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Essentially I would like to see the Freemasons hunted down and eradicated from the face of the earth; perferably by an appropriate method which is a suitable "karmic" sentence such as exposure to depleted uranium, ritual human sacrifice, and the various Masonic methods of execution, the slaughtering of their membership on the altars of their temples, etc., however the wholesale nuclear destruction of the command and control centres (such as the City of London) of the Capitalists would suffice to begin with.

luciferhorus, DavidIcke.com 21 Comments [4/27/2013 3:37:17 AM]
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Submitted By: aebars

Quote# 93978

[Glenn Beck issues the U.S. government an ultimatum concerning the Boston attacks and a Saudi national who was for a time a "person of interest."]

This story is number two because of what I know. What we do will make this the most important story of our lifetime. What's happening now is very important. What happens in the aftermath will make it the most important because it will either save our country or we will be done...So let me just say this to those at the highest echelons of government that know the tagging system. They know all about "events"--not files--"events." Let me send this message very clear. We know who this Saudi national is. And it is in your best interest and it's in the best interest of integrity and trust for the people of the United States of America. It's best coming from you, not coming from a news organization. It's best coming from you. You have until Monday. We have information on who this man is. And listen to me carefully, in your little event world. We know he is a very bad, bad, bad man. I know that doesn't make any sense to you right now, but on Monday it will. It makes sense to somebody in Washington. I don't bluff. I make promises. The truth matters. I've had enough of what you've done to our country. I thought I had heard and seen it all. I thought I didn't trust my government. Oh no, no, no. There is no depth that these people will not stoop to. They have until Monday and then The Blaze will expose it.

Glenn Beck, Crooks & Liars 23 Comments [4/26/2013 2:38:38 AM]
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Submitted By: Rabbit of Caerbannog

Quote# 93974

Firstly, let me say that in the following video, the guy is asking for what he gets by being disrespectful towards the officers involved. Why is that an issue? Because they are officers of the law and that's about the same thing as mobsters or your average gang. They have guns, they have power, you do what they say or else.

Now to the point of this journal: Why are there so many bull shit laws on the books that allow cops to arrest you for no reason? Resisting arrest is the biggest BS rule as ANY thing you say or do can be construed as resisting. There was an elder protester some times ago (I forget his name) who, when confronted by law enforcement, would lay down on the ground with his hands behind his back and go limp so that they could not say he was resisting them. BUT, since this forced them to lift him up off of the ground, can you guess what they charged him with? That's right, resisting arrest. There's another one (I forget the name of the rule) where you can be arrested for failing to answer their questions. In some states you can be arrested if you don't ID yourself. And there's a ton of other little things they can claim you did or didn't do that allows them to arrest you. Half the time these things get thrown out 'if' they make it to court but it's still more BS to waste your time and give them power over you. Disturbing the peace, disorderly conduct, and harrasment of a public servant are also BS they can use. A cop can shove you if your in his or her way but god forbid you push back or even touch them...

And the part where he say he'd be in the right to defend himself from the cop with force? Ya, in some states that IS legal. Like Indiana. If a cop comes to your house and forces his way in without a warrant (there's some other things to it as well), you have the RIGHT to shoot him. Of course you better have some witnesses on hand and hopefully video tape the encounter because your not just going to get away with defending yourself and your rights against one of 'them'. The rest of 'them' will be out for you afterwards, specially if you aren't charged for it. When I was taking my concealed carry training course, the instructor (who was a retired police officer) straight out told us that as responsible gun owners, should we see an officer abusing some one (rodney king for example) that we should step up and tell them they are being excessive in their use of force and even draw out weapons to defend said victim (and ourselves). I almost started laughing when he said that because in the US, if I pulled a fire arm and pointed it at a cop who's beating some one, odds are that cop is going to shoot me and be justified in doing so and if he doesn't, his buddies will when they get on scene. There's no possible explanation I'm going to give that will justify my actions at that time and even if I put my gun down when other officers arrive, I'm going to be 'subdued' not only by them BUT the officer I pulled the gun on and at that point, it'll be my word against theirs' regarding what happens, and cops cover for one another so I'm fucked.


