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Quote# 123686

Females who have had 3 or more sexual partners, should not be allowed to breed

Once you've had 3 different men ejaculate inside you, the child will never be 100% the "fathers" as the female can never rid herself of her previous sexual partners semen.

This would also encourage females to not be whores and sleep with the nearest Chad they see.

ijustwantsomefriendz, /r/incels 32 Comments [1/16/2017 11:51:26 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep
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Quote# 123685

It's obvious you don't understand this at all.
The argument is bottom up. All change or potential we observe is derived.
Derived change is illogical without actual power.

Your brain is locked in a linear chain of causation which I acknowledge could be infinite. What we cannot have though is derived/potential/power/ability and change alone without actual power.

Did you watch Feser or do you wish to do a Dawkins not bother with the argument because you feel just asserting it must be rubbish is in fact your knock down?

That of course would be humbug from someone who constantly refer us to sundry pop and TV experts.

So we are not talking about something coming from something like a shape shifting mass of matter energy begetting new forms of itself.

The mass needs to move NOW.

Away from Feser and Aristotle there are numerous articles of how Dawkins gets the wrong end of the stick about this thing so it's not surprising his little wizards have the same flaw in their 'memes'.(unfortunately some pseudoscience always manages to creep through) There is also my contribution to the debating thread which no one has yet put up a refutation.

You tried but saying science will eventually go beyond the supernatural possible start of everything from nothing, or eternal matter or self potentialised and transferred energy is just faith.

You are of course free to refute...................Cue bluster.

All this of course is transcended IMHO by the issue of why something and not nothing.

Emergence - the Musical, Religion and Ethics 11 Comments [1/16/2017 11:51:24 AM]
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Submitted By: Nearly Sane
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Quote# 123683

females turning males faggots because their pussy is simply overpriced as fuck. Welcome to 2017.

xenodit, /r/incels 23 Comments [1/16/2017 10:17:04 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep
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Quote# 123682

["George" is distraught to find out his wife has been flirting with another man on the internet.]

George, I hate to break it to you, but your wife's flirting isn't for no reason. It's actually a sign that things are not right in your marriage. And, guess what, George! It's all your fault! Okay, so it may not be all your fault. Let's just round it out to 99.3% your fault.

But don't be mad at me! Rav Shalom Arush, in his bestselling marital guide, The Garden of Peace, puts the blame on the husband! You see, marriage is really more for the man than the woman. By nature, women are more giving and nurturing, and they tend to put themselves last. On the other hand, men are more selfish, self-centered, egotistical, prideful, and tend to put themselves on a pedestal. That's why a man is supposed to get married: so he is forced to focus on someone else's needs for a change. Let's review that again, George. Marriage is the perfect setup to teach a man how to put the needs of his wife and his family before his own. It's a man's main mission in life, and all of your rationalizations around it isn't going to change that fact.

Racheli Reckles, Breslev.co.il 8 Comments [1/16/2017 10:17:01 AM]
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Quote# 123681

I wish a ultra-right-wing government would just go start kicking down feminists doors, and start shooting thm in the fucking head. Like anyone is going to complain, if you shoot a fucking lesbian hag in the head.

If Hitler did what he did, but instead of killing a bunch of Jews, he killed a bunch of man-hating feminist lesbians, he’d be a fucking saint.

Seriously, though, the government is monitoring us like pedophiles. We know they’re monitoring us blog as child porn sites. So why not find out where these people live, kick down their fuckin doors, and shoot em in the head, and just get it over with.

Make every single one look like a suicide. It’ll be like a mass, ‘Oh my god, all the feminazi lesbian hags realized what they did, and killed themselves’.

And nobody will give a fuck…nobody.

It’ll make the world much, much better. Trust me

Anonymous, Eivind Berge's Blog 23 Comments [1/16/2017 10:16:48 AM]
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Quote# 123680

[As to] why Jews promote sodomy, I read somewhere that it's because sodomy of both males & females is the Satanic/Kabbalah/Illuminati's main method of mind-control, partly through the trauma of humiliation, and partly through draining the soul energy of the victim through the reported link between the "kundalini chakra" at the base of the spine, and up the spinal column to the brain and pineal gland.

Also, that's why Satan was cast into hell: a depraved predator on God's earth, sodomizing everything from humans to animals, rocks & trees, just like in the Gilgamesh epic from Babylon, as a way of "marking" them as "belonging to him," in order to drag them down with him into hell.

Illuminati/Kabbalah Satanists apparently convince initiates that once they are sodomized, they become Satan's "property," their souls are lost forever, and they can never escape or be redeemed. All lies, of course. They only need to reject Satan an turn their hearts to Christ, repent of their sexual immorality and asking God's forgiveness, just as Brother Nathanael teaches.

