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One more Try. Females interested in donating sex to incels, post here or PM one of the mods. We will find an incel in your area.

Of course, the last time this happened, we had to delete the post because multiple women used the thread to find thirsty normies to have sex with(looking at you, /u/retruk).

Any thirsty nu male posting here will have his post removed and banned on sight. Incels, post your location in the comments if you desire sex from a rare, kind, and caring woman. Women, post your location or PM the mods as I said up in the title.

[deleted], r/MaleForeverAlone 9 Comments [3/7/2018 9:34:08 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

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Most transwomen are vaginaphobes. You don't have a vagina, but wish you did, so any mention of vaginas makes the transperson feel excluded from womanhood. It's one reason the pink pussy hat was villified.

Ninja Angel (@AllisonWattles), Twitter 3 Comments [3/7/2018 2:22:57 AM]
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Within the monstergirl fandom, there is a strong desire for a so-called "trad" relationship. Modern society has effectively shat all over young men and even well-meaning people have lied to them. Work hard, go to college, find a good job and a nice wife, get the 2.5 kids plus the white picket fence, etc. That is a lie.

I bought this lie hook, line, and sinker from my well-meaning Boomer parents. For most Boomers, this was enough. Even if they made awful decisions, they still generally succeeded. But, the world was changed by the Boomers. Doing the "right" thing is not enough nowadays to succeed in our society.

In the fucked-up world that the Gen-Xers, Millenials, and Generation Z inhereited from the Boomers, following the nice Boomer advice is a recipe for failure. Most Boomers do not realize that the world has changed and their advice no longer is accurate, but there is a whole generation of men who are left with no good advice on how to live their lives. Add no-fault divorce, increased number of women in the workplace driving down wages, and a loss of community through the tearing down of local organizations (federal government giving out welfare, rather than local churches doing charity), and you have a perfect recipe for hurt young men.

For example, women are still treated as "better" than men. The HR departments and courts will side with them. A woman can fuck a bunch of "alpha studs", get knocked up and the government will pay to support the woman. Now remember, where does the government get this money? Hell, a woman can claim sexual harrassment against a guy, get him fired, and take his job. Women have no real incentive in modern society to "behave" nicely. But should a man decide to not engage with society and go his own way, he is told to "man up" and marry the washed-up women who have rode the cock carousel for 15 years. How dare he not financially support a woman who does not care for him and would leave him in an instant if a handsome man shows even the slightest amount of interest!

Men are expected to just suck it up and deal with it. But without the support groups that men traditionally have had with other men, where is the strength to do that? Men need each other and need to lean on them from time to time. Yet, our society no longer values groups of men being men. We are atomized and disconnected.
No jobs, no stable families, no community to support them...where will young men turn?


No amount of cleaning one's room can replace the gaping hole where healthy masculinity once was in society.
Where will men retreat to? A world in which the Boomer promises are true. Being a honest, decent person means that life turns out okay. You don't have lie, cheat, steal, and betray to get ahead. A world, in short, of monstergirls.

In a a very real sense, monstergirls love men for their manliness. (gotta get that spirit energy from his semen!) They are loyal to their men, appreciate them, and care for them. Likewise, the men support and love their monstergirl. Rather than trying to be a roommate that sometimes has sex with them (which is what modern feminism was turned many wives into), monstergirls revel in their femininity and encourage the masculinity of their men. Each partner builds the other up in positive feedback loop.

The rise of monstergirls online is a damning inditement of modern society.

Anonymous, JimFear138 6 Comments [3/7/2018 2:22:55 AM]
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Women havent changed or been corrupted, they are what they have always been. Women will do what men let them get away with. They are like hedonistic children. This is important for the raising of children and mate selection but it is like men's dominant nature, it needs to be controlled.

Take away government programs, diversity hires, their right to vote, and stop tailoring education to girls and the problem will disappear.

