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Quote# 104251

A lot of White Nationalists think that East Asians are an OK race with high acheivements. However, this is not the case. Anyone who has ever lived near Asians know that the majority of them are rude, greedy, crafty, compulsive liars, and how much they complain about “racism” directed towards them. East Asians are not compatible with Anglo-culture, their phenotype is drastically different from ours, except for maybe skin colour. Whites are tall, wavy-or curly-haired, we have large reproductive organs, we are narrow-skulled and lack an epicanthic fold. We are gerantomorphic, robust, and generally pleasant to look at. East Asians are broad-skulled, with a disproportinal head, slanty eyes (epicanthic folds), needle straight hair, small genitals and breasts, and small, frail stature. They also lack a strong sex drive, and Western culture is all about getting laid. We as Westerners have fun, party, get drunk, cuss, fuck, and socialize 24/7. This goes for Blacks, Whites, and Hispanics. Asians are extremely anti-social, they do not cuss, they will not have fun, and they do not like having sex, except for reproduction. I prefer Blacks and Mexicans to Asians. Most White people do as well, for the exact same reasons. We need to regulate the import of Asians, and we can do this without much controversy. After all, Whites do not feel White Guilt towards Asians, and non-Whites see Asians as oppressors. No one will care if Asians scream “racism.”

Coward, Occident Invicta 7 Comments [10/22/2014 3:43:19 AM]
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Quote# 104249

The stereotype of the effete and henpecked Jewish husband is an old one. Interestingly enough, there are several examples of henpecked husbands in the Old Testament. Abraham, who was henpecked by his shrewish wife Sarah, was compelled to abandon Hagar and her son Ishmael to perish in the desert. Ahab was henpecked by his wife Jezebel to rebel and sin against God. I haven’t the foggiest idea of what accounts for Jewish wimpiness but I have observed that Jewish men share certain traits in common with women in general.


If there is but one word that so flawlessly describes both Jew and Woman it is this. Modern western women are famously solipsistic and live through contradictions without even being aware of them. They are “strong and independent” but yet always the “victim. ” They are “empowered” but still fantasize about Christian Grey types. They claim they don’t need a man but are still content to live on his charity (Alimony, Child support). You get the idea. Jewish men likewise are also solipsistic. They genuinely believe that their influence on the world is positive and that antisemitism is completely irrational. The Jew sincerely believes that the goyim should love him for inundating the latter’s society with Feminism, Porn, Hollywood, and Cultural Marxism. H.G Wells said it best: “A careful study of anti-Semitism, prejudice and accusations might be of great value to many Jews, who do not adequately realize the irritation they inflict“

That the Jew’s propensity to provoke antisemitism wherever he goes does not give him pause to critically reflect on his behavior. No, antisemitism HAS to be irrational! While Jewry routinely deconstruct European identities, their own identity will always remain off-limits. Henry Ford once observed that while Jews were used to a certain amount of xenophobia, they were very threatened when their Jewish identity itself was critically examined. The Jews wish for North Americans to see them as ordinary whites who practice a different religion, and not as a nation within a nation. Or worse, a fifth column for Israel.

To borrow an analogy from Bay Area Guy: If a man gets kicked out of a bar, no one makes much of it. However, if this same guy gets kicked out of every bar he visits, you begin to wonder. The Jewish tendency to binge on the sound of their own voice while shutting out others is a very female characteristic.


The media never fails to remind us that Jews remain the reigning Gold medalists in the Oppression Olympics. Jews wear their victimhood on their sleeve and ruthlessly compete with other victim groups to maintain their position on top of the victim pyramid.

The only other group that plays the victim card as religiously happens to be women. Like today’s modern woman that whines about “males privilege” while remaining oblivious to her many privileges, the Jews routinely abuse their disproportionate power by silencing critics while genuinely believing themselves to being the victims. I suspect this trait is the origin of the stereotype that Jews lack manliness. The Canadian Museum for Human rights is basically a temple dedicated to Jewish Victimhood worship. Like Jezebel and Lady Macbeth, the Jews can affect nothing save through the influence they wield upon powerful figures among the goyim. The Jews never confront their foes head on, but rather prefer to subvert, cajole, and manipulate. Just as Herod was manipulated by his queen and daughter to murder John the Baptist, the Jew is likewise nothing without the Saxon tools at his disposal. The Jewish alliance with turncoat Saxon elites is not an equal one. Jewry uses wealth and influence but agency is exercised at the discretion of said turncoat elites. I’ve often wondered if this is why American porn is saturated with scenes of Jewish men copulating with blonde gentile females. That the Jew is trying to convince himself that HE is the masculine one in this relationship. But that is just a speculation.

I’m not sure why Jewish men are less masculine but I think it’s certainly an area worth looking into.

Dota, Occident Invicta 0 Comments [10/22/2014 3:31:53 AM]
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Quote# 104246

No, we are not recruiting liberals in this thread. Instead, we are transforming them into White Nationalists by eliminating the effects of brainwashing perpetrated by perfidious Jews.

The so-called ‘racial equality’ is a weapon Jews are using to destroy white societies.

To liberate white minds from the effects of Jewish brainwashing we must first destroy Jewish egalitarian ideology.

In this thread we expose ‘racial equality’ as a gigantic lie by demonstrating that nonwhites belong to genetically inferior races.

White liberals read this and realize that they were gullible, wrong on all these issues and worst of all, that they supported the destruction of their own people. Shame on them!

