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Q u o t e:
Oh BTW Obama will win. it is engineered that way. This is America, people. You think you really elect the president. One of two things always happens. They either force a president in, or they give you a choice as to where it does not matter how you vote.

Think about it. Obama came out of NOWHERE. Now he is geared to be the president. This happened with Clinton as well, if you remember. Like it or not, Obama will be president.

It really does not matter thought. The bankers control everything. Ha! You think our economy is Bush's fault...he's just the fall guy

Zegermans, WoW offtopic 3 Comments [8/31/2008 6:55:24 PM]
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(On a thread inciting people to post pictures of puppies to anger Muslims)

As far as the stupidity of religion, I agree. However its the ignorance that religion breeds that will lead to a new world order. There are no terrorists living in caves, there is no climate threat we are causing the planet. America is still legally a British colony (Legally it is "America the United States Incorporated") All Americans born after WW2 are owned by elite bankers in England.
So all of you are saying that Muslims got it wrong. Better Wake up, Muslims are being funded by the same companies that fund our country. Do not try and tell me that a bunch of muslims living in caves on the other side of the world where they fight them selves, I might add. Got on a plain evaded NORAD and then signed there own death certificate when America decided to invade. No! Bush Is a socialistic Nazi who has done the exact same things Hitler has done, instead of being a pawn and laughing at the brain washed Muslims wake up and realize you are too!!!

Anonymous, 7chan's /ani/ (animal board) 5 Comments [8/31/2008 6:30:11 PM]
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(On Noctilucent Clouds):

Most likely they are an electrical in nature. They seem to be occurring more often. It might be a HAARP thing (Other countries seem or may have HARRP like technology) or and indication that Nibiru is approaching changing the electrical footprint of the solar system. It also could go along with the religious ‘signs’ of the time before the return of Jesus...

Crimmy, Yahoo Answers 4 Comments [8/30/2008 3:41:51 PM]
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First, a word about the postal inspectors and their tactics: the postal service has it's own police force, known as the postal inspectors or the inspection service. While their stated mission is to "safe-guard the mails", all too often, their activities are decidedly less noble. They are the "enforcers" and they carry out the dirty work of the postal service. Their tactics are shiftless and reprehensible. When an employee is targetted for harassment, the postal inspectors entice and entrap, in wrongdoing, co-workers and friends who associate with the targetted employee, and threaten and coerce these others into participating in harassment activities against that employee, as the price they must pay to save their own necks. For example, an employee would be enticed into misconduct for which he could be fired; then the postal inspectors would threaten to have that employee fired, unless he participates in harassment activities against the targetted co-worker. And so the targetted employee finds himself besieged by an army of co-workers participating in harassment activities against him, while the postal inspectors sit back and watch their handiwork. These tactics of threats and coercion are not confined to the work-floor, but expand to include friends and associates of the targetted employee, outside of his employment. The use of threats and coercion by the postal inspectors is a matter that is well documented by my union, the American Postal Workers Union.

Then there is the matter of the NATURE of the harassment the targetted employee is subjected to: the postal service intentionally harasses the targetted employee in a bizarre manner so as to make his complaints unbelievable, and to portray him as mentally unbalanced. At times, the postal inspectors engage in elaborately staged "head-games", calculated to lead the targetted employee to come to mistaken, delusional conclusions. And so the besieged employee has a difficult time in differentiating between what is actual harassment, and what is just a bogus head-game. What the inspectors are most interested in, is to get the targetted employee to utter complaints that mimic the type of complaints made by a mentally ill person.

X959, The Assembly of IaHUShUA MaShIaChaH 8 Comments [8/30/2008 1:52:56 AM]
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Most of the generators were in the basement. There were bombs planted in the WTC....

The towers were closed and evactuated a few weeks before the attack happend. And all the bomb siffing dogs were taken out the buidling when this happend... Thats when they put the bombs in the buiding.

Also i highly doubt that the WTC buiders were dumb enough to build two 110 story towers with a bunch of explosive objects in it.

R33/R36 Mainline, subchat 6 Comments [8/28/2008 9:03:35 PM]
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These Nazi style SS praetorian storm-trooper exercises are going on all over the US - they are directing targeting AMERICANS not "foreign terrorists."

Ever hear of the LAW Posse Comitatus?

Did ANY media "news reporters" investigate and inquire whether ANY of these SOLDIERS are MERCENARIES with organizations such as BLACKWATER?

