d been “feeling off” for the last three months. Ziegler also expressed a belief, they said, that he could change the weather with his emotions.
He believed that his wife was the “queen bee.” Ziegler thought everything would change — it wasn’t a political statement — with the election of President Donald Trump.

The mental history of Ziegler is unclear from just the provided news reports. The couple had not lived in the house very long. Three months prior to the crime would have been November, election month. The date of the crime January 27, seven days after Inauguration day. The police log is incorrect in stating it was 1-17-17. I was not able to pinpoint which of the many insane ideas about “hybrid humans” Ziegler might have been referencing or what “Queen Bee” specifically referred to. Some may interpret this as a growing cultural acceptability of extreme ideas proffered by talk radio hosts and internet conspiracy sites. Have these ideas pushed some people over the edge? It’s tempting to blame such vile extremism as triggers, but rampant murder isn’t occurring. More will likely come out in the trial scheduled for April in York County.

John Ziegler III, Doubtful News 4 Comments [3/18/2017 3:24:16 PM]
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[From a thread titled 'IsItBullshit: Chakras?']

Vibrational movement is perceived as the sensation of “swirling” within the etheric (emotional) field. Our emotions our guided by our thoughts, and our thinking determines our vibrational movement within the etheric. Because of this, our emotions determine the “shape” of our spiritual bodies, and it is the shaping of our emotions that give us the sensation of “swirling”. The etheric field has yet to be proven by science, but we all know that it is there. The etheric field is the vibrational relationship of emotions that human beings share. It doesn’t see to be an external field that can be scientifically measured, but an internal one that all of us feel and sense. This is probably why we are unable to detect it. Quantum nonlocality, string theory, the zero-point field, singularity, etc. all point to a vibrational reality that may exist outside of this reality. The sharing of emotions and telepathy probably exist outside of space/time, and we aren’t sure exactly how to get more information on it.
In the book “Far Journeys”, Bob Monroe used the slang term “curl”, which was a not only a friendly way to relate to other spiritual beings, but also a descriptive account of what the spiritual body is.
Further, the concept of Kundalini yoga is based upon “serpent energy”, which is the sensation of twisting and curling.
When two people are sexually attracted to each other, they can feel the curl of each other’s emotional (spiritual) bodies, which happens to be nonspatial and nonlocal. Our spiritual bodies exist in another reality beyond time and space. Because this is true, it also tells us that telepathy is real. We can perceive the thoughts of other people, even when the body is physically distant – especially when sexual attraction is involved.
Sexual attraction will prove to human beings that telepathy is real. It’s time people got real about it. Once everyone admits that telepathy is real, we can end tyranny on Earth quite rapidly. We develop low tolerances to anger, fear, and hatred. We stop following fearful people. We show more love.



OOBEJuanKenobi, r/IsItBullshit 2 Comments [3/18/2017 1:37:12 PM]
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The Whole POINT of the Internet of Things Is So Big Brother Can Spy On You

No One Wants the Internet of Things …

No one wants the Internet of Things (IoT).

The Washington Post noted in 2014:

No one really wants a “smart” washing machine ….


If you’re wondering who would want to buy an Internet-enabled washing machine, you’re not alone. Even Whirlpool’s not so sure.

“We’re a little bit of a hammer looking for a nail right now,” Chris Quatrochi, Whirlpool’s global director of user experience and connectivity, said last week at a conference hosted by tech blog Gigaom. The buyers of web-connected washers, more than a year after launch, are still “not at all widespread,” he said. “Trying to understand exactly the value proposition that you provide to the consumer,” he said, “has been a little bit of a challenge.”

It’s a big concession from one of the most notable champions of the buzzy “Internet of Things” ….

As Digital Trends blogger John Sciacca put it: “Have we gotten so pathetically lame that you need to be notified by an email that your laundry is done?”

Wired jokes:

Now it seems every kind of thing from dishwashers to doorknobs require an Internet connection, since after all, we all know our dishwashers have long harbored a pent up desire for scintillating conversation with our doorknobs.

… Except Big Brother

The government is already spying on us through spying on us through our computers, phones, cars, buses, streetlights, at airports and on the street, via mobile scanners and drones, through our credit cards and smart meters (see this), television, doll, and in many other ways.

The CIA wants to spy on you through your dishwasher and other “smart” appliances.

