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Today's Laugh 1-27-18

Mick Williams, Disqus - Faith & Religion 10 Comments [1/31/2018 5:54:37 PM]
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Unfortunately, I only infrequently see non-porn/misogynist searches leading to my blog. This is because internet traffic is comprised near-exclusively of Walking Penises (Doormats with Holes are busy providing all manner of free labor — in addition to working as many, or more hours outside the home as their lazy, good for nothing dickwad counterparts). Since dickwads are usually busy searching for the most vile forms of violence against women that they can find, non-misogynistic searches rarely show up.

Random searches for 2016:

“white men hate white women” (I hope this gentle searcher found what she was looking for, especially since I’m the only White woman telling it like it is about the “white” male & his relationship to jews & other nonwhite males).

when his iq is smaller then his penis” (no comment).

“black and white picture with prince and 2 women naked” (You meant to search for “Prince Rogers Nelson and 2 midget whores” — Da Little Prince was only 5 feet tall).

“did prince nelson wear contacts” (this is the kind of thing lemmings want to know — details about a non-talent midget who “sang” about luvving his own penis so much that he imagined women wanted to be raped by him. Oh, & yes the little faggo-nig did wear colored contacts — so he could look “mulatto” instead of straight-ahead Afreekin — like his jew masters directed him).

“will niggers ever stop complaining” (I hope that this gentle searcher found a lot of information about the Negro problem on my blog. In case s/he didn’t: No, they will never stop complaining. Nor will they stop raping, murdering, thieving, & otherwise adding zero benefit to society. They only become fatter, uglier, more demanding, & dumber — hard to believe, but even with Whitey’s donation to the Negro gene pool — making nearly all Amurrikan “blacks” actually mulatto — they are the only mud race incapable of learning, or of feeling normal human emotions).

Re Neverending White Male Privilege
Thank you Marina for sticking up for us even tho white males have done nothing to help white women ever. When white males report black violence toward white females they always do it in the context of making their anti black points, not in the context of giving a crap about white females. Sometimes they even blatantly state that she deserved it because she was a “mudshark” even when there is no evidence of this.
I used to think that white women were disloyal to white men, mostly because of the very loud and very prevalent voices of women haters on the internet. They always claim that white women are disloyal but I’ve yet to see one white man on the internet who shows anything but disloyalty toward white women. Disloyalty, in fact, would be their kindest lack of positive emotion. Most have thinly veiled rage against white women and don’t even care that low intelligent black animals take this as an OK to do even more violence to white women.
I can see that the white male believes that he just deserves loyalty, respect, etc because he just does because he’s a white male. He still thinks he is king and I even think many dig seeing everyone else join in the hate toward white women. I even see that so called white nationalists say they mate with nonwhite females because they are white males and deserve to do whatever they want while women should be “put in cages.” For what it’s worth I hate the woman hating white nationalists more than even the black rapist apes. You really do have to wonder if these young white males have IQ’s in the same range as black ones. Or even lower.

(Orwell's Daughter)
alabaster: Thanks for your thoughtful comments.

This is what a world gone mad looks/feels like. It is a balkanized zoo where the most civilized (committing the least violent crime) are the only ones who are forced, against our will (aka “civil rights”) to have to live among those who hunt us down. White people don’t have any rights.

What’s better is that most White people believe we “deserve” this. The libtards measure “hate” by the “feelings” brought on by 50 years of constant jew media anti-White pounding. White libtards cannot fathom that “hate” can actually be measured — by the outrageously out of proportion NEGRO ON WHITE CRIME.

Hope you don’t mind me dropping a hot steaming pile of link on this here page:


“will niggers ever stop complaining” the answer is a definitive no, even in a huge liberal city with a BLACK POLICE CHIEF, during the Pride Parade after a “tragedy” in Amurrika, after they’ve cowed the organizers of said parade into obeying their list of bugfuck insane demands, made them the leaders of the parade, and halted the glorified street fair for over 30 minutes. If these fuckugly subhumans were in the US, they’d be shot execution-style for pulling this, and not necessarily by police, either. Fuck each and every one of them with a rusted chainsaw. I actually feel really sorry for the white gays who had to deal with this, ’cause at least some of them are funny and interesting.

