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The oldest settlements and bodies found in North America are from white Europeans and by significant time differences from oldest "Native" remains found. Natives didn't sprout up there - they migrated. The still don't predate Europeans on the continent. By your own logic, all of NA is white territory.
Whites also settled the land. That's why they are called settlers. They build towns, cities, roads, tamed the wilderness and made the continent liveable. They became colonies of Britain, but the people were settlers. Natives didn't even have the wheel or permanent settlements and were constantly killing each other.

6gorillionlies, Reddit 3 Comments [8/15/2018 12:00:56 PM]
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Conquest is a part of history. Otherwise no land belongs to anyone. How is Europe european if you ignore conquest? THe native population is gone. America is white, Australia is white. That's like saying south americans don't have any claim to south america. Who does then? The people who used to live there are dead

Agreed, various people have been conquering each other for millennia. Extended periods of occupation and development give rise to various claims. Is Anatolia "rightfully" owned by Persians, Greeks, or Turks? Even citing Pakistan as a good example of a "native" territory is absurd as that area has changed hands many times.

The bottom line is that the Americans, and specifically the US and Canada, are desirable today because of the land Europeans cultivated, cities Europeans raised, and infrastructure Europeans built. It was not an open free for all until well after all this was built.

There is literally nowhere on earth that people didn’t migrate to and conquer before making it their home. Even Britain suffered an Anglo-Saxon invasion. Poland used to be wholly Germanic before the old tribes were usurped by proto-polish migrants. Japan was mostly Ainu at one point. America is no different it’s just newer so people like you shit on the people’s claim to try and act like you support the real peaceful nationalism and pander to leftists. There is no America apart from whites and no conception of one before them.

Haxenkopf, Reddit 0 Comments [8/15/2018 11:57:51 AM]
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Also I'd argue North America is a white homeland because when we started exploring it the native population plummeted to such low levels by not having immunity to european disease there's really no way you can claim they 'inhabited' the entire continent. It's just absurd. They were also never very unified and are not unified now.

Send_nasty_stuff, Reddit 1 Comments [8/15/2018 11:56:38 AM]
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This is actually a good point. The Mexican government made a really bad move allowing white settlers into their territories. The Whites didn't assimilate into Mexican culture and government and eventually demanded sovereignty. This caused Mexico to lose a huge chunk of her land.
The same will happen to the United States if we allow large numbers of immigrants and especially immigrants further and further away from western european values and genetics.

Send_nasty_stuff, Reddit 3 Comments [8/15/2018 11:56:25 AM]
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Ladies and Gents (yes, only two possible), it's self-preservation. Any white persons in position of power, will parrot "diversity is our strength" simply because it puts food on their table, and pays their mortgage. Anything less than towing this line will blackball them from their respective industries. But, what these Whites apparently fail to realize is that it will destroy their children's future in this once great country built by the ingenuity, sweat and tenacity of our European ancestors. If I were these people's child, I'd round-house them to the head.

In the meantime, it is horrifying to witness Whites eating their own.

66wow99, Eurocanadian 0 Comments [8/15/2018 5:33:08 AM]
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In the face of a superior foreign power, appease them with women. It's a tactic. Nobody ever accused the Chinese of being a noble people. Only practical (if not somewhat shameless).

78fivealive, r/aznidentity 2 Comments [8/14/2018 4:29:58 PM]
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Jews without power: deferential, contributory
Jews gaining power: subversive
Jews with too much power: tyrannical

Pattern recognition is your friend!

Heartiste, Gab 1 Comments [8/14/2018 2:41:07 PM]
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The ghetto-style music that is popular across America today is demonic. It is shameful what goes on in the slum-lord, section 8, crack-houses in ghettos and depraved housing projects across America. There was a K-mart commercial the other day on TV that showed African-American children on a school bus singing rap songs. It sounded like the ghetto. The ad was for back-to-school supplies. It is a shame that children are encouraged by the corporations to sing that kind of gang-land style, pimp-music that is associated with street gangs, prisons, violence, illegal drugs, pushers and prostitution in every ghetto project across the United States. Rap music is of the Devil. It is saturated with sinful pride, sensuality and a horrible bad attitude toward proper authority. It is worldly in every manner.

