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The thing that makes me REEEEE more than anything is cuckcels that say things like "she has only had sex with two guys before me - she's not a slut".

REEEEEEEEE...If a woman is an unmarried non virgin she is an ABSOLUTE WHORE. A woman will NEVER until the day she dies forget the time rhythmically bobbed her head up and down the other guy's cock and let him splat his cum all over her face.

She will constantly be comparing you to him, comparing your cock to his cock. There will be times when she misses his cock. If you're inferior to him in even one way, she will notice and hate you for it.

Incel4Life, r/incels 13 Comments [10/3/2017 1:06:33 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 132517

On average, when a girl is 13 years old, her IQ on an adult intelligence test will be in the normal range. The age of consent in Germany is 14. The age of consent in Uruguay is 12. The age of consent in Spain has traditionally been 13 and still is although it is in a limbo. The age of consent in Canada was 14 until a few years ago when the USA made them raise it. Phalometric studies, which measure male sexual arousal by penile blood volume, reveal that over 80% of males are just as sexually attracted to pubescent 12 year olds as they are to 18 year olds.

Evolutionary psychology theory strongly supports point 3, as males who reproduced with the full range of fertile females were far more likely to pass their genetics on, and to do so to a greater extent. The age of consent around the world was close to puberty up until the 1880's, when religious feminists groups invented the idea that it should be higher, originally done to lower prostitution rates Full sexual maturity, meaning tanner stage 5, is reached on average at age 14.5 in females, meaning that you cannot differentiate between a 14.5 year old girl and an 18 year old girl, based on sexual development.

About 25% of adult females will never pass tanner stage 4, which is reached on average around 13 years old. Underage teenagers also fall into the normal range of adult height and weight, although more so toward the petite side of normal, Tons of underage teenagers are having sex with each other and with adults and turning out perfectly fine, and your entire argument is based on made up bullshit that you have been brainwashed into believing and which has not a shred of legitimate evidence supporting it.

The brain of a human continues to develop until they are 25 years old, so you cannot use the lack of a mature brain to argue that a 15 year old cannot consent to sex but an 18 or even 24 year old can, and also see point 1 which shows that 13 year old brains support normal adult intelligences. Also, keep in mind that there are a lot of people who are very intent on lying about the facts, distorting reality, and doing whatever they have to do to manipulate your perception of the world.

There is an organized movement to demonize and criminalize empirically demonstrated as normal male sexual behavioral patterns. These people are filthy liars, and they have tried to infiltrate every group of significant power they are capable of infiltrating, in order to further their male hating agenda of bullshit. A prime example of this was their failed coup of the field of Psychology, in which their agents attempted to have sexual attraction to pubescent 12-14 year olds labeled as a mental illness called "hebephilia". Thankfully this attempt was REJECTED, and hebephilia is not a recognized mental disorder in the DSM, and the MAJORITY opinion of mental health professionals is that being sexually attracted to teenagers is NORMAL, and the opinion of the majority of people in dozens of first world countries from Germany to Italy to Uruguay is that it can be acceptable for an adult male to have sex with young teenagers!, RationalWiki 8 Comments [10/3/2017 12:16:14 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 132504

We live in a time where femoids are aspiring to be sluts thanks to all those hairy feminist legbeards who spouts crap like, how it's "progressive" and "empowering" for femoids to sleep with many people as possible. They are going so far as to organize walks like "the slut walk" to indoctrinate femoids and brainwash them to thinking how its okay to be a fucking slut. The idiotic bitches fall for this blatant propaganda and start fucking half of the men in the town to show how strong and independent they are. Its fucking revolting.

These cum dumpsters don't even care about STD's as long as they get railed by multiple guys every week. That's how fucked up these skanks are. Spreading all the diseases everywhere and making society more rotten than it is, is their goal. Also, the fucking nerve they have to actually defend their degenerate actions by saying shit like, "I'm a strong and free women!!! Don't judge!!!"; fuck off. We will judge your skank ass however we want. Anyone cunt who has fucked more than 2 men doesn't deserve any kind of respect. Hell, no femoid in this world deserves any respect, if you ask me.

What pisses me off more than anything is how after fucking countless of men they think that they deserve a good man to settle down with. The entitlement is off the fucking charts with these vapid cum dumpsters -- they don't deserve shit. Any man who actually dates a former slut is a desperate cuck who deserves what's he's getting into -- which is a relationships that will end in a few months due to the whore cheating on him.

