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Quote# 106024

Negroids are an inferior subspecies of Homo Sapiens, whose unevolved craniums lack the capacity for abstract thought and social organization that helped European caucasians create some of the Earth’s greatest civilizations. The idea of integrating with blacks was the most insane and stupid thing ever. For a long time we have had enough scientific knowledge to understand that blacks could never come up to our level collectively. The price that we have payed for being so stupid is almost beyond belief. It is best symbolized in the completely ruined cities blacks have produced all across the country.

Blacks are definitely a menace, and not just a nuisance.

Bruce, Occident Invicta 5 Comments [1/26/2015 4:23:24 AM]
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Quote# 106023

I have a theory about why blacks have been acting up lately. When an only child gets a new brother or sister that child steps up the tantrums to retain the parent’s attention. As North America becomes more diverse and as additional groups become new contenders in the oppression Olympics (like transsexuals) Blacks feel left out. I guess there isn’t enough Liberal love to go around. What’s also interesting is that if Whites become a minority, Blacks will no longer be able to capitalize on white guilt. Do you think Asians and Latinos will give a crap about Slavery? I doubt they care much about the Holocaust either. Mass immigration also creates additional competition for low skill jobs that many Black people could benefit from. A strong white majority is actually in Black America’s best interests.

Dota, Occident Invicta 4 Comments [1/26/2015 4:06:29 AM]
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Quote# 106017

Science will tell you that what determines a species is whether or not the creatures can interbreed and have viable offspring. That view has more to do with political corectness than fact. I will tell you what actually constitutes a separate species. Scientists, take note.

A long time ago, a species of bird somehow managed to make it all the way to the Galapagos Islands. Obviously, once they were there, they weren't isolated from each other. Yet over time, this species of bird diverged into separate species of bird, physically suited to exploiting different ecological niches.

Near the beginning of this process, there were obviously fewer differences between these birds than there are, for example, between Whites and negroes. But they still managed to diverge. Obviously, at the beginning of this divergence, what constituted a separate species must have been little more than a state of mind. Or to put it differently, what was to lead to a different species had to be little more than a state of mind.

What does this mean in human terms? To me, there is little difference between ecological nich, culture or customs. Another thing is that humans were apparently able to interbreed with Neanderthals. And they were quite different.

All of this politically correct race mixing bullshit goes against nature. Species diverge to exploit different ecological niches for a reason. Which is that it helps some survive in a major cataclysm. Also, the world is full of similar but different creatures that inhabit the same areas. But for the most part, they stick to their own kind and don't interbreed. What some people call "racism" is natural and absolutely necessary. Even babies have been shown to be "bigoted." There are a lot of politically correct people out there who I wish had the sense of a baby.

cultsmasher, VNN 4 Comments [1/26/2015 3:57:51 AM]
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Quote# 106016

I think Jews plan everything. They watch us like chicken hawks with the intention of taking over every position that's significant. "Look, we need to put one of us in charge over here or over there." For example, you can see why strange diseases are becoming epidemic because a Jew is the head of the Center for Disease Control.

Saw Katie Couric last night doing a report on all the "hidden" sugar in our food. How would she know anything about it? How did Katie Couric get to be an expert on food? That malignant witch seems to be glued to the TV networks. Every program she's been on was a failure with sponsors pulling out because people stopped watching her. But do the network CEO's want to can Katie Couric? No. Katie Couric is a Jew and therefore, immune to getting dumped. Recently she tried to paint the picture she lost her news program because she was forty. Katie Couric turned forty seventeen years ago and she's still around. Like Barbara Walters. Walters is 85, she retired when she decided she wanted to and is still doing specials.

It doesn't really matter whether Jews know what they are talking about. We can't turn on television without seeing some Jew flapping his lip about everything under the sun. Needless to say when the Jews are blabbing their worthless drivel white men are not expressing what we think.

Jews watch everything we do with the intention of taking over every spot that's important to us. (Otherwise, Asians or thick headed Blacks can fill in.) It's obvious Jews plan everything. They know what they want to do and not do. That's why they are successful and we are not. But for all the good Jews or any other race does for civilization it means about as much as air bubbles working for us. Their words and everything they do is worthless to an advanced civilization. Every thing about them is nothing but rubbish.

Heather Blue, VNN 4 Comments [1/26/2015 3:57:45 AM]
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Quote# 105967

If whites are stupid enough to still believe that this can work and can be conned and intoxified by these 'arguments', you might as well not blame blacks who think like this. If your reaction is anything but 'this black needs to shut his trap. I'm white, I have ethnic interests and don't give a damn what you think about something that happened in the distant past', than you are still in the Jewish matrix.