Sadly, poverty and crime co-exist. The answer is not more affirmative action in government, forcing companies to hire unqualified workers simply because of their race or gender. The city of San Francisco is required by law to hire at least 20% homosexuals, gays, lesbians and transgendered workers. It's wickedness. Christians don't receive any such special treatment. Truly, we are living in sordid times that are WORSE THAN SODOM AND GOMORRAH!!!

David J. Stewart, Jesus is Savior 11 Comments [8/14/2018 11:30:32 AM]
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That was an interesting, if depressing, post about the bizarre behaviour of Model-Korean Harvard undergraduate Eldo Kim. Not for the first time — especially as I know many worthy and fully qualified people whom Harvard rejected (not coincidentally white gentile Americans) and a goodly number of cretins (the overwhelming majority not white gentile Americans, despite Harvard’s being in Massachusetts and founded by and for such Americans) upon whom Harvard bestowed the social Golden Ticket of admission — I find a Harvard story illuminates the pathologies of America in the grip of the multicultural Left.
In his post, the commenter Steve mentions what may the biggest single problem about Harvard — along, that is, with its diabolical embrace of every lethal social trend Liberalism can conjure up, and its disproportionate role in shoving them all down the collective throat of unenthusiastic Americans:
…I believe Asians are probably around 25 percent of the Harvard undergrad student body. For male students (more likely to commit this kind of crime) maybe you have another 30 percent Jewish (there tend to be more Jewish males than females at Harvard for whatever reason) and maybe another 15 percent other minority. This leaves less than a third of the male student body who would be non-Jewish white (despite making up a much larger percentage of the general U.S. population).
As Jewish Harvard alumnus Ron Unz demonstrated in his underappreciated article of last year, The Myth of American Meritocracy, the United States has an elite university system that actively despises and excludes ordinary Americans, and does so with extraordinary brazenness — presuming, so far correctly, that white gentile Americans are too cowed to make a fuss about it. In Myth Unz focuses on admissions practices at Harvard, Yale and Princeton (“HYP”), but really concentrates on Harvard. No doubt, as a Harvard alum, of those three moral and intellectual Superfund sites Harvard is the one Unz knows best and where he has the most contacts.
The part of Myth the media briefly noticed was the first half, where Unz addresses discrepancies in admissions of Asians — by which he really means Orientals, which makes this relevant to the case of violence-prone peace activist Eldo Kim. Unz concluded that Asian applicants are held to a higher standard than (some) others, and thus HYP are holding their numbers down lest their campuses be transformed into ivy-garlanded Chinatowns.
The second part the media buried instantly: Unz’s two controversial conclusions. The first is that while Asians may be discriminated against to some extent in HYP — especially H — admissions, they are not discriminated against to anything like the same degree as white gentile Americans, over whom those putatively discriminated-against Asians are still preferred. The second is the radioactive conclusion, one Unz could publicly acknowledge reaching only because he is both Jewish and a Harvard grad: HYP — again, especially H — discriminate outrageously in favor of Jewish applicants, to a degree not remotely explained by superior Jewish scholastic performance (something Unz demonstrates is by now largely a myth anyway, relative to high-achieving white gentile Americans). This Unz attributes primarily to ethnic nepotism, witting or otherwise, on the part of largely Jewish admissions staffs at HYP. Unz is bracingly frank about the extent to which HYP and several other universities in the United States have effectively become Jewish institutions. In that context, Unz makes two further points: (i) Jewish applicants are not disadvantaged by the “need” to reject qualified applicants in order to admit the “appropriate” quotas of blacks and Latin Americans, and therefore (ii) white gentile Americans pay the Affirmative Action tariff in full. Indeed — as Espenshade and Radford noted in their study — traditional American extra-curricular activities (4-H, JROTC, etc.) actively harm one’s chances of admission to HYP and their analogues.
In criticising you for drawing what he thinks is an unwarranted conclusion about Asian criminality based on Kim’s misbehaviour at Harvard (which I don’t think you did), Steve misses the big issue even though it is right there in his comment. From the point of view of ordinary Americans — by whom I mean white gentile ones, who are still overwhelmingly the largest group in the U.S. population and include the descendants of nation’s settlers and founders — the United States’ elite universities, which for better or worse (mostly worse) are primary feeders into the national elite, are enemy territory. They are largely run by and for the benefit of people who often have no or only shallow roots in America, are often viscerally hostile to the traditional America, and exercise their hostility by keeping their schools’ drawbridges firmly up in the face of what one might well call traditional Americans. Those Americans should find that situation intolerable, but most entirely fail to notice it, except to grumble about the obvious discrimination in favor of blacks and Hispanics. Even when someone like Ron Unz — who actually knows the score — tells the truth about it, his article can only see print in a magazine he owns and publishes himself. And, of course, the rest of the media buried what Unz revealed just as soon as they could.
It may be odd that young Harvard Man Kim thinks sending bomb threats is good way to bolster his GPA. But not nearly as odd as that a 377-year-old American (or used to be) college is full of Eldo Kims in the first place.