Femoids need to be kept in checked. If they aren't, they act like total untamed beats due to the fact that they are not able to control their primal instincts and urges. Therefore, when you see a slut fucking shame her for what she is -- and if the white knights have a problem with it, tell them to go suck on a sack of cawks.

Lookismisreal, r/incels 8 Comments [10/3/2017 10:42:24 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 132503

Non virgin femoids are used up sluts with loose gaping vaginas due to the fact that they have been taking so many cawks inside of them for god knows how many fucking years. They are completely worthless creatures who cannot comprehend or understand the importance of a relationship.

The only thing they are interested in is, jumping from one cawk to another because ultimately that's what interest them. That's why they make such shit relationship partners.

Research has shown that the more sexual partners a femoid bitch has, the more chance a relationship has to end up in a failure. Which is quite obvious when you think about it: after rampant years of promiscuity and hedonistic pleasures these cunts cannot be integrated into a monogamous lifestyle, even if they want to. The crave and desire towards cawk is too much for these sluts to just let go.

I really don't understand how nu-males are beta cucks are okay with having non virgin femoids partners. They seem to celebrate and be proud of the fact that their gfs/wifes have been whoring around since they were fucking teens. Absolutely revolting and sickening.

Lookismisreal, r/incels 9 Comments [10/3/2017 10:42:20 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 132501

Before discovering MGTOW and realizing that's what I wanted for my life, I dated women just like many of us here. The one thing I notice about women is how freaking BORING they are. Two men will discuss sports, politics, cars, trucks, machinery, liquors and beers, hunting, comic books and movies, philosophy, science, etc. even if they barely know each other.

Women, even when you get to know them, are interested in shoes, netflix, clothes, material possessions, makeup, and Tinder. I have been bored to tears on dates, but with men there's always something to discuss. Talking to women is the least mentally stimulating thing I can think of, besides working on a loading dock in a warehouse. I literally have no interest in even talking to them anymore.

MatthewsIsGod, r/MGTOW 14 Comments [10/3/2017 10:37:16 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 132499

This is actually tied to the whole "gender pay gap" myth as well. Women do as a whole make less than men, but it's not because of discrimination. It's because women are far more likely then men to choose to leave their careers early, work fewer hours, want to take time off to stay with kids, etc.

It's very common for the "womyn power" careerist types to reach their late 30s and early 40s and decide that the whole "queen of a man's world" thing really isn't all that enjoyable, try to settle down as a homemaker, and realize that despite what they were told by their sociology professor in college, being a stay at home mom is a hell of a lot more enjoyable and fulfilling than trying to work 60 hour weeks to become a Senior VP. Almost as if they're wired that way...

It's the flip side of the coin where a hell of a lot of stay at home dads end up feeling worthless, unaccomplished, lethargic, and like they failed at something though they can't quite put their finger on what exactly.

Obviously nothing is 100% and you will always find outliers for everything, women who do the career thing their whole lives and love every second, men who just raise their kids without working and feel like it's the most rewarding thing they could have done. But as a whole men are wired to find the greatest sense of fulfillment and accomplishment when they are out achieving external success, and women as a whole find the greatest sense of accomplishment from raising and taking care of families.

And a great number of either who try to buck the trend and do the thing that the other gender is more apt to do end up feeling like something is missing from their lives. It's like their genes are protesting their conscious choices.

{deleted account}, r/uncensorednews 4 Comments [10/3/2017 10:35:47 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 132494

Female "Intelligence"

JonSnowDunno, /r/incels 8 Comments [10/3/2017 5:52:46 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

Quote# 132492

Every Girl

1. Is not like other girls

2. Was raped and sexually assaulted multiple times in her life

3. Is very depressed or has BPD or PTSD

4. Is very attracted to confidence

5. Has some creep out there who'd fuck her

6. Survived an abusive relationship

7. Has a touching story from her childhood which comes up in all her conversations with men

8. Laughs very loudly because she has a great sense of humor

9. Needs to learn to prioritize and love HERSELF more

10. Does something sexual that is very empowering

11. Struggles with being objectified

12. As a woman, has incredibly informative and true perspective on everything

13. Is invalidated and oppressed in her society

14. Is bi curious (usually when men are watching)

15. Does all self decoration for herself only

Alia_Harkonnen, /r/IncelReddit 4 Comments [10/3/2017 5:52:35 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

Quote# 132491

All Women are Virgins. Here's Why.