Local and state law enforcement has been NATIONALIZED (Nazification of America) - local politicians and law enforcment paid off to "cooperate" - The County Sheriff, who has the ultimate authority to stop and prevent these military exercises in their county, betrays his duty and oath to uphold and defend the Constitution and the People he is sworn to protect and serve.

This is sedition and treason per se against our Constitutional Republic. By the way, if you haven't seen or reviewed the training doctrines of the SS, all Americans are regarded as "potential terrorists" - We are witnessing the Nazi SS stormtroopers practicing to engage the People, NOT some foreign "terrorists." WAKE UP!

George Washington, Jalpuna (on Black Helicopters in Portland, Oregon) 9 Comments [8/28/2008 8:53:31 PM]
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[Reply to post accusing the film of being "Complete Garbage"]

Agreed. I watched this last night because a friend at work said "you've got to see it, it's awesome". Little did I know. It goes without saying that I'm never trusting that persons judgement in anything anymore. This is the second movie that he said was good and it was garbage.

It's so obvious that they're putting these movies out to prepare us for the inevitable biological attack that they're planning on us, so everyone will think it's terrorists, or an act of god and we'll all bow down in submission. Give me a break.

Complete garbage is right.

Amazing Robie, IMDb ("Children of Men" board) 8 Comments [8/28/2008 2:20:44 AM]
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Here is what I was able to grab from another page and it does not surprise me at all except maybe that the Coke exec did not know enough about fluoride obviously...

A high level Coke exec spilled the beans to me
I feel obliged to pass along this information. While on vacation earlier this month, I stayed next door to a guy who's been in the beverage industry since before I was born. He works for Coke, and ever since Coke bought Vitamin Water, an acquisition he helped initiate, he's been working primarily for Coke's subsidiary Glaceau, the company that makes Vitamin Water. To make a long story short, he told me some damning things about Coke, Diet Coke, Vitamin Water, and the beverage industry as a whole. One night the combination of guilt, too much wine, and the ***** attitude of the South Pacific led him to really spill the beans. In a nutshell, here's what he said:

1. The introduction of New Coke back in the 80's was intended to fail. The real reason New Coke was introduced was to function as a subterfuge and allow time for the changing of Coke's original recipe from including cane sugar to corn syrup. Coke knew that if they simply switched from cane sugar to corn syrup, there would be a public outcry, but if they switched to corn syrup after New Coke, the public would welcome the change back to the near-original formula. It worked. Coke switched to corn syrup without a hitch. Apparently, the only way one can still find Coke with cane sugar and no corn syrup is during Passover (I think). Coke makes a drink called Kosher Coke (can anyone confirm this?) that only uses cane sugar. It's very similar to the old Coke formula.

2. Coke knew all along that the Diet Coke they sent to the troops during the first Gulf War contributed to Gulf War Syndrome. Apparently aspartame breaks down above 80-something degrees. Anyway, when it breaks down it becomes far more poisonous. The pallets of Diet Coke that were sent to the troops sat out in the desert heat, cooking for days, before they were finally chilled and drank by the troops. Similarly, Coke knows about aspartame poisoning, as do many companies, but keeping from the public the dangers of excitotoxins and other chemical additives is a top priority. He said that only the pharmaceutical industry spends more money pushing their poisons. Aspartame is far worse than most people know. I asked about fluoride in Coke, and he says that there is fluoride in Coke products, but not as much as in most cities' tap water, and he didn't believe fluoride is as bad as I thought it was. :glare:

CoolHandLuke70, Digg 13 Comments [8/26/2008 2:56:14 PM]
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I noticed that Alex says at the end of his show YaHWeH bless you. YHVH (JEHOVAH) the name of the freemason god, and the mystical talmudic calculation of the jewish god.

YHVH is pagan http://www.jesus-messiah.com/studies/yahweh-full-copy.html

YHVH as used in the masonic and jewish quabbalist ritual http://www.geocities.com/aliezzahir/Introduction.htm

Why no honour of Jesus, the name above all names?

Why doesn't Alex expose HJR - 104-102-14 , the Noahide Laws that will enforce the New World Order? I thought Alex was fighting the New World Order. Myself and others have tried to get Alex to inform his large audience of a real issue, but Alex has remained silent. Remaining silent on an issue makes one accountable and Alex has implicated himself in keeping people ignorant about the Noahide Laws.

A watchman on the wall who sees danger, yet does not sound the trumpet will have the blood of the injured on his hands. From Ezekiel 33:6

Alex, in the name of Jesus Christ the one and only Lord and God, COME OUT OF MAMMON and expose what is really going on!

