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Quote# 104390

Re: America to lose almost all its white population by 2060

This utopian fantasy will never come to fruition. Whites will keep moving into colder regions of the world until they eventually reach a place where most non whites aren't able to survive. The non whites who take over areas formerly controlled by whites will not be able to maintain such civilizations with their short term primitive thinking.

Eventually what will happen is the non white population will slowly implode as their living conditions become worse and worse. Leading to the melting point of their societies and ultimately cannibalism. They will fight and kill each other over what little resources are left.

Once the non whites have thinned out their own populations and spread out into segregated tribes whites will be able to come back in and once again civilize the area. Hopefully this time we won't make the same mistake of accepting non whites into our societies.

stuck on stupid, Stormfront.com 15 Comments [10/30/2014 3:27:09 AM]
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Submitted By: HEIL SATAN
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Quote# 104389

Re: Who is a Jew? What is a Jew? What do Jews do and what do they want?

I am surprised this topic isn't very successful in participation.

Knowing the enemy better than it knows itself is key to victory.

What is a Jew? For the majority it is the product of slavery and the scientifically applied bonding technique of slave to master. This is one reason I am surprised about the lack of interest in this topic.

A simple question the Jew inevitably complicates beyond reason. One aspect of Jewry among many of its undeniable constants. And distasteful habits.

Objectively simplifying the Jew requires a devotion to truth that tests the strongest of hunters and gatherers of information. Among other life's essentials.

Indeed natural law has gifted humanity with the Jew because humanity has always needed an impetus, a predator, a challenge to overcome.

The Jew prides itself in this role and justifies all it does from that simple premise.

Good news for humanity but invariably bad news for all Jews. Especially it's slave class drones allowed to consider themselves "Jewish". Go figure that one out.

Its ironic the Jew has made a religion out of all it accuses it's enemies of being.

Like all predators humanity has overcome, the Jew will go extinct.

The Jew will join history not unlike all failed tribes who collectively chose death over truth.

We will probably ascribe a lot of sentimental hogwash in remembering the Jew as some sort of natural wonderment. Just as has been done for the native occupiers of any land that has been brought into modern time.

In truth, every people who yielded to genocide would have destroyed the occupiers of their homelands if they could.

And we can do that with ease.

Or we will choose to let everything our people have struggled with and overcome for thousands of years just swirl down into that black hole of oblivion nature uses to recycle its trash.

My own chosen prejudice refuses that option with every fiber of my being.

Ouroboros Rich, Stormfront.com 3 Comments [10/30/2014 3:26:53 AM]
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Submitted By: HEIL SATAN
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Quote# 104385

Re: 13 year old shot 9 times for laughing at neighbor

Another groid removed from the gene pool before having any Obama sons with 30 welfare moms. Good.

Galen, Stormfront.com 10 Comments [10/30/2014 3:19:25 AM]
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Submitted By: HEIL SATAN
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Quote# 104384

While I understand that the different groups in the white nationalist community have different ideas or agendas there is one thing that I believe must be the same with us all. We all know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the jews are and have always been our enemy. This is a plain and simple fact. I don't care how good or reasonable a groups ideas may sound, if they are apologists for the jews then I want nothing to do with them. Let me say this as plain and simple as I can. I am a Anti-Semite. I do not like, respect or intend to tolerate the jews. If that makes me a bad person then, too bad.

DomTxn, Stormfront.com 1 Comments [10/30/2014 3:19:13 AM]
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Submitted By: HEIL SATAN
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Quote# 104356

In another news story, a 30-year old Hispanic man drove over his 20-year old Hispanic wife and 2-year old son in anger, killing the son instantly. When the police arrived, the father's SUV was still parked on top of the child. The father stabbed the mother in the throat numerous times with a knife, but she lived. So sad! This is America today. This is all in today's news. My friend, by not taking sides with the Bible, you are automatically open prey for the Devil.


What bothered me the most was that in the story of the man running over his wife and child, the website posted the story in a blog, asking people to comment. It became a racial thing—dozens of members spewing racial hatred against each other, calling each other disparaging names, and hating one another. The issue was that Mexican men are far more likely to cause violence than Caucasian men. Sadly, it is true, because Mexican men love their booze. The evil beer cartel pushes off their liquid devil to anyone who will buy it, destroying numerous cultures. It's not uncommon to find 10 empty cases of Corona beer in the alley where Mexicans live after a weekend party.

David J. Stewart, God Loves People 10 Comments [10/28/2014 3:03:56 AM]
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Quote# 104354

A member of British National Socialist group National Action, 21-year-old Garron Helm, has been jailed for four weeks for speechcrime against a gross Jewess, Liverpool Labour MP Luciana Berger.

Helm did not call for violence, he did not threaten the Jew bitch. Posting from his Æthelwulf Twitter account, he simply called her a “communist Jewess” and stated the known fact that Hitler was right. He also posted a picture of the Jewess with a yellow star on her forehead.

The UK government is claiming that the people have no right to label a Jew a Jew, and this must be resisted through direct action.


Clearly, this represents an attempt by the ZOG government of the UK to shut down National Action, and all criticism of Jews in general.

If we don’t resist, we are doomed.

I hereby ask God Almighty that if any single member of National Action quits the organization over this arrest that his ancestors bring down a curse upon his head, the heads of his children and his children’s children.

We cannot be intimidated by these filthy rats. If we succomb to intimidation now, we are already doomed. This is a life and death battle, and no man who is unwilling to give his freedom or his life or both is worthy of this fight.

The Jewess Berger said the sentence “sent out a clear message.” The clear message being, of course, that you stupid goyim pigs have no right to ever call a Jew a Jew, let alone question their actions.

Well, we’ve got a message for her.

Operation: Filthy Jew Bitch

I declare a new operation against the filthy communist Jewess, which will be known as Operation: Filthy Jew Bitch.

This is the boldest attack on our basic freedoms that I have seen thus far, in any country. The government of the Jewnited Kingdom is attempting to set a precedent where it will be illegal to call a Jew a Jew, and this must be resisted with direct action.

Here’s the deal.

