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Quote# 95761

[Fundie is talking to another fundie who used to be a Wiccan.]
What you can do by playing with magic and occultism, is ruin your life. Magic/occultism is an open door in your life for Satan and his own to waltz into.

From the moment of your salvation, you entered into a spiritual war with the same dark powers you may have once had pacts and dealings with by way of your former practices.

White magic and black magic both have the same source. What may have once been an amiable relationship instantly became hostile by the side you've taken, regardless of your former magic practices, white or black.

By choosing Christ over them, you've made yourself an enemy of these forces. God is greater and mighty to save. Our Lord Jesus delivers us from our troubles and trials.

By dabbling again in the occult or practicing magic, you invite these forces God has driven out again into your life.

They're feeling betrayed, angry you won't be joining them, and any unfinished work or dedication you were maybe in the process of offering for services before your salvation will be held against you in the extreme.

Demons are very jealous and very vindictive.

By breaking your fellowship with God in this way to go play on the 'other' side, you're inviting every sort of disaster on yourself. Nevertheless your union with God should you have it, is forever.

TimothyK, Rapture Ready 26 Comments [7/31/2013 6:46:23 PM]
Fundie Index: 14
Submitted By: Robert

Quote# 95758

[Scott Lively's "Letter to the Hungarian People"]

I can’t point to any country of the world today that is a model for the rest of the world, except perhaps for Russia, which has just taken the very important and frankly necessary step of criminalizing homosexual propaganda to protect the society from being “homosexualzed.” This was one of my recommendation to Russian leaders in my 50-city tour of the former Soviet Union in 2006 and 2007.

To fully protect your country from the moral destruction that is raging in the United States and Europe it is necessary to affirm and protect authentic marriage as the only proper context for sexual relationships, and to actively discourage sex outside of marriage through your public policy, reserving limited tolerance for people who choose to live discretely outside the mainstream. I strongly advise that you adopt an anti-propaganda law similar to what Russia has recently passed, to stop the “gay” agenda from advancing any further that it may already have done. It will also be necessary to uproot and discard any existing sexual orientation regulations (the bad seeds) which criminalize discrimination against homosexuality in your laws and in the official policies of your government agencies, universities, corporations, and NGOs.

Lastly, it is important to keep in mind that many homosexuals are unwilling and unhappy members of this “gay” movement. For them homosexuality is not “gay” (meaning happy and carefree), but SADD, which is the acronym for “Same-Sex Attraction Disorder,” the condition with which they suffer. Even as we firmly resist the efforts of this destructive movement, we should not lose compassion for those who suffer from this terrible dysfunction. We should strongly discourage and oppose those who would choose the path of hatred and violence against individuals rather than rational, objective policy-making against their socially destructive philosophy and political agenda.

Scott Lively, Scott Lively Ministries 25 Comments [7/31/2013 6:44:17 PM]
Fundie Index: 20
Submitted By: Aspergus

Quote# 95757

The Richmond [VA] City Council is preparing to open discussion on extending benefits to married same-sex couples who work for the city.

A major local church is already slamming the move.

"When the country gets to a point where we make legal what God says is not legal," said Richmond Christian Center Pastor Steve Parsons. "We are in trouble."

The new ordinance calls for amending or reordaining the city code to recognize same sex marriages that have lawfully occurred in other states. It would require the city to provide benefits for the spouses of Richmond city workers in same sex marriages.

"They are not in that other region," said Pastor Parsons. "They are in this region, and in this region it is not legal. I don't feel as if they should have the benefits."

Richmond city council member Parker Agelasto says it is time to act.

"There is a new council," said Mr. Agelasto. "There is a Supreme Court ruling. I think now is the time."

Patrons of the ordinance include city council president Charles Samuels.

"So essentially what we are trying to do is to make sure that the city work force is not discriminated against in any fashion," said Mr. Agelasto.

Pastor Parsons says this is not a civil rights issue.

"I don't call it discriminating against people when you don't give them the right to be married," said Parsons. "Because there are certain rights that people shouldn't have."

A recent poll by the Human Rights Campaign shows 55 percent of Virginians support marriage equality.

"No," said Parsons. "Men shouldn't have the right to marry other men in the same sense that a father shouldn't have the right to marry his daughter."

