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There's a big difference between men and women, one of them is responsibility. Women cannot be trusted with autonomy because they consistently make bad decisions.

Would I be willing to give ownership of myself over to my boss? Sure, but we'd have to draw up a contract first. I have nothing wrong with indentured servitude. However it's different with women, very different, they are biologically predisposed to ownership. That's how they've been for millions of years. Women were always kept as property and were treated as such and thus evolved to be as such. That's why they behave the way they do.

applebloom, reddit.com 61 Comments [8/27/2013 3:19:54 AM]
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Any honest woman who has been out in the field for a few years, would admit after a couple cocktails that she'd prefer be to be a traditional domestic servant cleaning the house and blowing her husband if he was an in shape,high status, alpha stud, pulling in big dollars and running everything else. The real problem is that equality is a lot of fucking work - turns out they don't like lifting heavy shit and working long hours - who would have thought? You can't have it both ways. Gender roles are "chivalry" when they benefit women and "sexism" when they don't.

Cody Stark , Return Of Kings 52 Comments [8/26/2013 3:23:06 AM]
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“The world is better with women earning for themselves and in public life.”

Again, straight up wrong. You’re advocating that the world is a better place when you take basically the only thing that 80 percent of the men have going for them and giving it to women. Thus leaving beta males with giant blue balls leading down the twin diabolical paths of either dropping out herbivorism or joining the white knight supplicating effeminate beta army for a chance of the scraps.

Who does women earning for themselves really benefit? Most women of average to above average SMV? Absolutely not. It creates bitter husks of females destroyed by them giving up their pussy in a futile attempt to lock down high status males who ironically because of the same paradigm shift would rather put their balls in a vice instead of getting married.

Which leads to the actual high value woman. She even can’t get married as easily to an alpha because of his options and natural want for variety. It doesn’t benefit her one iota because in the past the alpha, at least in the public eye, he was all hers.

So who does it benefit? It benefits ugly women and disgusting lesbians, who were locked out of getting the resources themselves due their genetic defects and thus gamed to system to make it happen. These women were brilliant. They told the normal women that something was wrong with the world and they deserved more and we all know that indignation is chick crack. You tell a woman she deserves something and she was wronged and of course she’s going to believe you. “More stuff? Yes Please!”. So now the same girl that would be a kept woman now has to work a shitty office job that is married to some man she hates due to feminization of said man and her remembering alpha cock while the fat harpy that would have been a spinster or married a construction worker is smiling because she can afford a guicci bag whereas in the past no one would have gave two shits about her.

The other entity that made out like a bandit. Corporations. They now get to split wages down the middle with the increase of new workers.

FuriousFerret, Chateau Heartiste 43 Comments [8/17/2013 4:08:16 AM]
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