Go to Twitter.com.

Make a Twitter account. If you need a throwaway email to register, use GMX and just enter fake information, get the confirmation code.

Tweet at this communist Jew bitch.


Do Not:

Call for violence, threaten the Jew bitch in any way. Seriously, don’t do that.

Just to be crystal: Andrew Anglin nor the Daily Stormer support or endorse any form of violence against the sickening Jew Luciana Berger. We believe she should be either legally tried and imprisoned for purposefully undermining the British people and nation, or simply deported to Israel.


Call her a Jew, call her a Jew communist, call her a terrorist, call her a filthy Jew bitch. Call her a hook-nosed yid and a ratfaced kike. Tell her we do not want her in the UK, we do not want her or any other Jew anywhere in Europe. Tell her to go to Israel and call for her deportation to said Jew state.

Do it over, and over, and over and over again.

Tell her that “#HitlerWasRight,” and then tell her that six million more times.

Flood her with these images (or make some of your own).

[various crude, anti-Semitic images are shown]

Use these hashtags on every Tweet:


Making a Twitter account takes two minutes. You have no excuse for not doing this, Stormer.
We are all Garron Helm.

We will not bow to Jews. We will not be silenced by Jews. We will not allow Jews to destroy the nations that our ancestors spilled blood to build on this sacred land.

We will resist. And we will win.

Hail Victory.

Andrew Anglin, Daily Stormer 13 Comments [10/28/2014 3:03:09 AM]
Fundie Index: 3
Submitted By: Yossarian Lives
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Quote# 104353

The Daily Stormer’s brilliant tactic of pressuring the subversive Jewess MP Luciana Berger through social media protest seems to be bearing some fruit, with multiple news outlets screeching at a level that we can only regard with laughter, contempt, and pride.

Operation Filthy Jew Bitch, a textbook example of free speech and White outrage over the slimy persecution of National Socialist Patriot Garron Helm, has driven the Christ-killing destroyers of Britain into a rage that borders on the absurd, and exposes the mentally-deranged psyche of the Jewish mind.

Several Labour party members, including the “mystery meat” Ebola vessel Chuka Umunna, have voiced their support of the Communist parasite, tweeting recently that,”Luciana Berger is one of the most hard working MPs and a superb Shadow Minister. We will not stand for the anti-Semitic attacks on her,” while the Liverpool Echo has made the ridiculous assertion that Berger is in fear for her personal safety due to our non-violent offensive.

Liverpool Echo:
"Sick online trolls have launched a campaign of racist hate at Wavertree MP Luciana Berger.
Merseyside neo-Nazi Garron Helm was jailed this week for sending “abusive and upsetting” anti-Semitic messages to Ms Berger, but white supremacist supporters have hit back with a coordinated campaign of abuse.

There are now serious concerns over Ms Berger’s safety, and the ECHO understands the Metropolitan Police are investigating after dozens of vile messages were sent to the MP.

A right-wing website is even advising its followers how to abuse Ms Berger online – launching a campaign called ‘Operation; Filthy Jew B****’.

Owner of the site, American Andrew Anglin, told his supporters to tweet Ms Berger from anonymous accounts.

The Jewish Chronicle has also joined in the screams of indignation, claiming that a picture of the Parliament Parasite imposed with a yellow “Jude” star amounts to “abuse,” and that young Helm’s entirely factual statement against Berger’s vile Marxist ideology falls under the definition of “obscene.”

BNP members are also being alleged to have taken part in the internet bombardment, a definite sign of progress if found to be a truthful assertion.


All in all, a very satisfactory beginning to the operation, although much work still remains to be done in this department. Those who possess active Twitter accounts should continue to taunt the hook-nosed female rodent, while fresh recruits or blocked members can set up a simple profile in the space of a couple of minutes.

Let those who wish to stomp upon and obliterate your ancient rights hear your voices loud and clear. No Jewish invader can possible silence the White majority of the Western World, and no amount of pathetic mewling will stop us in our efforts.

Garron Helm deserves his freedom and public vindication in the eyes of ordinary Britons, who know only what the degenerate media spews forth on a daily basis. There is no middle ground or compromise on this issue.

Marcus Cicero, Daily Stormer 4 Comments [10/28/2014 3:02:49 AM]
Fundie Index: 2
Submitted By: Yossarian Lives
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Quote# 104345

Oriental culture and biology is in most ways the most alien to white culture. Much more so than the Latinos, Blacks, and Arabs they despise. These are incompatible genes and cultures. It is called the FAR East for a reason, in that the Far East is furthest away from Western Civilization both in geography, and biological values. As Kipling wrote East is East, West is West and never the twain shall meet.

The largescale creation of a Eurasian-American population has taken place only since the 1970s. Thus you have 100,000 years of virtually 0 WMAF sons, and now 40 years of tens of thousands of 0 WMAF sons. This is the largest biological experiment on human genetics ever conducted. And the results have been a fiasco. Despite the huge numbers of WMAF sons, and their relatively privileged economic backgrounds, they have been complete social failures.That is a sad testament.In this short length of time, we have already uncovered supremely troubling facts about this new Eurasian race. The extreme degree of psychological instability, rage, and sexual frustration of the Eurasian male. Anger directed at their parents, society, and themselves. The victims of a relationship not based on love, but on racial and gender hatred. Essentially a way for white beta males who would have failed to reproduce in their own societies to ‘cheat’ sexual selection and reproduce anyway. They have not solved their problem, but given it to their sons. Asian genes seem to have a self-destruct mechanism that is activated in the WMAF pairing. The mother-offspring genetic conflict is highest in WMAF offspring, which is a likely cause of the huge number of pregnancy complications. Their own genes don’t want this birth to happen it seems.

Already WMAFs online are talking about giving up on the male half of their offspring and using abortions and white egg donors. WMAF expects to be treated by polite society, like a normal coupling, but they sure don’t behave like one.

It is a crime of 21st century society, that the plight of Hapa males born to this unnatural hateful pairing is totally ignored.

