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Quote# 15464

One day soon some of us will be sipping from the River of Life in Heaven while the rest of these Evo-chimps are scorched for eternity in Hell.

I wonder if they'll really, really feel that their choice of rebellion against God and His perfect Word was worth it then.


Pass the barbecue sauce...

Gargantua, Free Republic 39 Comments [9/30/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 15465

[responding to thread about Creation, evolution, and dolphins]

We think so highly of our self. Pity. Salvation is simple and so is understanding His creation. I say what matters is where you are going to spend eternity.

1Cor13v13, Christianforums.com 9 Comments [9/30/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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Submitted By: quantumspirit

Quote# 15466

You are guilty of mutation, but the power of Jesus can take it away

When you mutate it is because you did not believe in Jesus, the One by whom all things exist and are created (John 1:3). If you had believed in Jesus you would be able to exist without needing to mutate. Neither would you attempt to mutate because you would be living as you were designed to live.

The bible records many cases where the power of Jesus overcame the results of mutations, even the very doubt associated with mutation.

[Quotations from three Bible verses about Jesus healing the disabled.]

Only the Devil would want these people to remain disabled and less than the best that they could be. Only someone who rejected God's power to heal would say "those people should be deformed" and do nothing to help them.

The power of Jesus is there to be discovered by everyone. Jesus said in John 16:24 "Until now you have asked nothing in My name. Ask, and you will receive, that your joy may be complete". If you have mutations that you don't want, Jesus has made it possible to be rid of them!

Gottservant, Christian Forums 28 Comments [9/30/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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Submitted By: Axver

Quote# 15467

The bible states that those who do not know GOD, and do evil on the earth, will pay eternally. YOU'LL SEE. DON'T EVEN DARE WRITE ME BACK ARUGUING THAT I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I'M SAYING. I will not read your comments. God lives, if you were smart and open-minded, you'll take my comments wisely, and you'll be blessed afterwards. But for the other dumbfounded people, who probably don't even know about the crisis in the mid-east, I'll rest my case here.


YOU PEOPLE DON'T COME TO GRIPS WITH REALITY, AND KNOW THAT THERE IS A GOD. YOU DON'T KNOW THE TRUTH; I CANNOT LIVE MY LIFE WITH IGNORANCE. God EXISTS! You don't even have proof to support your statement that he doesn't. History books in the US cover the early stories of Jesus Christ, the disciples, and e.t.c.
There is a period B.C, before Christ.

abigal90, YouTube comments 27 Comments [9/30/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 15468

The New Jerusalem decends from Heaven or from above to the earth. This is a city of I think 1500 sq miles that will become the capital of the world.

You can see it will be a very fancy place. Now we are doing good to build out of granite & marble. But then they will be using a transparent gold to pave the streets. The gates of the city will be made out of what traditionaly have been precious stones. Of course even now crystals of different colors are not as rare as they use to be. People are able to grow them out in their garage. If you go to a gem show you can buy very large pieces of what use to be precious stones.

JohnR7, Christian Forums 25 Comments [9/30/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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Submitted By: Theironpaperclip

Quote# 15471

Homeschooling stinken rocks, no pot dealers, no people picking on you, no morons. On top of all that you get to learn at your own pace rather then the pace of the slowest kid in class. So instead of spending a whole semester of basic math we get about a week of reveiw and then learn new stuff(yay!!) Plus you dont have to listen to the teacher condemn Creation but say evolution is real.

\\,,/Jesus_Freak86\\,,/, Myspace 33 Comments [9/30/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 15472

[A fourteen year old discusses her abusive father, gets loads of crap from Christians:"He's hit me, and done nothing, while I was crying, but say, sorry rachel, and do nothing else, he's called me fat because me and my older sister were joking around about my weight, he said "it was for my own protection", that time, he made me go from laughing to crying. he FAVORS my little sister, that's right a "christian" man who favors???!!?"]

Mrs. Citizen :):
From what I got from from this, is a father who is trying his best.
and you are a christian girl who seems to hate? No one is perfect, forgiveness is key, I am not saying you have to spend time with him, just respect him and forgive his actions. Hate's a burden, and it hurts both of you.
Once again, Im not trying to be rude, but you need to look at yourself. You are being awefully self-righteous. People make mistakes, People sin.