Henry McCulloch, The Thinking Housewife 3 Comments [8/14/2018 11:29:13 AM]
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Yes, but european hispanics + other europeans will still become a minority in 3 decades.
The biggest problem with your argument is that non-whites want revenge. They hate white people and they are jealous of our wealth. If they gain enough power, they will kill us and take our money like they did in zimbabwe and South Africa.

Welderhelp, Reddit 2 Comments [8/14/2018 4:34:46 AM]
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Israelis like to build. Arabs like to bomb crap and live in open sewage. This is not a difficult issue. #settlementsrock

Ben Shapiro, Twitter 1 Comments [8/13/2018 3:14:43 PM]
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Submitted By: Daspletosaurus

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Its been a year since hurricane Maria, why are "displaced" Puerto Ricans still in "temporary" housing?

IMO, this underscores that Puerto Ricans are pure unappreciative, lazy trash who feel America owes them something.

This pissing ground of a island and its people are an unnecessary economic, political and social burden on our country.



Ghost, Gab 6 Comments [8/13/2018 10:04:47 AM]
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Lmao moving the goalposts, so fucking pathetic. I mean I get it, you feel like you got a bad deal in life and you react by affirming your identity.. its fine man do you. But if you're really gonna sit there and try to call the race that created nearly everything you own "inferior" it kinda paints you as a pathetic bitter insecure tard and basically invalidates what you're trying to do.

JustBantz1, Reddit 1 Comments [8/13/2018 5:22:34 AM]
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Rule Number One for anyone confronting Jewish power should be: Never Agree to a Rule or a Set of Rules that the Jews Try to Get you to Agree To. This was the mistake that Jeremy Corbyn made in trying to fend off the Jews who were scheming against him. In an attempt to appease them, he agreed to adopt the Working Definition of Anti-Semitism Working Definition of What The Goyim Are Allowed to Say. For the foreseeable future, Jews will be using it to take out their critics.

czakal, Wordpress 0 Comments [8/12/2018 2:46:25 PM]
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Submitted By: hydrolythe

Quote# 139746

These elite republican pundits need to spend more time with proles. They seem to think that being supplicating will increase the share of the minority vote.

This is exactly backward. Republicans who are unapologetic, tough and practical – while also fair – will get more respect from all but the elite minorities. For example, cracking down on illegal immigration will be more popular with Hispanic voters than open borders. Why people can’t understand that a Texan roofer named Jorge might not be happy about a couple million Central Americans suddenly showing up just confounds me. And as for black voters, you aren’t going to outdemocrat the democrats, so appeal to the types who have their lives together and dislike the BLM punks. They need a reason to vote Republican, and if you just imitate the democrats with racial platitudes there is no reason.

