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I'm 60. I've seen 5 of these floods. We get one about every 10 years or so. Nothing is new about any of this. Not the water. Not the flooding. Not the dying. Absolutely nothing. These people are a bunch of vacuous morons who are afraid of their own shadows. Too bad the Networks won't hire real men and heterosexuals anymore.

EtoculusDei, MRC Newsbusters 24 Comments [5/31/2015 8:39:54 AM]
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Quote# 109114

Continuing the media narrative that climate change is the cause of flooding in Texas, NBC Nightly News did its part on Thursday night in not only accomplishing that but also linking climate change to the drought in California and a “weather whiplash” that’s being seen across the country.

Interim anchor Lester Holt began the segment by observing that “[t]he relentless rain, while enormously destructive, seemed to have helped reverse years of drought in Texas” while Californians now “are wondering” if it’s their turn “for an abrupt weather whiplash of their own from dry to deluge.”

Again touting the flooding as another example of “weather whiplash,” national correspondent Miguel Almaguer noted that the flooding in the southern plains adds to “[a] year of historic floods, fires, tornados, snow and ice” where weather shifts “from one wild extreme to another.”

Almaguer continued by showcasing the effect of the Texas flooding as “[i]n just three weeks, much of the state has gone from extreme drought to crippling flood” as “[l]akes are fuller than they have been in five years.” As opposed to expanding upon on the benefits of this news, Almaguer decided to invoke climate change: “Scientists say climate change is exacerbating the wild swings.”

Those words uttered by the NBC News national correspondent then allowed him to tee up Texas Tech University climate change researcher Kathatrine Hayhoe, who declared that: “These swings are getting wilder. Climate change is stretching out our variability.”

With that established, Almaguer trotted out the other end of the “weather whiplash” in the extreme drought taking hold in California:

In the last 30 days, 2.6 trillion gallons of water have filled Texas reservoirs, enough water to serve California for at least a year and a half, but still only a quarter of what California needs to end its drought. The Golden State parched like never before...The governor says this is just the beginning.

Following a soundbite from California Democratic Governor Jerry Brown, Almaguer concluded:

With the powerful el Nino suspected of bringing heavy rain to Texas, experts say it could do the same to California, now bracing for fires and mudslides later this year. The weather whiplash, promising to bring even more dangerous and wild extremes.

Earlier on Thursday, the Media Research Center’s Joseph Rossell described the numerous instances in which media sources ranging from MSNBC to the Huffington Post have raised the relevance of climate change in reporting on the Texas flooding over the past week.

Curtis Houck, MRC Newsbusters 14 Comments [5/31/2015 8:39:11 AM]
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A concerted propaganda effort underway in America has created a "cultural attitude" in which people believe "government is good and business is bad," Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) told a local reporter for WisPolitics.com.

Johnson said the latest evidence of this propaganda campaign is "The Lego Movie," in which the bad guy is a heartless businessman intent on destroying the world for profit. "That's done for a reason," Johnson said. "They're starting that propaganda, and it's insidious."

The local blog included the comments in its statewide newsletter.

In condemning "The Lego Movie," Johnson may be doing the work of his well-heeled supporters. At a separate event earlier this month, video of which was posted to YouTube Thursday, Johnson recalled a phone conversation with a father who'd recently been assaulted by the same type of propaganda. Typically, when senators are calling people they don't know well -- it's known as "call time" -- they're fundraising. "I actually called a gentleman, it was a couple months ago, he was so upset, he took his children to an animated movie ... guess who the villain was? Evil Mr. Businessperson. It's insidious. That propaganda starts very early," said Johnson.

For Johnson, a self-described "rich guy," the offense is also personal. When he jumped into the race in 2010 against incumbent Democratic Sen. Russ Feingold, he said in interviews that his wealth had been called to service by Fox News pundit Dick Morris.

“I was sitting home, watching Fox News, and Dick Morris came on and said… ‘If you’re a rich guy from Wisconsin, step up to the plate,’" Johnson said. "And I kinda looked at [my wife] Jane and go, ‘Is he like talking to me?’”

Johnson has several reasons to be concerned about how people view the rich. While he is often described as a "self-made millionaire," Johnson's wealth actually comes by virtue of marriage. He made his fortune as an executive at a plastics company owned by his father-in-law. Then the company, in a roundabout way, paid for what was referred to in the press as a self-financed campaign in 2010. Johnson spent around $9 million on his campaign; after winning election, the company made a lump sum payment of around $10 million to Johnson.

Requests for comment from Johnson were not returned.

Johnson may still be taking his direction from Fox News, which has repeatedly slammed "The Lego Movie," comparing it to "The Lorax," "The Muppets" and "It's A Wonderful Life" in terms of propaganda value.

