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Jesus is gonna kill you and perform open heart surgery on you, come !

That's right , you want Jesus to save you? Guess what?,your gonna die!

The person you once were is gonna die, your gonna get a new heart, most of your friends will leave you and your family is gonna think yor a nut. The Devil is coming after you with all he has( that God will allow) , you will have to be willing to give up you spouse, your mother , your father, your children and even yourself. Come on down and join the new family of God.

Sheri Earwood, ChristianBlog.com 13 Comments [12/31/2017 2:30:59 AM]
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Quote# 135616

[From "More Victims of the Jews Media"]

We at the CofCC are anything but surprised by the sniper attack on innocent Republicans in Washington by a terrorist supporter of Jewish Socialist, Bernie Sanders.

As it has done for 50 years, the Corrupt Leftist Media and its Jewish-Bolshevik owners have cultivated an atmosphere of lies, slander, disinformation and fear by vilifying anything Republican, conservative, patriotic or nationalistic.

Since the election of Donald Trump, the Jews’ Media and its allies in the New Marxist Party (wrongly referred to as “Democrats,”) have crafted such a poisonous atmosphere, that weak-minded individuals — stupid enough to listen to Jews’ Media lies — have often been inspired to commit such violent acts.

This is a tactic they have used many times, and one they intentionally used against President Ronald Reagan in 1981, in a hauntingly similar attempt to undermine a Republican President’s electoral success, just as they now try to badger and beleaguer Trump.

The Corrupt Leftist Media created such a poisonous atmosphere of lies, that they were able to inspire John Hinckley to attempt to assassinate President Reagan immediately after Reagan had won 49 states in the greatest electoral landslide in U.S. history.

Bolshevik Jews and their minions in the Corrupt Leftist Media have labored for 75 years to convert the U.S. into a socialist nation, and bring it into the orbit of international socialism and one-world government, run by classy folks like themselves.

They had never been as close to their ultimate goal as they were following eight years of Barack Hussein Obama, a communist, pathological liar, Muslim traitor, and likely homosexual.

The venomous efforts of the Jews’ Media — and the rest of the Corrupt Leftist Media — is simply a matter of anger and frustration over their socialist dreams being interrupted by the election of Trump. This is why they have worked so hard to slander and lie about practically every aspect of the 2016 Presidential Election, along with anything else that might further their perverse agenda.

Today, they acquired more victims, which they can add to a long list. This list includes the thousands of conservative, “Alt- Right,” nationalistic, or patriotic individuals assaulted by communist street trash for exercising their First Amendment Rights over the last decade or so.

Every such incident of violence was inspired by the lies of the Jews’ Media, the latter’s stock-in-trade.

Earl P. Holt III, Conservative Headlines 12 Comments [12/31/2017 2:30:41 AM]
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Submitted By: JeanP

Quote# 135605

I was slightly sympathetic [towards trans people] at first, but now I'm pissed off. There are people who will actually be negatively effected by Trump, like women and people of color, but of course in transland, where nothing is rooted in reality, they're the eternal fucking victims. I'm really starting to despise these people, like I hate the fact that they exist.

Anonymous, Reddit 7 Comments [12/31/2017 2:29:16 AM]
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Submitted By: Daspletosaurus

Quote# 135619

God Jesus Christ will kill Reverend Colin Pavitt of the Brunswick Baptist Church in Gloucester, but what are you going to do about it?
God Jesus Christ will judge, condemn, and exterminate Reverend Colin Pavitt, and WIPE OUT ALL FOUR GENERATIONS OF HIS ENTIRE FAMILY on the day of judgement. (Matthew 13:41-42, 25:41-46; Revelation 20:15, 21:8, 21:27)

Pavitt is hereby INDICTED on all four counts:-

(1) Refusal to acknowledge that Jehovah God is supreme and sovereign over his ENTIRE creation, as he is American trailer trash who prefers white supremacy to God's glory and omnipotent power.
(2) Pavitt is American trailer trash from Florida, whose wife Marcia is a Spick from Belo Horizonte Brazil.
(3) Pavitt is a Baptist Christian, whose church is poor and inferior compared to the Anglican/Episcopalian church, Catholic church, and Christian Orthodox Church in Russia.
(4) Pavitt is a blasphemer who has repeatedly LIED about the "nature of God and Jesus Christ", and has deliberately misinterpreted the Bible for his own EVIL purpose. (Proverbs 12:22, 13:5; Revelation 22:15)

Given that Pavitt and his entire family will be EXECUTED on judgement day, how should the Archbishop of Canterbury respond, and what are you going to do about it?




Doug is a Fascist, Yahoo Answers 14 Comments [12/31/2017 1:22:21 AM]
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Jesus loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life. He wants you to die. Jesus is going to kill you.