EXPOSE THE NOAHIDE LAWS NOW! For you only aid the deception by not exposing it!!!!


admin (at) westandonguard.net, Houston Independent Media Center 15 Comments [8/25/2008 11:35:00 PM]
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Bernie Mac, star of the Bernie Mac show, Oceans Eleven and a standup comedian died today.

So, just a short time after Bernie Mac made some impolite comments bringing a small amount of embarrassment to Barack Hussein Obama he's dead. Coincidence? I don't have any proof and I'm not making any accusations; I'm just saying it isn't impossible. I just wonder what kind of people Senator O is really running with. We know the Black Panthers like him. What do you think?

Author, Bernie Mac Murdered Blog 11 Comments [8/25/2008 7:26:46 PM]
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Submitted By: jsonitsac

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It is fact that the next step for the survival of a species trying to navigate the Uranium Age (after creating nuclear weapons) is to create a world government, effectively ending all possibility of nuclear war on the home planet (which would be an extinction event). Perhaps a world government IS beyond the capability of humans. If this is the case then humans are not meant to navigate the Uranium Age and will take the same path of self destruction that so many species have done and will do in our Universe.

Sam Mason, Facebook.com ("There is no 9/11 conspiracy you morons" group) 14 Comments [8/24/2008 9:11:49 PM]
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[The following is actually a series of five consecutive youtube posts by one poster]

There's no such thing as autism. Autism is another word for "I don't like you". Parent(s) get mad at their kids for not giving them any attention. They get mad, convince the doctors to diagnose it as a disease, and then get their revenge. The doctors go along with it because adding another condition doesn't hurt their wallets. Anything that most autistic children do is normal, and all if not most children do the same. The convictions of the doctors and parents are strong, and people fall for it.

So, basically, it's narcisstic individuals who are manipulating the public through physicians, who themselves may be narcisstic, to become narcisstic. They know that people will fall for it because most people believe everything physicians tell them. That's not to say that all physicians are bad. There are bad apples in every basket. But the narcisstic ones, who can control their narcissim, will convince people to blame the ones with criminal records, or the ones with low grades or exam scores.

Interesting note... I just found out that autism has a link with Catholicism. I just did a web search, and found a ton of autism sites with Catholic organisations. It may be possible that the Catholic church is attempting to Catholicise America, or possibly the world. It might be a stretch, but the evidence suggests otherwise.

And isn't Jenny McCarthy Catholic?

If you type "autism catholic" in the search box of any internet search engine, you'll get a ton of sites linking the two.

And don't Catholic churches emphasize visual aesthetics? Check out a local Catholic church. Aesthetics is a huge part of Catholicism. That's why you'll tend to see the beautiful colored glass work in the windowpanes of Catholic churches, in addition to the ornate architecture.

xxxXXXHotLicksXXXxxx, Youtube 17 Comments [8/24/2008 1:17:49 PM]
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Submitted By: Tehpogo

Quote# 45645

[Regarding dogs banned in certain pubs]

Maybe the pubs are halfway to being Islamic? First ban the dogs for being unclean, then the alcohol!

stevegray2008, BNP Website 12 Comments [8/23/2008 4:48:36 PM]
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THE HOOD aka THE GHETTO KNOWS MORE ABOUT CONSPIRACIES THAN MOST OF US DO. Where I live, they have seen the jets that dont make noise hover over the city at night. They have even seen 'paramilitary' literally blow up a man's house who was not afraid to fight them head on. No video though, just a bunch of thugs with bad attitudes, on both sides. They have no reasons to be mad at all, I mean with the 'jumpboys' (black vans that grab ppl and never see them again), crooked cops who are worse than the criminals and random gun battles that rival Iraq; no, no reasons to be pissed. Read up on the NY/NJ Coke wars in the 80's and ppl like Nikki Bonds and Frank Lucas (American Gangster) and how Vietnam was a drug war and Charlie was a rival drug lord. How they moved, with the CIA help, millions worth of drugs over to the US in the caskets of dead soldiers. Then read what happened when the info leaked.

If you ever have a chance to have a heart-to-heart with a 'real gangster', you will learn quick that its not white ppl as a whole they are mad at. Its the elites, they just dont call them that. Think if Paul or Jones were to be assassinated for telling the truth and the backlash that would occur. Think MLK and Malcom X, who actually were fighting against a lot of the injustices that still to this day occur. Think L.A. Riots and the acquittal of the blatantly racist cops. The introduction of crack to the ghetto was the only way to kill off the only major threat to the elites. Now that that's in action, its the rest of us they are after.