Marina Orwell & commenters, Orwell's Daughter 11 Comments [1/31/2018 5:54:10 PM]
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Padmaavat row: Hindu groups rally ahead of India's Bollywood epic release

Supporters of fringe Hindu groups have rampaged through several Indian cities against the release of the controversial film about a legendary Hindu queen. India's Supreme Court has refused to allow bans on the movie.

Hundreds of supporters of fringe right-wing Hindu groups, like the Rajput Karni Sena, ran amok across several Indian states on Wednesday in a bid to stall the release of Bollywood film 'Padmaavat,' slated for Thursday.

Demonstrators, yet to watch the movie, accuse its director, Sanjay Leela Bhansali, of distorting history by depicting a romance between queen Padmaavati and 14th century Muslim ruler Alauddin Khilji.

The filmmakers deny the accusation and have offered to hold a special screening of the movie for the leaders of at least one of the right-wing groups.

In Gurgaon, just outside the Indian capital New Delhi, protesters attacked a school bus. They threw stones at the bus as petrified students crouched on the floor of the bus in fear, Indian broadcaster NDTV reported. No one was injured in the attack.

Padmaavat row: Hindu groups rally ahead of India's Bollywood epic release

Supporters of fringe Hindu groups have rampaged through several Indian cities against the release of the controversial film about a legendary Hindu queen. India's Supreme Court has refused to allow bans on the movie.
Indian protesters shout slogans against Padmaavati director

Hundreds of supporters of fringe right-wing Hindu groups, like the Rajput Karni Sena, ran amok across several Indian states on Wednesday in a bid to stall the release of Bollywood film 'Padmaavat,' slated for Thursday.

Demonstrators, yet to watch the movie, accuse its director, Sanjay Leela Bhansali, of distorting history by depicting a romance between queen Padmaavati and 14th century Muslim ruler Alauddin Khilji.

Read more: Why are actors so successful in South Indian politics?

The filmmakers deny the accusation and have offered to hold a special screening of the movie for the leaders of at least one of the right-wing groups.

In Gurgaon, just outside the Indian capital New Delhi, protesters attacked a school bus. They threw stones at the bus as petrified students crouched on the floor of the bus in fear, Indian broadcaster NDTV reported. No one was injured in the attack.

'We will not tolerate any violence'

In a separate incident in the city, a bus was torched by a mob, blocking a major highway.

The protesters carried sticks and caused minor injuries to 14 people, said B.S. Sandhu, a senior police official, adding that police had detained 15 protesters.

"We will not tolerate any violence in the name of protests against a movie," Sandhu added. "Sporadic rioting did take place but no one will be allowed to protest now."

Similar riots unfolded in other cities, with baton-wielding police charging protesters in Etawah in the north Indian state of Uttar Pradesh state as they marched through the streets. Demonstrators also blocked a passenger train in the city of Mathura in the state.

Security stepped up

In Mumbai, home to some of the country's biggest film production houses, police have boosted security at all theaters screening the film, and detained more than 100 members of protest groups as a precaution, a senior police official said.

In the western state of Gujarat, police arrested 20 rioters following widespread vandalism and arson on Tuesday night. Extra forces have been deployed near malls and cinema halls in the industrial city of Ahmedabad following the incident, which saw 50 motorbikes torched and cars and malls vandalized.

With the protests expected to continue, Inox multiplexes, India's second largest theater chain, has decided not to play the movie at its theaters in Gujarat and Rajasthan, the two states hit by the worst protests.

"Our primary concern is the security of our employees and audiences. I think this is a decision that almost every theater owner in these two states has taken," said Deepak Asher of Inox.

Self immolation

A group of about 150 women belonging to the Rajput community have threatened to burn themselves alive if the film was released.

"The government should either ban the film, or give us the permission to kill ourselves," one of the women told Indian broadcaster Times Now.