Pastor Steve Parsons, NBC 12 21 Comments [7/31/2013 6:44:05 PM]
Fundie Index: 18
Submitted By: Aspergus

Quote# 95756

One of the biggest reasons we fall back down into lust is because of the things we think about, the images we imagine in our mind, the things we watch and see on TV and the computer, the music we listen to etc etc etc........

When JESUS does kick the lust out, we feel better, we feel free again, we can breathe deeply again, we can read the bible again!!!

Yet what I found is, 99% of the time, it will come back at different levels! While most of the time we ourselves are doing things to allow the lust to come back into our lives. Did you know internet gaming can bring lust? Oh yes it can! Did you know drinking alcohol can bring a demon of lust? Oh yes it can!! Did you know drinking caffeine can bring a demon of lust? Oh yes it can children of GOD..........

Sometimes GOD gives the lust permission to come and attack us as a test, trial, tribulation, or a humbling experience!!! It is very very humbling to us when we children of GOD fall back down into another terrible porn addiction.

I remember when the LORD JESUS set me free from gaming... This is internet gaming that is. I thought I was free forever. Little did I know, the flesh, the evil nature in me and the demonic who are behind internet gaming would rise up against me over & over again.

So............ Children of GOD, we need the LORD to set us free from that terrible lust that burns us up inside!

Yet even when he frees us, most likely it will come back on a semi regular basis! This is war we are in........

Different addictions torment us in different ways.

For example, an addiction to cigarettes will not stop you from praying, worshiping, or reading the bible!

Yet, an addiction to crack can quite possibly STOP you from praying, worshiping JESUS or reading the bible!

Garrett Felender, Tears to Joy Ministries 23 Comments [7/31/2013 6:43:51 PM]
Fundie Index: 15
Submitted By: Annelies

Quote# 95754

The fact that the hairs on the back of your neck stand up to even try to spell God with a capital G, leads me to believe that somewhere inside you, you doubt your convictions. Hairs standing up on your neck, is a fear reaction. You would not fear something which your soul knew for certain did not exist.

Richard Gandhi, patheos.com 16 Comments [7/31/2013 6:43:08 PM]
Fundie Index: 6

Quote# 95753

Can someone explain to me, especially White christian Europeans.
Why we are constantly forced to have the gay agenda forced down our throats the left wing media is constantly praising the LGBT degenerates, and frankly they disgust me.
And i'm proud to admit it.
Gays are not natural, theirs a reason humans have males and females instead of being able to asexually reproduce. they want to force acceptance of their degenerate acts(despite acting like animals at their parades)

How can anyone find it acceptable? what they do is immoral and down right sub human behavior, to be expected of those who go against god.
But that does not excuse their actions.

ChristianMalawi, Nationstates 17 Comments [7/31/2013 6:42:18 PM]
Fundie Index: 14
Submitted By: zyr

Quote# 95741

Logic and reason do not lead to good. They lead to whatever the objective or desire of the individual of the world permits it to be so. Universal good is for all and can only be found in the guidance of the divine. Lastly, because the divine exists and gives many evidence of that fact, religion will be here for as long as we are.

CJB59, Huffington Post Gay Voices 42 Comments [7/30/2013 3:19:00 PM]
Fundie Index: 32
Submitted By: Robert

Quote# 95740

The T-rex was a vegetarian until sometime after the fall.
We have found T-rex teeth that are full of chlorophyll that supports the idea the they ate some plants.
They most likely remained omnivores after the fall after all serrated teeth are great for shredding plant material.

redwood777, Cryptozoology.com 55 Comments [7/30/2013 3:18:54 PM]
Fundie Index: 50
Submitted By: Robert

Quote# 95731

Unless the Bible is literally true, Genesis to Revelation, doing science is pointless. Science relies on the Christian worldview, and a true Revelation, for its own validity.

Atheist scientists who deny Christianity with their lips, nevertheless believe it in their hearts (Romans 1), and rely on it for their science.

Science does not oppose Christianity. Science, whether admitted or not, is undergirded by, dependent on, and senseless without Christianity, and the literal revelation of God to man.

Havensdad, BaptistBoard 59 Comments [7/30/2013 3:56:26 AM]
Fundie Index: 67
Submitted By: PT

Quote# 95726

Azaqi, I'll respond point by point.

1. Sex is for bonding the husband and wife together and for their pleasure. Of course, reproduction is very important as well, and artificial birth control should never be used.