Fortunately, armed with the knowledge they absorb in this thread liberals figure everything out and change their horrific behavior: ’I will no longer be a race traitor! I am now a WN!’

Consequently, we are not recruiting liberals, but WNs.

This is how it works.

We first show this disturbing image to white liberals and ask them: Does this creature look like an ape or human?

Well, “it” has features of both apes and humans because aboriginals represent a transitional species between apes and humans. Technically speaking they are sub-human or Untermensch.

Everybody, including liberals agree with this assessment, because it is self-evident.

Okay, then we ask liberals: Do you think that only 1-2 million aboriginals in Australia are profoundly subhuman, but the remaining 7 billion+ ‘people’ are miraculously all at the same level of evolutionary development?

Of course not! Pigmies and bushmen are also subhuman. What about the Bantus? Perhaps borderline human. Maybe? No?

Cross that—Sub-Saharan Africans, particularly Congolese are also subhuman!

Then we discuss Dravidians that are vastly genetically inferior but not subhuman. Indonesians? The same thing.

So liberals finally realize that various races, subraces and mongrels are all part of a comprehensive racial hierarchy.

Racial hierarchy looks like a pyramid, with subhumans at the bottom. As you climb the pyramid, nonwhite ethnicities have ever higher percentage of humanity.

At the very top resides genetically vastly superior white race!

But make no mistake: All nonwhites, without exception, are genetically inferior beings!

So a white liberal reads this and goes: ‘I get it! If nonwhites are genetically inferior, then we must not mingle with them, because they will degrade our racially superior Aryan genetic pool with their retrograde genetics, right?’

That’s right! We don’t want them anywhere near our race, because their genetic inferiority transforms them into racial parasites. Nonwhites are absolutely worthless to us!

For example, I bet you that 10-20 white liberals reading this are nodding their heads in agreement: This makes perfect sense! Lying Jews have managed to fool me, but now I get it!

So they join our ranks.

This is the template we will use going forward to win this fight and liberate our people!

Makes sense?

white_usa_, Stormfront.com 10 Comments [10/22/2014 3:31:10 AM]
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Submitted By: HEIL SATAN
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Quote# 104245

Is "Racism" Even Real?

The Jew-minions' favorite word--virtually their ONLY word--has the following definition according to Merriam Webster:
Racism: a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race;
In other words, one is supposedly a "racist" if one holds that race (i.e. human population groupings by evolutionary genetic patterns) determines very much about the genetic patterns of human groups , or if one recognizes that these evolved groups have essentially zero chance of being equal.

Microbiological science has established quite clearly that humans group genetically into clusters which have resulted from evolution. Surely any rational person--by which I obviously do not mean liberals--must recognize the problem with assigning a pejorative term like "racist" to anyone who is up-to-date with scientific findings of the last twenty years regarding human genetics. This is intended to be a punishment for knowing the facts.

And what about the other part? On what basis do leftists assert that the races are all equal when they have evolved to be different? Is there an Equality Fairy or something like that?

Imagine for a moment that a group of researchers was evaluating half a dozen candidate substances as a new medication to treat a disease, and a bunch of bozos ran into the room with picket signs declaring that the researchers were forbidden to conclude that there was any difference in efficacy between the drugs. Insane, yes?

Nature, of course, does not bow to liberals' childish threats and has already tested the races for superiority and declared a clear winner--a winner that still has not fallen despite suffering the deleterious effects of all the other races working as a team to destroy it. I suppose this is part of the reason Jews and their servants hate Whites so very much. Everywhere they turn in the world, they are faced with endless examples of our racial superiority: We win the most Olympic Gold medals. We invent and discover virtually everything. Our art is the most popularly enduring of all. Our people look the best objectively. We are even the most compassionate race. There simply aren't many ways in which other races can claim superiority over us--certainly none of any great significance.

So our racial superiority is an objective fact, but we are forbidden to acknowledge it. And if we do, we are told that it undeniably reveals secret plans to enslave and destroy the other races--even though our race is the one being targeted for enslavement and destruction--even though our race is the one that has given almost everything to encourage and humor the other races as they have invaded and defiled our civilizations again and again, climbing over each other to flood into nations that they claim are unendurably evil and oppressive.

In the end, they have no logical argument, no meaningful claims, no recourse, but to call us names--names like "racist." And if there really is such a thing as "racism," it can be self-consistent in meaning only if it refers to someone who does not admit racial reality as described above, as shown by history and by science.

In other words, the only people who might genuinely be described as racist are anti-Whites like the psychotic, genocidal liberals. That's probably why they get so angry when someone dares to use their sacred pejorative against them.

Liberals know they are racist, so they constantly accuse everyone else of it.

Fading Light, Stormfront.com 1 Comments [10/22/2014 3:30:54 AM]
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Submitted By: HEIL SATAN
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Quote# 104235

Why is it that no matter how much money you spend building Black people a nice place to live, they somehow mysteriously turn it into a “ghetto?” How does that work?

Oh poor African babies! They be all oppressed and shit! Why is that everywhere on Earth Blacks live, they’re “oppressed” by “racism?” Why is that? Why is that in every nation, they mysteriously end up in these funny ghetto places. Why is that?

I’m tired of it. They oppress themselves. They create their own ghettos. It’s their own fault.

