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This op turns me off. Lesbians used to be hot, but feminism ruined them for me

In what way?

When he realized half of them, or more, are only dykes playing at being into each other because they hate real men, hate femininity, yet also want to be men.

The other half are curious girls pulled into abusive relationships by the self-hating man-dykes.

Anonymous, /mlp/ 2 Comments [2/22/2019 1:39:39 PM]
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I saw a story of a guy who was teaching in a college, after a girl left he started dating her. Apparently they hooked up once before she officially left. He got fired and his life was ruined. She was like in her early 20s and he was in his 30s and they called him a creepy pedophile and he had to travel across multiple states to find a new job.

He actually married the girl and they stayed together and seemed to have a pretty good life. Yet there was a story of a 34 year old female teacher who fucked an 11... ELEVEN year old boy and the media TOOK HER SIDE AND SAID SHE WAS BEING IMPRISONED FOR FALLING IN LOVE. (They even interviewed her sympathetically on Good Morning America) Bill Maher even said it on his show, he defended her. She got pregnant when he was 14 and he had to start paying child support at 18.

If he misses payments or can't pay he'll go to prison. For not paying his RAPIST. "Hey what are you in for? I DIDN'T PAY MY RAPIST. SHE RAPED ME WHEN I WAS A CHILD AND NOW I'M PAYING HER." LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL at anyone who says this society discriminates against women.

Studies show that women grade tests lower if a boy's name is written on the front.

I guess the exception is if they let them get away with pedophilia. Dat empathy, social intelligence and higher morality hard at work again.

elephant__dick, r/Braincels 6 Comments [2/20/2019 3:10:17 PM]
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If you fuck a girl in the ass, that's gay. You've got a pussy and an asshole staring at you, side by side. If you choose the ass, there's no doubt you're a repressed homosexual. What difference does it make if it's a man's ass or a girl's ass? Ass is always ass.

Philosophy Zombie, Kiwi Farms 9 Comments [2/20/2019 2:35:18 PM]
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"You can make up for a small dick by eating pussy and fingering" Meanwhile, this girl has the most pleasure in her life, the first time that she orgasms from only penetration, because a guy's dick reached the bottom of her vagina

The reason why women find it hard to get off on vaginal penetration alone is that usually most dicks aren't good enough for them and most men aren't Chad. Meme gender.

Some women have it difficult to cum from penetration, the other women have partners with big cocks.

I am not kidding, women who can't cum from only penetration have clearly never tried a hot guy with a big dick. Regular penetration does give women orgasms, but only if you're hot and have a big wang.

There are websites and subreddits BY WOMEN dedicated to worshipping big cocks. Why? Because hot guy with big dick >>>>>>>>> any amount of pussy-eating and fingering.

Genetics > "sKIlLs"

Studies keep showing that when it comes to giving women orgasms, physical characteristics >>>>>>>>>>>> skills or practice

Handsome face, tall height, good proportions, big cock. Everything else is MEANINGLESS.

SomeTurdInTheWind, r/Braincels 5 Comments [2/20/2019 12:08:24 PM]
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Please help, I can’t stop stealing your looksmatch ricecel lurkers

What a retard. any man wanting to reproduce with a Mongofoid is flushing his genes down the toilet. Asian men are much better looking than noodlewhores and have the common sense to date out, while idiots like this are probably facially 2/10 and have to use a combination of their height and race to snag the worst type of foid.

He might legitimately be a pedo. The deliberate seeking out of neotenous features and extreme difference in stature? Suspicious indeed...

Peter Scully, one of the most notorious pedos of all time and the creator of an extremely sick video (Daisy's Destruction) that is a legend on the dark web, had Mongofoid girlfriends and purportedly fathered some hapa children.

Have you ever met a mentally normal Mongofoid enthusiast? All of them seem completely evil in ways we can't comprehend.

