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Holograms or not, there was no physical evidence of planes crashing on 9-11. Not in theory or in reality.

Wizard_In_The_Woods, AboveTopSecret 8 Comments [9/30/2007 4:38:44 AM]
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(I couldn't decide if this belonged in conspiracy, racists, or fundies. The crazy is strong with this one. She also openly says she is "a Nazi".)

...The Catholic Church is and always has been run and operated by Jews. The late Pope John Paul (Jew) was johnny on the spot (no pun intended) when the Jews *demanded* an audience with him. It is obvious who lines their pockets with money and unlimited power. I also know after doing research and being raised as a Catholic myself, that the high ranking clergy of the Catholic Church are and always have been predominantly Jewish.


...Anyone who is against the Jews is labeled as "insane." So, now they are hatefully attacking anyone who is gifted and communicates telepathically. Most of the JoS members (which total close to 10,000) and many others such as Wiccans and Pagans communicate telepathically with other beings in other dimensions, so I guess we are all labeled as nuts.

Maxine Dietrich, The Joy of Satan 34 Comments [9/16/2007 12:59:31 AM]
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