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Quote# 85002

A civilzed society is supposed to put a collar and leash on your atheist and pagan friends. We had laws that prohibited the murdering of the unborn (I'm sure the people at Planned Parenthood are "good Chrisians" like elo), laws that prohibited Bruce and Kevin sodomizing each other in the privacy of their own public restroom toilet stall, laws against Granite indulging in his favorite "literature" while he's locked inside the bathroom, etc. etc. etc.

And if you think that decent Americans are just going to sit back and "do nothing about it", then you better check the potency of the bud you've been smoking Rusha, because it's making you "delusional".

aCultureWarrior, Theology Online 64 Comments [11/30/2011 3:48:12 AM]
Fundie Index: 84
Submitted By: Persephone 66

Quote# 84998

[in response to the assertion that gay people are human and deserve equal rights]

Listen up and listen good, pissant,

A huge heresy has infiltrated western culture over the last 50 years. In this heresy the cardinal human virtue is that everyone must be nice. These rules say that you have to agree with everything everyone says. You can't disagree with anything.

We're so far gone that we're at the point now that if someone were to say 2+2 = 7 people in western culture like yourself think that they're expected to rub their chin and say...

Ok, let me see if I can relate to where you're coming from there. Let me see if I can figure out where we can find common ground on this.

NO. 2+2= 4, not 7.

I don't enter into a dialogue with objective lies because it serves no purpose. I don't dialogue with the devil. I don't compromise with lies and with evil. I speak the truth and I speak it clearly without apology.

If someone wants to say that I'm rude and abrasive for pointing this out I wear it as a badge of honor. I'm going to speak the truth and you're going to hear it and if you decide to go and embrace a lie the problem will be yours alone.

It is NOT beautiful or normal for two men to be banging and fondling each other. Homosexuality is disordered behavior and as such is not worthy of respect.

blackberrypie, IMDb Religion Board 81 Comments [11/29/2011 4:04:52 AM]
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Quote# 84992

Buddy Baker's most recent vision ...

"November 24, 2011 Thursday 9:45 pm, while I was in the shower the moment I closed my eyes I see multitudes of angels in white robes everywhere and I hear the Lord say 'MY ANGELS ARE STANDING READY' end."

Buddy Baker, End Times Prophecy website 66 Comments [11/28/2011 4:11:34 AM]
Fundie Index: 66

Quote# 84991

Eternal damnation or unemployment? A Georgia factory worker chose the latter.
Billy Hyatt was fired from a plastics factory job at Pliant Corp. after he refused to wear a sticker with 666, which boasted that the factory had been accident free for 666 days.
He believed the number would cause him to “accept the mark of the beast and be condemned to hell.”
He’s seeking punitive damages and back pay in a federal lawsuit.

Bill Hyatt, New York Post 80 Comments [11/28/2011 4:11:02 AM]
Fundie Index: 52
Submitted By: whoanelly

Quote# 84989

I was taught evolution in school but one thing they don't teach is that human DNA is coiled in a helix in a CLOCKWISE manner
and all other species of plants/animals have their DNA coiled in a helix in an ANTI-CLOCKWISE manner.

If evolution exists then all of our DNA, human AND animal AND plant DNA would be coiled in an identical direction. It isn't. My sister was studying biochemistry at University at the time told me of this anomaly.

I have never been able to accept evolution since, but I still had to repeat what I'd been taught in biology class to pass my exam.

live2love, RR 68 Comments [11/28/2011 4:10:35 AM]
Fundie Index: 93

Quote# 84971

I would be ok with this IF they (the you-know-who crowd) could keep their mouths shut and their pants on. If I never had to know about their sexual deviance- that is, if they never brought it up and it was never a point of interest in and around actual duty- then their deviation from biological norms could remain private and between them and God.

Unfortunately, they are not content to keep it between them and God. They want EVERYONE to know, and they want to shove it down our throats, so to speak, and I have a nagging concern that they are going to utilize the joyous jubilation of this terrible CiC as a legitimizing factor in forcing their deviance on the rest of the military.