WashingtonsBlog, Washington's Blog 5 Comments [3/18/2017 1:33:47 PM]
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Following the 2014 Obama administration Kiev coup, replacing democracy with a “democratic dictatorship” integrated by two neo-nazi parties, Harvard expressed concern about alleged “Russian aggression.” Some faculty members called for US military intervention.

Not a word about US-supported putschists seizing power. Nothing about the most brazen European coup since Mussolini’s 1922 march on Rome.

No explanation about a scheme orchestrated in Washington. Silence about a major crisis in Europe’s heartland still ongoing. Trump inherited Obama’s mess, so far not indicating clearly where he stands on Ukraine.

Harvard is at it again. It’s University Library published a fake guide to “fake news, misinformation, and propaganda.”

It recommends using FactCheck.org, Politifact, Snopes.com, Washington Post Fact Checker, and other self-styled fact-checkers, biased against truth-telling on all major issues, acting as censors, trashing reliable alternative sources of news, information and analysis.

It endorses sanitized content acceptable to America’s deep state, abandoning support for speech, media and academic freedoms.

It recommended “tips for analyzing news sources.” Ignore them. Common sense is the best guide, along with distrusting and avoiding media scoundrels.

They’re paid to lie, deceive and feature fake news – what powerful interests want people to know, what’s most important suppressed.

Stephen Lendman, GlobalResearch.ca 3 Comments [3/18/2017 1:33:39 PM]
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These black magicians sing about the Illuminati right in your face, witchcraft lyrics, funding your enemy (the globalists) and manipulating your consciousness...

Well if it seems to be real, it's illusion
For every moment of truth, there's confusion in life
Love can be seen as the answer, but nobody bleeds for the dancer

Killing is their business and business is good. If it seems to be real, it's illusion. Love can be seen as the answer, but nobody bleeds for the dancer. These type of lyrics are straight out of the illuminati textbook. You don't keep the gold in Las Vegas, they take the gold out of you!!! You've got to bleed for love!!! The globalists are always trying to keep you in darkness, deceived and suppressed. They do NOT want you to become aware.

Seek information and learn about history and you'll find the truth if you want it. Most people are not truth-seekers, they are not saved, and they couldn't care less about anything except enjoy life. That is a heathen attitude. Christians ought to preach the truth more than anybody; but sadly, today's professed Christians are worldly and woefully ignorant concerning what's really going on in the world. From Hollywood, television, the newsmedia, public schools, best-selling books, to the music industry... people are being deceived by Satan's crowd. It's basic programming! Open your eyes, because it's everywhere. People want to imitate things that they've seen on TV. People are so predictable (and the Devil knows it).

The New World Order system is an extermination grid. They want to kill us before we grow old, because people wake up when many spiritually awaken before they die...

They say that life's a carousel
Spinning fast, you've got to ride it well
The world is full of Kings and Queens
Who blind your eyes and steal your dreams

Ronnie James Dio admitted in his music that the public is blinded by their leaders. Satan is the god of this evil world and controls the elite who worship him through occult organizations. This is why Winston Churchill was a druid witch. This is why both presidents Bush Sr. and Bush Jr. are members of Bohemian Grove and Skull and Bones. This is why many leaders are members of Freemasonry. The occult is synonymous with Satan worship, evil and deceit. The New World Order are people trying to play God, using social and chemical control (even lethal and inhuman methods of manipulation to test various systems of control). The global ruling class believe that they are a separate species from common man, privileged to decide who lives and who dies.

In sharp contrast, the Bible is open to the world to read and study. God has nothing to hide.

The elite who control the world for Satan are deceived themselves, for no one would serve evil if they truly understood what awaits them in everlasting damnation in the Lake of Fire (Revelation 20:15). The New World Order is all about manipulation, keeping people blinded to the truth (2nd Corinthians 4:4). The Rock music industry is 100% owned and controlled by illuminati globalists, Luciferian worshippers who openly praise the Devil through music.

David J. Stewart, Jesus is Savior 1 Comments [3/18/2017 1:33:28 PM]
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Quote# 125501

Anonymous, Whisper 3 Comments [3/18/2017 2:55:37 AM]
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Quote# 125482

Appearing on the “Stand In The Gap” radio program earlier this week, anti-Islam activist John Guandolo suggested that Trump administration adviser Sebastian Gorka may in fact be a radical Islamist plant.

Guandolo, a disgraced former FBI agent who now serves as a right-wing anti-Islam activist, was discussing a battle that he and other radical anti-Islam activists like Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer are waging against Muslim activist Zuhdi Jasser, after Jasser labeled extremist activists like them “Alt-jihadists” who “support, empower, flaunt, and legitimize Islamist radicals and their leaders by branding all Muslims and all Islam as one and the same, and deeming us all to be enemies of freedom.”