"But we were in a committed relationship!"

"I was drunk and not thinking straight!"

"He wore a condom so it doesn't count!"

"It was anal, he never touched my vagina!"

"It was only a handjob!"

"It was only a blowjob!"

"It was after a breakup. I needed to feel better!"

"I was on vacation. That's what vacations for!"

"He was my boss and I needed a promotion!"

Feel free to add.


"It was in the past and past doesn't exist in the present"

"I was still finding myself, so it's not like the real me was doing it"

ItheIthe and Alia_Harkonnen, /r/incels 5 Comments [10/3/2017 5:52:31 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

Quote# 132490

Reason why being a 20+ year old virgin is death sentence

-Not a single girl you have met wanted to f*** you. This proves that you are an ugly subhuman. You have been through school and college and didn't get laid once.

-Men can sense it. You awkwardness, body language and general disposistion give you away. Other guys will not respect you thus making it very hard to make friends. Men want p**** and the ones who get it earn respect among men. Males will look up to them and stick around hoping to get their fair share.

-Women can sense it. There is nothing more disgusting to a girl than a 20+ year old virgin. It's an instant indicator of ugliness. Since no woman accepted to f*** you all these years, any girl you meet will deem you unattractive instantly.

-Parents will patronize you. They keep telling you bluepill stuff to keep you alive while deep inside they know it's over and all they can do is cope.

showerman59, /r/incels 9 Comments [10/3/2017 5:52:25 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

Quote# 132489

Daily Reminder: A man's purpose is to impregnate as many females as possible

Anything else is COPE. If you don't get to f*** women then you are a worthless piece of s***. Noone will respect a virgin guy. NOONE.

showerman59, /r/incels 8 Comments [10/3/2017 5:52:21 AM]
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Quote# 132470

It's really incredibly selfish for women not to fuck guys in need. When you really think about it you see that it takes all the effort of stopping by someone whose car is in a ditch and helping them tow it out, but the reward is a hundred times greater for the person being helped.

Validating and teaching an ugly man that he is desirable in this way has literally the greatest return on investment of any action that could be performed for his benefit. The confidence boost is equivalent to that of a decade of therapy. He will forever remember the time a female chose HIM.

What is the excuse for them not to help us in this way? Sure they aren't obliged to help anyone but not providing assistance to someone in deathly need when it costs only fifteen minutes of your time? How do they justify this?

fishhookurethra, r/incels 18 Comments [10/2/2017 12:51:24 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 132468

Women in abusive relationships should be sent to prison. They are the fuel for their abusive Chads they'll later cry about, they are just as bad but also spineless and disgusting. They aren't victims of anything at all. they are in on it. If beating someone up is a crime than willingly letting them beat you up is supporting a criminal activity and should get them locked up as conspirators.

Of course if it can be proven that they didn't have a choice cause they were locked in a basement or if they report the Chad and leave, then they shouldn't go to prison. But if they are caught in an ongoing relationship with history of abuse, they should be treated like criminals they are and not like victims.

Alia_Harkonnen, r/incels 10 Comments [10/2/2017 12:51:06 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 132414

Agreed. Porn is a deal breaker for me. Why should women be okay with men fapping their greedy little dicks off to objectifying women. You wanna watch someone get off?

Learn how to get your partner off, then, you lazy sack of crap. You wanna get off? Show some love and respect to your partner and put your sexual attention on them. Luckily I have an SO who feels the same way.

sweetb1tch, r/GenderCritical 12 Comments [10/1/2017 12:32:01 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 132413

Before porn, I wanted to get married one day. Now I want nothing to do with men in a sexual way because of the way I see men treat women in porn. It just makes me wonder if all men are like this, especially since most men watch porn. I hate pornography so much that it makes me feel like exploding. - The way female pornographic actresses are treated -The way sex is portrait as a form of dominance. - The cursing -The perversion of it all I HATE IT. It scarred my teenage brain, and I can never go back in time to undo that.

A lot of women find it degrading and humiliating to them. Several studies have examined the violence against women in porn and all have come up with numbers in the 80% range of porn videos that show violence in some form against women. The other frightening end of that spectrum is that fewer than 5% of these videos show women responding negatively to violence, the overwhelming response by women to violence is neutrality or pleasure.

