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If Europeans couldnt even be reasonable between themselves, why should they treat inferior cultures any better? European powers did whatever they wanted, because Africans WERE inferior. Not just in military terms, but in everything else. The Europeans had their way, because they COULD - and they only left, because they couldnt hold it any longer, and because they finally saw (or were forced to see) that it was wrong - much like a father understands that a son must have his own life, whether he likes it or not.

Oswald, Racists Say The Darndest Things! comments 13 Comments [1/28/2008 10:24:28 PM]
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Over two hundred years ago, our European forefathers established this grand nation. Each of the USA's leaders have been of European descent, representing the majority of her citizens. Today, we have the option of choosing to elect a black man who even spent most of his childhood overseas in a non-white nation.
If we were to elect him as our representative, our worldwide identity as a primarily Caucasian nation would change. And from then on, we would be thought of as a nation whose own citizens had devolved so much internally that none of them were fit enough to rule; our image would become that of a country who had to call upon the leadership of one less legitimately American than we ourselves. Is that truly what you want? Are you willing to be ruled by an African American? Are you willing to pass over the Caucasian candidates and fatefully adopt him as your personal international symbol?

Matt Canry, facebook 19 Comments [1/24/2008 2:51:58 AM]
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Submitted By: jellobiafra79

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Barack Obama - Aside from his being a big lip N and a Muslim he is just plain skinny and he aint all that attractive so people wouldnt watch him. What he says dont make any sense at all and IMHO he is a one trick pony who shot his wad in Nevada and got nothin left.

Lynelle, Republican Faith 20 Comments [1/23/2008 12:11:26 PM]
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Europeans left the US and Australia, when they decided to be independent. The results are well known: americans became fucking retards, australians did better.

When you talk about "infrastructure", you aknowledge that only europeans actually built anything, and the native cultures only took advantage of that.

Here's a little history for you too: the African countries that so proudly demanded independence from Europe, spent most of the last 30 years destroying themselves, making their overlords incredibly rich, fueling tribal wars, and making a mess out of the little civilization the colonizers left them.

I know a bit about Angola, and I can tell you: almost everything that still stands there, was built by the Portuguese. The African way, is this: take everything you can, build nothing, and make whatever war you can, doesnt matter who suffers. Africans only want easy solutions, easy money, and to blame the "colonizers". Even if most of them left 30 years ago, and the few who remain, are killed and tortured without any remorse.

Remorse: an european concept.

oswald #414216, FSTDT 16 Comments [1/21/2008 9:35:56 PM]
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The African way, is this: take everything you can, build nothing, and make whatever war you can, doesnt matter who suffers. Africans only want easy solutions, easy money, and to blame the "colonizers". Even if most of them left 30 years ago, and the few who remain, are killed and tortured without any remorse.

Remorse: an european concept.

oswald, Rstdt! Comments 4 Comments [1/21/2008 3:07:13 AM]
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More negro cannibals
This is more proof that the negro is not compatible with Aryans.

Iron Panda, Xtremely PolitiiX 16 Comments [1/17/2008 11:04:25 PM]
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Submitted By: booley

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I worked in Africa, Europe and the US in the field of astro-physics and visit schools often. And all I have to do is LOOK at the kids to know who will do well and who will flunk my test.
Blacks catagorically perform low and ask the dumbest questions. Just LOOK at these people and Hear how they talk. Look at how they run (ruin) their countries, neigborhoods, business and their lifes.
Why would Africa be the filth pile it is if it wasn't for their consistent stupid and impulsive behavior and line of thought?
I know there is NO doubt that there is a HUGE genetic difference and so it is with Asians and White's. Asian's can focus better but are less practically creative (on average)than the developed and educated Europeans and the Jew scores high too. The Jewish race (which it is) has a high IQ score on average too.
Blacks will NEVER catch up as long they keep breeding with their own low scoring sort. Simple as that.

Dr. Werner Brunswick, HalfSigma 63 Comments [1/15/2008 3:03:31 AM]
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BLACK WOMEN Dating and MARRYING WHITE MEN #2 Before I begin this post I would like to thank everyone for their response
to my previous threads.

the information in this post may not be suitable for all readers.
Reader discretions are advised. The Blackwoman will date, and as reported daily, will marry a white man. She finds in her relationship with the white man perhaps the answer to all her dreams and fantasies.

First, he is removed from the black experience, and brings a new set of rules to the involvement. Second, he represents the culmination of every movie and T.V. show she has ever seen featuring a gallant white beau who knows how to treat a woman and swoops in always coming to her rescue. Third, he is an alternative set of men whom sheBelieves can be utilized because of the non availability of Black men.

Now that there appears to be fewer Blackmen, and she can’t get along with any of them, she is perusing other races to see what she can see. When the Blackwoman gets with a white man she may manufacture a complete new set of vowels which she uses to construct her new light and airy “proper” voice. She irresistibly become ever so amused by his jokes and pretends to like the things he does.

She becomes an actress of sorts and she relaxes a bit because the white man does not know the full story of her failure with the Blackman. Since the white man does not know the ins and outs of Black intimacy he is more tolerant of her and they both enjoy the novelty. She can wear as much make-up as she desires and to the white man this is normal. While the Blackwoman is known to ignore a Blackman on a street corner, in an elevator or on the subway, she seems always ready with an eager appealing smile when a white man, especially one in a suit and tie, tries to make light conversation with her. She appears to be flattered and falls into crisp bright personality. Her smile is sometimes so instant it looks like a flash of sparkling white snow, blushing and appreciative.If she decides to date him, later on, she is seen to be overly affectionate in public. ThereMay be hugging, provocative kissing or fondling in public.She is willing to ignore many of the white man’s shortcomings regarding wardrobe, language, music, car, or job. She convinces herself that he is normal and she must accept him as he is, and above all he is just another man. When she is with him she thinks she is finally free.Free of the Blackman’s hassles and free of her own history. She is proud of the him in front of her family and friends or on the other extreme; she knows that her social integration relationship will not be accepted, so she keeps it a secret. He is considered special to her and automatically “knows how to treat a woman.”

Certainly better than a Blackman does-she thinks. CONCLUSIONThe Blackwoman believes that she has reached the ultimate pinnacle of personal developmental achievement when she arrives at the point of seriously considering dating a white man and if watched closely she can be seen acting out the mannerisms of white women. She has absolutely forgiven the white man for enslaving her people, and the white man has forgiven himself for enslaving Black people. But the poor Black woman has not forgiven herself for being a slave.

Farther, Myspace 26 Comments [1/10/2008 8:28:45 PM]
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