One Fox segment, though, suggests that the critique can be taken too far. "I think about 'It's A Wonderful Life,' where Mr. Potter, the banker, is considered the villain," says one Fox host, laughing at the very idea. Off screen, someone reins her in. "You're defending Mr. Potter? Careful."

Gross earnings for "The Lego Movie" totaled nearly $500 million, boosting quarterly earnings for Time Warner, the multinational media corporation that owns the studio that made the film.

Senator Ron Johnson, Huffington Post 24 Comments [5/31/2015 8:36:41 AM]
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Ever since I found this website and created an account to join in, I deeply wanted to share these supernatural experiences I've had with others, in the hope that those in the Body of Christ would be strengthened and empowered to march forward in warfare on their end. I'm truly convinced that almost all born-again Christians (not even counting the lost) have had encounters with the demonic; whether it was a Ouija board, "monsters" in the closet, or dreams in which the "people" interacted in a manner and level of intelligence beyond our mind's ability to generate on its own.

The Lord has been steadily inching me closer to complete deliverance. The rabbit hole runs deep, but I'm learning much in the process!

As the title states, I recently found out (through the help of another deliverance worker in Jay's ministry) that I was married to a "wife" in the spirit realm. One day prior to this, I had a weird dream where I was leading a team of mercenaries, SWAT-style, through this coliseum like building to find and eliminate bad guys. This didn't seem out of the ordinary; just a standard dream where one is doing pseudo random things in a pseudo random environment that wouldn't make much sense in the physical. Anyhow, towards the end I'm in this wide-open room where I encounter this short, pygmy-looking nude woman. Well, it reminded me of a woman, although its demeanor was more savage-like. I proceeded to pick it up and slam it around due to still being in my dream-state role of crime-fighting mercenary.

Here's where things get a bit graphic. Suddenly, as the thing begins to get up from off the ground, it begins to grab at and reach for my genitalia. As it does so, I get aroused (not proud to admit it...) and put up little resistance to its advances. Once it successfully grabs me in that area, I immediately wake up.

Upon awaking (I'm wearing pants and a belt over my underwear), I fully ejaculate. And while this is happening, it feels like a tiny hand is griping the end of my sexual organ. It didn't feel good, at all. Along with the embarrassment and shock, I also get terribly nauseous. Not going to lie--it felt like rape.

Immediately, I emailed the deliverance worker in Jay's ministry, who got back with me and informed that it sounded like I had a spirit wife, that needed to be immediately divorced and denounced in prayer to God. He linked me to a webpage containing a powerful set of warfare prayers which intricately denounce the details of this evil covenant (spiritual wedding rings, altars, legal documents, etc.) Yes, it covered a lot of detail, but we've got to remember that demons are strict, strict legalists. It kind of makes sense to me now why there's so many jokes about lawyers being in h*ll (pardon the humor). Finally, the deliverance worker also advised me to check my hands in the spirit realm for any rings or bands, indicating my "married" status. These were to be immediately taken off and renounced in the name of Jesus.

I had an intense session of prayer warfare later on that late evening, after which I affirmed the prayers from the webpage again and went to sleep. In this dream, I encountered more demonic spirits masquerading as different people I knew or seen (one even took the form of President Obama...). I believe a few of these were sent to the pit, as I recall calling God's holy angels to help me out during every encounter. Towards the end of this dream, I noticed a TV set in front of me on a stand. I immediately went toward it and checked my hands. On my right hand (ring finger), I noticed that it had what looked to be a darkened ring.

In faith, I pulled it off and denounced it in Jesus' name and called for God's holy angels to drag the spirit away from me. After giving this command, I could tangibly feel something being forcibly pulled off me from my left side! As this was going on, I began hearing this spirit's audible whispers, "No!...I love you...". I could taste victory.

However, I don't think this stubborn spirit was successfully cast out. Reason being, immediately after hearing that, I heard another audible voice from another part of my mind, saying something like "But I'm still here!". This abruptly caught my attention, as I sensed something going on and turned around. After turning my head, I saw a body of a familiar woman, scantily clad, dumped in front of me. This greatly caught me by surprise, as I woke up and yelled out in fright.

Not proud to admit this either, but the form of the familiar woman is a person from my past whom I had a strong series of sensual encounters with. She was married to another friend who was enlisted at the time, but was very intent on satisfying her unfulfilled lusts with others (not excusing my own advances). I didn't have intercourse with her, but I allowed the memories of flirting and heavy touching to build up a stronghold in me, which I fantasized over for years on end.


Anyhow, despite the apparent setback, I'm thankful to the Lord and more inspired to continue on and fight. I'm getting closer to getting back everything that was stolen from me by the enemy. I do believe this will eventually lead to being ordained in the deliverance ministry; I just need to continue learning and getting freed on my end.

Hope this inspires others In Jesus' name, I testify to this account being true, to the best of my ability to recount it.

