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Chad has no female friends because females want him to fuck them

Former-Incel-User, r/Braincels 3 Comments [1/9/2019 4:55:56 AM]
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˜˜˜˜˜˜Reminder: If women were you, they'd be incel

That's why it makes my blood boil when they try to lecture us on personality. Foids don't know which way the world is spinning when it comes to personality, or anything at all, really. If a foid switched places with you, as in, body and sexuality (she's now an ugly male attracted to women) she'd be incel as fuck. Any woman, even the most sexually successful gigastacy. The same goes for chad "hey bro, just stop being so pathetic, be alpha" women wouldn't see him as "confident" anymore. Personality means nothing. Your self, your being, your soul, doesn't mean anything to anyone. Just the physical shell counts. Your life was determined out of your control, by sheer chance, and here we are, spending our wholes lives being blamed for it, yet expected to not be resentful of that blame.

Famous truecel Joseph Merrick liked to use this poem

Tis true my form is something odd.But blaming me is blaming God;Could I create myself anew,I would not fail in pleasing you.

Would I, if I could, recreate myself as a chad? Absolutely. I don't want to be letting down my family and having no friends and no future in life. But it's out of my control. Even if I was an angel on the inside it wouldn't change a thing. So I just rot/cope here and take the shit of endless fictional ways people have invented to blame me

CXbYVj336u, r/Braincels 3 Comments [1/9/2019 4:55:53 AM]
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Watch: Slut Airport Meltdown, Telepathic Rapist Saves the Day

Although this isn’t as epic as the psychotic meltdown from the vape shop employee, it has some charm.

Daily Mail:

This is the shocking moment a woman erupts into a furious tirade at a member of staff at an airport in front of horrified passengers.

The passenger, who was scheduled to fly on JetBlue on Sunday, launches a furious verbal attack at the staff member standing behind the desk as he tries to call for help.

Footage, captured at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, Florida, shows the female passenger screaming at the staff member after she was denied entry to the plane due to signs of intoxication.

Saying that normal female behavior is a sign of intoxication is very misogynistic. What the woman in the video does is a symptom of not becoming a mother immediately after their first period.

She threw a tantrum because she’s still a child. Women are in a perpetual state of infancy and the only option they have to evolve their brains a little bit is becoming mothers. The sooner after they first period, the better.

Pregnancy begins changing their brains and best case scenario, it takes their psyche from child-level to teenage-level. Sterilizing themselves through birth control so they can become community flesh toys stunts their growth and denies them their existential purpose. They’re born with the baby-making organs to use them.

Women are baby factories. There’s no way around that. They exist to make babies and operate kitchens. If they were supposed to do other stuff, they wouldn’t have been born with the baby-making organs, and they wouldn’t have been born so weak. Physically and mentally weak.

The further away they get from their purpose, the more corrupted they become.

In the recording, the unnamed woman launches her body above the desk and bellows: ‘God damn it! Who does that to a woman like me. Who?’

As she hoists her body off the ground and onto the JetBlue counter designated as a help desk for Cuba flights she carries on her verbal outburst by calling staff ‘rapists’ and threatening that she has a gun.

She continues: ‘Get me out of here! Get me out of this sick f***ing place! Get me out of here! Get me out of here! I have a f***ing gun on me because I’m homeless!‘

She should insert herself into the music industry. Her first hit could be called A Woman Like Me.

Check out its lyrics:

Get me out of here!
Get me out of here!
Get me out of this sick fucking place
Get me out of here!
Get me out of here!
I have a fucking gun on me because I’m homeless
Get me out!

It has some ring to it doesn’t it? She doesn’t even need to make the lyrics longer or say anything else really. Modern mainstream music is carefully designed by occultists to harvest your energy through low-vibration negative mantras anyways. Most people even physically feel their energy being taken away, the so-called chills, and assume that’s just a feeling people get when the music is good or when they like it very much. Normies are so uninterested in reality…

But yeah, some interesting symbolism in her sayings there.

Fertile women that are not mothers are emotionally homeless because they see no place for their hearts in the world. Deep down they know the reason why they were born the way they were born is so they could bring more babies to the world.

Imagine knowing without a doubt what your life purpose is — what you were made for — and thinking that you can’t or aren’t supposed to fulfill it.

Can you imagine that feeling? That’s what women feel thanks to the relentless Jewish social engineering that has brainwashed them into believing that what they are is not okay and that they should be more like men.

They experience a constant existential crisis.

The infuriated traveler then picks up a large, green duffel bag and walks away.

Walks away for a bit.