Anonymous, Hapasons 6 Comments [10/27/2014 3:36:40 AM]
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Quote# 104343

No he doesn't. Blacks are the lowest form of subhuman. White countries and Asian countries don't benefit from bringing in these animalistic knuckle-draggers who reproduce almost exclusively through rape.

Over here in Los Angeles it is hilarious to see the White liberals with their adopted feral negroes. The monkey-like negroid picaninnies are treated almost like PETS. The white liberals who mate with negro pavement apes also seem to have idealised views of their "chillun" and therefore would never be real mothers to these empty-eyed soulless black jungle bunnies.

The only place for blacks in a white country should legally be as fertilizer for hemp plantations. The law should be that negroes found in America should be fed directly into the woodchipper and sprayed into compost piles. If it were legal, I would love to personally have the job of throwing groids into the chipper. It would be a dream come true. Should I be nominated exterminator, I'd pull the lever all day and watch the rainbow form as the liquified negroes sprayed out of the woodchipper into the sunshine. In their new function as compost they would never again rape, murder, rap or create more EBT card users. They'd instead stop stealing oxygen and help plants provide oxygen.

As for their fear of paragraphs, there actually are a few negroes capable of writing coherently. However, these negroes all have some White blood in them.

Galen, Stormfront.com 9 Comments [10/27/2014 3:36:26 AM]
Fundie Index: 6
Submitted By: HEIL SATAN
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Quote# 104334

Ever heard of Scido amafreikis? It's hard-boiled egg sprinkled with ashes from a cloth soaked in Christian blood. That's what they [Jews] eat. The rest of Christian remains is given to Mcdonalds.

Anonymous, Y! answers 11 Comments [10/27/2014 3:07:04 AM]
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Quote# 104315

Top 13 things not found in a black household in Ferguson, MO:

1) The English language
2) Workboots
3) fewer than 8 children with a minimum of 7 different 'Baby Daddies'
4) the Baby's Daddy
5) A child without an apostrophe'd name (D'Neekah, J'Quaycious, L'isterine, etc.)
6) A vehicle with the factory wheels still on
7) Reading material other than VIBE, Jet, or The State Parolee Handbook
8) Foods not containing chicken and/or feet and tails
9) A person who doesn't vote Democrat
10) a Belt
11). High School diploma,
12). Pay stub
13). Store receipts for TV, I-pad, stereo

Anonymous Coward, Godlike Productions 15 Comments [10/26/2014 4:39:32 AM]
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Quote# 104304

Aryan humor. Aryan ethos.

Putin's quip about "Nazi immunity" flew right over the heads of even mainstream media. This statement strikes right at the heart of what constitutes a legitimate Aryan and a "neo-Nazi" who unwittingly serves the purposes of occult usury, the natural craft of the racial Jew.

Many get their skivvy's in a twist when I point out this simple truth but Aryan ethos is all about truth, knowledge and those empowerments inherent to the fully awakened Aryan mind.

The bully Jew threatens us with it's "Samson option" because it is bleeding political capital faster then it can be propagandized back........

The idiots are threatening to nuke US.......if we stop serving the slave master's needs.

I suspect Putin and other Aryans world wide know many things our firewall of Jew dominated misinformation will not allow.

So do the racial inner circles of ancient Judea.

This is a very good time to remember the story of the little bird that didn't fly south as winter came.

Not everyone who craps on you is your enemy. Not everyone who pulls you out of crap is your friend.

Either way, as long as you are warm and happy, keep your head down and your beak shut.

I should probably follow that advice but I've had such a good life already I don't care if the reaper wears a star of David or not.

And this little birdy can do a lot more than just tweet.

Ouroboros Rich, Stormfront.com 9 Comments [10/25/2014 5:53:33 AM]
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Submitted By: HEIL SATAN
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Quote# 104290

Hi All,

Anyone else ever joined a so-called Christian Dating Site.....and only got 100% responses from "Negro Females" ?

I'm wondering if I should ask we conduct an experiment, as,...in the last decade I think I joined about 4 Christian datin sites in the u.k. and 100% of the replies I got....were NON WHITE.

I don't wanna sound the conspiracy theory buff.....and, I don't know who runs these sites,....but sure does seem strange I'd NEVER get a single WHITE Christian woman reply to me.

I used to read henry jewish makow's articles on feminism and he even posted a few of my tales of woe regarding "today's unlovable feminists"....but, privately he messaged me to "find someone from the far east where they still respect family values". !!!!

This was BEFORE I knew a thing about Christian Identity as well, but, I see now what the THEME of all this has been.


{Don't worry folks,...I only want a WHITE girl.}

But, anyone wanna post a reply with any similar experience on this....feel free.

HeiligeSchriftLeser , Christogenea 12 Comments [10/24/2014 3:22:08 AM]
Fundie Index: 5
Submitted By: Lucifer's Penis
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Quote# 104288

Even though islam isnt a race and therefore its impossible to be racist towards it

Its kind of funny really. You see, all across Europe our kids are being passed around like a share sized bag of doritos. There are mobs of baying muslims screaming for the death of anyone or anything which offends them (thats pretty much everything really), there have been decapitations, there are neighbourhoods where even the police fear to set foot, Sweden has the title of "rape capital of Europe", their favourite being blondes....and all this is just fine....but if you object to any of it its RACISM!

Thats right folks, its RACIST to be opposed to the industrial scale abuse of children, its RACIST to be opposed to rape, its RACIST to say you dont approve of beheading the infidels on the streets.

Doing all that stuff aint racist (even though our buddies in the "religion of peace" seem to choose White victims more often than not) but objecting to it is...even though islam isnt a race.

Swanny, Stormfront.com 4 Comments [10/24/2014 3:20:28 AM]
Fundie Index: 0
Submitted By: HEIL SATAN
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Quote# 104280

I wanted to congratulate you on your website “The Daily Stormer”. I came across it a few months ago and find it both entertaining and informative.

I am a doctor and have lived in the UK since I was 3 years old. I am of Tamil heritage. You may not be familiar with the race but at one time a thousand years ago, the Tamil kings, from the time of Raja Chola, ruled southern India, Ceylon (Sri Lanka), Malaysia and Indonesia despite representing less than 10% of the Indian Subcontinent. Even today, 3 of the 4 Nobel Prizes given to those of Indian descent, are of Tamil origin.

