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A few murmurs of dissent rose at the 15th All World Dawoodi Bohra Conference in Udaipur as the topic of validity of the practice of female genital mutilation (FGM) or khatna came up on Sunday.

A voice of dissent against the ban came from Gazanfer Okasa, the general secretary of the Bohra Youth Association. “Khatna shouldn’t be linked to FGM,” said Okasa, refering to the Grade 2, 3 and 4 level female genital mutilation practised in African countries, which could involve total removal of the clitoris and the labia minora. “In our community, we cut a little part, unlike in African countries. Though my sister, who is a doctor, and my mother strictly condemn this practice, I am in favour of khatna because I believe it is a part of our Sharia.”

The Bohra community, a sub-sect of Ismaili Shia Islam, remove the prepuce from the genitalia of girls before puberty.

Gazanfer Okasa, 15th All World Dawoodi Bohra Conference 6 Comments [3/18/2017 2:50:08 AM]
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Quote# 125468

(How do Women have the Strength to Settle/ Fuck an Unattractive Guy??

Easy, they just do not make sex that big of a thing. I mean, for us males, they will act like it is and will support a whole culture around it. They will even cry rivers when someone would just joke about consent. But remember, its just an act. When the "I want new stuff from my fat manlet betabuck" will come, they would not hesitate. That's in economy 101.

freeboota, /r/incels 16 Comments [3/17/2017 6:07:31 AM]
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It has been said to me that I must hate feminism so much because I hate women.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

It is because I actually care about my fellow women that I loathe feminism and speak out against it so often. Feminism is a way for a small number of very evil men to gain control over a large segment of other men. Women are merely useful pawns (but oh, how useful!).

Feminism in no way, shape, or form leads to outcomes that are in women’s best interests. The incredible decline in average happiness of modern women, as documented by the very liberal Wolfers and Stevenson, compared to just a few decades ago is evidence of the misery that feminism has inflicted upon Womankind.

Sunshine Thiry, Sunshine Thiry 12 Comments [3/17/2017 2:48:05 AM]
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Same woman, two different men. Ciara's two most recent relationships are a perfect example of how your choice of a mate affects your life. A woman is by nature a help mate so she is capable, many times unconsciously, of taking on the mindset and lifestyle of the man she is with. This is why it is so absolutely vital for a woman to know her worth and make the wisest choice in her mate. You don't date or accept the proposal of the guy who is on the level you are or going places you don't want to go. You accept the proposal from the guy who can lead you to where you want to be. Whether you realize it or not that man is leading you somewhere. Find out where he is going before you get on board. If he was deceptive and made you think he was going somewhere he wasn't, get off the ride and go back home!!!! #Awaken #Arise #ChooseWisely #KnowYourWorth #WaitOnHim

Queen-Wisdom Grant Pamela, Facebook 10 Comments [3/16/2017 8:39:12 PM]
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The masculine American male is a dying breed. We have been told for far too long that violence is never the answer. We've been told that it's cruel to kill our own food. We've been conditioned to believe that there is no place in modern society for the man who refuses to shave his chest or wear skinny jeans. As a man...you are a protector. As a man...you are a provider. As a man...you are solely responsible for the safety and well being of your family. How can you be a good husband if you can't defend your wife? How can you be a good father if you can't protect your children? Remember...the eyes of the children are fixed upon you. You serve as an example of what young men should grow up to be...and of what young women should seek out in a partner. So...grow your beard, wear your boots, eat your steak, carry a knife, own a gun, protect your woman, fight for what is right and just. Be strong. Be of good courage. Long live the masculine American male.

Join our private group of masculine men: https://www.facebook.com/groups/liquorgunsbaconandtits/

Liquorgunsbaconandtits, Facebook 30 Comments [3/16/2017 8:39:10 PM]
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It's almost like sex is a myth

We've all been living our lives in the hopes of some action, hearing about all of our friends exploits, reading about sexual acts that make the news, lending a shoulder whilst girls tell is about their tragic pump'n'dump by Chad.

But we've never seen it, never felt it, never had any tangible evidence that it even happens.