I’m SO close to meeting the physical requirements to serve, and the more I see of this garbage the more I wonder at what the hell I’m choosing to do. It’s disgusting. And all I can say is I’m glad Obama won’t be in charge forever...

HushTX, Free Republic 67 Comments [11/27/2011 5:46:11 AM]
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Quote# 84968

Liberalism has had front seat and first dance at all the parties and grand openings. It's been coddled, nurtured, and protected by media, legislatures, and courts. It's been a staple educational form from kindergarten thru professorship. It's been written about ten to one over other political ideals and and taken in as a stepchild by the Hollywood elite. Liberalism has imposed it's values and will on private citizens and institutions and all other aspects of life. It's dampened Christmas, Easter, and every other Christian belief or expression and it's failed? I can only guess that with such an infrastructure, base of supporters, and institutional control the only reason it's failed is because it's wrong. Sounds like 45 minutes of sour grapes to me. The democrat party can never fully embrace liberalism because in it's true form liberalism represents only a small fraction of the population. Liberalism is a mental disorder.

edwardbear, Anybeat 42 Comments [11/27/2011 5:45:43 AM]
Fundie Index: 48

Quote# 84967

They laugh at the fact that the Bible claims that people before the flood lived to be hundreds of years old. They also laugh at the idea that there was enough water to flood the whole earth and that it then receded somewhere.

I said these are kind of related, and I believe that they are. First let me quote from Genesis:

Genesis 1:6-7 And God said, "Let there be an expanse between the waters to separate water from water." [7] So God made the expanse and separated the water under the expanse from the water above it. And it was so.

So we see from this that God separated the water under the expanse (sky) from the water above the expanse (sky). Now think about what water above the sky would be like. Well it would most likely be very high in the atmosphere at the edge of space, which we know is very cold. So the water would have been an ice layer above the breathable atmosphere.

What would an ice layer like that do? It would filter out solar radiation for one. We know today that solar radiation has a lot to do with cancer and aging, both in animals and humans. So if this ice layer were to filter out some or all of this radiation, what would you expect to happen to those people and animals that lived under this filter? They would have less disease and live longer!

Secondly, an ice layer would cause a greenhouse effect on the earth, making the temperatures more moderate throughout the world. Could this explain the frozen animals in the Arctic that have been found with green vegetation in their stomachs?

Thirdly, it would put pressure on the atmosphere. What you would have is a natural barometric chamber covering the whole earth. Again, what would you expect that to do to the people and animals on the earth? All you have to do is look at what modern medicine and science use barometric chambers for today to find out the answer. If a person has a limb amputated and then reattached they are often placed in a barometric chamber and given high concentrations of oxygen to help the healing process. Now, remember the greenhouse effect the ice layer would have produced, meaning that there would have been more oxygen-producing plants on the earth. So the end result would be healthier and longer living humans.

Ralph, Behind The Badge 66 Comments [11/27/2011 5:44:56 AM]
Fundie Index: 71
Submitted By: David

Quote# 84960

In videos and writings that are widely consumed by evangelicals, [Ken Ham] encourages students to ask their science teachers "Were you there?" when they talk about the past. The biology teacher says "Life first appeared on earth about 4 billion years ago," and the student is to ask "Were you there?" The physics teacher says "The universe originated in a Big Bang almost 14 billion years ago" and the students is to ask "Were you there?"

In a recent piece titled "Nine Year Old Challenges Nasa," Ham blogged proudly about "Emma B" who, when told that a NASA moon rock was 3.75 billion years old, asked "Were you there?"

Ken Ham, Emma B., Huffington Post 100 Comments [11/26/2011 3:57:12 AM]
Fundie Index: 93
Submitted By: The_L

Quote# 84949

With real polls (not the ones Obama has ordered the alphabet networks to counterfeit) continuing to fall for Dictator Obama, he is working as fast as he can to establish his tyranny as a fait accompli. ObamaThugs calling themselves "Occupy Wall Street" (OWS) have taken their rioting, perversions, crimes, open defecations and copulations, murders/deaths (at least three of them [some reports say four] as of this writing) and all-around bad behaviors to the streets, businesses and byways of multiple cities throughout the [former] USA. Women are being beaten and raped by OWS protesters across the country. OWS ObamaThugs are barging into private meetings and conventions and becoming more and more violent. Note: The days of Noah have returned with a vengeance.