Please, please, please WAKE UP.

point, PrisonPlanet 9 Comments [8/23/2008 1:48:47 PM]
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Submitted By: ozznova

Quote# 45478

[On the recent Russia vs. Georgia conflict]

I really don't know enough about the conflict to have an opinion, so I have nothing to say on this issue. As for the USA's military might, I think that history shows us as the greatest Army in the world since we've kicked everyone's ass in almost every war. And before you bring up Vietnam, that war wasn't lost because of our military, it was because of politics. We had won militarily, but our leaders were determined to "contain" communism rather than defeat it (mostly because alot of U.S. Politicians were communist sympathisers which is why they wouldn't allow us to go up there in the north and take out the enemy, instead, we were forced to sit back and play shooting gallery which cost us alot of men up until the North Vietnamese signed a peace treaty with us which they later violated. But other than that, take a look at the Revolutionary War, the Mexican War, the Spanish American War, World War I and II, Operation Desert Storm, and Operation Iraqi Freedom and you can see that we've crushed our opponents nearly everytime we've fought. Not to mention that in both Iraq Wars, the U.S. has sent in the most soldiers to fight and have less vacation time than other soldiers. Another thing that makes us superior is our commitment because our European Allies fought until they got tired and then pulled out, but we're still in there fighting. The only other nations that would come close to us militarily are the British and the Israelis, both of which have advanced equipment and deadly foot soldiers. We're also the most advanced in case no one has noticed since we're capable of flying a missile through Ahmedinajad's bathroom vent and scoring a bullseye. And does any other nation have a space weapons program?

TwilightCommando, Midna Fan Forum 22 Comments [8/22/2008 2:48:19 AM]
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Given the connections with the year 2012 and the Mayan calendar, it's possible to view the 'Olympic Rings' under a new light.

The 5 rings 'officially' represent the 5 continents, but as with all things occult, is there a duality?

The logo was designed by Baron Pierre de Coubertin, a French Freemason and founder of the 'modern Olympics'.

His statue at the Centennial Olympic Park, Atlanta is very revealing. Notice the 'step pyramid', surrounded by the 'Two Towers' with the Olympic rings flocked by doves above.
The ancient Mayan calendar incorporates a 25,765 year cycle known to us as the 'Great Year'. This cycle is composed of 5 lesser cycles of around 5,125 years each. The current cycle is due to end on 21st December 2012 at 11:11am UST.

Do the 'Olympic Rings' signify the 5 cycles of the Earth's death and rebirth, with each of the cycles connected like a chain? Who has been in control of the Earth through these cycles? Who is the 'Lord Of The Rings'?

Justin Stephens, justinstephens.info 18 Comments [8/20/2008 10:33:01 PM]
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Quote# 45263

(While videotaping a lawn sprinkler with a very obvious rainbow in the spray.)

I'm just wondering what the heck is in our water supply -- what the heck is in our oxygen supply -- of the metallic oxide salts that creates a rainbow effect in a sprinkler.

What is oozing out of our ground that allows this type of effect to happen? Not just around our sun and our moon anymore. Everywhere we look, the visible spectrum is rainbows!

This can not be natural. We all know it wasn't something that happened twenty years ago, but now it's happening now. We as a nation have got to ask ourselves, "What the hell is going on? What is oozing out of our ground?"

[End card: WE NEED TO RAISE OUR VOICES before they take away our rights OUR CONSTITUIONAL (sic) RIGHTS to not be guinea pigs for our governments (sic) IN THEIR NEVER ENDING THRIST (sic) FOR ENERGY SOURCES]

(Note: She has a Youtube account with more crackpottery, although she seems to have wised up enough to remove the sprinkler video. Too bad the internet never forgets.)

dbootsthediva, College Humor 25 Comments [8/18/2008 10:05:04 PM]
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Submitted By: Microraptor

Quote# 45075

[This was in a thread about aliens being agents of the devil. It's pretty typical rapture retard stupidity and then this comes out of nowhere.]

these underground bases [located under the Denver airport] do exist in CO and elsewhere in teh US and probaby globally ....in CO they go way deep in teh mountains...

Some say aliens are down there...the little gray slave types and humans too....and there is govt involvement....I have no idea...life is getting so weird I am open although it still all shocks me....