Bramble, Real Jew News 9 Comments [1/16/2017 10:16:39 AM]
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Quote# 123679

The evil entity defiles everything beautiful: art, music, sex, spirituality, etc. I think that males are circumcised to remove all the nerve endings in the foreskin - many more than in the clitoris. When that happens, is that your internal sex organs (prostate etc.) become more sensitive than the penis, which may cause many men to become homosexual.

pharmerdavid, Real Jew News 12 Comments [1/16/2017 10:16:31 AM]
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Quote# 123677

Because I hate Americans.

Like legitimately i want the women to die in back ally abortions and Chads to be coughing up blood in a coal mine.

Make America great again

GetaPoas, /r/Incels 17 Comments [1/16/2017 10:16:23 AM]
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Submitted By: Irk Koalinski
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Quote# 123675

I hope Trump is as bad as everyone makes him out to be.

Fuck any nation of people who expect half it's population to work and die for nothing. Trump is gonna make America great again by putting women under the boot.

Hillary was fine too if pizza gate stuff was true.

GetaPoas, Reddit 17 Comments [1/16/2017 5:27:37 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep
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Quote# 123673

The Church has to understand that the LGBT has a concerted effort to attack and raise up slander to destroy any Black Man that’s good for Black America. You need to stop following and believing these ‘exposing’ ministries online. Most of these exposing ministries are headed by homosexuals themselves or by men/women who have some proclivity towards homosexual desires.

Bishop Eddie Long was a great man; who had insight and intelligence that surpassed most people in the Church, but was satanically marred by unfounded-slanderous accusations from homosexual men.

And interesting to note: Those who most shamed him were either men that weren’t secure in their own manhood, or fornicative lascivious women; basically these people had poor characters themselves.

As most of the Black Church sat back and watched and gloried in his defamation of character, which led up to his death, he still pressed on doing God’s work.

Any pastor or Believer that glories in this man’s death, is just as guilty as the cancer that attacked his body. He is a Christian; a child of God; that rested in the faith of Jesus Christ as his Lord and savior. He never denied Jesus Christ: so redemption, forgiveness and salvation was still allotted for him.

He fought a long fight for the faith, in spite of the antagonist attacks from so-called Believers and in spite of the character slander from mainstream Anti-Christ media. Rest in peace Eddie Long.

1 John 4:20-21, “If anyone says, ‘I love God,’ and hates, works against his Christian brother he is a liar; for the one who does not love his brother whom he has seen, cannot love God whom he has not seen. And this commandment we have from Him, that the one who loves God should also unselfishly love his brother and seek the best for him.”

Matthew 7:1-2, “Do not judge and criticize and condemn, others unfairly with an attitude of self-righteous superiority as though assuming the office of a judge, so that you will not be judged unfairly. For just as you hypocritically judge others, when you are sinful and unrepentant, so will you be judged; and in accordance with your standard of measure used to pass out judgment, judgment will be measured to you.”

Eden Decoded, Facebook 14 Comments [1/16/2017 5:27:30 AM]
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Quote# 123667

Any attack on Iran is an attack on China, because Iran babe is China’s oil tank. The Antichrist is in Washington regime, and he is gotta nuke Iran into ash, which will definitely sabotage and collapse China’s already fragile economy, causing China’s nation-wide social unrest and China’s Jasmine Revolution, jeopardizing Beijing regime’s legitimacy of staying in power, which is the only thing Beijing regime solely and only cares about. So, China will definitely go to war with USA and USA’ allies which are hijacked by USA and forced to side with USA when USA and China at war. The entire western pacific region is nuke war zone. Mainland China and North America are nuke war zone, too, wiping out one-fourths of the world population, some of whom are all 1.3 billion Chinese, one-fifths of the world population. Jesus told me this and Jesus never jokes.
I was always thinking it’s not so fair that USA just gotta be partly wiped out and partly survive after nuke war with China. Jesus always tells me He has a plan for USA during the End Times, that is, USA’ partly survival is to retreat some very important Jewish people living in Israel at the mid of the End Times when being persecuted by the Antichrist, the EU ruler. So, IF you’re Chinese who peek my posts, then you must take serious heed on my urgent warning. Jesus told me this horrifying message and Jesus never jokes. RUN NOW. RUN TO JESUS. The Church Rapture is imminent this year. Time is very extremely short. China’s gotta be all obliterated, being burned into ash, all lives extinct, within 24 hours by USA’ thousands of nukes at WW3.
IF you’re Chinese or Taiwanese who peeks my posts, then please hurry up. Just go repenting now, seek Jesus now. USA Washington regime is gotta wage nuke war genocide against China, which poses the most serious mortal threat to USA’ global hegemony. IF you’re Chinese, I do love you, because you and I are both Chinese, I want you to be saved and be my immortal Chinese saint buddy when we meet in Heaven after the Church Rapture. IF you’re Taiwanese, I do love you, because you and I are both officially Taiwanese, I want you to be saved and be my very close immortal buddy in Heaven. Hurry up, China and Taiwan are gotta be obliterated at nuke war genocide. China by USA’ nukes. Taiwan by China’s nukes. I’m officially Taiwanese, biologically and genetically Chinese. I love you both. Hurry up.