If the airport staff hadn’t telepathically raped her, the meltdown could have been much worse. Who knows, maybe she’d have taken out the gun she carries around because she’s homeless and the headlines would have been different.

Rape saved the day.

Pomidor Quixote, Daily Stormer 8 Comments [1/8/2019 3:31:00 PM]
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How I am a victim of the sexual revolution

You all know about my fetish about women’s asses in trousers especially jeans. Bizarre fetishes have been on the rise as a result of the horrible sexual revolution, in fact my fetish seems mild compared to other fetishes people have.

The aspect of the sexual revolution that gave me the fetish is the unnatural sexualization of women’s asses. It is unnatural because it does not aid in reproductive purposes and also because the ass is the most disgusting part of the body as it releases gas and shit. Women’s asses have been sexualized in clothing advertising where they show off their asses in jeans, and sluts also show off their asses in jeans on the internet as sexual enticement.

So I advize you if you have sons is to teach them to have normal sexual attractions to women’s vagina’s and boobs and prevent them from getting aroused by women’s asses. If you have daughters, teach them to not shake their asses because it is both a sexual sin of enticement, and because it causes boys to have unnatural arousels.

Jacob Harrison, FSTDT Forums 12 Comments [1/8/2019 5:33:17 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

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Left wing females love for Islamic countries proves that they’re just brainless robots

So I love Islamic countries. But the thing is all these super left wing feminist women love them when these countries/religion stand for everything they hate. In Islamic countries women have essentially no rights and are just child havers, lgbt is illegal, etc. I love Islam because of the control of women, the fact that these feminist women love it just proves that they’re just going along with popular sentiment. They support the things that go against everything they believe just because they’re supposed to. Females are robots

I really can't understand this, back in my day everyone was an atheist and was all 'fuck religion the world would be better without it' and was all up in arms about christianity for opposing gay marriage and abortions. I guarantee even the 'moderate, progressive' muslims that grew up in first world countries also oppose gay marriage and abortion and honestly they probably oppose shit they love like alcohol too but they you don't see them shitting on them at the mere mention like they do with christians. I mean jesus can you imagine if saudi arabia was christian and they were doing the shit that they do there? Christians would be getting soo much shit even though the first-world christians are pretty docile and would never dream of actually hurting anyone

I live in islamic country and the way women are treated here is 24/7 life fuel

Also, there are foids here who actually stand against women rights, fucking NPCs they believe women don't deserve rights (which is true) but not because they're thinking logically, it's only because they were told so.

Libtards will side with anybody who hates the west.

Anyone with slightly darker skin this is how I know modern progressivism is racist against whites.

some incels, r/Braincels 7 Comments [1/8/2019 5:33:13 AM]
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>"Face it anon."
>"I'm a lesbian."
>"No matter how hard you try, you can't change who I am."

Sorry I can't hear you with all the

That's now what you said when you had my dick in your mouth last night

>proceeds to rape until she likes the dick
this is the only way out for a scum sucking lesbian

Maybe I won't, but a load of buckshot can you disgusting carpetmuncher.

Anonymous, /mlp/ 11 Comments [1/8/2019 5:28:22 AM]
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I'm interviewing new candidates at work tomorrow, two of them are foids...

I have already ripped their resumes in half and thrown them in the trash. But I'm going to make them come in anyway and pretend like they have a shot just to waste their time! Lol. Dumb foid bitches, they're not gonna like having to communicate with somebody as ugly as me, no doubt they will fake a smile and then call their whore friends after they leave to tell them about their ordeal.

This is morally wrong man.

I have checked them out on facebook, they seem to have a good time posting pictures with their chad bf's, fuck them.

embarrassed_hermit18, r/Braincels 14 Comments [1/7/2019 5:31:55 AM]
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I was at Walmart and overheard two girls talking, average 5s. One of them said “Seriously, I’ve NEVER been asked out.” The other one said something like “you know that’s not true!” Then the other girl said “Ok let me rephrase that. I’ve never been asked out by guys who matter.” I almost couldn’t believe my ears

My female teen cousin blackpilled me at the beach. She told me bullshit like "I will spend my life alone teehee". I said why and she replied "they are many guy who like me, but the guy I want don't"

Later at home she was talking with my mom and I heard my mom ask her if there was potential bf at the beach. She replied there was no good looking guy at all.

I saw good looking teen boys at the beach but she didn't.

What a fucking world.

LeTangue, r/Braincels 8 Comments [1/7/2019 5:31:52 AM]
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Friendly reminder that Elliot Rogers was a whiny little fakecel edgelord faggot who just wanted attention.