But I think the idea is the elites will go into teh mountains and ungerground to hide out during a nuke war OR if planet X shows up and hurls asteroids at us.....and teh rif raf liek us will ride it out..........

same reaons for for seed vault.....

seekingtruth1, Rapture Ready 16 Comments [8/17/2008 5:28:46 PM]
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Submitted By: doomie 22

Quote# 45214

I am only 14 and i am sure that you've heard this before fom your earlier posts but i believe in theoretical time and space travel.

I wish to draw your attention to the health problems of the crew of the eldridge, the official reports were that the ship came back with a green mist causing the crew to become nausiated also some of the crew were reported to have never come back.

It is my belief that the amount of potential and EM energy that was used to supposedly get the ship invisible could have been enough to drain the natural EM field in the human body hence causing defficiencies in the bodies mental capacities causing the brain to act erradicaly and causing the depletion of neurons also causing fragmented memory and a host of medical problems caused the adverse affects to the brain e.g. schitzophrenia also brain death.

experimental travel - this is not very new to me as many new theories are being created every month however the concept of time and faster than light travel is a concept that has been plaguing man since the dawn of time.

if you count the amount of strange dissapearances and sightings that have happened in the last few centuries the amount is phenomenal and as we know all thinks weird and wonderful can be explained by the government however who can explain a plane that has been gone for over 50years that vanished without even a bit of damaged hull or even a radio signal to trace suddenly reappearing over the atlantic with the paint still as fresh as the day that it was taken off the production line full of dents from gun fire years before well atleast in our reality anyway but ofcourse all o0f the information points to outer dimentional travel this could very well explain the mental state of all who re-appear with the dimentional tensions playing havoc with the brain.

stevet6783432002, Above Top Secret 17 Comments [8/17/2008 5:17:51 PM]
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Submitted By: jsonitsac

Quote# 45152

Well, I think alot of celebs fake their own death.

-Elvis Presley is quite possibly still alive or was atleast still alive after his staged death.

-Brandon Lee is definitly not dead, he was supposedly shot in the movie, The Crow, highly suspicious claim since all guns on the scene fire either blanks or are props, loaded guns are kept away at all times, even the bullets you see in movies are generally dummies, also the claim that the movie was made for a great majority with CG doesn't hold water, the tech wasn't even good enough back in the day! we can't even make realistic 3D models like that TODAY! Brandon Lee is alive, just doesn't want his father's fame, his father died of injury from a spar correct?

-Tupac Shakur might still be alive, I dunno about B.I.G. but I think 2Pac might still be alive and kicking, hiding from the gansters that had his name on their bullets.

-Kurt Kobain, I do believe he definitly kicked the bucket but I I don't think by his own hand, his wife (Courtney Love) is supposed to be a prime suspect but has never been investigated in, she even went so far as saying: It was a suicide, leave it alone (or something in that sense), also the self inflicted gunshot wound is inconsistant with a suicide, he used a 20ga shotgun, the gun was way too long to could have shot him self in the head with, the gun was also neatly positioned against a wall, this was no suicide, it could've been a staged death, but I suspect murder...Courtney isn't a great person IMO and I wouldn't be suprised if she killed him or hired someone to do so.

I personally am not a fan of the King, I do respect him and I would not be suprised if he was still alive, i'm in no way sure though.

sorry to semi-hijack this thread and state alot of other celeb deaths

GrOuNd_ZeRo, Above Top Secret 19 Comments [8/17/2008 4:55:13 AM]
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Quote# 45046

This message is for all smokers on this forum!! it's time to take the streets! let's start organizing SMOKEOUTS!!!!! i say weshould get groups and go into malls and even government buildings and shout: WE WANT TO SMOKE!! WE PAYED FORIT!! WE ARE THE SMOKERS!!!!!! this way we can get the message across that we want to smoke in malls, offices andwherever we want! we have the right! it's a legal product! forget this hooey about kids being exposed thats false informatioin bythe health nazis!!!! Ill smoke in my car with the kids and they don't mind---of course if they did they would then get a littlebackhand on their backside! cigarettes are not addictive! i smoke a pack a day because i want to not because i cant stop i'mproud! every smoker should go with their friends and others and walk into restaurants,malls,schools and just smoke. imaginehundreds of smokers across north america going in the news as defiant! this is what america is all about(canada to!) when theydid the riots over world trade they made a point and people listened. so what if a copper tries to get rough because we are thesmokers we'll fight back!! if a copper beats me up then it shows how crazy the antis are! maybe you do to and the public willknow the truth! i'll get a little bump on my head to show my support for all smokers out there! write me back at *****@hotmail.com--let me knowwhat you think so we can organize and of course---don't just wait for others to join the cause like these prissy littlenon-smoking fascists who are all talk ----just walk into your local mall,doctor's office,high school,college,store or anywhere youwant and light up. they can't stop us all------LETS TAKE BACK OUR STREETS!!!!!