You're right, the evidence is everywhere. The second largest demographic with the most white supremacists aside from white men are not white women, but asian women. I bet there does not exist a single asian supremacist woman, not that we'd want that anyways. Supremacists are truly nuts.

Bro just date asian men

Asian men are more facially attractive than Mongofoids, not even kidding. Some of the saggy fat 80 year old expired mayos in Thailand will swear up and down they're not gay but still knowingly date a ladyboy. Noodlewhores are just that unpalatable that trannies are preferable.

Wouldn't that make sense though, if the men are more attractive? Get as much worth out of your money.

That's what I was saying. Black foids are stereotyped as the least desirable but they are actually more attractive than Mongofoids and more tolerable too. Anyone who has a Mongofoid mom knows how bad the incessant nagging and guilt tripping can get. The only reason anyone contacts Mongofoids on dating apps is because they're the sluttiest and easiest.

Date out?

Asian men can get mayowhores and beanwhores, and sometimes sandwhores and currywhores. Now that China is colonizing Africa they can also get nigwhores if they are desperate and willing to relax their standards. Even Aborigine foids are more tolerable than Mongofoids.

BrazilianEnema, r/Braincels 4 Comments [2/20/2019 12:07:24 PM]
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Men liked femininity in the 90's.

Its 2019 though and today feminine energy is repulsive to men who associate it with weakness and dependency.

Im 30 but people think Im 18 because I look so young. Ive seen huge changes in society. As much as men claim to hate feminism and want feminine women they dont. They used to. I used to have men eating out of the palm of my hand. The past 8 years men are very hostile and hateful towards me. I’ve been rejected more times than I can count for fat, aggressive and rude women. I’m 5'4'’, 110 pounds, hourglass but my breasts are only a 32b, super feminine voice, love kids and animals, a 7 or 8 overall but I probably couldnt pay a man to date me today.

Please don’t fool yourselves into thinking the world hasn’t changed. It has. Men’s testosterone is significantly lower, they are saturated with feminist propaganda in the media, most of their mothers are wearing the pants in the family and thats what they are used to.

I try really hard to come off more tough and assertive unfortunately my appearance and voice make it hard to pull off.

Im super lonely. In high school girls were jealous of the attention guys gave me but in 2019 we live in a different world where girls like me are the undesirable ones.

Mary Bell, Medium 7 Comments [2/20/2019 5:00:25 AM]
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1. Biological women will become second class citizens all over again. While TiMs can get their greedy hands on either self sustainability through robbing women's college grants and STEM education, or by marrying off to rich men who are attracted to male-to-pornofied-women, biological women will no longer have anymore ways or means to become financially/economically independent. We'd have to marry men again in order to survive, just like in the olden days. And since extreme right MRA fucks are fapping over creating their own virtual girlfriend and sex bots, they will hold it over our heads for the rest of our lives. "If you don't do exactly as I say, Brenda, I'm leaving you for my bot. At least she does what I say without contradicting me. AND she stays 18 years old forever.. can you say the same?" Which will lead to a regressive era of heightened domestic violence rates, date rapes, and general violence against women, and they'll hold the other sex options against us. They kinda used to do this with prostitutes back then. Now, you have to compete against TiMs, virtual porn, and sex robots.

2. Going further about TiMs taking over women colleges and grants/scholarships, this also means that other non-STEM jobs that used to be flooded with women (ie. Education, nursing, store managers, etc) will also be taken over. Porn and lingerie companies will push 'ugly natal' women out for the pornofied TiMs and robots. Which is not so bad, but that only means that now after all other moderately well paid career paths are taken, that means the only vector we'll have left is the service one. Remember the 1920's? While rich women had husbands to care for them, poorer women had to work as maids, nannies, personal cooks, and housekeeping jobs in order to survive. After all, transwomen only want the glamour of being women, and not the actual reality of being a woman: Having to clean up after others, changing diapers, actually taking care of children, etc.