Why do I mention this? The reason is simple. My family left Ceylon back in the late 1980s as the Tamil minority there were being exterminated much in the same way the White population of South Africa and Rhodesia are being ethnically cleansed. Prior to the 18th century, Tamils had ruled over the Sinhalese majority in Ceylon much in the same way the Whites ruled the Blacks in southern Africa. When the British imperialists arrived in Ceylon in the 18th century they gave the top positions to Tamils but also unwittingly removed the physical boundaries between the races on the island and so when independence was achieved in 1948, the majority Sinhalese decided to exert revenge on 10 centuries of Tamil dominance. From this lesson, should Whites become a minority in European countries and if they give up their power and boundaries, there will be very little to be done to prevent their annihilation by similarly inferior and jealous races regardless of whether these foreigners are first generation or fifth generation.

I have, therefore, always wondered why the white governments would be so kind as to allow foreigners into their countries (especially the UK, France and America). But I have realized that it is not kindness that drives this but an unnatural active element within these governments.

This active element is very clear to those people who are willing to open their eyes and think for themselves: the Jew.

The Jew has been a malevolent force against the White man since the beginning of the Whites’ rise to power. Through their dominion over finance and the media, they have controlled White people much like a dictatorship or even worse. King Edward the I was the last king of England to stand up to them and expel them and England enjoyed prosperity and freedom until they returned again to England with William of Orange. Your country, the USA, tried to escape their power when the founding fathers created a country that was free from Usury and vice. Yet they followed the fathers and pilgrims to America and any President who tried to oppose their power was nearly killed (Andrew Jackson) or killed (Abraham Lincoln and John F Kennedy).

They were responsible for the genocide of the European White race indirectly by promoting and financing needless wars (The Napoleonic wars, World War I and World War II) as well as directly via their Bolshevik revolution and the Armenian massacre (most Young Turks were Jewish or ‘crypto-jewish’).

There is little doubt that most decent White people who come in contact with them find them repulsive. US General George Patton in post-war Germany described them as “filthy” in his memoirs. They control the pornographic industry and they use mainly innocent young white christian girls in their films usually at the hands of Jewish male actors and, to a lesser extent, Black male actors for one reason only: to humiliate white people.

Most child exploitation is linked to Jewish gangsters though their trials are kept behind closed doors whilst their media outlets focus on Catholic Priest abuses purely because they see Christianity as their greatest foe. Such practices would abhor most Occidental people but for the Jew, it is permitted and even encouraged in their religious book, the Talmud.

They were responsible for the majority of slavery in the USA (though this fact is never mentioned) and in doing so they have created a climate of hatred between blacks and whites.

Through their control of governments they have promoted homosexuality, abortion, birth control and feminism in order to break up traditionalist values and reduce the white birth rate.

Thus, they are the people responsible for immigration, the subsequent dilution of the white phenotype as well as the eventual goal of white slavery and annihilation at the hands of lesser, hate-filled races.

I am not sure what the solution is. Unfortunately I do not think that the White man of today is as sharp or self aware as that of yesteryear. This also is no accident but is due to intellectual de-evolution via the media, dumbing down the school curriculum as well as the social, educational and sexual mixing of races.

Tamil reader, Daily Stormer 5 Comments [10/24/2014 3:08:50 AM]
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Submitted By: Yossarian Lives
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Quote# 104268

Asian women and their insistence on breeding with white men is not something based on love, but rather on hate (largely of Asian men), yet their sons are Asian men and we are taught from birth that love is not colorblind. If love were color blind, then there would indeed be more Asian men breeding with Asian women, black women, or white women, but instead Asian women rely on their privilege of having a vagina, being the gatekeepers to sex, to negotiate relationships with white men in a perverse form of hypergamy. If love were honest, and good, and unbiased, then Asian women would marry black men, Indian men, and Hispanic men at the same rate that they do White men. But they do not. If love were honest, good, and unbiased, then Asian women would be as open to dating Asian men as they are white men. But they are not.

For this reason, I curse my own mother, I am glad she is dead, and I hate every ounce of the whore, slut, white-worshiping piece of trash that my mother, an Asian woman from Hong Kong, was. I am not alone in this feeling, as I’m sure there are hundreds of thousands of Eurasian men who have, at one point in their life, questioned their own mothers.

Whether they do this for status or for appearance is not relevant, though I do think that it is probably for the sake of appearance, since the taller build, wider face, and healthier skin color of white men might be the main reason why Asian women chase white males. Regardless of their reasons, they clearly will not stop doing it, and completely ignore the massive negative repercussions this has on their children, like me.

I was born of this relationship and to this day, I remain a failure, full of self hatred, lost, confused, and destined to die by my own hand, or to die having run to the furthest corners of the world, now for five years, to get away from the very thing that birthed me.

I will, as a result, maybe as one of the only things I may accomplish in my life, write about the insanity of these relationships, how they are the ugliest thing on earth, and how they lead to pure disaster for their male children, the worst case being Elliot Rodger, whose sentiment, at times, I emulated with. I have long been known as eccentric, odd, weird, lost, and have a poor reputation among people who know me as being antisocial, distant, and prone to lunatic beliefs; the day before Elliot Rodger’s massacre I even reached out to him on a popular forum and told him that I identified with his feelings, his self-doubt, his narcissism, his issues with his mother, and I said that they were uniquely Eurasian male issues.

