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Quote# 108001

“Rescue boats? I’d use gunships to stop migrants”. That was The Sun's headline, written apparently without concern.

She then refers to migrants in Calais who try to board trucks heading to Britain as “a plague of feral humans”.

She proposes an Australian approach to migrants on boats. “They threaten them with violence until they bugger off, throwing cans of Castlemaine in an Aussie version of sharia stoning”.

She says we don’t need Save the Children “encouraging” migrants to make the journey. “What we need are gunships sending these boats back to their own country”.

She adds: “Some of our towns are festering sores, plagued by swarms of migrants and asylum seekers, shelling out benefits like Monopoly money”.

Katie Hopkins, The Independent  6 Comments [4/21/2015 3:10:47 AM]
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Submitted By: Ivurm
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Quote# 107995

Twenty years have now passed since the tragic decision was made to entrust South Africa’s government to the whims of semi-feral Negroes, and the situation could now hardly be any worse for the embattled Whites of that once-prosperous land.

The “Rainbow Nation” of convicted communist terrorist Nelson Mandela, only brought about due to both internal subversion and external agitation, has now sunk to the level of the rest of the “Dark Continent,” with rampant incompetence, poverty, rape, and violence the norm.

However, groups of brave Boers have now deemed it necessary to stand up for what is theirs, for the odds of escaping the rampage of the hordes are growing far more slim with each passing day.

Such grueling training for the final racial conflict, aided by hardened veterans of the Afrikaner Resistance Movement (AWB), has continued to spread among the beleaguered population, demonstrating to all of us that there can still be fight left in the soul of the White Man, if he only sheds the fear instilled in him since birth.

Marcus Cicero and Afrikaner Resistance Movement (AWB) members, Occidental Dissent 5 Comments [4/21/2015 2:42:32 AM]
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Submitted By: JeanP
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Quote# 107993

(The members of this thread are talking about the Fairly OddParents)

Get 'em while they're young. Anti-Asian male cartoon IR propaganda from the Eurosphere.

Ten (10) year old Asian-American female Trixie Tang likes multiple males, none Asian.

hchalice, Model Minority  15 Comments [4/20/2015 3:12:33 AM]
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Submitted By: Ivurm
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Quote# 107988

[David Cameron visits a gurdwara]

Dressing up like a Muslim next week Mr Cammeroon ?

Sell out to anyone just to keep your cushy life Mr Cammeroon and betray the Great British People ?

Somehow can`t see Nigel doing that...............

Don`t forget to vote UKIP on May 7th............

TwitTwoo, Daily Telegraph 7 Comments [4/20/2015 3:09:53 AM]
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Quote# 107970

Cameron, Clegg and Miliband are not English, but they are happy to sell England down the river, regionalise it and overwhelm England and give our land and our rights away. Tell them where to go on 7 May in honour of St George and all of England.

Stolen Land, Daily Telegraph 9 Comments [4/19/2015 4:49:40 AM]
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Quote# 107948

A violent genocide against whites is inevitable at some point when they reach a small enough minority. Many white liberals actually secretly fantasize about this and, whether or not they realize it, privately would not mind if such a thing happened.

The funny hing is that once whites are gone the society will quickly turn into a combination of Africa and Mexico. Though there is always a liberal either dishonest or stupid enough to say "what's wrong with that?" as though they have no concept of good/bad, up/down, or better/worse. No matter how "bad" blacks (in general, as would not need to be clarified in anything but a degenerating, increasingly dumbed-down, repressive politically correct society) have it here because of "whites" (a stupid, ignorant belief in the first place that doesn't deserve any amount of attention but which has caught on due to the tendency for people to allow their emotions and "sympathy" to override their logical capacities, ultimately resulting in negative results and hence being unforgivable) it will be ten times worse without them. Simply look at what happened to Africa after whites departed and "freed" the people there (a delusion liberals clutch to as though their very souls depend on it).

Choose between cannibal warlords systematically raping and eating your children, on a weekly basis, or having white people building beautiful hotels and vistas and giving you posh jobs and running water, electricity, and housi- sorry, I meant s-slave labor and c-colonialism...

Sorry if this post is too "racist" for you guys. I genuinely mean no offense to black people. I don't view truth, objectivity, rationality, or fact as offensive in and of itself. I believe my position here is fairly reasonable and not based in hate or cruelty.

chillaxbrohound, Reddit: Conservative 9 Comments [4/18/2015 4:07:06 AM]
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Quote# 107941

fucking chinese will eat about anything.

there is the yulian meat festival were they eat dog meat, boiled alive, of course.

is there a list of all the species that the chineses have either extinct or put to the brink of extinction because of their culinary Madness?

i bet some of them are sorry they cannot eat their own shit...