Steven Wedgeworth, Wedgewords 13 Comments [12/31/2017 1:21:41 AM]
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Submitted By: Denizen

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Progressing Pilgrim:

A good writ, in the name of Jesus, Praise! Relative to confronting false believers, it is true, and the Christian MUST judge all (1 Cor. 2:15). In the same vein, Matthew 7 teaches us to avoid the hypocritical judgement and also tells the hypocrite that comes from fake religions that he will be judged righteously! Therefore, the true Christian needs to have his KJV at hand when preaching the glorious Biblical doctrine and rebuking any pagan and false "Christian" to make them look the fools that they are.

Within our Christian Bible we have the most logical presentation of the way our beloved Jesus operates relative to His people, the true Christians, as opposed to the satanist. As taught to us in Matthew 12:30, the later is ANYONE who is not a real born-again Bible-believing Christian. Relative to these very simple logical syllogisms, we know for a fact that Jesus hates the sinner for his evil (Ps. 5:5). As Pastor Ken Smith (True Christian Church of Jesus, Iowa City) would say, Jesus doesn't just throw sin into Hellfire!

We also know that Jesus loved (past tense!!!) the world enough to offer SOME a way to be Saved in His name. We see various "love theologians" throw around John 3:16 as if that was some sort of trump card proving that Jesus loves everybody, but do these pagan ever read it??? NOT! It states explicitly that only those that believe will be Saved! To wit: "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life." The illustrious verses of John 3:17-18 expand a bit more on this concept, but the Christian already got the idea. Love everyone? NOT!

We also know that the Elect, those that been given the Saving Grace, have repented and accepted Jesus in absolute and genuine manner to become changed men! Relative to this proposition is that once they been TRULY Born Again, they no longer act like the heathen and no longer want to sin. Therefore, we can use our KJV to judge righteously (Lev 19:15) who is and who isn't really Saved in the name of Jesus. The simple proposition relative to this scenario is that in true Biblical math, Grace->Salvation->Born Again transformation that manifests in judgeable behavior!

In that vein we judge the Cathlic, the Mormon, the Episcopalian (and his degenerate cousin, the Anglican), the lieberal Lutheran, the false Presbyterian, and anyone else that doesn't truly believe the Christian Bible, to be the fake, in the name only, "Christians". Dave Hunt is absolutely right that we are to witness to these pagans, and to do so using the Biblical logic of our KJV, as directed in Titus:2:7-8. Even if they don't end up being of the Elect and are not led to salvation, their public embarrassment will make others see what an inane bunch they are, and will bring those others to the side of the Lord!

Tony Demarcus, Ph.D., D.D., Disqus Grace and Truth 7 Comments [12/30/2017 3:54:15 PM]
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Quote# 135613

[From "Robert Boyd Patterson, R.I.P."]

On September 21st, Bob Patterson was reunited with his God, his wife of 68 years, and his beloved ancestors when he died peacefully in his sleep at age 95. The causes of State’s Rights, Rule of Law and Race Realism lost a great champion and leader with his passing.

In 1954, Bob “Tut” Patterson founded the Citizens’ Councils of America in response to the arbitrary and unconstitutional U.S. Supreme Court decision in Brown v. Board of Education. Bob Patterson recognized what a disaster this decision would be for public schools, particularly those in the South, even if the supposedly “learned” justices of the Supreme Court did not.

Bob Patterson was a born leader who was destined to do great things: His founding of the Citizens’ Council was merely one of many.


Bob Patterson is survived by a daughter, two sons and numerous grandchildren and great-grandchildren: All doubtless gave him great happiness and pleasure, since it was for them that he fought so many pitched battles.

Council of Conservative Citizens, Conservative Headlines 16 Comments [12/30/2017 3:54:12 PM]
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Submitted By: JeanP

Quote# 135609

My name is Lauren DeCarlo. I am 26 years old. I just wanted to thank for everything you have done. Thank you so much for helping me actually learn how read the Bible. I use to have religion, which did nothing for me, and I literally believed you had to be mostly a good person and have faith in order to get to heaven, and it lead me feeling empty and alone. Then when I came to your site, I realized I was utterly wrong. I found your site when I was in High School and oddly had/have a neck problem just like yourself and my experience with the pain in my neck truly humbled me along with your amazing site, showing how short life is and we all can get sick. Found a certain truth that just because I was young, it doesn't matter, when your time is up, it's up. It got me questioning life after death. I put in a Bible quote and your site came up. I believed the the first time I read your article on: How To Be Born Again and by the grace of God I believed and He lead me to your website. I use to be self-righteous and thought I was mostly good when I of course wasn't. Only Jesus is good, and only His righteousness can get you into Heaven by His precious innocent blood. Thank you for being Gods messenger and your honesty. I love your website, and love you very much for creating it; you are truly blessed. You are a truth teller in a world so false.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart! An email is not enough but I'm glad you made a way for believers to email you. Thank you times infinity.