2. A husband cannot "rape" his wife. When you marry, you consent to having sex with your spouse. Saying "I do" means that you have consented. There is not even such a thing as marital rape. Sometimes if a wife is tired or ill, she may ask her husband to refrain. A loving husband does so.

3. I said "outlaw no fault divorce". I did not say all divorce should be outlawed. If neither party can site a reason why the marriage should end, then it shouldn't end. A woman should not marry a man if she does not intend to have sex with him for the rest of her life.

4. No, racist hiring practices are wrong. That is why I support outlawing affirmative action.

5. No one is forced to have children. Couples who do not wish to have children have Natural Family Planning available to them.

6. Families should take care of their own. If the family is destitute, they should seek private charity. Welfare is simply legalized theft. What right have I to take your money because I have made terrible choices? You may choose to give me money, but you should not have your money stolen from you by the government and redistributed to me. Nor should my money be redistributed to you.

7. The physical requirements for women are less than for men; how can you support this? It's discrimination against men, for one thing. It also makes our nation less safe since we are being "defended" by people who are not as physically capable. And men are demoralized by the presence of women in combat.

8. Women should not be allowed to vote. They make poor choices because they vote for men whom they find sexually attractive and who promise to steal other citizens' money in order to fund slutty women's poor life choices.

Sunshine Mary, FSTDT Comments 119 Comments [7/29/2013 3:15:13 AM]
Fundie Index: 101

Quote# 95715

Women are treated like dirt in every culture that does not take its basic view of mankind from Christianity, which holds, as do the Jews, that all men are created in the image and likeness of God.

John C. Wright, John C. Wright's Journal 46 Comments [7/29/2013 3:12:54 AM]
Fundie Index: 46
Submitted By: David

Quote# 95714

Unfortunately, since Islam and Christianity are incompatible and mutually exclusive, I also believe that destroying the world is preferable to allowing an Islamic victory.

John C. Wright, John C. Wright's Journal 54 Comments [7/29/2013 3:12:43 AM]
Fundie Index: 57
Submitted By: David

Quote# 95713

"The role of citizens, of Christians, of humanity is to take care of each other, but not for Washington to steal from those in the country and give to others in the country.”

The Congressman’s remarks come on the heels of his taking the biblical route when responding to Representative Juan Vargas’ (D-Calif.) somewhat different take on the teachings of Jesus. During a recent House Agriculture Committee debate over the Farm Bill (which contains the food stamp budget), Vargas, citing the Book of Matthew, noted, “[Jesus] says how you treat the least among us, the least of our brothers, that’s how you treat him.”

Vargas also noted that Jesus directly mentions the importance of feeding the hungry.

Not to be outdone by a Godless Democrat, Congressman Fincher responded with his own Bible quote taken from the Book of Thessalonians—“The one who is unwilling to work shall not eat.”

Stephen Fincher, Forbes Magazine 46 Comments [7/29/2013 3:12:33 AM]
Fundie Index: 35

Quote# 95708

Jason Lisle: In the atheist's worldview you are just bags of chemicals with no purpose
Tony: Thats a fallacy of composition
Jason Lisle:It would only be the fallacy of composition if humans are more than just bags of chemicals. If we had a soul for example. But on your worldview, there can be no fallacy because humans are simply bags of chemicals with no design or purpose

Jason Lisle, Jason Lisle's Blog 34 Comments [7/29/2013 3:07:10 AM]
Fundie Index: 36
Submitted By: Tony

Quote# 95706

We should view evolution, then, as something that happened before this planet was colonised by Almighty God...and...naturally...built his own human creation around these same laws that he knew would succeed on this planet.

Prior to this...this planet had ceased to function as a life supporting planet. Darkness was on the face of the watery deep and all life lost.

It is likely that after the last ice age and as there became a shifting of all that mass, the waters and the moon loaded a mighty drag on the spinning mechanism of the axis and the planet churned to a halt...whilst the orbital pattern continued with the opposing face locked onto the sun. This way the Holy Bible would have an anchor upon which to make its claim...

...In the beginning God created the heavens and the Earth.

Now the Earth proved to be formless and waste and there was darkness on the surface of the watery deep; and God's active force was moving to and fro over the surface of the waters.

We can imagine what this active force reported back to Heaven...