Anonymous Gossiper, Give Me Gossip 10 Comments [4/18/2015 3:59:45 AM]
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Quote# 107926

[Pope Francis Remembers the Armenian Genocide]

"An evil front is being formed before us...Now the pope has joined it and these plots," Davutoglu said.

He said Turkey was willing to confront its history, but added: "We won't allow our nation to be insulted through history, we won't allow Turkey to be blackmailed through historic disputes."

Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, Huffington Post 12 Comments [4/17/2015 3:04:28 AM]
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Quote# 107906

Well-educated blacks have to marry "down" since it is simply too hard to find another smart black person. Studies have shown average black IQ is 85 and 68% of blacks have IQ range of 70 to 100. To be qualified to be in college, you have at least IQ 100. To be successful in college, you have to have IQ about 110. Based on studies, only 16% of blacks have more than 100 of IQ and few of them can be successful. In sum, studying at universities is not black people's nature.

Light from the East, American Renaissance 15 Comments [4/16/2015 3:42:24 AM]
Fundie Index: 9
Submitted By: HEIL SATAN
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Quote# 107895

[Re: that day's episode of "The Price is Right"]

Here we go again. A black couple screwed themselves out of a car on Dice Game and 1/2 Off was rigged. I knew that box #2 would have the money because it's Couple week but the couple was too stupid to realize it. It's obvious that Couples Week is a bust and should never be attempted ever again. AND THE WHEEL IS STILL MOTHERFUCKING RIGGED! AND THE GODDAMN NIGGER COUPLE IS IN THE SHOWCASE! GODDAMN JEWS!



whatever 111, Game Show Kingdom 11 Comments [4/16/2015 3:32:45 AM]
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Quote# 107891

[On a news article about a black man who was accidentally shot by police and died of his wounds]

Well maybe it was a mistake indeed however I don't see anything bad in it. That black man was a criminal and he surely committed a lot of crimes before he got shot. Also he was probably leeching on welfare so nothing of value was lost.

Alan Gonzales, WND 11 Comments [4/15/2015 2:55:10 AM]
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Submitted By: Ibuki Mioda
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Quote# 107889

[Asian supremists talking about game of thrones]

I enjoy it for the simple fact it shows how white men are depraved sexual deviants who each other off without remorse. it's the most truthful depictions of white people

sir humpslot, model minority 13 Comments [4/15/2015 2:52:42 AM]
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Submitted By: Tony
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Quote# 107888

[regarding Ellen Pao an asian woman that sued her company due to harassment issues]

So what is your opinion on this sow, lool? For those following the news, this seems to be the new thing in the liberal blogosphere.

Basically this sow ditched her Asian husband for a soul brother. And apparently the soul brother could not satisfy her, so she shacked up with a married Indian subordinate at work. And then she alleged that Kumar discriminated against her after she broke up the affair and then sued the company for sexual harassment. She lost the lawsuit, and an Asian man comes to the rescue by hiring her to manage Reddit. To whom she will be eternally grateful by shacking up with an Asian man. No, who am I kidding, Lol.

[SOW stands for sellout whore]

DDuana, Model Minority 9 Comments [4/15/2015 2:51:43 AM]
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Submitted By: Tony
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Quote# 107880

The Jews were subjugated surely? the Japanese were decimated after ww2 as was Germany. These peoples had no problem recovering from nothing back to major world economies. As for Africa, the slave dealers were fellow Africans and Arab countries also bought millions of slaves. No amount of money or self rule will ever see success in a Black run country in my opinion. Also please advise of these successful Black people (mixed race not included), I can`t think of any.

senna, Daily Telegraph 7 Comments [4/15/2015 2:45:05 AM]
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Quote# 107878

[Comment on report about book by Nigerian-German woman whose grandfather was a concentration camp commandant]

I never believe stories like this...people who introduce a family member to support their argument, liars to a man and woman!!! question them, and they collapse like a house of cards!

Here's a funny story, during the 1990s two American "revisionists were invited onto the Montel Williams Show chat show, and of course were subjected to the "my father/mother/brother/sister" were killed..two men Ernest Hollander and his brother Alex were particularly vocal, they had lost their brother Zoltan who was hanged by the Nazis in 1944. this is true, the two American revisionists "had to suck it up as these men ranted".