Gorka, who is currently at the center of a separate controversy over his ties to a Nazi-affiliated group, was a well-known anti-Islam activist in his own right before being tapped to serve as a deputy assistant to President Trump. But now Guandolo is raising questions about Gorka’s loyalty because Gorka and Jasser spoke together at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) last month.

When Gary Dull, one of the co-hosts of the “Stand In The Gap” program, asked Guandolo whether it was possible that both Jasser and Gorka could be “plants by the jihadists,” Guandolo said that it was quite likely that Jasser was running a stealth jihadi influence operation on behalf of the Muslim Brotherhood or some other radical Islamic movement.

Guandolo then stated that when it comes to Gorka, he “has his own very significant national security problematic issues.”

“I don’t think that it’s out of the realm [of possibility] that there are deeper national security problems with him,” Guandolo said, “and I would love to see a deep analysis of his background and a deep analysis of exactly what’s behind what he’s doing. I think that your question opens up the door for more questions … There are a lot of questions about his background.”

Guandolo warned people not to be fooled by Gorka’s seemingly hard-line views about Islam because “it sounds good, but this is why information operations and propaganda work.”

John Guandolo, Right Wing Watch 3 Comments [3/18/2017 2:49:20 AM]
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Submitted By: Demon Duck of Doom

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Moon Hoax - Rockets CANNOT work in space

one of the biggest hoaxes of all time!

rocket propulsion cannot work in space.

you get tricked by being told about newtons third law and how the propellant pushes against the body so therefore (equal opposite) has to push the rocket.

but newtons third law ironically proves this to be false if viewed from the other way round, the propellant cannot push against a vacuum (zero force) so in turn (equal and opposite) applies zero force to the rocket/vehicle itself.

can anyone find me a video of a rocket, firecracker or something similar creating force in a vacuum?

Anonymous Coward, Godlike Productions 8 Comments [3/17/2017 2:44:32 AM]
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Quote# 125446

Why Did Obama make a "surprise" visit to Hawaii with minimal security on Monday??? Talking to JUDGE????

Obama made a surprise trip to Hawaii on Monday. People were really surprised to see him and he went with minimal Security which is very unusual. Did he go to meet this judge (and avoid surveillance) about blocking this EO about the 6 countries????

Maybe there's another reason too but going to Hawaii from DC is not a casual visit.


I want to put this idea out there as no one is taking about this possible link.

Mehitable, Godlike Productions 9 Comments [3/16/2017 1:19:36 PM]
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Quote# 125445

Sick of the wussie republicans who fail to stand up to the loser left wing guests on CNN.

Yes inauguration was the biggest ever.

Yes Trump has been spied on by the government - DUH - only all his appointments private phone calls have been made public.

And they should just tell the libs if they cant get that through their thick skulls then they can go fuck themselves because we don't give a flying shit about their loser-ass opinion.

Steve, Godlike Productions 4 Comments [3/16/2017 1:18:14 PM]
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Quote# 125444

Composed of 12 banks and one governing board (13 entities all together, yes, that is 13!), the Fed controls the American monetary supply as well as much of the world's. Established in 1913 by Woodrow Wilson, the Illuminati created the Fed to begin globalizing the economy. It is also another reason the order sank the Titanic. Several influential Fed opponents such as John Jacob Astor and Benjamin Guggenheim stood to block the institution. What better way to eliminate the opposition than to sink their ship in freezing waters. With the Fed in place, the Illuminati began to control the national economy through issuing currency and manipulating interest rates. Following World War II, the Fed's influence became global with the implementation of the Marshall Plan, which forced all of Western Europe to adopt the American economic system. Needless to say 1913 was a bad year. It was the beginning of the Illuminati's maneuvers to a global economy that were brought to near completion after two world wars. Today, we live under the phrase of "globaliztion." The Clintons and Bushes were big proponents of that concept. The election of Donald Trump has placed a halt on it, or so it appears.

If Donald Trump really is our knight in shining armor, he will begin to dismantle the Fed. Andrew Jackson had the courage to eliminate its predecessor, the Bank of the United States. Now we wait to find out if Trump has the same courage. If he doesn't, then it's unlikely he made a full break with the order or is too fearful of the repercussions. But let's face it, America can never be great again in a global economy where we parcel out our hard earned wealth and resources to other nations. By eliminating the Fed, we can take control of our economy and prevent the giant megalomaniacal federal government from interfering in every last facet of our lives.