Hurry up, this is my last ditch trying to save my own kind, both Chinese and Taiwanese. I love you both, indeed. Hurry up. Time is very extremely short. China and USA are gotta go nuke war this year in 2012. It’s imminent very soon in the very near future, very near term. IF you become immortal Chinese or Taiwanese saint, then I wanna be your immortal buddy for eternity, very close immortal buddy, and I can play the zither for both of you when we go hanging out in pack. I love you both. Hurry up. Jesus told me this horrifying message. And, Jesus never jokes. Let’s be immortal bros and sisters in Heaven living with our Father, Lord Jesus Christ. I want both of you, Chinese and Taiwanese, to be all saved in the Church Rapture if you peek my posts here. I love you both. Please hurry up. Repent sin and go seeking Jesus. Hurry up. I love you. IF you’re Chinese, I do love you, because we are the same kind, the same species, and we share the same ancestry, history, language, culture, everything. IF you’re Chinese, we have the same genes and blood. I don’t want you to die gruesomely by USA’ nukes. Hurry up. IF you’re Taiwanese, I do love you, because we are even closer, for we both are officially Taiwanese, we have the same type of I.D. card and passport. I do love you. Hurry up, just repent sin and go seeking Jesus now. I love you both, Chinese and Taiwanese. I love you both. Let’s fly to Heaven with Jesus before this nuke war genocide waged by USA Empire.
I’m a chosen prophet and this is my online ministry.

usachinanukewar, All-out US-China nuclear war, looming, to wipe out one-fourths of the earth 9 Comments [1/16/2017 5:27:24 AM]
Fundie Index: 3
Submitted By: denizen
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Jesus Creep Award

by Pharaoh Bastethotep

Quote# 123669

by the way, if your gigantic penis could fly and let me ride on top of it and take me up to the sky gliding through the clouds all the way around the globe for free. you know what? I have a very famous Twister Tongue, which can vibrate in a very fast speed when licking anything I love and put into my mouth. IF you had a flying gigantic penis that can offer me a free flight trip around the globe, I might let your flying gigantic penis tastes the ultimate thrilling joy climax, that is, I can lick your flying gigantic penis in a very fast speed with my incredible Twister Tongue. IF you don’t have a flying gigantic penis, please leave me alone and get lost. Don’t bother me anymore.

I give you a list, my must-have requirements for my beloved “penis”.
1. a flying gigantic penis that can fly and take me fly around the globe for free.
2. as rich as Jesus, or richer than Jesus, such as owning a planet or simply owning an entire universe.
3. as smart as Jesus so that you can instruct me everything.
4. STD-FREE, before being licked by my Twister Tongue, you must submit a brand new and updated and latest body medical checkup report telling me you’re absolutely STD-FREE. I don’t wanna get HIV. I’m HIV negative.
5. you must prove you are absolutely a virgin boy with a flying gigantic penis. I hate sharing my beloved “penis” with anyone. I’m dominant and I am very extremely demanding. And, your flying gigantic penis can only be occupied by me and licked by me. Or, if you dares to betray me, I will definitely poison you into deadly coma, and castrate your penis and balls.IF any of you are fully qualified, then you can contact me, IF NOT, please do not bother me.

In fact, I’m a STD-Free boy, and I can go through any STD detection scanning machine without an alarming beeping. You know, I’m absolutely clean, my ass clean, my penis clean, my balls clean, all clean, every single inch of my earthly body clean.

usachinanukewar, usachinanukewar 34 Comments [1/15/2017 8:52:57 PM]
Fundie Index: 15
Submitted By: denizen
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Quote# 123668