AdamRS, Ministering Deliverance 23 Comments [5/31/2015 8:36:32 AM]
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Ann Coulter, conservative columnist, said Friday in an email to Breitbart News that if she ran the immigration system, she wouldn’t “admit overweight girls” into the US.

Coulter’s comments were reportedly made in response to a question about an incident that occurred on Tuesday when Coulter refused to hug an undocumented immigrant during an audience Q&A on the cable network Fusion.

“When I’m in charge of immigration (after our 10 year moratorium), I will not admit overweight girls,” Coulter told Breitbart.

Ann Coulter, Talking Points Memo 24 Comments [5/31/2015 8:34:45 AM]
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But I also believe that women who dress immodestly should be jailed. Whorishly dressed women are corrupting society. Feminism is of the Devil, teaching women that they can do whatever they want. Albeit, reality simply does NOT work that way. If women dress improperly, they are at a higher risk of being sexually victimized (and are putting other females at risk as well) and that will never change. American women have the sinful attitude that they can do as they please without consequence; but there are always consequences.

David J. Stewart, JESUS IS SAVIOR 35 Comments [5/31/2015 8:33:43 AM]
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There is also a spiritual dimension to denying maternity. When women refuse their God-ordained roles and responsibilities, they open themselves to spiritual deception and temptations. 1 Timothy 2:15 is an intriguing verse: "But women will be saved through childbearing." One compelling translation for this verse is, "Women will be kept safe through childbearing," where Paul uses the word for childbearing as a sort of shorthand for the woman's involvement in the domestic sphere--having her "focus on the family," so to speak.(5) When a married woman's priorities are marriage, family and the home, she is kept safe--protected--from the consequences of delaying motherhood and the temptations that beleaguer a woman trying to fill a man's role. For example, I know one married woman who chose to pursue a full-time career in commercial real estate, to the detriment of her family. She confessed that she found herself constantly battling the temptation to lust on two fronts: sexual lust for the men in her office and her clients, and lust for the recognition and material things that marked success in that field. Another friend chose her career over having any children at all, and discovered that like the men in her field, she could not separate her sense of self from her job, and it ultimately cost her her marriage and her life as she knew it. The problem isn't having a career: the problem is when a woman gets her priorities out of balance.

Sue Bohlin, probe ministries 16 Comments [5/31/2015 8:32:42 AM]
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Quote# 109097

Natural laws learned over thousands of years were mocked, ridiculed, overturned, and even outlawed. Toward the end, homosexual drill sergeants prowled the barracks grooming receptive teenage recruits. Hey, we were told, it’s their business, and who are you to judge them? Later, they could get married in the post-interfaith worship center by a military spiritual advisor (“chapels” and “chaplains” having been purged from the lexicon for favoring the Christian faiths) and then move on to adopting children.

And finally, the last old-guard bunker to fall: the Boy Scouts, completing the cycle of government-approved sodomite corruption. For a century the Scouts were morally straight? According to whose definition of straight? So why shouldn’t adult homosexual Scout leaders share tents with teenagers in our brave new world? Don’t be a homophobe, we were told. Each child can make his or her own free choice about their gender identity, but now with helpful adult mentors to guide them along the formerly forbidden paths.

If it feels good, do it. Or have it done to you. Or even do it unto the little children. Tommy wants to become Tomasina before heading to kindergarten? Her brave new mommy agrees? A government-provided surgeon will perform the “gender reassignment” operation. And if kindergarten isn’t soon enough to put the kids on the unrepressed road to gender identification, then start them on Heather Has Two Mommies and Prince and Prince cartoon books in the government-subsidized day care centers.

Smiling experts assured us that we were merely throwing off the shackles of our repressed sexualities. Dissent is hate, and hate is not tolerated around here, mister, so shut up and get with the program. Well, I couldn’t get with the program, so I quit my public high school job. As a world history teacher, moving from a public school to a Christian academy (at less pay and fewer benefits) gave me a couple more years of insulation from the social wreckage cascading down.

I kept looking up for the big asteroid, but we didn’t need God to smite us from outer space. In the end, we smote ourselves with our hubris, believing that we were replacing God’s wisdom with our own. The proud decadence and in-your-face cultural perversions didn’t cause the Rupture, but they were surely flashing red signs warning that the end was near.

Travis McGee, Free Republic 18 Comments [5/31/2015 6:48:20 AM]
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[Bono expressed his approval of the result of the Irish referendum on same sex marriage]

Bono is fond of using the f-word in public and he is a great admirer of race hustler Al Sharpton. There is news video footage proving this.
Besides this, he and his band mates are not "original" in any sense of the word in their music. I'm almost 65 years old and I have heard a tremendous amount of music over the years. I think they music-mine from the 1960's including from the Pebbles and Nuggets collections. Not plagiarism per se but close to it.