Trump is the man to do it. He is the only politician to stick it to the establishment and finally respond to the people. He is removing illegal immigrants who are taking our jobs and consuming our tax dollars. Can he go a step further and restore our economic greatness? Dismantling the Fed is the key to shattering the Illuminati's one world economy. As president, he is in a position to do it. Will he act? We hope so but are not optimistic.

Bruce, Illuminati Watchdog 2 Comments [3/16/2017 1:18:03 PM]
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We've both had the experience of hearing a tiny rhythmic sqeaking of one of the kittens in the quiet of our bedroom, only to realize it is our lungs. Three for three. Third poisoning in three months since the turn of the year. Most might call it a flu but we have had our eye on doings in Douglas, Arizona, the tiny northern tip of large Mexican city Agua Prieta, Sonora, distinct day and night under an otherwise "blue sky" for the creamy pall over the population base. On "clear" days Douglas always sports a whitish pall of nanoparticulate filth which won't move an inch in 90 mph wind. Traveling the highway home eastward from Bisbee entering the valley brings powerful pressure to the head and the ears once we drive past the GWEN tower encharged with keeping those weapons we can't call clouds held in place. A whitish haboob hangs persistently some twelve miles off to the east over the mass by night, maybe not visible to the people living there but bare naked obvious from our vantage point. Plus the "mad bomber" as hubby calls the very slow-moving, very low pilot on a slow, regular path flying passes from top to bottom over the entire population most nights. Three to four hours of passes along the vertical axis of the area, hairpin turns at the extremes, back and forth along the same flight path. Starts shortly after sundown. This pattern which I reported to all local authorities, none of whom knew of it, finally said by a sheriff's deputy to be the college's night time flight training program (right – planes by day weaving cloverleaf patterns over open desert, while novice pilots traverse the largest population base for fifty miles around all night?). All the ambulances heard on the distant highway, but especially right after dawn when families discover corpses where loved ones slept. It is passing through Douglas where we believe we've been poisoned. Most recently as Donna In AZ and Marc noted, during the perfidious slathering of southern AZ with an aerial assault. As Donna said, you'd see this blue sky raped by strictly straight lines hovering over I-10 like the sky had ruptured. Trails that never fanned out at all. Evidently about surveillance of those traveling that highway, for the covering overhead remains too slender to do a thing about uniform deflection of sunlight. After which the coughing started again (it had totally ceased for us both), him sounding like he smoked numerous packs of cigarettes per day. His lungs sound like a cement mixer when he's got this poisonous reaction, clearing up then after a few days. There's the intestinal thing, to which we've previously been lifelong strangers. Feels like alka seltzer bursting into a fizz from throat to crotch with a UTI. An intermittent queasiness, tiredness, lack of energy and general malaise. A new sense of resignation. Wanting to flee to Mexico, to [one of several locations] where daily observance of infrared satellites and webcams reveal radically less celestial filth than Douglas sports. Douglas is a fright. As if 10,000 cement plants were in operation as the US/Mexican population base is gradually whited out of visibility during otherwise "blue sky" days. I have so many pictures, videos. We only live to get out of this prison state, where McCain has dotted the scenic local moonscape with the swelling economic boon of new prisons popping up everywhere. Nice investment for creeps. We are in a mental prison, just ticking off days until we can leave. Hubby covered the home with bricks last year at this time, both of us enthusiastic to build the home of our dreams. Now he says he couldn't lay up ten bricks. All this report in pleading for prayer from the faithful here. We covet nothing more. To those who scoff at prayer, imagine God even favoring this sole response that the very infirm and aged can muster.

horsegirl, Geoengineering watch Global alert News 4 Comments [3/16/2017 1:17:39 PM]
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The Madison Ave quality production values of their propaganda is part of what made me conclude that ISIS is a CIA front group.

That and the fact that the founder was in US custody for years.

We intentionally funneled weapons directly to ISIS from Libya.

We trained many of their recruits.

We allowed Turkey to allow those recruits and those weapons to transit through Turkey.

Whenever we would "bomb" them we would give the target hours of advance notice.

Also consider that their propaganda is considerably better than what Saddam Hussein had, Syria has, or Al Qaeda, or any of the other regional players has.

The state sponsor for ISIS is the US. Or at least it was under Obama.