So, these relationships are sick, for the following reasons:

1) The white males, in many cases, view the Asian female as an easy alternative to white women, and as a valid vessel to propagate the continuation of their intelligent, master-race “genes,” whereas white women are seen as being sexually perverse, and prone to mating and having relations with the “lesser races.” My father is a strong example, having long harbored extremely religious, white-supremacist, and misogynist viewpoints. Some, in many ways, would consider him a Men’s Rights Activist, or to a lesser extent, a MGTOW, who, like many other white men, felt entitled to a world where God reigned, valued the white man, and white civilization, rewarded the white man for being white, and, when white women failed to recognize his inherent “power,” (instead choosing to lie down with black males, or to party, or embrace liberalism or feminism), Asian women, of course, were the next best choice. I also know this because having come across numerous other blogs (hapasons.wordpress.com) that talk about the same issue, my case seemed remarkably common. My father, for example, believes the Nazis were heroes, and my mother even called the police on him, when we were growing up, for talking about how the Holocaust never happened. He strongly supports Mel Gibson, goes on racist rants about blacks, and vehemently hates Jews, Hollywood, and modern day American society. In this way, my “chaste,” Oriental mother was a strong alternative for him to marry, as Asian women are well known for worshiping white males.

2) The white males oftentimes are socially inept, socially awkward, or unable to compete in the modern day marketplace, both sexual and economic. My father would be diagnosed with Aspberger’s Syndrome if such a syndrome was known in his younger days. He is a social recluse, has almost no friends, listens to wave radio, believes strongly in conspiracy theories that are very common to White Nationalists and anti-semites, and believes strongly in God and that God hates Jews and that the judgement day will eventually come; common to people like this, white supremacy, the belief in Aryan people at the top, with Asian people being a distant cousin, and Asian women, of course, being a healthy substitute for hypergamous, slutty, immoral White women, while Asian women remain hypergamous in their own right. I know this, because sadly, I am both antisocial, have long since disappeared from all of my friends, have gone through a thorough depression at the way American society was, and during the time period that I considered myself “white,” I too embraced white nationalism (sadly), and was so depressed about white women mating with men of color that I sought refuge in China, to await the eventual apocalypse. As insane as it sounds, this is what brought me to this country, and I would have killed myself had I not been saved by my wife.

3) Asian women make divergent, opposing, and illogical statements about Asian men that will eventually find their way to their sons. The common claims from Asian women about why they don’t date Asian men come in two forms: The first is that Asian men are patriarchal, controlling, and conservative. THIS IS A PATENT LIE.

This is a lie because the white men that they engage in relationships with are even more patriarchal, racist, and conservative, looking to Asian women as an alternative to feminist white women. The entire premise of white feminism is that white men are TOO CONTROLLING, PATRIARCHAL, AND CONSERVATIVE. I know this looking at my own father, who is by far the most patriarchal, far-right individual that I know, so much so that it might have eventually contributed to my mother’s death. Again, there are several other races that Asian women can choose from, but they only choose white men, making this a complete fabrication and lie based on faulty logic and excuses. The very fact that they are capable of framing an entire group of men as the same while saying that another group (white men) are inherently better reeks of

The second claim is that Asian men are ugly, unattractive, small, with small penises, which contrasts strongly with the claim that Asian men are overbearing and too patriarchal. The horrible danger of this claim is that it trickles down to Asian women’s very own sons, who begin to SERIOUSLY doubt that their mother’s “preference” has anything to do with character, and everything to do with physicality – whereby I have come to despise and hate my own mother with a vehement passion that is borderline violent. Much of my history, if you care to read earlier in this blog, might stem from this ingrown self hatred that comes from being quite literally cuckolded by my own mother, whose own belief that white men are physically superior mentally drains and destroys me, as her male offspring, and causes a bitter, catastrophic dichotomy within myself.

Regardless of the “reasons,” or if sexual preference can be negotiated, the very fact that it is so common and the fact that our mother’s choices were based inherently on preference for determinants of sexual / genetic health make all of our life choices irrelevant, because it is clear that ultimately our deciding factors and success in life and love are determined by our genetic makeup, so much so that our own mothers were driven in such a way to shoot down AN ENTIRE ETHNIC GROUP while giving unfair preference to another – means that any and all choices we make in life are hinged on our appearance and that nothing we can ever do can make us as attractive as a white male – as proven by OUR OWN MOTHERS.

4) Our own mothers reinforce the horrible stereotypes about Asian men. Regardless of their reasons, there are persistent stereotypes that exist in Western culture about Asian men. Whether or not they believed these stereotypes, we assume that they had no qualms about reinforcing the extreme negative image of Asian men by chasing, in droves, white men, and that our own mothers were very, very capable of betraying the possible future of their own sons by proving to the world, and their own offspring, that Asian men are and forever will be less desirable than white men. For every time that an Asian man is shot down for being Asian, the perception that Asian men are undesirable is reinforced, and our own mothers become GUILTY BY ASSOCIATION for actively being part of the self-congratulation group of Asian women who HATE ASIAN MEN AND THINK THEY ARE TOO GOOD FOR ASIAN MEN. For this, my own mother is a guilty whore, who I shall hate until my last dying breath, and I will never, ever, EVER be able to look at what she did in another way; I shall go out every day, very well aware that Asian men are so undesirable that my own mother sought to avoid them entirely, knowing that I can never, ever be viewed as desirable as them, and that any woman who notices me notices me only because I am whiter than I would otherwise be.

In Conclusion

Asian women will deny, lie, and beat around the bush until doomsday, but they will never admit that what they do is for purely physical reasons, and they will never admit that the ramifications it has upon their children is profound and disastrous. As I have read on some other blogs, this kind of relationship is purely evil, simply because it follows the patterns of basic biology and evolutionary psychology, while deceiving its offspring into thinking that it is normal; the whole “Eurasian” children or “mixed children” are valuable and / or beautiful is nothing more than a generalization and a lie, and it soon becomes evident that mixed children are birthed from couples forming extremely unbalanced patterns that favor women over men. The male offspring of these relationships are then put at special risk and wind up imploding, as is the case of my brother, who is 32 years old, bed ridden, schizophrenic, and so badly damaged from his combination of racist/religious white father / self hating Asian mother, that he is essentially dead. I am essentially considered crazy by the larger community, have been outcast to China, will die alone in a small apartment, am suicidal, depressed, and unable to work.