His brother had in fact SURVIVED and was watching the show!!!

Three months later they appeared on the show in a tearful reunion. "This man has come back from the dead. We thought he had been dead for
50 years," Ernest says of his brother. "I found a brother, but he found two brothers, uncles and aunts, nieces and nephews -- a city of people," adds Ernest, who calls their reunion "the greatest miracle since Moses
crossed the sea."

Were they grateful to the two men who held inadvertently helped in bringing them together???

No! they were not invited to the show, but the host opened the show with "You may recall we had two Neo-Nazis on the show"!!! hers the irony one is Jewish!!!!

Daves Shoe, Daily Telegraph 4 Comments [4/15/2015 2:44:25 AM]
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Quote# 107738

Re: France's far-right Le Pen splits publicly with father in political family feud

Politics. I should copy and paste previous posts. We should all make them. And all embrace the thought. Nothing will ever be solved politically. The only way out of this mess is through tons of bloodshed. Think of it... how're we possibly going to kick out 100 million Muslim (which is what it will be in 20 years) invaders? Politics?

...No. We're going to have to drive them out by force. Killing tons of them along the way. And no politician will ever back us on this. Which means, we'll have to remove them from power too. Which means, we'll have to kill many of them as well.

Fortunately, as disturbing as this sounds, we won't be the ones who even start this conflict. They will.

Last To Speak, Stormfront.com 10 Comments [4/10/2015 2:43:33 AM]
Fundie Index: 8
Submitted By: HEIL SATAN
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Quote# 107737

poles are weak whites obviously just like the weak white fake jews. and they follow the "zionist" weak "policies", they will not allow holohoax discussions in their weak so called "nation", or an excavation of treblinka based on some weak white fake jew "rabbi". they are "zionists" and are responsbile for doctoring, along with the soviets, the fake "gas chamber" in white fake jew "auschwitz". so you should be ashamed, your weak so called "nation" is a "zionist" so called "nation" just like all the other white so called "nations", and the so called "nations" in the weak white fake jew "west".

Chahar5, VNN 8 Comments [4/10/2015 2:41:03 AM]
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Quote# 107736

Let me see? I form my own 1Q tests, who is smarter? white Americans or white Europeans?

Quote:. Indeed, no European country has more than 30% of its population possessing guns. Compared to 88% for the United States, this number looks quite insignificant. In total, the number of guns held by civilians in the US seems to be disproportionate (270,000,000) compared to the European countries, where French civilians hold only 19,000,000 guns.

Let me figure this out, us white Americans can still defend our families against Niggers, they have to use a kitchen utensil, that is if they are still allowed to use knives to cut their food with.

IQ test done......

albert999, VNN 16 Comments [4/10/2015 2:40:49 AM]
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Quote# 107698

Jews are disgusting. Im not even sure they are humans.

When asked if the conditions these vermin lived in. Multiple sources, during the relocation in Hitler's Germany noted that Jewish living conditions and personal hygiene were beyond appalling. They further noted that synagogues/buinesses/dwellings were so rancid that walking near one with an open door brought on retching and puking.

On further discovery, they found that in some buildings/synagogues/homes had human faeces and piss in the corners of rooms, hallways and stairwells. When the chosen filth would do their idiotic "hava nagila" moron dance. Faeces would be kicked around with reckless abandon.

When examining the conditions of most jews before relocation, soldiers stated that of all the criminals and undesirables deported, including the homeless and gypsies, Jewish people were the most filthy, unwashed, and so horribly smelly that only soldiers with the strongest stomachs could bear being in proximity with them.

Most jews freely and without a care admitted that the hadn't bathed in months and doctors found an alarming amount of lice, fleas and other vermin as well as faeces in the hair, clothes, shoes, skin and unbelievably, the hands.

These discoveries weren't limited to the lower class jews, these discoveries were found on a majority of middle and upper class jews as well.
Most simply did not care about rectifying this hygiene health risk. Even eating food from polluted hands was apparently "kosher".
Yet somehow ham and pig products are unclean...

One SS Officer that was questioned after liberation was asked why the prisoner jews were so appalling and wretched smelling in the camps and how they could leave them that way he stated the following:

"They simply do not, nor care how they smell at all. You should have smelled them before we forced them into the showers! "

"Seriously, id take a bloated corpse, sitting on the eastern front for weeks in the hot july heat before id take a train load of dreadful smelly jews, in for processing, cleaning, and work assignment, any day of the year!"