Robert Lindsay, Beyond Higbrow 2 Comments [10/22/2014 3:25:28 AM]
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Quote# 104225

The average Mongoloid is cognitively superior to the average Caucasoid, but Mongoloids heavily cluster round their group mean in terms of intelligence, so that they have fewer men of exceptional intelligence than Caucasoids. And it is only men of exceptional intelligence who make socially recognised creative achievements. Also, creativity is positively correlated with Psychoticism. Asians score lower on personality tests in Psychoticism than do Caucasoids. And Psychoticism is known to be heritable trait. Hence the argument could be made that Caucasoids are innately more creative than Mongoloids, though slightly less intelligent

Ixion, The Phora 2 Comments [10/22/2014 3:11:22 AM]
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Quote# 104205

I just want to state that Islam has its upsides, and one of them being is covering their women. I’ve seen the intense lustful gaze made toward white women of not just dirty old white perverts but from negroids, and spics who under any other circumstances would have committed rape.

Showing how attractive white women are is like a wealthy person advertising all the luxury items he has in his house to criminals and with the media emasculation of white men it’s like having no locks or guards.

Britain_did_9_11, Daily Stormer 9 Comments [10/21/2014 2:29:03 AM]
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Submitted By: Yossarian Lives
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Quote# 104193

There is a hypothesis about among us science nerds that we've never reached contact with alien civilization due to one reason alone: Civilizations don't survive longer then mere centuries beyond discovering E = MC^2.

Compound that nerdy thought with a third world president and Jews instigating constant global war and destruction because they think they are the masters of the earth.

Just how many warheads are stationed in Israel that we don't get to know about? I don't trust any government on the face of this earth at this point in time. Russia has been poisoned by Marxism for a very long period of time. The UK is one of the greatest nuclear powers on earth; and will be leading the pack in becoming majority nonwhite under Jewish rule, along with shockingly France, the other major Nuclear power of Europe. Nearly every country on earth is totally ruled by the Jewish supremacist banking elite. Point I'm pushing; any behavior out of line with total global tyranny under the throes of Israel is a nuclear threat.

Let's put our pencil points on the truth; Zionists are the nuclear threat. The survival of the human race is in peril and the sheep will continue blaming whitey and Obama the democrat as if he has any actual say in the matter until we're all obliterated.

For the LOTR buffs; the Armies of Mordor are stacked up against man and the elves are leaving for Valinor. Soon there will be no more shire. Add Ebola and countless other diseases to the mix that Tolkien left out.

CloudStrife, Stormfront.com 12 Comments [10/20/2014 3:03:50 AM]
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Submitted By: HEIL SATAN
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Quote# 104175

Back when Christianity was first becoming known in Britain, there was no conflict between it and the so called paganism that had gone before. The people at the top of British society, the Arch Druids, became the Arch Bishops of the Celtic Church. Christianity was looked upon as the natural evolution of the British people’s spiritual doctrines. The idea that Christians would be opposed to Druids because the Druids were ‘Pagan’ was not something that was even countenanced. The Druids and the Christians were the same people, obeying the same laws and part of the same society. If Christianity had meant one half of society being against the other half, it would never have been accepted in the first place. As it was, it was decided to change from being a ‘Pagan’ nation to a Christian one in the second century in Britain and the idea for that came from the King and his Druid advisors and was warmly welcomed by the people. This would not have happened if it had not been seen as a positive development.

People that wish to denigrate Christianity or attack it as being foreign really have no faith at all in their own abilities as White people, or even in their own ancestors. White people pick up lots of things from around the world and if they are useful, then they get appropriated and adapted to White people’s tastes and needs. There is no way that our ancestors would have accepted a foreign religion and no way that after being a White religion for 1500 years, it would not exclusively show the spirit of the White man within it. I say 1500 years as it was after that time that the Jews started to have an influence on it from within, culminating in the hideous monstrosity that goes by the label of Judao-Christianity today.

National Socialism saw that Jewish influence, recognised it for what it was and sought to fight back by promoting what they called Positive Christianity. This meant accentuating the parts of Christianity that were most relevant to the struggles that the nation were involved in at the time. That meant concentrating on the Jews being the children of the Devil and the Antichrist and the Aryan qualities of Jesus, who Adolf Hitler spoke about, as a role model for Aryans, as he knew full well that Jesus was not a Jew. He spoke about the way that Jesus heroically threw the Jewish usurers out of the temple, highlighting the courage of this act and the way that the Jews reacted to it.

Today it would also mean concentrating on the Biblical laws against race-mixing and sodomy, both of which were nowhere near as prevalent in the early 20th century as they are in the 21st. Today’s Churches try to pretend those laws do not exist or that they meant something else, in the same way as they have twisted the love for your neighbour law. It goes without saying that love for your neighbour and being prepared to die for those you love had always been interpreted to mean love for your nation and being prepared to die defending it, up until the modern church twisted it to mean love for the Antichrist and his army of barbarians.

All the best of our earlier beliefs were incorporated into Christianity, giving rise to much of our Christian customs and iconography, as well as our festivals. The ancient gods began life as our ancestors and we never stopped honoring them until today. Christianity commands us to honour our ancestors and it helped keep them alive for us by recording their exploits so that they could be passed down to later generations. Christian monks would painstakingly copy out the classics of our past, documenting our previous beliefs so that we might remember the early years of our race. They educated the people so that they might understand our history and contribute to the continuing story themselves.