3. Gay men and lesbian women will no longer have safe dating or sex spaces anymore. We'd have to go underground like we used to do. That or buckle under compulsory heterosexuality and marry the opposite sex.. and yes, trans counts as the opposite sex because otherwise you'll be a transphobic bigot. Hearts, not parts! What this may also mean is that, while gay marriage will still be allowed, a new law may be passed in order to protect the vulnerable, suicidal trans community: Same sex attraction will not be protected by law anymore, it will be changed to same gender attraction. So what this means is that a lesbian can marry a woman, but the other woman HAS to be transgendered since actual homosexuality is now seen as bigotry, a sickness, something to be put away to spare feelings. Marriages between two natal men or women will have their marriage licenses revoked. "It's better that way than to hurt the feelings of the trans community." they'll tell us.

4. Speaking of homosexuality, I echo the conversion camp thing, only it won't be done in churches. (It will still be done privately in churches, mind you.) It'll be done by the government to dismantle the cotton ceiling and for gay men to overcome their vagina repulsion/disinterest, and lesbians to overcome their penis repulsion/disinterest. Hearts, not parts! With advanced science, we'll be able to tell which embryos will grow up to become a homosexual adult. Can't have that with vulnerable trans people out there who wants to be loved for who they are and what's not in their pants. Abort all gay babies. Keep the straights, because even though many might not be interested in TiMs and TiFs, they're the ones with the real social power, so the TRAs will keep them around.

5. More and more children and adolescents will commit suicide due to their mutilated and hormonized bodies triggering their psyches. They can't adhere to strict gender roles? Time to kill ourselves.

6. Don't worry ladies; even though the more popular mainstream pornographic vectors will be swarmed with TiMs and robots, we'll still be sexually enslaved due to our depleted options. We'll become the "bottom of the barrel" options for men, who are used to the so called perfect bodies of robots and male-to-pornos. If you think sex trafficking stories are bad now, honey, you got a big storm comin'.

nooropia, /r/GenderCritical 5 Comments [2/20/2019 4:59:29 AM]
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Submitted By: palindromordnilap

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If I ruled America, I would exterminate everyone who doesn't attend a sex-segregated religious service. That would wipe out about 95% of the population, and would leave traditional Anabaptists, practicing Muslims, and Orthodox Jews. I wouldn't want the Orthodox Jews in my country, so I would give them a few eastern states to form their own nation and I would exile the rest of them there. That would leave traditional Anabaptists and practicing Muslims, a decent population.

Then I would repeal the 14th, 19th, and 26th amendments of the constitution and I would add these amendments:

States have the right to secede.

The right to vote is limited to men at least 21 years old who own their primary residence and have no debt.

Congress shall make no law limiting liability.

Congress shall make no law regarding marriage, divorce, or sexual activity.

Then I would step down.

fschmidt, r/nonmorons 16 Comments [2/18/2019 9:47:04 AM]
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Just be open about your feelings bro

Feminism is a shit test to weed out soyboys but keep them in line for when they are done fucking around with misogynistic chads.

This is exactly the truth.

Any time a woman tells men to be "honest and open", that's a shit test to weed out the men who are naive enough to ACTUALLY be honest and open. Meanwhile said naive guys get deluded into thinking those women actulaly care about them, perfect for being stable when those women turn 30.

Women have no empathy for male problems. Never let her in no matter how she probes.

"Come ooooon, you can tell me your problems. I'm your girlfriend now, you can trust me :)"

"Well, this one time, I-"

"HAH, GOT YOU, FUCKER. I knew you were pathetic and weak. You almost had me fooled, ewwww."

DebatesNotBans, r/Braincels 3 Comments [2/18/2019 2:42:28 AM]
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Quote# 142473

In Thailand it's MUCH easier to find a non-hooker girl who is happy to be your girlfriend than it is back in the West. To give you an idea - if you download Tinder and swipe right until the app won't let you anymore, you might get one match in the West. If you're lucky. In Thailand you'll get an average of 10. I started arranging meetups with these girls, and in the end started to make progress. Had my first non-hooker kiss a month after landing in Thailand, and a month later my first non-hooker sex. And the girl in question was an 18 yr old virgin, so I sorta hit the jackpot there - but that would have NEVER happened back in the UK at all.