MANY people profess to be Christians who are not. Bono is obviously not saved. Jesus said that by their fruits you would know them (Matthew 7:16 & 20). Bono has rotten fruit regardless of his lip-service that he gives to God. God wants HEART SERVICE - truth in the inward parts.

Jim Deferio, One News Now 17 Comments [5/31/2015 5:59:51 AM]
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On Wednesday, I was glad to hear Rush Limbaugh state the plain truth of the matter on his national radio show. I greatly appreciate and admire Rush, and what he does chose to cover, he covers with brilliant insight, stellar wit and spot-on analysis. He is a presenter of common-sense truth regarding the politics of our country, and he is the best of the best, period. Before recent months, Rush has mostly stayed away from addressing militant homosexualism. I don’t blame him, because it takes a brave person to be willing to simply tell the truth about homosexual militants and what’s at the heart of their agenda. To speak out with the truth will certainly bring down vicious, lying, personal attacks by these homosexualist pushers of “tolerance,” and Rush gets enough lunacy directed at him and his advertisers, as it is.

Nevertheless, Rush calmly stated exactly what we’ve been saying for a while now—that the real target of this movement (of the Left, broadly, and homosexualists, specifically)—is Christianity. On Wednesday, in speaking about the same-sex “marriage” debate, Rush played a sound bite of Marco Rubio saying that we’re on the verge of Christian teaching being declared to be “hate speech.” Then, Rush said:

“Do you think Rubio’s got a point there? You better. I tell you, you better not sweep this away, folks. You better not think this is a little bit over the top. He is right on the money. In fact, I would even go further. I think mainstream Christianity is the target and has been for I can’t tell you how long. Before I was born. Christianity has been the biggest enemy of the American left — well, any left. Organized religion in general, but Christianity is the number one enemy of these people.”

That’s it! And, I’m so glad that Rush came out and said it plainly. In doing so, he reached many more people than my little columns could reach. While it’s good that a high-profile radio host like Rush is now addressing this threat, and I’m thankful he’s doing it, it may be too little, too late.

We stand today in a nation that has become deeply corrupt, steeped in sin and clearly falling under the Lord’s judgment for it. The church has been largely silent for decades as the corruption has metastasized, and now all our institutions are run by those clinging to the poison of Godless, tyrannical ideology. Our kids are being indoctrinated in the public schools to believe everything but God’s moral truth. Our federal government has been taken over by communists who are hell-bent on destroying the foundation of freedom on which our nation was built. In addition, we have a man in the White House who has done more than any past president to push the devilish radical homosexual agenda. Countless millions of dollars have been spent on the homosexualist propaganda campaign, which has also been exported around the world from the United States. This does not end well.

As we await the Supreme Court’s ruling on marriage—a ruling, by the way, it has NO authority to make—many of us dread that the Court will side with perverse sexual degeneracy in the destruction of the meaning of marriage. With this, we will see a further erosion of our fundamental freedoms. This is inevitable, and it’s the goal of the reprobates leading this movement, because whether these pawns of the devil realize it or not, they are his pawns and are being willingly manipulated to do Satan’s dark will.

Gina Miller and Rush Limbaugh, BarbWire 19 Comments [5/31/2015 5:59:44 AM]
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Quote# 109093

Well said. The praying of the Rosary can be very effective. It does indeed need to be a war of love (for souls, IMO) and an intensive one of faith. It will help, too, to withstand the coming of more or worse persecutions, IMO.

The proponents of same-sex marriage won't likely stop at just having same-sex marriage approved in all of the western countries. I think that there will be referendums later which will force the Church to marry same-sex couples, since the forces behind the "Gay agenda" have a lot of money and power, and they know how to twist thinking through emotional appeals. I think it's more about hatred of Christianity, rather than just being about advocating for same-sex couples that's behind the "Gay agenda."

Denise1957, catholic answer forums 12 Comments [5/31/2015 5:59:23 AM]
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Submitted By: mary

Quote# 109088

More proof that most modern “comics” are anything but comical come in the form of their newest Islamic promotional efforts. Marvel Comics presents Kamala Khan, a 16 year-old superhero from a New Jersey, Pakistani family. Not a Pakistani Christian family, because few of them have either survived or been allowed to immigrate here.

“Kamala Khan is just an ordinary girl from Jersey City,” Marvel announces, “until she is suddenly empowered with extraordinary gifts.” To be authentic, the poor girl wouldn’t have her genitals intact and couldn’t leave her house at night without a few male sidekicks ordering her about. But what’s a little reality compared to covering for misogyny and terrorism in Islam?

Kamala is the new incarnation of Ms. Marvel, unveiled in early 2014. Older versions weren’t relevant in the war against Christianity and Western civilization, but most “superheroes” are properly realigned now. They’ve had epiphanies of progressive thought, similar to President Obama and his transcendent gay marriage downloads from the sky.

