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When many conservatives started viewing marriage as a romance/love based institution instead of a reproductive contract between two families, the argument against gay marriage was neutered. When society doesn't incentivize men to get married, men will abandon the institution of marriage as they are doing now.

Examples of such disencentives is the (anti)family court and divorce court system that overwhelmingly punishes husbands, no matter what the husbands do.

Another disincentive against men is the anti-dowry. What do I mean by anti-dowry? In societies where real family values exist such as India, a prospective woman for marriage comes with a dowry and virginity, in order to encourage men to marry these women in an arranged marriage with the woman's father's family. In anti family societies, such as America and Europe, the woman (who probably had sex with the football team at high school, and dated several tatted-up thugs while she was in college pursuing her worthless liberal arts degree) comes with an anti-dowry such as student loans and consumer debt.

What man would want to marry in the Western World?

The Christian Right's obsession with "gay marriage" is just an example of moral cowardice. They refuse to confront the real issue

R7 Rocket, Free Republic 48 Comments [2/28/2014 4:34:49 AM]
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Quote# 99666

Something Americans who support Heterosexual Agenda, and loathe the sad, pathetic, dead future of the Homo's that prey on children to destroy their minds, hearts, and lives, without thought except to pursue their own lusts, but don't consider the cost when the teens turn to drugs, alcohol, addictive lifestyles that destroy their souls, and any homosexual knows what I am talking about don't act like you don't, and this is what you want to spread? Haven't you learned that your disease is destruction. How even George Soros' laughs at the homo agenda and Obama because your being used to destroy a nation, but like all Socialist they turn on those they use. Don't believe me. Learn. Watch what Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao did with homo's. First used them then destroyed them once their objective was reached. Think Obama cares? Huh, he cares about using people like stepping stones to achieve his goals. He has proven that with the poor blacks, and hispanic/latins, and now they are waking up to the find Obama has left them far behind. George Soros is the inspiration behind the agenda, anyone knows this who reads about him. He is using homo's to destroy America because he hates America. He doesn't hide this fact. Look on his web sites he even admits it, how does it feel to be used?

RosheaR, Direland 31 Comments [2/28/2014 4:28:14 AM]
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Quote# 99661

SALT LAKE CITY — A mother upset about "indecent" T-shirts on display at a Utah mall found a quick if not especially convenient way to remove them: She bought every last one.

Judy Cox and her 18-year-old son were shopping Saturday at the University Mall in Orem, about 40 miles south of Salt Lake City, when she saw the shirts in the window of a PacSun store.

The shirts featured pictures of scantily dressed models in provocative poses.

Cox said she complained about the window display to a store manager and was told the T-shirts couldn't be taken down without approval from the corporate office. She then bought all 19 T-shirts in stock, for a total of $567. She says she plans to return them later, toward the end of the chain store's 60-day return period.

The shirts cost about $28 each on the website for PacSun, which sells beach clothes for teenagers and young adults.

"These shirts clearly cross a boundary that is continually being pushed on our children in images on the Internet, television and when our families shop in the mall," Cox said in an email to The Associated Press.


Orem is a city of about 90,000 in ultraconservative Utah County that uses the motto "Family City USA." Most residents belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which frowns on pornography and encourages its youth to dress and act modestly.

Cox met with Orem city attorney Greg Stephens on Tuesday to discuss whether the images on the T-shirts violated city code.

Stephens said he told Cox that she first needed to file a complaint with police. He said police would then review the issue and decide whether it needed to be passed on to the city attorney, a process that could take weeks.

Judy Cox, Star Tribune 39 Comments [2/28/2014 4:16:27 AM]
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Quote# 99660

The Lord is a warrior and in Revelation 19 is says when he comes back, he's coming back as what? A warrior. A might warrior leading a mighty army, riding a white horse with a blood-stained white robe ... I believe that blood on that robe is the blood of his enemies 'cause he's coming back as a warrior carrying a sword.

And I believe now - I've checked this out - I believe that sword he'll be carrying when he comes back is an AR-15.