Killjoy08, Furaffinity 13 Comments [4/26/2013 2:35:18 AM]
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Submitted By: Gabriel LaVedier

Quote# 93963

If there’s a serious bombing somewhere, you can be sure a Jew is in on it, even if it’s a Jewish building brought down at the time

Did you know that the Boston bombing is being used by Jews as part of their ongoing, complex and sophisticated geopolitical “strategy of tension” worldwide, to precipitate a Jew run FEMA lock-down in America?

Don’t think for a moment that the reprobate Jews need to be the actual perpetrators of a heinous crime, like the Boston bombing, to callously and without conscience of the loss of life use it in support of their evil global takeover agenda. Okay, so we’ve been told that the perps of the Boston marathon bombing were Semitic looking Muslim extremists; but notice how that has suited the Jews’ agenda by further reducing the strength of Muslim protest against the Jews’ control of America, by ostensibly endorsing the Jews’ lies about the 9/11 Mossad op and helping to stereotype all Muslims in the country as unpredictable, decapitating, totalitarian, sharia law fanatics.

Not to mention the fact that it has of course also provided a real incentive for more Americans to throw away their lives and limbs, fighting the Jews’ Muslim enemies in the inane Jew orchestrated wars in the Middle East; and also marvelously forwarded the Jews’ agenda of precipitating the final phase of a Jew run FEMA lock-down in America.

Simon Gibson, The Conspiracy of King Arthur 15 Comments [4/26/2013 2:26:49 AM]
Fundie Index: 15
Submitted By: Wykked Wytch

Quote# 93935

Is Salon now now auditing Alex Jones?

I would have ignored Alex Jones’ charges if I had heard them mentioned anywhere other than Salon.

Somebody at Salon is now apparently very worried about what is coming out of the slightly loony Jones’ mouth. When a “respected” site like Salon suddenly starts paying what appears to be a lot of attention of a fringe personality like Jones, I wonder if Jones might be right in what he is charging.

I wonder if this sudden attention results from Jones’ earlier comment that the suspected bombers “looked like Israelis.” Such a charge apparently made the rabidly pro Zionist Alex Seitz-Wald start trembling all over and he had to immediately respond. Israel, by the way, is the world’s undisputed leader in the staging of such “false flag” events.

voltairefree, Salon 17 Comments [4/23/2013 6:26:06 PM]
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Submitted By: J. James

Quote# 93914

A Prince of Darkness meeting was held last night with Owebama and his principalities, all is covered up now, lock it up with Benghazi, Fat & Furious, Sandy Hook, etc... return to your stations and get back to work.

Buzzardhut, Rapture Ready 16 Comments [4/22/2013 3:33:37 AM]
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Quote# 93905

I've actually given it some thought, and I've looked to the sky (how many of us do that anymore?). What I have concluded is this: We are the most gullible, willfully ignorant species upon this planet. One day I saw three planes, each higher than the other. The lower one had created a trail, the middle one had not, and the higher one had. So altitude can't be the decider of whether a plane emits condensation trials or not. Then yesterday I watched a long trail disperse over time to form a cloud, which begs the question - even if these trails are not chemical deposits and they are condensation, why do we allow them if they routinely ruin a clear blue sky?

We are fools. Those responsible for this (what I believe is geo-engineering) must be laughing at us and it's no wonder they keep pushing the boundaries of liberty inwards, for they know that no matter how obvious their deeds are we will refuse to recognise them. What's even more embarrassing is that children can see what adults can not:

England has had the wettest, cloudiest twelve months I can remember. Everyone I know who grows their own vegetables failed last year. When you consider this in light of an idea which this blog regularly promotes - that self-sufficiency is the path to freedom - then it becomes difficult not to draw the conclusion that one reasoning behind chemtrails is to diminish our ability to provide for ourselves, and to increase our dependency on genetically-modified crops sold at supermarkets (and thus increase our dependency on the Capitalist system at large). Furthermore, the sun gives life - not just to plants but to us. The sun directly feeds us - mind, body and soul. Our relationship with it is severed and we are weaker for it. Hæl Sunne!