Pandering will get Republicans nowhere. It will have diminishing returns for democrats as well. Now that minorities have more of their own candidates to choose from, why vote for some supplicating white sad sack?

The way forward for Republicans is to be unapologetic Americans. That includes being unapologetic about race, culture, religion, etc. You don’t gain admirers by grovelling. Especially not among your typical working class minorities.

Now the elite minorities are another story. They have assimilated to white elite norms of contempt for non-elite white Americans. Most of them are fully onboard with the new Morgenthau Plan for non-progressive white America. It’s a shame but it is what it is, and there’s probably not much that can be done about it besides clamping down on immigration from Asia and letting the Sarah Jeong’s of this world have it with both barrels.

And speaking of her, that fine lady is now Ross Douthat’ s esteemed colleague. Mr. Douthat, always ready to condemn any hint of something inoffensive and normal such as white solidarity, hasn’t made a peep about Jeong’s racial trash-talking. Her employment at the Times is only going to make him look more like a hypocrite than he already does. I mean, you could make excuses for Charles Blow, but not an ungrateful little snake like her. So every time he gets on his high horse about racism, people are going to know he works for a paper that endorses racial hatred of whites.

That can’t be a very comfortable position to be in for Ross.

Bill P, Unz 3 Comments [8/12/2018 9:27:10 AM]
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Obviously it’s easy for the nonwhites, because they clearly like moving to white countries, neighborhoods, school districts, etc.

I don’t see much evidence of the reverse happening except in tiny numbers (there are more Chinese in my hometown of Seattle than there are white Americans in all of China). And despite the tiny numbers of whites in China, a very vocal contingent of Chinese still throws fits about it.

So no, I don’t think I learned what it’s like to be a nonwhite in white society during my stay in China, because it’s obviously far more comfortable than being white over there. This is why I’m certain that most long-term expats must really like and appreciate China. You’d have to to put up with it for that long, or else you’d have to be getting paid a whole lot of money for living there.

As for the Sinicization issue, I live near Vancouver BC now, and it has definitely Sinicized. So have parts of California. It is not a welcome development to most Anglos when they find their children priced out of their cities and shoved out of the universities they built.

Bill P, Unz 0 Comments [8/12/2018 9:27:02 AM]
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For all of you who are new to Gab, don't worry about the racism. I know it can be a little weird at first, but pretty soon you're going to realize that racism is normal and the only reason you haven't seen it before is because the Jews were censoring it.

Christopher Cantwell, Gab 6 Comments [8/12/2018 4:08:45 AM]
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Quote# 139734

What exactly makes you think that? What led you to that?
I came to the alt right specifically to help black and hispanic people. I've worked with non white people all my life and me trying to make them adhere to white standards is not fair to them.

I think our philosophy of peaceful separation is the best strategy for the long term happiness and survival of all races.

Black people shouldn't be held to white standards. They need to live in Africa with their own people and their own unique ways of governing themselves.
Latin people have their areas and need to stay there.

And to answer your question of course I'd shoot an alt right dude raping someone. If it was just a fight and I didn't know the context of course I wouldn't shoot anyone. I'd probably just try to break it up.

Send_nasty_stuff, Reddit 0 Comments [8/11/2018 1:02:42 PM]
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My first real red pill occurred when I was 14-15 while I was doing research online about IQ. I already knew that I had a high IQ when I was accepted into a very prestigious private boarding school in New England, but I wanted to learn more about what exactly IQ is. And it was during that research online that I accidentally stumbled across the raging debate over racial IQ differences. After a lot of painful and uncomfortable research and soul-searching, I very reluctantly came to the extremely disturbing conclusion that the toothless, racist, inbred, skinhead, neo-Nazi, KKK pieces of shit really did have science and reality on their side.

But rather than just ending my red-pilling process there, it's probably a good idea to go over more of the details on my background in order to provide additional context to my current worldview since I think that it will help to dispel lazy stereotypes about most Alt-Righters being born into trailer parks or whatever.