Varietas Caucasia, Stormfront 5 Comments [1/23/2015 4:18:02 AM]
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Quote# 105957

Re: White Americans have Remained “Shockingly European” Despite Decades of Pro-Racial Mixing Propaganda, New DNA Study Reveals

Let's see, white people enjoy being white people. Even when they have some small admixture of other blood in their ancestry they arent all that keen on claiming it or making a spectacle of themselves over it. Is anyone on here surprised? I'm certainly not. I am a proud white man. I love my culture and heritage. I take a great deal of pride in it and all my peoples accomplishments. For the past several decades the liberals and Jews, which pretty much mean the same thing, have waged an unceasing war against white culture. Defaming, demeaning and denigrating every aspect of white culture they possibly could. Even with all this, white people still like the idea of being white. Is it possible that they may have missed the mark in their little campaign of lies and misinformation? Could it be that white people simply are, WHITE. No amount of whining, or lying about how grand the mud races are can overcome all the things white people see on a daily basis. We are superior and we know it. You want to know something else? We like it.

DomTxn, Stormfront.com 7 Comments [1/22/2015 3:54:17 AM]
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Submitted By: HEIL SATAN
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Quote# 105951

(Responding to a study saying racists had lower IQs)

The answer for that is pretty obvious, though you seem to fail to see it. Low IQ whites have to live closer to blacks in general and low IQ blacks in particular. This close proximity leads to antipathy (I.e. racism). So of course the low IQ in whites correlates with racism. If you corrected for proximity to low IQ blacks, the association would disappear.

Dogmatic, The Atlantic 10 Comments [1/22/2015 3:51:30 AM]
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Quote# 105929

[In response to the question 'But why should the Jews want to control and eventually destroy civilization?']

Dr. Joseph Goebbels likened them to a swarm of potato bugs, which buzz from one field to another. The insects cannot help themselves from devouring every crop into which they drift. "The Jews similarly destroy the nations and peoples of the world," the good doctor observed.

His analogy suggests that Jews are instinctually driven to corrupt and ruin civilization wherever they find it. Trying to turn them into good Christians, as suggested by Shakespeare in The Merchant of Venice, only provides them with another cover under which they conceal their uninterrupted villainy. As born parasites, no amount of re-programming can turn potato-bugs into wonderful butterflies. Even severe legal prosecution against individually powerful Jews, such as that inflicted recently on Martha Stewart’s kosher corrupter, or the exploitative oil oligarch, Mikhail Khodorkovski, imprisoned in Russia, amounts to a relatively harmless insecticide. Instead, the Western world needs to be crop-dusted with something far more inclusive. One nationally televised documentary exposing Jewish perfidy will be a thousand times more effective than all baptismal fonts and court convictions combined.

How the Jews became what they are is perhaps revealed in their ancient origins. They are probably descended from Semitic inhabitants in Palestine, perhaps the Canaanites mentioned by the Old Testament. Every people produces a minority criminal class, and the Canaanites expelled theirs into the desert, where harsh conditions weeded out all but the strongest, shrewdest individuals. From this exiled group of dangerous misfits who formed their own gene pool of survival traits, the Jewish race might have eventually emerged from petty bandits to the transnational corporate bandits of today. They have been a non-nation of exiles ever since. A similar criminal people could be created today if, for example, America’s prison populations of hereditary felons inter-breed exclusively among themselves, thereby combining and passing on their twisted heritage to following generations of malefactors in a new genetic group.

Demanding desert conditions of four thousand or more years ago would have similarly forced the Canaanite exiles to combine and adapt, or die. Many, maybe most, did. But enough --- the strongest and most resourceful --- survived to pass their toughened genetic inheritance down across successive generations, resulting in a race apart. Today’s Jews are perhaps the descendants of this ancient class of exiled Semites, despite inevitable "assimilation" with Gentiles over the centuries, as they wandered from people to people, first ingratiating themselves as the innocent victims of "religious persecution", then making themselves indispensable through loan-lending, eventually poisoning all potential native opposition that stood in their way of obtaining power, finally devouring the host culture’s wealth before moving on to another people and repeating the process elsewhere. This would help explain their unfortunate reputation as human potato-bugs.

Complimenting these historical speculations, a metaphysical interpretation argues that the Jews are part of the very force that characterizes existence itself; namely, the eternal confrontation of opposites: light contrasted by darkness, heat versus cold, gravity and matter, life and death throughout the animal kingdom, etc., etc. It is through the process of struggle that life is either made stronger and earns its right to survive, or succumbs and vanishes. So too, the supreme creative race of our planet is opposed by its polar opposite. Only in overcoming the Jews can Aryan mankind fulfill its godlike destiny. To lose such a struggle must not only rob us of our yet unfulfilled potential, but condemn us to the same fate that befell all other defunct species before us: extinction.

In this, we are no different than the dinosaurs who failed to prevail over their own particular challenges. We differ from them only in that, should we fall, no one will be left in the future to wonder over our fossilized bones.