Attacking Christianity does not help our cause. It shows a lack of knowledge about our first millennium history as recorded by our own people and shows a great disrespect to our ancestors who lived and died for it. It inspired them to create the most amazing works of art and architecture, some of the finest high culture that the world has ever seen. Its laws formed the basis for our societies and enabled them to become stable enough for us to form world conquering empires. Now we have rejected it our people lack the faith to wish to die defending their homeland. They lack the love for their own people that should have prevented the Muslims from ever setting foot on our shores. They lack the moral fibre to stand up against the promotion of homosexuality and promiscuity. Without it our nations have become weak and easy prey for the Jews and the hordes of untermenschen that they have invited in.

The whole Pagan against Christian mind-set is a distraction from what really matters and is like arguing over who was better, you as a child or you as an adult. There is much that is inspiring about the Pagan myths and that is because they are ours, the same as Christianity is ours. Just like Christianity is being warped and universalised, our Pagan myths are too, with the gods being turned into gay transvestite comic book characters and Jesus being turned into a Negro. This is unacceptable, both are a part of our history, both belong to us and came from us and both need defending from the dogs and the swine seeking to trample them. To join them in attacking our heritage like that is to go against everything that made us what we are today.

Instead of attacking Christianity, we should be promoting the parts of it that are most needed in our struggle, just as the National Socialists did. To do anything else means accepting defeat and handing our inheritance over to the enemy.

Sven Longshanks, Daily Stormer 7 Comments [10/19/2014 4:29:27 AM]
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Submitted By: Yossarian Lives
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Quote# 104174

A white kid got killed by a white cop because he had his headphones on and it got almost 0 media attention. Mike Brown who got killed by a cop has gotten 100x media attention. That is black privilige.

John Smith, mediaite 6 Comments [10/19/2014 4:29:10 AM]
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Quote# 104165

Discussing the protests in Ferguson, Missouri, on Phyllis Schlafly’s “Eagle Forum Live” radio program this week, conservative commentator David Horowitz argued that liberals are overly eager to brand conservatives as racist and, in doing so, have wrongfully maligned the police officer accused of shooting unarmed black teenager Michael Brown.

“[Protesters] destroyed a city to get a cop who was defending himself. Look at the picture of him in the hospital with his eye socket practically blown out,” he said of Officer Darren Wilson, in reference to a bogus photograph that is confirmed to be of a completely unrelated person.

Insisting that Brown was “just a thug” who suffered the consequences of his actions, Horowitz complained that white people have been vilified in matters of law enforcement and criminal justice. “They’re not interested in waiting for a trial and its result. If you’re white, you’re guilty; that’s the attitude,” he said of the Ferguson protesters. “They’re racist, for crying out tears. There’s no community that’s more racist in America than the black community. And everybody knows it, but nobody will say it.”

David Horowitz, Right Wing Watch 10 Comments [10/18/2014 5:56:13 AM]
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Submitted By: Giveitaday
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Quote# 104161

Some of the most anti-Southern Northerners are among the ones who have moved here. Sure, they hate us - and they do so openly - but they also need us and want to live among us. I don't think the North in general will just sit back and let us throw the US out of Dixie. I am certain that we will be in for a fight, especially in the areas of Dixie that have been most subject to Northern migration (e.g., Maryland, Virginia, Florida, and elsewhere).

As an aside, we need to start thinking in terms of them leaving us rather than as us leaving them. They are the invaders.

Southron Blood, Stormfront.com 10 Comments [10/18/2014 5:50:17 AM]
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Submitted By: HEIL SATAN
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Quote# 104126

The JEW PUSH FOR PERVERSION will COME BACK on their Christ-Hating heads!

History has shown OVER AND OVER that JEWS with their WICKED PLANS do NOT get away with their GUILT-RIDDEN Agenda for long.

Jews are NOT victims. Jews BRING ON a backlash for good reason: Christ-Defying Wickedness.

A BACKLASH against the Jews (if History is any witness) WILL come and I dare say, the Jews DESERVE it.

And by the way, this wretched Jew HAG: Ruth Bader Ginsburg is headed STRAIGHT TO HELL.

Sardonically, I pity the demons who have to see Ginsburg's HIDEOUS face for eternity.

(NO, I am not in the habit of holding sympathy for devils. BUT, who could bear to look at this UGLY JEW HAG for more than 5 sconds?

And SURELY, Ginsburg's HIDEOUS FACE is a metaphor of the Jew-Ruin of our hapless Jew-ruled nation.

Brother Nathanael Kapner, Real Jew News 9 Comments [10/17/2014 2:49:52 AM]
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Submitted By: Wykked Wytch
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Quote# 104118

A Bowl of AIDS for Breakfast: Cheerios Runs Commercial with Faggots Molesting Kidnapped Monkey Child

Mark Joseph Stern, huh? Nothing more adorable than the abuse of a helpless monkey child, Jew?

As society continues to disintegrate, the overall weirdness is becoming unbearable. Now, we have faggots with a kidnapped Negress child parading around in commercials for breakfast cereal. Cheerios has become the first (I think) food to feature faggots with a helpless kidnapped child.

The Jewish media, ever in the process of attempting to become more of a parody of itself, has come out in forced to celebrate how “cute” and “adorable” these sick and bizarre degeneracy is.


How does anyone tolerate this?

I would say “boycott Cheerios,” but I know you are all low-carb/Paleo already, brothers.