The SEIU (aka "ObamaFriends") and other patently Marxist-Communist labor unions are adding to the violence as they egg-on the protesters.

As predicted, the OWS "movement" quickly degraded and devolved into what it was all along — a violent Marxist-anarchistic melee. The OWS project was started by Obama friend and former ObamaCzar Van Jones — an avowed Communist. This is the Marxist Democrats' version of the TEA Party — that is, the exact opposite of the TEA Party. If ever the Left was being shown with its true face and in its true glory...OWS is it.

Sher Zieve, Renew America 59 Comments [11/26/2011 3:55:43 AM]
Fundie Index: 74

Quote# 84944

Saudi Arabia is the only country to deny women the right to drive. But despite renewed protests against the ban this year, resistance to change remains strong among conservative royals and clerics.

A report this week by Kamal Subhi, a former professor at King Fahd University, warned that allowing women to drive would provoke a surge in prostitution, pornography, homosexuality and divorce. Within 10 years of the ban being lifted, it warned, there would be "no more virgins" in the kingdom.

Mr Subhi, who sent his report to all 150 members of the Shura Council, the country's legislative body, said moral decline was already discernible in other Gulf states where women were allowed to drive.

Kamal Subhi, The Australian 59 Comments [11/26/2011 3:54:48 AM]
Fundie Index: 77

Quote# 84880

Fossils (November 18, 2011)

They look the same.

All around the world, the fossilized remains of animals are being found and routinely dated to be over a hundred million years old.

For instance, someone found a fossil of a crocodile that supposedly lived 200 million years ago. What do you think it looks like? It looks just like a modern crocodile.

The fossils of clams, fish, lobsters, spiders, snakes, turtles, and frogs all look exactly like their modern counterparts.

They look the same because they are the same. Contrary to the claims of evolution, frogs have always been the frogs that God created them to be.

And there’s much evidence that these animals are not that old, but were buried rapidly, victims of a much more recent Global Flood.

Janet Porter, Faith2Action 62 Comments [11/25/2011 12:17:05 AM]
Fundie Index: 83

Quote# 84934

Adam and Eve were Christians. They got married.

That Jesus Freak, Yahoo Answers 66 Comments [11/24/2011 7:14:39 PM]
Fundie Index: 97

Quote# 84929

Did you know that the turkey you're going to enjoy on Thanksgiving Day this Thursday is probably halal? If it's a Butterball turkey, then it certainly is -- whether you like it or not.

...I discovered that only two plants in the U.S. that perform halal slaughter keep the halal meat separated from the non-halal meat, and they only do so because plant managers thought it was right to do so. At other meat-packing plants, animals are slaughtered following halal requirements, but then only a small bit of the meat is actually labeled halal.

Now here is yet more poisonous fruit of that scandal.

...Across this great country, on Thanksgiving tables nationwide, infidel Americans are unwittingly going to be serving halal turkeys to their families this Thursday. Turkeys that are halal certified -- who wants that, especially on a day on which we are giving thanks to G-d for our freedom? I wouldn't knowingly buy a halal turkey -- would you? Halal turkey, slaughtered according to the rules of Islamic law, is just the opposite of what Thanksgiving represents: freedom and inclusiveness, neither of which are allowed for under that same Islamic law.

Pam Geller, American Thinker 100 Comments [11/24/2011 7:13:20 PM]
Fundie Index: 79
Submitted By: Damned at Random

Quote# 84928

I don't want to lynch them. I'd be happy to try them by Counter-revolutionary court befire I hang them. That should take about five minutes per OWSer.

They are fighting against my country and the prosperity of my children and grandchildren. They are cirrational and dangerous. Their existence is partly a factor of not having conducted mass executions of communist agents as a result of the McCarthy and House Unamerican Activities investigations.

I am not a nice person. They have taught me hate. Now I want them dead.