A.V. Schaerffenberg, Nazi Lauck NSDAP/AO 15 Comments [1/20/2015 4:22:41 AM]
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Quote# 105928

Let’s be clear here – the issue is not with Asians per se…that is a large continent comprising people from Turkey all the way to Japan and everything in between. Let’s point to the obvious – its primary the Chinese. Its not the Koreans, Japanese, Mongolians or others though there are obvious pockets in Surrey and Abbotsford.

Let’s also be cognizant of the historical reality of Chinese colonization in SE Asia which explains the massive wealth distribution issues in the Phillippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia etc. Let as well be aware of the outcome of East Turkistan and Tibet and what Chinese demographic expansionism has done there. Let also be clear of the direct correlation between real estate prices in Vancouver and Chinese money and how the city is becoming increasingly monocultural.

What is happening to Canada is eerily similar to what has plagued that region of the earth for hundreds of years and our politicians, multiculturalists, Coast Salish pundits, housing developers etc. are carelessly allowing to take place here on our soil.

This is treason.

Anon, CBC 6 Comments [1/20/2015 4:22:29 AM]
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Quote# 105923

[The Mexican Nazi blogger Chechar details his unsucessful attempt to move to the UK ...]

On August 4, 2014 I arrived to London in the hope of moving to a small town in the United Kingdom in order to save my life once Mexico City catches fire after the looming collapse of the dollar.

One of the smartest commenters on my blog, whom I will call “the Brazilian,” had promised, through his contacts, forged work permit so I could look for a job in England. Throughout the two years I interacted with him in the blog and then thru personal communications, this guy reiterated that he wanted to help me to move there, and when in early 2014 he indeed moved to England I thought his plans were sincere.

The man is the result of a mixture between the races of his homeland, Brazil. He himself confessed publicly that his ancestors were Iberians, blacks and mestizos. [...]

Later in this chapter I will talk about some “Creole nationalists”—Mexicans that show off their Iberian roots and claim to have no drop of Indian blood—with whom I interacted in Mexico. The Brazilian’s intelligence had so impressed me that I told these Creole nationalists that my Brazilian, “mulatto friend has an IQ of 140.” [...]

The Brazilian’s intellectual acumen, along with my huge need to escape Mexico, made my defenses down and I trusted him to the extent of deferring to his judgment my first steps to immigrate. I refer not only to the steps to obtain forged documents but also to roommate concerns. [...] The Brazilian even offered to pick me up at Heathrow Airport outside London; by telephone he informed me that he would not go to work the Monday I arrived to pick me up.

I thanked him and my flight arrived on time. After exiting from the immigration line, where obviously I hid the British woman who interrogated me that the purpose of my trip was to immigrate, I was surprised that the Brazilian was not there. [...] I badly needed to leave the soulless airport lounge and go to the hotel I had booked and even paid from Mexico. But the Brazilian did not appear. With the heavy suitcase I carried—suitcase to emigrate, not for tourism—I could not even move at ease in the terminal. [...] It must have been about two to three hours after the plane landed that the Brazilian finally appeared, without apologizing for the delay.


He said that instead of going to my hotel, why not accompanying him to the slum hostel where he was living these days. They only charged £60 per week and although his roommates were black—that is, three blacks slept in a single room, beside the Brazilian—, it was only for a week while the better place he had reserved for us would be vacating. The Brazilian had a small back suitcase containing his laptop. He dared not leave it in the hostel with such hosts and carried it every time he went out.

Go figure my dear readers… All of my travel strategy had been based on a bloke that, now I realized, was on the verge of homelessness as he had to carry his belongings in the street for fear of loosing them in a “hostel” without lockers. Had I not been so obfuscated by the turn of events I would have stopped dry the adventure that very instant. But cognitively I was not well. In fact, I was completely alienated. True: I had prepared with extreme meticulousness everything left in Mexico—my library, my manuscripts in ring-binders and envelopes sealed against moisture (I thought I wouldn’t be back in years), the taking care of my pet and even a big farewell party for all believed I would leave for good—, but about my stay in England I had deferred all planning to “the mulatto of 140 of IQ.”

[...] I knew that in the white nationalist movement there were people with terrible character flaws. But the fact that the Brazilian seemed a hybrid between mestizo and mulatto was no reason to distrust him, as he believes in the “fourteen words” to the extent of having promised not to leave offspring. (Remember the first lesson to the Hitler Youth of Faith and Action by Helmut Stellrecht: “But if your blood has traits that will make your children unhappy and burdens to the state, then you have the heroic duty to be the last.”)

Unfortunately, character flaws can be hidden over the internet. And as in Mexico I only had considered the intellectual aspect of this bloke [...] in a state of complete cognitive alienation to what was happening I agreed to his idea to abort the journey to my hotel and go to his hostel.

I would lie if I lay the blame at the Brazilian. Now that I’m out of the UK I find it obvious that the planning of my trip was grotesque, to say the least. “The drowning will grab at straws,” and the urgency of leaving a Neanderthalesque Mexico and survive the dollar collapse was such that I put aside from my consciousness basic matters I should have contemplated at my age, before venturing on another continent.