By the way, IF we wanna talk about the anal sex, I’m absolutely and definitely and always a virgin boy. I have a virgin ass without being penetrated by any earthly man with 6-packs and a gigantic penis. I’m a good holy boy with a virgin ass. And, tell all of you a secret. Someone loved my ass, but this someone was a SHE, not a HE. She loved my ass, and when we had sex, she always loved grabbing my ass, because she deemed my ass was so adorable and cute and sexy and TIGHT. My earthly ass was really really really tight when I was in my early 20’s. I miss my tight ass so much. But, anyway, I’m gotta have a very extremely hot and gorgeous immortal ass with IMMORTAL TIGHTNESS very soon in the Church Rapture. I’m gotta love my immortal ass so much for eternity. And, only Jesus can grab my ass in my eternal life.
And, in my eternal life, IF Jesus wanna eat me, then that’s my pleasure. I’m gotta let Jesus DEVOUR me into His stomach. Only Jesus can eat me. No one, no any earthly man is qualified enough to eat me, for they’re just a whole bunch of idiots, and I hate idiots, especially very poor idiots, very financially-stricken idiots with 6 or even 8-packs with a gigantic penis. They’re just a whole bunch of huge jumbo walking HIV in human form with no brain, but an aging and earthly penis. Their sperms full of HIV. The last thing I wanna have on the earth in my earthly, aging body is HIV. I hate HIV. And, I hate any huge jumbo walking HIV in human form, because they’re spreading the virus across the globe. And, I can tell who’s sleeping around with my keen eyes.
Remember and be aware of it! I am an extraordinarily smart Bella Boy, and only my Immortal Edward, Lord Jesus Christ, can eat me. Any earthly Jacob with 8-packs and an aging, gigantic penis cannot steal me away from my Lover, Lord Jesus Christ. Loyalty is my core personality when I fall in love. And, I am in love now with Jesus. Jesus is my Lover and I am His bride. And, I only SLEEP WITH JESUS’ IMMORTAL GORGEOUS PENIS, IF He wanna eat me. I hate and don’t need any earthly Jacob’s gigantic penis and 8-packs. And, by the way, going naked swimming, diving, sun-bathing, playing volleyball, doing everything all naked in my private island with Jesus, a 2-guy world, is my dream.
I have a very extremely psychotic Electra complex. And, I’ve found Jesus as my Super Sugar Daddy. Jesus and I already make a deal. He owns my body. And, Jesus is really hot, gorgeous, young, muscular, tight, in His glorious Immortal Body. No wrinkles. And, the real ultra-richest one. And, Jesus is so qualified as my Super Sugar Daddy. He absolutely can eat me if He wants. I’m gotta put myself on a silver platter and dedicate myself to Him in the first night of our wedding. I’m the little hottest, wildest immortal cat boy that belongs to Jesus, and He can do anything He wants when we’re really on the bed just in case He wanna eat me. I have an immortal Twister Tongue.
When we’re on the bed, Jesus really doesn’t have to do anything. He can just simply lie there on the center of our bed and enjoy my performance. My immortal Twister Tongue will do everything, vibrating at a lightning speed back and forth. My immortal Twister Tongue is gotta do the job, all the service. Believe me. The ultimate thrilling joy and climax. Jesus is my Man, Lover, King, Emperor, God, Super Sugar Daddy. My everything. I desperately wanna invite Jesus to go naked vacation on a island in the Pacific when we both fly back to the earth and He sets up His Kingdom. Our 2-guy naked vacation on a island in the Pacific, my dream and hot vacation, doing everything all naked. Just Jesus and I.

usachinanukewar, All-out US-China nuclear war, looming, to wipe out one-fourths of the earth 16 Comments [1/15/2017 8:52:46 PM]
Fundie Index: 5
Submitted By: denizen
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Quote# 123666

Let’s talk about my real Leo Man, Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus already knew me long time ago before He created this world. Jesus saw me long time ago. Jesus has a plan for me to grow spiritually. Jesus knows me. And, Jesus is jealous. Jesus set up everything for me to go through, because He wants me to grow into the exact way He wants me to. Jesus is the most dominant man I’ve ever met. And, Jesus is the real smartest man I’ve ever met. I love Jesus, so unconditionally and irrevocably. Jesus is my everything. And, He occupies me. Jesus is my Darling. He is my real and only Leo King, my Emperor. I don’t hate Jesus. Instead I love Jesus very much and more and more in 2012, on the eve of the Church Rapture and World War 3. Jesus tutors me everything and instructs me everything. I desperately need a very strong father to protect me. And, I desperately need a very smart father to instruct me everything. Jesus is the one. I’ve found Jesus as my Father. Not Eric. Not Lu. Not any earthly man at all. They are all not qualified. Jesus is the only one qualified. I love Jesus. I need Jesus. I desperately wanna see Jesus in the air the sooner the better. I wanna live with Jesus in Heaven for eternity. He is my Man, Darling and Emperor and God and Father. And, I do love the divine pneumonia time bomb implanted in my lungs by Jesus, indeed. That’s a great divine evidence simply spelling out how enormously deep and how tremendously much Jesus loves me. I am so extremely addicted and indulged to the way Jesus loves me, the most suffocating love. I love Jesus and I love the way He loves me so. I desperately wanna be sweetly squeezed in the arms of Jesus the sooner the better when we both are in Heaven.
I’ve been in love for several times in my earthly life. It was not a HE that broke my heart into pieces. It was a SHE that really shattered my heart into pieces. I did love her. But NOT ANYMORE. To me, men just partners I can sometimes indulge in having wild sex. But, I desperately wanna have a beloved wife who loves me so much and we raise our kids together, my little Aaron. I wanna have a sweet family with my beloved wife and kids living together for eternity. That’s my greatest and sweetest dream, honestly. A Scarlett Johansson with tender sweetness that can bomb me with her jumbo megaton nuclear warheads on the bed, the most hottest and sweetest bombardments I desperately wanna suffer in my eternal life in the New Millennium Era reigned by Jesus.