My parents grew up in very liberal, wealthy families in the sister cities of Detroit and Flint, Michigan - two cities that were eventually completely ruined by black people during their lifetimes. But they first met each other at a law school that won't be named because I've already provided way too much doxxable info. After they graduated, they White Flighted to Fairfax County, Virginia - which is considered to be a part of the larger Washington, D.C. area (another city that was ruined by blacks) and is where I spent about half of my childhood.

Despite my parents being very liberal, they were actually quite socially conservative in many ways - such as their decision to not allow my siblings and I to watch TV or play video games growing up because they (correctly) thought that it would rot our brains. And the private boarding schools that I attended also didn't allow us to have TVs in our dorms. So, what do you do for entertainment when you can't watch TV or play video games? Read lots and lots of books. I had already read all of Carl Sagan's books, all of Stephen Hawking's books, all of Jared Diamond's books, and many other similar popular science books by the time that I was 13. So, I was an absolutely massive science fanboy growing up.

I was also super liberal and politically conscious growing up because my parents and grandparents were heavily involved in donating to and campaigning for the DNC for decades. Some of my earliest memories were being dragged around the Presidential campaigns of Clinton and Gore back in the 1990s and getting a behind-the-scenes look at the Clinton/Gore administration - which was pretty cool.

That's why I was so fucking incensed to see these racist, redneck fucktards dare try to claim that the science was on their side. I wanted to completely annihilate their arguments, and so I read a small mountain of books and at least a hundred blog posts and online articles and watched several documentaries on this topic before coming to the literally physically painful conclusion that the evil, subhuman racists really did have the data on their side, and that my liberal side of the debate was spouting half-truths and flat-out lies in a desperate attempt to combat White supremacy and uphold their liberal egalitarian paradigm.

I basically went full Kraut & Tea for about half a year or so researching this topic in my free time, except that I actually had the intellectual honesty to admit that the racists were right. I actually genuinely and naively believed in the liberal mantra of being open-minded and following the evidence regardless of how unpleasant it might be to my own sensibilities - and it caused me to realize that racism, social Darwinism, and eugenics is scientifically justified...

So, that was quite the traumatic red pill... But I actually managed to remain a loyal shitlib for several more years despite that paradigm-shattering realization on such an important issue. And that's because it's extremely hard to escape the liberal ideological bubble. My brain had basically been marinating in liberal propaganda my entire life. And simply being a Republican was enough to become a social pariah in the kinds of far-left social circles that I existed in. My family and friends were liberal as fuck, the communities that I lived in were liberal as fuck, the private boarding schools that I attended were liberal as fuck, the authors that I read were liberal as fuck, the popular culture that I consumed was uniformly liberal as fuck, the news that I consumed was liberal as fuck, the university that I attended was liberal as fuck, et cetera.
Reading books from far-left ideologues like Noam Chomsky in middle school and high school actually caused me to become even more far-left in my teens. I was even borderline Antifa at one point. But it was traveling to former and current communist countries, walking through museums that were dedicated to exposing communist crimes against humanity, and reading critiques of the left (e.g., The Black Book of Communism) which caused me to gradually become disillusioned with the left as I started college.

But the last straw that finally broke the camel's back was the brutal murder of my liberal White best friend by a pack of 15 MS-13 illegal immigrant gang members when we were both sophomores in college. I had never even heard of MS-13. While researching them online, I came across a random blog post by conservative pundit Michelle Malkin that was basically sounding the warning bells about the dangers of MS-13 in the Washington, D.C. area and condemning the left for allowing violent illegal immigrant gang members to spread across previously idyllic American communities.

That blog post - which she probably didn't even put that much thought and effort into - completely broke me mentally. I could barely even look at the screen while reading it because I knew that just a few weeks ago I probably would have left an angry comment on her blog calling her a racist, right-wing asshole and hoping that she got hit by a bus for writing something that was so blatantly ignorant and bigoted.
I had also strongly supported open borders, multiculturalism, diversity, tolerance, sanctuary cities, and amnesty. I was basically a global citizen of the world that supported a UN on steroids because I didn't think that global problems like climate change and inequality could be solved without much stronger global governance. I basically viewed nation-states as being these primitive, tribalistic relics that were enabling disease, income inequality, war, environmental destruction, and xenophobic racism.