Basically, if you ever want your fortunes with women to change, GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE WEST. No other advice comes close to this, it's the single major thing every incel must do to really improve his chances. Forget all the bullshit self-help books and PUA strategy, it's totally useless. Get out of the West and it's 100x easier to get women.

123ws2, Reddit 9 Comments [2/17/2019 12:47:31 PM]
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Quote# 142470


The women are just incapable underage girls at 15 or 35 is the only thing I agree with feminazis.

And as incapable underage girls all their lives, they should not vote, they should not participate in politics, they should not be allowed to open checking accounts, they should not be allowed to decide with whom to mate, and they should be a property that passes from the authority of the father to the authority of the husband.


I agree completely and doing my best to deny whatever I can from the things you mentioned to my girlfriend. I obviously can’t have things that are non-existent like property passes and I didn’t get to know her via our parents deciding to meet us up but other than things you mention here that are legally non-existent I try to completely cut her off from the things you mention. Thanks for being one of the aware men. I plan to gather those like you.

Reiner and Caamib, Caamib Blog 12 Comments [2/17/2019 12:34:04 PM]
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What is your reaction when you see ugly skinny or short balding fat guys with girlfriends?

I usually imagine that these guys have money or some kind of social status but sometimes I come to the terms that they mog me in terms of social competence and who knows what else.

(jerrycan dan)
I think about how deep their wallets must be

Not everyone hanging around girls automatically means they are together. could just be friends orbiting her.

Not everyone hanging around girls automatically means they are together. could just be friends orbiting her.

Also if they actually did have gf I wonder why, is it because of a phat wallet, or is it because he is white and gf is nonwhite, or what?

I can't recall seeing ugly guys with girls out of their league, usually if they have GF its their looksmatch or below. But I might have missed them since I stare at the ground in public places.

(Emergency Manuel)
I almost never see ugly/short guys with girlfriends. Occasionally I’ll see a fat, tall average dude with a girl, but it’s usually a fit high tier normie, Chadlite or Chad with every girl I see.

Sometimes I see short ugly boomers with fat wives, but life was easier for boomers in almost every way.

Every ugly guy I see in public is alone or in a group with other ugly guys. Everyone I see with a gf is tall, handsome, and jacked. Or at least tall, handsome, and slender.

I can't recall seeing ugly guys with girls out of their league, usually if they have GF its their looksmatch or below. But I might have missed them since I stare at the ground in public places.

Nah man I don't see it either. Only way an ugly short bald guy has a girl is if she's a landwhale or maybe he's white and she's ethnic. This isn't a thing.

Looks like someone is rich and is being taken advantage of.


i sometimes see this but i assume it happened after marriage


I've seen this just once and the girl was a total liberal left wing bitch talking about positive energy and genser pronouns or something.

Pretty sure she keeps him as a house'man' and fucks abusive alphas.

He was a NW4 balding manlez with a heaf shaped like he got hit with a hammer as a child.

I assume they aren't having sex.

Betabuxxing cuck

That he's getting cucked. Girls just want to give the appearance of talking to these guys for family reasons, but Chad and Tyrone are definitely trying to fuck when the Cuck isn't around.

I know they are betabuxxers and so I just laugh at this

Provider seeker or status whore. The only women who'll fuck ugly guys are the dishonest ones with ulterior motives, or have psychological issues that would make any Chad with options run for the fucking hills. The types who treat guys well, have self respect and integrity? They only date good looking guys.

Various Incels, incels.is 6 Comments [2/16/2019 10:07:25 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

Quote# 142456

Becoming "confident" is still self improvement and it doesn't defy... but rather tacitly ASSISTS the reason people are unconfident in the first place.