Now I want you to think about this: where did the Second Amendment come from? ... From the Founding Fathers, it's in the Constitution. Well, yeah, I know that. But where did the whole concept come from? It came from Jesus when he said to his disciples 'now, if you don't have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one.'

I know, everybody says that was a metaphor. IT WAS NOT A METAPHOR! He was saying in building my kingdom, you're going to have to fight at times. You won't build my kingdom with a sword, but you're going to have to defend yourself. And that was the beginning of the Second Amendment, that's where the whole thing came from. I can't prove that historically and David [Barton] will counsel me when this is over, but I know that's where it came from.

And the sword today is an AR-15, so if you don't have one, go get one. You're supposed to have one. It's biblical.

Jerry Boykin, Right Wing Watch 52 Comments [2/28/2014 4:15:55 AM]
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Quote# 99655

So whats the real problem Sean? Stop being an ass and we will stop showing other what you really are. You are not now nor will you ever be entitled to be called “normal” because screwing a sewer pipe is not normal. We will continue to expose the “kweers” for what they really are….bullies and thugs. Oh, and do stop trying to compare your perversion to a race. Homosexuality is NOT a race or a gender therefore any arguments you think you have are worthless. You were not “born” gay. Comparing race to a perversion is a racist remark. You are an idiot.

Joseph Benning, Victims of Gay Bullying 25 Comments [2/28/2014 4:13:14 AM]
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Submitted By: dionysus

Quote# 99652

Just think, China has 1.3 billion people, maybe half are getting older? If China decides to dump their elderly on America, ..... can we survive that?
This is why I am 100% on the right of the Republican side. Because Democrats do not make sense.

Judy Imp, WND 37 Comments [2/28/2014 4:11:00 AM]
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Quote# 99649

[Replying to a comment from 6 months earlier]

You perverts wouldn't know true intimate love if it fell in your lunch and sang the tune from "Love Story". You commit the fallacy of equivocation by conflating the love that a man and a woman have for each other as 'the same' as the "love" ( read lust ) that a man and man have.

If a "love" between a man and a man was "the same" as the love between a man and a woman, one of them would BE a woman, unless you have some twisted, 'redefined' definition of "the same".

shea, GirlsJustWannaHaveGuns 36 Comments [2/27/2014 4:23:21 AM]
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Quote# 99648

This is easily solved - when a Girl scout approaches you to sell cookies, give her your public emal address, like Yahoo, and tell her if she will bake you some cookies at home an then email you, that you will be glad to buy them from her provided she keeps the money - the child will inevitably ask why you don't want the GS cookies, and you say, "well honey, you know how you were a baby inside your mommies tummy? Well the adults who run the GS's think that mommies should be able to kill those babies while they are inside their mommies tummies", and watch the look of horror spread across their faces.

Game, set, match.

shea, Breitbart 54 Comments [2/27/2014 4:22:46 AM]
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But Monkeys!!

Either one letter off from a descriptor of the person making the argument or the more typical presentation of the argument? You decide.

Quote# 99642

Reptiles evolved into birds, really? Based on what? If so why did some evolve and some didn't? Wouldn't of all reptiles of ceased to exist and there be just more birds? Who decides they stay a lizard and another will be a bird?

Revelation777, AtheistForums.org 44 Comments [2/27/2014 4:21:12 AM]
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Submitted By: Stimbo

Quote# 99641

Abortion is the Antichrist’s demonic parody of the Eucharist. That is why it uses the same holy words, “This is my body,” with the blasphemously opposite meaning.

Peter Kreeft, The Prodigal Catholic Blog 33 Comments [2/27/2014 4:19:20 AM]
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Quote# 99639

It is painfully obvious that the anti-Christian lobby demand not just acceptance but obedience to their far left dogma and will smear anyone who speaks up for Christian values. The message that the Lakewood Board of Education sent last night is that anyone with deeply held Biblical beliefs is not welcome in our public schools. The board’s actions were both immoral and illegal. My family has resided in this community for over 50 years. The rejection by this school board is a slap in the face not only to Christians everywhere, but to our family in particular. In America, only Christians can be discriminated against. Homosexual teachers and coaches would be welcomed with open arms.