Chrissy: I don't mean to be condescending in any kind of way, but at your young age, it's hard to understand the reasons behind why your father says or does things that are in your best interest. He has personal struggles he goes through, that you might not be clued in on. I'd suggest trying to have a more open and relaxed relationship with your dad, it sounds like you're always on edge around him.

Jo-Mama: Sorry but I dont believe everything you are telling us. There is something really wrong with your story.

I have a problem with you ripping your father apart to pieces. The way you describe him - he's the devil himself, and that's where you lose credibility.

I think you need to be more honest here.

Jo-Mama, Mrs. Citizen, Chrissy, Christian Teens of Myspace 44 Comments [9/30/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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Submitted By: Sierra

Quote# 15473

All American citizens have certain rights because they are American citizens. Nobody I know of is trying to strip homosexuals or adulterers or liars of their citizenship, right to vote, right to own property, right to a trial by jury if accused of a crime, or any other legal right given to all adult Americans.

Homosexuals shouldn't have extra rights simply because they're homosexuals. They have no right to marry to each other. Cultures around the world for thousands of years only give men and women the right to marry. Two men shouldn't be allowed to marry each other any more than a man should be able to marry his dog or his sister.

Bill, Myspace 23 Comments [9/30/2006 12:00:00 AM]
Fundie Index: 5
Submitted By: Winston Jen

Quote# 15475

When I read things, or hear things of people disrespecting God, making jokes about him, or just saying plain nasty things about him. I can't help but clench my teeth and just want to sock the person out! I can't help but judge them. I think "how could they have the GUTS to disrespect my father so much". I get so angry inside! I just want to scream at them and slap some sense into them!

And I know I'm not suppost to judge, but how can't I when they disrespect the person I love most in my life?!

CaityBoBaity™ [JesusFreak], The Christian Teens of Myspace 33 Comments [9/30/2006 12:00:00 AM]
Fundie Index: 4
Submitted By: stereom

Quote# 15478

[The Sun will not "burn out" per se, it will only run out of fuel. It will be unable to fuse heavier elements into even heavier elements.]

Utterly false. What you really mean to say is that IF this state of PO went on for billions of years, that is what would happen. That is meaningless! Unless you can prove that it will go on!

[NOTE: This this thread is really worth a read. Its got JohnR7 chipping in as well. Beware of totally batshit insane craziness.]

dad, Christian Forums 19 Comments [9/30/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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Submitted By: Archangel_Lucifer

Quote# 15479

I agree with Jo, they have human rights that are the same as anyone else. No one denies gay people anything unless it's marriage-related. It's understandable why gay people can't adopt, every child needs a mother and father if given the opportunity.. instead of having to be ridiculed by ignorant people all throughout their childhood for having gay parents. Gay people have more rights than my father does, he can't even vote all because of a non-violent felony from when he was younger. No one has tried telling gay people they can't vote... THEN our country would be denying them their human rights.

Chrissy, Myspace 28 Comments [9/30/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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Submitted By: Winston Jen

Quote# 15480

(dont compare being gay to commiting a felony it's not the same they do not do anything wrong in the eyes of the government they are really good people usually so why should the government deny the marriage and dont base your awnser on some religious reason because are country is not based on christianity)

You completely missed my point with the felony thing. My father can't vote, therefore gay people have more rights than him. I was comparing the two to say that gay people have more human rights than felons do, and felons are the only citizens in this country to not have all of their rights. I'mnot saying gay people are like felons, try looking in between the lines dude. The country actually was based on religion, when Christopher Columbus came over because they wanted freedom of religion... I never said that our country was founded on anything... BUT we should deny gay marriage because it is a union between a man and a woman, it says so in the Bible. If you choose to be gay, you are also choosing a lifestyle, one that this country doesn't allow marriage or adoption.

Chrissy, Myspace 30 Comments [9/30/2006 12:00:00 AM]
Fundie Index: 3
Submitted By: Winston Jen

Quote# 15481

Jesus says in Matthew 5:37 (Show Context) "But let your 'Yes' be 'Yes,' and your 'No,' 'No.' For whatever is more than these is from the evil one". If we take a look at evolution - the smallest working part - we should be able to determine whether evolution is good for us or not as a theory. Should the part we look at, which at the moment is mutation, be good, we should be able to determine how good evolution will be for us; should mutation be bad, we should be able to determine how great a problem evolution warns us against.