Which is that to be confident means to be internally distinct/ special/ valuable.
And people are unconfident because they are assessing/ naturally processing their odds in life in relation to our superficial/ primal culture and how we view human value/ assess human worth/ how we make it in life in general.
Being confident is still an area of distinction.
Women are vain, selective, hierarchal by nature. That should essentially blow any notion that confidence works out of the water.
Because, although confidence is a good thing (to people who can have life going for them... being confident as a midget/ subhuman/ etc. is actually dangerous lmao, emboldened stupidity), women are not picking on the basis of who is the most confident but who si the most broadly valuable/ distinct/ fitting for htier own personal life... they want novelty, and any creature in the universe might have the mental capacity to be confident. But a state of mind doesn't necessary pave the road towards anything women want for themselves in terms of refinement, distinction, power (which is what they want)... looks, money, status, abilities, motor coordination, etc. do.
Reality is dismal, and rarely not, and we just can't make the essentials PC and euphemistic/ palliative to appease.
Insulation is a lie. There is always conflict.
Because women are territorial, power seeking, and distinction reaching creatures... confidence is null.
And even if it were esteemed... you're still weighed against everything else that she's evaluating in the environment.
JFL if you think that's the only thing she's evaluating.
Confidence is never esteemed in a vacuum.

Confidence is really just code for masculine machismo manpower vibe...
but women just use that as a false ingredient/ interpolated intangibility for the (tangible) destination of getting laid.
Any girl giving advice to a guy on how to get laid doesn't want to get with him.
No girls wants a guy who had to be helped/ instructed/ guided in the first place.
May as well believe when a girl says "be confident" that a get rich quick schemer is telling you to invest in faulty stocks from a dying business/ thing that hardly ever sells well on its own. Say, a washing machine engine, but people usually just buy washing machines (girls want the whole package).

Eugenicist, incels.is 3 Comments [2/16/2019 10:06:56 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

Quote# 142440

Here is another reposted HA thread:

Since the perception of the whole rape issue by feminized Western men is complete bullshit, I thought I would point out the obvious.

1. Feminist females define "rape" as being any sex they later regret. It is not so much that they will lie and say you raped them when they know you didn't. If you have sex and then they regret it for some reason, such as that you are of lower perceived status than they thought, then as far as they are concerned you "raped" them. Conversely, if you threw a female to the ground, ripped her clothes off and f***ed her without so much as a by your leave and she felt positive about what happened later on, it would probably not even occur to her to think she was raped. Increasingly the ZOG pigs and shysters are following this feminist definition of rape. Thus the very same physical actions on the man's part could see him categorized either as a great lover or rapist depending on the later claimed emotional response of the female. Since it is not possible to objectively examine an emotional response, it follows that most "rape" cases are now prosecuted on spectral evidence, similar to the Salem witch trials.

2. If we define "rape" as being forced sex, females do not think this is particularly bad or a big deal. Only self-hating manginas think rape is a big deal. Females like manly men who take charge of them and do what they want to them, not sniveling manginas begging them for sex and asking their permission nanosecond by nanosecond. Hence most erotic fiction aimed at females contains rape or quasi-rape scenes and females getting off on being raped is well known in criminology circles. In contexts where it is desirable and socially acceptable for them to have sex, females generally like being raped.

3. If females are not really opposed to rape, why then do they want men to be jailed whenever they claim rape? It is simply because feminist females are criminally insane psychopaths who think that non-elite men should be jailed, robbed, killed or whatever whenever they feel like it. Sure they will come up with something bad you have supposedly done as an excuse to have the pigs attack you, but they regard this as a quaint formality.

4. Rape is not considered to be a big deal by evil Western regimes because of supposed physiological damage to the female (which is to say, because the female's feelings may be hurt). I mean, how f***ing ridiculous would that be - to imprison someone for years at enormous expense for hurting some skank's feelings. It is incredible that anyone takes this aspect of the rape nonsense seriously. Traditionally rape was a property crime against the female's owner, and so it remains. Today the ruling class assert that they own females, along with everything else. This is what feminism is all about. Therefore, as far as they are concerned, any sexual contact with females by non-elite men is a property crime against them. This policy is slowly being phased in and made more apparent. Eventually they will drop the silly hurt feelings bogosity and tell it like it is.