Dave Daubenmire, Conservative Daily News 31 Comments [2/27/2014 4:18:46 AM]
Fundie Index: 18
Submitted By: dionysus

Quote# 99638


1) Call or write Sen. Mark Kirk (R-IL) [202-224-2854; Chicago 312-886-3506; online Comment Form HERE] and urge him to stop rewarding anti-Christian bigotry. Ask him to return this “Freedom Award” from the hateful anti-Christian homosexual group, Equality Illinois–which in 2012 launched a failed pressure campaign to kick Chick-fil-A restaurants out of Illinois.

2) Call or write the Republican National Committee [Contact Form HERE] and its Chairman, Reince Priebus [202-863-8500; choose ext. "1"], and urge them to stand firm against the aggressive Homosexual Lobby, which is targeting Christian leaders and businesses like Chick-fil-A for demonization. Tell Priebus that when Republicans like Sen. Mark Kirk embrace Democratic-type social liberalism, it only deflates the pro-family GOP grassroots. Lastly, urge Priebus to PUBLICLY oppose ENDA, the radical Employment Non-Discrimination Act. Thank Chairman Priebus for being publicly pro-life–but urge him also to make the case against “Big Gay Government” (e.g., ENDA)–and Obama’s push to nationalize “same-sex marriage”–as part of the RNC’s regular public Talking Points.

Peter LaBarbera, Americans for Truth About Homosexulaity 24 Comments [2/27/2014 4:02:59 AM]
Fundie Index: 14
Submitted By: dionysus

Quote# 99637

Gay activism is based on widespread fraud. It is the single most alarming issue from the standpoint of national security, based on "their" impact on lawmakers, judges, teachers and even doctors.

I likely can't convince you, but if you are still struggling to understand the nature of this terminally malignant phenomenon, you must spent time studying quoted MassResistance.org and http://americansfortruth.com/

This is a full blown invasion of hostile forces. The most significant threat to USA since Cuban Missile Crisis.

I encourage all of you who understand the urgency of the issue to join in:

Schools have been under a siege from various "special interests", including GLSEN and the likes. As they continue loosing in state referendums, their desperation is mounting. Latest efforts in CA to teach children about "homosexual heroes" is a good example, all while Proposition 8 is pending! Approval of gay "marriage" in NY, forced through intimidation and fraud, is another example of the threat from this direction.

I know: for some reason many of you do not feel comfortable talking about this issue. But due to their devastating capabilities, it must be addressed. We do not have a luxury of focusing on it as soon as other problems are solved.

Chris Bee, Tea Party Nation 23 Comments [2/27/2014 4:02:33 AM]
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Submitted By: dionysus

Quote# 99636

Over the past two years, a total of nine teenagers have committed suicide in a Minnesota school district represented by Rep. Michele Bachmann—the latest in May—and many more students have attempted to take their lives. State public health officials have labeled the area a " suicide contagion area" because of the unusually high death rate.

Some of the victims were gay, or perceived to be by their classmates, and many were reportedly bullied. And the anti-gay activists who are some of the congresswoman's closest allies stand accused of blocking an effective response to the crisis and fostering a climate of intolerance that allowed bullying to flourish. Bachmann, meanwhile, has been uncharacteristically silent on the tragic deaths that have roiled her district—including the high school that she attended.

Bachmann, who began her political career as an education activist, has described gay rights as an "earthquake issue," and she and her allies have made public schools the front lines of their fight against the "homosexual agenda." They have opposed efforts in the state to promote tolerance for gays and lesbians in the classroom, seeing such initiatives as a way of allowing gays to recruit impressionable youths into an unhealthy and un-Christian lifestyle.

Michelle Bachmann & Allies, Alternet 25 Comments [2/27/2014 4:02:16 AM]
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Submitted By: dionysus

Quote# 99635

I have to wonder what is going on here. If homosexuality is perfectly normal, why would anyone be ashamed to be caught kissing another member of the same sex? Or do people who are homosexual not truly believe it is normal? When they try to convince us that it is normal, maybe they are simply trying to convince themselves.

