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Quote# 111361

A Florida gun store that proclaimed itself a Muslim-free zone was sued on Wednesday in federal court by the state chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations on the grounds that the restriction is discriminatory.

The lawsuit filed in the U.S. District Court in Fort Lauderdale accuses Florida Gun Supply of Inverness of violating the federal public accommodations law and seeks an injunction to stop the discrimination, according to the complaint.

"We just can’t let segregation rear its ugly head in Florida again. This is part of Islamophobia that we need to challenge," said Hassan Shibly, chief executive director of the civil rights group.

Andrew Hallinan, the gun shop's 28-year-old owner, referred calls for comment to his lawyer, Robert Muise of the American Freedom Law Center. The law firm aggressively seeks to advance and defend the country’s Judeo-Christian heritage, according to its website.

Muise denied that the store had discriminated and called the lawsuit “absolutely bogus.”

Hallinan announced the Muslim-free zone in a video posted on his store’s Facebook page on July 18 in reaction to the deadly shootings at Tennessee military sites by a suspect officials have described as a homegrown extremist.

In a telephone call with Shibly, Hallinan invited him to attend a gun course at his store on July 25 and explain the Koran to him afterward.

Shibly said Hallinan subsequently canceled the meeting.

Andrew Hallinan, Reuters 0 Comments [8/1/2015 5:07:37 PM]
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Quote# 111351

A Louisiana man could spend up to six months in jail after he was charged with attacking a 12-year-old black child over the weekend.

The 12-year-old boy’s mother told WAFB that she sent her son into the Good To Go convenience store in Clinton on Saturday to pay for gas when 54-year-old Ronnie Barnes targeted him because of his dreadlocks.

According to East Feliciana Parish Sheriff’s Office, Barnes asked if the boy was a girl and then pulled down the child’s pants.

Surveillance video shows Barnes backing the boy into a shelf after pulling down his pants. Investigators accused him of using the N-word and then hitting the child in the head.

Barnes was initially charged with simple battery, but the District Attorney’s Office upgraded the charge to a hate crime after investigators conducted additional interviews.

“The sheriff takes race issues very seriously, and if someone you know commits a crime against someone because of their color, because of their sexual orientation, because of any reason, then we are going to do our best to fully investigate it,” East Feliciana Parish Sheriff’s Office Det. Kevin Garig explained to WAFB.

“Because a simple battery occurred and because it occurred because of racially motivated issues, that’s what makes it a hate crime,” he added.

Garig noted that just calling a child the N-word was not a crime.

The boy’s mother said that the incident made her worry for all of the children in the community.

“I haven’t slept since. My son hasn’t been sleeping either,” she said. “We can’t even be safe in a store to pay for gas. It makes me afraid for all the black children in the community.”

Ronnie Barnes, Raw Story 0 Comments [8/1/2015 5:05:43 PM]
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Quote# 111334

The recent Jewish sanctification of Alan Turing as noble gay victim and Nazi nemesis is the photographic negative of pre-and post-World War II Jewish efforts to smear Hitler and his National Socialist comrades as “sexual perverts.” For decades the supposedly sordid sex lives of Hitler and the Nazi leadership filled tomes. Allegations of homosexuality were often repeated in Social Democratic and Communist newspapers (often Jewish-owned and -controlled) in the years leading up to Hitler becoming German chancellor in 1933.

Jewish attempts to brand Hitler and other National Socialist leaders as sexual perverts have since been largely abandoned with the ascendant cultural Marxist assault on White heterosexual normativity since the 1970s.

Brenton Sanderson, The Occidental Observer 4 Comments [8/1/2015 2:58:52 AM]
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Quote# 111333

Now, I’m going to assert that the success of Zuckerberg and Facebook did not occur in a vacuum. I suspect that he had ample help and support from the wider Jewish community. If a dedicated team of researchers were to spend five years investigating everything about the rise of Facebook, I believe they would find instance after instance of support from Jewish lawyers and judges here, Jewish journalists there, Jewish politicians (and their lackeys) everywhere. It would amount to a full-court press. It would be the usual pattern of Jewish ethnic networking.

The whole thing brings to mind the old case of who won the patent for the invention of television. It’s pretty much the same story as Facebook: Philo Farnsworth invents it, but it ended up in the hands of David Sarnoff and RCA, thereby gaining not only immense wealth but massive social control.

Edmund Connelly, The Occidental Observer 7 Comments [8/1/2015 2:58:46 AM]
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Quote# 111332

Witnesses at a birthday party in Douglasville, Georgia over the weekend said that festivities were interrupted when men waving Confederate flags threatened them and used racial slurs.

Cell phone video obtained by the Atlanta Journal Constitution shows police officers holding back people attending a birthday party as white men in trucks with Confederate flags and other flags drive by yelling at them.

“This is a child’s birthday party!” one woman shouts back.

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, the woman who posted the video on Facebook said that the men were armed and were on her property. She said that they threatened to “kill y’all n****rs.”

“I don’t mind them riding with their flags but I don’t want them going around threaten[ing] people in their yard like they did mine or harassing folks either,” the woman explained in her Facebook post.

Douglasville Police Chief Chris Womack told the paper that his department would release details about the incident later on Monday.

Unnamed Douglasville men, Raw Story 6 Comments [8/1/2015 2:58:38 AM]
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Quote# 111331

An African-American army veteran who has dedicated 17 years of her life to serving her country has also spent the last 10 years being harassed by racists.

Staff Sergeant Briscoe, an African-American woman, has been picking up bottles of urine, bags of trash and broken glass, among other items she’s found outside her Millington, Tennessee home, according to Fox13. She and her family also regularly get flipped off and called racist names.

“When I got to the mailbox I noticed there was a used female product lying right in front of the mailbox,” she told Fox in an interview Monday.

Recently, two white men in a pickup truck with Confederate flags flying from the back drove by her and her son, slowed down and called them “m*therf*cking n***ers,” she told Fox.

Briscoe took photos and gave them to the local sheriff’s office, who identified the men and said they’ve opened an investigation. In the meantime, Briscoe filed for an order of protection, which would bar the men from driving up and down her street.

According to Fox, Briscoe and her family bought the home, which sits on 4 acres, and have been harassed since. Briscoe told the station she was especially concerned in recent days because racial tensions have been high.

Briscoe’s first name was not used in the Fox report and she requested her face not be shown for fear of retaliation.

Race relations in the South have been particularly fraught in recent weeks after a white supremacist gunman massacred nine unarmed African-Americans inside a landmark black church in Charleston in June.

After the killing spree, the South Carolina legislature voted to remove a Confederate flag from statehouse grounds in honor of the Charleston victims. The decision drew a protest from the KKK earlier this month which turned violent and volatile, with Klan members hurling racial insults at counter-protesters, then getting chased off.

Unnamed Millington residents, Raw Story 4 Comments [8/1/2015 2:56:35 AM]
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Submitted By: Ibuki Mioda
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