The film was cleared for release earlier this month by the country's censor board with five changes, including tweaking the title to 'Padmaavat,' from 'Padmavati.' Despite the clearance, some Indian states banned the screening of the movie, citing law and order concerns. The ban was overturned by the country's top court last week.

Several hardliners, including a member of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), have offered bounties of up to 50 million rupees (€635,000, $769,000) to anyone who "beheaded" lead actress Deepika Padukone or the film's director Bhansali.

Indian Hindu fundies, Deutsche Welle 4 Comments [1/31/2018 5:52:29 PM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

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I use God's word. You use logic. Two different things.

Velma Brooks, Facebook 24 Comments [1/30/2018 4:29:23 PM]
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Submitted By: Christopher

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If a bunch of gays moved to a state, for the example, California and lobbied to outlaw straight marriage and won would you support that state's decision?

I mean it is the states right correct? Just as it is their right to outlaw gay marriage.

No, because the normal status quo is man plus woman. It has nothing to do with state vs federal (for me anyway.) I simply see no reason for society to go out of its way to support every single oddity people can come up with. Especially since, if we deviate from the obvious norm once, then why not do it again? Why not legalize incest, provided both parties consent? Why not lower the age of consent to post-puberty, since they do it anyway? Etc. None of those things are "natural restraints" and all of them involve "natural attraction." If we revoke our purely man-made laws for one deviation, then all the others start asking for it, and the reasons for denying them become flemsy. Better to just not cross the line in the first place and have a set standard in my opinion. And that principle can apply to basically everything, not just this. It has nothing to do with "hating" gays, or wanting to deny rights, but rather having more concrete, set standards of life. Of course, as we become a more liberal society, my "archaic" standards will continue to get phased out in the name of goofy political correctness and an "everybody wins!" mentality.

But, as someone said earlier, it gets ridiculous having laws completely change from one state to the next. So as much as I would rather keep my conservative state conservative, I understand why the federal government steps in sometimes.

Itisamuh, mmo-champion 15 Comments [1/30/2018 4:27:58 PM]
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Good music but wow those lyrics are fucking pathetic. These guys sing about Satan and all sorts of dark shit but they draw the line at "muh racism" and "muh intolerance". How fucking gay.

Xios505, YouTube 12 Comments [1/30/2018 4:26:46 PM]
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All Sensual Dancing is Dirty!

It is good for a man not to touch a woman.” —1st Corinthians 7:1

One of the most disgusting and sinful movies ever produced is “Dirty Dancing.” Dirty Dancing (1987) starred Patrick Swayze, Jennifer Grey, and Jerry Orbach. The great evangelist, Billy Sunday, preached uncompromisingly against dancing—would to God that more preachers had the guts to do so today. The Apostle Paul cautions us in 1st Corinthians 7:1 concerning touching the opposite sex (i.e., a person to whom we are not married).

Adultery always begins with a mere “touch” of the opposite sex. Kindly, married ladies, don't ever let a man to whom you are not married touch you, without you rebuking him. You tell him, “Please don't touch me!” or “I don't like that!” Let him laugh or think what he wants, I am a man and I am telling you... men will test you!!! If he touches you once, and you allow it, he will likely touch you twice, and it will continue. If you are okay with that, get right with God!!!

All things truly wicked start from an innocence.” —Ernest Hemingway

No man should ever touch a woman to whom he is not married. This Scripture also applies to women. If it's NOT good for a man to touch a woman to whom he is not married, then it is certainly not good for a woman to allow a man to touch her either (unless it's her husband). Ladies, if you touch a man, and he is lonely, he may fall in love with you. So be careful.

David J. Stewart, Jesus is Saviour 33 Comments [1/30/2018 4:26:13 PM]
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Submitted By: Chris

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Far-Right “Legal Consultant”

The office of the “Deutsches Rechtsbüro”1, founded in Aprill 1992, could originally be contacted through a post-office box in Hamburg. Its leader at the time was a Hamburg lawyer. In the mid-Eighties, she was considered the main activist of the Bund Heimattreuer Jugend2 and worked for many years in the law firm of the still active right-wing extremist Jürgen Rieger..

