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Homosexuals are male. Lesbians are female. The etiologies of the two are very different and they are not the same thing.

Homosexuality is about penetration and ejaculation, ie, sex. It's wild and unrestrained. It's what men are without women: Fascistic and self-worshiping.

Lesbianism is about emotionalism and feeling safe, ie, security. It's domestic and reined in. It's what women are without men: Manipulative and self-pitying.

Lesbians are not homosexuals. Homosexuals are not lesbians.

DesertFox, Free Conservatives 81 Comments [7/30/2008 12:44:36 AM]
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It's beneficial to men to marry young females of childbearing age because men are attracted to young females of childbearing age.
I do not care how "necessary" or "unnecessary" it is today from the perspective of Men being used as a TOOL for the society.
Men do not exist for the benifit of the society. Men exist for the benifit of themselves.
Young, sweet, lively females make men happy.
Thus Men should have said females.

Though you believe we do. You believe that we are beasts of burden that must be denied our wives because it may nolonger be convienent to this civilization...
so once men's desires stop serving society you are FINE with punishing, jailing, banishing, and murdering men for seeking out that which they love... just because men are no longer
useful as TOOLS of the society or state.

If the society is not built for the benefit of Men than it is built for the benefit of someone else.

testy, MikeeUSA's status on this board 63 Comments [7/12/2008 9:39:15 AM]
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