In short, these relationships are based on the hatred of the Asian male (in some cases, with the extra bonus of hating the white female), and the resulting offspring, should he grow up in America, be keenly aware of this societal hatred, and grow, as I did, to despise his own mother. Luckily, mine is dead, (from a bad blood transfusion after a C-section birth), otherwise I would make it my goal to humiliate, demean and hate her, as I hate Asian women who refuse to date any such race, if only because she is a rotten, ROTTEN person, and it is not enough to assume that “maybe” she did not hate Asian men – as the pattern exists enough that I would sincerely doubt her excuses if she attempted to explain it away.

HalfAsianTruthTeller, Stormfront.com 8 Comments [10/23/2014 2:11:59 AM]
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Quote# 104267

(NOTE: This guy is reacting to a (not exactly flattering) Birth of a Nation review)

As to the Black question, I will allow blacks and early european explorers to address the issue:
"Shocking Africa ++18"
[2:24-18:00 -- depicts black Africans in their native habitat as the early european explorers found them]

Slavery was rampant among African blacks themselves BEFORE the europeans ever arrived on the continent. It is unfortunate that europeans had the indecency to take advantage of the African situation, although the slave trade was also disproportionately Jewish .
["The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews"]

Then there's rap, hip-hop, pop -- which generally depicts sex, drinking, drugs, (hard) partying, and all manner of vulgar discrepancies, whether unabashed or subliminal.

As to your comment on "white supremacy", what white supremacy?

What? When? Where?

In the white countries themselves where the population is disproportionately white? What's wrong with white running their own government in a white country? (Just like asian countries are run asian officials! I sure as hell don't want blacks running my beloved homeland of Hong Kong!)

The KKK were vilgilantes in costumes to hide their identities. Nothing more. Nothing less. There's no need to distort who they were or what they did.

I am certain an asian version of the KKK would rise up in Hong Kong should a minority group such as blacks were to subvert the majority population of asians in politics.

To be fair, the British did treat many minorities in Asia unfairly, and usually that was because the British empire (and other Western countries) were/are controlled or manipulated in small but significant part by one entity, one religious tribe....Banned history books and the Bible confirm this.

Think for yourself, people!

P.S. Take a walk down Harlem, New York -- or Jamaica or Haiti (once a beautiful european colony), those are the conditions of the black communities today...

Let's say the black race IS EQUAL to the white or asian race, wouldn't it then make sense that black countries in general would not require the help of Western countries (white countries)? (ie. job opportunities.)

I am not talking about only Africa, I am talking about black countries in the Americas as well.

Why do blacks need to emigrate? (On a side note, I do not agree with the mass emigration of asians into white countries. Still, one can see that asian countries are much less degenerate and unruly when compared to black countries.)

Unfortunately, the good blacks in intermingling in white communities are only part of the very small minority of smart intelligent blacks in a vast pool of backwards and child-like dark-skinned fools. (I don't mean that as an offense. No, I mean this factually. Based on my own personal observations, that of others and blacks themselves.)

The black mentality is:

"If you're a black and smart and intelligent and clever and learned, you are NOT black. Therefore, you get the boot out of our community, See yah!"


Therefore, Birth of a Nation is very true (all the while frightening) in its message. Separation of the races is necessary to maintain peace and harmony.

T. Lau, Amazon.com 5 Comments [10/23/2014 2:10:56 AM]
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Submitted By: HEIL SATAN
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Quote# 104262

The first line in the Wikipedia article on the Liberian Economy reads:

"Liberia is one of the poorest countries in the world, and its economy is extremely underdeveloped.

This is because the country is run by Black people, who are a race incapable of doing anything other than killing each other, having sex and playing basketball.

This idea that there is something to save in their economy is so obviously retarded that it makes me physically ill to even imagine that these Jews are able to make the claim without cracking up laughing. That shows the level to which the collective mind of the American people has sunk – they used to have to come up with these complex lines of confusing reasoning when they wanted to Jew us over, now they just say the first thing that pops into their deviant Jew brains.

We need to stop travel in and out of Africa, immediately. That includes any aid which cannot be dropped from the air. They don’t want our help, and this disease is ultimately what is best for them anyway. They have a population crisis, and Ebola-Chan is an angel of God sent to solve it.

We prayed for salvation from the Black plague, and God sent us Ebola-Chan.

Her agenda is to ride on a White horse, to bring a new dawn of the White race.

Her plan is bigger than Africa. We must let her complete her great work.

Andrew Anglin, Daily Stormer 16 Comments [10/23/2014 2:07:00 AM]
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Submitted By: Yossarian Lives
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Quote# 104258

I'll tell you why it's wrong. Because there is no monolithic "white man" who picks on people of color. It's wrong to instill in children an erroneous concept. And you can't stop contemporary racism while you're making up nonsense about the past. It's like saying Americans are bad because we have rich people forcing our government to start wars. The vast majority of Americans are good hearted people, as are the vast majority of Caucasian people. We're generous and we care about the world and other people. That said, any large rich nation is going to be subverted by greedy rich people, and we've been fighting that here for two centuries.

If you're going to teach history, be honest about human behavior. The native Americans who were in North and South America when the Spanish came here had already killed other groups before them. In fact, it's now know that Caucasians lived in the Americas before descendents of native Americans came over the Bering Straight. Why isn't that taught in US History? Why the focus on big bad English whitey when it was mostly Hispanic invaders who attacked and overcame native Americans? Why not teach what really has happened throughout human history so kids can analyze and understand contemporary human problems: Stronger groups have almost always overpowered weaker and less technologically advanced groups. It's human nature. Why do you think the Irish have read hair? Because they invited the Vikings to come breed with their daughters over and over for centuries? Why is there no uproar about the fact that black people in Africa held as slaves today? Because their owners are other black people? No bad whitey to criticize? Is that the same reason that even AP History students think English Europeans are bad and Hispanic people were historically picked on, in spite of the Spanish lineage of those who committed genocide throughout the Americas?

Trying to install white guilt in today's children serves to keep the established oligarchy in power. We need our kids to think, understand and act. They can't do that while their teachers and curriculum are busy framing history in terms of big bad whitey being mean to others instead of an honest evaluation of human behavior and its effect on historical events.