An existence as an incel is so far away from the typical human existence, I'm placed in utter shock every time i think about it.

tiajlmao, /r/incels 19 Comments [3/16/2017 8:37:43 PM]
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Let’s face it: This generation of Incels is lost

We are in the worst place at the worst time in terms of relationships and sex. 50/60 years ago, the dating market was completely different from now. Sex was only allowed in marriage, people who had it outside of wedlock were shamed and punished. But then the sexual revolution happened. In theory, this should have been a great idea: Casual sex and sex outside of marriage are now accepted. People can enjoy it without any restrictions. But this had one flaw: Women don’t want sex. Sex is a resource for them they use to get what they want. So the demand for sex went higher, since men wanted to enjoy this casual sex but the supply stayed the same. Women were not interested in it, thus creating a power imbalance on the dating market in favour of women. Just like in a relationship, where the partner who cares less about the relationship has the most power.

Now this back 20/30 years this was not this bad since there where still some restrictions like limited options. You had your town/city maybe the neighbourhood town but the number of potential partners was small. Then technology began to make progress, the internet came and with it new forms of dating. Suddenly you just didn’t have a handful of people to choose from but the whole internet. Again, theoretically this should have benefited men and women. More options mean more chances to find the one for you. But now the power imbalance hit with full force. Without limitations, women could demand best men thanks to the power they had on the dating market. Instead to settle and lower their standards like they were forced to do back then, they could be as demanding as they wanted to and still find someone.

Now we are in the strange situation that the standards for men are still rising while the standards for female are dropping. Men get told they should go to the gym, get a good career, be better looking, be richer. On the other side, women get told even the 400 lbs landwhale is beautiful and deserve a fit and tall men. Thanks to the position of power females hold in the market, the chances are good she finds one. This creates a spiral in which the standards for men rise and rise while many men struggle to keep up with it or are left behind. Men are forced to go lower and lower to find relationships and sex making it even easier for women to date up, creating incels in the progress since we don’t have the option to date down.

And this is what I mean when I say we are in the worst place in the worst time. The market is dictated by females, creating even higher standards since nobody challenges their position of power. Men are like hamsters in their wheels trying to run faster to keep up with it, fuelling the female privilege even more. A downward spiral that creates incels, or simply men who can’t keep up with the rising standards.

As a summation, I encourage my fellow incels to stop the self-improvement. You are chasing standards that will get higher day by day, encouraging females to set the limits even higher since they can. Someone who comes here and says you have to improve means that you should bow to the standards female can set because they have the power in the market. Instead of following the demands of females, we should ask: What can we do shift the power in the market to men?

EconomicsofSex, /r/incels 19 Comments [3/16/2017 8:37:36 PM]
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Open letter to the women in my life.

Why don't you like me?

Why don't you talk to me the same way you talk to every other guy? Whenever I've tried to make small talk, you stare away, or don't seem interested, or make an excuse to leave.

I just want to know. I want to know what it is I can do. Or is it something out of my control, like I'm not handsome enough? Not tall enough? Maybe I just give off a weird, uncontrollable vibe.

All of my male friends have girlfriends. I have no one. It makes me feel like a loser.

I just want to know what's wrong with me. What makes me different from my friends.

I remember being 18 and asking the internet how to get a girlfriend. Everybody told me, "you're young. It'll happen eventually."

That was 10 years ago.

Oh well, no sense in wallowing. I'll probably never get an answer as to why you don't like me, but at least this letter was somewhat cathartic.

andiswearrrr, /r/incels 15 Comments [3/16/2017 8:37:34 PM]
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Quote# 125410

Travelling as an Incel makes ZERO Sense

I have travelled a lot in the past 4 years and let me tell you EVERY single time I step into my destination my heart starts fluttering at all the couples around whilst Im alone with no one.

Its difficult to enjoy a vacation when you realise how unwanted u are and how everyone else around u has someone. Well not everyone, I should say almost EVERY woman around u has at least a decent looking guy. And I have noticed a lot of women with men much better looking and taller than they are.

A few lonely guys u notice are really short or below average in looks.