5. Sane societies do not revolve around the idiot "consent" or other mindless whims of females. In sane societies females are placed under the control of men such as their husbands, fathers, pimps or whoever, and those men decide when they will have sex or not within the rules of that society. Often it would be considered the obligation females to have sex. After all, we all have unchosen obligations, and there is no reason why sex should be any different. The crime of rape consists of forced sex outside the rules of society, such as a burglar forcing a married woman to have sex while robbing her house. As stated, it is really the same today, except it s the ruling class laying claim to all females. The consent thing is a red herring.

Cornfed, CoAlpha Reactionary Forum 5 Comments [2/15/2019 12:47:22 PM]
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Quote# 142437

30% of men in one particular NY campus are incels

Notice how as they get closer to senior, the percentages drop more when referring to sex. Most (of the ones bound to do it that is) are either having it early (because timeline doesn't matter -- it's all looks/determinism) or rarities later -- or never at all. It's not some "effort to fit in and adapt" mostly -- it's you're either in or you're out (of that social/sexual caste and the benefits with it when you have sexual value and how this impacts social value/etc.)

"It only gets better with age/time, bro."

"College/school is shallow! It gets better later!"

If it (life) "got better after school" then we'd expect there to not be a slowly degrading trend of likelihood of sex (since validation/desire among other benefits are key to life quality). The ones who "never had sex" were probably never going to have done so anyways, in college or after/before/with no attendance/etc. Also notice how these are no tiny numbers: 30% of just one uni is very fucking significant. People used to think incels were only "a tiny minority of thousands on the interwebz" but doesn't seem like it anymore with all of these studies and shit showing how more than 1 in 6 men can very much count as incel, more or less (depending on exact definitions used, AKA just about sex).

What people fail to understand is that it isn't all about sex, but being wanted for sex coincides with a better life quality all around usually (social life; friends; content/feeling validated/wanted; not being depressed/lonely; not being less attractive and a target of lookism; etc.). So while it isn't merely about the sex itself it's the symptom that not being wanted for sex by anyone paints as your value in a social system and thus the other negative factors with it.

IOW: It's all looks pretty much and uncontrollable factors that seal your fate and experiences in life.

What people fail to understand is that it isn't all about sex, but being wanted for sex coincides with a better life quality all around usually

I've been saying this for years. It's funny how the health scolds have a model for the flourishing man that involves diet, exercise, social engagement and so forth; but they treat the incel's sexual eviction as an irrelevancy to his objective well being.

The incel is also at a disadvantage in the work place, because when you have sexual relationships with girls early in life, at an appropriate age, you pick up skills from the experience which don't exist in isolation; these skills play a role in the bigger problem of knowing how to live competently in a world full of women. Women in the work place respect a male coworker more when they can see that a woman in his private life wants to spend time with him and presumably have sex with him.

I'd like to see if those happy people would still be happy if nobody was attracted to them. They all say live like me and you too will be happy! I have been eating healthy my entire life and cycle at least half an hour every day. The magic formula just doesn't work. I am attracted to women and wish to have sex with them. It's not like that goes away during the 30 minutes I spent cycling or the hour to prepare good food every day. I'm only free of those feelings when I sleep.

Some incels, r/Braincels 9 Comments [2/15/2019 12:44:59 PM]
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Quote# 142430

valentine day is here and i want you all to know one thing.

THE ONLY reason your alone this valentne day, is because you are ugly.
THE ONLY reason your not gonna wake up to a BJ and pancakes from stacy, is because you didnt won the genetics lottery
THE ONLY reason your not gonna have a fun valentine day outside with a 10/10 foid, full of sex and fun activities, is because you HAD NO LUCK.