NewtC, Daily Kos 5 Comments [10/22/2014 8:44:03 PM]
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Quote# 104253

I never said that Zheng He was half Persian, but he still had Persian ancestry nontheless. I am only saying that it is interesting how no pureblood Mongoloids ever acheive greatness, and modern Asians do not count, since they are using the help of economic systems and technology which Whites created. The Shang Chinese were the first Chinese Dynasty, and they were pureblood Southern Mongoloids. Despite being technologically advanced, they were conquered by barbarian Zhou, who had about 15% White admixture. The Zhou were conquered by the Qin, 20% White. Qin Emperor Shi Huangdi is described as a tall blue-eyed bearded man in Chinese court records. I could go on and on. Whites are simply more capable than Asians, and Asians do not want to admit it.

Eren Jager, Occident Invicta 2 Comments [10/22/2014 8:42:52 PM]
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Quote# 104252

While I think that Asians who are already in North America should be accepted as our fellow citizens (if they are willing to assimilate to North America culture), I also think you’re spot on with this comment, Eren.

Asians, in my experience, are most unwilling, most unable to adapt to Euro-American culture. You’re completely correct when you say that don’t or perhaps can’t have fun, party, get drunk,etc.

For the most part.

There are many who do and can. But they are the minority.

The majority of Asians assimilate quite well into the workforce of America and Canada, but don’t blend well into the fabric of these societies.

And often in my experience, they are repulsed at doing so. Petulant even. They look down on Whites partying, socializing, getting drunk…making merry in other words.

They’re not soulless, but boy are they bland.

I’ve lived around them my entire life and it has been pretty bad for my social life.

You can’t express yourself. Individuality and personality is branded as eccentric and clownish, so you have to keep your head down. And keep working. And working. And then have children. And make them work. And work. And work. And then you die.

Asians come from a culture that doesn’t appreciate life and joy nearly as much as it appreciates order.

But you don’t need a rigid, repressive boring culture to have an orderly society.

This is why the West is the Best.

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Muricans are idiots. But Jefferson was a genius.

batterytrain, Occident Invicta 4 Comments [10/22/2014 8:42:14 PM]
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Quote# 104251

A lot of White Nationalists think that East Asians are an OK race with high acheivements. However, this is not the case. Anyone who has ever lived near Asians know that the majority of them are rude, greedy, crafty, compulsive liars, and how much they complain about “racism” directed towards them. East Asians are not compatible with Anglo-culture, their phenotype is drastically different from ours, except for maybe skin colour. Whites are tall, wavy-or curly-haired, we have large reproductive organs, we are narrow-skulled and lack an epicanthic fold. We are gerantomorphic, robust, and generally pleasant to look at. East Asians are broad-skulled, with a disproportinal head, slanty eyes (epicanthic folds), needle straight hair, small genitals and breasts, and small, frail stature. They also lack a strong sex drive, and Western culture is all about getting laid. We as Westerners have fun, party, get drunk, cuss, fuck, and socialize 24/7. This goes for Blacks, Whites, and Hispanics. Asians are extremely anti-social, they do not cuss, they will not have fun, and they do not like having sex, except for reproduction. I prefer Blacks and Mexicans to Asians. Most White people do as well, for the exact same reasons. We need to regulate the import of Asians, and we can do this without much controversy. After all, Whites do not feel White Guilt towards Asians, and non-Whites see Asians as oppressors. No one will care if Asians scream “racism.”

Coward, Occident Invicta 10 Comments [10/22/2014 3:43:19 AM]
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Quote# 104249

The stereotype of the effete and henpecked Jewish husband is an old one. Interestingly enough, there are several examples of henpecked husbands in the Old Testament. Abraham, who was henpecked by his shrewish wife Sarah, was compelled to abandon Hagar and her son Ishmael to perish in the desert. Ahab was henpecked by his wife Jezebel to rebel and sin against God. I haven’t the foggiest idea of what accounts for Jewish wimpiness but I have observed that Jewish men share certain traits in common with women in general.


If there is but one word that so flawlessly describes both Jew and Woman it is this. Modern western women are famously solipsistic and live through contradictions without even being aware of them. They are “strong and independent” but yet always the “victim. ” They are “empowered” but still fantasize about Christian Grey types. They claim they don’t need a man but are still content to live on his charity (Alimony, Child support). You get the idea. Jewish men likewise are also solipsistic. They genuinely believe that their influence on the world is positive and that antisemitism is completely irrational. The Jew sincerely believes that the goyim should love him for inundating the latter’s society with Feminism, Porn, Hollywood, and Cultural Marxism. H.G Wells said it best: “A careful study of anti-Semitism, prejudice and accusations might be of great value to many Jews, who do not adequately realize the irritation they inflict“

That the Jew’s propensity to provoke antisemitism wherever he goes does not give him pause to critically reflect on his behavior. No, antisemitism HAS to be irrational! While Jewry routinely deconstruct European identities, their own identity will always remain off-limits. Henry Ford once observed that while Jews were used to a certain amount of xenophobia, they were very threatened when their Jewish identity itself was critically examined. The Jews wish for North Americans to see them as ordinary whites who practice a different religion, and not as a nation within a nation. Or worse, a fifth column for Israel.

To borrow an analogy from Bay Area Guy: If a man gets kicked out of a bar, no one makes much of it. However, if this same guy gets kicked out of every bar he visits, you begin to wonder. The Jewish tendency to binge on the sound of their own voice while shutting out others is a very female characteristic.


The media never fails to remind us that Jews remain the reigning Gold medalists in the Oppression Olympics. Jews wear their victimhood on their sleeve and ruthlessly compete with other victim groups to maintain their position on top of the victim pyramid.