Being an incel kills ur joy in travelling. If I was a single Chad, I wud be travelling all the time...........

jackville07, /r/incels 23 Comments [3/15/2017 7:28:50 PM]
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Quote# 125422

It’s an open question whether our Masturbators of the Universe intentionally or accidentally unleashed forces (abortion, condoms, the Pill, penicillin, poz, female economic self-sufficiency aka the Six Sirens of the Sexual Apocalypse) that would sever at every level sex from marriage and children, and thus lead to the low fertility of the West and the poisoning of relationships that naturally percolates when women are surrounded by weak, deferential men and men are left with the prospect of marrying road-worn sluts who secretly still pine for the dazzling cads of their nightclub bathroom passion play memories, but it’s indisputable that the oligarchs and Bezosians and open border 1%ers prefer a deracinated, dehumanized world bazaar with women freed from the constraints of early marriage and motherhood to consume, capitulate, and clog the globohomo capitalist self-negate machine as happy little office cogs.

In my opinion, the current situation is unsustainable. Something’s gotta give. In a near-future post, I will explain how our postmodern sexual market dovetails with evidence that the West is careening toward idiocracy.

CH, Chateau Heartiste 25 Comments [3/15/2017 3:36:57 PM]
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How can you not hate women?


I hate them.

Their stupid fucking smiles. Women smile more because they live life on easy mode. They have no reason to be unhappy.

All they have to do is walk into a room and all the attention is on them. People will cater to their every whim just because they were born with a vagina.

Meanwhile, I'm bullied all throughout school. I'm treated like scum. Insulted by everyone. The only times people have called me attractive were when they were saying it sarcastically. That hurts more than just being called ugly.

They contribute nothing to conversation. They think they can say any useless thing, and the sad reality is they can, because idiot men will eat it up. "Oh my god, you're right. The sky is blue! I've never looked at it like that before."

They don't have to try. They don't have to do anything. And people will love them.

You can call me vocel, but if you live 25+ years without getting attention from women, and you're still being nice to them, then you're absolutely pathetic. These creatures want nothing to do with you, and yet you're still nice and all smiles. Do you have any self worth at all?

There are times when I'm nice to women. At restaurants, for example. Always gotta be nice to those who prepare your food.

But seriously, there are legitimate exceptions to the women I hate. Fat chicks are not one of them. The're just like the rest, if not worse due to overcompensation. However, disfigured women (growths on the face, for example) aren't like the rest. Generally, anyway. It's mostly a case by case basis when it comes to disfigurements. I will also not be mean to women with serious medical issues. I'm not going to be mean to cancer patients. I'm not a monster.

It's ironic though. If I ever got cancer, I'm sure they'd still be mean to me.

andiswearrrr, /r/incels 16 Comments [3/15/2017 12:35:12 PM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

Quote# 125411

Missing the point

Some of you are missing the Point. Sure it is possible to lose your virginity after 21 or even get into a relationship. But if you are doing it with an average female the chances of a equitable relationship are zero.

Let's say you 23 and never dated. Your girl is also 23 and has lead a normal existence. Not even slutting it up she would have double digit sex partners assuming she's lost her virginity at 17 and only had two partner she per year.

So you get in a relationship with her and she has all these experiences and you have none. Are you going to lie about it or tell the truth? She can probably tell anyway so you might as well tell the truth. But now she knows you're a loser- there IS A REASON YOU HAVENT HAD SEX BY 21.

Remember that the person who cares less in a relationship has the most power. If I have options I care less. That's the entire point. If I'm a girl with 50 guys in my phone who I could hit up at any time- why would I put up with any shit from a virgin? The only way that relationship works is if the virgin falls in line completely. This is how beta bucks are crafted and is the entire point of the post and this sub in general imho.

I think there should be a dramatic shift from trying to escape inceldom twords embracing it and becoming MGTOW.

Deane_, /r/incels 17 Comments [3/15/2017 7:53:27 AM]
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Quote# 125404

Originally Posted by Nerdlord View Post
Men and women are not wired the same. Evolution dictates that a woman take the safest approach to life in order to protect and nurture offspring long term. Men are programmed to take as much risk as possible in order to impregnate the highest number of females possible.

