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GIVE ME A BREAK INDEED. Birth certificate aside, he was either born as a natural-born citizen of the United States or he was not and the "HE WAS NOT" evidence is stronger than the "he was" insistence by his supporters. I want him to prove that he is qualified to serve as the POTUS and thus far he has spent millions in legal fees to hide the documents which must OBVIOUSLY prove that he is not.

With that said, he has certainly PROVEN one thing beyond any reasonable doubt. He, a Kenyan-born mulatto who was from birth indoctrinated in Muslim thuggery, socialism, Chicago-styled political thuggery, pathological lying, hanging with domestic terrorists and defending foreign terrorist and their attacks on the U.S., race baiting, and anti-captialism and American exceptionalism should not be in the office of POTUS. In other words, the CEO of OBAMANATION UPON THE NATION, INC. should be evicted from the American Constitutional Republic's White House and Oval Office and then deported to his true home, Kenya, Africa.

Kenneth_W_Treuter2011, Trump Defends His Birtherism-The Atlantic 23 Comments [3/31/2011 3:40:21 AM]
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Submitted By: Mech610

Quote# 80309

From the very beginning, I was suspicious about this whole HIV story, and I didn't know in the beginning, but it didn't take long after some serious researchers had gotten into it and published their findings, it became obvious to me. You talk about a wacko theory, here it comes. There isn't even such a thing as HIV. HIV virus, standing for virus, doesn't even exist. It's -- think of what those letters stand for.


So, that's what it is. It's an immunodeficiency, but there's no virus. The immunodeficiencies are caused by the treatment, the drugs that they give people to try and treat the AIDS. That's what kills the immune system. And what a shocking thought that is, that people who have an immune deficiency, maybe because of some other factor such as nutritional factors -- maybe -- you know, a lot of drug addicts develop this syndrome. Why? Well, we know that a drug addict traditionally has a terrible diet, and the drugs themselves are destructive of the immune system.


And I'll just say one more thing and then let the real experts take over, is, my understanding is that all these pictures that you can find of the HIV or the virus are artist's renditions. There's never been a photograph, an electron microscope, or anything else that photographed a virus called HIV, mainly because it doesn't exist. It's theorized. It's a theoretical virus.

G. Edward Griffin, Media Matters 23 Comments [3/29/2011 9:27:00 AM]
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President Obama has recently passed laws which will require a RF tracking device in people to obtain health information etc. We are not far from having the government demand all citizens to get the ID microchip or be jailed and beheaded. Government sites have been seen to receive modern guillotines at several bases and enough to supply the whole nation. They were imported from China and Japan. Chinese use guillotines to preserve the organs for transplant, as the gas and lethal injection ruin the organs. You can check online about Fulung Gong, a group working for peace and harmony, and the hundreds of thousands who are killed and organs used recently

gloryseven, Christian Forums 23 Comments [3/29/2011 9:26:53 AM]
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Submitted By: Damned at Random

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My theory in a nutshell is that the Beatles were a very talented band that got under the control of the Illuminati-run Tavistock Institute (TI). I believe that TI uses celebrities to push their agenda (LSD as part of MKULTRA at that point) on the masses as either a mind-control experiment, or just a way to control the anti-war movement that was growing in the mid-60's. My personal feeling is that Paul must have refused to go along with some part of the agenda. He said in one 1965 interview that they wouldn't encourage people not to drink, so I doubt he'd encourage people to take drugs, at least, not something like LSD. He also flat-out refused to try heroin.

So, Paul, not being a "team player," was eliminated. However, he was popular, so they found a replacement who would be able to exploit Paul's popularity to "sell" the drug agenda. Not long after, Faul did an interview talking about taking LSD, & according to George Harrison, the "whole world went crazy."

faulconandsnowjob, Above Top Secret 26 Comments [3/27/2011 5:41:47 AM]
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Submitted By: jsonitsac

Quote# 80211

In 2011, it may be passé for Hillary to get rid of people by having them disappear. But with Obama there is an easier way that I suspect may, in this age of "civility," be the femme fatale's new modus operandi. I have come to conclude, through sources close to Hillary, that she herself may again be working on the so-called "birther" issue, which she first raised during her 2008 presidential campaign. For if Hillary can finally obtain proof positive that President Obama was born in Kenya, and not in Hawaii as he claims, then she will not have to send him on a day trip to Fort Marcy Park to retire him as president. What could be cleaner?

Larry Klayman, World Net Daily 24 Comments [3/25/2011 3:19:29 AM]
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Quote# 80196

Is it possible that the events in the Catholic Bible is really the History of our Ancestors? of course, the Bible have been told through generations of people, so the true history would have changed. But if you read between the lines, it is so much a possibility that the events had happened.

... And we might as well came from Venus.

I thought of this idea because i believe that our solar system is being pulled by the sun's gravity so every day, we are getting closer to the sun. That's why right now, we have this greenhouse effect (just like Venus). And isn't it a coincidence that the GOVERNMENT is looking into Mars? ... Coz that's the only place habitable in our solar system.

We just move from one planet to another.