Drakich, AR15.com 3 Comments [3/16/2017 10:43:36 AM]
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Massive and nonstop spraying going on daily. Everything from horizon to horizon trails to the little short ones. No one has any clue and thinks these incredibly warm days are just great. This morning with just the right filtered sun I can see the long chemwebs falling. They are everywhere! Sticking to everything!!!! We are screwed. I have given up trying to wake people up in my circles…. No one wants to hear it and ruin their fake little party. Temps are WAY above normal. We usually average 10-20% higher than forcasted. It is always "high near 60" and we get 67. Or "high near 58" and we get 65. Just wait! This weekend is forecasted for a "high near 70"! Can you say 80!?! Since when was a forecast for "a high NEAR a temp"? Makes one think the temp will be lower than the forecast. Tricky weather bastards….

ChemwatcherRidgwayCO, Geoengineering Watch 6 Comments [3/15/2017 7:29:50 PM]
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Alien criminals

Did u know Aliens course some of the crimes on planet earth of course no one won't believe that perfect they be able to get away with all crimes. No one won't arrest aliens cause there not human. Aliens be able to just beam up. I believe aliens did that to me when I was age 12.

Wamavenger, Alien Hub 10 Comments [3/15/2017 12:35:01 PM]
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7 Ways To Protect Yourself From The Ruling Elite’s World Depopulation Agenda


1. Stay vigilant

Watch the ruling elite and their associates like a hawk, especially certain key people making the major decisions. Learn to discern their hidden ulterior motives tied in to the planned depopulation agenda. For examples, watch out for their false flag diseases, forced medications, fake wars for profit… Remember, the elite want significant world depopulation because:

- A smaller world population would be easier to monitor, manipulate and control
- Be easier to overawe, keep dumbed down, docile and sick…
- Prevent overthrow from an overwhelming number of consciously awakened individuals taking action against their control system

2. Prepare

When the ruling elite operate on the principle ‘order out of chaos’ who knows what could happen. There could be a fake alien invasion, severe money shortages from a manufactured financial collapse, secret weaponized weather modification attacks such as that from HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program), bio-warfare, or World War 3… Be prepared where you can to survive the worst-case scenarios.

For the survival of you and your loved ones, discernment, self-sufficiency and unity are keys. Educate yourself on survival. Make sure to have long-term availability of food, water, backup power sources, DIY tools, first aid, a money supply or a stock of items that could be bartered such as precious metals, build supporting communities. Hopefully, these things could enable survival in the weeks before some state of normality returns.


5. Refuse to cooperate

People’s mass refusal to cooperate is the key to preventing the ruling elite’s world depopulation agenda. For example, forced healthcare (sick care) such as the toxic vaccination program would not work if there was an overwhelming mass refusal.

Say no to joining the military: Don’t be duped into becoming a death statistic, through fighting in one of the elite’s fake wars. All the major wars and their reasons for fighting were based on false pretenses, as they had been secretly manufactured by the ruling elite for power, profit and political gains.


Indirectly, depopulation also involves circumstances where having children is no longer an option: For example, unlike earlier years, many modern-day couples cannot afford to have children, as they are up to their necks in debt through student loans and sky-high mortgages. Then there are the rising cases of infertility, caused by for example, the potentially harmful EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies) such as WI-Fi and their applications…

Paul A. Philips, Activist Post 6 Comments [3/15/2017 12:34:29 PM]
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Here are six of the most important and prominent media conspiracies constantly at work on the public psyche. All are absolutely essential to support and maintain the status quo.

1. The Conspiracy to Make You Love the State

Indoctrination into the nurturing womb of the state is essential for our society to function as it does. As children, we are taught the state’s version of national and international history, we pledge allegiance to the state flag, and we learn a superficial version of how state government works while being told the only alternative is destructive chaos.

This theme of state indoctrination carries on into the mainstream media as state worship is embedded into news, infotainment and entertainment. The most important people are those in public office. The most important opinions come from state employees turned pundits. The most important decisions are those made by the government. Heroes are soldiers. There is no issue or concern which does not warrant action from the state.

2. The Conspiracy to Conceal the True Powers in the World

There is an invisible unelected power which controls government and industry around the world, yet no matter how many warnings we receive from even the most credentialed individuals, the media will never genuinely report on the shadow government, the deep state, secret societies, or the Zionist neocons, opting instead to direct our attention onto government, maintaining the impression that major decisions are made democratically.