[...] We descended into a densely populated and very noisy area of London; streets swarmed with lots of blacks. To my surprise, the Brazilian told me to wait because he was going to find a toilet.

Lo and behold I was once again alone among human swarms with my heavy suitcase and no sleep! [...] In that hideous swarthy-filled street, and carrying something less than £2,000 in cash along with my credit cards, a black approached me. I didn’t understand a word. Scared and carrying the heavy suitcase I entered a grocery store but the attendants were not white either. My anxiety was very obvious until the Brazilian reappeared [...]

At last we initiated conversation on topics that fascinate me. I told him that I had seen some mixed couples in London and was greatly surprised that there were so many blacks. He replied that it was a punishment to the English for having waged war against Germany, and added that Nazi Germany was by far the noblest creature that European history had produced. Then he said he did not understand how Americans like Matt Parrott insist on mixing the unmixable: Christianity with white nationalism.

It was not until we reached his quarters that I received the biggest shock of the trip. It’s true that in 1982 I had spent a night in London in a spacious room of a Youth Hostel; a room with many beds. But back then they were all European Aryans; I, the only foreigner. I was twenty-four and, coming from Mexico, was amazed at how good looking some of those English were (in the country where I was born almost all seemed Neanderthals to me). But now I was in 2014, and the all-encompassing social engineering of the British elites in recent decades, that is, replacement of the native race by imported race, had been a success. The Brazilian’s room was not spacious as the hostel I had slept decades ago. It was of regular size with the most miserable niggers you might think of. In fact, in no way it resembled a hostel but one of those trash-people rooms subsidized by charities for the homeless in large metropolis. But they were not homeless: they were blacks surviving, I suppose, from the same type of underemployment of the Brazilian.

I barely saw the spectacle and wanted to run away. On the street the Brazilian insisted that I should pay the £60 for the week. It was already night and he claimed he was tired and that we should think things over the next day. I didn’t know what to do. I had to cancel the hotel reservation so that it was not charged to my American Express, but there were no public telephones in the neighborhood. I tried to get information in a grocery store that opened at night, but they were immigrants who hardly knew English and were unaware of the dynamics of the big city. Not even the Brazilian could tell me what was, in England, the telephone equivalent to 911 so that, through his cell phone, I could make a call. [...]

As there was no one to help me, not even a taxi to get on in those streets, and as I was worried that in that colored neighborhood I could be assaulted and my money taken away (for my heavy suitcase I was an obvious target), I agreed. I reentered the “hostel,” paid the administrator of the slum the £60 he demanded, and walked into to the room of blacks and the mulatto Brazilian.

But I could not sleep… Although I had not slept the night before I was in a state of extreme anxiety.

I went out to the hostel’s terrace and finally I saw a white man. He was also an immigrant. He didn’t have fluent English and told me he was from Romania. As it had happened to me decades ago in the same city, as I newly arrived from Neanderthalesque lands I was pleasantly surprised by the looks of the blond Romanian. I spoke with him in the fresh night but not for long. He was not very smart and I also felt a little cold in the outdoors terrace. (I had left the plane with my jacket, shirt and dress pants but had not changed my clothes; one of the blacks that tried to sleep in the dirty room, where my cloths were, had warned me not turn the light on.) [...]

I don’t remember the exact moment when the Brazilian told me that the police had arrested his contact—the very contact that was supposed to get me the papers. He did not say whether he had been arrested the day before or the day I arrived at Heathrow. But I doubt that, if the story is true, it was such a recent event. Chances are that the arrest had occurred long before—which means that the Brazilian had not warned me on time, when I was in Mexico. Had I been informed on time I would have aborted any plan to cross the Atlantic!

The events yelled at me that the trip had been in vain. By not having warned me in time of the arrest the Brazilian had committed a trick of confidence. However, even though that day the Brazilian confessed that he was desperately seeking a decent roommate, I failed to suspect that behind his convincing me to come to London a sinister motive was hiding. The crux of his confession was that his old roommate was a black homosexual whose conduct had caused the Brazilian to flee from there and move to the seedy hostel (where we were now).

I am ashamed to say that even with all this novel information I was slow to connect the dots that such insistence that I go London had not been motivated to help me, the word he used several times but to help himself in his problems with blacks. The underlying motivation of Brazilian seemed to be: “Unlike this nigger, blogger César, who comes from an educated family and whose parents have three pianos at home and five servants, will be my personal savior.”