Let me explain. I do things that are different from others. Some of them I am quite proud of, and even if I were the last man on earth doing it, I would continue doing it. If I were discovered, even if I tried to keep the act hidden, I would not be ashamed of doing it. If people ostracized or abused me or even threatened my life because of my behavior, I would feel a bit sad, but I wouldn’t stop doing the behavior, and I certainly wouldn’t commit suicide.

The reason why is because I believe the behavior is fundamentally right and good and honorable. My view doesn’t depend on what others think of me or my actions; I have made a conscious decision and that’s what I have decided is right.

I get the feeling that the suicide problem in the homosexual community is not because there are people who think it is odd or unnatural behavior, or even because some people think it is sinful behavior. Instead, I believe the reason why homosexuals tend to commit suicide when they are discovered or mocked is because they know the behavior is wrong, and have no self-control to correct their behavior to match what they believe to be right. In the end, when people point this out through ridicule, they are incapable of dealing with the cognitive dissonance and are lead to believe that only suicide can help them escape the anguish of that state of mind.

In other words, they aren’t committing suicide because of the actions of the people around them; they are committing suicide because of what they believe on the inside.

Jonathan Gardner, Federal Way Conservative 26 Comments [2/27/2014 4:01:45 AM]
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Submitted By: dionysus

Quote# 99632

[Anders Breivik describing the torture he's undergoing and makes demands for better treatment]

The demands include better conditions for his daily walk and the right to communicate more freely with the outside world, which he argues are in line with European rights legislation.

He also demanded the replacement of a PlayStation 2 games console for a more recent PS3 "with access to more adult games that I get to choose myself" as well as a sofa or armchair instead of a "painful" chair.

"Other inmates have access to adult games while I only have the right to play less interesting kids games. One example is "Rayman Revolution", a game aimed at three year olds," wrote the 35-year-old convicted killer.

Held apart from other prisoners since 2011 for security reasons, Breivik wrote that he has behaved in an "exemplary fashion" in prison, arguing that he has the right to a wider "selection of activities" than other inmates to compensate for his strict isolation.

Breivik also wants his standard weekly allowance of 300 kroner ($49, 36 euros) to be doubled, particularly to cover his postal charges for written correspondence.


Other demands include an end to daily physical searches at Ila prison, and access to a PC rather than to a "worthless typewriter with technology dating back to 1873".

"You've put me in hell ... and I won't manage to survive that long. You are killing me," he wrote to prison authorities in November, threatening a hunger strike and further right-wing extremist violence.

"If I die, all of Europe's right-wing extremists will know exactly who it was that tortured me to death ... That could have consequences for certain individuals in the short term but also when Norway is once again ruled by a facist regime in 13 to 40 years from now," he warned, calling himself a "political prisoner".


In the letter dated January 29 he said that since there has not been any real improvement in his prison conditions, a hunger strike would be "one of the only" options at his disposal.

"The hunger strike won't end until the Minister of Justice (Anders) Anundsen and the head of the KDI (the Norwegian Correctional Services) stop treating me worse than an animal," he said, adding that he would "soon" make public the starting date of his protest action.


In his letter Breivik attacks the Scandinvaian media which he accuses of complicity with the "torture" he is subjected to by not reporting his complaints.

He also refers to himself as a "human rights activist":

"You seem to think that we -- all human rights activists who fight for one fundamental human right (cultural self-determination) -- ... are Nazi monsters who should be pushed into suicide," he wrote.

Breivik's lawyers announced in January 2013 that their client had lodged a complaint over alleged "aggravated torture".

"These conditions have barely improved since," his lawyer Tord Jordet said Thursday, adding that he was nonetheless "keeping his spirits up."

Norwegian police told AFP that a response to that year-old complaint is due next week.

Anders Behring Breivik, Agence France Presse via Google 48 Comments [2/27/2014 4:00:57 AM]
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Quote# 99630

[After being asked for evidence that the universe was designed:]

You can go into thew mathematical structures and patterns of the universe, natural forces, living forms and the various mathematical ratios and aspects of the human body and DNA, the Golden Section and all the rest of it.

But it helps if you accept the universe is the purpose made creation of the almighty God before you get into those details.