I do not know the situations of the people involved. I have heard too many stories (both first hand and not) from too many people about actors getting the raw end of the deal. Even supposedly female friendly suicide girls really screws the women in the contracts. One example is the Suicide Girls. Supposedly feminist-friendly porn, yet still screws the girls in the contracts. In addition to money problems, I do not know if these people consented to doing this pornography and then even if they did consent to a degree, how much further were they pushed? How were they treated? And I can't get off and think all that at the same time. That would be disgusting for me

And i will never date a man that watches porn. I look at it as i would look on any other relationship dealbreaker. if he thinks so much of his freedom to consume porn, and doesnt value my thoughts and opinons on the matter, he is free to choose porn and wave goodbye to me. i want to be in a relationship with a human being that has respect and sensitivity for other human beings. I dont consider porn consumption to be an indication of a caring, sensitive individual. I would never 'put up' with anything that went against my core values to make anyone else happy.

regardless of wether it makes it virtually impossible to find a man to be with. Some things are important enough to me to take a stand on. i canot love or respect a man who wants to be all nice and caring with me, then slink off to furtively watch some obnoxious objectifying, dehumanising depictions of women as sex toys. i find that kind of duplicity to be almost schizotypal,. a split between the mans brain where he displays caring, equanimitous behaviour to a partner, then shuts that off to 'enjoy' watching depictions of other women as toys, to be used for sexual gratification. I find that ability to split his mind, quite disturbing. And creepy in the extreme.

I do believe that most men, not all, in this world, hate women. Like probably 70% of the population. It really scares me, that's why I want to be alone instead and never be with one. Men around the world (mostly in Africa, Asia and the Middle East) dominate women, they rape them and stone them to death, mutilate their bodies. Women are not even allowed o go school in some parts of the world, not allowed to drive, vote, speak up but just be slaves for men. It may not be in developed countries but globally, I do believe most men hate women.

Parents would abort female babies because they are unwanted, Not that many women are in politics, business, science, engineering, it's mostly men. You could say men are better and intelligent than women,thanks for the discouragement and stuff but it's not scientifically proven men are more smarter than women. Even on the Internet almost every man I've met thinks "women" + "kitchen." Even after this, I think most of them will call me cunt, slut, bitch.?

My views on porn have been posted elsewhere,.its a frustrating subject, because if someone is pro porn, then they will be entrenched in that position, no matter what points you endevour to show them.

MariaDesu, r/GenderCritical 7 Comments [10/1/2017 12:31:56 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 132412

When it comes to this discussion it seems that the targets of Trans Rage is always gay men and women with a focus on lesbians. It is this bizarre desire to win the most oppressed race. When it comes to personal pronouns, gays and lesbians know the truth, it really is not that huge of a deal and there are larger issues that need to be faced.

Feminists are attacked because they know the bigger issues facing women. There is a basic male need to control and become authoritarian. They can change their outsides but it is still the same homophobia and misogyny.

I often wonder this does the misgendering message does actual harm on youth. The message says that misgendering is violence and causes people to kill themselves and do other harm to themselves. It causes them to give death threats and rape threats to people who disgree with them. It causes crippling depression. This is like a mass brainwashing. Could this be what is really causing people to harm themselves?

Is using this to silence and no platform people creating an enemy (gay men and women) to rally behind in order to reinforce an authoritarian movement? I see young people harming themselves and talking about something that the community has always viewed as the most minor of things.... In many ways I see this as self inflicted harm to create martyrs for the movement.

BigEarthBear, r/GenderCritical 3 Comments [10/1/2017 12:31:51 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 129653

extremely Racist chad bio experiment still getting all the girls and complimented on the bio. lets make this popular.

I have also received lots more messages from black girls who agreed to hook up when i said i would sleep with them out of pity(they were decent looking 6 and higher), and lots of white girls who loved the bio thought it was hilarious.

their pretenses of care about human rights issues are fake as all fake.

i wanna see how normies justify this. make it popular so as many normies can see it.

I bet those nog chicks get drenched thinking about Chad calling them racial slurs while hammering their choco flavored cunts

Extreme sexual racism is completely acceptable to most young women. Saying all Indian guys are unnattractive? That's fine. Assuming Asian guys have smaller cocks, and using that to avoid dating them? You go, girl!