Lauren, Jesus is Savior (archived) 72 Comments [12/30/2017 11:30:05 AM]
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Quote# 135608

I had to pray before going to church, for God to help me have a pure mind at church, because of the problem of IMMODESTY IN THE CHURCH! If there's one place in the world brother, where you ought not have to struggle with lust because of inappropriately dressed women, it ought to be at church. Instead, churches today have become fashion shows to show off what you've got. Carnal women choose to showcase their flesh.

In case you weren't aware ladies, the Bible teaches that men are at war with the lusts of the flesh. You might want to remember that when you showoff your buttocks and thighs. 1st Peter 2:11, “Dearly beloved, I beseech you as strangers and pilgrims, abstain from fleshly lusts, which war against the soul.” And this Scripture applies to women as well. I recently saw a laughable photo of Country singer Marty Stuart, an elderly man wearing painted-on black leather tights!!! Kenny Chesney is another pervert, who likes to attract homosexuals and whores at concerts with his skin-tight bluejeans. It is wickedness!!! Perhaps you say, “I don't like the way you're preaching!” We'll, neither does God like the way you're living! GET RIGHT WITH GOD!!!

David J. Stewart, Jesus is Precious 15 Comments [12/30/2017 11:29:43 AM]
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Quote# 135607

Exactly. A kick in the nads is what they [trans teens] need.

ouchmurdermittenss, Reddit 10 Comments [12/30/2017 11:28:30 AM]
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Submitted By: Daspletosaurus

Quote# 135606

Transactivism is Shiria law preached by men in dresses.

Anonymous, Reddit 11 Comments [12/30/2017 11:28:15 AM]
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Submitted By: Daspletosaurus

Quote# 135603

Helping Boys Become Men, and Girls Become Women

Is My Child Becoming Homosexual?

Before puberty, children aren’t normally heterosexual or homosexual. They’re definitely gender conscious. But young children are not sexual beings yet — unless something sexual in nature has interrupted their developmental phases.

Still, it’s not uncommon for children to experience gender confusion during the elementary school years. Dr. Joseph Nicolosi reports, “In one study of 60 effeminate boys ages 4 to 11, 98 percent of them engaged in cross-dressing, and 83 percent said they wished they had been born a girl.”

Evidences of gender confusion or doubt in boys ages 5 to 11 may include:

1. A strong feeling that they are “different” from other boys.

2. A tendency to cry easily, be less athletic, and dislike the roughhousing that other boys enjoy.

3. A persistent preference to play female roles in make-believe play.

4. A strong preference to spend time in the company of girls and participate in their games and other pastimes.

5. A susceptibility to be bullied by other boys, who may tease them unmercifully and call them “queer,” “fag” and “gay.”

6. A tendency to walk, talk, dress and even “think” effeminately.

7. A repeatedly stated desire to be — or insistence that he is — a girl.

If your child is experiencing several signs of gender confusion, professional help is available. It’s best to seek that help before your child reaches puberty.

“By the time the adolescent hormones kick in during early adolescence, a full-blown gender identity crisis threatens to overwhelm the teenager,” warns psychologist Dr. James Dobson. To compound the problem, many of these teens experience “great waves of guilt accompanied by secret fears of divine retribution.”

If your child has already reached puberty, change is difficult, but it’s not too late.

James Dobson, Focus on the Family 15 Comments [12/30/2017 8:34:11 AM]
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Submitted By: The Reptilian Jew

Quote# 135602

Recently, a mother told us that after cracking down on her children with consistent use of the rod, one child thanked God for making his mama sweeter. The increased spankings had reduced disobedience, causing the child to be more in harmony with his mother. He interpreted this to be a sweeter mother, for three spankings a day are much less stressful than fifty scowls of disapproval. So we see that it is God’s love for us that motivates his acts of chastisement.

Michael Pearl, No Greater Joy Ministries 19 Comments [12/30/2017 8:33:55 AM]
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Submitted By: The Reptilian Jew

