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I guess what I don’t understand is how someone as self aware as you can deal with knowing how utterly inferior your gender is to men. I’m sure if you were black you would be miserable as you would hate being an inferior race, so why doesn’t it bother you to be an inferior sex?

Also, as a Hindu, how do you deal with the possibility that in a past incarnation you were ugly, stupid or black? Which would be the “real” FeministX: the ugly/stupid/black one of previous incarnations or the one you are now?

Otis the Sweaty, The Little Spoon 17 Comments [11/23/2013 4:15:27 AM]
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Most Aptly Named Site Ever

And that's quite enough of this guy, he'll be getting flushed for a while.

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[About getting arrested for threatening to murder a teenage girl:]

The only reason why I got arrested was that I was stupid enough to co-operate with the police (a mistake I will never repeat). I told them that I knew the girl and that's when they first got her real name. I wasn't even arrested initially. I was called for a meeting and was arrested when I told the cops her name. That's what I mean by telling the truth. I mistakenly believed that these police officers had brains and decency when they had neither.

None of these cops wanted to help me get a gf and the female judge didn't want to fuck me. Despite my numerous complaints, affidavits and protests, even going as far as to protest naked with a drum, they've not yet been punished for this. Nor were my parents. All of these criminals are walking free.

I now see the story with that girl as a greater tragedy than I saw it before. The tragedy isn't so much my missed chance with her or my arrest, but the fact that I didn't kill her. It would have probably been better if I did. She was just a single person. If I were ever to take up arms many people might die. I prefer this to not happen, but I don't see a way out. I have no money to move abroad and no Western woman wants a decent man.

coconut, Why, God, Why? 86 Comments [11/20/2013 5:30:03 AM]
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The "It's Everyone's Fault But Mine" Award

For excellence in blowing time bitching on the internet rather than doing... anything...

Quote# 97710

[...they don't beg their mothers for sex, beat up their parents, scream at people naked in front of a court house, or start smear campaigns against people for imaginary slights.]

So they are better because they were born with a hole between their legs? Men who don't do that are better than me because they are more immoral, stupid and irresponsible than I am in a world where that is evolutionary advantage? I mean, you should understand that all of this was a consequence of my incel. There would be no need to beg my mother for sex if I have gotten sex some other way. There was no reason to beat up my parents if I could have found a gf some other way than with their help. There was no reason for me to go naked with a drum in front of a court house if I could have found a gf on my own. I wouldn't start smear campaigns if I weren't rejected 20 times just this year or if I had any prospects of finding a partner. I know that most incels don't react like that, but some incels kill themselves or others too so some react even worse.

coconut, Why, God, Why? 48 Comments [11/18/2013 4:16:24 AM]
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Given the disposable nature of the male, it makes no sense to presume that they have the same capability of experiencing deeper emotions that the female possesses. Males shouldn’t really be capable of the same level of suffering, and it would be an inefficient allocation of resources to help them with things like rape and violence. Even in the unlikely event that they could experience deeper emotions, the allocation of resources to protect “innocent” males would be much more efficiently allocated helping “innocent” females, as their existence and health is more valuable to population stability. Why waste money for feel-good notions like “equality” or “justice”? These are simply subjective platitudes that apes made up in order to derive some sense of control over an indifferent and random world. They hold no objective value. Efficiency is at least quantifiable.

Unphysicalism,  Heteronormative Patriarchy for Men 24 Comments [11/17/2013 5:04:35 AM]
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Quote# 97478

Cybercunt, Cybercunt... There is absolutely no way for you to begin to understand why you're completely wrong. How could have you been arrested or begged your father for sex due to incel when the fact that you were born with a hole between your legs made it almost certain that you will never become incel?

If you had any understanding of what kind of pain incel can cause you wouldn't try to shame me for suffering because of incel. You'd see that it is actually my parents and my government who are the criminals, not me. Instead you're trying to convince me and other men that we can all do well without a girlfriend, that sickness is health, that insanity is sanity.

Coconut, Why, God, Why? 63 Comments [11/4/2013 3:44:24 AM]
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[He's keeps saying he's not a misogynist, yet any woman who doesn't flop on her back and spread her legs for him is a murderous whore! Just like the judge, therapist, and mother who wouldn't put out for him and his made up condition because it's all about Misogynist Asshole Rapist and what he wants.]

In fact, I am glad my mother refused that offer. As for a judge and a therapist they were acquainted with my situation (NOT CONDITION) but were too dumb to understand what's going on so they let me go on suffering as a virgin.

Coconut, Why, God, Why? 58 Comments [11/4/2013 3:42:16 AM]
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