usachinanukewar, usachinanukewar 7 Comments [1/15/2017 8:51:12 PM]
Fundie Index: 4
Submitted By: denizen
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Quote# 123661

The following quotes are excerpted from an article that appeared in Good Housekeeping on 11 January, 2017:

The homework assignment, titled $5.00 Date, required students, in this case girls, to go on a date with a male classmate. Below the assignment's description was a list of suggestions for girls from the boys, which encouraged girls to "dress appropriately," "be feminine and lady-like" and "if you think you're too fat, keep it to yourself."

The student showed her mother the assignment - all on a pink page and directed at 16/17-year-old girls:

"My 11th grade AP Honors student's homework: 'Go on a date!' with a boy. And follow his suggestions — don't correct his personal habits, don't waste his money and show him respect," she wrote. "Thanks for educating our kids, Utah Department of Education. We really appreciate your evidence-based misogyny."

This isn't completely one-sided, however. There's 6sheet for the boys as well. It icluded such time-tested $5 dinner date advice as this:

"At a restaurant, say what you're going to order so she will have a guide in ordering..."

Christian , Good Housekeeping Article  19 Comments [1/15/2017 8:49:55 PM]
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Submitted By: Psycho Tits
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Quote# 123654

(opening a topic they have titled Universalism)

Are we like rowing boats frantically trying to bail out the rising water of God and failing or will we be successful and stop the leak?

Emergence - the Musical, Religion and Ethics 16 Comments [1/15/2017 9:42:50 AM]
Fundie Index: 2
Submitted By: Nearly Sane
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Quote# 123643

We need to start a new program to combat communist jew gun control efforts. Many times their efforts consist of false flag shootings like Sandy Hook, followed by the jewish media screaming how we’ll never be safe as long as guns are around. In the near future, we will have a section where anti-gun jew fucks and their supporters can be exposed and properly ridiculed, until such time as they can face the consequences of their treason.

Recently a bunch of feminist jew cunts thought they would protest guns on campus by giving out dildos. They look like a bunch of dildos doing it, so let’s start with them. These dumb uneducated commie feminist infected pustules figured since dildos were banned on campus, but guns weren’t, they would protest by acting like whores and handing out dildos. They are flanked by feminized bitches with mustaches and beards that I won’t dare call “males”or “men”, but they dress like guys anyway. These freakish abominations have a name for their protest “Cocks not Glocks”. I guess even these guys like cocks. In the pictures they seem to enjoy playing with them way too much.

This is what you have to look forward to if you don’t stand and fight for freedom and righteousness. Your women will all be degraded to a pile of bottom feeding fake ass feminist tramps who will drop their pants to anyone. Your men will be girly little bitches who like sex with men, dogs, and children as much as they do a grown woman. To top it off, you’ll all be disarmed useless pussies crying in “safe zones” because your fake candidate lost a fake election that never happened. (oh yes, we’ll cover that soon too)

I’m not really mad though. Anyone that thinks handing out dildos to protest guns is funny needs shot, and the idea of that makes these whiny bitches mad. Wouldn’t that be ironic? Going before a firing squad for trying to ban guns? I think that is very fitting, but this article is Nooses for Gun Control so back to that.

These snakes always speak with a forked tongue. Remember, they walk among us, appealing to our sensibilities. There is a reason the Marcus Cicero quote has been displayed so long on the front of this site. An enemy at the gates is less formidable than one who pretends to be just another America with a differing view.

“I do believe in the second amendment and the right to own guns and bear arms, however I don’t think that public university is really the place for that,” said one commie lying fuck. This pile of shit doesn’t believe in the second amendment, or your right to defend yourself. She wants guns banned, and picking away at this little thing is her method of helping ban them.