After reading that blog post, I finally realized that my best friend's blood was on my hands because I had supported those dangerously retarded leftist policies. And I also finally realized that my leftist views were helping to completely ruin one previously serene White community after the next and sacrificing countless innocent White lives to the altar of diversity and anti-racism. I became completely radicalized against my former leftist comrades after I realized that they had taken advantage of my ignorance and innocent altruism by brainwashing me with such a dangerously suicidal and delusional ideology.

When I first left the left and joined "the dark side", I actually started out as a fucking neocon because neocons still dominated the conservative movement - and because I was reading lots of neocon journals and books as I was exploring right-wing ideology and right-wing critiques of the left. I also became an Islamophobe because I was reading Robert Spencer's Jihad Watch blog on an almost daily basis. And I even briefly became a non-Jewish Zionist because Zionist propaganda is omnipresent in the mainstream cuckservative movement, and especially in the Islamophobia community.
Robert Spencer and other Islamophobes constantly denounce racism and routinely spout the talking point that criticism of Islam has absolutely nothing to do with race; but brown- and black-skinned Muslims flooding into the White Western world and leeching off of our welfare states, filling our prisons, turning underage White girls into sex slaves, slaughtering us in terrorist attacks, aggressively shoving their way of life onto us, and openly declaring their desire to rule over us is obviously a racial issue.
That realization caused me to seek out moderate White "racialists", which is how I discovered Jared Taylor's work. The flawless logic of his arguments and his relatively moderate approach towards pro-White activism completely changed my perceptions of White nationalists. I quickly became a closeted White nationalist and race realist (I have to pretend to be a liberal in real life in order to avoid being socially ostracized). And then Richard Spencer's work impressed me back in around 2014, which caused me to join the Alt-Right.

As to the JQ; I was very close-minded and dismissive towards the JQ my entire life, even after I became a White nationalist. I basically viewed the JQ as extremely counterproductive conspiracy mongering which didn't have any merit and would only scare people away because it reeked of Nazism; but it was during a debate with a fellow White nationalist about 4 years ago where he recommended that I read Kevin MacDonald's Culture of Critique, and so I did. That's one of those paradigm-shifting books which completely transforms how you view the world. I checked his references to see if they were actually true, and I was shocked to see that they were. I'll never look at Jews or the world the same way again after reading that book.
So, yeah - that's a really long-winded explanation for why I left the left and joined the Alt-Right.

CertifiedRabbi, Reddit 4 Comments [8/11/2018 1:01:52 PM]
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Quote# 139697

Exactly. But most of what’s going on now days is unbelievably insulting to the white race. We have filthy, obnoxious negroes not only taking over our white neighborhoods but either destroying white history or approrpriating it for themselves.

Mindless baboons without a shred of inteligence or refinement trying to make themselves more important than white people. The negro thinks that the more white ‘stuff’ he can appropriate for himself the more important that makes him.

In itself a negro is without intelligence, without refinement and genetically a completely unevolved animal with average IQ of 76. He needs white stuff to make him feel like he’s the superior one. Ah yes, everything white now belongs to negroes, now that they’re engaged in doing what they do best and that is STEAL FROM WHITIE.

diane1, Stormfront 2 Comments [8/10/2018 2:21:37 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 139699

The Japanese, like people everywhere outside North America, Western Europe and Australasia, aren't plagued by Communist lies. That's why they freely and naturally tell the truth about Niggers.

Carolina Tar Monster, Niggermania 0 Comments [8/10/2018 11:47:58 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 139698

This coontact happened about a month ago. I work as a software developer at a fairly small company (some 30 employees, 5 of them software developers and the rest are either technicians or administrators / sales stuff). Now, we are proud german company with some 30 years of history. We never ever hired a coon, but even in germany the urgency to hire coons is rising - what I mean by this is that the local government demands you to give the qualified sub-sarah immigrants a chance to get a workplace.