What this poll aims to show is that opinion is and will be naturally divided as to whether mutation is good or bad (the very word is ambiguous). It is my belief that evolution is evil and a work of the Devil that simply disguises an unacceptable ambiguity as something substantial and good when it is not - I determine this belief from the words of my Lord Jesus recorded above.

Just an advisory: if you would like to call me or my family names in the discussion that follows, don't forget to indicate just how derogatory (or praiseworthy) the name is, if the name is obscure (I consider "Cro-Magnon descendent" derogatory and I currently consider Latin names obscure). Naturally, it is not expected that there will be praise for me or my family and I reserve the right to object.

Gottservant, Christian Forums 27 Comments [9/30/2006 12:00:00 AM]
Fundie Index: 4
Submitted By: Axver

Quote# 15483

[closed thread title: Does your work affect you position on evolution?]

Yes, I work as a oil distributor. Because of this I have had to take three courses in lubrication, and filtration. Learning the history of how some base stocks of oils came to be. And why. Plus that there are ways to make petroleum oil, in less than a day. Made me realize that the millions of years of decay for dinos, and biomass to make crude oil. Does not take millions of years. Which made me search for evidence as to how science came to this conclusion.

What I found is that this conclusion is based on an assumption and not fact. And there is no evidence that the break down of such materials takes that long. But what I did find was that other people took and applied the same conditions, found in the ground, to simuliar materials (turkey, chicken parts. And sewage) and made oil in less than a day.
I found that the only reason that science made the claim of millions of years is because they say dinos lived that far back. And they knew that a lot of the material that oil was made from, came from them. So without testing the assumption, it was accepted and taught as fact. Fact with no scientific testing or method or evidence.

This is one of the many things that set me on a course of doubting evolution, and accepting creation.

Ikester7579, bibleforums.org 26 Comments [9/30/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 15484

It is ridiculous to me that intelligent human beings actually believe we come from apes. On the other hand, I do not mean to insult their intelligence. Evolution is more a religion than a belief. I think those who believe in it should be very careful and pray that they are doing the right thing. I could never believe in it unless God Himself told me it was so.

jesuslover1968, bibleforums.org 30 Comments [9/30/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 15485

Even scientists have admitted that the dating of fossils is faulty. I find it very confusing when I am told that we were once monkies, yet there are no fossils proving this. As someone said the make up of a monkey is close to ours, but still not the same.
Another thing that puzzles me is that scientists try to tell us that humans existed at the same time dinosaurs did, yet there is no mention of this in the Bible. I am sure as big and mean as they were, there would be a mention somewhere. I am also sure that IF they existed at the same time as man, that man would NOT be at the top of the food chain. Also, if they existed where are they mentioned in all of the historical writings?
God Bless.

jesuslover1968, bibleforums.org 44 Comments [9/30/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 15487

nobody understands evolution because it doesnt happen. Evolution theory cant prove one case of any animal changing from one kind to another. Or organ evolution, all organ evolution...Or how planets evolved, or stars forming...or the sun and earth and planets positions and how they depend on each other..or the elemental table...Or NUMEROUS other things god made perfect...like DNA molecules..protein chains exc...chromosomes and on and on and on...basically everything

Jesus-IS-Savior, bibleforums.org 32 Comments [9/30/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 15488

The average American out there loves the show "24," OK? They love Jack Bauer, they love "24." In my mind, that's as close to a national referendum that it's OK to use tough tactics against high-level al-Qaida operatives as we're ever going to get.

Laura Ingraham, FOX News 56 Comments [9/30/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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Submitted By: Gadren

Quote# 15490

[H]ow old would a mountain appear, if God created it? A full grown mountain, not a baby mountain, not a youth mountain, not a teen-age mountain? Would it appear one day old to these radiometric tests the day He created it, or would it apprear older?

kommish77, Cool Running Clubhouse 21 Comments [9/30/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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Submitted By: Wet Willie

Quote# 15492

[Thread Title : Homosexual Activist Targets Colorado Family with Hate Crime]

These people are beyond saving.

They are committed Anti-Christs.

They are determined to take everything you and I and most decent God fearing people believe in, such as 1 man + 1 woman = 1 marriage, 1 family and turn it into something blasphemous and wrong.

What is worse, they have no fear of backlash, which is why they are doing this to this family.