"Holocaust? Really?
The only holocaust round these parts was the horrendous holocaust on our olfactory senses."

"My nose hairs literally burned slower than a corpse in the creama. And speaking of the creama. When i thought it couldn't get any worse. they start burning that smell and arasoling that into the air! That smell will NEVER leave my skin....EVER!"

"I don't know what these tricksters have been feeding you but i can tell you this: yes there was a holocaust.

"Six million nasal capillaries and taste buds died here. Yes taste buds. Because the smell was so ungodly horrible you could taste it. TASTE IT! Why won't these people take a damn bath?!?


True story

ReichMarschall, Stormfront.com 13 Comments [4/8/2015 2:55:46 AM]
Fundie Index: 14
Submitted By: HEIL SATAN
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Quote# 107650

[Note: The sentences with dates after them are links to other articles]

Racism and Black on White Violence in Obamamerika Pt 3

Also see Racism and Black on White Violence in Obamamerika Pt 2

Jesse Jackson says NYPD officer is a murderer for not allowing black teen to shoot and kill another black teen 08/12/2013

Jesse Jackson says that white men who defend themselves from deadly attacks by black men are murderers. He says that black men are being “murdered by vigilantes, police, and security guards.” He then cite two cases, one of which is Shaaliver Douse.
The usual gang of black race hustlers are accusing the NYPD of shooting Douse without just cause.
10,865 Blacks Murdered by OTHER BLACKS Since Trayvon Died … Name One 07/18/2013

To be exact, the shameful truth is that 93% of African-American murders are committed by other African-Americans. That is breathtakingly awful when you consider how incensed the African-American community is about the Trayvon tragedy, no matter what you believe about Zimmerman’s guilt.

Media label black-mob violence ‘mischievous teens’ 04/01/2013

Chicago media are running out of ways to avoid talking about black mob violence.
Over the weekend, 500 black people rampaged through several Chicago neighborhoods: beating, pushing and attacking police and tourists and residents. Even a police horse.
Surge of black violence called ‘urban terrorism’ 01/30/2013

With dozens of episodes over the last five years, Indianapolis has to be near the top of any list of cities with sustained, violent, extensive and numerous cases of black mob violence. This “crisis” of “urban terrorism,” as the new chief of police calls it, is now a regular feature of life in this Midwestern city once thought to be a haven from racial turmoil. The latest examples are focused downtown at the Circle Centre Mall – a gleaming display of downtown redevelopment when it opened in 1996. This multi-story story retail center, connected by covered walkways to nine hotels and the convention center, was once anchored by Nordstrom.
‘Sambo, Uncle Tom n*gger': Self-appointed race cops unleash hate on Cosby and Barkley for Zimmerman remarks 07/19/2013

Think skin color should be the sole deciding factor in how someone thinks, speaks and acts? Then this is the crowd for you.
Cracker and Uncle Thomas 07/19/2013

I believe in giving credit where credit is due, and I’ve got to hand it to the Left – they are gifted moralizers. Nobody can put on a sanctimonious soapboxing spectacle like a Progressive Leftist. Do you believe, for whatever reason, that marriage is between one man and one woman? Then you’re a homophobe. Do you believe that men are generally taller and have larger biceps than women? Then you’re a sexist. Do you believe that people who move to America ought to come here legally and become American? Then you’re a nativist. Do you believe that 16 years of global temperature stability might mean that global warming isn’t actually happening? Then you’re a flat-earther. And, of course, if you disagree about any given issue with a Progressive, you’re a racist. Yep, they have all sorts of fancy words to describe how you don’t agree with them, and they use them all – a lot.
List: Violence, Lawlessness Since Zimmerman Verdict 07/18/2013

The same media that attempted to blame a mother of five in Wasilla, Alaska, for a mass shooting in Arizona (because of her use of standard crosshairs on a campaign map) is the same media that repeatedly described the shockingly lawless Occupy Wall Street movement as “mostly peaceful,” and is now attempting to persuade America that the anti-Zimmerman protests currently being ginned up by an NBC News anchor (MSNBC’s Al Sharpton) are also “mostly peaceful.”
Why Did The Obama Administration “Organize And Manage” Protests Against George Zimmerman? 07/10/2013

