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Title of the posting: How come there are no women in this "all-female" Ghostbusters?

I've read that that this will be an "all-female" Ghostbusters.

I've seen a couple of publicity photos for this film.

In those photos, I did not see a single woman.

All I saw were four or so butt-ugly, monstrous, masculine brutes.

Does it not stand to reason that an "all-female" Ghostbusters should actually have women in it?

Someone messed up there, big-time!

Navaros, IMDb message board for Ghostbusters (2016) 38 Comments [8/13/2015 2:56:44 AM]
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Good point, western women don't deserve to live in Asia, because that is the place where MEN rule things. Let them go back to their feminist wasteland America and rot there. Let us western men who are happy living in Asia live and let be.

We western men should actually endevour to treat western women like shit when we see them in Asia. Do anything you can to make them feel unwelcome, treat them like total crap. Best method is to walk around with a hot young asian girl on your arm, and when the western girls see that, they f***ing freak out big time. It's like a huge slap in their face.

Boycott american women, Happier Abroad 30 Comments [8/2/2015 4:34:04 AM]
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