This raises an interesting point. In today's society we actively fight against our evolutionary hardwiring. A "strong woman" is seen as a woman who acts like a man and rejects her more feminine and nurturing instincts. We consider a well adjusted, modern man as someone who rejects or suppresses his masculine instincts to get in touch with his "feminine side".

If a woman earns more, often she will work and the man will stay home and care for the kids. Regardless of the fact that a woman would be naturally and instinctively better at child care than a man would. That's not an insult and it's certainly not true in ALL cases, but in the majority of them, it is.

Our differences complement each other. Why fight against them? Why treat a woman as a failure if she is inclined to be a mother and care for her kids at home?

We may THINK we've evolved beyond this or we are more "enlightened" nowadays but these hardwired instincts still inform everything we do, many times subconsciously.

It's why women are often attracted to jerks and why men are attracted to youth and beauty and often turned off by aggressive women who act like men.

This programming is thousands and thousands of years old. It isn't going to be overwritten in less than a hundred years. We can TRY but it ends up coming out sideways anyway.

Voiceofreazon, City-Data 9 Comments [3/15/2017 4:51:37 AM]
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Quote# 125402

You question why a man earning money for his family is vital for their respect and yet say you thought, at the time, that it was your husband's fault that you were in rough financial shape. It seems like your story is a case study as to why men should be the bread winners: it is very difficult for a wife to respect a man who performs the womanly role (likely poorly) of managing a household and taking care of children.

The reality is that for the vast majority of human history, romantic marriages have been the exception, not the norm. You might love your husband as a person. That makes sense, as you likely chose each other but I'm going to hazard a guess that you had the luxury to not have an arranged or very early (think: a 21 year and an 18 year old getting married after 3 months of closely chaperoned dating) marriage. For the other 95% of humanity, marriages have been economic arrangements primarily and personal arrangements eventually.

I'm happy to talk to you and have my theories and beliefs disproved and challenged, otherwise I wouldn't be here myself.

RP student , Reddit 11 Comments [3/14/2017 10:27:30 PM]
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Quote# 125397

Testosterone levels have been plummeting in Western men for at least two generations and this fact is without question. I will speculate in this post what a multigenerational, age-independent decline in T will portend for American society, should the trend not shortly reverse itself.