And have you wondered why we have discovered Advance Civilizations in our archealogical diggings? where did these Advanced Civilizations came from?

chris, New Scientist 25 Comments [3/24/2011 8:12:27 AM]
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Quote# 80071

CNN deliberately doesn't tell you what direction Japan moved because if they did it would falsify Plate Tectonics.

Oil Is Mastery, Oilismastery.blogspot.com 45 Comments [3/17/2011 4:47:41 AM]
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Submitted By: Jeffery Keown

Quote# 80058

There is no mystery and awe that was evident in the Novus Ordo ‘service’ today. Over the past 50-60 years phony priests signed on to help destroy the Church by preying on the young. I believe they knowingly helped satan and the muslims in their evil by creating massive scandal. The idea of destroying the Church by this means was hatched in the Kremlin by Josef Stalin as he saw two enemies of the USSR: the USA and The Roman Catholic Church.

If this un-Godly mess that has perpetuated over the past 50 years isn’t corrected by the reigning pontiff the Holy Trinity will become incensed. Benedict’s successors to Pius XII had much explaining to do and it doesn’t take a lot of speculation to surmise where their souls may end up.

The new mass is a poor excuse for the Tridentine Mass and the priest’s role has been usurped into practically irrelevance.

With Christianity greatly weakened and fewer adherents showing up on Sundays it’s no wonder Muslims with their Koran and form of evil government are emboldened and asserting themselves in every nation.

IbJensen, Free Republic 20 Comments [3/17/2011 4:41:46 AM]
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Submitted By: Mick McT

Quote# 79982

Just had dinner with some Hollywood insiders.


It's worse than you think. These bastards are in a FRENZY to solidify the "fundamental transformation" of America. They're going to do and say anything they can to prop up Obama and the communists, the Islamists, Eco-Nazis and anyone else that is working to destroy us.

They know there is a shift in attitude among Americans...which is why the new Atlas Shrugged movie is being ignored. Theatre owners are being pressured not to show it. No distributor will touch it. THEY DO NOT WANT YOU TO SEE IT!

There will be bad press, terrible reviews and LOTS OF MOVIES SUDDENLY COMING OUT that have the opposite message (capitalism is evil and you are bad).

From what I'm told, there is at once a feeling of haughty superiority over the "gun toting, bible clinging, unsophisticated" hicks AND a terrible fear that they might start to wake up and flex their considerable muscle.

DO NOT patronize anything "Hollywood". Shun those stupid films and TV shows, stop paying to see tart-lets and moron actors, stop buying the crap they're handing us. We don't need censorship, just market pressure. If we don't buy, they go away. (Of course, they might get a gov't bail out, but...)

They are worthless at best, subversive at worst.

JOE McCARTHY WAS RIGHT (and I'm serious...that's from an insider who was there. Almost all of those accused of being communists WERE communists. Gee, isn't it strange that the message sent out by Hollywood was all about big, bad "Joe" and the "black list" and "witch hunts"...and now we have open communists in the media and even in the White House.)

Wyatt's Torch, Moonbattery 40 Comments [3/14/2011 3:36:43 AM]
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Submitted By: Honky McCracker

Quote# 79764

It’s like that here too. I’m in Tennessee. But I haven’t been to any place in the U.S. where I thought too many people were awake yet.
The hardest part about being awake and informed is feeling like you’re alone and isolated — especially among friends and family. You “get it,” and they simply don’t.
And since they’re your loved ones, you naturally try to wake them up.
However, as soon as you mention anything remotely outside the normal everyday jibber-jabber nonsense of entertainment minutiae you get met with one of two responses. (At least in my experience):
1. Anger (like you mentioned): “How dare you start talking about fractional reserve banking while we’re yammering about LeBron James’ 45 points last night, you buzzkill!? Go away!”
2. Blank Stares: “Now, uh… you’re saying the… uh CIA ships in, uh… what from, uh… Afghanistan, now? Uh, what are you talking about? What’s a CIA? What are poppies? Did you mean puppies? I’m so confused. Are you from Mars? I just want to watch Wheel of Fortune.”
I’ve learned more about how easy it is for tyranny to rise just by watching this simple phenomenon of human pyschology in action. Seeing firsthand how quickly normal folks will stick their heads in the sand as corruption grows in their backyard taught me much more than I could have ever learned sitting in a psychology classroom or reading a history book.

NorrinRadd, Infowars Comments 30 Comments [3/1/2011 6:04:07 AM]
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Submitted By: WickedWitch

Quote# 79753

[On Obama and environmentalism.]

Furthermore, I'm starting to wonder if Obama likes to use the word "green" a lot as a signal to his Muslim followers. Green is the Muslim color. It's on some of their flags and if you watch the uprisings, you will see a lot of green. Obama likes to say we should go "green" and cut "pork" projects. The muzzies love that schumer.

It seems to me that Obama and his minions are trying to stir up rebellions in every country. Then he can swoop in and save the world.

Jodie, Moonbattery 39 Comments [3/1/2011 4:55:16 AM]
Fundie Index: 43
Submitted By: Honky McCracker
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