Now that's interesting.

saved2001, FulfilledProphecy 7 Comments [9/30/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 15443


Throughout the history of mankind, coldhearted criminals who have committed the heinous crime of murder, have sought various ways to keep from being rightfully punished by the government for their murders. Many have not been successful in their endeavors. However, there is a class of criminals who have been quite successful. Below is a list of means they are using in america to get away with not only a single murder, but mass murder. If you want to murder BIG TIME and get away with it, these are some of the things you must do.
1. Get so-called "experts" to make the words "TERMINAL ILLNESS" mean that a person will most definitely always have the illness without the remotest possiblity of getting well, get foolish legislators to make the concept legal, and then legally put to death those who are "TERMINALLY ILL" who are depleting your financial resources, or those who ask to die.
2. Get so-called "experts" to classify certain members of the human race as being non-humans and get foolish legislators to make the classification legal.
3. Get chosen as a member of a state's pardon and parole board so that you can let out of prison murderous recidivists who will murder again.
4. Become a high government official, particularly president, federal judge or legislator.
5. Get rich.
6. Become a defense attorney so that you can defend murderers.
7. Live in a state that doesn't have the death penalty and kill as many people as you desire.
8. If you hate children and like to put to death innocent people, become an abortion doctor or an abortion doctor's assisstant.
9. If you hate people who are terminally ill, pretend to have a deep love and mercy for them in their sufferings and kill them.
10. Kill someone and pretend you are insane.
11. Murder someone before you turn 18.
12. Be a female
13. Receive the sympathy of the satanic news media and anti-death penalty special interest groups.
14. In the ring, hit him hard enough if you are a famous boxer.
15. Be the jury's hero
16. Hire a famous attorney who really knows his stuff about the murderous american constitution.
17. Become a pathologist, and go into business assisting the so-called "TERMINALLY ILL" to commit suicide.
18. Get nominated as a supreme court justice and decide who has a "constitutional" right to live and who doesn't.
19. If you want to hire someone to perform a murder for you, hire anyone of the people in the positions we have named above. But in order to get away with the murder, it MUST be done "legally" or "constitutionally."
Lobby against the death penalty and get foolish legislators to make laws against the death penalty. Then kill or have killed the person or people you hate.

Robert T. Lee, tencommandments.org 40 Comments [9/29/2006 12:00:00 AM]
Fundie Index: 8
Submitted By: Redhunter

Quote# 15446

Simple Disproof of Evolution

Evolution is able to be disproven in so many ways....here's a simple, lethal disproof:

Ever since Darwin came along, evolutionists have claimed that the human race is evolving. We supposedly evolved from simplistic monkeys to what we are today. But I suggest just the opposite is actually happening.

Just like individuals age over time, so does our species. We are not evolving, but devolving. Our world is rolling downhill like a giant bolder rolling down a mountainside.

Humans have an average life expectancy of 70-75 years…with a maximum of around 120. But what happens if a man marries his first cousin? It has been shown that life expectancy of such offspring diminishes by 10 years. This is because of the large number of genetic mistakes that happen within the genome – which essentially ages the individual.

To me, inbreeding is seems to foreshadow where we are headed in society. We are going downhill genetically. This is true for individuals and this is true for the population. And the reason for this is because humans are consistently deteriorating and degenerating from the high rate of mutations.

If you think about it, every phsyical cause or mechanism of evoution is either conservative or degnerating. First you have natural selection – which is essentially a weeding out process. Then you have mutations, which are all either neutral or deleterious. Thus, to go from the simple to the complex is not only unlikely – it’s impossible. Indeed, all we see in this world is extinction. There are no new forms of life emerging. We are all headed downhill. This contradicts the basic dogma of evolutionists. Life is not gaining complexity or creating new information….it’s in a state of rapid decay and decline.

And it’s happening quickly! Ever notice how many people are on Depression drugs nowdays? You think this is an accident? We know that the environement (ie..what one eats, the air one breathes) can turn genes on or off….and we know our diets are getting worse and our air and water is getting more polluted. We also know through epigenetics that diseases run in families and are inherited. Thus, there is no other way to go than down. This is why many kids nowdays are born with Adhd or childhood depression. In my opinion it's the result of our previous generations' declining quality of diet. It's a result of Dr. Pepper, Cheetos, microwave popcorn, macaroni and cheese, hot dogs, pretzels, gum drops, high fructose corn syrup, flavors, colorings, transfats etc etc etc....... And it’s getting worse fast…genetic damage is accumulating in society. The medical establishment is not doing us any favors, either, by merely treating the symptoms.