Is the Obama administration at least partially responsible for turning the George Zimmerman trial into such a huge national spectacle? Judicial Watch has obtained documents which prove that the Community Relations Service, a division of the Department of Justice, was sent to Sanford, Florida in late March 2012 “to help organize and manage rallies and protests against George Zimmerman“. This included spending quite a bit of money, arranging meetings between the NAACP and local leaders, and providing police escorts for protesters. Someone needs to ask Obama why the federal government was doing this.
History Lesson: Racist Democrats and the Big Lie 03/28/2013

And yet this myth persists — in fact, it’s just about the only response today’s Democrats have to their own sordid history: pinning it on the other guy. It makes them profoundly uncomfortable that among the 21 who voted against the Civil Rights Act of 1964 can be found Albert Arnold Gore, Sr., the founder of the Hillbilly Dynasty; Robert “KKK” Byrd, the Conscience of the Senate; and Sleepin’ Sam Ervin of Watergate fame.
Violent threats follow Detroit takeover 03/28/2013

Jesse Jackson decries ‘plantocracy’ while warnings include disruptions, burning
The official state takeover of Detroit is only newly accomplished, and there are signs that there soon will be unrest, or worse.
Head of National Black Chamber of Commerce on Obama’s priorities: ‘This is not America’ 08/11/2013

Committed to successful black entrepreneurship, Harry C. Alford, Jr. has been president of the National Black Chamber of Commerce since 1993.
During that time, he has spoken out with increasing boldness against the liberal orthodoxy hurting the black community. In 2009, he took on Democratic California Sen. Barbara Boxer at a cap-and-trade hearing, and that video went viral. In this interview with Alford, he continues to boldly confront the politics of government dependency, which he believes stand opposed to the founding principles of capitalism, private property and opportunity.
How Obama Poisoned Race Relations in America By Arnold Ahlert 07/26/2013

A new poll by NBC News and the Wall Street Journal reveals that public perceptions about race relations in America have taken a devastating hit since the election of Barack Obama. At the beginning of the president’s first term, 79 percent of whites and 63 percent of blacks had a positive view of American race relations.

angelforisrael, Taking Back America 6 Comments [4/7/2015 2:49:37 AM]
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Submitted By: The Reptilian Jew
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Quote# 107613

Not in Britain, mate, charity is something you lavish on foreigners in the hope that they don't attack you. It used to be called "Dane Geld" but we have become more sophisticated these days.

pablothescot, Daily Telegraph 5 Comments [4/5/2015 4:16:39 AM]
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Quote# 107590

All he needed to do was win the war Hitler's perfect world would not at all be a bad place to be born in. Looking at the prosperous germany of 1933-1939 we can get a glimpse of a beta version of hitler's perfect world. If Hitler had won the war the utopian society could have been established. Hitler's perfect world would however be better than the beta of it from 1933-1939. Hitler's perfect world is not the same as the Holocaust. Hitler's perfect world is the end goal and the Holocaust is just the means to achieve an end. The means justify the ends. All that needs to happen was for Hitler to have reached the end goal in order to make up for whatever suffering done to achieve the end. Unfortunately Hitler did not achieve the end goal so thus far it seems not worth it. However the creation of a 4th Reich could solve this problem.

[Then he makes another comment]

i'd like to clarify the difference between Hitler's perfect world and the 'Holocaust'

People seem to have a grave misunderstanding and seem to related national socialism in practice to national socialism in theory.
National Socialism in theory is essentially hitler's perfect world. National socialism in practice is the mass execution done in the name of eugenics
People seem to relate Hitler's perfect world to the Holohoax but people don't realize that once the perfect world is created the mass executions no longer need to be carried out.
True it may be morally repulsive with the holohoax and all but I believe the long term benefits of Hitler's perfect world will outweigh and short terms mass executions used to achieve those means.
Auschwitz will be disbanded in Hitler's perfect world once auschwitz has finished its job
Thus auschwitz was never a part of Hitler's perfect world.
Think of the world today as a crude and rough diamond ore. The mass executions auschwitz included are the refiners. Hitler's perfect world is the beautiful diamond itself. Once a diamond is perfect and refined then there no longer exists a reason to have the refiner
Thus judge the diamond not by the refiner so much as by its perfect beauty
After a few brief months when Hitler took power, Germany's economic problems went away and the country began to progress and make better of itself. True it wasn't perfect yet because of imperfections in the gene pool, but it was on its way.

heil19, Debate.org 14 Comments [4/4/2015 7:10:01 AM]
Fundie Index: 6
Submitted By: TheReasonator
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Quote# 107588