The DRB sends its members court decisions from its own archive and brokers lawyers for checking the legality of printed material and other legal advice. Furthermorem it conducts legal training seminars. According to its own self-conception, the DRB is “a coalition of legal experts and people interested in legal matters who would like to pass on their knowledge” and “a self-help group for the preservation of rights, particularly fundamental rights”.

”True-hearted3 Max”

The early days of the DRB saw the creation of the first “Max Trueheart” brochures, which remain the core of the DRB's public work to this day. The premise is always the same: The fictional Max comes into conflict with the law, and his example is used to demonstrate the steps that need to be taken to avoid culpability for far-right activities. From the long list of topics: “Max and the Foreigners” on the topic of incitement of hatred (§ 130 Criminal Code), “Max and the State of Injustice” on the topic of defamation of the state and its symbols (§§ 90, 90a CC), “Max and the Planes” on the topic of unconstitutional propaganda material and symbols (§§ 86, 86a CC), as well as “Max and the Music” on the topic on media harmful to young persons (§27 Youth Protection Code).

Networking, not legal advice

Currently, the DRB is situated in Birkenwerder near Oranienburg. On the office's web site, Richard Miosga is named as contact person. Miosga is not a legal expert. Rather, what qualifies him for his elevated position in the DRB would be his manifold contacts collected over the course of hiBerlin House of Representatives. Afterwards, he was active in the Hoffman von Fallersleben Training Institute, in the far-right “Prussia Culture Society of Berlin” and in the party “the Nationals”, to name just a few stations in his activism. Together with the leader of the now-disbanded Märkischer Heimatschutz (MHS)4, Gordon Reinholz, he spoke on conferences, and he campaigned as a candidate for the NPD for Berlin-Tempelhof in the 2015 Bundestag election.

Through his biography, Miosga is an example for the true intentions of the Rechtsbüro: Only for the sake of appearance do they put their focus on the “preservation of fundamental rights”. In truth, however, the DRB is more concerned with networking right-wing extremists of all factions, from party members to the neo-Nazi “Independent forces”.

1 “German Legal Office”
2 “Union of Youths Loyal to the Homeland”, a neonazi youth organisation, successor of the Wiking Youth, banned in 2009
3 literally “loyal-hearted. It's actually an archaic term for naïve.
4 “Homeland Protection of the March ”, a Brandenburg (originally a margraviate) network of Kameradschaften (loosely organised neonazi cells)

@Original German:
Rechtsextremistische „Rechtsberatung"

Das Büro des im April 1992 gegründeten „Deutschen Rechtsbüros" (DRB) war anfangs über ein Postfach in Hamburg zu erreichen. Leiterin war damals eine Hamburger Rechtsanwältin. Sie galt Mitte der achtziger Jahre als Hauptaktivistin des Bundes Heimattreuer Jugend und arbeitete mehrere Jahre in der Rechtsanwaltskanzlei des heute noch aktiven Rechtsextremisten Jürgen Rieger.

Das DRB sendet seinen Mitgliedern Urteile aus einem eigenem Urteilsarchiv zu und vermittelt Rechtsanwälte für die Überprüfung der Strafbarkeit von Druckwerken und sonstige Rechtsauskünfte. Weiterhin führt es juristische Schulungen durch. Nach eigenem Selbstverständnis ist das DRB „ein Zusammenschluss von Juristen und juristisch interessierten Personen, die ihr Wissen gern weitergeben möchten", und „eine Selbsthilfegruppe zur Wahrung der Rechte, insbesondere der Grundrechte".