women will dress and act sluttier to capture the attention of increasingly benumbed men who need the services of the hardest of hardcore porn to feel aroused.
team sports will disappear.
drama club will be a required class.
politics will intensify its shift leftward because low T men will vote more like women.
the national (and psychological) borders protecting the low T men from predation will remain, for all practical purposes, open to the sewer world until, inevitably, higher T conquerors arrive in sufficient number to wipe out the low T White submissivists.
inventiveness and entrepreneurship will stagnate, and contract.
any big job or goal will demand more oversight, more paper pushing, more regulatory hurdles to overcome. the days when men gathered and made shit happen on a reasonable time frame will be over. it’ll be an HR dystopia of endless meetings all the way down to the musty cellar of the gossip mill.
corporations will turn into ghettos of bickering crones, slutty college girls, and yes-manlets. nothing will be produced but social media apps and articles about online dating. the resulting economic collapse will create a run on arable urban land as millions of useless SWPLs fight to the death for patches of communal gardens to plant their sad kale and heirloom tomatoes.
therapy and self-medication will shoot through the roof.
heart disease, cancer, and obesity will rise again (or continue the general upwards rise) among men.
the rate of infidelity will increase.
the rate of divorce will hold steady or increase (we may have hit the divorce industrial complex saturation point).
marriage will increasingly be platforms for brides to take selfies and grooms to blubber during the vows. jerkboy best men will be tasked with the job of deflowering any virgin brides remaining in the wilds as the soyfatted grooms recite lines from their favorite feminist poets.
fertility will continue declining.
the rate of cuckoldry will increase.
cat ownership will increase among men.
muscle cars will become a distant relic.
there will be vanishingly little entertainment made with a straight male sensibility in mind.
weird sexual paraphilias and fetishes will rise (those afflicted with declining libido will compensate with outlandish substitutes to bring back that lovin’ feeling).
the prevalence of sexual dysfunctions will increase.
feminism will get increasingly shrill, and male feminists increasingly servile and pathetic.
the population of basement bachelors, cat ladies and bitter spinsters will explode.
sexbots will be the only romantic companionship for half the population.
high libido men — cads — will reign supreme in the actual sexual market (what’s left of it) as opposed to the pretend sexual market that lonely feminists jabber about during their intersectionality bullshit sessions.
androgyny will become the norm.
polyandry will be common.
polygyny will be rare, but more entrenched. (the few high T men who aren’t eunuchs will have no trouble keeping de facto harems of smitten lovers satisfied and compliant)
balls, penises, jawlines, chins, noses, and musculature will literally shrink in men. ears may become floppy.
a million sociologists with shitty research papers no one has any intention of replicating will claim that beta male orbiters are our strength. they will write of the virtues of polygamy and the matriarchy, as their civilization burns down around them.
no one will ever again speak anything close to the truth about the world, about the sexes, about the races. equalist self-delusion will be taught in schools under the subject “everything but math”.
math will succumb soon afterward.
art will suck. music will suck. architecture will suck. literature will suck. this will continue a trend long evident. houellebecq may very well be our last great author.
tissue boxes will be handed out in movie theaters so that the 70-30 male-female audience may dab their eyes sitting through a full line-up of sappy rom-coms.
Mars? Uh, no. More like, the space program will be dead and the androgynes of the future will come to remember the moon landing as a myth promulgated by ancient hirsute men imprisoned in a strictly binary sexuality, who possessed a vestigial feature called a “jawline” and squinted a lot.
infrastructure will continue crumbling. instead of doing something about it, everyone will wait for the next tragedy when a bridge fails and then participate in a candlelight vigil and cry a lot. they will repeat this process until everyone is dead from preventable tragedies.
John Scalzi will be Premier of this Empire of Aromatase. His rule will not last long. Muslims, blacks, and black Muslims will overrun the Femme West and every capital will ring out with the dulcet ululations of muhammed’s flock.

Recall the Law of Gender Conservation:

?Masculinity = ?Femininity

Or, ?T = ?E, for short.

Nature abhors a testosterone vacuum. If one tribe’s men has low T, the fapuum will be filled with (in no particular order or likelihood of emergence):

invader men who have higher T
aggrocunts of man-jaw and boy-hip who have lower E (to align with the lower T of their men)
intratribe men with high T who somehow evolved an immunity against the low T disease.

Option one is genocide. Not fun.
Option two is bed death. Not fun.
Option three is our best bet for saving the West. Society will rebound as Nature, in her infinite wisdom, entrusts the low T landscape to high T spermlords who, despite feminists’ faux abhorrence to the contrary, will piledrive a wide swath through a lot of parched pussy that has spent decades lost in an anhedonic wilderness of un-men.

But if we don’t get our borders under control and stop seeding our water supply with endocrine-disrupting chemsexicals, Option Three will never have a chance to pass.

CH, Chateau Heartiste 22 Comments [3/14/2017 10:19:31 PM]
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Quote# 125393

i used to be entirely ambivalent to misandry, but i am now 100% in favor of misandry.

let me explain: my mom almost got attacked by a sexual predator on a tour in new orleans because he made her feel guilty about distrusting him. he shamed her for not trusting a complete stranger and made up a fake daughter to make her feel safer around him. and this wasn’t a long time ago, it was last summer! my mom could have been killed because she was guilted into trusting an actual rapist.
she only found out because they ran into one of his victims, who risked her job to warn a couple on the tour to get my mom away from him. you matter more than some man’s feelings. if you feel unsafe around a man, you trust your gut and if he makes you feel guilty for it you run the fuck away.
if men are using your innate distrust of strangers to manipulate you into doing dangerous shit then distrusting them is a necessity. there are men i know who are amazing, caring people. but the evil ones out there are learning to act like them just so they can hurt you. a good man will understand this and realize why you’re nervous.
do you think the man who ended up saving my mom got offended that my mom initially distrusted that predator because he was a man she didn’t know?? no. he told her to follow her gut next time and made sure she got back to her hotel safely. good men don’t get offended that women distrust bad men.