Flat_Earth_Shill, r/DebateAltRight 7 Comments [3/7/2018 2:22:18 AM]
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Women need to have their right to vote removed and we need to stop tailoring our education system to them or they wont have kids.

Flat_Earth_Shill, r/DebateAltRight 5 Comments [3/7/2018 2:22:06 AM]
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I dont know what IQ test theyve used to "prove" women are now smarter than men but i guarantee it isnt g loaded whatsoever. Or they did the testing at 12-14 before the boys had hit puberty but after the girls had. Either one would make the results invalid. It would make no sense from an evolutionary perspective for women to be smarter than men. For 99% of human existence all women did was raise children while men did everything else. Also, if it was the case you would see more female inventors. 99% are male and mostly white.

Women are in colleges in greater numbers now for the same reason non whites (other than asians) are. Diversity quotas. I had an SAT score in the top .1% of the country and yet was denied scholarships to every ivy leage school i was accepted into (all of them). Their reason? They were "looking for a more diverse selection of recipients." So I didnt get to go because Im a white man.

Our education system is also tailored to girls. This is why almost all riddlin perscriptions are to boys. They are punished with microdoses of meth for not acting like girls.

The flynn effect is bullshit because it says just a few hundred years ago all europeans had mentally retarded levels of IQ. You cant run a functioning society with those people, look at Africa for a reference. Also, mass intelligence testing wasnt done until the first world war so everything before that is a guess.

Any gains made in IQ since then are due to nutrition. This is why i think you can get a malnourished persons IQ up about 10 points. However, no one is malnourished in the west and yet the racial gap here persists. Care to explain that to me? Im sure its still somehow whitey's fault.


I feel slighted because I did better than 99.9% of the country in everything academic and yet was denied scholarships, restricting my ability to attend the college of my choice even though I earned it, because of my race and gender.

I am not an introvert. I wasnt just great at academia. Im also a musician who sings and plays in a band and was quite the athlete. Im bigger than 99% of humans (if you dont count fat ones when it comes to weight) at 6'3 and 205lbs so that was a big advantage in highschool sports though.

Ive known many women all my life. Ive always casually dated and had many friends of every gender.

You have my motives entirely wrong. I do not feel insecure. I am not hurt by minorities performing better than me. For instance, i am completely comfortable with the fact that east asians are smarter than whites on average. I do not want to discriminate based on race for any reason. I only use the data to explain broad scale differences between groups. If it isnt inherent then it is white people's fault. As long as the latter is the dominant opinion among the public I will fight for the truth.

We will never see eye to eye. I believe my data is obviously right and fits with evolution and observable reality. You will most likely never break your egalitarian fantasy. It was fun though. You gave me a bit to think about and new things to incorporate into my arguments.

Flat_Earth_Shill, r/unpopularopinion 12 Comments [3/7/2018 2:21:51 AM]
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The secret to a high birth rate is to take womens rights away. Don't throw them in niqabs and beat them or anything. Just make sure men are preferred for education and work. Men are better at everything anyway so it would make sense.

Flat_Earth_Shill, Reddit 11 Comments [3/6/2018 1:41:43 PM]
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history is rife with contemporary observations of a declining nation's men becoming feminized (and women masculinized and "empowered"). it's as if gelding a nation's men and handing the reins of power over to women are prerequisites to destroying the nation.

Heartiste, Gab 6 Comments [3/6/2018 1:41:36 PM]
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I'm tired of seeing females in the gym, they have no right to be there, they don't care about fitness but just to shape and build there small asses to impress a chad. Plus they trigger me, I go to the gym in specific hours knowing there won't be any females but there is still always a couple. They are stupid sluts that just crowd the gym and use up equipment, I seen a bitch squatting in my favourite power rack, and I had to wait for the bitch.