„Treuherziges Mäxchen"

In der Anfangszeit des DRB entstanden die ersten Broschüren unter dem Titel „Mäxchen Treuherz", die bis heute den Kern der Öffentlichkeitsarbeit des DRB darstellen. Das Konzept ist immer das Gleiche: Die Phantasiefigur Mäxchen gerät mit dem Gesetz in Konflikt und an seinem Beispiel wird exemplarisch vorexerziert, welche juristischen Schritte zu gehen seien, um eine Strafbarkeit rechtsextremistischer Handlungen auszuschließen. Aus der langen Themenliste: „Mäxchen und die Ausländer" zum Stichwort Volksverhetzung (§ 130 StGB), „Mäxchen und der Unrechtsstaat" zum Stichwort Verunglimpfung des Staates und seiner Symbole (§§ 90, 90a StGB), „Mäxchen und die Flugzeuge" zum Stichwort Verfassungswidrige Propagandamittel und Kennzeichen (§§ 86, 86 a StGB), sowie „Mäxchen und die Musik" zum Stichwort Jugendgefährdende Medien (§ 27 JuSchG).

Netzwerk statt Rechtsbeistand

Seinen Sitz hat das DRB mittlerweile in Birkenwerder bei Oranienburg. Auf der Webseite des Büros wird Richard Miosga als Ansprechpartner benannt. Miosaga ist kein Jurist. Was ihn für seine hervorgehobene Rolle beim DRB qualifiziert, sind wohl eher seine mannigfaltigen Kontakte, die er im Laufe seiner rechtsextremistischen „Karriere" gesammelt hat. So war Miosga von 1989 bis 1990 stellvertretender Fraktionsvorsitzender der Republikaner (REP) im Berliner Abgeordnetenhaus. Anschließend wirkte er im Hoffman-von-Fallersleben-Bildungswerk, in der ebenfalls rechtsextremistischen „Berliner Kulturgemeinschaft Preußen" und in der Partei „Die Nationalen", um nur einige Stationen seines Engagements zu benennen. Er trat zusammen mit dem Anführer des mittlerweile aufgelösten Märkischen Heimatschutzes (MHS), Gordon Reinholz, auf Tagungen auf und kandidierte bei der Bundestagswahl 2005 in Berlin-Tempelhof für die NPD.

Miosga ist mit dieser Biographie ein Beispiel dafür, wie die wahren Interessen des Rechtsbüros aussehen: Nur zum Schein stellt es die „Wahrung der Grundrechte" in den Vordergrund. Es geht aber dem DRB vielmehr um die Vernetzung von Rechtsextremisten aller Lager, vom parteilich Gebundenen bis zu den neonazistischen „Freien Kräften".

Deutsches Rechtsbüro, Verfassungsschutz Brandenburg 6 Comments [1/30/2018 1:36:14 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

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Traditionalism is the Future, Not the Past

In response to the accusation that traditionalist monarchists want things to “stay the same or go backwards,” I must repeatedly reference the following Evola paragraph:

Traditionalist particularism is the future. Cosmopolitan democracy is the past. Most of the world’s human beings haven’t even embraced cosmopolitan democracy, only a slice of the urban elites have, and everyone else is just dragged along. Cosmopolitan democracy is nothing more than an experiment which is currently in the process of failing, a speedbump on the road of history in which hierarchical identitarianism is the norm, and always will be. In retrospect, cosmopolitan democracy will be viewed as little more than a curiosity. The far future is most definitely hierarchical–given the possibilities of human enhancement, it’s difficult to see how it could be anything else. “Progressive Transhumanist” is a contradiction in terms. Since hierarchy is completely inevitable, let us aim for benevolent hierarchy, rather than deceiving ourselves that futuristic democracy is even an option.

Cosmopolitan democracy is the past. Around the world, and in the heart of Europe, people are already rebelling against it. Give up the past, get with the times! The future is in a further articulation and perfection of Tradition, not in the continuation of dead forms such as Democracy. Advocates of Democracy are just romanticizing the past, the revolutions of 1789 and 1848. All the vibrant thinkers of Democracy are dead and the current upholders of the “immortal ideals” are only running on intellectual fumes. Their ideas are not adaptive to the challenges of the 21st century. The future is with Tradition.

Michael Anissimov, More Right (via archive.today) 18 Comments [1/30/2018 1:36:12 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

Quote# 136329

The judge’s theatricals were supported by a weeping, ululating Greek Chorus of women that Nassar had molested. They’d spent four days sobbing their way through victim impact statements in the courtroom.