Consider how many years it has taken for even basic, propagandistic coverage of Bilderberg to make it to the mainstream. The Bilderberg Group is a gathering of the world’s most powerful private, corporate, and state actors, yet the media still wants you to believe their influence in our world is but a theory.

Furthermore, the banking institutions which have monopolized world currencies into private hands charging every interest for the ability to trade, are fully misrepresented by the media as benevolent and ‘too big to fail,’ i.e., too big to prosecute. For a recent example of this, look to CNN Money who put together a shoddy segment on the Federal Reserve Bank of the United States, explaining to the audience how it was not at all political, but rather an independent group intentionally designed in 1913 for our benefit.

3. The Conspiracy to Cover Up the Corporate Rape of the Planet

The rape of the planet physically, economically and spiritually by corporate power and greed is escalating on a global scale, yet the mainstream refuses to give this issue its proper due. Corporations are presented as society’s saviors, bringing us the jobs and conveniences that make life bearable, yet, while we may profit in material terms in the short term, corporate exploitation of the world and its cultures is quickly pushing us into unknown territory where the world’s wealth will be given over to the 1%, and the world’s ecosystems are laid waste.

The Dakota Sioux protest over the Dakota Access Pipeline offers a recent example of how corporate media treats important environmental issues resulting from corporate dominance. Silence. Although organic resistance to this is huge and widely covered by the alternative media, only natural disasters that stoke irrational fears make the nightly news.

When was the last time the mainstream news ran an expose of the Athabasca Oil Sands project, or of the widespread destruction of the Amazon rainforest? These issues are vastly critical to our survival, yet never explored by corporate media. Even something as crucial as Fukushima, which is still dumping radiation into the Pacific Ocean five years after the earthquake and tsunami of 2011, gets nary a mention. This disaster is put off as a local Japanese issue and all attempts to bring closure to this are left the hands of TEPCO, the Japanese energy corporation, even in the face of mounting evidence that Fukushima is already affecting life in North America.

4. The Conspiracy to Encourage Self-Destruction

In order to create and maintain the culture of top-down rule, it is mandatory that the populace suffers interminable disunity, widespread apathy, infighting and senseless division. This is fomented by the mainline media’s assistance in the destruction of the individual; for our own self-destruction is the most economical solution for the elite in their quest to destroy us.

The vibration of the news is always as dense as possible, a continual flood of violence, hate, gore and madness, ever refusing concepts and ideas that enlighten, focusing instead on the repetition of insanity. Corporate media, especially from Hollywood, is a non-stop psychic assault serving to color darkly our souls, driving us into inner despair, suggesting to us that we self-medicate, guiding us into the hands of modern psychology for relief from the onslaught.

When the individual is useless to himself, he is useless to his community and to society as a whole. When this is accomplished it is easy to corral us into narrow frames of mind and widespread division, working against ourselves rather than for ourselves.

READ: In 2013 a Rothschild Insider Warned of an Elite Planned Race War in America

5. The Conspiracy to Arrest Consciousness

The war on consciousness is real. It is a concerted effort to prevent the individual from understanding the true nature of the self, from gaining critical self-knowledge, and from maturing beyond childish naivety and intelligence. The prosecution of the war on drugs, heavily promoted in corporate media, is a key strategy, for it inhibits our willingness to explore our own sovereign consciousness, cutting us off from ancient and natural tools of self-exploration, limiting our understanding of what is possible in this human experience.

As researcher and author Graham Hancock states:

There can be no more intimate and elemental part of the individual than his or her own consciousness. At the deepest level, our consciousness is what we are—to the extent that if we are not sovereign over our own consciousness then we cannot in any meaningful sense be sovereign over anything else either. ~Graham Hancock

6. The Conspiracy to Prevent Revolution

We are quickly entering a time when the only way for the elite to prevent revolution is to enact the strict social controls only possible in a world war type scenario, which is presently unfolding before our sleepwalking eyes. The mainstream media participates in the conspiracy to prevent revolution by constantly reinforcing false state narratives about security, privacy and the need for more control, and by continually manufacturing consent for the oligarchy.

The main objective is to prevent disbelief in official government stories and narratives, regularly engaging on the trigger term “conspiracy theory” to deflate curiosity of the unknown and misunderstood workings of our government. The media are molding us into self-monitoring, self-policing gatekeepers who are trained to reject revolutionary ideas before they are duly investigated.

Sigmund Fraud, Activist Post 0 Comments [3/15/2017 12:34:13 PM]
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