For the sake of sanity, you should have stayed away from misandry.
Ah, misandry because of personal experience. As if that validates the hatred of half the world’s population. I’m sorry that happened to your mother, but it’s not like a bad experience someone had from an individual justifies generalizing an entire group of people that shares that person’s sex, race, whatever. You don’t even need to be a misandrist. Most people don’t trust complete strangers anyway.

“ if men are using your innate distrust of strangers to manipulate you into doing dangerous shit then distrusting them is a necessity.” Automatically, distrusting men solely because of the bad apples isn’t a necessity: it’s discriminating against the majority of men based on the minority. It’s no different from automatically distrusting a black person because they might be a thief or a thug, but they’re being judged because of an arbitrary factor like skin colour. I get the feeling that you’re citing that you know “amazing, caring men” after going on a spree about how women need to distrust men to justify being a misandrist. A good man won’t understand why he and other men are being lumped in and distrusted based on the actions of men that they have nothing to do with, and he will realize that it’s not a sensible position of yours to hold.

first off, i was insane when i didn’t support misandry too. i’ve had ptsd most of my life because i was first sexually assaulted at age 4 and have been exposed to abuse ever since. men have been systematically destroying my sanity for 19 years, i think i’m entitled to mistrust them considering i now have literally 15 mental illnesses from abuse and cannot risk backtracking because i may literally die. men and boys did this to me, i genuinely have no choice in this.
and also, i have been abused by women but nobody ever blames ME for my abuse when the perpetrator was a woman. funny how that works. i’m expected to just deal with being abused by men and forgive them for it but i’m allowed to be mad and hold a grudge when a woman hurts me. even when it’s the same fucking thing! i’ve had two stalkers, one a man and one a woman and guess which one i get blamed for? go on guess. THE FUCKING MAN. i get blamed for a man choosing to stalk me.
what exactly harms men i personally distrust? it’s not like i’m shooting them or stabbing them, i’m just not talking to them or going places alone with them or having sex with them. i don’t see how that’s bad. there are plenty of people who don’t talk to me or hang out alone with me or have sex with me and it doesn’t hurt me in the slightest because i don’t expect that out of everyone i meet. some people don’t wanna know you, who cares? men are way too sensitive about people not wanting to hang out with them or fuck them. just chill out.
plus, my distrust of men is validated by crime statistics, not just personal experience. distrusting black people isn’t. i don’t even actually distrust men of color the way i distrust white men because they are not logically a threat to me. my distrust of men is 100% logical as a survivor of numerous sexual assaults. i’ve talked to all of my therapists and psychologists about this and none of them have said it’s unhealthy to distrust men while i’m still recovering soooooo honestly i don’t care. and i’m never gonna care. i need to focus my energy on not backtracking because, again, i could die and now that i’m on the right combo of meds for my past experiences i actually don’t want to. so honestly if it keeps me from getting hurt i’m gonna fucking do it no matter what some stranger thinks. sorry not sorry.

Florianesque, tumblr 11 Comments [3/14/2017 10:16:27 PM]
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Quote# 125392

2nd question: why are you a misandrist?

Because men continue to perpetrate violence against me in both a personal and systemic way that makes it difficult for me to trust men by default. Not impossible, but difficult.

I could say NotAllMen, but that doesn’t seem like it’ll affect someone like you. I sympathize if you’ve had bad experiences with men in your life, but to jump the gun all the way to misandry is not only extreme and radical, it’s a dangerous way of thinking. It’s judging the many based on the few, so your misandry is already poisoned by subjective bias.

It is self protection that harms no one. Distrusting men keeps me WAY more safe than openly trusting men does.
My distrust of men doesn’t harm them, but it keeps me safer. Yet people want to wax theoretical about it.
I know misandrists. People who have been hurt. Not once, not twice, but over a lifetime and in a manner that impacts on their ability to simply exist in their day to day lives.
Yet almost all misandrists I know have some men who are friends, they love their family and they actively support men who are victims of rape.
Trusting men, ESPECIALLY cishet white men is a painful process that often involves me having to be continually hurt in order to educate and set up my own boundaries.
Misandry isn’t jumping the gun, it’s putting your feet into the starting block and being ready for the shot you know will come.