Study: Muslims to Outnumber Christians Worldwide at 2070

This will not happen. It can't. It goes against nature. Nature always wins. The only race who has fought nature, and won some battles, is the White race. Once we White Christians are gone, there is no other race who can creditably replace us. The Chinese, while smart, lack initiative and imagination, and, compassion. The Indians, most are not that smart, and, again, lack compassion. The Blacks. Puhleeeeze. They are not even in contention. The Arabs? Yup, they could be the global winners. They are stupid, backwards, but, they have passion for their retarded religion. Compassion is what sets us apart from the rest of the savages. It is also what will be our downfall. I think compassion is a trait that distinguishes the savages from the civilized. But, I do not believe that a trait that is godly, and benevolent, should cause the genocide of the practitioners.

What wins in today's world is PASSION for your tribe. We Whites need to stop thinking as individuals. Take a page out of the Talmud. We Whites are a distinct BLOOD group, with genomes that we share. We are under hostile assault. We need to fight back.


IKUredux , American Renaissance 11 Comments [4/4/2015 7:08:22 AM]
Fundie Index: 7
Submitted By: HEIL SATAN
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Quote# 107587

Turkey recognizes that the events of 1915 are of great concern to many Armenians. In an effort to put this painful history to rest, it has offered to cooperate fully in a review considered by historians from numerous parties—not just Turkish and Armenia, and has opened its archives. Armenian archives remain closed.

Such resolutions prejudice and damage the objective and truthful study and understanding of the Ottoman Armenian tragedy by accepting only the Armenian side of the story.

Reliable statistics show that slightly less than 600,000 Anatolian Armenians died in the wars of 1912-22, not 1.5 or 2 million, as is often claimed. By no means is 600,000 is a small number. However, Armenians were not the only group to befall such tragedies. Statistics show that 2.5 million Anatolian Muslims, Turks and Kurds died as well. In the area claimed by the Armenians as part of their homeland, more than one million Muslims were killed or died due to the ravages of war. These Muslims, no less than the Armenians, suffered a terrible mortality.

Genocide is the highest crime in human history. Under the 1948 UN Convention, the authority to prosecute and proclaim genocide is reserved for the International Court of Justice and the competent domestic courts of party States—not a legislative body.

This resolution belies bad policy and works against American principles of fairness and justice. Turkey deserves a fair hearing on this issue and is willing to accept the outcome, as made public by Turkish government officials.

US relations with Turkey and the larger Muslim community are at stake in the Resolution. At a time when public opinion of the United States in the Muslim world is disturbingly low, the passage of such a Resolution would bring greater contempt for the United States, inhibiting US relations not only with Turkey, but the broader Muslim world.

Turkish American National Steering Committee, Let History Decide 8 Comments [4/4/2015 7:08:00 AM]
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Quote# 107578


What's interesting about this whole thing is the way blacks are so fooled by it. They are the first in line to be displaced by these wandering parasitic idiots, but they welcome them in. Why? Because they know the border violators hate the gringos as much as blacks hate the crackers. So they mistakenly assume they are some sort of odd kinsmen.

They couldn't be more wrong. The only chance blacks HAD was with white people. And they spit in our faces while beating up our grandparents. I don't like to see wall to wall waves of Latinos coming in. But I have to admit I don't mind watching them shove blacks out while taking their jobs.

Sure, I'm cheering the lesser of two evils. Maybe I just want to see the look on all those black faces when reality finally hits. When they come to whites once again for help. Only, they will have to run it by the Hispanic bureaucrats who took all the black government jobs, so we may never see that day at all.

We're always going to have stupid peasants. Blacks have always been at the bottom. The only reason they are above that now is because white people put them there. They didn't "earn" it. They b|tched till it was gifted to them. Hispanics don't have an ounce of white guilt no matter how left they are. FM


A great post. You're spot on in so many ways. Blacks and browns hate and murder each other, but they're unified in their hatred of WHITE people, notwithstanding that WHITE people created civilization in which blacks and browns have a better quality of life than in any society they could create. That's why Mexicans come here....to achieve a better life in a WHITE socieity they could not create in their own lands.

Both races are our mortal enemies. There's no way around it and we can't be lulled into thinking that any "alliance" with either race is possible. Their physical and cognitive levels are not compatible with ours.

FunktionMann & Advocate, Stormfront.com 4 Comments [4/4/2015 7:01:48 AM]
Fundie Index: 3
Submitted By: HEIL SATAN
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