Steed, Eye of Woden 25 Comments [4/22/2013 3:07:37 AM]
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Quote# 93900

Only hours after two bombs were detonated near the finish line of a Boston marathon, evidence is beginning to emerge suggesting that the act may have been a false flag attack.

While reports continue to emerge from the scene, a number of facts point toward the typical setup used to devise, control, and execute such an attack as took place around the 9/11, 7/7, and OKC bombings as well as the Aurora and Sandy Hook shootings.

One of the hallmark signals of a false flag attack, as Webster Tarpley has expertly demonstrated in his book, 9/11 Synthetic Terror, is the use of drills acting as a cover for sinister plans and mechanizations within the halls of the shadow government itself which ultimately manifest as false flag terror attacks. Much like the aforementioned attacks, the Boston Bombing also carried the trademark “coincidence” of a drill scheduled to take place at almost exactly the same time that the bombs were being detonated at the marathon.

For instance, earlier in the morning of April 15, 2013, the Boston Globe tweeted “Officials: There will be a controlled explosion opposite the library within one minute as part of bomb squad activities.”

In addition, it was reported by Business Insider in the article “2 More Explosive Devices Found At Boston Marathon,”[1] that a police scanner “said police were going to do a third, controlled explosion on the 600 Block of Boylston Street.”

Yet, despite the fact that the police had scheduled a highly “coincidental” explosion at the JFK Library, much of the mainstream reports regarding the device have presented it as another part of the Boston Bombing itself.

Brandon Tubberville, Before It's News 12 Comments [4/21/2013 8:05:40 AM]
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Quote# 93881

The conflict is simple to explain: North Korea wishes to remain sovereign, to govern itself as it pleases and to be in charge of its own money supply. Zionist-banker-tyrants wish to take over ownership of North Korea's money supply and to dictate to them the values they are allowed to hold as a nation. These Zionist-banker-tyrants will fool us, the West, into doing their dirty work by lying to us about North Korea. They have done this countless times before and every one of our people who has fought and died in a war in the last 20 years (some would say the last 100) has done so based on a lie.

Steed, Anglo-Saxon Foundation 15 Comments [4/20/2013 7:05:52 PM]
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Quote# 93873

[Commenting on clips from Family Guy edited to make it look like Peter caused the Boston bombing]

Boston Bombing - Not So Subtle Predictive-Programming

Be wary of the official story, and watch out for who gets the blame and what wars/laws/propaganda arise from this.

EDIT: Turns out they are two separate clips edited together but still from the same episode and still containing some pretty obvious clues.

Steed, Eye of Woden 5 Comments [4/20/2013 5:24:35 AM]
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Quote# 93871

[On the Boston bombing]

Boston's official website [or the one I saw anyway] gloatingly describes an English city taken over by oirishmen, so unless it's the usual method of writing us out of the historical narrative, and more of our people live there - even today - than officialdom cares to admit, my sympathies will be limited since I share none of the 'humanitarian' [international] instincts people cultivate in the erroneous belief it makes them civilized. These explosions make no obvious sense as part of the gun-grab even so, not unless they've a mind-controlled 'white-supremacist-NRA-fanatic' in the frame for it. Likely another anti-muslim stunt if they've a Saudi Lee Harvey Bin Oswald figure under guard at a local hospital, but I suppose we'll have to wait and see.

Antony, Anglo-Saxon Foundation 9 Comments [4/20/2013 5:23:39 AM]
Fundie Index: 12

Quote# 93866

[On the Boston bombing]

It’s the same people who were behind the Oklahoma bombing, 9-11, the 7/7 bombings, Aurora, Sandy Hook and countless other acts of terror.

Every time it’s the same playbook. There’s a drill taking place about the exact thing that happens, and no one seems to notice.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to put this one together and figure it out, that our government (who is controlled by the globalists) ordered the bombings probably as a diversionary tactic to get the public’s attention away from the 2nd amendment gun registration, and Nazi like gun ban that Ried is likely to push through tomorrow. That would be a perfect time to ram it through now that the country is distracted with the terrorist attack they committed on their own people.