GeekandMisandry, tumblr 2 Comments [3/14/2017 10:12:58 PM]
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Quote# 125322

If You did Not Enjoy Women in Your Youth then You got a RAW DEAL

Study hard, when ur 30 and successful all the women will finally mature and chase u since u will be a rich doctor. Dont worry All those chads will be working at a gas station at 30. Ur time will come. There is someone for everyone.
Am I supposed to feel happy that I studied and worked my ass off (with ZERO help from ANYONE) from 13-30 without love,sex and intimacy and without enjoying a woman in her PRIME and BEST years. I must now accept a lower paying less educated woman who is past her prime and less attractive with sagging skin and stretch marks and who was a cum bucket for tons of chads for 17 years and be grateful and happy with that??? Why should men even live if we are given such a raw deal in life?? Totally unfair and cruel if u ask me.

jackville07, /r/incels 16 Comments [3/14/2017 3:49:32 PM]
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Quote# 125266

A Canadian judge who asked a sexual assault complainant why she could not "keep your knees together" is resigning.

Alberta Federal Court Justice Robin Camp's decision came after a scathing Canadian Judicial Council review called for his removal.

The review concluded he acted in a manner that seriously undermined public confidence in the judiciary.

The federal justice minister has accepted his resignation.

Mr Camp's comments made during a 2014 rape trial sparked outrage and drew sharp criticism from sexual assault victims and their advocates.

The judge had tried to hold on to his position and told the Council he had undergone education and had apologised for his comments.

The Council, which oversees the judiciary, found that Mr Camp's actions during the trial were "so manifestly and profoundly destructive of the concept of impartiality, integrity and independence of the judicial role that public confidence is sufficiently undermined to render the Judge incapable of executing the judicial office".

It also found he spoke to the complainant in a manner "that was at times condescending, humiliating and disrespectful".

Federal Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould said on Thursday she is confident Mr Camp received due process in his disciplinary review and accepts his decision to step down as of 10 March.

"Sexual assault and gender-based violence is in no form acceptable and we will continue to stand up for victims," she said.

In the 2014 case, he asked a 19-year-old woman: "Why couldn't you just keep your knees together?"

He also said, "pain and sex sometimes go together" and had referred to the complainant as "the accused," court records show.

Robin Camp, BBC News 0 Comments [3/14/2017 3:45:05 PM]
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(Submitter note: These are excerpts taken from an argument about a fanfic trope called "omegaverse," in which some male characters may go into heat and be able to become pregnant. The runner/s of this blog believe this is inherently homophobic and transphobic, and gets rather Tumblrina about it. There's plenty more at the source)

the homophobic stereotypes in the lines of “gay men always think of sex” isn’t a new thought. it’s been with us for decades. the lgbt community has tried to work against this stereotype for decades. it’s a battle we still fight today, and one we still are losing constantly because homophobes continue to lable gay men as sex crazed monsters only thinking about sex.

creating content where men in a m/m relationship are so influenced by their “heat cycle” that they cannot stop themselves from having sex – or if they can, can’t stop thinking of sex, even if they’re far distanced away from a sexual situation – comes, directly, from this stereotype. you, a non-mlm writing about men in m/m relationship, having gay sex in this way, it is directly drawing from these stereotypes.

it doesn’t matter if your fanfics doesn’t contain non-con (though many fanfics in the omegaverse circles do). you, a non-mlm describing men in m/m relationships still benefits from this homophobia. this kind of homophobia will never affect you, and thus, creating content for it is you benefitting from this homophobic view of gay men. and for what? so you can enjoy a sex scene? is it worth it?

and i’m sure you’re not a transphobe, but again, omegaverse a trope was created due to transphobia. it was created because cis people would rather see a cis man get pregnant through his (self lubricating) anal, rather than think of trans men being a part of their precious gay smut. it draws from the transphobic view that trans men (women) are not real men (women), and only real gay sex is between two cis men.