Nobody ever cared because he was an actual waste of a human being.

That faggot was the worst and whiniest kind of volcel. "Unrealistic standards" gets tossed around a lot but he was delusional and unwilling to settle for anything less than a 10/10 blonde California Stacy.

But of course he's one of the first names brought up when normies reference incels, because that fits their narrative better than hundreds of quiet loners who never hurt a fly until they rope before they hit 30.

notreallyinceliswear, r/Braincels 3 Comments [1/7/2019 5:31:47 AM]
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Quote# 141882

Fagot, if you were born a man , you can't "identify as " what you want, you are a man. If you were born a foid you can't be the superior gender , you will be a sperm deposit forever even if you lock your holes .

I used to think cucks were the worst people in the world .

I still think that . Trannies can't even be considered people .

akjj123, r/Braincels 2 Comments [1/7/2019 5:31:43 AM]
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Quote# 141881

Don't trans people at least have each other? I mean, an MtF and FtM look suitable, don't they? Or do they despise each other normally?

The most hilarious and revealing thing about degenerates is that despite their endless virtue signalling, sexually they are repulsed by each other (only lack of options will force them to date their own).

Gays and Trannies practically worship straight white masculine men.

Mgtow_Maester, r/Braincels 5 Comments [1/7/2019 5:31:36 AM]
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Quote# 141876

I was banned from r/asktransgender for asking why its bad to reject a trans person but why it isn't bad to reject a man who isn't a certain height

The hypocrisy is unreal. Fucking hell. I hate the double standards. God, the one thing that comforts me is that those hypocritical losers end up with a high murder and suicide rate compared to other demographics.

They want to dismiss "patriarchal preferences" but when it comes to dismissing their own "patriarchal preferences", they ban you for it.

You expect mentally ill people to give you reasonable and well thought off answers?

I expected some common ground (being rejected for what they think is "genetic" and men being rejected for something that is literally genetic"). too much to ask for

Trannies are gross mutilated creatures. They need psychological help but instead they get doctors who indulge them in their solutions in return for lots of good ol’ $$$

Doctors are unethical as fuck. I dont trust therapists for this reason too. They are just in it for the money. The only good therapist is a loving girlfriend or boyfriend

One of the removed comments in the thread was

I personally don't think theres anything wrong with not wanting to date trans people. This might be controversial to say but I only date guy with money who are taller then me

even trannies can be that picky? it’s so fucking overrrr


I found this yesterday


Romantic relationships are one of the most important sources of social support for adults. The fact that most cis people would not consider trans people as potential dating partners is yet another serious risk factor for increased psychological and physical health problems among the trans population.

How does this not apply to incels too?

looksmaxxingcurry & apoptosiscel, r/Braincels 1 Comments [1/7/2019 5:30:17 AM]
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Quote# 141870

Re: OMG dRaKe Is A pEdOpHiLe

A man attracted to a girl literally at the peak of her attractiveness?

Why, I never

Why is it so wrong to be attracted to fully developed women? Female puberty, the process of physical changes through which a child's body matures into an adult body capable of sexual reproduction, ends at 14 according to science (https://www.girlshealth.gov/body/puberty/timing.html). Then why is it wrong to be sexually attracted to the visual image of girls aged 14+? In many developed western countries the age of consent is around that.

Jfl at Americans thinking 17 year olds are innocent children who barely know what a pee pee is.

It's not pedophilia to fuck 17 or even 14 year old. Any man who isn't attracted to 17 year old girl with big tits is a faggot.

some incels, r/Braincels 4 Comments [1/7/2019 5:29:35 AM]
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Re: Millionaire betabux cucked for 20+ years into raising his roastie's 3 boys. The revalation was made when he found out that he was infertile since birth due to a genetic condition.

He raised them for over 20 years, to damn with genetics he's still their father. Why can't he do the adult thing and repair his relationship with the boys, why does he care so much about his genes, his name is being passed on anyway.

Can't he settle the matter quietly instead of dragging his children's names into the mud with him .

no, he's the guy that was tricked by a whore into babysitting and paying for all their shit

to damn with genetics he's still their father.

IT cucks in a nutshell.

just swallow the fact that you invested decades of your existence and resources in offspring that are not your own, bro.

Just be a literal cuck bro

That’s what you want, right? To never be held accountable. Well fuck you, he can do it, and he should do it. Thots like the whore these kids call mother need to be shamed publicly.