Steadily increasing numbers of Islamic protagonists in pop culture prove there’s nothing like running jets into thousands of people to improve your image. They went from nada to notorious overnight. Next week they’ll be stars. Maybe the Poles should try it.

Kamala is the brainchild of Islamic-American convert Gwendolyn Willow Wilson and other Islamic staff. A successful journalist and writer of graphic novels for teens, she lived in Egypt for years. She even interviewed the grand mufti of Egypt, Ali Gomaa. None of this is proof Wilson is a terror supporter; yet the entire Marvel enterprise reeks of entertainment to camouflage genocide, using trivialization, distancing and distraction … with great illustrations, of course.

Supposedly Kamala was born to counter “Islamophobia” in the middle of the Islamic terror war against us. Superman and the old fellows actually supported American GIs, even showing up on the battlefields. Somehow Marvel forgot to create Germanic übermenschen in capes and lederhosen to prevent outbreaks of Naziphobia. What were they thinking?

Gifted but tragically liberal artists team up to fight against women and minorities of the Middle East in many contemporary initiatives and publications, like this one. A classical Stalinist disinformation campaign, anything relevant is minimalized or labeled opposite to reality, where they do everything but tap dance around neon signs blazing “nothing is happening here … you’re imagining everything … especially if you’re in a displacement camp or cage.”

Annihilated Christians in Syria apparently aren’t worth the ink to print comic books now. Female victims in Islam are also invisible. Serious issues are identificational “struggles” of teenage Muslim immigrants. Marvel Comics has just volunteered to be another outpost in an Islamic war campaign at this point. Deflecting controversy and discussion is the entire raison d’être of Ms. “ad hoc” Marvel.

Old Archie struggled with competition and other teen angst, but he wasn’t representing a group of killers while he did it. It would be encouraging if Marvel’s Islamic “superhero” struggled against honor killings, threats, misogyny, beatings, child marriage and genital mutilation.

Large wings of Western artists feel Muslims deserve extra kudos, although they’ve nearly annihilated Christians from several nations. If this continues (and few around here seem eager to stop them), it may happen in our burgs. You can bet your last copy of the Constitution that Kamala Khan won’t be showing up in her little red tights and shamefully exhibited face to save American women and assure our rights. Western hussies.

Marvel’s artists are as skilled as ever, but how they can sleep at night – if they have an inkling what is happening in the Mid-East – is a mystery.

Speaking of places like Syria …

Ms. Marvel sternly announces in her first book, “My name is Kamal Khan and I’m here to take out the trash.” Ruins and smoking streets in the panel are like the photos of devastated towns in Syria, Nigeria and Iraq. It’s clear that actual human rights of actual humans do not concern artists, writers, editors or many patrons of Marvel Comics any longer … which is tragic.

With all the back thumping and slogans, few can make a connection anymore between, say, mass murder and uncritical support of Islam.

An example is Daily Beast’s Twitter page for May 26, 2015. Tweets raving over Ms. Marvel and various graphic-diversity efforts nest beneath a notice that Boko Haram has made a comeback with help from ISIS. What will they have Ms. Marvel do to help all the Christian girls they’ve kidnapped, raped or murdered? Let me be a prophet here – not a thing, even in imaginary space.

Kamala fights vaguely “wicked” forces (which has come to mean anything opposing the protagonist). Meanwhile subjects plaguing the planet are avoided like Ebola. Kamala’s character is Pakistani, where a few years back (in the real world) a teenage bride’s nose and lips were sliced off by her husband. Muslim police refused to help.


Voilà Kamala Khan, Islamic super heroine, making certain no one thinks, speaks or writes misleading stuff about those wild and wacky Muslim terrorists. The new Ms. Marvel caught on fast and is quite the rage. She’s received film offers and shown up at least 38 times in the comics at the tender age of 15 months.

Predictably, the Huffington Post ran a gushing promotional piece with Kamala’s debut, informing progressives exactly how to receive the new Ms. Marvel. “When Marvel Comics announced the debut of its latest superhero … it was correctly seen as a positive development.”(...)

(...)But they did better than that. Faiza Patel was chosen by Huff Post to write about the new Ms. Marvel. Patel, a professional Muslim apologist, regurgitated the common types of disinformation she is paid to do: dismay that FBI targets Islamic religious conservatives for reasons she cannot possibly fathom, and so on.

Several paragraphs of deceit later, Patel waxes hopeful over a cartoon character to rehabilitate, not murderous Islam, but the people who don’t like it. “Kamala Khan” may cause people to think “Muslims can be heroes as well as villains” she claims.

Her next statements are more authentically Islamic, a “vanquishing” of anti-Muslim prejudice with “sustained and energetic efforts.” That’s what we’re fighting right now honey. May we never accept the norming of Islamic cruelty regardless of the combined onslaughts of sold-out “super heroes” and shills. With all her super powers, will Kamala Khan ever be able to drive across Saudi Arabia without her father? I doubt it.