Since im superior proven stronger gymcel I shouldn't wait and that power rack should be mine. It's not like the bitch will make good use of it, I will make good use of it since I'm the god and you are just a cumdumpster. Fuckin slut they dress with tight yoga pants and thinking I will stare at them, I look at them with disgust. We need an all male gym, obviously no fufu shit, this won't ever happen due to feminism. I really need a home gym, I can't take seeing this cumdumpsters in my lair, I would be okay if they just stayed in the yoga area but don't enter my freeweights realm. Everything these sluts do is for chad. Not health, not because they love it, only for chad cock. Only to improve there instagram ass frauding game.

It really ruins my day when I see these primitive degenerate creatures. Thank you for reading.

Tellem-T, incels.me 16 Comments [3/5/2018 1:41:57 PM]
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Quote# 137039

Women don't want their looksmatch. Sometimes I wonder if 8/10 Stacy doesn't ditch 8/10 Chad is because she can't find 9/10 Chad, and there's not much room or risk in branch swinging at that level.

Was at a restaurant the other day and saw two below average caked up asian girls with two white guys who mog the shit out of them. I assume they were dating given how they interacted with each other.

It's over.

warmestblack, incels.me 9 Comments [3/4/2018 12:22:46 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

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In my opinion (which is also the opinion of a lot of people), love is chemistry at work in your brain, it is a temporary feeling that lasts only a few months. Love is always portrayed is jew propaganda which normies call "movies" or "television" to brainwash the masses. In 2018 love is not only deployed in a monogamous relationship but also is present in a poly relationship. The reality is that this "love" stuff can only be felt by a roastie if she is dicked by an aggressive alpha low inhibition Chad, love is not stuff for low status ugly incels.

NutNotBusted, incels.me 10 Comments [3/4/2018 12:16:41 PM]
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For the most part, I don't have any problems talking to girls. However, I hate talking to girls.

They're stupid, entitled, romantics, cocky, and boring. They expect you to do and buy everything for them, they want you to follow their rules, and basically be their bitch just because they have a clit. Every time a girl opens their mouth I get turned off.

If being gay was a choice, I'd be taking it in the ass.

Badwolf, incels.me 9 Comments [3/4/2018 12:16:17 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

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The movement is not sustainable. The ideology is inherently flawed. I have yet to hear any convincing logical arguments to support trans-ideology. The best effort I've seen is the citation of studies on the "ladybrain" argument, but there are so few of those studies and they are so flawed, so the citation of junk science isn't going to cut it.

They will continue to alienate LGB people and while LBGT media and activism groups don't seem to care that their sexual orientation is yet again being invalidated, individual people will care and while it hasn't occurred yet, a rift seems inevitable (Drop the T!) A rift within transactivism also seems inevitable. It's already bubbling up in the truscum v tucute. If you can say you're trans without any form of transitioning, that is a direct contradiction to the position of the necessity of transitioning because your brain "doesn't match" or whatever.

I'm an old lady by Reddit standards. I think a lot of people who identify as trans or queer will grow out of it. It's a new form of teenage rebellion and self expression. When I was a teenager, it was certain music and fashion scenes to assert our individuality and freak out our parents. When my sister was a teenager, the alternative girls all identified as bi with bi being defined as making out with girls while you are drunk aka not bi, now we have this hot mess.

Men will not experience the same bullying that women do, however the "my penis is female, have sex with me" will not jive with a lot of men. But, most TIMs are heterosexual, so again, women will have to deal with that crap more. A lot of conservative men and anti-feminists who aren't specifically MRAs can see that trans-logic makes no sense. A lot of the anti-feminist stuff I have seen is actually anti-stereotypical libfem. I don't think they'd like fully embrace GC or anything, but there are people on both sides that see this is completely bonkers.

gingerpuss34, r/GenderCritical 4 Comments [3/4/2018 12:16:01 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 137032

I've fallen into the peaktrans front hole and I just can't believe the madness that has been spewed. Transwomen are now ciswomen with penises? Lesbians not sleeping with transwomen is transphobic and literal violence? Menstruation and vaginas are triggering and cause some transwomen heart palpitations? ANYONE who says they feel like a woman should have access to women's only spaces? And people aren't allowed to question any of this?