DontTredOnMe, Infowars 18 Comments [4/20/2013 5:07:45 AM]
Fundie Index: 19
Submitted By: Hasan Prishtina

Quote# 93837

I read our article and agreed with it, ‘until’ you started praising zionist-banker puppet “Adolf Hitler”. The zionist bankers created so-called national socialism(oxymoron), and Nazism(Ashken-nazism), as false leaders of nationalism to discredit legitimize positive nationalism. Well famously the Germans willingly and foolishly offered themselves up to the task, and are under ‘multi’-foreign occupation ever since.

Sparxz, Total Fascism 17 Comments [4/19/2013 3:47:34 AM]
Fundie Index: 23
Submitted By: Rabbit of Caerbannog

Quote# 93836

I would like to say that there is a global pedophile ring. That much is true, but the perpetrators are Israeli Jews and their shills in the US and Europe, not Satanists. Just as with drugs, at the highest levels human trafficking is dominated by Mossad and CIA groups. They are also big on organ trafficking, and every once in a while you will see some Jew in Israel being tried for selling organs harvested from Palestinian kids to rabbis.

Jarl Hyperborea, Total Fascism 13 Comments [4/19/2013 3:47:13 AM]
Fundie Index: 18
Submitted By: Rabbit of Caerbannog

Quote# 93826

belive I may infact be an alien/human hybrid in case you haven't already read.

This is because I have always felt different, as if I am not human.

I keep having dreams about UFOs, and dreams telling my I am different.

I have always felt as if the greys were my parents.

I have a sort of hypnotism in my eyes (this developed around the time I was thirteen. Not sure why then).

My cousin claims that she dreamed that the greys told her that I was a hybrid (altho I am less sure if this claim is true, or just her playing with me).

My friend has dreamed that the ancients (grey leaders) came and told her that I was their daughter.

My friend and I had missing time, and she remembered bits and pieces. I, however, remembered none. She seemed traumatized and told me that they took me away from her, and acted as if they had known me forever....then she said, that I "smelled" like them. (She has an AMAZING sense of smell.) Yet, I am not sure on this one. Five minutes seemed to be lost. That was all.

I have great psychic abilities that seem to be much more than those of my peers.

These are the main reasons,

SeedOfTheGreys, Alien-UFOs 22 Comments [4/18/2013 3:17:44 AM]
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Quote# 93817

In 1992, the United Nations adopted Agenda 21 to “achieve a more efficient and equitable world economy,” outlining a process to eliminate environmental decay and social injustice through micromanaging industries, communities, and culture. They will meet again next year to discuss its “progress” in over 100 nations.
The originator of this grand scheme is George Soros, who candidly supports socialism and believes that global development must progress through eliminating national sovereignty and private property. He has given millions to this project. But he is not the only one promoting this plan; in fact, the International Council of Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI) now consists of over 600 cities in the United States.
Agenda 21 attempts to abolish “unsustainable” environments, including golf courses, grazing pastures, and paved roads. It hopes to leave mother earth’s surface unscratched by mankind. Everyone wants clean water and clean air, but Agenda 21 dehumanizes individuals by removing the very thing that has defined Americans since the beginning—our freedom.

Ted Cruz, Ted Cruz for Senate 16 Comments [4/18/2013 3:07:44 AM]
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Quote# 93809

Don’t worry about N. Korea. For all those empty headed sports watchers out there … N. Korea is just one of the rings in a 3 ring circus. THE IDEA IS TO DISTRACT YOU FROM “IMMIGRATION.” In ring 1 there’s the gun control bs. ( Yes … they do want the guns, but they KNOW it’ll take a long time and they’re just getting the ball rolling. ) In ring 2 Immigration. In ring 3 N. Korea. REMEMBER … OUR GOVERNMENT HAD A SECRET MEETING WITH N. KOREA IN “MARCH !!!”