The particular coon I am talking of had a suspicious history in its application: It worked for some 4 years in cameroon as a software developer and then a few years in china for some company as a web developer. His skillset, if you can call it that, didn't really have any of the technologies or (programming) languages we needed, but a chance had to be given anyway. The first day for this coon came and my department and I hoped that this was a magical nigger. But it seemed like it didn't even understand the very basics. First off with body hygiene - but its a nigger, and niggers smell, nothing one could do, right? Well, next it went on with logging in: We work on servers, so you have to enter a server name, user name and a password. It fucked this step up and entered its coonword ("Waganda4Life") as server name. Well, after helping it logging in it got its first assignment, kind of a test to see what it can do.

It managed to completely destroy the testing Database, set up some 4 or 5 software projects all named "waganda" and some other words, it was just infuriating. It couldn't write the most simple codes or algorithms, always fucked stuff up, it even tried to use its personal laptop until it again realized it was at an office and had to use our hardware (which i later thoroughly disinfected). On its second day, at around 13:00 o' clock it wanted to pack its stuff and go home to work from its "home office", since it heard someone of us humans do that - but needless to say, that permit didn't apply to this shitstain.

It managed to break headphones which we gave to him (which he replaced with its own ghetto-style headphones, all taped together with duct tape), it always said that it understood the assignments and knew what it did and so on. It quit its old job as a janitor at a local super market because it couldn't talk with the people there about IT and such, which aperantely were its passion and all it loved doing. This coon was infuriating me so much, you couldn't even talk with it, it stunk together our building, it never succeeded in doing anything, it was just one of those "sheet, i beez a software developer n sheet" type of coons. This coon was sent home after just a week and a half - costing us enough time and nerves. This resulted in a tiny chimpout, where it slapped its paws together above its head and walked up and down the corridors. Me and my colleagues worked hard to make this coon getting fired again.

The best thing? One week ago we had to do another apefirmative hire: This time a technician. It didn't even know what a firewall is. Thankfully I don't have anything to do with it since I dont do things that technicians do, like installing servers and configuring networks - but I guess it wont stay long either.

Rev90, Niggermania 2 Comments [8/10/2018 11:47:48 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 139696

To anti-white communists, the death of European peoples and their cultures is "progress." This is why they call themselves "progressives."

Saying "it's time" is "progressive-speak" for "we have made enough PROGRESS in eliminating whiteys that we can now destroy this little piece of their culture."

Huginn ok Muninn, Stormfront 0 Comments [8/10/2018 11:21:17 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 139694

The truth is they don't. The Italian and Irish immigrants and their descendants never fully assimilated into WASP culture. You can see differences in all sorts of metrics attesting to this fact. But, and this is very important, they have assimilated better than most other non-white ethnic groups because they are closer to us as kin and in disposition. And while their descendants are not necessarily where the WASP elite is, they're phenotypically indistinguishable to the casual observer. European-Americans are still in their ethnogenesis, and this can only occur during the span of several generations.

Franzop, Reddit 2 Comments [8/10/2018 11:21:07 AM]
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Quote# 139692

Btw, Hijiri88 is clearly pushing his scaremongering against me by stating ridiculous opinions. "There are people out there in the real world who would be shocked and appalled if they saw English Wikipedia call Jews and Zionists "powerful interests" and "dominant interests."

Wow! What does that mean? You mean Jews or Zionists have no interest or political influence? Or Isreal lobby doesn't exist? Or that Jewish magnates have no economic clout? Or that they don't at least sometime use it for political advocacy? Or there's no such a thing as ADL "Stalinist thought police organization" to use Chomskey's description? Sure people can keep me blocked for not buying into Hijiri's Zionist world of political correctness.

Expectant of Light, Wikipedia 0 Comments [8/10/2018 11:21:00 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie
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