Quote# 135601

Proper application of the rod is essential to communicating the Christian world-view.
During the developing years, from birth through six or seven, the rod is an indispensable aid in providing the child with a controlled learning experience that will prepare him to make proper decisions when he is older.
The rod mirrors the laws of nature.
Nature is controlled by fixed laws. If a child violates them he may break bones, get burned, drown, poison his body, or suffer harm in a thousand ways. The laws of nature must be discovered and respected. In the natural world all actions have consequences. Nature never forgives. If parents allow a child to break the laws of nature, but somehow protect him from suffering any consequences, they would be communicating a false sense of reality.
You can tell a child not to touch medicines and poisons, not to play with fire or gasoline, not to get in the road, not to play under parked automobiles, not to climb the stairs, the ladder, or the 100-foot electrical tower. Then when he disobeys and doesn’t immediately suffer ill effects, he stops trusting your word. When he eventually meets with disaster, you can then stand and cry and tell the authorities how he was strong-willed and would not obey you. You can stand over his broken body and wish you had watched him more closely. Or, before tragedy falls on the unknowing child, you can enforce your words with painful consequences that mirror the real world. Your consequences can be immediate and consistent, thus conditioning him to respect commands. You can teach the two-year-old that “no” means no, and it means no every time. You can guarantee that the child learns about cause and effect, about the certain danger of doing your own thing without regard to the consequences.
The real world is a place of potential pain. The stakes are too high to allow a child to hopefully stumble upon reality before suffering serious damage. How old will he have to be, or how much will he have to suffer before he learns? Or will he ever learn? Will he grow up with a love of defying the odds and throwing it all to the wind? Will tragedy fall later in life because his parents caused him to believe that he could get away with anything? When a child is not old enough to understand the danger of playing in the street, he is able to understand that leaving the yard today will cause him to meet with the same painful switching he received yesterday when he crawled out of the yard. The rod is a little pain of inoculation against a more painful and deadly disease of getting hit by a car. The properly applied rod will teach your child to safely navigate through the dangers of his environment.

Michael Pearl, No Greater Joy Ministries 14 Comments [12/30/2017 8:31:15 AM]
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Submitted By: The Reptilian Jew

Quote# 135600

For authority to be respected it must have the power to impose consequences without limitation. Where the authority can be pushed to a point of helplessness, the lawbreaker will not fear and will set himself to do as he pleases. The Bible describes it this way: “Because sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, therefore the heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil (Ecclesiastes 8:11).” The authorities of our country are respected according to the degree they have the power and the will to investigate and apply force to the lawbreakers.
When our children are old enough to have developed sufficient independence, they will join society, playing the game of life by the rules they learned when they were young and vulnerable. Christians seek to train their children to choose the good of others and the glory of God above their own pleasure. Such dedication and commitment is rare outside the community of Bible believers. Just as God gave the state the power and the duty to wield the sword, he gave parents the authority to apply the rod. To the young child, it is ultimate power. It is the child’s assurance that he can never win against authority.

Michael Pearl, No Greater Joy Ministries 9 Comments [12/30/2017 8:31:05 AM]
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Submitted By: The Reptilian Jew

Quote# 135596

Lady Checkmate's headline: "The Oregon Court of Appeals decided that Aaron and Melissa Klein are not entitled to the Constitution’s promise of religious liberty and free speech"

(Two links follow, Fox News and Todd Starnes:)

Lady Checkmate:
PAY ATTENTION:The courts are attempting to strip away rights promised to ALL Americans. Everyone should be up-in-arms over this. It is not OK. Even if you are not "religious", note any disagreement, regardless of your beliefs will be outlawed if this is allowed to continue. Resist the devil and he will flee. TAKE IT TO SCOTUS AND KEEP IT BEFORE GOD IN PRAYER.
If this continues, expect:

Great business move guys! I'm sure if a cake business owner refused service to blacks, people would be flocking from around the world to applaud their moral ground for standing up for their beliefs!
On the other hand, does anyone not get that this is a state law, NOT a federal one? Now republicans are for big government overreach? Man... the GOP can't seem to figure out what they actually stand for..

Lady Checkmate:
AGAIN: Being black is not a choice nor a sin (ask Rachel Dolezal). The constitution doesn't protect choices. PLEASE WAKE UP! I keep telling you to wake up and you keep ignoring it, but still claiming to be "WokeAF".

Being gay is not a choice and it is not a sin. It is you who needs to wake up.

Lady Checkmate:
WokeAF, you're extremely confused. For your edification: DON'T EQUATE SIN WITH THE COLOR OF MY SKIN
FYI: I NEVER chose to be AA, but I've chosen who to make love with.
Per the Holy Bible, God's Word: (irrelevant scripture deleted)
The good news is God is faithful and just to forgive us when we ask. There is still hope for the lost.
I stand by my comments and I pray you seek Jesus Christ. We disagree, move on sir.
Enjoy your day.

Lady Checkmate, Disqus - News Network 14 Comments [12/29/2017 5:43:00 PM]
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Submitted By: Jocasta

Quote# 135595

Community Guidelines:

1. No promo or invitations to other channels/blogs/websites, etc.
2. No jerkish behavior: trolling, down voting, harassment, instigation, disrespect, inflamation or provocation. Comment on topic and not on CMs (community members).
3. Immediate bans are in play for sock puppets, down voting (especially mass down voting), editing to troll(agitate, harass, be dishonest, etc.), anyone disrupting the thread and/or material deemed offensive or inappropriate. Regularly posting and then deleting comments is considered trolling and subject to an immediate ban.Zero tolerance for racism and/or pornography.
4. Approved links and videos only. All comments with links and videos should include an introduction/context.
5. Compliance with Disqus ToS, Basic Rules and Mod requests.
6. No cross-channel-attacks. Cross-channel attacks earn a community-wide ban. Concerns with News Network will be addressed by Community Council moderators on a Community Council Channel only. See links below.
7. OPs/new discussions should contain a substantive narrative, news story link and a picture. See examples below.
8. No reposting threads/discussions/OPs from other channels.
9. No targeted attacks against Christians/Christianity (Christianphobia), no racism, no blasphemy, no profanity, etc.
10. In general, threads will close after three days (unless a request is issued to keep the thread open longer). Threads may close early.