Such naiveté!: In Mexico I had only imagined a Brazilian full of honor, insofar he vehemently insisted he did not plan to reproduce even after finding a woman in England (remember the wise counsel of Helmut Stellrecht for non-whites). But in London he told me that even before his “racial awakening”—something unheard of in a man of color—he had come to the firm conclusion that he would not leave descendants in Brazil. It was not until I assimilated even more painful confessions than that of the “gay nigger”—for example, that the day prior to my arrival the Brazilian had been wandering at London’s downtown because he could not remember where he lived, and that he drank alcohol to cope with his pathetic life—that I began to glimpse who he really was.

The trip had been a fraud. My purpose had never been crossing the ocean to help a mulatoid fellow to find a roommate—but looking sanctuary for me in a small English village with no coloreds to survive the dollar collapse! [...]

But back to my sleepless night.

My mattress had no sheets. I had no choice but to put my white skin in contact with a mattress that must have suffered a thousand sweats from blacks. Even in such conditions I tried to sleep with the four darks of the room. My anxieties and a disagreeable negress snoring inches from me on the top bunk—the pseudohostel was so abhorrent that not only races mixed, but the very sexes too—didn’t let me sleep…

But with the dawn I regained my senses. In the morning, with several guests already waking up on the terrace, including some I had not seen the previous evening, the Brazilian insisted I opened a bank account and said that another of his contacts worked in a bank (by law, tourists cannot open accounts in the UK). Perhaps that employee even knew, the Brazilian told me, another person to obtain work permit.

But I had lost confidence in him. The second night of consecutive sleeplessness I had talked to another night bird, Stuart, who lived there in another room and used to talk to the Romanian during the evenings on the terrace. His accent was not British. Stuart was born in Scotland and raised in New Orleans. As the Brazilian, Stuart had been so badly beaten by life that he had fallen to the pseudohostel. We spoke of my racial ideas and this young man conceded that in New Orleans blacks had behaved very poorly during hurricane Katrina. He was not bothered, though somewhat surprised, about my overtly racist worldview and I asked him what was the whitest city in Scotland. He said that Perth and his hometown, Dundee. He added that the beautiful town of Perth was ideal for retirees (i.e., for people like me had I arrived with the proper funds to buy a modest house).

I made my decision. That morning I was not going to endure a single minute of a “hostel” which did not even have showers for bathing. The blacks woke up and put their filthy music we all heard over the terrace. I told the Brazilian that I would go to Scotland. He was surprised but, by seeing my resolution, walked along with me to the outskirts of the metro station. We said goodbye and never met again.

[Chechar soon returned to Mexico]

Chechar, The West's Darkest Hour 11 Comments [1/20/2015 4:17:08 AM]
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Quote# 105917

The newspaper The Mirror reported that four young males of Seaham in Durham, England, between seventeen and twenty raped, tortured and murdered Percy: a bunny that, in the picture you can see on the internet with the naked young, looks identical to my pet, who is now an adult rabbit.

They tried to shave Percy, set her alight, tried to drown her and then threw her still alive from the window. The human monsters, all white, even filmed with a cell what they did: a video that the owner of the bunny (also white) could not see when the police arrested the perpetrators; just a still picture to identify the missing pet. The punishment for this crime was insignificant in today’s Britain. I would have ordered torture—exactly what they did to the rabbit—and then throwing them out the window to let them die in agony lying on the ground (tit for tat). In fact, if by some miracle of fate an extraterrestrial force had empowered me like a Karellen on my recent trip to the UK, I would have done it already.

We must remember that, had the Anglo-Saxon demons allowed Germany an empire from the Atlantic to the Urals, in areas under the Nazi flag the torment animals would have slowed considerably. Personally, I consider Hermann Göring my patron saint: and he should also be the patron for those who yearn for a world free of such abuses of human power. Never forget the caricature of 1933 on how freed animals—no more vivisection! no more animal testing!—salute their savior Hermann.

Unlike my beloved Nazis, in both DW and my blog in English I talked about what the non-Nazis are capable to do with defenseless animals. [...]

Although what those evil humans in Durham did was condemned by other English, so-called normal people do not stay behind. Human beings whom I consider exterminable are capable of pouring concentrated solutions for days in laboratory rabbits, and to prevent they close their eyes they fasten their lids with tongs! (How many women are unaware that their cosmetics are experimented such way…) This happens now with the blessing of society precisely because World War II was won by the wicked. Few know that in 1944-1947 the Soviets, Jews and Americans practiced a holocaust of Germans, the “Hellstorm” preventing inter alia that the benign policies of Hermann, who had saved our cousins in the brief historical window represented by the Third Reich, were implemented in the post-war West.

The philosopher of science Thomas Kuhn used the optical illusion of the duck-rabbit to show how a “paradigm shift” makes you see the same information in a completely different way. If westerners had not passed through a brainwashing process, instead of seeing a duck (the Nazis were evil) they would see a rabbit (they were actually good!).

Chechar, The West's Darkest Hour 7 Comments [1/20/2015 4:13:20 AM]
Fundie Index: 6
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Quote# 105895

Who is stupid enough to think our problem with non-Whites is their skin color?