The worst thing is that women go to bat for transwomen for woke points and are disrespected in return. So do you think the current state of this movement is sustainable? It's easy to feel powerful when bullying women. Will these ideas be able to survive when men start to experience the same kind of bullying that women do? Will TRAs even go after men? How will men react when the women that they care about start being harrassed? Or will men not care at all, and transwomen will become the new (and improved) ciswomen, while ciswomen with vaginas will be othered?

irleeyore, r/GenderCritical 3 Comments [3/4/2018 12:13:49 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 137014

3 Ways That Simply Being A Man Is The New Counterculture

It’s funny I grew up thinking that every man wanted to be strong and brave with a harem of beautiful women and that masculinity was something to be respected and cultivated in yourself. Perhaps you thought the same, And yet when we look around we find just the opposite happening for most males (not men but males). They are getting weaker, wimpier, fatter, more womanly, and there seems to be a disdain for beautiful women. Whether it’s conservatives attacking something like Hooter’s or a bikini competition and feminists doing the uh exact same damn thing that conservatives do.

There seems to be a war on both strength and beauty (wisdom was killed a long time ago). But anyways back to what we were talking about. I think we’ve always known that I wasn’t average. I don’t say this to be cocky but to state a fact. Just the fact that we lift weights and read books already makes us not average. But I have found (and perhaps you have to) that as times goes on the chasm because us and the average person widens more and more. Simply being a man and improving yourself make you into a counter culture.

Being In Shape

When men come to men for advice on where to start progressing in life there are two main areas that are always addressed. One getting in shape. They don’t have to become pro bodybuilders or anything but they have to be able to develop some strength and be able to throw it around a little. The second is reading books which I’ll cover later. Developed nations keep getting fatter and weaker which is not a good trend. Which would once be way outside the norm is now about average and that’s only getting worse.

Simply getting to the gym and working on yourself already puts you in stark contrast to the “It’s everyone else’s fault” victim olympics culture of modern society. Not having a large gut and estrogen levels through the roof as a man is standing in stark contrast to modern society. Much less if you actually have some muscular development and even more so if that development is the neck, traps, and other “fighting muscles”. Being in shape is being in the masculine counter culture.

Being Masculine

Standing your ground, not backing down, not apologizing for everything, enjoying the fact that you have balls, all stand in stark contrast to the modern world. Where nearly everyone has become an effete wimp or a weasely back stabber. To simply stand on your own two feet and have a sense of honor and pride is nearly unheard of. Much less fighting back when you’re pushed. But that’s how they want it. It’s a lot easier to herd dumb sheep then lions, wolves, and eagles.

Masculinity is attacked and shamed at every corner. Again from both sides of political spectrum. It’s not okay to have balls, it’s not okay to have a fighting spirit, just lay down and take it like everyone else. How dare you oppose being used and screwed over. Have some fire in your heart is a new counter culture. Feeling that deep well of energy that resides in every man but that few ever learn to harness completely if at all. Being masculine is the new counter culture.

Loving Beautiful Women

If you don’t love beautiful women than something is wrong. Woman was created for man. It’s interesting how even those in the masculine self-development side of the internet shame men who appreciate beautiful women. We already get that from the chuches, schools, and governments we don’t need it here. Sure if you are weak and a fool you will not have good experiences with women, but if you understand them for what they are and use them for that purpose then you’ll enjoy your time with them.

A healthy world is a world that is filled with strong men and beautiful women and even more so if the men are also wise. Strength and wisdom are the two traits that are most important for a man to cultivate. Hence why when men first come to me looking to advice lifting weights and reading books are naturally my first two suggestions. Being either and loving beautiful women is being part of the new counter culture.