Evolutionists like to think that Selection can reverse the effects of biological decay. They’ve argued this for decades. But since selection works on the level of the whole organism, it cannot stop the loss of information due to mutation. It’s like trying to fix a broken-down tv set with a hammer. How can you attempt to explain the appearance of something by the dissapearance of others? There are millions of cars on the road – and many of them will die and/or become unusable. Does this explain the origin of cars or make cars new or better?

Besides that, selection on the individual level is completely random and thus impotent. Every human I know is able to breed. And thus, breeding becomes more of a random lottery than something that's based on genetic superiority or fitness. This flies in the face of evolutionists' thinking. (Does anyone know of someone who is unable to breed?)

Some evolutionists try to claim that life can indeed climb upward by saying that the organism can draw energy from its environment – which would enable it to defy the downhill slide of degneration. But the problem is that Neo-darwinists claim that DNA is in complete isolation and goes on its merry way, regardless of any pressures and effects of the environment. Thus, they cannot claim this.

Anyone who looks at this situation logically should realize that at sometime in the past there must have been a time when there was less genetic damage in the genome. – and thus, longer lives. Can anyone think of time that this may have happened? I can! The Bible reports there was a time in the history of humans that lifespans were incredibly long. According to Genesis people lived to over 900 years old.

I believe God created Adam perfectly – yet after sin entered the world – and after his offspring began inbreeding with close relatives, the long march of unending genetic degeneration via mutations started occuring. (check this decay curve out!)


Afterwards, due to a diet of breads, deserts, cooked foods, sweets and toxicity, humans have been degenerating ever since. There is no way to stop this. Our species is dying. Information is weaking….genomes are decaying. If it were not for the internal mechanisms we have in our bodies for controlling the frequency of mutations, extinction of the human race would come quickly.

But this fact of degeneration is quite lethal to evolutionists. Not only does it make their wild ideas for the origin/evolution of life improbable – it makes them IMPOSSIBLE.

Common sense says that if we are all on a downhill slide that mutation/selection – being the conservative/degenerative devicees that they are -- could have never have explained the origin of anything. Our genomes could not have arisen spontaneously. Instead, our genomes were designed by a designer.

Evolutionists claim we came from the inferior to become more complex….but it’s just the opposite – we started out more complex and are becoming inferior.

If you think I’m nuts, then check this site out….(this is fascinating! -- and DEADLY to the Theory of Evolution.)


It destroys the theory of evolution. Plain and simple

Supersport, Christian Forums 25 Comments [9/29/2006 12:00:00 AM]
Fundie Index: 7
Submitted By: UberLutheran

Quote# 15449

[What are some example that you know of where Satan and the demonic team takes the bible or something and turns it into occult practices, satanic practices or something similar? aka what are common occult practices and such that originates from something in the bible. Where satan took the bible and changed it into these practices?]

mixing up words letters for cursing-anagrams- comes from the satanic bible(Cos)

followjesus777, Christian Forums 7 Comments [9/29/2006 12:00:00 AM]
Fundie Index: 2
Submitted By: UberLutheran

Quote# 15450

[What are some example that you know of where Satan and the demonic team takes the bible or something and turns it into occult practices, satanic practices or something similar? aka what are common occult practices and such that originates from something in the bible. Where satan took the bible and changed it into these practices?]


3,5,7 numbers

Binding and loosing is common occult practice imitating the Bible.

The Cross



....so on

NatsumiLam, Christian Forums 13 Comments [9/29/2006 12:00:00 AM]
Fundie Index: 3
Submitted By: UberLutheran

Quote# 15451

Putting the homosexual issue aside(which everyone knows is an abomination). Think of the chaos gay marriage would cause! Who would be head of household according to IRS? If divorced who would get the children??? Who is head of household for social security benefits?? What about partner insurance, who insures who for medical insurance?? IF you dont have medical insurance, all one would have to do is say they are gay and could get it thru their "partner". If Bill and John marry, can John also marry Susie??? See what I mean? What a complete nightmare. What if Bill and John are married, and John marries Susie, who gets the kids in a divorce?? Hey, maybe I could marry an Orangutan or a horse or an alien and get health benefits thru them too.

lesjay, FulfilledProphecy.Com 22 Comments [9/29/2006 12:00:00 AM]
Fundie Index: 8
Submitted By: Murdock
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