Once about every seven seconds, some libtard wanders in to our forums and asks us how we can "discriminate based on skin color."

Setting aside, for the moment, the monumental ignorance associated with pretending race is just skin color, do you anti-White nitwits really believe that's our issue here? Do you really tell yourselves that if all the violent Negroes out there just jumped into a vat of peach-colored paint, we'd suddenly ignore all the hurt they have inflicted on our people? ("Well they still attack us fifty times more often than we do them, but we like the new upholstery so we'll let it slide." )

This is apparently what you believe. It's astonishing to me that ANYONE could be that big of a retard, let alone that there are vast herds of you flatulent cretins out there operating motorized vehicles and being allowed to vote.

Over and over we discuss the ongoing ethnic replacement of Whites in the very nations they founded and built, the freely admitted agenda of the left to blend our race out of existence for all time, only to be interrupted every time by one of these androgynous morons lambasting us for "hating other people because of their skin color."

There is currently no word in the English language to describe that degree of idiocy, but I would like to propose one: LIBERAL.

Fading Light, Stormfront.com 7 Comments [1/19/2015 4:02:53 AM]
Fundie Index: 3
Submitted By: HEIL SATAN
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Quote# 105884

I might have already brought this up but that lauded cable series Homeland kind of centers around how Arabs are good people and it's white people's misconceptions that are solely the problem. In one episode, an Arab professor gets followed because he's suspected of being a terrorist. Later, you find out that he's innocent and it's actually his white wife who is the terrorist. Talk about bending over backwards to change reality so as not to offend Arabs.

Meanwhile, any asian guy is immediately casted as a criminal. The fact that asians have the lowest crime rate, were proven to be loyal u.s. Citizens through the world wars and even til today with the communist witch hunts does nothing to change the negatively charged skewed writing of newly graduated white boy authors who have a degree in English. Asian guys are casted as foreign criminals even though in reality they were born and raised in the u.s.

Razorek, Model Minority 10 Comments [1/18/2015 5:39:53 AM]
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Submitted By: Tony
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Quote# 105882

With Red Dawn, Olympus Has Fallen, Interview, etc, etc, etc there has never been any Asian country that done any terrorism against any YT country in recent memory, but YT's haolewood goes out of its way to demonize Asians.
whereas Islamic fundamentalism is often given sympathetic portrayals by Haolewood pseudo-liberal racists.

sir humpsalot, model minority 8 Comments [1/18/2015 5:12:51 AM]
Fundie Index: 6
Submitted By: Tony
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Quote# 105860

I have to say I have a theory about showering, [which] is that I think that white people shower a lot more than ethnics. I feel like showering more than once a day or every day is such a white people thing.

Naya Rivera, The View 14 Comments [1/17/2015 3:50:01 AM]
Fundie Index: 0
Submitted By: Doubting Thomas
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Quote# 105833

I wish chinese people would go away. It sickens me to see other races lay down with a polluted chinese person. Many of them are corrupt and devoid of any reason or common sense. Look what they do to animals in china. skin them alive and let them die in a ditch. they have no regard for life, they will be damned. I wish something like Hiroshima happens to China. than they'll know what true suffering is about. I hate them!

Sherleigh, Is it normal? 18 Comments [1/15/2015 4:11:56 AM]
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Quote# 105831

I am sorry to wanting a great education and an environment where I feel comfortable to hang, explore other aspects of life other than studying. Guilty, I am human. The fact remains that Asians kill the university experience for most whites. And I am not even white saying this. So, to all universities, Go ahead be racist, be what ever you have to be to bring back good old fun times with white people, who happen to HAVE a sense of humor, and live life to their fullest. Not all whites drink all the day, that is ridiculous, they are dedicated as any other race is. They have provided me with great memories that I will cherish. And this is being ruined with Asians that have no life, so you deserve everything you get. Hey, don't want to be treated differently? then don't act differently. Try to blend, and consider other aspects of life.

As far as uoft is concerned. The university is shit. period. There is nothing else to add to this.

Study hard, party hard, and stay away from Asians or any fun killers of such.

Andrino, Toronto Life 8 Comments [1/15/2015 4:11:36 AM]
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Quote# 105830