The New Masculine Counter Culture

To improve yourself daily, to take responsibility for where you’re at in life, and then do something about it puts you in stark contrast to the rest of the world. You are a man in a world of males. You will come against resistance and there will be those who try to shame you for who you are. It’s in your best interest to ignore them and forge your own path. A healthier more masculine one.

Charles Sledge, CHARLES SLEDGE 10 Comments [3/3/2018 7:29:41 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

Quote# 137012

Some Of The Most Insightful Quotes From Chateau Heartiste

Chateau Heartiste is a blog ran by Roissy and is hands down the top game resource in the manosphere. If you want to understand the nature of woman and game, this is the site to go to. Chateau Heartiste and it’s main writer Roissy got their name from a book called The Story of O by Pauline Reage, granted that the best resource for understanding the nature of women took his name from this book I would recommend that you read it. I often reference Chateau Heartiste’s work in the Weekly Roundups as well as in the Quote of the Week section of the roundups. I figured instead of continually having Roissy’s articles as the quote of the week I’d include them here so we can have some other author’s words highlighted. With that being said there are some very illuminating words from Roissy that I would be remiss if I didn’t share with my readers. Below are some of the greatest quotes from the site and my own personal thoughts added in.

Below in the head line I will write what article it is from as well as link it. Under that I will include the part of the article that stood out to me in particular. Below that I will include my own commentary as well as anything I would like to add or disagree with about the quote. After reading this article I would encourage you to read the linked articles in full.

From “The Natural State of Women Is Submission”

“The proposition that women are natural submissives is not new to this blog. It is a core tenet underlying the truth of game. When I say that the natural state of woman is submission, I mean that woman is happiest when she is in a submissive role. Submitting to a worthy overlord. When she is forced to submit to an unworthy ruler — i.e., when her womb is exposed to the threat of beta sperm — or when she finds herself adrift in a sea of weak, apathetic, surrendered men, she is unhappiest, and will lash out furiously to reclaim her prerogative to save her submission for the deserving.”

Many males are confused when a woman balks at the idea of submitting to them. This often happens to wimpy males who then erroneously conclude that women want to be “strong and independent” or whatever the latest buzzword is when in fact she desperately wants to submit just not to a pussy. She wants to submit to a man or a Roissy said an overlord. Think about it like this say you were a soldier in an army and you had two choices between who could lead you into battle. The choices were Leonidas of Sparta of the 300 fame or Barack Obama. One a battled tested masculine warrior the other the definition of a beta male. Now just because you wouldn’t want Obama as your general does this mean you don’t want a general and wish to rush into battle without a leader? Of course not but the leader must be worthy of you. Women want a man they can respect and submit to, they hate boys that they must coddle and look down upon. Women crave submitting the only caveat is that it must be to a man, not a boy, a pussy, or a male but a man. If you don’t understand the difference between those listed do yourself a favor and get a copy of The Primer.

From “The Sexual Frame”

“This is how every man should approach his interactions with women he is turned on by — unapologetically, sensually, instinctually. Civilized norms should hold no sway over your untamed thoughts or the id that fuels them. They are yours to do with as you please and to set the tone of whatever follows. The advantage to having this carnal mindset at all times lies in the power it gives you to draw women into your reality. When a woman is into you she will sense your sexual energy and mirror it…Lead as a man in making no excuses for your libertine nature, and she will follow.”

Attraction, sex, and seduction are biological functions. Sure we have the trappings of civilization surrounding them but it has little overall effect in the outcome. Men are way to apologetic and women are disgusted by it. Look at it this way imagine women were able to change their physical looks moment to moment by the actions that they took. So if she was loud and argumentative her body would suddenly become fat and her hair short. However when she was sweet and submissive her hip to waist ratio would hit the golden ration and her skin brighten. Men have this power. Because their attractiveness to women is based on their actions not their looks. So when a man unapologetic follows his natural biological inclination and pursues a woman she is incredibly turned on by it likewise when a man makes apology for his natural biological inclination she dries up like the Sahara Desert. You can never be too bold or forward with women.