She should be held accountable for the deception... but he is just as descpicable wtf is he doing? Basically saying unless they came from my sperm, my "name" won't live on. Lmao what an arrogant prick what about all the other men who are infertile or gay couples who can't have their own children naturally

He raised them thinking they were his, but they’re not. They don’t contain his genetic material, so they’re not his kids. Every organism wants to spread their genes, that is the purpose of life. It’s selfish, yes. But so are all of us.

We aren't animals, we not to be more evolved.

Of course sweetheart, you’re special <3

Easy for the mother to say, maybe.

He got fucked over.

Bet the real dad is pissing himself laughing over all this.

Or sitting in fear wondering when his children/ex-lover are gonna knock on the door asking for money. Or if the scumbag is married wondering how this news may affect his family. Men need to learn to keep in their pants.

The men who can't keep it in their pants are also the ones getting laid.

It must be because they respect women and watch films with strong female protagonists.

some incels, r/Braincels 4 Comments [1/7/2019 5:29:24 AM]
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Re: One of the best black pill summary videos about what the baby boomers took from us

I agree with most of this (minus the religious stuff).

Baby boomers are some of the most hypocritical and evil people on the planet. Full stop. Their very existence is a fucking sin. What they took from me is different from what was taken from you, but it still stands that they stole our fucking happiness from all of us.

They ransacked our economy, made ludacris college debt normal, made houses impossible to afford, jobs now have ridiculous requirements to complete to even have a chance at them, and the list goes on and on.

For my own mother (a baby boomer) didn't let me get treatment for my gender dysphoria when it would have fucking made a difference. She forced me into inceldom.

I normally don't do hate posts, but if I saw a baby boomer get what they deserve I would laugh in their fucking face and spit on them at the same time.

I'll be honest. I have some sympathy for women when bad things happen to them. I have zero for baby boomers.

ImprovingCel, r/Braincels 1 Comments [1/7/2019 4:57:52 AM]
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Quote# 141861

Should I become Tyrone (serious post)?

I'm a tranny that's tired of being alone and bitter over not being able to pass as a girl. I think I should just give up my dreams of being a passing female because I'll just remain a man-woman-harambe hybrid thing if I keep chasing the unobtainable. I also don't like the trans community (quite frankly they're cucked beyond belief). It's clear to me now that my dream of being a woman died when I was denied hormones during the time when it could have made a difference.

I could become Tyrone with alot of work, and effort. I can easily do it though it would be the ultimate suifuel. Im 6'1, with a good "male" frame, somewhat of a good face (somewhat babyfaced), decent hair (I'm mixed) and light skin. So honestly potential is there, I just need to lose the weight and build muscle.

It would be the biggest source of suifuel but at least I wouldn't be alone (by this I mean having friends, not losing my V-card) anymore. I would still be angry all the time but at least I wouldn't be a loser and people would respect me since I'm Tyrone (and focused on my future).

ImprovingCel, r/Braincels 5 Comments [1/7/2019 4:57:47 AM]
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Quote# 141860

[The one in quote tags is ImprovingCel]

why do even trans men have it easier in life than trans women?

seriously, trans women have to train their voice, pump themselves with estrogen for significantly longer than trans men to have an effect, won't have clothes they can wear as a woman unless they want to look like a shitty butch dyke, etc

meanwhile trans men have to be on testosterone for like 8 months before they start seeing an effect and can just wear androgynous clothes. and even then they don't have to be tall to get a woman because they're probably exclusively dating other trans people or thirsty lgbt people. JFL it's over for transcels

Huh?? Are you brain damaged? Women have it better trans or not. You think any decent women is interested in a guy without a real dick? Who is also very feminine because shes actually a female? LOL

I was saying it's easier for cis women to transition.

It is


AHahahahhahahaha are you dellusional???? This is so cope. Tranny women have it harder trust me. Hormones don't work on us once you're past puberty.

Signed, a nonpassing subhuman tranny

I'm passing. But it took >3 years for me to get anywhere close to passing.

Meanwhile there's this acquaintance I have who's a trans guy and has been passing since a few months into T JFL.

Nandato??????? You're trans and passing? How could you possibly be incel?

Formerly incel.

You're so lucky, I want to rope so bad


Tbh it's over for us trannycels if you can't pass. I plan on roping when I hit 30.

retardmaxxedcel & ImprovingCel, r/Braincels 0 Comments [1/7/2019 4:57:37 AM]
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Quote# 141859

Re: Trannymaxxing is a pointless if you can't pass.

Everyone's so accepting of FtM, but when a man does something, he is perverted or mentally ill. Either that or you become their poster child like Bruce.

fuckin lol. radfems hate guys who try to be girls too.


its funny how the sjw's are kinda eating themselves alive.