'Planet void...all life lost...darkness on the face of the watery deep...could be resuscitated.'

And we all know what Almighty God decided to do...even if we don't believe it.

NicholasMarks, Religion and Ethics 28 Comments [7/29/2013 3:06:52 AM]
Fundie Index: 30
Submitted By: NearlySane

Quote# 95704

These demons weren't hiding behind bushes, they were out in the street; they were in the streets possessing the people who were demanding the right to murder babies.

I hope this is sinking in to our audience of the severity of the Satanic attack that the church is under right now. Make now mistake about what is happening; this is raw Satanic sewage coming up out of Hell. The sewer pipes of Hell have broken open and this is raw hate against Jesus Christ, against God, against the Bible, against righteous men and women, against life, against anything that is good and decent.

This is the face of the Obamanista revolution and this is only the beginning. This is only the beginning of what these people have planned.

If the restraints are ever taken off these people, they're going to kill us. There is going to be mass slaughter of Christians; that's what these people desire.

Rick Wiles, Right Wing Watch 21 Comments [7/29/2013 3:06:43 AM]
Fundie Index: 40
Submitted By: Hasan Prishtina

Quote# 95703

Why does BIG labor need special rights?
STATE STATUTES and laws apply to them too!

The private sector employees rely on STATE STATUTES and LAWS to protect them so WHY do BUG LABOR UNIONS believe they need SPECIAL RIGHTS and BETTER TREATMENT than the private sector? The truth is BIG LABOR UNIONS don't need this. The days when a union MIGHT have been needed are LONG OVER.

nmh, Free Republic 24 Comments [7/29/2013 3:06:32 AM]
Fundie Index: 16

Quote# 95701

At my church some years ago, we did some street evangelism in a high crime area in the city (Chicago), going door to door. It was summer, and nobody was home. Right across the street was a huge public park notorious for its high crime rate (Humbolt Park). I said to my partner, hey, let's go over there. He said in a worried voice, I don't know. I told him something someone once told me: when you are armed with the gospel, they are more afraid of you than you are of them. So, we entered the park. We very shortly came across two men who were eying us, sizing us up for a mugging. I mean, you could feel menace radiating from them. I saw them, and said to my partner, hey, let's go talk to those two guys. Now my partner said in a really worried voice, I don't know. I told him again, remember, when you are armed with the gospel, they are more afraid of you than you are of them. So, I locked eyes with the two men, and walked straight at them. I could see those two were suddenly taken aback. The prey had become the hunter, so to speak.

My partner and I started talking with them, and soon separated out. I shared the gospel with one man, and my partner the other. Honestly, to this day I don't know if those men trusted in Christ, but I do know we didn't get mugged either. I do hope that the seeds we planted took root in their lives and they came to faith in Jesus Christ.

So, remember: when you are armed with the gospel, they are more afraid of you than you are of them. As the days remaining before Jesus Christ returns for us His church in the Rapture, let's be armed with the gospel and don't be afraid of telling people. You'd be surprised with what the Holy Spirit will do with your willingness to tell people about Jesus.

sirgak, Rapture Ready 41 Comments [7/29/2013 3:05:54 AM]
Fundie Index: 21
Submitted By: Robert

Quote# 95700

The new legislation allowing same sex marriage is not the expression of the will of the gay community as a whole, I am a former gay and now a born again Christian. In the gay community marriage is not really considered as the variety of relationships we can have in that lifestyle is a "thrilling" experience. I am not homophobic as I understand the struggles of a gay person from my previous lifestyle. Homosexuality is sinful and I knew it, it was fun to rebel against society, against order, against traditions and against God, only to discover that without God all my life was empty and led to attempt to take my life. I was not a failure in my homosexual life from a mere man perspective. The Royal assent to such a sin should make seriously reflect on the spiritual state of this nation of ours, whether we are Catholics, Evangelicals, Orthodox and Protestants we should beseech the Lord to send His Spirit and revive the souls of men. Gay marriage will be used by extremists gay activists (they were waiting for this all the time) to harass the churches - regardless of their denominational affiliation - and depict them as bigoted and intolerant. Their activities will harass Christian people involved with the marriage industry (florists, chauffeurs, restaurants and so on) who may be faced with serious problems for refusing gay marriage. Check "The Christian Institute" for all the legal consequences. The gay marriage agenda is a terrible exercise of this coalition government. In Switzerland incest is not a crime any longer. Many sexual practices which are an abomination to God, against nature and against our health (both mental and physical) are depicted as acceptable. I wonder what this government would allow after that, if they decide that Switzerland is a precedent in European context. Welcome back the corrupt old Roman Empire...Gay people need the love of Christ. In His love and peace they can rediscover the identity which has been ruined by sin and by evil carried out by others in their lives. The Government may promises safety but will it keep its promises?