This Hegelian dialect says one thing, then turns right around and says the other. People always ask me, “how do you know this/that”, and the answer is always the same. You need to listen to how someone says something, not what they are saying. This person above is saying she wants to ban guns, but only here and there. She “believes” in the second amendment, but that doesn’t mean she will let you have it. Even the commie jew professors were filing injunctions to stop people carrying firearms.

Anyway, let us get to the point. They want to give away dildos for gun control, we will give away free rides in a noose to all gun control proponents. Nooses for Gun Control will cover all the expenses. Rope. Trees or custom built gallows, and even a bucket to kick out from under them! Every expense will be spared to ensure the least amount of comfort, but any gun control nut wanting to show their psychotic little heads will get free rides. No questions asked. Bodies will be burned and the ashes spread to the four corners of the earth for good measure.

Listen folks. It is really this simple. The only reason for gun control is to make you easier to kill. Stop beating around the bush and acting like they give a fuck about your safety. The moment they have your guns, the open slaughter will commence. These people mean to kill anyone who resists their take over. If you’re confused as to what this will look like, have a look at this movie about the Katyn forest massacre.

Too many people want to argue the points on gun control. They want to break out all the statistics, and try to “win” an argument based on the truth. The truth they rely on is that gun control only causes more trouble, and the enemy will counter with appeals to emotion and cries about saving the children. This will go on for eternity, but slowly they will whittle away our gun rights to nothing if we continue to allow discussion. If I have to spell out how this is being done already, take a look at this current article HERE where Obama the dark skinned jew and Socialist Security criminal mob are making up their own “rules” to stop people from acquiring guns.

Rights are like facts. They aren’t up for discussion or debate. I seriously don’t care what whiny emotional bullshit they use. Rights aren’t something that can be debated, because they are set in stone. Anyone trying to debate your rights is your enemy. Nothing else needs said, but they will try!

There is nothing to argue with gun control. Anyone who wants you disarmed means you harm. Period. Taking guns makes people easy to kill, and serves absolutely no other purpose. Oh wait, it does make it impossible for you to fight back. Look at the draconian measures being treasonously imposed by the corporation posing as the legitimate government in Commifornia. These fools pick away at banning all kinds of things, including now magazine releases they call “bullet buttons”. These commie jew fucks even require background checks just to buy ammunition! Ask yourself who ever gave them that power? Some commerce clause? What?

This communist shit hole Commiefornia would be a great place to set up gallows to hang treasonous twits. By the way, under the definition of treason, almost anyone working in government can be hung until dead. They are literally aiding and abetting enemies of our country in the form of the private corporations they serve. There are NO legitimate “government” employees today. They all work for a private company, but we’ll cover that at another time.

Anyone who has any reason they want guns banned here or there, or blocked from carrying this way or that, or just doesn’t quite feel comfortable with people having guns or using them for whatever reason is already guilty of treason. Stop trying to discuss the finer points of gun control with people who want to take your guns, just so they can kill you with guns. Nobody gives a shit about statistics. They don’t matter. The only thing that matters is getting as many gun control nuts free rides in a noose as soon as possible.

From now on, when you enter a gun control conversation, it will go like this. The gun control freak will try to tug at people’s emotions, “those poor children that got shot in that school, we can never let this happen again”. Your reply will be, “You’re right! Gun control is a serious problem that can only be solved by judicious use of a noose!”

What else is there to discuss? Anyone who wants your guns out of sight, wants them banned. Anyone who wants their use or carry curtailed, wants them banned. Anyone who wants them banned, wants to kill you. No more discussion. Every discussion about gun control should end in discussions about nooses from here on out, because there is NO DISCUSSION.

No Quarter.

Subverted Nation, Subverted Nation 40 Comments [1/15/2017 9:41:41 AM]
Fundie Index: 18
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Quote# 123640

The Fundamental Problem With Man-Hating Feminists

Ultimately, the problem with stupid, bitter feminists and their lackeys is their inability to understand, let alone empathize, with how differently from women that men are aroused to desire. Once you have convinced yourself that there are no real biological or psychosexual differences between men and women, it’s a small step from there to bemoaning catcalling while your tits are thrust three feet in front of you. This is what a religious adherence to feminist lies gets you: Fear and loathing of men because they get turned on by visual stimulus with an intensity and swiftness that is alien to your gynocentric worldview.

