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Quote# 122607

Situations like this really put the laughable notion of ‘women entrepreneurs’ and women as business leaders into perspective as the fiction that it is.

The entire set of quotes from the last three articles show that the thoughts that go through the minds of these twats are so far removed from what even a competent middle-manager would think, let alone a hard-charging entrepreneur, that the difference is even greater than that between a child and an adult..

50% of CEOs are not women? This is proof that anything more than 5% means that there is a thumb or ten on the scale in favor of women as AA tokens….

Anon, Dalrock 0 Comments [11/30/2016 5:49:54 AM]
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Quote# 122583

[In July, Kathryn B. H. Clancy and her co-authors Robin G. Nelson, Julienne N. Rutherford and Katie Hinde published a survey of 666 field-based scientists in the journal PLoS One and reported that 26 percent of the female scientists surveyed had been sexually assaulted during fieldwork.]

Of course, the push to encourage women in science is only going to cause more such sexual assaults to take place, which is one more reason why it is a bad idea. Science doesn't need more women, especially if more women in the field are going to help transform otherwise good male scientists into rapists and sex criminals.

Vox Day, Vox Popoli 30 Comments [11/18/2016 2:45:33 PM]
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Submitted By: David

Quote# 122565

Incel organ donors should be allowed to sleep with recently deceased females

Sex is a female resource. Organs are a human resource. I came up with a system that would exchange these resources in a way everybody would benefit. The pussy of females can be used even 2 days after their death. Their sexual resources get wasted with the current system and people often die because there aren't enough organ donors. Incels that are organ donors should be allowed to have sex with recently deceased females. This way female sexual resources would not be wasted even in death. Incels would be encouraged to donate organs and more potential lives would be saved. The incel suffering would be reduced. Nobody would be harmed. The number of organ donors would increase. Nothing would get wasted. It would be like biological and sexual recycling. Female sexual resources would not get wasted and they would be used to help incels. If this proposal came true it would be killing two birds with one stone.

SaintElliot, /r/IncelHeaven 98 Comments [11/18/2016 3:54:05 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

Quote# 122467

Politics is downstream of the sexual market (which is why electoral puzzles like women voting in greater numbers for the gibs and virtue signaling party is best explained as a biological repercussion of human sexuality).

All politics is gonadal. Given this reality, the most effective political persuasion techniques are those that evoke the ancient rhythms of the sexual market. Converting deeply gay, male Hillary partisans to The Trumpening is not likely in the cards but, if sufficiently shamed and ostracized by effective COPROP that leverages the power of anxiety over one’s sexual market status, many nominal males who plan to vote for Inmate Hillary can be dissuaded from exercising their right to notarize the featherweight class of their shrunken scrotes.


Even faggy Millennial manlets with incipient bitch tits will feel a cringe of shame if they are forced to identify with the beta lapdog in the bottom pic.

Just as a healthy and strong society with rock-ribbed shitlord norms can keep gays far enough in the closet that their petri dish flamboyance doesn’t creep out the kids, so can a fearless embrace of immutable and omnipotent sexual market law — and the exploitation thereof — cow mincing betaboys from pulling the lever for thecunt.

One sackless wonder at a time. Eventually, if enough manginas fear shitlord ridicule more than SJW shrieking, their self-respect will do the swelling their ovaries can’t do.

CH, Chateau Heartiste 30 Comments [11/12/2016 10:51:28 AM]
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