This. Women hate trans in general, but they especially hate the ones that pass and are pretty.

It's worse than pointless. Continuing with transition while knowing you won't be able to pass is one of the worst things a human being can do to themselves. It's one of those "regret everyday for the rest of your life until you off yourself" decisions. The worst part is eventually having to confront the fact that there is nobody to blame for how things turned out but yourself. For being so stubborn in the face of the entire world trying to make it known to you in every conceivable way (gentle and forceful) that you are being delusional. It's like being warned a million times by a million different strangers to not go down a certain road and choosing to go down it anyway. You are going to get eaten alive. If you can't pass, I strongly you stop transitioning. Look into detransitioning resources and try to find some real psychiatric support (not some "gender counselor"). Don't become another casualty of the gender war.

I'm already on the path to the rope and becoming a failed tranny statistic. I hate myself too much to live. I'll never forgive women for what they've taken from me.

Why can't you stop, detransition, and do something else with your life? Literally anything is better than the road you're on now. You have nowhere to go but up from here. Stop this foolishness, swallow your pride and admit you made a mistake. It's not a big deal, growing up in today's complicated ass world is tough and it's easy to get led down the wrong path. Don't die a freak, assuming you haven't had any surgery yet it's not too late to save yourself.

some incels, r/Braincels 0 Comments [1/7/2019 4:57:23 AM]
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Quote# 141857

Re: Proposed Pennsylvania sentencing algorithm to use sex to determine sentencing

Thanks to Phyllis Schlafly it's still OK to discriminate by gender.

Only in one direction of course. They wouldn't dare apply the same actuarial risk analysis to health insurance, retirement, income tax etc.

Women are financial parasites.

The report literally notes that if they stop giving free "low risk" points to women for being women, then it results in more women being classified as high risk. They also note, incredulously, that the classifications for men (who receive no "low risk points") are unchanged.

Fucking idiots.

Two blatant

Removing gender has a marginal impact on the accuracy of the sentence risk assessment instrument. Overall, the accuracy rate is still moderate to strong and the accuracy of low and high risk predictions remain essentially the same. However, removing gender results in fewer females classified as low risk and more females classified as high risk.

This argument makes no sense. There are saying that men are more likely to be considered "high risk" because they are more likely to comment violent crimes, but this makes no sense because the individual factors of a case would be obviously evident during the trial. There isn't a need to calculate a risk

It's completely unfair because it would automatically apply to people regardless of their crime; so a man would have an automatically higher sentence even if he commits a non-violent crime. It's completely illogical and unjust.

The racial component, btw, is written as to increase the risk factor for white suspects, So really, this is written to maximum punishment and sentences for white males. White men will automatically receive the harshest possible treatment. However, of course, all men are affected by the male component. A man will be punished in court simply for being a man, regardless of circumstance.

Note how unnecessarily convoluted the language and wording are- this is done intentional to mask an intentionally bigoted and disingenuous idea. This is a stepping stone towards a dystopian and segregated society.

some MRAs, r/MensRights 1 Comments [1/7/2019 4:57:02 AM]
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Quote# 141856

[Highlights from their second thread on this article]

Re: Men are more disadvantaged than women in the UK, US and most of Europe, scientists claim

Because it's an awful measurement used.

It's certainly superior to that of the feminist WEC and UN indexes, which don't even taken into account areas in which males are behind females in a particular area. In fact the WEC index actually portrays female superiority as "more equal". So this is at least a step in the right direction.

However it's flawed. The paper doesn't really get into the institutional oppression of males in western nations and focuses mainly on health. It doesn't mention MGM, discrimination against boys in school, institutional discrimination against males in the family and criminal courts, the constant hate campaigns against males in the media, the demonization of male sexuality, discrimination against white men in the workplace, discrimination against homeless men in shelter access, complete lack of reproductive rights, curtailments of due process rights, paternity fraud, male victims of domestic and sexual violence etc. etc.

Basically it just scratches the surface. But yeah, still vastly superior to feminist attempts at measuring "gender equality", which are completely fraudulent if not downright bizarre.

Take some of this with a grain of salt.

no doubt men are disadvantaged in many areas, but some of their overall data is flawed.

take their example of saudi arabia:

The researchers said the gravest disadvantage facing men was often heath, particularly in countries with high levels of alcohol consumption, which tends to lower men’s lifespan.


