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to all girls who want to be 100% sure they're safe at a party, don't drink so damn much. I've made some mistakes while drunk, and you know what? for the most part they're my fault. No one was forcing me to keep drinking. I've learned now that if you want to get really drunk or high, do it with a small qroup of close friends, and make sure you can stay over.

I'm sorry ladies, but if you can't take care of yourself when you drink and party, you deserve to be taken advantage of. The guys around you weren't born to take care of you, and if there's sketchy guys around, why drink in the first place? Ladies, please prove that you're worth more than your vagina. There's a brain in there. Use it.

YunaX, The Escapist 19 Comments [10/18/2015 7:45:37 AM]
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