YOU DIDNT DO ANYTHING BAD. its not your fault. its not a result of decisions you made. its just cuz you had no luck and you were born ugly.
chad didnt do anything special to be able to fuck stacies, and you didnt do anything special to have this lonely sexless life. its all luck.

from day 1 it didnt matter what you would do, the outcome would be the same. a lonely, sexless life.
always remember that its not your fault, you are not to blame.

happy valentines day homies.

nxdismycope, incels.is 16 Comments [2/14/2019 5:09:58 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

Quote# 142426

Women would rather fuck horses, dogs, bedposts, baseball bats, trees and other women over incels.

It should be common knowledge here but unfortunately there are quite a few bluepilled cucks here.

Nemo9065, incels.is 9 Comments [2/14/2019 5:09:34 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

Quote# 142414

[LifeFuel] Female Suicide Rate Is Rising

[tears of joy smiley][laughing smiley][stuck-out tongue smiley]



In both the states and Canada the suicide rates of women are absolutely soaring, starting to overtake men lmao! Its ridiculous because whores are so fucking privileged but it fills my heart with such happiness. I love the idea of some stupid fucking bitch bawling her eyes out at the sight of her dead fellow slut lmao, stupid bitches. The moronic foid who slashes her throat and then immediately regrets her decision as reality kicks in but its too late for the stupid bitch and shes fucked. For the stupid whore who hangs herself but then regrets her decision as she struggles and dies from asphyxiation with true terror and remorse coursing through her lmao!

Its time for the score to get evened out baby.

Call me callous but we males have suffered enough and I'm elated the pendulum is swinging.

How happy are you about this?
- delighted
- euphoric
- estatic
- joyful
- cheerful

OccidentalRebel, incels.is 11 Comments [2/13/2019 1:35:41 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

Quote# 142401

Yesterday I had a fight with my brother (chad) and now my parents will force me to go to therapy: "it's been a long time coming" they said.

This past weekend was my mothers birthday so my family got together in my parents house (where I still live).

-Grandparents: normies with money, cliche (bp) life and opinions.

-My sister who is 23 and is in college (she's a normie white princess who never experienced injustice or real suffering but is a ig feminist fighting for women).

-My brother Chad (24) who was in New Zealand; finished college in the us but wanted to "find himself"travelling. His girlfriend entitled Stacy was with him.

-Me, 26 years old depressed loser who was born deformed (hip dysplasia from cerebral palsy) and don't fit in with my successful beautiful family.

I was born an incel - it never even began for me. Every time I tried to ascend I failed.

Foids always look to me with disgust and pity.

Long story short: My brother's girlfriend was treating me like a child, asking if I needed help to walk around my own house. Saying my cane was very stylish in a condescending way and talking that new zealand had places that even I would be able to enjoy.

When my brother went alone to the kitchen I asked him to tell his insufferable slampiece to leave me alone and stop talking to me like I was 5. He defends her, she was only being nice. The fight escalated I told him he had no idea how my life was and he had everything handled to him (is true). He told me that I was an asshole and that was the reason I was alone sleeping every night with my cat.

I went to my room and didn't talk to anyone until they left hours later. My parents said I need therapy and I'm going - because I'm neet and live with them - so I have no choice.

I so fucking angry. So fucking hurt that my brother who was always cool to me took the foids side.

Yet again being an incel it's a constant torment that normies can't even begin to imagine.

Why the fuck do you have to go to therapy just because you snapped in a very normal way for being dealt a shitty hand? WTF is this shit? You aren’t allowed to express yourself now?

Cause on top of everything I'm neet and I don't have friends or a girlfriend (I do have colegues online that my parents don't know about). They say I should be living and enjoying life and not LDAR. Normies who don't know the blackpill wanting me to believe that I have a chance of happiness and love. When - hey coincidence - my Chad brother has a good life and my normie sister has a good life. I'm deformed and have a shitty life but it must be my attitude scaring people and success off.