Bowls of useless carbs have always been for faggots and other untermench. We high-testosterone soldiers of the revolution eat pig for breakfast.

Andrew Anglin, Daily Stormer 16 Comments [10/17/2014 2:45:02 AM]
Fundie Index: 6
Submitted By: Yossarian Lives
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Quote# 104099

I've stated a number of times that the first 2 or 3 seasons of Family Guy were pretty good, but really became a real stinking pile after return from a long hiatus. Yes, MacFarlane's pushing his filthy leftist atheist agenda on the show over the past few seasons are indeed infurating, but there's more.

For one thing, Family Guy's portrayal of White people in general. Peter is confirmed retarded; Qyagmire is a shameless sexhound and pervert; Joe is an overambitious cop; Chris is a lazy idiot; Stewie is an ambiguosly gay evil genius; Herbert, the elderly neighbor, is apparently the oldest member of NAMBLA; while Mr. Pewterscmidt, Lois' wealthy father, is a mean, vindictive, irrational hypocrite.

Then there's the push promoting perversion. Homosexuality, miscegenation, and you could even say bestiality. Ever notice that all of Brian's "girlfriends," sexual encounters and such are all with women? White women. In fact, in one episode, Peter returns home after being lost at sea to find Lois remarred.... to Brian, the dog!

It's high time to get this disgusting filth off the air!!!

Knightrider1961, Stormfront 16 Comments [10/15/2014 3:30:29 AM]
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Quote# 104091

“The Negro is a phobogenic object.”

But it would be wrong to blame the media for this perception of blacks.

For most of American history, blacks were depicted as either docile Negroes(overly idealized) or as funny caricatures munching on watermelons. Neither was threatening. Sure, there were stuff like Birth of a Nation, but they were the exceptions, especially as Hollywood was ruled by yanomanos. Black characters are mostly kindly and likable in Gone with the Wind. There was then noble negro bellowing ‘ole man river’ in Showboat. And there were plenty of funny black stereotypes that presented blacks as childlike clowns–like Harpo in Marx Brothers though with less wit.

Also, after Jack Johnson scared white folks half to death, the media and sports industry went out of their way to build up the image of the dignified negro. Joe Louis the brown bomber was coached to be ‘gentle’. You’d think he didn’t mean to knock them all them white boys. He just stuck out his fist but white boys bumped into them, and he didn’t know what to do but say, “dang I is sorry”.
And there was the Jackie Robinson cult.

Look at most movies about crime in the 1970s–height of black mayhem in urban areas–, and Hollywood made most of the thugs out to be white. If you go by DEATH WISH, NY was mostly terrorized by white trash and swarthy looking ethnics. In DEATH WISH III, urban thugs are led by some multi-color-haired ‘Aryan’ type.
Rocky movies had people fantasize that Rocky Marciano was back and whupping all the Negroes.

If anything, Western media went out of its way to tone down the black physical threat.
But the image-of-black-physical-threat lingered because of a little thing called REALITY.

I personally grew up watching all those PBS docs about civil rights and about how race is just a ‘myth’. I took all those classes where the teacher and textbooks told us of evils of ‘racism’ and blah blah blah. But reality was something I had to reckon with(even against my will as I’d really and truly come to believe in all the hogwash fed to me in school and on PBS). Non-blacks flee from black areas because blacks are rowdier, more aggressive, more out-of-control, stronger, tougher, and nastier. It’s the truth.

I–and many honest people, including liberals–think this way because I’d rather be honest with reality than cowardly with PC.

If anything, the media have gone out of its way to cover up stories of black crime, thuggery, rape, and mayhem… all the while distorting, spinning, and sensationalizing stories where blacks are supposedly the ‘victims’. When twenty plus blacks raped a 11 yr Mexican girl in Texas, the media said ‘Texans’ did it.
Whatever one thinks of Zimmerman, he was a pudgy mestizo who got whupped by a much taller and bigger black kid, but the media put forth a narrative of an angelic black ‘child armed with only a bag of skittles’ shot down by a towering ‘white southern male’.
(Sometimes, I wonder if white libs peddle such silly notions–harking back to Civil Rights days–because it makes them feel powerful. As white libs are helpless to do anything about real black violence and crime, spinning such narratives creates the illusion that they are still powerful whites with the decency to care and weep about helpless black children who are still being victimized by white ‘racism’. Similarly, the likes of John McCain and John Bolton prefer to believe that they are strong powerful white knight warriors working tirelessly to protect helpless yanomanos from all-powerful Palestinians, Iranians, Syrians, and Russians. If you’re powerless before something, spin the narrative so as to make believe you have power over it and are working to protect the poor thing from dangers–even though what you’re really doing is serving as its running dog.)

If black bodies are ‘phobogenic’, it’s not because but in spite of the media and mass education. The media, education, and government have been telling us forever that we are all equal, but in the streets and public places, it’s obvious as day that bigger/stronger Negroes do indeed cause lots of mayhem.

The power of media is considerable but it’s not total. Entertainment has given us lots of movies about invincible Asian kung fu masters, but most people don’t fear Asians because in the real world, they know that most Asians are scrawny and a physical threat to no one.
I mean who finds Asian bodies ‘phobogenic’?

pizza with hot pepper, iSteve 3 Comments [10/14/2014 2:50:32 AM]
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Quote# 104079

NY and SF uses ‘racist’ policies but then hides their ‘racism’ by being so shrill about the ‘racism’ in places like Sanford and Ferguson.