Once again for emphasis: Larry Nassar is a disgusting pervert, if we’re still allowed to say “pervert,” and I’d have sent him down for five to ten with a clear conscience. I just don’t agree that what he did was as sensationally horrible as the court, and my New York Post, were making it out to be.

I know I’m a geezer and out of touch, but in my generation, unless you were spectacularly ugly, you didn’t make it through childhood and adolescence without an occasional pervert coming on at you. It’s not an uncommon thing in the world, and I’m dubious about the claims of permanent mental distress.

That Greek chorus in the courtroom keening about their victimhood looked pretty healthy, when they removed their hankies from their eyes long enough for you to get a look at them.

But of course we are in a feminist moment, and keening about victimhood is what every red-blooded American girl is encouraged to do nowadays. I note that not only the judge but also the prosecuting attorneys were females; so was the judge in last month’s federal case.

Judge Aquilina of course did not bar males from the courtroom entirely, but you got the impression that she would have done so if she thought she could get away with it.

The judgette wrapped up her gloat-a-thon by jeering at Larry Nassar that, quote, “I’ve just signed your death warrant.” By that point I was mentally composing a petition to repeal the Nineteenth Amendment.

John Derbyshire, VDARE 18 Comments [1/29/2018 2:10:39 AM]
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Quote# 136328

Asians in America, and most particularly Chinese in America, are in danger of getting themselves a reputation as the whining minority. From a tiny number of instances of "discrimination," many of them of very questionable significance, "Asian-American" activists are building a case for special treatment like that accorded to blacks, homosexuals and so on. They are, they want us to believe, victimized. They are, they claim, "distressed" by words they find "demeaning."

The Wen Ho Lee case has been a godsend to these nuisances. The FBI went after Lee just because he was Chinese, they tell us. Well, of course they did! If vital national secrets go missing, and if it becomes known that the Chinese have got their hands on them, and if one of the people who had access to them is of Chinese origin, then of course he is a prime suspect! Who on earth should the FBI be scrutinizing in such a case? Hungarians? If the lab employee has, in addition, been downloading classified material to unauthorized tapes, which he has then lost, he really shouldn't be too astounded to find himself in leg irons.

Is it really such a secret that China's intelligence agencies target Americans of Chinese origin when trying to recruit spies? Where is the outcry against this "racial profiling" by Chinese intelligence agencies? Nobody from the Chinese government ever tried to recruit me as a spy. However, if I had a Chinese name and worked at Los Alamos for many years — during which years I made trips to mainland China — I should be astonished not to have been the subject of approaches. I happen to think, and have argued before in this space, that Lee is the victim of a bureaucratic cover-your-rear operation; but part of the blame for his misfortunes is his, and a much bigger part is the Chinese government's.

You can't sell any of this to the "Asian-American" activists. They have convinced themselves that they are "oppressed" — that they are at the receiving end of a plot to … to what, exactly? Turn them into chattel slaves? Deprive them of the vote? Force them to work as cooks for railroad-laying teams? I don't know what they think, and they probably couldn't tell you themselves. Probably they just want designated victim status, and the cash benefits that go with it. And they want to whine.

The campaign for designated-victim status plays into one of the great cultural weaknesses of the Chinese, in fact: they are, as a nation, awfully fond of self-pity. Much of Chinese literature is unreadable on this account, from the epic whining of 3rd-century-B.C. poet Qu Yuan (he had lost the favor of his monarch and been exiled) to Lin Daiyu snivelling herself to death in the 18th-century classic novel Red Chamber Dream. The mid-20th-century Chinese writer Bo Yang (author of The Ugly Chinaman and the Crisis of Chinese Culture) used to ask his students at Peking University to keep diaries of their social interactions with classmates. One of the most frequent patterns he found was that classmate A would write: "Classmate B was openly rude to me today. After I have been so nice to him! After all that I have done to help and encourage him! I am so wronged! It is so unfair!" … and that classmate B's diary would say exactly the same thing about classmate A.

