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benjamin2k is being naive. Western sluts want and need rape.

This is widely known by anybody who isn't a brainwashed mangina. It's known even among various disparate groups that don't quite like each other, like Red Pillers and conservative Jews/Muslims.

Modern Western women aside from few exceptions like Amish or Hasidic Jews, are disgusting braindead sluts and slugs who enjoy violent men and being raped. The idea that you can enter a relationship with them is insane. They'd kill the child of any man who'd want to take care of it. This is simply because women want to breed with men who make most kids, and such men are stupid, worthless criminals today. So you have this kind of a dissociation where a criminal will make a child and the state/beta cuck will take care of it. The same person can't be a father and take care of a child in advanced feminism.

And remember - if she stays alive a guy won't.

caamib, FSTDT 13 Comments [11/22/2015 4:32:33 AM]
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