From “One Glaring Difference Between Alpha Males And Beta Males”

“Alpha males are DEMANDING of their women…Women WANT to work for a man’s interest. A man’s respect. A man’s LOVE. A man who challenges women is a man who is rewarded with women’s zeal to please. This is the nature of women…Beta males don’t like to demand anything of anyone, but especially not of women. Strangers, acquaintances, girlfriends, wives; none will ever experience the distinctly female pleasure of deferring and submitting to a man if that man is a fearful, non-confrontational beta male. And over time resentment and contempt will find a home in these women, and their sexual desire will find a home elsewhere.”

Like women are begging for you to pursue them and express your manly desires to them likewise women are begging for men to force them to meet their demands and standards. Women are living in a very unnatural time and are very frustrated because of it. Women need men and masculinity. They always have and they always will. Imagine if a society didn’t have water how weird and desperate the people would act, well Western societies war on masculinity have caused women to go crazy in want of it. Women may say they don’t want men or masculinity or whatever (then again women say anything and everything) but they respond to it like no other. You could go up to a person about to die of dehydration and they may have been brainwashed to say they don’t want water but nevertheless they want water more than anything else. Women are the same way in regards to men and masculinity. They want men who put them in their place and make demands of them. That is what they naturally respond to.

What I have highlighted here is just the beginning of great insights from Chateau Heartiste and I would encourage you to check out many of the old posts. There is a post on the Roosh V Forum titled “The Roissy Reader” that has a collection of Chateau Heartiste’s classic posts I would suggest you start there and work your way down. If you haven’t been exposed to this information yet prepared to have your mind opened and even if you have it always good to have a refresher of timeless truths.

If you have any questions you would like to see answered in a future post send them to me at charlessledge001 (at) gmail (dot) com. If you found value in this post then I would encourage you to share this site with someone who may need it as well as check out my books here. I appreciate it. You can follow me on Twitter here.

Charles Sledge and Chateau Heartiste, CHARLES SLEDGE 11 Comments [3/3/2018 7:29:32 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

Quote# 136998

Feminism is possible because women are fundamentally herd creatures

It’s been routinely observed that women are fundamentally herd creatures, followers who base their social status on the acceptance of other women. In other words, one of their greatest fears is social rejection, and for this reason they are very reluctant to „rock the boat” by openly stating their own views and questioning the motives, acts and beliefs of other women. This sense of sisterhood is probably a creation of evolutionary psychology in women i.e. they lived for long periods in all-female tight-knit social groups and depended on each other for many types of support (like childrearing) for hundreds of thousands of years.

This means that whenever a woman comes into conflict with a man for whatever reason, other women will instinctively side with her regardless of the circumstances – they always play for Team Vagina. Men have no similar sense of „brotherhood”. You don’t see any man saying NAMALT when the discussion is about a man’s deplorable act. They don’t feel they have a sense of common identity with him just because he has a penis. That’s why the MRM can never become the mirror image of the Women’s Movement, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing – life would swiftly become hellish for women if this was otherwise.

In fact, one reason feminism has become so popular among women is because it portrayed a gigantic historical conflict between men and women. Most women believed and still believe that if a movement is opposed by many men and is supported by many other women, it MUST be great. Add to this that feminism has become the dominant ideology of the West, and thus women, being conformists, follow it without wondering why. It has affected the minds of virtually all Western women.

This creates a situation where some women openly support feminism, the majority of women do absolutely nothing to oppose or question it, and a tiny minority criticizes it and then gets routinely mauled by feminist attack dogs. It’s also very telling that probably 95% of the women who question feminism only do so because they noticed that it has adverse effects on…women. I’m sure 90% of women don’t even know or care about the injustice men suffer due to feminism, and 90% of the rest believe they had it coming.