You find the same thing with the endless whining of official Chinese sources about their mistreatment at the hands of foreign countries in the past. "You forced us to sign 'unequal treaties'!" they pout indignantly. Apparently the treaty forced on the government of Tibet (pop. 6 million) by the government of China (pop. 700 million) in 1950 does not count as "unequal." And for all the bellyaching about "foreign imperialism," no foreign power ever treated the Chinese as badly as they treated each other. If there is a prize awarded in hell for killing Chinese people, the easy winner for the 20th-century division must be Mao Tse-tung.

A foretaste of the coming great Wen Ho Lee whine-o-rama was provided by novelist Gish Jen, who is of Chinese ancestry, in an Op-Ed in the 9/15/00 New York Times. How to restore faith in the American dream? Ms. Jen whimpers. Well, I mix with Americans of Chinese origin every day — I am, in fact, married to one, and the father of two more — and they are living very well. None of them is poor; none of them is in jail; none of them is the victim of anything at all, so far as I can see. Like Ms. Jen's ancestors, they have attained not only the American dream, but the Chinese dream, the great dream of all Chinese people throughout history: to escape from Chinese government. None of them is "oppressed" in any degree at all. It is true that none of them works at a nuclear-weapons research lab; but the right to do such work is not guaranteed in the Constitution.

In fact, when we are faced by a power like China, which is violently anti-American in its propaganda to its own people, which has deployed a full triad of nuclear missiles, many of them aimed at us — whose government officials have, in fact, openly threatened us with nuclear attack — I think our own government is perfectly within its rights to deny employment in classified facilities to persons who have connections in China. This may cause some hurt feelings among U.S. citizens; but do hurt feelings really outweigh the rather obvious dangers of a contrary policy? Ms. Jen: "Since the Wen Ho Lee case began, the number of Asian and Asian-American scientists applying to work in our nation's weapons labs has declined dramatically." Well, good. I think our nation's security problems have therefore diminished in proportion — for which benefit, putting up with all that whining is a small price to pay.

John Derbyshire, John Derbyshire 6 Comments [1/29/2018 2:10:36 AM]
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Quote# 136327

RE: Dem Party has gone insane. Their new position is that it's immoral to restrict any kind of immigration, from any country, in any amount, for any reason. Even enforcing our existing laws, the ones they voted for & passed in Congress, is tantamount to a hate crime. #Tucker

Just like gun-control, abortions, abominable LGBT "rights" (including pedophilia), State-Funded(single payer) Healthcare, etc., etc., they will not be happy w/whatever "compromise" is reached and will continue to their dying day fighting and imposing more and more tyrannical measures on all of us who used to be "free" until they usher in what they truly want and that is a fact.

They are not "centrist" in any way shape or form as they pretend to be only to keep moving the "center line" further and further to the left and this really will be the end of all of us if they are not 100% shutdown. There is no room for civility or true "compromise" as the "progressives" themselves have made this crystal clear time and time again

REEEEE_Monster, r/The_Donald 20 Comments [1/29/2018 2:10:33 AM]
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Quote# 136326

RE: Being black in America is a "disability", black law professor argues

1963: "I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character"

2018: "Being black in America is a disability"

So, she's arguing for white supremacy?

white privilege = white supremacy

They've been at it this whole time.

Seriously. There are enough... um, rather dodgy individuals out there routinely citing average black IQ being in the sub-85 region that it seems, well, retarded to give them ammunition like claiming blackness is a disability.

Leftism is a mental illness. And Democrat plantation blacks are so quick to abdicate responsibility and agency that, fuck, sometimes the claim of "85" does not seem so outlandish.

Seeing this idiotic bullshit spewed by my own people is the reason I’m so disappointed in the black community. We have so much potential and when we unite together behind a good cause we have shown what we can achieve. But my own people have been indoctrinated into this bullshit.

MLK would be labeled an Uncle Tom had he existed in today’s times. It’s really disappointing, someday I hope that we can unite together and cause good for our children and our future kin. You have to pull yourself up by the bootstraps and fight for yourself. But instead most of them want to spew a political ideology that only uses them as props. Then send toxic racists like Louis Farrakhan and Al Sharpton who are only good for race baiting.