*Rules are subject to change without notice. Please note bans may transfer if deemed appropriate.

Lady Checkmate, Disqus - News Network 16 Comments [12/29/2017 5:42:54 PM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

Quote# 135592

Democracy is not the objective but the means and the framework for a peaceful society and we must fill it with content. Instead of the weakness of liberal democracy and the crudeness of illiberal democracy which is nothing but the former’s heedless denial, we need a universal, Christian and European democracy that preserves and enforces our common values.

Manifesto on the guidelines for a future Jobbik-led government, Jobbik 11 Comments [12/29/2017 5:37:31 PM]
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Submitted By: hydrolythe

Quote# 135594

{Translation from Croatian by Vman; translator's notes will be given in blue brackets like this}

The Matija Gubec school in Zagreb's Knežija quarter has a peculiar catechist {= teacher of Religious Education}. While Krešimir Bagaric ought to be teaching his pupils Catholic catechesis, love and forgiveness, he instead tells them which Croatian politicians ought to be killed, whose heads should be impaled on a spike, and he also praises a war criminal, the Serb general Ratko Mladic.

Pupils encourage the catechist in his hatred

Index has obtained a recording of Bagaric's ranting at a lecture for an eighth grade class. One of the pupils recorded it. This is not the first time Bagaric has acted this way, so the child summoned the courage to tape the catechist and deliver the recording to Index. Some children's voices were changed and surnames hidden in the recording in order to protect their identities - even the voices of those who are star pupils and encourage their teacher's hatred.

{audio of Bagaric's rant (in Croatian)}

Impaling people on a spike, all the way to Rijeka and Zagreb

For starters, teacher Bagaric explained to the pupils how he thinks Operation Storm should have looked like.

“We're fools, we should have allowed two corridors {for the Serb refugees and army that were fleeing}. One to Zagreb, the other to Rijeka {major cities in Croatia, they hadn't been occupied by Serb forces}. So after their [citizens'] heads were impaled on spikes, then we come in. That's what should have happened to the fine gentlemen in Zagreb who think that Croatia ends in Karlovac {a city not very far from Zagreb that was on the frontlines during the war}. Idiots and cretins. Short-sighted,” Bagaric put forth as his tactical plan. But that wasn't enough for him. The recording was made in the immediate aftermath of the verdict against Slobodan Praljak, so Bagaric dedicated most of his presentation to the situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, throwing in praise for the [war] crimes [Bosnian Serb army general and Chief of Staff] Ratko Mladic committed against the Bosniaks.

The General was right

“It turns out that the General was right. He protected his own people. The General was right when it comes to Serb interests. While we have suckers. With all due respect to suckers. Even a teacher can be crazy sometimes,” Bagaric added a bit of self-criticism along with the praise.

Following his praise for the man who ordered the killing of thousands of Muslims [in Srebrenica], who kept [Bosnian capital city] Sarajevo under siege for years, who prior to that had no qualms about killing [Croatian] people in Dalmatia, Bagaric then expounded to the students on who in Croatia ought to be killed.

Hanging, suicide with three bullets to the back, being thrown into a septic tank

“Two former presidents and one former minister of foreign affairs ought to be hanged for this, right away. On the double. The man {Stipe Mesic, former President of Croatia} opened the presidential safe and gave away the transcripts. Damn your family to the seventh generation, you traitor. Filthy, smelly traitor. May you never have peace,” the catechist cursed during religious ed class. But a curse and the invocation of hanging weren't enough for him. Bagaric gave other suggestions as well.

“You have the minister of foreign affairs, Vesna Pusic, who speaks openly around the world. You don't have that anywhere but here. Try to imagine a French minister doing a single thing against the Republic. You'll just disappear. Take your pick - heart attack, brain stroke, suicide with three bullets to the back, however it goes. Only we give our prostitutes and traitors important positions.

Only we are such a pathetic nation, there is no nation more pathetic than the Croats,” claimed Bagaric, who has an interesting perspective on Christian love. Bagaric once more returned to the subject of Mesic and Vesna Pusic, stating that they require “a bullet to the head on the double. Throw them into the nearest septic tank. The traitor.”