Marisa Martin, WND 21 Comments [5/31/2015 5:20:12 AM]
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Submitted By: James

Quote# 109086

The Catholic Church in America, in the 1960s and 1970s, welcomed homosexuals into their ranks, and, enamored by then current psychological theories about the origins of the sin, thought that to comfort and hide the offender was the most charitable policy. Consequently, once the homosexual lobby made entry into the Church and rose in the ranks, over the next decades they diligently sought out and welcomed each other to join seminaries and holy vocations, covered up each others crimes and abominations, and so on. Hence there was a plethora of homosexual activity with young men, some of them underage under the authority of gays in the priesthood and other positions of authority.

The resulting scandal humiliated the Church and continued to be flung in the face of the priesthood and laity as a curse to this day. (It is ironic to note that the proportion of such scandals is far less than found among schoolteachers.) Why homosexual diddling with young and fair-faced boys is a horror and a scandal in the Church, but welcomed and cheered in society at large, and considered a constitutional right it is bigotry to oppose, I leave for someone more able to unwind the labyrinthine convulsions of modern non-binary logic than I to explain.

John C. Wright, John C. Wright's Journal 20 Comments [5/31/2015 5:19:30 AM]
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Submitted By: David

Quote# 109085

[Another fundie has mentioned that the Supreme Court will be making a decision on same sex marriage in June.]

Maybe a Sodom and Gomorrah like culture will be the end game that these sexual deviants and willing corrupt politicians and judges take us to, where there are mobs of sexual predators holding others hostage, and they roam freely.

Tall Timbers, Rapture Ready 14 Comments [5/31/2015 5:17:15 AM]
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Submitted By: documentingtehcrazy

Quote# 109079

Leaders of an ultra-Orthodox Jewish sect in north London have said children who are driven to school by their mothers will be turned away at the school gates.

Rabbis from the marginal Hasidic sect Belz have told women in Stamford Hill who drive that they go against “the traditional rules of modesty in our camp”.

In a letter sent to parents last week, seen by the Jewish Chronicle, they say there has been an increase in the number of mothers driving their children to school and add that this has led to “great resentment among parents of pupils of our [Hasidic] institutions”.

The letter says the ban, to come into force in the summer, is based on the recommendations of Rabbi Yissachar Dov Rokeach, the Belzer spiritual leader in Israel.

It says that if a mother has no other choice but to drive her child to school – for medical reasons, for example – she should “submit a request to the special committee to this effect and the committee shall consider her request”.

The move has been met with some disagreement within the Orthodox community. Dina Brawer, the UK ambassador of the Jewish Orthodox Feminist Alliance, said: “What this is really about is the curtailing of women’s freedom of movement rendering them dependent on men. It’s an issue of power and control not one of religious sensibility.

“The positioning of this ban is that women drivers somehow breach the values of modesty, which is absurd, as by any objective standpoint there is nothing at all immodest about a women driving a car.”

The Board of Deputies of British Jews distanced itself from the decree, saying the letter was from a marginal and unaffiliated group.

But a statement issued on behalf of women in the sect by a local Belz women’s organisation said they felt “extremely privileged and valued to be part of a community where the highest standards of refinement, morality and dignity are respected”.

“We believe that driving a vehicle is a high pressured activity where our values may be compromised by exposure to selfishness, road-rage, bad language and other inappropriate behaviour,” they said.

“We do, however, understand that there are many who conduct lifestyles that are different to ours, and we do not, in any way, disrespect them or the decisions they make.”

Not all Orthodox sects discourage women from driving. This is believed to be the first time a ban has been imposed in the UK.

The Belz, who originated in Ukraine in the early 18th century and established their headquarters in Israel after the second world war, are one of the most prominent Hasidic sects.

In September last year, there was similar controversy when posters put up by an Orthodox Jewish group warned women to walk on one side of the road for a religious parade. The posters were removed by Hackney council after they were deemed unacceptable.

Belzer rabbis of Stamford Hill, The Guardian 15 Comments [5/31/2015 5:02:15 AM]
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Submitted By: Yossarian Lives

David, you have a typo

Quote# 109076

The Talmud teaches that a Roman soldier brutally raped Jesus, and that's how Jesus was conceived.

David J. Stewart, Jesus is Precious 33 Comments [5/31/2015 5:00:43 AM]
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Submitted By: Chris

Quote# 109074

“I don't hate God. I just don't believe He exists.”

Such is the way of many cultures that if a son or daughter marries out of the faith or does something of which they strongly disagree, in the parent’s minds, they no longer exist. There is no greater contempt for a person than to so hate them they don’t exist in your mind.