All in all, I can tell you that a woman will massively improve her status among men if she’s willing to openly and actively reject the anti-male behavior of other women and distance herself from such women. It’s a refreshing change.

Anonymous Coward, Godlike Productions 7 Comments [3/2/2018 1:37:38 PM]
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Quote# 136997

It is wickedness for any married woman to put her own education above her husband's will and life. I hear wicked people telling wives not to allow a husband to interfere with their education. THAT IS EVIL!!! If your husband says you don't go to school, YOU DON'T GO! If your husband says to quit college, YOU QUIT! You are accountable to your husband, as unto the Lord Jesus Christ.

David J. Stewart, Jesus is Savior 13 Comments [3/2/2018 1:36:07 PM]
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Quote# 136994

[Image transcript: A man in a blank white mask with the memetic "Shakira" sex doll by his side, and a woman in the also memetic "autistic screeching" pose in the background. The sex doll asks "Master, why is the Organic Female so Angry?", the man replies "Ignore her, baby, she's just jealous". The woman is screaming "Come Back HERE!", "Sex robots normalize violence", "Sex doll [sic] can be raped", "PATHETIC VIRGIN!!", "Sex robots epitomize patriarchy", and "Threat of female independence!".]

[deleted], Reddit - r/MillionDollarExtreme 16 Comments [3/2/2018 1:26:28 PM]
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Submitted By: The Reptilian Jew

Quote# 136992

Have you noticed lately in TV commercials, and on TV in general, that fathers are disappearing? Increasingly, we are seeing a mother and her children, but NO DAD. Observe and you'll see. I just saw a JIFF peanut butter commercial with a mom and her two sons eating at the kitchen table... but NO DAD.

Increasingly we are seeing shows about domestic violence; but you'll rarely see a movie about a lazy, selfish, irresponsible mother (and if you do they always make her look like a victim). Why the bias? Why the hypocrisy? Why the disappearance of fathers? In a word... FEMINISM!

Feminism is a godless monster that aims to demonize fathers, and portray careless and rebellious wives as victims. According to feminist thinking... it's all the husband's fault. Surely men can't be that evil ladies. Feminism is rebellion, plain and simple. Feminism has nothing to do with a woman's rights. This is the grand illusion that feminists have created. Feminism refuses to grant God His rights, or the husband. The Bible instructs wives to OBEY their own husband... “Therefore as the church is subject unto Christ, so let the wives be to their own husbands in every thing” (Ephesians 5:24). Did you read that... “in every thing.”

David J. Stewart, Jesus is Savior 11 Comments [3/1/2018 12:58:02 PM]
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Quote# 136970

I quite like the word 'blackpill' as the titular philosophy is comparable to an actual pill - it might be bitter or difficult to swallow, (as most truths are) but it is necessary.

When someone takes a pill, it's usually because they have no other choice. I mean, it's not like anyone wakes up in the morning and enthusiastically shouts "yay, time for medication!" and it's the same way here. We all used to be somewhat naive and idealistic when we were younger, we believed our parents when they told us that there is someone out there for us and all the movies that depicted an outcast finding love at the end; it's all we knew at the time. But as time went on, society came along and beat those beliefs out of us. And because of that constant disappointment, we had no choice but to accept that looks are all that matter.

So if anyone is to blame for us adopting the blackpill, it's society. (especially females) They molded a bunch of boys who just wanted to be loved into empty shells without a trace of hope.

Minjaze, incels.me 5 Comments [3/1/2018 12:51:16 PM]
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When I was blue pilled I used to be like that. But the black pill ironically saves me from going crazy over women, and gives me the mindset that women should not be trusted. Thus , I stay away from women, knowing they hate me, I in turn stay away from them. I also do not want to become beta buxer so I will disregard women and go monk mode

Yoyo, incels.me 4 Comments [3/1/2018 12:50:57 PM]
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I seriously do hate women. I really hate them with all my heart. Some of us actually hate women. The most of you are stupid fucking retarded young kids under 20 who don't know shit, and fucking think "Oh I got rejected once. I hate women!!!!" or just following the crowd because hating women is a social norm on this site. The truth is the majority of you are pathetic white knight cuck beta faggots who are no different than the people they apparently mock on cuckdit who white knight women. You're all fucking talk. You don't mean shit what you say. The minute a woman pretends to show interest you all go crazy for her.