I have noticed over the last 25 years or so the massive amount of immigration into Canada from India, China, Korea, Phillipines and other Asian countries. More and more everywhere I go all I see is Asians and East Indians. Our schools, hospitals, and other major places are all being filled up and overloaded with immigrants who dont 'Mix" with us native people, ( born in Canada) and they refuse to abide by Canadian values and culture. I find myself being in disputes with Asians at Pharmacies or other places listening to them "tell me" the rules or pushing their ways on me when they cant even speak English and they dont care what im used to. I find our schools are overloaded and the education quality is going down, our house prices are rising from Asian/east Indian buyers buying everything up and making houses out of reach. Our hospitals are over crowded with Asians and East Indians in our Emergency rooms like Damn Flies. NONE of these immigrants have paid one cent into our tax system that pays for all these services yet they come here and milk the heck out of them which costs us a massive amount of money. I am NOT Racist one bit but a much more BALANCED immigration system is needed and fast. I am finding myself being mad and more and more starting to majorlly dislike these immigrants as they literally take our country over. Its NOT Canadian's Fault that they Over-populated their own countries and now want to come here and live a better life. I am not alone either as alot of people I know are totally hating these Asians and East Indians and want them gone out of Canada. Theres way more gangs and shootings and pretty much all of them are from Immigrant gangs. Racism is fast becoming a problem in Canada and soon it will be a major issue and people are going to start seperating themselves into White only groups areas etc. Like I said im not Racist, I love all people from all lands but this is a major problem and our govt better wakeup and stop all this asian/east indian immigration before its a problem thats to big to fix easily. Time to limit Asian and East Indian immigration into Canada, asap.

Anonymous, PaxCanadia 8 Comments [1/15/2015 4:09:44 AM]
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The movie Selma has very little to do with Martin Luther King Jr., and more to do with Hollywood trying to orchestrate how Ferguson and other future protest should be carried out!

And Oprah suggested this a week before Selma opened when she said that the Ferguson and U.S. wide spread protesting lacked leadership and a detailed plan as to what they wanted the outcome to be.

Then, the movie Selma is released! Oprah is a part of the Hollywood, Government controlled media that wants to transport this country back to 1950's mentality.

They want looting, cop killings, whites and blacks hating each other and fear! Movies like The Butler, 12 Years a Slave, The Help all have the racially tense material that takes one back to a time of hate and ignorance and racial intolerance.

There are about 35 of these types of movies coming out between 2015-16. One has to wonder why we are going backwards. It is all intentional. Don't fall for it people! Selma was clearly an attempt to race bate.

They didn't even bother trying to make Martin Luther King Jr. interesting in the movie! We learned nothing of his personal life, no humor, no depth of spirit, and there was absolutely NO chemistry between King and his wife in the movie.

The movie also introduces important characters and never explains to the viewer who they were! And, the movie has no one in it portraying the Rev. Jesse Jackson!

Why is this important? It is important because Jackson was a key part in Kings life and particularly his last days, up to the fatal shot on the balcony.

The Rev. Jesse Jackson has said that while taking his last breath, Martin Luther King whispered to him to carry on for him and take his place.

There are those who have researched Kings death and there is very credible proof that the Rev. Jesse Jackson was a part of the plot to kill King! The reader is urged to look up Steve Cokely, and his very detailed video research on the murder of Martin Luther King Jr.

The movie also skips past the deaths of Kennedy and Malcolm X, no footage, nothing! It's as if the movie Selma was made strictly to capitalize off the racially tense times we are experiencing in the U.S. now, and to play that one line about Ferguson in the rap song as the movie credits begin to roll!

I mean, as soon as the movie ends, we hear the word Ferguson! What kind of blatant mind control campaign was this!

And all this talk about who should be nominated for Oscars for this is also campaigning. They want you to start parroting the mess so you feel like you're in with the in-crowd that thinks the movie is hot! Don't fall for it.

Oprah is in the movie only for the purpose of putting butts in the theater seats! Just like Spike Lee in his Malcolm X movie strutting across the screen in the very first opening shot!

We see That Ham Oprah in Selma, the very first scene, first person, declaring, hey this is my movie! They never explain why Oprahs character was important in history or in this movie. She's there just for star power, like Marlon Brando in Superman.

I got a feeling that if Oprah could have gotten away with reciting the I Have a Dream Speech she would have done it!

A movie about the life of Selma Blair would be more interesting than Selma! And oh yes! When the viewer gets to the scene concerning the Selma march, you will be so angry at how they direct, wrote and act it out, you will want to scream!

In the end, you realize, the movie Selma, had nothing to do with Selma, or King!!!!!!!

It really will tic you off! If you want a superior, realistic, well acted, well written movie and performance about Martin Luther King, you need to get "King" staring Paul Winfield.

And again, even in this superior version, there is NO Jesse Jackson!!!!! Why?

bdw317, IMDb 3 Comments [1/15/2015 4:08:43 AM]
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Submitted By: Kevin Klawitter
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Fox News anchor and Supreme Court correspondent Shannon Bream reacted to a Paris terror attack by suggesting certain skin tones are more typical of "bad guys" than others.

BREAM: That's my question about these guys. If we know they were speaking unaccented French and they had ski masks on, do we even know what color they were, what the tone of their skin was? I mean, what if they didn't look like typical bad guys? As we define them when we think about terror groups.

Shannon Bream, Fox News 8 Comments [1/15/2015 4:05:52 AM]
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Submitted By: Doubting Thomas
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This could be interpreted in different ways - "We will easily win any fight" or "The attack will help to bring down our evil system."

