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What a dumbass you are!
So just because you have been brainwashed and conditioned to think the way things currently are is 'superior' that makes it so?How are those marriage/diviorce statistics working out for ya fella?Maybe if we push womens lib and the gay agenda a little more things will get better eh?Lets do more of the same thing that has already failed..sound logic there :P

Feminism is a cancer on society that has turned generations of men in to emasculated wimps,and made women rude and crude at the cost of their femininity.You seriously think more western men are marrying foreign women from countries with traditional values because they are as you quote 'losers'?

No..they merely want a woman that actually carries herself as a woman.If they wanted to marry another man they would join the gay movement.Feminists have noone to blame but themselves.Also funny how your type is fond of parroting scathing propaganda about 'submissive foreign women' and the western losers that love them'.
Here's a novel thought..what if it was your feminist bullshit that was unnatural.And it was the natural state of nature and relationships for a man to be dominant,and his woman submissive to him.Would you still pursue your stupid womens lib agenda,even if it meant destroying the balance of human nature?You probably would wouldn't you?Just as long as you get your silly 'rights'. :P

gtw1983, Manhood Academy 81 Comments [2/7/2013 4:42:33 AM]
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