Croats are 4.2 million cretins

In addition to the aforementioned insults, Bagaric graced the Croatian people with epithets such as “ungrateful rabble, morons, cretins, dunces, 4.2 million cretins”. We repeat, this was during religious education classes.

“We've got neoliberal democratic cretins who think gay is ok and that all of us ought to hold hands together under the rainbow flag,” teacher Bagaric said, adding a bit of homophobic message. At one moment he also commented on his colleagues, the teachers of the Matija Gubec Elementary School.

The colleagues celebrate the Day of the Republic

“You know, in the staff room, it's the Day of the Republic* for 50 percent of the employees,” he claimed, probably considering them to be Yugoslavs or at the very least nostalgic for the former state.

{* The Day of the Republic was a holiday during the socialist Yugoslavia. It was celebrated on the 29th of November. By accusing people of celebrating it, Bagaric wants to imply that they are closet Yugoslavs (read: traitors), closet communists (read: godless traitors) and/or hate everything Croat. All of which are unicorn concepts in modern day Croatia, that is, they are almost non-existent. Simply put, he's basically verbally bludgeoning everyone to the left of Donald Trump.}

We asked the school's principal, Ljiljana Klinger, for an explanation regarding the way Bagaric holds his classes. She answered a few of our questions very briefly.

The principal uses the Vatican Agreements as a cop-out

“In accordance with the Agreements between the Holy See and the Republic of Croatia, the appointment of catechists is within the juristiction of the Catechist Office, as is the responsibility for catechists' professional development and progress. That said, if these allegations are accurate and truthful, there is no doubt that serious professional and legal sanctions will be undertaken. For such drastic offenses we are also obliged to involve the other relevant institutions,” replied the principal of the school, which is - in addition to children from the Knežija quarter - also attended by the children of foreign diplomats and foreigners working in Zagreb. The school, part of whose teaching is done in the English language, has long been reputed to be one of the best schools in Zagreb, having earned the City of Zagreb Award.

Krešimir Bagaric, index.hr 9 Comments [12/29/2017 4:37:39 PM]
Fundie Index: 5
Submitted By: Vman

Quote# 135591

Amos Moses:
carving out a part of a persons being and saying God has no dominion over it ..... is idolatry ............... it is worship of SELF over God .... it is worship of the CREATURE and NOT the Creator .........

Throatwobbler Mangrove:
That's an incorrect definition of idolatry. Merriam-Webster says this:
1. the worship of a physical object as a god
2. immoderate attachment or devotion to something

Amos Moses:
so more TESTIMONY ..... that you have said is NOT VALID ..... ignored .............

Throatwobbler Mangrive:
No, it's a simple dictionary definition. If you want people to understand you, you must follow it.

Amos Moses:
sure ... but what it is NOT ..... is the BIBLICAL definition of IDOLATRY ..... which is ....

1:24 Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonour their own bodies between themselves:
1:25 Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen.

Throatwobbler Mangrove:
That passage does not mention idolatry. If the Bible defined idolatry that way, that's how it would appear in the dictionary, but it doesn't. The dictionary's definition is the correct one, you are in error.

Amos Moses:
see .... you do not know what you are reading ...... and while your "definition" is curious ...... it has nothing to do with this discussion ......... as this is a CHRISTIAN website for discussing things CHRISTIAN ... by CHRISTIANS ...... of which you aint ..... that is what applies here ..........

Amos Moses, Christian News Network 17 Comments [12/29/2017 4:30:48 PM]
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Submitted By: Jocasta

Quote# 135590

That's literally what all college campuses since the 1950's have been producing, functional illiterates that have drunk the globalist kool-aid and passed on their own ignorance as an ideal conduct, McCarthy was right by assuming there were communist infiltrators in America, but because he went on a witch hunt in Hollywood instead of College Campuses (something that the government indeed shut down before it could've gained traction) people now think of him as a neurotic asshole that can't handle opinions and ruined many careers.

The fact that people just won't believe that there's such a thing as a fabian scheme, a mason scheme, a communist scheme that spawned for over 200 years of history because of how long term it is just shows how deeply engraved the brainlet thought process was normalized, the fact that to this day there's not a single book, documentary or history lesson that documents the rise of Cultural Marxism throughout the entirety of the 20th century and the damage (Yes, damage) it caused, it's literally all up to intellectual outcasts and ''conspiracy theorists'', which is convenient, because if you believe that Truman purposely let the Soviets alone after WW2 even though the next logical step was to take on them, and went on to pick on Japan so the Soviets could keep on doing their communism thing you're basicaly a nutcase.

Anonymous, /v/ 8 Comments [12/29/2017 4:30:35 PM]
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I am 54-years-old. I began practicing Falun Dafa in January 1998. Within a few days of taking up the practice, my chronic liver disease and herniated lumbar disc condition were completely healed.