"All lives matter."



Females are evil and racist. Oh man, this was a pure black pill.

What a truly great guy. You can tell how awesome and charming he is by his personality.

Remember, being a decent human is the baseline. Even though we reward people for being selfish, vicious jerks, being a good person who gets nothing in return is what you should strive for. :)

Oh my God. No female will come here. Every female knows this is how it would react to the 1 percent of men they all only have sex with. Real life is the same, i wouldnt have been rejected 300 times by females I got to know otherwise. They told me I wasn't attractive or that they didn't like brown guys. Why even live as an average looking man? There's no point.


You hear that guys? Your interests in media, politics, history, science, philosophy, it's all boring. You have to have something interesting about you, like racism.

I've done these type of experiments in the past and they are brutal, what's even more brutal is taking extremely ugly girls with fucking tumors on their face and still.get thousands of matches.

But normies won't believe you, I guarantee they will say "that's tinder they're just joking around, real life isn't like that, omg you're such a creep for using someone else's pics"( basically changing the subject so they won't have to deal with the black pill)

If this doesn't prove true female nature to people... I don't know what could convince them.

Women have zero agency around men they find attractive

Women are garbage whore animals.

I seriously want one of those self righteous cunts from inceltears or thebluepill or whatever to explain this shit.

But noooo, it's fine when female cunts do it, it's only bad when us incels do it.

I wonder where Dave Futrelle is right now?

Hey Dave wanna cover this?

Also I really would love to see someone like Dr. Nerd Love try and hand wave this away.

various incels, r/Incels 7 Comments [10/1/2017 11:56:00 AM]
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Quote# 132409

[Source NSFW]

Be proud and make no apologies for it. Keep it growing strong by passing it down to our younger generations. We lead by example and should take advantage of that in our own homes. Save our boys from becoming feminized snowflakes that society is infested with today.
Name call and disrespect the women bitches who come around. Humiliate them and laugh afterwards. Encourage sexist behavior. Leave porn laying around so it is easily accessible. Rage and aggression show male domination. Do your part to contribute to the fall of feminism.


(Image transcript: a black-and-white image of a hand pointing towards the screen, overlaid with red all-caps text reading "GROW A SET - BE A MAN - MISOGYNY - PATRIARCHY - THE RIGHT WAY OF LIFE")

misogynist-strong, Tumblr 11 Comments [10/1/2017 11:11:06 AM]
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Submitted By: The Reptilian Jew

Quote# 132403

1/ Modern age of consent laws are an entirely feminist invention. Their justification was, is, and always has been based upon feminist arguments, hysteria, and junk science advocacy ‘research’.

2/ Feminist age of consent laws lead to tens of thousands of men being imprisoned (and very often raped).

3 / Feminist age of consent laws lead to feminists telling both teenage girls and teenage boys (with the help of ‘MRAs’) that they have been scarred for life.

4 / Unsurprisingly, those teenagers do tend to develop into fucked up adults..

5 / In short, feminist age of consent laws lead to tens of thousands of men being raped in prison as subhuman nonces, tens of thousands of teenage girls and thousands of teenage BOYS having their lives unncessarily ruined, the demonization of normal male sexuality as paedophilia, the demonization of all men as paedophiles, daughters afraid of their fathers, girls and boys afraid of their (male) teachers, divorced wives given an easy false abuse claim option etc etc. Feminist age of consent laws do however make thousands of feminists rich (and Paul Elam). They also increase female sexual power by removing competition, which is why feminists also tend to be against prostitution, sex robots, MGTOW, sex tourism etc etc. What part of this is so fucking difficult for you simple minded frauds to understand?

theantifeminist, Anti-Feminist Theory of Men's Rights, Male Sexuality, Feminism 5 Comments [10/1/2017 9:41:26 AM]
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Submitted By: xavier

Quote# 132402

The men’s rights movement is clearly dead. However, things are not that bad, despite this. The ideas of Angry Harry (and to a much lesser extent, the likes of myself) spread out and influenced wider movements, and the wider Web, and into ‘real life’ and politics, even if people don’t always recognize them as having a ‘men’s rights’ origin. Hell, we even have a President of the United States now who called 13 year old girls hot and who regularly referred to men’s rights arguments in his presidential campaign. To think that Paul Elam and the honey badgers would likely have kicked out Donald Trump as a ‘pedo advocate’ and incited their feminist/fake MRA followers to lynch him, if he had become an MRA instead of the President!

