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Quote# 112484

A little more US history then, to bring you up on events, back then.

Blacks committed 5,000 race riots 1963-1973 to "Win" their civil rights laws. IE Terrorist laws. Here's a few.

A few of the many, many riots of 1964.

1. New York City–July 18-23–1 killed–144 injured–519 arrested– 541 stores damaged! (16 days after CRA of 64 was made Law)

2. Rochester–July 24-25–4 killed–350 injured– 976 arrested–204 stores damaged. (22 days after CRA of 64 was made Law)

3. Jersey City–August 2-4--46 injured–52 arrested– 71 stores damaged. (31 days after CRA of 64 was made Law)

4. Paterson–August 11-13–8 injured–65 arrested–20 stores damaged. (40 days after CRA of 64 was made Law)

5. Elizabeth–August 11-13–6 injured–18 arrested–17 stores damaged. (40 days after CRA of 64 was made Law)

6. Chicago (Dixmoor) August 16-17–57 injured–80 arrested–2 stores damaged. (45 days after CRA of 64 was made Law)

7. Philadelphia–August 28-30– 341 injured–774 arrested–225 stores damaged. (59 days after CRA of 64 was made Law)

PS. How blacks got their civil rights laws p#$%$ed.

From Congressional Record, as DC burned 1968. Rep. Edwards of Alabama

“In this atmosphere of violence, riots, looting, and burning, charged with emotions, we are asked to legislated. People are saying that now we must p#$%$ the civil rights bill. And we are told that it must be done now ---- without proper debate. Just p#$%$ it and get the riots stopped. But what happens then? Where does it stop? Must we p#$%$ a new law every time there is a riot?”

Plus, Blacks killed more White US Military officers in Viet Nam than the 'enemy' did.

‘News Flash’

US military racially fractured, very volatile and at war with itself! Federal Governments Power crippled!

Historian Terry Anderson of Texas A&M University: “The US Army itself does not know exactly how many .... (white) officers were murdered. But, they know of at least 600 were murdered, and then they have another 1400 that died mysteriously. Consequently by early 1970, the army [was] at war not with the enemy but with itself.”

“We were at war stateside, as well. I was among 6,000 soldiers of the 82nd Airborne Division that occupied Washington DC in the aftermath of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. #$%$#$%$ination, April 1968. Black troops made up about half of the divisions line units. We were aware that the near-lily white New Jersey National Guard had gone on a killing rampage on the streets of Newark the previous year, and we made it unmistakably clear to white soldiers that no harm was to come to the DC (black) population. Nobody got hurt. The Black soldiers of the 82nd had the “critical m#$%$” to kick #$%$, (mutiny) if provoked.” Glen Ford

Adrian, Yahoo! Comments 7 Comments [9/3/2015 3:28:07 AM]
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Quote# 112478

Marine Le Pen calls for end to legal immigration to France

French far-right leader Marine Le Pen has called for an end to all immigration to France, legal and illegal. In a speech aimed at rallying her Front National (FN) ahead of regional elections, she failed to mention her father's explusion from the party but did lay into immigrants, Islamists and President François Hollande.

"They don't tell you this but the immigration situation in France is totally out of control," Le Pen said at a meeting to mark the start of France's new political season. "My aim is clear: to stop immigration both legal and illegal."

The FN's programme officially calls for immigration to be limited to 10,000 people per year but Le Pen went further, declaring, "We need national borders for France."

Undocumented immigrants should not receive state-funded medical care and social security payments to asylum-seekers should end, she said.

Repeating a demand she made after the 21 August failed attack on a high-speed train from Belgium to France, she called for "all foreigners on file for links with radical Islamist movements to be deported", adding that "radical mosques" should be closed and their imams be thrown out of the country if they are foreigners.

Hollande was a "do-nothing president", she told her audience in the village of Brachay, where she 72 per cent of the votes in the last presidential election.

The current farming crisis should be solved by scrapping the Common Agricultural Policy, Le Pen said. "No compromise is possible with the European Union."

The FN president did not mention this summer's bruising battle with her father that resulted in his expulsion.

Jean-Marie Le Pen has announced his intention of turning up at the FN's summer school in Marseille on 5-6 September.

The new party leadership is unlikely to give him a hearty welcome.

Marine Le Pen, Radio France Internationale 9 Comments [9/3/2015 3:24:40 AM]
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Quote# 112463

(About the shooting of Alison Parker on live TV in Virginia)


All of these black people that have been killed within the last YEAR have had their videos and pictures posted all over the internet and were constantly seen on TV. OVER AND OVER AND FUCKING OVER. BUT NOW YALL FEEL WHITE PEOPLE’S MURDERS SHOULDN’T BE TELEVISED? WHY NOT? IS IT TOO DISTURBING?

When a gunman legally owns a gun and shoots black people, yall don’t say shit about gun control. But when a black, legal gun owner shoots 2 white people. All of a sudden. Y’all want gun control?

Then y’all want to complain about how BLACK people are not outraged over the murders of white people?! We’re y’all outraged by all of the fucking police murders? NO! All y’all care about is that straight, white people, can own guns and are safe regardless of what crimes they commit. Don’t fucking say all black people don’t care because I know some do. But I don’t see y’all speaking out against police brutality so why does any black person HAVE to stand up for white people? White people raise fucking money for these killers of innocent black people but y’all want us to stand up over 1 upset black man with a legally owned gun? NO. That is blood shed on your side now. Deal with it like we’ve been trying to all these years.

Shit pisses you off doesn’t it?

What the fuck is that? Y’all really fucking think white people’s lives matter way more. Y’all are sick.

live-love-libra, Tumblr 5 Comments [9/2/2015 11:44:50 AM]
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Quote# 112438

(In a thread about 71 dead bodies found in a truck in Austria.)

Well, there's 70 unwanted (probably moslem and fertile - but they don't say) migrants they needn't worry about. I guess when wearing a burka, a closed up truck can get pretty stuffy. Thank goodness for that.

TwinbrookNine, City Data 7 Comments [9/1/2015 4:48:26 AM]
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