I'm not holding my breath, though.

edgeplay_cgo, TBOverse 77 Comments [11/24/2011 7:13:12 PM]
Fundie Index: 104
Submitted By: SCarpelan

Quote# 84912

There's a reason that most ancient cultures have worldwide flood legends, you know. I remember in our Spanish class we had to read a legend similar to a lot of things...about people who encountered a giant serpent, which spat water out of its mouth until the whole world was flooded, the people had to flee to a lone mountaintop, they would send out a dove to see if there was any dry land anywhere, and when they finally descended they all magically spoke different languages. Now THAT'S a lot of stories in one legend.

Fortunately the Holy Spirit revealed the truth on these matters or else it would be one big answerless mystery lost to time.

Rei, Rapture Ready 47 Comments [11/23/2011 7:09:56 AM]
Fundie Index: 60
Submitted By: Frank

Quote# 84907

[Quote begins about 3/4ths of the way down the page. The whole blog post is worth a read, as it's all sparked off by two news stories relating to fundie idiocy - the below quote is merely the icing on the rather unpleasant cake]

When I was in college, (having been raised by hard core leftists) I burned my draft card and gave anti-nuke talks etc. I was immersed in and convinced of the 'moral equivalence' of communism and capitalism. On a whim I went to Europe and went behind the iron curtain. (Yes I am that old) Within a few hours I knew that I had been terribly deceived and that there was no legitimate comparison whatever, on any level, between the 2 systems. I then vowed to read books against everything I thought I knew. I have always been more interested in the truth than in being right.
As the result of 9/11 many people have begun to have the absurd lie of the moral equivalency of Islam and Christianity cleared up. It takes only a few hours of honest unbiased research of Islam to find that it has from it's outset advocated lying, deception, revenge, murder, etc etc. Not only did it's founder teach and practice these things but the history of islam has never seen any significant pause in killing for the specific purpose of their faith. Not only does the Bible specifically condemn deceit, murder etc., but it also warns that any who justify these things or use God to excuse them will be in great peril. It is180 degrees out from Islam. There is a solid logical reason there is never an islamic democrasy. One must be truely ignorant of it's precepts to believe it is anything other than an evil, enslaving, belief system. Futhermore, the only real equivalent christian 'jihad', (the crusades) misguided though they were, were as the direct result of the moslems overunning jerusalem and killing or 'converting' at swordpoint the christians there.

OK, here is the point; As absolutly moronic, uninformed, or deceitful as one must be to utter such things as 'Islam is a pieceful religion' etc. How much vastly more ignorant must one be to suggest there is any equivalence between whichcraft of any shade and christianity. The principles that we refer to as morality are at least given a nod and some even respected by islam. Whereas, all wiccas and their ilk are taught that they are soley and absolutly in charge of what they deem right or wrong *AND* they are activly encouraged to violate every precept of conscience and morality.

John ('Osama made me do it') Walker is a traitor and should be shot or imprisoned, NOT allowed to promote his views or do as he wishes. So too the witches amongst us are not freedom loving folks just doing their thing. They are activly promoting and practising something that has not one single redeeming value and enslaves all that fall under it's influence. Only ignorance or evil would suggest that these people, who are the exact equivalent of John Walker only amongst us, should be free to do whatever they wish.

Mitch in Kentucky, This is True 61 Comments [11/23/2011 7:08:31 AM]
Fundie Index: 54

Quote# 84883

Atheism and Agnosticism... Begins with Doubts...

Damaged emotions... rejection, trauma, or lack of love in early life
Obliterated trust... no confidence in authority figures
Unrealistic expectations... faulty thinking about God and religion
Buried belief... no all-powerful God of love
Twisted truth... significance comes from what I do
Seared consciences... calloused to the touch of God

... and Ends with Denial!

"Hope for the Heart", Hope for the Heart Ministries 84 Comments [11/22/2011 6:31:59 AM]
Fundie Index: 81
Submitted By: Wykked Wytch

Quote# 84882

If look at history from the mid-1960s, we’ve gone from a request for toleration to an imposition of intolerance. We’ve gone from a request to understand others to a determination to close down those who hold traditional values.
I think that we need to be very aggressive and very direct. The degree to which the left is prepared to impose intolerance and to drive out of existence traditional religion is a mortal threat to our civilization and deserves to be taken head on and described as what it is which the use of government to repress the American people against their own values.