Sheeple … if the 30 million illegals get amnesty … they can EACH bring in 5 MORE family members in !!!!!! This will suddenly add 1/2 the American population of 3rd world shoe licking bosses ass kissing job stealers. This will weaken you far quicker than a gun grab ever could. You will lose your job, not be able to get another one, get evicted, lose your wife and your kids will become hookers and criminals. You’ll live in the bushes till you finally shoot yourself. Oh ya, guns will be illegal.

Don’t miss “the game” tonight though huh ?

Billy Bob Thornton, www.infowars.com 23 Comments [4/17/2013 3:55:07 AM]
Fundie Index: 15
Submitted By: michael3ov

Quote# 93806

I was booked in the jail for a minor offence (I believe drug possession) due to the fact that I led a profligate life [I was poisoned by the pharmaceutical drug Ritalin as a youth which created cronic anxiety and depression and conditioned me toward substance abuse; a known effect of the drug targeting Goy children].

I was raised in Marxist government schools (”public school system”) which encourage immorality and nihilism, and I was a victim of that system. I embraced a life of hooliganism and saw myself as a hoodlum.

Although I was of middle-class White parents, I grew up with a confused self-image due largely to the effects of Hollywood and my Marxist education, I was also an avid listener to NPR (Communist “public” radio). Hence, I was booked into the county jail for some petty offence.

Dogged, Real Jew News 22 Comments [4/17/2013 3:48:12 AM]
Fundie Index: 12
Submitted By: Wykked Wytch

Quote# 93801

Liberalism in the modern spiritual sense is not just a matter of left, right, Democrat, Republican anymore. It is really more of a secular thing these days. If you accept the things of the world without protest without regard to the tenets of God you are liberal.

President Bush was as liberal as President Obama when it comes to the agenda of the antichrists in the world. Any President who stands by while the American people's rights are being compromised is complicit in the globalist philosophy. The gun confiscations that took place in the aftermath of Katrina received no public rebuke from the Republicans in office. We probably wouldn't even know about them if not for the NRA.

America's guns are a major stumbling block for the globalist agenda. Katrina was a dry run for applying the Hegelian dialectic to achieve the goal of disarming America so we will go softly into the globalist plan for the world.

President Obama is certainly keen to line America up with the United Nation's goals regarding arms. It seems you would have to be blind or willingly ignorant to ignore the push towards a world government as described in the Holy Bible.

For those of us inclined to prepare for the worst so we can protect our families, good for you. Keep your powder dry, praise the Lord and pass the ammunition. But far more important than your ability to deal with the adversity you see coming, to repel the gun grabbers on the night they start stacking troop trucks on your block, is your spiritual position in Christ when the things He foretold come to pass.

Hassan Nurullah, Renew America 12 Comments [4/17/2013 3:17:16 AM]
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Quote# 93762

Here at MB we talk a lot about low-information voters.

While Alex Jones isn’t my favorite conservative representative and he has made some rather controversial statements in the past, he is actually correct these days in most of what he says.

He was wrong so many times before, but liberals have a unique tendency to prove him right, and as a consequence he is gaining veracity.

When you mention FEMA you come off as a low-information voter.

Just today, on one of the threads, Bill Ayers of the old SDS was mentioned as having stated many years ago that if in power they (the Progressive liberals) might have to incarcerate and possibly eliminate 25 million people. Since you’re low on info, do you even know how close Ayers and the president were and are, and that Ayers is the ideological thrust behind Obama’s Common Core curriculum, that would put the federal government in charge of city and state school boards and eliminate local parental input? Do you know Ayer’s ideology sits behind the desk in the Oval office?

Can you answer why the Department of Homeland Security has purchased two billion rounds of hollow point ammunition, thousands of both automatic assault rifles, and armor plated vehicles able to withstand IED’s…especially when they assure us the border is safer than ever? And they refuse to answer why? Are you comfortable with that?

Can you tell us why patriotic four-star generals and high ranking military brass are being replaced in strangely inordinate numbers, at the same time drone surveillance has begun across the U.S., and for the first time ever, military exercises are being carried out in the streets of major U.S. cities? What is that for?