you may not have transphobic ideas when you write omegaverse, but you still create content which was thought up due to transphobic views. you’re not a trans man, and thus, if you create content where you would rather have a self lubricating anal rather than toy with the idea that there are self lubricating trans men out there who are okay with vaginal sex, you are benefitting from transphobia. your content is a product of this transphobia. even if you don’t write “transphobic” content yourself. even if you toy with trans people in your omegaverse fanfics. omegaverse cannot excist if transphobia is removed.

thewoesofyaoi, Tumblr 9 Comments [3/14/2017 3:42:16 PM]
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If you haven't lose your virginity by 21 it's over just stop.

If you ever have the opportunity to look through a girls phone or iPad it will redpill you more than anything ever could.

The amount of options and men hitting on them women have is insane. I won't go into details but I recently looked though a 6's stuff and it's literally insane.

Any woman worth dating will have 100s of dudes after them by 21. Even if you somehow managed to get with one being a virgin the difference in the power dynamic is too much to overcome. She has hundreds of options one text message away. You have zero.

Deane_, /r/incels 18 Comments [3/14/2017 11:56:10 AM]
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Women need to stop thinking they have anything of value to say to us

As a gender you are inherently intellectually inferior to the point where you can not really be considered human. How could you possibly think you have some wise advice we, with our human level minds didn't think of? It would be like a 4 year old telling an adult how to do his taxes. You have value in society obviously, but it comes from being sexually attractive, not being smart. Please stick to your strengths. If you want to give us some kind of help then offer your bodies instead of your words.

ban_collector, /r/incels 17 Comments [3/14/2017 11:56:07 AM]
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It all boils down to two undeniable facts that normies can't accept...

1) The girl does the choosing.

If she likes you enough, she will let you know one way or the other. Trying to proceed without getting chosen is called harassment. This is why approaching is useless (unless you're exceptionally attractive, and the bad news is this doesn't apply to any of us).

And the reason that most of us are here (and arguably the single biggest reason the term "incel" exists in the first place)...

2) You need to be PHYSICALLY attractive enough to get chosen.

Talking about grooming, personality, confidence or attitude all flies out the window in the face of these two impassable facts. Now, I'll admit that once you've been deemed attractive, these things start to matter, but trying to talk about them beforehand is an exercise in futility.

Enough said.

genetic_scrap, /r/incels 14 Comments [3/14/2017 11:56:03 AM]
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There is NO point on love, relationships, infatuation or anything

To be honest I don't see why the fuck are humans capable of love or infatuation when it only leads to suffering if you are not a top male.

you will ALWAYS be tossed aside as soon as a better male appears in the vicinity. There is no point if you are not a male model or at least good looking with GREAT charisma. Just no point.

I had a girl who I liked (not love, but really liked). We had a really really strong freindship and later a bit of more than friends stuff (no, this is not a brag). Our bond and friendship was very strong. Just one day, a guy with similar looks level but more charisma appeared and it all went to shit really quickly with me being left apart for that guy.

Even in freindhsip you will be tossed apart as soon as a better male appears. It isnt worth it anymore. Im living alone all my life without partner, because I don't want to have the constant fear and shadow of another better male appearing in the vicinity and ruining everything.

Its always like this, not only in my story, i saw lots of times this happen to other people too.

If you can be one upped by another male, DONT EVER enter a relationship, DONT EVER have meaningful friendships, DONT EVER let yourself become infatuated, ERASE all feelings because they are pointless.

8+/10 in looks or 7+/10 in loosk+great charimsa OR DEATH

Zyrros, /r/incels 7 Comments [3/14/2017 11:56:00 AM]
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Reminder that your value as a person is made up purely of your face and body

Your entire human value is completely dependant on how attractive you are, how tall you are, how big your torso is, and other indicators of your GENETICS

Traits like kindness, loyalty, intelligence, these are completely meaningless and irrelevent in society

cuckcel, /r/incels 30 Comments [3/13/2017 2:54:30 PM]
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