Newt Gingrich, TPM.com 65 Comments [11/22/2011 6:31:50 AM]
Fundie Index: 61
Submitted By: dfmfundies

Quote# 84877

During a town hall meeting in Ottumwa, Iowa Friday afternoon, Rick Santorum argued that Americans receive too many government benefits and ought to “suffer” in the Christian tradition. If “you’re lower income, you can qualify for Medicaid, you can qualify for food stamps, you can qualify for housing assistance,” Santorum complained, before adding, “suffering is part of life and it’s not a bad thing, it is an essential thing in life.”

Rick Santorum, Think Progress 156 Comments [11/21/2011 4:17:38 AM]
Fundie Index: 159

Quote# 84871

What have we learned from OWS:

Idiots have a herd instinct, even if it clogs traffic.
Morons behave like animals when you get them En-mass.
Liberals are more of a threat to POTUS than conservatives.
The media paints these bums in a positive light-not reporting their vandalism.
The protest has gathered to detract the public from failed Obama policies.
These gathering don't solve problems--rather they create them.
OWS is nothing more than a mob composed of troublemakers, drug addicts and vandals.
Liberalism appeals to the drug and criminal element.

Inzl Kett, Theology Online 35 Comments [11/21/2011 4:15:01 AM]
Fundie Index: 67
Submitted By: Persephone 66

Quote# 84867

I believe you are right. I remember a similar case in New Mexico, and the New Mexico law made it very clear that “We Reserve The Right To Refuse Service To Anyone” is another way of saying, “I want to go to jail”.

Now, is that right? Absolutely not, and I think any of the Founders would be shocked and disgusted by our nation. That was why, even as a young child, I was confused when the civil rights movement said people had to do business with other people regardless of the desire to do so. Although my parents were strong supporters of full rights for blacks, they also could not imagine a world where a business owner HAD to do business with anyone.

I’ve got a part of my house that could easily be converted into a 2 room apartment, providing inexpensive housing. I will NEVER do so. Why? Because I cannot tell someone, “I don’t want a couple of faggots having sex under my roof.” The moment I said that, I might as well hand over the keys to my house, because when the law was done with me, they would own my house.

See my tagline? That is exactly how I feel.

("they found themselves made strangers in their own country")

Mr Rogers, Free Republic 52 Comments [11/21/2011 4:13:20 AM]
Fundie Index: 64

Quote# 84866

you ever seen muslim websites, queer websites etc?

They give their followers info on where to go, where to move into town to take it over quietly, where to do business, how to sue, what judges and lawyers are on their side, what paperwork they need , what and where their advocates are.

Now imagine if Christians had sites like this and was told where to sue to get money and what to do with that money they win?

They have most of the pro cross dressing queer media so they know their sites will never be exposed and don’t rely on phony conservatives like Hannity who will never mention conservative social issues.

manc, Free Republic 33 Comments [11/21/2011 4:12:38 AM]
Fundie Index: 67

Quote# 84863

The standard evolutionary astronomy model contradicts the Bible in almost every way possible. Therefore, we know that the evolutionary model can’t be true. As the Word of God, the Bible stands on its own authority, contradictory accounts are wrong by definition (see also p. 50).

Spike Psarris, Creation Ministries Institute 70 Comments [11/21/2011 4:11:47 AM]
Fundie Index: 99
Submitted By: Night Jaguar

Quote# 84857

A requirement that all of Georgia's license plates read "In God We Trust"...were among bills filed Tuesday.

Motorists can already purchase a sticker with the motto for $1. The sticker can be placed over the usual county name decal Georgia license plates currently sport. Sen. Bill Heath, R-Bremen, filed the proposal to reverse that order. He proposed the motto would be the default on any license plates manufactured after July 1 but motorists could buy a county decal sticker to cover it if they wanted.

GA Rep. Bill Heath, AJC 71 Comments [11/19/2011 6:48:58 AM]
Fundie Index: 82
Submitted By: Aspergus
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