And are you so naïve, after everything you’ve heard – including the above video – that Bloomberg, Reid, and Obama (historically a gun BAN advocate) and others are not trying to TAKE away ALL GUNS?

Do you have the remotest idea what comes after that?

AlphaMail, Moonbattery 25 Comments [4/16/2013 3:10:55 AM]
Fundie Index: 14
Submitted By: Rabbit of Caerbannog

Quote# 93717

Re: what where the pyramids used for??

Time travel.
The basic concept of a time machine is that if we built one today, thousands of years from now we could travel back to today. But we could never go to yesterday, because the machine didnt exist yet. So we could never go back to dinosaur time. This is why they were built to last forever.
Giza Power Plant by Christopher Dunn shows the energy source/drive required to bend time like this.

ChalkBodyOutline, Godlike Productions 21 Comments [4/14/2013 5:30:19 AM]
Fundie Index: 21

Quote# 93716


busybea2, Fox Nation 23 Comments [4/14/2013 5:30:13 AM]
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Quote# 93710

What irritated me the most about this documentary and others like it is the political correctness and cowardice of today`s academic world in its obvious fear/distaste of putting the populations of Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age Europe into an ethnic and racial context. Such a fear and cowardice was not present in the 1960s and 1970s when the aforementioned books were published and this makes them absolute gems in my eyes. These days archaeologists will shy away from referring to Indo-Europeans and Celts and will instead refer to the populations of these times as `Iron Age` people etc thus robbing them of an ethnic identity. What astounded me last night is that the programme presenters did not appear to discuss the population present or responsible for the building of phase III of Stonehenge[the finished product] and whilst they discussed phase II[not using that terminology] and referred to Beaker people they neglected or deliberately avoided any mention of Indo-Europeans. It would seem that reference to Indo-Europeans only gets a mention in programmes such as The Dark Lords of Hattusha where the Hiitites for instance as an Indo-European people are painted in dark militaristic terms, resembling a prototype of the Third Reich. It would seem then and only then do Indo-Europeans/Aryans get a mention!

Wotans Krieger, Aryan Myth and Metahistory 14 Comments [4/14/2013 5:27:48 AM]
Fundie Index: 10

Quote# 93666

Caller: I’ve got some information, what you guys were saying, about the government buying millions of rounds of ammunition and Homeland Security buying these 2,700 assault vehicles that are supposed to be for homeland security and what goes through my mind immediately, looking at the fools that are running our country, what am I going to do when they come to my house and say: ‘We want to come in.’ ‘What did I do wrong?’ ‘Nothing, we want to look and see.’ ‘No, you’re not coming in my house.’ Am I willing to protect my home and my family and my constitutional rights because I know where I’m going when I die, but am I willing to shoot somebody who wants to come in my house and basically devastate — if they can take your weapons they can come in and take your wife or your children or whatever.

Wilson: I appreciate that and I’m going to comment on what you said. You and I right now are talking about things at the level of anarchy. I want to tell you what I don’t want to do on this program; I don’t want to have a discussion about how we are ready, willing and able to shoot down United States Marshals when they come to take our weapons. I’m not saying you wouldn’t do that or you shouldn’t do that, I’m just staying neutral on that right now. But I don’t want to talk about it because if our society breaks down that far then we are really in trouble.

Buster Wilson & caller, Right Wing Watch 19 Comments [4/10/2013 3:20:24 AM]
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Quote# 93649

I decided to listen to the radio, and for the first time I heard about the drama surrounding North Korea. I wish I could say I was surprised, but because I know what the Rothschild/NWO agenda is (possibly part of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion), I had seen this coming.


And please, spread this information everywhere you can - not necessarily this blog post (I don't care about notoriety), but tell people that all the countries who have been attacked by the Zionist-Occupied-West in the last 15 years were the last remaining ones with their own independent banking systems, and that the wars declared upon those nations have been primarily a means of bringing the entire World under Rothschild-Zionist ownership.

Steed, Eye of Woden 16 Comments [4/9/2013 5:58:01 PM]
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