It’s rather like the West’s attitude toward Russia. With the rise of PC, super-rich oligarchal rule, speech codes, climate of fear(silence that led to Rotherham scandal), crackdown on dissidents(ask Richwine, Stephanie Grace, all the UK residents arrested for comments on Twitter, etc), and etc, it should be obvious that the West is now a globalist oligarchy dominated by Yanomanos and homos.
Notice that EVERY American politician grovels before TOUCANPAC if they wanna be elected.
Given the increasing illberalism of the so-called ‘liberal democratic west’, how can the elites perpetuate the illusion that liberal democracy is alive, healthy, and still going strong?

Well, there is Russia-bashing as a means to prop up the myth that the West is all about ‘liberal democracy’ AS OPPOSED TO Russia, which is supposedly the New Nazi nation.

With the rise of Political Correctness, Yanomano supremacism, the coercive cult of ‘diversity’ crammed down the throats of whites, the nasty homo agenda pushed up the butt of the entire nation, speech codes, and blacklisting-firing-and-shunning of any real dissident voices, the West hardly stand for liberal democracy anymore, and of course, the Yanomano elites know this.

So, in order to cover up the repressive nature of Yanomano-controlled West, we’ve been fed the false dichotomy of the Free West vs autocratic Russia and China. True, China is a nasty repressive nation, and Russia, though nominally a democracy, is corrupt and autocratic in many ways.
BUT the West today, with its PC and Yanomano-supremacism where all politicians grovel before TOUCANPAC, is in no position to preach to anyone about liberal democratic values.

Thus, the only way the Yanomano elites in the West can fool us that we are living in a ‘liberal democracy’ is to create a us-vs-them situation whereby we are supposedly so free and sane(like in supporting ‘gay marriage’ and ruining businesses that won’t bake ‘gay wedding’ cakes)whereas Russians are so enslaved and deranged because they won’t allow homos to march down Red Square, the hallowed ground where soldiers march every year to commemorate the great sacrifices in the Great Patriotic War that claimed over 20 million Russian souls. But in truth, most Russians feel far more empowered under patriotic Putin whereas most whites feel totally browbeaten and castrated under the rule of Yanomano neo-kings and homo neo-queens.

Ferguson and Russia… one and the same in the devious minds of the Western elites

pizza with hot pepper, iSteve 9 Comments [10/13/2014 3:36:57 AM]
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Quote# 104073

Pretty much.

Asians have long been a thorn in the Jewish intelligentsia’s side because of their failure to bow down to modern American racial flagellation.

Some years ago there were violent attacks on elderly Chinese in the Bay Area by blacks. The typical cohort of aging college professors tried to get them to bow down and admit that they’re to blame for the black’s lack of opportunity (because black failure is everyone else’s fault). Instead the Chinese reacted quite violently, organizing neighborhood watches, encouraging police sweeps of black neighborhoods, and buying guns for Asian store owners. All of a sudden, poof, black crime went away.

Methinks that didn’t win them too many friends among the usual suspects.

bert, iSteve 3 Comments [10/13/2014 3:35:26 AM]
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Quote# 104066

"A Message to Race Traitor White Women"
Wow.Where to begin?...This post has been a long time in coming but I just have to vent out at how disillusioned and disgusted I,and many others like me,are at your choice in romantic partners.Over the last 10+ years more and more of you brainwashed foolish white women have taken blacks as romantic partners.I'm telling you and believe me I know this with every fibre of my being-you know not what you are doing!

Let me tell you something.The real reason we are here and get so upset about it is because we actually deeply care and love white women.All white women.But such unnatural disgraceful actions should really not be tolerated.We get mad because you are unwittingly destroying yourself by choosing such mates and who wants to see that,if they have any heart at all? Truth is the liberals and antis are fake and dishonest and are enablers of your poor choices.At least we are honest and let the anger or indignincy be known whereas the liberal will often hide his secret "racist" feelings about you.But you need to know it.If you actually even want to be helped or lead a healthy decent constructive life or is that out of style?

Let me also say this will be very harsh,but I have to let loose on you girls who could actually date outside your race because you ARE wrong and are hurting yourself,your family and your very race.

I really need to know how in the world you could simply ignore the fact that the white man has given you everything in the world-high civilization,great literature,great works of art,poetry,the greatest achievements in the history of the world.etc etc etc.And yet instead you could actually sink so low as to date a race who failed to even emerge from the stone age,invent a freakin wheel,written script and virtually anything else which qualifies a race to be considered civilized!!! And not to mention men who treated their women as work horse slaves,while they lounged around all day.
Where is your freakin brain? You actually think these black guys are cool,exotic,fun,exciting or fascinating?!!...You sincerely must be retarded.
They are scum of the earth.They are natural born criminals.They have much in common with the ape.They are childish,immature,self-centered,egocentric,"muh dick" obsessed idiots.They certainly are not "cool" and all that garbage.
You really need to learn about them.Take a good long look at Africa and how they behave over there-that's their people.And yet,even when you know this it somehow fails to register?...Huh??? Do you rationalize everything they do wrong? Sounds like you are hopelessly brainwashed by our schools and mass media.It's very sad.

This is of course not about the white women with racial honor,pride and self-respect for she has a brain and realizes the ugly truth about the other races and could never lower herself,nay disgrace herself,by mixing her blood with an uncivilized savage people.A people who by the way would still be in the jungle if it were not for the white man!....Understand,you clueless fools?