Lucio Apollyon, Catholic Herald 35 Comments [7/29/2013 3:05:32 AM]
Fundie Index: 24
Submitted By: Bleep

Quote# 95698

Her Majesty’s Government can no more change the definition of marriage than they can declare that God does not exist.

But they have done so, and as Her Majesty always acts on the advice of her ministers she has, and not for the first time, legislated against her Coronation Oath.

As we saw on Monday, the homosexuals will now be targeting freedom of speech and Christianity itself. When will the gay hate speech Bill next raise its ugly head? Who will be the first Christian teacher sacked for refusing to teach that ‘gay shows the way’? Which will be the first church taken to court for refusing a ‘gay wedding’? Watch this space.

Stephen Green, Christian Voice 49 Comments [7/27/2013 10:46:15 AM]
Fundie Index: 40
Submitted By: Bleep

Quote# 95695

My stepsister’s father was homosexual who abandoned her at the age of seven to go live with his homosexual lover, a worthless boy. Never once in my hearing did I hear any criticism of him for this decision. I saw not the least hint of disapproval or discrimination or revulsion. No one called him a pervert, even though he surely knew his sex drive was misaligned, and drove him where he did not want to go.

He committed suicide.

I am not a mind reader, and I do not know what is in his heart, but I suspect that his pursuit of a lifestyle all the lying-ass jerks on the Left kept telling him was a good and worthy lifestyle was what killed him.

Let me be clear: I say people like you kept telling him that it was society’s fault that he was unhappy, because everyone hated him. People like you kept telling him if he just tried a little harder to follower his sexually abnormal desires, the desires would become normal, and satisfy him with happiness.

People like you lied and lied and lied, and so people like you killed him.

And for what? So you could play a little game of moral superiority with yourself, and tell yourself that your inability to distinguish between male and female, right and wrong, healthy and sickness, life and death, was a sign of your broadmindedness.

You boast that you cannot see the difference. You cannot discriminate. You cannot make judgments. You cannot face facts. You cannot think.

Some boast. You should be ashamed.

John C. Wright, John C. Wright's Journal 58 Comments [7/27/2013 10:45:43 AM]
Fundie Index: 51
Submitted By: David

Quote# 95692

As my husband says "It's a disposable planet" and thank God because we haven't taken very good care.

Acts5:41, Rapture Ready 93 Comments [7/26/2013 3:47:52 AM]
Fundie Index: 73
Submitted By: Robert

Quote# 95678

Chris Sevier, a 36-year-old attorney from Nashville, Tennessee, is suing Apple on the grounds that their products allowed him to access pornography, leading to an addiction and a separation from his wife.

In a 50-page complain Sevier claims that his addiction begun “accidently”, when he was attempted to access Facebook, but accidently replaced the letters “a-c-e” with “u-c-k”. Sevier said that this ‘F***book’ site “appealed to his biological sensibilities as a male”. He also alleged that porn actresses online were “unfair competition” to his wife.

The lengthy description of Sevier’s downfall includes accusations that Apple peddle "explicit sexual content which has led to the proliferation of arousal addiction, sex trafficking, prostitution, and countless numbers of destroyed lives."

Sevier requested that Apple sell its products with an automatic filter to block pornography. Buyers over the age of 18 who wish to unlock the internet would be free to write to Apple and sign a form showing that they recognise the dangers of pornography. After that they would then receive a code to unlock the filter.

Describing his plight in the third person, Sevier describes his situation: “His wife abducted his son and disappeared, which was a subsequent consequence of Apple’s decision to sell its computers not on ‘safe mode. The Plaintiff became depressed and despondent, unable to work as a result of observing porn on his MacBook and the impact it caused.”

The Judge involved in the case has failed to acknowledge Sevier’s complaint, at least in part due to the submitted document’s spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and rambling tone. In the excerpt below it seems Sevier has mistaken the word ‘hormones’ for ‘harmonies’:

“As human beings themselves, Apple employees know that a man is born full of harmonies and attacked to by women engaging in sexual acts with the intent to cause vicarious arousal.”