Soo, Smoking Lobby 25 Comments [8/16/2008 7:42:54 PM]
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Submitted By: jsonitsac

Quote# 45078

"Everyone agrees that convicted felons should not have guns, but misdemeanors are minor offenses that usually carry no jail time."

"Everyone agrees"? The lying asshole should speak for himself. Such lies are a very common way that PC hate mongers use rhetoric to spread and perpetuate their offensive hate.

Everyone does not agree. Only in the blind eyes of the anti-gun, anti-men, anti-white lobby does such PC attitudes become "everyone."

bobx23456, ONE Brave Judge 15 Comments [8/16/2008 7:40:38 PM]
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Quote# 44990

First of all I want to share with you all about the so called flood.
There was no "Flood of Noah" in terrestrial terms IMHO.
It all happened in the heavens, although it must have caused endless hurricanes, storms, rains, and thunder -- perhaps for years.
I suspect that the 'flood' represented the fall of the Absu, the equatorial rings surrounding the Earth.

The Absu disappeared suddenly, around 2349 BC, perhaps in a matter of days, because of an interaction with Venus and a change in the orbit of Earth.

This moved the Earth further away from the Sun and toward the established orbital path of the Moon.
There was no moon in orbit of earth before that time.
Moved further from the Sun, to a new location of lower potential in the electrical field of the Sun, the Earth would have started discharging to the surrounding space. Such a discharge would normally be very slow, in dark mode, and lasting thousands of years. The disruption caused by Venus was rapid, and the nearby Moon provided an additional electrical path into the space facing away from the Sun.

pplwakeup, Above Top Secret 11 Comments [8/16/2008 4:23:44 PM]
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Submitted By: Traitor1

Quote# 45021

Believers and non-believers : NASA lied to us!what are your thoughts about this ? ?
It’s all true. We never went to the Moon. Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin never set foot on Mare Tranquilitatus. They filmed it all on a soundstage in Nevada’s Area 51. Stanley Kubrick directed, slowing down the film speed to make it look like the astronauts were walking in low gravity. He used the same techniques he developed for his movie 2001: A Space Odyssey, which “coincidentally” came out in 1968, the same year that NASA claimed to send Apollo 8 around the moon. But Kubrick was forced to do it, and so he left clues in the photographs. If you look at them closely you can see that some of the shadows do not match up and there are other inconsistencies. The flags wave when there is no air. There are no blast craters under the lunar landers. Kubrick was a master filmmaker and he would not have been so sloppy with his art—he would have put the blast craters there and he would not have allowed the flags to wave. But perhaps he was trying to tell us something, provided we are smart enough to recognize it. Maybe that is why he died under mysterious circumstances in 1999.


Happy Human, Yahoo Answers 16 Comments [8/16/2008 3:31:15 PM]
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Submitted By: Lola Flores

Quote# 44941

The Great Pyramid is labeled by historians as a man-made structure. This wonder of the world is thought by some to be built by an alien civilization hundreds of thousands of years ago and subsequently populated by nomadic squatters of the ancient near east.
Greek historians of antiquity (Herodotus, Thucydides, etc) helped spread mainstream ideas about the pyramids of Egypt by merging their tradition of inventing myths with facts and material evidence from the neighboring world.
The great pyramid is said to have paranormal properties which are well known by many reputable Egyptologists.
Extraterrestrial purpose hypothesis
Some people speculate that the great pyramid was used as a docking station for alien spacecrafts, as demonstrated by their perfect construction and proximity to freshwater, which aliens might have used as fuel during their human slave collection expeditions. The shape of the pyramid distributes weight perfectly into the Earth, preventing damage to both spacecraft and local flora and fauna. The great pyramid is said to also concentrate microwave radiation of the planet into various spacecraft, refueling their electric and photonuclear storage tanks.
Supposed alien abandonment
It is said that the last known use of the pyramid as a refueling station was around 10,000 BC, when the Akkadian-Sumerian civilization was just starting to form. A possible explanation might be that the quality of humans suffered as a result of a drought and famine caused by a rapid global climate change scientifically dated to this period.

TinWiki, TinWiki 11 Comments [8/16/2008 12:44:46 AM]
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Submitted By: jsonitsac
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