Again the white man,though obviously imperfect,has done or given his women the whole freakin world and you would forsake this for a jungle dweller who has given virtually nothing to the world or his women?...
Are you not even aware of the absolutely atrocious violence,cruelty, inhumanity,coldness and lack of any high level moral emotions contained in their African heritage and genes? Because that's what you have chosen.
{All western conditioning,education or "progress" he has made aside.Alas,one's heritage & genes can never be removed.}

Also,I have seen it a million times,it never lasts.I have yet to see one,just one interracial couple make it to old age.Never happens,and if so it's extremely rare.You end up on welfare,getting fat,abused or worse-killed.

So please realize it's actually out of love and to protect you from the dangers of the world that many racial realists feel the way they do.I certainly wouldn't be here saying this if I didn't give two s**** about my beautiful white women.Certainly a liberal would not.They don't care what the hell you do.You go home with a gang of blacks."Oh,that's cool" he'll fumble out of his mouth,deep down despising the absolutely wretched situation.

I must say however,and I know full well,it's not entirely your fault.you don't even realize the indoctrination and conditioning you have been through since birth.
So I hope I'm not being too unfair or harsh.But the situation really has gotten completely out of hand.We do not have the control we once had as a race and one way to re-establish that control is to come together.

But let me tell you.I would wager that 75% or more of the white men,and many white women too,are secretly disgusted and ashamed at what you're doing.When they see you around town with that ape of yours.Or perhaps you want that attention?...Is it really worth your dignity,self-esteem and respect? And for the really worse cases it would honstly appear that these white girls have lost their minds.Forget about honor or racial integrity or anything these girls have become degenerate sluts who will sell their soul in front of the entire world-movies-for money.Honestly,what the hell has happened?

I should have planned d this post better,but it drives me crazy when I see our precious,most evolved,most intelligent,most sensitive,most caring and loving wonderful white women-who other races of women don't even come close too!-throw away their internal and external beauty on such lower groups of men,who generally treat their women like crap.Honestly it's an absolute disgrace and abomination and unbelievably its happening in record numbers today.Obviously many of you do not learn from the black on white crime statistics nor care too?...You really should if you care about the quality of your mate.You have the great great white man and many of them to choose from so please stop lowering yourself and destroying yourselves with these other races of men.

You know what I'm saying is true.Total truth.I don't know if you are just caught up in the social world and have become blind to race which is often the case or wether you are a little bit sado-masachistic and get pleasure from guys who treat you poorly.There are many reasons but one thing is clear and that is that it is a mistake! I just hope all you women out there someday realize this.I want you to be happy and healthy and have a good life.I adore white women.So stop it.You and the white man belong together and he with you and not some little manipulative Asian girls.{Which of course has the greatest percentage amongst interracial pairings}.

Our enemies want us to be separate.To divide and conquer us but we cant let that happen.Some hare would say screw you race-traitor whores,your genes are garbage and we could do without you weak women.But I know not ALL of you are like that.So please drop the apeling and stick with your natural historical partner.It's for everybody's own good.

*I'm sorry for rambling on.I meant every word of it but it could have been written far better.I didn't express myself the right way.
I really cant even put into words how ashamed and embarrassed I am at what is happening to us.I probably shouldn't love white women so much,it ends up destroying you when you see them with these other "men" when they could have a decent white guy with them.They're lost souls and it's so tragic.You know what's going to happen to them and you can't say ANYTHING to to help them! Crazy backwards world we live in when we cant even protect,nay are even encouraged NOT to protect our very own women.

White girls are my heart and the Jew has stuck a dirty filthy dagger right into it.When oh when are we going to be men and take care of our business?...

Adam79, Stormfront 11 Comments [10/13/2014 3:08:30 AM]
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Submitted By: Hiyoko Saionji
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Quote# 104065

[This blogger believes that Hitler was an incarnation of Wotan]

Since the end of WWII the attack upon the Aryan gene pool by the enemies of our race has intensified. The Wild Hunt led by the incarnate Wotan avatar and His Furious Host during the twelve nights of Yule was a brave but ultimately doomed attempt to hold back and reverse the flow of time within this cycle called the Kali Yuga. Because of His defeat in the material realm which we call call Midgard, the servants of the semitic demiurge have more than doubled their efforts to destroy the Aryan peoples of the world. It never ceases to surprise me how so-called nationalists revere Enoch Powell and his 1968 Rivers of Blood Speech and then conveniently ignore the fact that Powell was one of those politicians who originally encouraged immigration into Britain! Every single Prime Minister and Home Secretary since at least 1945 (immigration actually started during WWII) has been guilty of betraying the native peoples of the *British islands. This is how so-called democracy has served the people!

Equally complicit with the traitorous politicians are the people themselves who like dumb (meant in both senses of the word) animals have permitted this to happen and in some cases, incited by xtian clerics and whorish politicians have even encouraged this state of affairs by taking up the causes of refugees and other fleeers of persecution! This country has been treated like an orphanage and a dumping ground for the worlds waifs and strays, some of whom have commited both in their home countries and in this country the most deplorable of crimes. The ongoing process of turning this country into a sewer continues, all under the watchful eye of a xtian monarch who has failed in her supposed duty of protecting her realm from invasion by foreign invaders.

Wotans Krieger, Aryan Myth and Metahistory 10 Comments [10/13/2014 3:06:52 AM]
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Quote# 104051

All you college grads deep in student loans, prepare for robots to take your jobs.