Most women who aren’t deranged feminists trying to make a victim class point know that, for instance, catcalling is mostly harmless, and take it in stride (even if driven to annoyance by excessive street solicitations). Normal, psychologically healthy women (read: pretty women), intuitively grasp that men and women are very different on and under the hood. They may not know the evolutionary reasons for the differences, or care to know, but their acceptance of men as men permits them to behave in a more charming feminine manner, and to appease men’s desire (or avoid inciting it when necessary) because it’s fun and exciting instead of an “injustice” that must be raged against. Feminist spite and resentment towards men comes from a place of studied ignorance and, in some instances, envy of male sexuality. I think a lot of avowed feminists are ugly broads who secretly yearn to possess the liberated and unencumbered sexual joy that is the birthright of men.

If there’s one common bond that unites all feminists and feminist-lite pundits, it’s a loathing of male desire. Scour away the SJW jargon and that’s the angry little id you’ll find deep inside shaking a clenched black fist at an unforgiving reality it cannot change.

CH, Chateau Heartiste 17 Comments [1/15/2017 9:40:33 AM]
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Quote# 123630

It was the tribe of Dan, also known as tuatha de danann that founded Denmark, thus the name Dn Mark. The tribe of Dan traveled by ships all over the place and marked their tribe name in many places they established. http://www.british-israel.ca/Dan.htm

It is interesting that when translated, Dan = judge, but Daniel = God is Judge. Also, that the standard, also known as flag, of the tribe of Daniel is an eagle with a serpent in their claws. Numbers 2:2 KJV

"Unquestionably the Danites can be traced more easily than any other Israelitish tribe because of their custom of attaching the name "Dan" to places and rivers along their line of march. Doubtless it was this family characteristic to which their great ancestor Jacob referred in Genesis 49:17 - "Dan shall be a serpent by the way." In other words, Dan in his wanderings shall leave a trail like a serpent. In fact, one translator renders it, "Dan shall be a serpent's trail." Judges 18 supplies two examples. Danites went and took Kirjath-jearim: "wherefore they called that place Mahaneh-dan." They passed on and captured the city of Laish, "and they called the name of the city Dan, after the name of Dan their father." Ptolemy's map of Ireland shows the names Dan-Sowar and Dan-Sobairse on the northeast coast where colonies of Danaan settled after departing from Greece in ships. Trace their land route northward out of Greece and the first thing one finds on the map is the river Danube. Follow the river on to the north, and a country called Denmark in English; Danmark in Danish, Swedish and Norwegian; Danemark in German and French; and Danio in Esperanto. According to the historian Keating, "The Danaans were a people of great learning and when they left Greece... and went to Ireland, and also to Denmark and called it Danmark, Dan's country." 'One Man's Destiny' by CR Dickey page 214.

"There is no grander theme upon the scrolls of history than the story of this struggle of the Anglo-Saxons westward. The very streams of Europe mark their resting places, and in the root of nearly all their ancient names (Dan, or Don) recall the sacred stream Jordan river of rest-- from whose whose hands, so far away, as exiles, they set out. It was either the little colony of Dan, obeying its tribal proclivity for naming everything it captured (Jud.18:1-29) after their father, or else the mere survival of a word and custom; but, none the less, it serves to TRACE these wanderers LIKE A TRAIL. Hence the Dan-ube, the Dan-ieper, the Dan-iester, the Dan-au, the Daci and Davi, the Dan, the Don, the U-Don, the Eri-don, and the THOUSAND OTHER Dans and Dons of ancient and early geography, down to the Danes in Dan-emerke, or 'Dan's last resting place'" (quoted in Allen, Judah's Sceptre and Joseph's Birthright, p.263-64).

Denmark, the name of the modern country in Europe north of Germany, means, literally, "Dan's mark." It's people are called "Danes." In fact, because at one time Denmark ruled all the surrounding region, the whole region took its name from them the ScanDINavian peninsula! Clearly, here are remnants of the people of DAN, who migrated westward overland from the Caucasus to their present location in northern Europe! “According to late Danish tradition... Jutland [the mainland of Denmark] was acquired by DAN, the... ancestor of the DANES” from whom their name derives (“Denmark,” Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th ed., vol.8). The Danes claim the descend from "Dan the Great" meaning Dan of Israel (Saxo Grammaticus; "The First Nine Books of Saxo Grammaticus of the Danish History).

The third batch of Danites left a trail to their final homeland Denmark. As you can see the Serpent's head (Denmark) is the final destination of this tribe.

RoseThistleArtworks, Y! answers 15 Comments [1/15/2017 9:40:03 AM]
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Quote# 123625

Desheummes himself was a member of the feared Tonton Macoutes – and he says he’s proud of it.

“I’ve done nothing wrong or illegal to be ashamed to say I’m a Macoute,” he says.