This site is no fucking different from Lookism, because the same thing happened in that horrendous site as well. All talk. You're all fucking talk. When a woman comes on here I destroy them, and rightfully so. No women can ever be incel and blackpilled, so the fact that most of you pathetic morons were whiteknighting a 16 year old attention seeking cunt who has no idea what "incel" actually is, and whiteknighting and asking some fat ugly bitch "Chewbacca" to stay proves that the majority of you are just fucking pathetic beta orbiters.

Get the fuck out of this forum. Oh and some mods who did white knight these females, you're a beta orbiter as well. Please have your mod powers revoked.

I cannot fucking stand white knights.

anincelforlifelol, incels.me 7 Comments [3/1/2018 12:50:49 PM]
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[Note: Three separate posts, bolding in originals]

List of female PR phrases

I don't wear make up for men I wear it for myself
Translation: I wear makeup to increase my sexual market value and get attention from men but I don't want to admit I'm superficial.

It's not easy to just leave an abusive relationship
Translation: I didn't want to leave him because he was such a chad but now I also want sympathy and attention from you simps.

personality and confidence are most important
Translation: A strong jaw and hunter eyes are most important.

You're not that ugly. Some girl out there will be lucky to have you
Translation: Don't even thinking about dating me or my friends you ugly subhuman, get the fuck away from me.

I like a man with passions and goals
Translation: I like a man who has a lot of money or going to make a lot of money and wagecucks for me.

I'm not even attracted to chad
Translation: I would lick chad's asshole but I'm sub 5 so he probably won't let me anyway.

I have depression
Translation: chad hasn't texted me back


Oh he's just a friend
Translation: He is the back up I keep here in case I want to cheat on you or leave you

The first thing we notice about you is your shoes.
Translation: The first thing we notice about you is your height and face.

I'm not looking for a relationship right now.
Translation: I just want to friendzone you and have you around for emotional support while I look for Chad dick to suck.


You're a creep
Translation: You're ugly and I think you're interested in me. Fat chance.

You're so disrespectful
Translation: You're disrespectful of my prescense because you're ugly

I want to rescue him
Translation: He's a POS but idk because he's chad

I want someone to sweep me off my feet
Translation: Not only do I demand chad but I also demand he be a stellar human being

You don't understand what its like being a woman
Translation: My life is hard because only Brad agreed to fuck me today, not Chad

You're such a nice guy.
Translation: You're ugly. Fuck off.

You're so quiet.
Translation: You're ugly. Fuck off.

You'd be perfect for another girl.
Translation: You're ugly. Bother someone else.

You treat me so much better than Chad.
Translation: Please continue lavishing me in validation while I fuck n' suck an actual human being.

Improve yourself.
Translation: Slave your life away so you can't even think about anything else than being a reliable betabux provider.

Translation: Looking for fuckboys (i.e, Chad)

3 Anonymous Cowards, Godlike Productions 6 Comments [3/1/2018 12:49:14 PM]
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You're incel as fuck if you don't listen to Drake

Seriously if you are out in a social setting and can't hold a decent conversation on Drake's music, every attractive NT young female will immediately think of you as a socially retarded reclusive basement dwelling incel who listens to incel music from bands like Killswitch Engage or My Chemical Romance.

Good luck trying to get a woman if you don't know who Drake is or aren't familiar with his music in 2018.

Anonymous Coward, Godlike Productions 10 Comments [3/1/2018 12:49:00 PM]
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