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Math serves no biological purpose for women, so they’re typically not going to be good at it or interested in it. Their strengths are empathy, feelings and emotion – so they can relate better to young children. Math is logical and factual. It’s a problem looking for a solution. It serves as the building blocks for innovation and progress…an aspect of civilization that women have contributed to by about .1%.

Once Title IX begins in earnest for STEM, young men will go Galt in ever-increasing numbers and the marriage crisis will be fully realized. If they have to compete with young women (on a tilted playing field), they’ll opt out altogether, as Math will be dumbed down to general female levels of comprehension.

As long as women stop having babies and choose to compete with men instead – society will devolve. Until we can admit gender equality is a grand charade promoted by the mass media industrial complex and government, innovation and progress will decline. When can we stop pretending that feminism is not working?

keyster, The Spearhead 63 Comments [4/2/2013 3:15:07 AM]
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