Miguel7849, r/Braincels 9 Comments [2/12/2019 3:52:02 PM]
Fundie Index: 2

Quote# 142403

Lucah, I don’t want to say that your a outlier when it comes to modern standard of women but...

Teenage girls of the modern day are 100% more slutty and enjoy getting drunk and objectified more then you think. And they choose to make it the guys fault despite them not being taught to value themselves or being disciplined to know how to act properly.

Nah Fam, YouTube 3 Comments [2/12/2019 1:57:48 PM]
Fundie Index: 8

Quote# 142402

I just want women to stop lying and admit looks are all that matter to them. No virtue signalling, just the truth

No more "eww, he looks like a douch bag" when looking at pictures of 9/10 guys

or claiming how one night stands are no big deal and she didn't like them anyway

If they were honest i wouldn't hate them so much

mylifeistrash, incels.is 6 Comments [2/12/2019 1:57:26 PM]
Fundie Index: 4
Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

Quote# 142399

yearly reminder: If you don't fuck a girl upon the first meeting, it ain't gonna happen

which is why status copes, NT copes, and all copes other than being good looking are pathetic.

JFL at men who think they have a chance when women are very aggressive and direct with guys they wanna fuck

mylifeistrash, incels.is 7 Comments [2/12/2019 5:37:16 AM]
Fundie Index: 3
Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

Quote# 142384

[In response to the question 'What is the most important thing you have learnt in the last year?']

That women really are, per Schopenhauer, overgrown children, and the corollary: a man should never follow the advice of a woman where his own ideas and masculine reasoning and intuition would lead him the opposite way. Women are always wrong about the deepest stuff, and I have come to believe it is probably wrong ever to discuss politics with them. They simply aren’t a serious sex, although they are involved with very serious matters.

Alex Linder, The Daily Stormer 3 Comments [2/11/2019 1:48:52 PM]
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Quote# 142377

whenever I get a date - I am making her cry

this is how it's gonna go

whenever I get a date - I am making that bitch cry

I will insult her to her face. If she's fat. I''ll call her fat.

If she is not like her pictures, i'll call her on it.

If she is retarded I will call her retarded.








uninstall, incels.is 14 Comments [2/11/2019 1:41:50 PM]
Fundie Index: 2
Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

Quote# 142380

A Woman's Job Is For Sex and To Make Babies

Women should be home making babies. They should not be working in high level fields.
I applaud all men that pump and dump. They knock a woman up and then dump her.
Look at all the movie stars that knock women up and then dump them, like Eddy Murphy, Tiger Woods, Drake, Rap Stars. Men that pump and dump are my heroes.

Why should guys stay home with the babies, changing diapers, when they can be out partying, having sex. Just use the women for your own physical lust, and when you get done with her, throw her away like a piece of tissue paper. Taking care of the baby is women's work. Most men agree with me, since there are a lot of unwed mothers, stuck home with the kid. I know I'll never get sex, but I can take great pleasure when a man abandons a woman with kids.

Remember men. There are always plenty of more women - like on Tinder. Sex is just a swipe away.
I know I'll never get sex, but at least I can have the satisfaction of seeing women in misery.
They'll never have the experience of a loving husband, who will help raise their kid.

Remember women, The man just used you to satisfy his own urges. He never loved you. Perhaps the reason he abandoned you is because you have s--t personality, or not pretty any more. You say you dumped him because you're better off without him, but we all know that's just a cope.

Now I know there are women that will say their children are a great joy, and that is true, but here is an analogy:
Traveling, seeing the Eiffel Tower, Fireworks, Movies, music are all great joys, but they are MUCH better when doing it with someone you love.

Having a man to help with the kids, give you a needed break, drive you to the supermarket (or get the food himself), drive the kids to school or trips, be there for you, is a joy you unwed mothers will never have.

FrustratedWhiteMale, incels.is 7 Comments [2/11/2019 10:54:31 AM]
Fundie Index: 5
Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep
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