theantifeminist, Anti-Feminist Theory of Men's Rights, Male Sexuality, Feminism 1 Comments [10/1/2017 9:41:18 AM]
Fundie Index: 3
Submitted By: xavier

Quote# 132400

I used to be a part of this community, too. The omnipresence of weird shouty sexist men insisting upon being referred to as "she" totally killed my desire to try to continue to advocate on behalf of actual women there. Also when they felt the need to denote a profile field specifically for pronouns... round the bend. Racism and classism have always been endemic to the site but the only time the userbase gets really riled up these days is when genderspecial commenters aren't given preemptive and limitless deference.

So, yeah. It's 2017, and men calling for the mass shunning of women who dare to affiliate themselves with a specific aspect or 'wave' of feminism are no longer considered incendiary mansplainers. Rather, as long as they take care to type "TERF" instead of "Feminazi" or "harpy" or "bitch," their adamant woman-hating won't just be accepted, but applauded! Observe the dudes who have started referring to themselves as "she" or "they," especially the ones who lived as garden-variety straight white men for 30 or 40 years. Once the ol' pronoun field gets changed over, these men will often feel moved to start issuing righteous declarations about feminism and womanhood.

The only difference between their former self and present is that now, they know they have the social leverage and clout to say whatever they want without fear of rebuke, because everyone who disagrees with them is a terf, and terfs are worse than even the worst genocidal maniac you can think of -- Terfs Janice Raymond, who lives in cave and murders over 10,000 trans people each day.

Misogynist garbage that would be, to put it mildly, very strongly discouraged coming from non-genderspecial men can thus be transformed into an imminently reasonable opinion borne from the suffering of the most oppressed group on the planet, i.e. genderspecial men. A quote I saw online once reminds me of this situation. Something like: "Feminism was too hard, so we got rid of the women." We're just looking down the barrel of another era where men's opinion of what women are has regained top billing.

songoftheworms, r/GenderCritical 2 Comments [10/1/2017 7:52:54 AM]
Fundie Index: 4
Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 132399

This is how males keep rape available to themselves.

They want to appear as if they are carefully analyzing male behavior in the interest of fairness to males. It is a ruse.

If the male governments and systems really thought that rape is wrong, they would put a stop to it. But they protect it, and entertain each other's bullshit, and expect us to believe that they are just trying so super hard to stop it.

Hekate Jayne, Feminist Current 2 Comments [10/1/2017 7:52:51 AM]
Fundie Index: 1
Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 132398

Segregation from men is different than segregation from a race or culture or religion.

It's unique in the fact that it is men who do almost all of the violence on women.

Being able to be somewhere where men cannot do their violence on us is necessary for our development and survival.

M. Zoidberg, Feminist Current 4 Comments [10/1/2017 7:52:21 AM]
Fundie Index: 6
Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 132397

According to the CDC, male violence is one of the leading causes of death for women and children, along with heart disease, cancer, and strokes. Limiting our interactions with men is not "segregation", it is controlling a known risk factor for death and injury. It is a pragmatic approach to maintaining our health, along with avoiding tobacco products, engaging in regular exercise, and drinking in moderation.

If you don't like that this limits your access to women, perhaps you should examine your own behavior and the behaviors of the men around you. Do your part to end male violence instead of leaving pointless comments on an anonymous internet.

Also, when you make arguments that involve words like “always”, “never”, “everyone”, “nobody”, etc., you are committing a logical fallacy called reductio ad absurdom. This is rarely a good way to express reasonable talking points. In the future, you may want to avoid appealing to extremes if you want to make valid points.

Omzig Online, Feminist Current 6 Comments [10/1/2017 7:52:17 AM]
Fundie Index: 1
Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 132390

A separate topic: WHY has WEINER only received 21 months?

This hypocrite BASTARD claims he was SICK! The ONE chance he had to redeem himself before history.

If he had come out and said “fifteen year old girls are beautiful, whatever ugly women say, and I LOVED sexting her” he would have been a great man!

Such a light sentence: Hilary must have lobbied for him. Sick!

HatePuritanism , Resisting the coming 21st century holocaust – Men's Rights, Youth Rights, Sexual Rights 2 Comments [10/1/2017 7:51:59 AM]
Fundie Index: 1
Submitted By: xavier
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