Ray Comfort, Ray Comfort's blog 25 Comments [5/31/2015 4:59:17 AM]
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Submitted By: Chris

Quote# 109073

Upon the posting of an article entitled "The Liberal Demonization of Josh Duggar":

Jesus warned us over and over that sexual immorality can ruin a person and even their families. This is proof of that.

Duggar repented and is now forgiven by God and hopefully by those he touched inappropriately will also forgive him for his lack of maturity.

At least he didn't have intercourse with them....but those who DO promote sexual immorality, especially homosexuality will be JUDGE by the Word and the laws of God, for the law is made for non believers who do not listen to God/Jesus. 1Tim 1:8-10

Jesus warned us that he would go after any church that promotes sexual immorality with the sword of his mouth.

Rev 2:14-17 14 Nevertheless, I have a few things against you: You have people there who hold to the teaching of Balaam, who taught Balak to entice the Israelites to sin by eating food sacrificed to idols and by committing SEXUAL IMMORALITY. 15 Likewise you also have those who hold to the teaching of the Nicolaitans. 16 Repent therefore! Otherwise, I will soon come to you and will fight against them with the SWORD OF MY MOUTH. 17 He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.

The sword of his mouth is his WORD. With his word he can create or destroy, bless or curse, give life or take life.

Clearly the Lord will not bless sexual immorality, especially homosexuality.

God says homosexuality is a not only a perversion, but that it is also an abomination, detestable, shameful, indecent, depraved, unclean and unnatural.

[Half a page of questionably related bible quotes you can see at the source]


dlo_3us2001, Realabortiondebate 20 Comments [5/31/2015 4:58:30 AM]
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Quote# 109070

I read an article when I was overseas (Eastern) that said 'a boy brought up by only his mother will increase the chances of him turning gay.'

It got me thinking and all the guys I had to deal with that are "bi" or gay, were only brought up by their mother. Most of these guys are lucky to ever get laid and cause they are still little boys, this is what I believe... they end up becoming GAY men so they can get comfort and love cause they can't get laid from a woman. It makes sense... you live your whole life not getting any love from a woman cause your a HUGE beta, and we all know betas are children that need comfort, love and attention, I'm sure they would bend over and be a bitch to get what they want at some stage of their life if they refuse to take the red pill. Just like David Futrelle.

When I google it, I found some articles from religion where a child WILL BE confused about his sexuality if he or she is only brought up by his mother and it will increase their chance of becoming gay.

Paul, Return of Kings 19 Comments [5/31/2015 4:56:52 AM]
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Quote# 109066

I arrived in Boston Wednesday late afternoon and hit the Streets of Brookline MA, a bedroom community 15 minutes from Boston proper, a predominantly JEWISH area.

Holding high the Holy Cross of Christ on a mediam strip in Coolege Corner, the Gentiles with their honks and their waves and their "God Bless You!" responses started immediately without let up.

It was soon interrupted by vicious, foul curses from a Jew in his 50s on the corner. His mouth was a veritable sewer of the foulest language poured forth non-stop.

I finally couldn't take it any longer and yelled back, "See, this is what your sick religion has produced in your soul, a stinking sewer."

That shut him up. But then MORE Jews started cursing me with the usual curses, "You're a self-hating Jew" You're an enemy of the Jewish people!" "You're going to hell for hating Jews!" "You're a traitor!" ("meshumed.")

I yelled back at them, "You stupid Jews. The Messiah came, you missed Him, and your religion is bankrupt!"

Then a Jew started following me back to the place I'm staying threatening me that I better "leave town." I turned around and made the sign of the Cross over him emphatically and he started cringing and his face went into contortions, He turned around quickly and started off in the other direction.

I said to myself, "It's good that the Jews are cursing me out. This means I'm making an impact."

Brother Nathanael Kapner, Real Jew News 18 Comments [5/31/2015 4:51:45 AM]
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Quote# 109064

The question arises: Why are Jews the prime promoters of homosexuality?

Surely, the media, Hollywood, the courts, the Lobbies, and Capitol Hill - ALL controlled by Jews - bears this out, that Jews are at the forefront of promoting sexual perversion.

Yes, the Jews wish to destroy Christian morality and its power bloc in the West.

Yes, the Jews wish to feminize Gentile males so as to minimize a backlash against them.

And yes, Jews wish to fragment society via culture wars so as to gain greater dominance.

But Jewry's promotion of homosexuality goes much deeper.

Because the Jew denies the divine life of Christ and seeks to prevent His mission to infuse that divine life into the human experience, the Jew's head is buried in a heap of dung and brings the masses of Gentiles into that dung with him.

The Jew simply cannot bring "life" into the world but instead "death" to the human race, of which, homosexuality is a metaphor and symbol.

"Against nature," is how St Paul describes homosexuality and lesbianism. Thus, the Jew is AGAINST NATURE, of which, Christ came to divinize.