For women, the disadvantages are strongly related to education.

one is not like the other, and comparing the two are dumb as shit.

for men, its our own faults that are holding back (in saudi arabia not else where). where as women's one is institutionalized

Males suffer institutional oppression in almost every area of western life. Boys can have their genitals legally mutilated, causing hundreds of deaths every year; boys suffer institutional discrimination in schools (see CH Sommers "The War Against Boys"; also we now known that female teachers mark boys down by an average of 20 percent for the same work); males in college are routinely denied due process rights when accused of some crime by a woman; entire departments in universities are devoted to demonizing males and male sexuality; countries like Canada are literally attempting to reverse due process in rape cases; "female only" scholarships and programs continue despite women making up a strong (and growing) majority on college campuses; men are twice as likely to be arrested and charged when they commit a crime and receive on average 60 percent longer prison sentences; male victims of sexual violence by women rarely receive justice; men are profiled as pedophiles when they want to work with children; white men suffer institutional discrimination in the workplace due to affirmative action and corporate "diversity" measures; males have zero reproductive rights; males routinely suffer discrimination in the family courts, and are sometimes denied access to their children due to false accusations (which are hardly ever punished); though men pay the majority of taxes (females have a net drain on the tax system) nearly all gender-specific programs by government cater to females; much more money is spent on female health care than male health care; male victims of domestic violence are routinely arrested for domestic violence; I could go on indefinitely.

So yeah, you have it exactly backwards. Women suffer from social issues, mostly based on their choices, but it is males that suffer institutional oppression.

The third world is a different ballgame. It's difficult to get accurate information in part because feminist organizations only concentrate on areas in which females are allegedly disadvantaged.

Even in "patriarchical" countries (eg Saudi Arabia) you can find clear evidence of male institutional oppression. Eg men being thrown in prison if they lose their job and can't support their wives; men being treated much more harshly by the criminal justice system (which, again, is an example of institutional discrimination); males being considered expendable (whether in wars or the workplace or even leisure activities -- eg until a few years ago in Saudi Arabia boys as young as 4 were forced to become "camel jockeys" and would frequently die as a result); male victims of sexual and domestic violence being completely ignored (in many cases the law doesn't even conceive of female sexual assault as a crime, even if the victim is if a boy); and so on.

The much higher rates of male alcoholism are undoubtedly related to institutional discrimination, not in every case, but many.

The world filled with female middle management is discriminating against the male gender. It is happening in the West because the rsst of the world has not filled its office management and HR departments with women. The lesson to learn here is that a woman is a sexist and by giving them power to decide who gets what they give to other women and let the men do without. It must end or chaos will ensue.

Woman have always been more privileged than men. They point to kings and act as if that represents men at large.

Let's not forget women by and large did not want the vote in the early 20th century because they didn't want that responsibility.

Let's also not forget that women are by and large more pro-life than men.

If you want your cause taken seriously, I wouldn't recommend saying stuff like this.

There are two types of people in this world.

Those who don't care about facts or realities, only the feeling or emotion conveyed.

Those who don't care about feeling or emotions conveyed, only the facts and realities.

Most men fall into that second group, whereas most women fall into the first. Someone once said for men communication is all about content, for women it's context. So this is what makes it hard for women to take MRAs seriously. We are all about conveying the facts that make people feel uncomfortable, and women don't like the fact that it makes them feel uncomfortable, so they ignore it. It doesn't change the fact that these are in fact facts. And I will never apologize for stating what is demonstrably true.

Probably because white women usurped affirmative action, meant for minorities who were historically oppressed, and are usually the most underqualified people found in the workplace.

Another reason could be because feminists successfully infiltrated HR departments nationwide and mostly focus on getting women into the board rooms and high level positions of Corporate America, a place they did not build.

If you want your cause taken seriously, I wouldn't recommend saying stuff like this.

The part about voting is actually true. Feminists were pushing for the right to vote, but many women were fighting against it, since it also meant they would be eligible to be drafted to war. Of course men ultimately protected them from that responsibility, and died by the millions while women stayed at home.

We did it boys! We beat feminism.

Yep. Just like we did in the mid-70s when we proved parity in DV/IPV./s

I can see feminists explaining that it's because of patriarchy and toxic masculinity.

some MRAs, r/MensRights 1 Comments [1/7/2019 4:51:35 AM]
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Quote# 141855

[They have two threads about this article, here are the highlights from the first one.]

Re: Men are more disadvantaged than women in the UK, US and most of Europe, scientists claim | Metro News

We were right after all, then.

They aren't measuring most of the issues either. I wonder how the "women don't go to prison for the same crimes" thing slots in to this?