On the night of 15 May 2011, I was rushing home from work when the rear tire burst and threw my motorbike out of control. My body forcefully collided with a tree growing beside the road.

Though I managed to remain conscious soon after the collision, the impact left me partially blind and paralyzed. A passerby helped me to sit up and offered to contact my family. I managed to get my phone from my pocket and pointed out my wife's number before losing consciousness. The passerby managed to contact my wife, who rushed to the accident site and took me to the county hospital for emergency treatment. I held firm to my belief that Master would save me. Although I was barely conscious, I whispered repeatedly, “Master save me...” The attending doctors were puzzled and asked my family for clarification. Members of my family explained, “This man practices Falun Gong.” One doctor replied, “He will need all the luck he can get.”

My precipitously low blood pressure and weak respiration rate required an emergency operation. During the surgery, I felt my soul float out from my body before being ushered by two beings to the site of an ancient auditorium. A large table stood in the middle of the auditorium. Behind the table was a man dressed in the robes of ancient Chinese officials. Guards stood on either side, holding various Chinese weapons. The official standing behind the table asked me, “What good deeds have you performed in this lifetime and what virtues have you accumulated?” I solemnly replied, “I have no notable good or bad deeds, nor have I accumulated any virtue. I merely cultivated the Buddha Fa under Master Li Hongzhi."

On hearing my reply, the official instantly stood up and said, “Very good. Under such circumstances you are still able to recall and respect your Master. Continue to keep this in mind. Your life does not fall under my jurisdiction. Return to where you came from.” After that, he waved a hand at me and I felt an invisible force pushing me away. For an instant, I experienced a falling sensation before regaining consciousness when I felt the doctor patting my face and shouting my name.

Doctors found that the accident had ruptured my spleen, fractured my left ribcage in nine places, seriously bruised and lacerated many of my internal organs, and caused severe hemorrhage in my chest cavity which required removal of at least four liters of blood. Hospital surgeons spent six hours trying to save my life. Eventually, they were forced to inform my family that any hope for survival was just too small. Doctors then recommended I be moved to the larger provincial hospital for further emergency treatment, but also warned, “He could pass away while in the midst of transportation.”

The ambulance successfully transported me to the provincial hospital. However emergency doctors initially declined to admit me, as they deemed my condition hopeless. The hospital later reluctantly allowed my admission after a relative working at the hospital spoke up on my behalf. While doctors were trying to hook me up to a better ventilator, my heart suddenly stopped and my soul floated away from my body. I saw the attending doctor performing chest compressions on my body before coming to the sudden realization that I could not spend too much time away from my physical self, or else my death would become permanent. I knew I could not leave yet, as I had not fulfilled my vow to assist Master in rectifying the Fa and saving sentient beings. With this thought, I returned to my physical body and woke to the sensation of a person slapping my face while calling my name. I managed to move my hand slightly to signal my acknowledgement.

One of the attending doctors later told me, “Your pupils were unfocused, your breathing and heart rate had completely stopped. We were preparing to push your dead body out of the operating theater when you suddenly sprang to life. It was really amazing. You should treasure this unexpected gift!” I spent the next six days in a state of partial consciousness and only regained full consciousness on the afternoon of the sixth day. Throughout, my wife and fellow practitioners continued to send forth righteous thoughts.

I underwent a medical examination during my eighth day in the intensive care unit. In the midst of the exam, I suddenly felt an overwhelming sense of pain and severe breathlessness. My wife softly reminded me to maintain my righteous thoughts. I asked Master for help, silently reciting Lunyu and poems from Hong Yin. The examination was successfully completed and doctors further reported that the condition of my kidneys, heart, liver and lungs had greatly improved. I was transferred to an ordinary hospital ward after twelve days in the ICU. Every day, my wife would play recordings of Master's lectures. In between, I would memorize the Fa.

Initially, my recovery progressed swiftly. However, my show off mentality surfaced and I forced myself out of bed too early. As a result of overexertion, my surgical wound reopened and became infected. I came down with a high fever and forgot to hold myself to the standards of a Dafa practitioner. My pride and competitive attachments resurfaced and I fought with my wife over a minor matter. My life was in danger of being claimed by the old forces, but I refused to recognize my faults.

While I was in a state of semi-consciousness, merciful Master opened my sealed memories. I saw many scenes, showing my predestined relationship with Master and the detrimental arrangements made for me by the old forces. I would wake up in tears after each scene, suffering from a severe sense of guilt. Despite having achieved the status of a Dafa practitioner, I had been unforgivably lax in my cultivation practice. My experience bolstered my determination to reinforce my righteous thoughts, search inwards and work on memorizing the Fa.