Sword Of Christ, AtheistForums.org 19 Comments [2/27/2014 3:56:47 AM]
Fundie Index: 11

Quote# 99628

[on Obama's denouncement of Uganda's newly-passed anti-gay law which, among other things, imposes life imprisonment for "repeat homosexual offenders"]

“His arrogance is breathtaking,” Dr. Janice Shaw Crouse, director and senior fellow of Concerned Women for America's Beverly LaHaye Institute, told LifeSiteNews. The “president repeatedly insists that his personal values and beliefs are equated with the nation's values and beliefs. When he insists that those controversial ideas constitute a human right, the president is saying that the deeply-held religious beliefs of many Americans are irrelevant.”

He is also disregarding the views of most Africans, they [anti-gay conservatives] say. An estimated 72 percent of all African nations have passed or are in the process of passing laws restricting public homosexual behavior.

Crouse told LifeSiteNews President Obama's actions are a form of “cultural imperialism – exporting the sexual crusade of a very small minority of Americans with outsized influence,” who have tried “to tear down the moral foundations of our nation as well as the rest of the world.”

“It is unseemly for an American president to dictate to other countries what their cultural, moral and religious traditions ought to be,” Dr. Crouse told LifeSiteNews. “And it is hypocritical for him on the one hand to say America is unexceptional and bow to other national leaders and then on the other hand, seemingly from a position of moral superiority, tell other nations that their beliefs are inferior to his supposedly enlightened, exalted views.”

“The homosexual activists are not content with acceptance and respect as human beings,” she said. “They, and now our president, are forcing the world to approve and mainstream their homosexuality.”

Dr. Janice Shaw Crouse, Life Site News 19 Comments [2/27/2014 3:56:08 AM]
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Quote# 99627

The American Jesus blog wants to know if Brother Donny Reagan of the Happy Valley Church of Jesus Christ is the “most racist pastor in America.”

In a video recorded in 2013 and published by the blog on Thursday, Brother Reagan rails against interracial marriage and mixed race children calling the marriage “not right” and wondering why we can’t leave segregation “alone.”

“Today we have so much fussing and stewing about this segregation of white and colored and everything. Why don’t they leave it alone? Let it be the way God made it.”

Reading from a prepared text, Brother Reagan warns his congregation that he is probably “going to make some people mad.”

“There is a move in the message, of blacks marrying whites, whites marrying blacks.” Reagan explains “And folks think that is alright, but you know, my God still has nationalities outside the city.’

To the “amens” of his congregation, Brother Reagan read, “Hybreeding, hybreeding, oh how terrible. They hybreed the people. You know it’s a big molding pot. I’ve got hundreds of precious colored friends that’s borned again Christians. But on this line of segregation, hybreeding the people. What, tell me what fine cultured, fine Christian colored woman would want her baby to be a mulatto by a white man? No sir, it’s not right.”

Reagan also told his congregation that “If God wanted a man brown, black, white, whatever color he wanted him, that God’s creation. That’s the way he wanted it.”

Happy Valley Church of Jesus Christ is located in Johnson City, Tennessee.

Donny Reagan, Raw Story 26 Comments [2/27/2014 3:55:49 AM]
Fundie Index: 23
Submitted By: Night Jaguar

Quote# 99625

United States Attorney General Eric Holder, this week, has again overstepped the boundaries of the law when he arbitrarily ordered that homosexual couples will now receive government benefits reserved only for natural marriage status. This applies even in states that have laws defining marriage as only between one man and one woman.

Taking a nod from the playbook of his boss, President Barack Obama, Holder wielded his own pen and paper, trampling on states' rights and disenfranchising voters in states defining marriage as only between one man and one woman.

It is time for Eric Holder to go!


It is the sworn duty of every member of Congress to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States. Allowing Eric Holder to remain in office unchallenged is a violation of that duty. Action must be taken to stop the abuse of power in the attorney general’s office.

Urge your representative to press for the impeachment of Attorney General Eric Holder for high crimes and misdemeanors.