If the former, don't underestimate them. As an American, let me say that Americans do not know what real pain is. 9/11 was nothing. Given its unstable racial makeup, it would not take much to bring this country to its knees. We have legions of Blacks who would quickly side with ISIS, at least in words, if doing so would give them free reign to rape and loot.

And the US is very vulnerable. Just ponder what could be done here with a single every-so-tiny vile containing Ebola, then "growing it" in some homeless dude no one would miss, extracting the body fluids and mixing it in hundreds of gallons of ice water and then using a small plane or other means of delivery to spray that mix over a large crowd (one that would scatter all over the country before symptoms started and people would know what they had been exposed to) - a Super Bowl, a New Year celebration, etc.

These days, terrorists don't even need nuclear material to kill millions.

And, for just the record here, the cause of all these catastrophes is the genetics of the people we let into the country, which in turn is the result of the bad genetics of the people who hold positions of power, especially those in the media, government and banking sectors. No more lying psychopaths in power (e.g., Clintons, Obama, Jews) nor delusional weakminded fools (e.g., "Dubya" Bush, Lindsay Graham, etc.).

Dr. Ford, Stormfront.com 14 Comments [1/13/2015 4:19:37 AM]
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Submitted By: HEIL SATAN
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It's the defective black pathology that fuels the violence that is endemic and part of black culture.
Being "disrespected" calls for immediate action, by fists, knife or gun. Everywhere blacks congregate, there is violence.
In Florida, "young master trayvon" felt that he was disrespected by neighborhood watchman Mr. Zimmerman for asking about his "business" being in that neighborhood. Any ordinary (non-black) person would have explained that he had relatives in the neighborhood and would have been on his way, but not "young master trayvon". In order to regain his "respect" "young master trayvon" was "forced" (by his defective black pathology) to jump Mr. Zimmerman and attempt to murder him.
In a related note, it is no surprise that many towns and cities "close up shop" when black college students "celebrate" their "spring break" week. It is just not worth it to cater to this naturally violent segment of American "society". It is far better to "go on vacation" than to deal with the unruly and violent black hordes.

anarchyst, American Renaissance 10 Comments [1/12/2015 4:18:19 AM]
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[In response to the claim 'It's not that big a deal anymore that races aren't mentioned in crime stories - they just simply don't even need to anymore. Everyone knows.']

Everyone knows but they don't know the extent. For example, one in three black males, 19 to 29 is in prison. Every one with a rap sheet as long as my arm. Which begs the question....how many of them are not in prison, with rap sheets only half as long as my arm?

Separate hispanics out of white crime stats and basically, white, violent crime is zero.

Covering up these facts is most certainly a big deal. Whites, like the frog slowly being boiled to death in the pot, have not realized how bad it has gotten. Just two generations ago, the average person left their keys in the car (because no one would ever think to steal it) and didn't bother to lock their door at night. A black person stupid enough to come into a white neighborhood got his head beaten in by the cops...if he was lucky enough not to be discovered by white living there.....in which case he simply disappeared. Nobody had to watch their children as they were perfectly safe playing in the neighborhood. Often, far away.

Today, I can't even take my niece out for ice cream without feeling the itch to fondle my concealed Glock as various ambiguous thugs float in and out of my personal space.

Guest, American Renaissance 13 Comments [1/12/2015 4:17:48 AM]
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Blacks are like little children who must be constantly supervised lest they get wild and out of control. This explains, in part, why a strong police presence must turn out whenever any public event involving large crowds of Blacks occurs. Even then, the event frequently results in a shooting or some kind of riot or mayhem. And when it does happen, most people are not surprised by it once they learn it involved a large group of Blacks. In contrast, such scenarios rarely occurs when groups of Whites or Asians gather. This is because Whites and Asians have a higher order of culture, less impulsive, more disciplined and obviously more intelligent.

To think that people today still maintain all the races are equal and that there is no significant differences between them, reveals how deeply they have been duped by multi-culturalism. There is an entire mass of Whites who will ignore common sense and what is so obvious before their own eyes in order to maintain the lie that 'We're all equal; we're all the same.'

Guest, American Renaissance 5 Comments [1/12/2015 4:17:34 AM]
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[In response to a comment attacking rock music for its African American origins]

Wow, I missed this. Here goes a VERY overdue reply which likely won't be read..

Negroes never invented an instrument more advanced than beating a hollow log. Therefore any music they make with white technology is at least half white - certainly NOT a product of Africa.

Second, you're missing some enlightening and uplifting compositions. I'd be interested to learn how you equate say RUSH with Afro music. Or ELO, Queen, Triumph, Genesis, Moody Blues, any Prog Rock? The lead singer for Queen recorded an opera. Maybe google "symphonic rock"?

Stan D Mute, American Renaissance 14 Comments [1/12/2015 4:16:48 AM]
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