Nope. This is still biased towards women's issues. Further do they count "domestic technology" in the education category? When a household is producing 70% of a family's material wealth and living, how can you possibly say that being able to run it isn't an important skill?

Actually, our "allies" at Sargon of Akkad's subreddit got pissed off at this study because it concluded that women ain't so oppressed in Saudi Arabia. And right-wingers and shitlords love to think that women are oppressed in Saudi Arabia.

As others have noted this study only scratches the surface. For example there is nothing about MGM, boys being more likely to suffer abuse, institutional discrimination against boys in the education system; there is nothing about the feminist war on hetero male sexuality, family courts, criminal courts etc. etc.

However it's definitely a step in the right direction.

The new measure has thrown up some strange results. For instance, it rated Saudi Arabia as having a high level of ‘gender parity’, which suggests men and women live reasonably equal lives.

This is because of a 7% disadvantage for women in education and a 5% disadvantage for men in life satisfaction. But in 2016, the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Report placed Saudi Arabia at a dismal 141 out of 144 countries for gender parity.

I have long been getting downvoted for suggesting that -- as bizarre as it at first sounds -- highly patriarchal countries may be more gender egalitarian than feminist societies, because both sexes suffer discrimination in different ways. In feminist societies the discrimination (and indeed unrelenting abuse) flows mainly in one direction.

The authors of the study suggest that we need to focus on men's health in developed countries and women's education in non-developed countries. They ignore the fact that we have an educational crisis in hour own house -- discrimination against boys.

As for "health", including mental health and addiction issues (especially alcoholism) a lot of this derives from the institutional oppression of men in western countries. If I lost my kids and half my stuff and was forced to pay alimony and lost my job to an affirmative action hire etc. I might drink myself to death too.

" highly patriarchal countries may be more gender egalitarian than feminist societies..."

I don't doubt it. In the UK, male dominated governments have always given preferential treatment to female citizens, and it should be perfectly obvious by now that female dominated governments will do the same only far more so.

I think the research presented is an interesting way to view gender inequality, but the headline is inflammatory.

We aren't trying to take the title of ‘most disadvantaged’, it isn't a competition between social groups or between genders.

Men and women suffer in a different ways for different things. The research brings light to men's issues that perhaps aren't always considered by the wider consumer. Saying we are ‘more disadvantaged’ is a quick way to alienate the movement.

I just don't think it's fair to quantify a plethora complex social issues and present a league table of the most oppressed groups. We all have our problems, we should strive to recognise that, not compete.

There's no contest. Males are institutionally oppressed in every major area of western life. Females are institutionally privileged in every major area of western life. Feminists do themselves no favors by pretending otherwise. The longer this goes on and the worse it gets the worse the blowback will be. Either they come to grips with reality and start supporting MRA's or the far right will correct the problem for them.

Brother, come on. I fully support and recognise the issues men face. I face them too, that's exactly why I'm here. But you can't outright deny women's issues. You can't say they're privileged in every area, that just totally invalidates everything they experience as women. Our problems coexist and deserve just as much attention as each other. No more or less.

This shouldn't be about flipping the script and painting women as the oppressor and men as the oppressed. It should be about levelling the playing field for everyone.

I don't consider women "oppressors." Feminists are certainly oppressive.

And I used the word "major". Women certainly have gender based problems and disadvantages. But they are not institutionally oppressed like males, at least not in modern western nations.

If Trump wasn't elected I'm pretty sure we'd have reached a tipping point already.

This was part of my thinking during the election. I felt like Trump had enough corruption red flags to possibly make people say enough is enough and Hillary had enough aggressive misandry to make people say enough is enough. When people asked my opinion on the election, I said the worst crisis would be us electing either of them, but the backlash might push the nation in the right direction.

some MRAs, r/MensRights 0 Comments [1/7/2019 4:51:27 AM]
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"One of the most repulsive"

And yet has a girlfriend, which imbeciles like passerby and pharaoh will never ever ever have. I mean, for all their wisdom about women you'd expect them to be just a bit more successful that I was? Instead I already have my third girlfriend and had sex with 6 different women if you count just consensual.

Let me put it to you this way

Caamib - 3 girlfriends, 6 sexual partners (if you just count consensual)

Passerby - 0 girlfriends, 1 possible, but not confirmed sexual partner (he was too drunk), which is basically zero since he doesn't even remember even if it happened.
Pharaoh- 0 girlfriends, 0 zero times he had sex.

Women in their countries and their prime minister approved importing a bunch of rapists who know what women want exactly because men like Passerby and Pharaoh are too pathetic and these women want strong Muslim men to breed them.