The only other group that plays the victim card as religiously happens to be women. Like today’s modern woman that whines about “males privilege” while remaining oblivious to her many privileges, the Jews routinely abuse their disproportionate power by silencing critics while genuinely believing themselves to being the victims. I suspect this trait is the origin of the stereotype that Jews lack manliness. The Canadian Museum for Human rights is basically a temple dedicated to Jewish Victimhood worship. Like Jezebel and Lady Macbeth, the Jews can affect nothing save through the influence they wield upon powerful figures among the goyim. The Jews never confront their foes head on, but rather prefer to subvert, cajole, and manipulate. Just as Herod was manipulated by his queen and daughter to murder John the Baptist, the Jew is likewise nothing without the Saxon tools at his disposal. The Jewish alliance with turncoat Saxon elites is not an equal one. Jewry uses wealth and influence but agency is exercised at the discretion of said turncoat elites. I’ve often wondered if this is why American porn is saturated with scenes of Jewish men copulating with blonde gentile females. That the Jew is trying to convince himself that HE is the masculine one in this relationship. But that is just a speculation.

I’m not sure why Jewish men are less masculine but I think it’s certainly an area worth looking into.

Dota, Occident Invicta 2 Comments [10/22/2014 3:31:53 AM]
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Quote# 104246

No, we are not recruiting liberals in this thread. Instead, we are transforming them into White Nationalists by eliminating the effects of brainwashing perpetrated by perfidious Jews.

The so-called ‘racial equality’ is a weapon Jews are using to destroy white societies.

To liberate white minds from the effects of Jewish brainwashing we must first destroy Jewish egalitarian ideology.

In this thread we expose ‘racial equality’ as a gigantic lie by demonstrating that nonwhites belong to genetically inferior races.

White liberals read this and realize that they were gullible, wrong on all these issues and worst of all, that they supported the destruction of their own people. Shame on them!

Fortunately, armed with the knowledge they absorb in this thread liberals figure everything out and change their horrific behavior: ’I will no longer be a race traitor! I am now a WN!’

Consequently, we are not recruiting liberals, but WNs.

This is how it works.

We first show this disturbing image to white liberals and ask them: Does this creature look like an ape or human?

Well, “it” has features of both apes and humans because aboriginals represent a transitional species between apes and humans. Technically speaking they are sub-human or Untermensch.

Everybody, including liberals agree with this assessment, because it is self-evident.

Okay, then we ask liberals: Do you think that only 1-2 million aboriginals in Australia are profoundly subhuman, but the remaining 7 billion+ ‘people’ are miraculously all at the same level of evolutionary development?

Of course not! Pigmies and bushmen are also subhuman. What about the Bantus? Perhaps borderline human. Maybe? No?

Cross that—Sub-Saharan Africans, particularly Congolese are also subhuman!

Then we discuss Dravidians that are vastly genetically inferior but not subhuman. Indonesians? The same thing.

So liberals finally realize that various races, subraces and mongrels are all part of a comprehensive racial hierarchy.

Racial hierarchy looks like a pyramid, with subhumans at the bottom. As you climb the pyramid, nonwhite ethnicities have ever higher percentage of humanity.

At the very top resides genetically vastly superior white race!

But make no mistake: All nonwhites, without exception, are genetically inferior beings!

So a white liberal reads this and goes: ‘I get it! If nonwhites are genetically inferior, then we must not mingle with them, because they will degrade our racially superior Aryan genetic pool with their retrograde genetics, right?’

That’s right! We don’t want them anywhere near our race, because their genetic inferiority transforms them into racial parasites. Nonwhites are absolutely worthless to us!

For example, I bet you that 10-20 white liberals reading this are nodding their heads in agreement: This makes perfect sense! Lying Jews have managed to fool me, but now I get it!

So they join our ranks.

This is the template we will use going forward to win this fight and liberate our people!

Makes sense?

white_usa_, Stormfront.com 16 Comments [10/22/2014 3:31:10 AM]
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Quote# 104245

Is "Racism" Even Real?

The Jew-minions' favorite word--virtually their ONLY word--has the following definition according to Merriam Webster:
Racism: a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race;
In other words, one is supposedly a "racist" if one holds that race (i.e. human population groupings by evolutionary genetic patterns) determines very much about the genetic patterns of human groups , or if one recognizes that these evolved groups have essentially zero chance of being equal.

Microbiological science has established quite clearly that humans group genetically into clusters which have resulted from evolution. Surely any rational person--by which I obviously do not mean liberals--must recognize the problem with assigning a pejorative term like "racist" to anyone who is up-to-date with scientific findings of the last twenty years regarding human genetics. This is intended to be a punishment for knowing the facts.

And what about the other part? On what basis do leftists assert that the races are all equal when they have evolved to be different? Is there an Equality Fairy or something like that?

Imagine for a moment that a group of researchers was evaluating half a dozen candidate substances as a new medication to treat a disease, and a bunch of bozos ran into the room with picket signs declaring that the researchers were forbidden to conclude that there was any difference in efficacy between the drugs. Insane, yes?

Nature, of course, does not bow to liberals' childish threats and has already tested the races for superiority and declared a clear winner--a winner that still has not fallen despite suffering the deleterious effects of all the other races working as a team to destroy it. I suppose this is part of the reason Jews and their servants hate Whites so very much. Everywhere they turn in the world, they are faced with endless examples of our racial superiority: We win the most Olympic Gold medals. We invent and discover virtually everything. Our art is the most popularly enduring of all. Our people look the best objectively. We are even the most compassionate race. There simply aren't many ways in which other races can claim superiority over us--certainly none of any great significance.

So our racial superiority is an objective fact, but we are forbidden to acknowledge it. And if we do, we are told that it undeniably reveals secret plans to enslave and destroy the other races--even though our race is the one being targeted for enslavement and destruction--even though our race is the one that has given almost everything to encourage and humor the other races as they have invaded and defiled our civilizations again and again, climbing over each other to flood into nations that they claim are unendurably evil and oppressive.

In the end, they have no logical argument, no meaningful claims, no recourse, but to call us names--names like "racist." And if there really is such a thing as "racism," it can be self-consistent in meaning only if it refers to someone who does not admit racial reality as described above, as shown by history and by science.

In other words, the only people who might genuinely be described as racist are anti-Whites like the psychotic, genocidal liberals. That's probably why they get so angry when someone dares to use their sacred pejorative against them.

Liberals know they are racist, so they constantly accuse everyone else of it.

Fading Light, Stormfront.com 3 Comments [10/22/2014 3:30:54 AM]
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