The American Family Association, Right Wing Watch 40 Comments [2/26/2014 4:03:15 AM]
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Submitted By: ScrappyB

Quote# 99620

Yes. And maybe I already have.
For all of you who are responding with "absolutely not" replies, I remind you that not only did the Messenger of Allah (saw) have more than one, but nearly all the Sahaba did as well.
The only religion on earth that says that one is the norm is Christianity. All other religions either place no limit, or specifically allow multiple wives.
So please stop behaving as if multiple wives is a bad thing. It's a great thing. You have never experienced it, so don't act like you have any knowledge of what it is like.
Having multiple wives is better than having one. Far better. Most men have trouble with multiple wives because they don't keep an Islamic atmosphere at home, and they marry women with weak Islam and shallow personalities.
Following the guidance of Islam always leads to better and more tranquil results than any other solutions.

_Bismillah_, Reddit 34 Comments [2/26/2014 3:56:00 AM]
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Quote# 99617

If you have invented these gods for argument's sake to prove a point, then it is obvious that they cannot account for the preconditions of intelligibility, since reality (intelligibility) cannot be justified by fiction (invented gods). If you want to argue that one of these gods is real and you sincerely believe in him/it, then we can discuss why competitors cannot account for the preconditions of intelligibility based on their nature. As one example, you have said that your gods are not a trinity. Thus, they cannot account for the one-and-the-many, the way the biblical God can. Moreover, there is no objective revelation from these gods. In order to account for all the preconditions of intelligibility, your alternative god would have to be identical in all respects to the biblical God, in which case it would have to be the biblical God, as John rightly stated. But such a conversion can only take place when you concede that you do sincerely believe in such a god, since a fictional god cannot logically justify anything

Jason Lisle, Jason Lisle's blog 37 Comments [2/26/2014 3:55:00 AM]
Fundie Index: 29
Submitted By: Tony

Quote# 99615

It is so sad when I quote the Bible, but I can't get a professed Christian to say that they agree with my quote from the Bible. The Bible says that homosexuality is an abomination against God, so let's get a few things straight. If you think that...

You can improve on the Holy Spirit's word choice
The Scriptures which have been breathed out by God are too harsh
We should find less offensive ways to talk about sin (instead of quoting the Bible)

...we have a problem. A big problem.

I could keep going, but you get the point. In an age of great deception, it is completely unacceptable for a Christian to apologize for the Bible. It is unacceptable to refuse to affirm what the Bible explicitly says.

Please, care enough to speak the truth. Care enough to speak the perfect words of God, recorded in Scripture. The Bible is the perfect, inspired, inerrant Word of God, and believing that should affect how we talk.

Tim Dukeman, Deeper than Sound-Bites 33 Comments [2/26/2014 3:51:45 AM]
Fundie Index: 17

Quote# 99608

Smile. I love it when atheists start trying to lie. It doesn't work, incidentally. I have only a slight idea of which particular misrepresentation you're trying to pull, but it hardly matters. Christians don't get to pass hate-laws, and never have had the chance to do so, since they don't possess political power. The very terminology belongs to the politically correct left.

Roger Pearse, Atheism vs Christianity 42 Comments [2/25/2014 4:18:43 AM]
Fundie Index: 59
Submitted By: David

Quote# 99601

The art of the Biblical chronologist or Date-finder is a mystery to most, so let me explain how such a date can be found. Firstly, I will take a brief look at the assumptions or starting points which I will use.

I must assume or believe to be true that the information about dates does exist in the Bible (otherwise I would not start to look).

I must assume that such information is reliable and the writers did not set out to deceive. (This assumption must be made about any historical document before it is examined.) Therefore if I find apparent contradictory evidence in the text, I will first assume that a problem exists in my understanding rather than the text.

Thirdly, I assume that since the Bible is God’s revealed word to man, it is accurate and therefore will not conflict with true historical information derived from outside the Biblical text.

Lastly, I assume that the best way of using information from one part of the Bible is to use it the way the Biblical writers used it or referred to it in other parts of the Bible.

Dr John Osgood, creation.com 44 Comments [2/25/2014 4:13:03 AM]
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Submitted By: solomongrundy
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