And these guys are giving somebody advice !

"and least aware (self or otherwise) people"

Oh? And what am I not aware of? I mean, I can't be less aware than these two with the facts I just mentioned? Hahahahaha

caamib, FSTDT comments 15 Comments [1/5/2019 10:31:42 AM]
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The social science backs up common sense and observation concerning the terrible social policy of encouraging women to work outside the home rather than marry and raise children.


Whatever the theoretical benefits of doubling the percentage of women in the workforce were, the material costs to society have dramatically exceeded them. This is not about women working per se, as one-third of women have always worked, but the change since 1950 is that most young marriage-age women now work so that old men can collect Social Security, watch TV, and play golf instead of working as they always had before.

The results have been not merely dyscivic and dysgenic, but downright dyscivilizational. And regardless of what you think on the matter, it is clear that a society which encourages widespread female education and employment is not sustainable and is guaranteed to collapse sooner rather than later.

Vox Day, Vox Popoli 4 Comments [1/5/2019 10:31:23 AM]
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Carlson must have been reading manosphere blogs recently and swallowed a few Crimson Pills on his journey to becoming the real-est Realtalker on the TelaViv, because in his latest show he drops a truth bomb so big it caused feminists to shriek themselves to death.


No joke, I would vote for a Carlson/Coulter presidential ticket. There are few people who could trigger the shitlib gooniverse harder than does Trump, but Carlson might achieve it, and he does it with smarts and sureness of belief.

His main point — that cratering male wages in traditionally male occupations have reduced men’s marriage market value in the rural areas and small towns which voted heavily for Trump, contributing to a host of current social ills in those areas — is spot on, and something that we here at the Chateau have been banging on about for a long time.

When the State replaces men as the primary provider for women, then women, in effect, will marry the State (and fuck around with charming, undependable cads). Compassion creates more cads.

Carlson has broached the subject of female hypergamy — the third rail of sociosexual analysis — and the femcunts and soyboy lickspittles don’t like it.

In short, men date across and down, women date across and up. Men are primarily attracted to women’s looks, women are primarily attracted to men’s social and financial status (especially for long-term commitments). When men lose status, their women lose desire for them.

The beating heart of the Trump vote was a howl from men who have experienced an SMV decline — sexual and social market value declines brought upon them by anti-White pro-Diversity agitprop and nonWhite dispossession, the disappearance of male-oriented occupations that don’t require a facility with sitting still in an office chair all day, and the cheapening of their labor by foreign invaders scabs invited in at the behest of greedy corporate oligarchs.

And, as Carlson said, almost word-for-word recapping posts written at the Chateau, the female hypergamous instinct may be distasteful to contemplate, but it’s not going anywhere soon, because the sexes have innately competing reproductive goals. A smart, sane society understands this, and works to leverage the beneficial effects of that instinct rather than encourage its worst aspects.

Thankfully, Trump has managed to turn it around, a little. The manufacturing industry posted the biggest job gains in twenty years in 2018.


On the downside, there are still too many gains in education, health services, and hospitality, which translates to dead weight gibs for women and migrants, which ultimately has a corrosive effect on the marriage market for White men.

I would have to see the percentage gains for each occupational group over the last few years to determine if this is a blip or a real and lasting course correction. It’s great that manufacturing jobs have increased, but if the increase in Shrike Jobs is larger then the gains in manufacturing, than the benefits from the latter will be swamped by the negative consequences of the former.

A successful realization of MAGA means the top two occupation groups are at the bottom, and at least six of the bottom eleven occupation groups storm the top of the jobs gain chart.

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[Re: E3 2017 being opened to the general public]

Others, however, were hoping that this would be a short-lived exercise in pro-consumerism, hoping desperately that the legs of opportunity would close shut tight on gamers in years to come.

Other SJWs found it to be a mistake, a blasphemous call for the hydra of consumerism to emerge from the far corners of the interwebs; a stake to the heart of game journalism’s oligarchy; a raping of the gated clique that once controlled the foyer of information that lactated from the bulbous PR udders dangling from the publishers’ visceral bloat that drips begrudgingly through the sphincter of the media and out through the curdled lips of their blogs.

Gamers’ milky victory secreted onto the tongue of SJWs’ pride, languishing there like a badge of honor that can’t be rinsed away; all while the pole of ethics lodged its way down the orifice of corruption, filling the gaping hole with improved policies and updated disclosures, changing the landscape of media journalism forever.

Billy D, One Angry Gamer blog (via Archive.org) 4 Comments [1/5/2019 10:29:43 AM]
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