The Jews who control bank loans and the universities lured you into college promising you a good corporate job.

It's a trap because they control the corporations too.

They know the goal of corporations is to eliminate jobs. It began with offshoring and will end with robots.

Brother Nathanael Kapner, Real Jew News 8 Comments [10/12/2014 9:27:08 AM]
Fundie Index: 1
Submitted By: Wykked Wytch
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Quote# 104039

The subhuman filth in Calais is demanding that Whitey bring them better free food as they wait in their tent city for a chance to break into the UK to rape women and get even better free things than France offers them from the idiot British goyim who believe the only purpose of their existence – both as a nation and as individual human beings – is to serve parasitical monkey people.

The mainly African bunch of stinking apes huddled at the port are complaining that the free food handed to them by charities is not spicy enough. Many of them refused to eat the meal. This is reminiscent of pouting, spoiled children – and that is exactly what a Negro in Europe is. They are pampered like children, and they fit very well into the role.

According to Jean-Claude Lenoir, chief of the aid agency “Salam” that was providing them with the meals, the gang-style leaders of the camp staged a protest in which they prevented the other apes from feeding. He admitted that the meal was not as spicy as the meals the rabid apes are usually fed.


This is an invading army, intent on doing what every single invading army in history was intent on doing: stealing our resources and our women. The natural response to an invasion is deadly force. The British government should be drone-bombing these filthy stinking monkeys, straight-up. By the very nature of the act of invasion, they have marked themselves as deserving of death – or, of course, conquest, if they are strong enough. This is the law of nature.

But they aren’t strong enough, physically. We could easily use drone strikes to kill every last blood-sucking monkey at Calais in a matter of minutes. But we are too weak, psychologically and emotionally, having been too faggotted out by Jewy feminism and other forms of emasculating pussification to recognize the fact that you must slaughter your enemies, and thus the British government, while admitting an invasion, is saying we need to help the invaders, rather than slaughter them.

England is doomed, because they are celebrating their own doom.

Why didn’t you listen?

Andrew Anglin, Daily Stormer 8 Comments [10/12/2014 4:45:41 AM]
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Submitted By: Yossarian Lives
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Quote# 104038

Israeli immigrants in Europe are encouraging other Israelis to move to Europe for a higher standard of living. They even claim that Israel is a country only for “wealthy Jews.”

It is always great to see Jews trying to out Jew each other, and this is yet another example of self-Jewing. They are a group of parasites with a biological and genetic defect that leads to a behavior pattern known as “Jewyness,” and though this is meant to be used against goyim, they occasionally use it on each other.

It is also comical to see this Jew group begging for European visas, because they are there also being Jewed by their fellow Jews. European nations should be deporting Jews, not letting them in.


This could also be a Jew plot, with Jews pretending to be getting Jewed by other Jews so as to make it easier to Jew the goyim, hardcore. The reality is not yet clear.

Daily Slave & Andrew Anglin, Daily Stormer 8 Comments [10/12/2014 4:45:33 AM]
Fundie Index: 3
Submitted By: Yossarian Lives
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Quote# 104037

I have repeatedly forwarded the premise that White racial consciousness is a dam about ready to burst. As we continue to be abused by the system, while being told everything is our fault, the pressure continues to built and eventually the whole lie of egalitarianism/multiculturalism is going to come crashing down.

That is why, here on the Daily Stormer, I as the editor have a policy of being hardcore. I believe when this dam does finally break, this is the type of message that is going to appeal to the young White male population: we need these rabid apes the hell out of our home, we need to send these hook-nosed rats who created the situation out along with them.

We continue to see confirmation that this is the direction in which the winds are blowing. Wednesday, the Washington Post ran an article mourning the fact that polls have shown that White people simply don’t get how hard it is for Blacks to deal with the fact they are Black. These Whites, the article claimed, just don’t understand the terrible suffering of the Black race, who is sabotaged at every turn by Whites who want to hurt their feelings on purpose for no reason.

The article contains some interesting research, citing Harvard University professor Michael I. Norton. One particularly juicy tidbit was that Whites now view anti-White bias as a bigger deal that anti-Black racism.

This is the crack that will eventually cause the dam to break – we are indeed being discriminated against on a massive scale, while the subhumans are propped up, and it is no longer deniable. And it is affecting our lives in a very direct fashion, making basic existence more and more difficult.

The situation in Ferguson, and now the purposeful importation of the Ebola virus, are serving to illustrate just how downtrodden and abused we are as a race in the United States, this nation that our fathers built from scratch.

The question now is: will Whites become fully aware of our situation before or after there is nothing left to save?
I don’t know the answer.

Andrew Anglin, Daily Stormer 4 Comments [10/12/2014 4:44:35 AM]
Fundie Index: 1
Submitted By: Yossarian Lives
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Quote# 104023

In San Francisco and Oakland, Blacks thugs like to target Asians who have an electronic device in their hands like an iPod or an iPhone. They also like to target Asian FOB senior citizens who speak little to no English.

I used to feel sorry for them but now not so much because the majority of Asian Americans who are victims of African American thuggery will still end up voting Democrat.

Don’t take this personally, because I also apply mentality this to White liberals who are victims of African American thuggery. I do not feel sorry for them either.

Jefferson , iSteve 7 Comments [10/11/2014 7:12:27 AM]
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