Brother Nathanael Kapner, Real Jew News 14 Comments [5/31/2015 4:29:02 AM]
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Quote# 109063

[An excerpt from one of the Duggars' books: "A Love That Multiplies: An Up-Close View of How They Make It Work"]

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, Boing Boing 23 Comments [5/30/2015 7:01:36 PM]
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Submitted By: Ibuki Mioda

Quote# 109058

Today on “Generations Radio,” Colorado homeschooling activists Kevin Swanson and Steve Vaughn discussed the Duggar family child sexual abuse scandal.

Swanson insisted that liberals were waiting for the opportunity to mock the Duggar family because “the world has killed billions of babies since 1960 thanks to abortion and the abortifacient birth control pill,” and are hoping to silence anyone who says “that there is something wrong with killing babies or there’s something wrong with having sex with anything out there that moves or doesn’t move.”

Then, Swanson sarcastically shared “a list of things we’re not going to say about the recent revelations,” for example, “we’re not going to say that incest is worse than homosexuality.”

“They’re about the same,” Vaughn replied.

Kevin Swanson and Steve Vaughn, Right Wing Watch 20 Comments [5/30/2015 6:57:42 PM]
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Submitted By: Ibuki Mioda

Quote# 109057

Anti-feminist crusader Phyllis Schlafly stopped by VCY America’s “Crosstalk” program yesterday to discuss her book “Who Killed The American Family?” (Spoiler:“It’s not just the gays.”)

One overlooked murderer of the family, Schlafly said, are “the free trade people who have done the work of the feminists by getting rid of [middle class] jobs.” This led her to discuss the gender pay gap, which she said is actually something that women like because they want to marry someone who makes more than they do (a sentiment that she has expressed before).

“Women like to marry a man who makes more than she does,” she explained, “so then she can take time off and work fewer hours when she has something she’d rather do like have a kid and look after her children. So the pay gap, really, is something that women like.”

Phyllis Schafly, Right Wing Watch 18 Comments [5/30/2015 6:56:23 PM]
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Submitted By: Ibuki Mioda

Quote# 109056

they know what the media is telling them: Ireland voted for 'Gay marriage'.

Fact: Nearly 40% didn’t vote

Fact: just over 23 % voted no (a poor result I admit).

Fact: just over 36% voted yes – a little over a third of the population have decided for the rest of us.

How did this happen? I agree with some that clericalism (and its relatives anti-clericalism and laicism) has done damage. A Presbyterian colleague (a good Ulster man) last week said the whole thing was anti-Catholic. But years of poor catechesis, acceptance of contraception, secularisation (US and British TV dominate much of Irish culture) and to top it off the damage done by the clerical abuse scandals have taken their toll. Ireland hasn’t been a Catholic country in reality for a long time. There remains a superstitious attachment to the rituals of baptism, first communion and the funeral but even the church wedding is becoming less popular. The Catholic Faith is in poor shape above all on the East coast (i.e. Dublin).

The main reason the referendum passed is simple: CASH

The Yes side were massively funded from the US, in particular, and many corporations and big companies got actively involved (Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter etc), Ryanair offered free flights for those going home to vote. They were able to use focus groups and professional expertise to manipulate language and emotions and so to swing the younger voters behind their side. The media were entirely on the Yes side. Even the head of the Referendum Commission was publicly advocating a Yes vote!

The No campaign won the TV debates and the Irish Bishops were balanced and careful (strong tactics having failed spectacularly in earlier referenda) but we were out gunned. The No side could not compete with the Yes as regards resources but even so the Yes side were worried it would not go their way – I think where they succeeded, apart from the young voters, was in making the waverers decide not to vote. They used emotion to bully people away from voting No. The Guards (police) were even caught tearing down No posters!

For those who were not here – who did not experience the unrelenting talk and propaganda and the pressure from family and friends, on Facebook, in conversations, signs everywhere and with the expectation that one could not possibly vote No – it’s impossible to imagine. There was huge pressure to conform, to be with the 'in crowd' and to 'go along to get along'. The language was perfect: 'love', 'respect', 'equality' - all undefined but packed with emotional weight. There wasn't enough moral or spiritual fortitude to cope and sufficient numbers voted Yes or just opted out to let the Yes side win.

There will be a price for this. This will not stop at marriage. As long as Catholics and other Christians are around, along with those who simply recognize the objective nature of moral law, then we will be a living sign of contradiction and we will not be tolerated. I expect that the legal route will be taken first but I doubt they will be able to resist the temptation to go further. The homosexual community are but the tool of darker forces and persons who wish to use them as cover for their own perversity. There are dark days ahead but we will survive. The Faith will not die out in Ireland. The blood of martyrs is seedbed of the Church.

At the moment though I feel like a Jew in the early days of Nazi Germany. Pray for us.

tom forder, Breathing With Both Lungs 27 Comments [5/30/2015 6:55:54 PM]
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Submitted By: Mary
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