The rest of the document, which can be read in full here, covers topics ranging from cocaine use to 9/11, as well as taking in the utopian state of life in the 1950s and the effect of gays serving in the military. As Sevier declares: “The human heart is what is at stake.”

Chris Sevier, The Independent 82 Comments [7/25/2013 3:34:37 AM]
Fundie Index: 88

Quote# 95677

dont let anyone print any marks on your forehead or hands if you allow this you will get Leprosy (Rev 13:13-18) and not only leprosy but you are guaranteed a ticket to the lake of fire, (Rev 14:9-11) .

~TW~, Religion and Ethics 43 Comments [7/25/2013 3:34:31 AM]
Fundie Index: 36

Quote# 95674

I know it’s typical for those on the political left to demand peer-reviewed studies, videotape and signed affidavits proving the assertions some of us make concerning the machinations of the Obama administration and socialist encroachment at large, but we all are aware by now that this is a diversion. It’s also a good indicator that we’re correct in said assertions. Like the left’s tendency for projection, wherein they accuse the opposition of that in which they are themselves engaged, it’s a fairly transparent ruse.

For example: On June 11, Lord Monckton reported in WND that a U.S. congressman told him the birth certificate for the president released by the White House was “unquestionably a forgery,” and “We all know that.” The congressman went on to cite fear of political retribution as the rationale for most cases of Obama’s political opponents eschewing the subject.

Rather risk-averse when compared to those who founded this nation, and cowardly considering the stakes, but we’ll move on.

There are things that go beyond the pale even of political intrigue and scandal, and there is ample evidence the president has been involved in some of these also. Once again, you’re not going to get peer-reviewed studies, videotape, or signed affidavits here. But the coincidences or confluence of events tend to dispel the idea that these are wild accusations.

In fact, they’re not accusations at all; they’re theories.

There is an entire true crime novel in the case of the Trinity United Church murders, two gay men known to Obama who were killed execution-style in 2007 at a time when charges of homosexuality and drug use were being leveled at the candidate. Years later, as reported in WND, an entire network of closeted professional gay black men at the Chicago church was exposed.

Ancillary to the question of Obama’s eligibility, there was the case of Leiutenant Quarles Harris Jr. (not a military officer; he just had a weird name), a hustler who was also killed execution-style on April 18, 2008, during an investigation into the theft of the passport records of candidate Obama, Sen. John McCain and Sen. Hillary Clinton. John Brennan, who became Obama’s counterterrorism adviser and later CIA chief, was also implicated in this case (of the passport records, not the murder).

On Aug. 6, 2012, Jennifer Gallagher, a 46-year-old nurse, drowned mysteriously while vacationing with her family in Iowa. Gallagher had been on the team that attended to victims of the July 20 Aurora, Colo., theater shooting. She was also among staffers who met with President Obama during his highly publicized visit of the shooting victims. Several inconsistencies came to light in the theater shooting accounts and aspects of the subsequent investigation; one can’t help but wonder if Gallagher came by information on the night of the shooting that wound up being detrimental to her health.

Then, of course, we have the off-the-chart suspicious death of journalist Michael Hastings on June 18 in a car wreck worthy of any action film. The circumstances surrounding the incident are right out of a political thriller and have all the hallmarks of a staged accident. Hastings was the individual whose reporting brought down the career of Gen. Stanley McChrystal; reportedly under government surveillance, he was also said to be working on a story involving domestic government spying at the time of his death.

So there we have it. There are more than a few other suspicious deaths that some attribute to Obama, from his dog trainer to Andrew Breitbart. I have asserted that the attack on the Libyan mission on Sept. 11, 2012, had its genesis in Obama’s need to “erase” either the administration’s illegal operations in Libya or Ambassador Christopher Stevens himself.

Whether or not the president had a hand in any or all of these may never be known for certain, even if his treason someday becomes common knowledge. What chills the blood in this time of domestic spying, drones, data mining centers and FEMA camps is the possibility that there are those working among us who might actually be willing to kill for this treacherous mobster.

Erik Rush, Right Wing Watch 48 Comments [7/25/2013 3:16:17 AM]
Fundie Index: 34
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