As soon as my fever was gone, I requested to be released from the hospital. My doctors, however, disagreed, as the drainage tube inserted into the pleura surrounding my lungs indicated that my body was still producing large amounts of discharge. On hearing their verdict, I intensified my efforts in sending forth righteous thoughts, clearing away the evil interference from the other dimensions. I then resumed my demands to be discharged from hospital. Doctors performed a scan that afternoon and discovered that the pleural fluid had disappeared. They removed the drainage tube and prepared to send me home.

When the throat specialist arrived to close up my tracheostomy incision, my relatives took the opportunity to ask if I would regain my voice. The specialist replied, “It is unlikely.” My wife suggested I try to read the Fa aloud during my study sessions. One afternoon on the third day, while reading Zhuan Falun, the phone rang. Automatically, I picked up the phone and greeted the caller. The caller was surprised, “You are able to speak?” I replied, “It’s all thanks to my Master.” My voice soon recovered and returned to normal.

At one point during my recovery, my stomach started swelling and I was unable to eat, drink or even excrete for five days. Pushed to the brink, I was unable to sustain my cultivation state and even entertained thoughts of suicide. My wife and a fellow practitioner tried to offer support by reading the Fa at my bedside, sending forth righteous thoughts and offering counsel. However I was so tortured by the pain that I was unable to look inwards. I rudely rejected their advice and tried to expel the fellow practitioner from my home. Luckily, the practitioner knew that I was under the control of the old forces and refused to give up. He sacrificed a number of days and nights in order to accompany me in studying the Fa and sending forth righteous thoughts.

With his determined encouragement, I managed to resume my cultivation state by searching inwards and correcting my failings. Though I managed to overcome this difficult tribulation, my physical condition worsened and my weight dropped to 80 pounds. Every movement and step became exhausting. Around this time, I experienced a dream where a voice said, “Give up and resume the life of an ordinary person. You cannot win this fight.” I immediately rebutted, “I follow the practice taught by Master Li. Master taught us to adhere to the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. Practitioners have no enemies and we will not get involved in a fight with anyone.”

I continued to search inwards, study the Fa with my wife and send forth righteous thoughts. My health began to improve, but some residual swelling remained in my chest and abdomen. One night, I dreamed I was having an argument with another person over self-interests. In the midst of our argument, a merciful voice resounded from above, “You still love to argue!” The words hit me deeply and I woke up crying tears of regret. This incident spurred my determination to unconditionally examine myself. I discovered many failings, including selfishness, pride, jealousy, combativeness, anger and hate.

My attachments spurred my efforts in studying the Fa and sending forth righteous thoughts to clear the evil factors and interference. My health began to improve and the pain lessened. One morning, while practicing the fifth set of exercises, I saw a yellow-green gourd float down from the sky. The gourd stopped close to my left arm and prepared to enter my body. Subconsciously, I realized that the gourd was a bad item and sent forth righteous thoughts. The gourd instantly split apart, releasing the dirty blood and pus contained within. From that day on, I was able to eat and drink normally. The swelling in my chest and abdomen receded and I made a full recovery. I was able to help with the autumn harvest in our family fields and held down a temporary job during the winter months. My strength has returned and I can easily lift over 300 pounds or take a brisk walk over a long distance with no effort.

From this tribulation, I learned to treat cultivation practice seriously and cherish my luck in becoming a Dafa cultivator. Words cannot describe the thanks I have for Master.

Unknown author, Minghui 1 Comments [12/29/2017 4:24:19 PM]
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Chemical-resistant bed bugs triple in number across the UK, approaching ‘epidemic levels’.[1] British are hoping that American scientists, who have recently developed a more effective solution to bud bugs, will solve their problem. Once again, the Brits turn to a country with a high percentage of creationists to solve their big problems.

First, a measles and scarlet fever outbreak[2][3], then a plague of harmful mutations among British atheists and now a bed bug plague!!!

Brits, have you read the book of Exodus and about the 10 plagues against Egypt? It's time to repent! Start with throwing Darwinism out of your schools.

Have the evolutionists been able to solve your bed bug plague or are they like the impotent magicians of Egypt?

Conservative, Conservapedia 18 Comments [12/29/2017 1:44:59 PM]
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The television has become Satan's most deadly weapon to destroy families in America. Furthermore, Netflix is of the Devil. Netflix costs less than $10 a month, which allows the viewer to watch unlimited movies. Yes, there are good things to watch on Netflix, but the majority of the movies are blasphemous against God, vile, disgusting, filled with filth and violence, offensive. Some of the films include homosexual rapes scenes, dehumanizing acts, full frontal nudity, graphic bed scenes, blood and gore, and all manner of evil. These are demonic influences in our homes.

David J. Stewart, Jesus is Savior 21 Comments [12/29/2017 1:44:55 PM]
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All Einstein ever did was improve math, Trump made billions.

RetroSpriteResources, DeviantArt 11 Comments [12/29/2017 1:44:05 PM]
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