The militia was dreaded by Haitians, but Desheummes insists reports of rampant disappearances, torture and killings are exaggerated. If anything, he argues, the Tonton Macoutes maintained law and order.

“There were no issues of property destruction or car jackings or a high murder rate,” says Desheummes. “And the economy was stronger.”

From his pink home in Little Haiti, Desheummes acknowledged there may have been some rogue Macoutes who committed crimes. But the majority like him, he insists, were good men.

“A lot of people don’t want to admit they’re Duvalierists,” he says. “What did Jean-Claude Duvalier do? He didn’t do anything wrong.”

Taino Desheummes, WLRN 10 Comments [1/15/2017 9:39:33 AM]
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Quote# 123624

[On California no longer prosecuting children in the sex trade]

Ambulance Chaser:
What purpose do you think is served by prosecuting minors who have sex with adults?

Amos Moses:
ummmmm ..... oh, gee .... to KEEP them from having sex with adults for money ...... DUH ...

Ambulance Chaser:
So tell me, do you ordinarily recommend blaming, arresting, and punishing the victims of crimes, or just this one?

Amos Moses:
Californian Senator Richard Pan pushing to outlaw parental rights in all medical decisions

guess Calif. is not done with their radical restructuring of the "family" ........... a person in prostitution is not a victim .... they are participants ......

Amos Moses, Christian News Network 18 Comments [1/15/2017 9:38:46 AM]
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Quote# 123613

[From the article "French State"]

The French State (French: État Français), was the legitimate and legal government of France following the fall of the Third Republic. It existed from July 1940 to August 1944. It was called Vichy France and the Vichy regime by the bolshevo-plutocratic enemy forces because its administration was based in Vichy, France. Marshal Philippe Pétain proclaimed the government following the military defeat of France by National Socialist Germany during World War II and a vote by the National Assembly on July 10, 1940. This vote granted extraordinary powers to Pétain, the last Président du Conseil (Prime Minister) of the Third Republic, who then took the additional title Chef de l'État Français ("Chief of the French State").

The Vichy government maintained legal authority in the northern zone of France, which was occupied by the German Wehrmacht. However, its laws only applied where they did not contradict German ones. This meant that where the government was most powerful was the unoccupied southern free zone, where its administrative centre of Vichy was located.

Some officers under General Charles de Gaulle, allied with the Rothschild family and British intelligence in London to conspire against the French State under Pétain's leadership. De Gaulle illegally claimed to represent the legitimacy and continuity of the previous French government, even though that government had voted Pétain its leader. Following the Allies' conquest of France in Operation Overlord, de Gaulle proclaimed the Provisional Government of the French Republic (GPRF) in June, 1944. After the fall of Paris in August, the GPRF installed itself in Paris on August 31.

With the fall of France in August and September, Vichy's officials and supporters moved to Sigmaringen in Germany and there established a government in exile, headed by Fernand de Brinon, until April 1945. Many of the French government's prominent figures were subsequently tried by the GPRF kangaroo courts and a number were executed in a bloodbath of Talmudic vengence. Pétain himself was sentenced to death for so-called "treason", but his sentence was commuted to life imprisonment.

Metapedia, Metapedia 10 Comments [1/15/2017 9:37:52 AM]
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Fundamentalism in a Nutshell Award

From Demon Duck of Doom

Quote# 123612

Those who follow their own brain will weep and mourn; there will be great pain. The mind is a terrible thing. The mind is not subject to the law, nor can it be. We labor with a cursed mind for the carnal mind is neither subject to the law of God, nor can it be; that which is in the enmity must die. All thoughts must be rejected. I would have all calls to me stopped.

Lord, hallvworthington.com 19 Comments [1/15/2017 9:37:14 AM]
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Quote# 123658

[OP claims that women with depression are just attention whores. A poster replies that he is clinically depressed despite being happily married and financially successful because depression is an illness]

you should just end your life so an incel can have a chance at having sex with your wife

why do you come here to torture us, normie?

ijustwantsomefriendz, /r/incels 23 Comments [1/15/2017 6:54:30 AM]
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Quote# 123657

[OP: Let's say feminists started engaging in death squads with the goal of wiping out every virgin.]

They won't ever do that.

Females LOVE the fact that there are men out there not getting laid. That those men are reduced to work horses who never breed.

They get off on this evil shit. It makes them cum so fucking hard they practically pass out from the endless pleasure. Females get off on evil and darkness because that is their nature. They put on a fancy act like they are angels but they are demons of darkness seeking to feast on the blood of males. Either for their seed or their money.

Fuck female rights. Fuck feminism. Fuck females, they don't deserve shit.

livinginhell101, /r/incels 19 Comments [1/15/2017 6:54:26 AM]
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