Then comes along this lady who sees only oppression. It infuriates me each and every day. But I can’t sweat it too much. I feel like Huey Freeman from the Boondocks. I’m just continually cynical and disgusted.

But, what she leaves out is, "The disability only manifests itself while surrounded by other blacks, blacks that do not want you to succeed."

It feels very similar to how the LGBT population treats conservative LGBT folks. Blacks have to fight harder to escape their own segment of the population than anything they have to face from the world community at large. Successful black person who is making a living doing something with intellectual purpose? Sold out to the white man. It leaves them in a ponderous catch-22 in that it requires them to succeed in a broad scale, middle-class way doing rap or sports while changing nothing else. It'll never happen.

This is an insult to the Blacks who are healthy, and ready to do honest work to earn a living. In fact, saying someone is disabled because of their race is no less a racist statement.

And this comes out from a law professor. Shame on her.

I grew up with a black family next door and their oldest son out of TWELVE kids ( family on welfare, Section 8, food stamps, full free medical care, the entire package ) wanted to better himself and decided to go to college ( free, because of economic status and other factors ) to study law enforcement.

He wanted to become a police officer, and eventually a detective.

His family threw him out of the house at 17, disowned him, and never allowed him to attend their church or family holidays again.

This was a close family. VERY religious. They flat out said the did this because he “betrayed the black community by joining the enemy side”

Blacks have to stop fucking blaming others and fix their god damned family units and warped thinking. Until they do not see the police as the “enemy” they will never full integrate into society and will always play the victim card.

various commenters, r/The_Donald 7 Comments [1/29/2018 2:10:30 AM]
Fundie Index: 3

Quote# 136325

You are one degenerate cuck. You envy Derbyshire? WOW!!! Are you trying to import an Asian woman into the USA? People of different political view and races can love each? You sound like a teenager. I don’t respect liberal men because logically they are idiots. Blacks/Asians are inferior races so why would a Caucasian pollute his offspring’s bloodline? I listed facts about his worthless spawn and you consider them a fine family? WOW!!! I did give Derbyshire a chance. Asian genes can be recessive over time. What he would have to do is go to an AmRen conference and announce that he knows the West is best, being white is best and then his wife and children would have to go on stage and say the same thing. They would give thanks for being a part of the West. But when Derbyshire gave me his Stalin/Harding comparison, he basically stated that the Chinese are superior to whites. I don’t know if he realizes that the Japanese are smarter than the Chinese. The Japanese are still inferior to Caucasians/Europeans though

Attilathehen, Unz 10 Comments [1/29/2018 2:10:26 AM]
Fundie Index: 5

Quote# 136324

I’ve yet to meet a woman who cared to discuss an issue of the day in transcendent, impartial, objective terms. As has been said, for a woman, Right and Wrong are determined by what’s good for her kids.

ThreeCranes, Unz 17 Comments [1/29/2018 2:10:20 AM]
Fundie Index: 3

Quote# 136323

@113 Rosamond Vincy: Kudos on a well conceived and written comment. What Nassar did was inexcusable, but the fame-struck and egotistical parents are equally despicable. While I detest our vile court system and judges’ hubris in general, Aquilina struck me as the epitome of histrionic. A la Ruth Buzzie Ginsberg claiming to have been sexually harassed – all jump aboard the “metoo” everlasting estrogen train.

Women need to shut the hell up and get out of most of public life where they are ill-suited, ill-trained, and ill-intentioned. With rare exceptions (and your comment indicates you are one), most women cannot separate the rational from the emotional.

3g4me, Unz 6 Comments [1/29/2018 2:10:05 AM]
Fundie Index: 7

Quote# 136322

Compare the j-media treatment of the two pervs, stink finger Nassar and wee wee licker Sandusky. Sandusky was the subject of j-media hysteria for many months, whereas Nassar has been treated with almost diffidence (the author recommends a ten year sentence for molesting 160 underage girlies). Could the explanation be as simple as american culture being sublimated homo and more titillated by same sex perversion?

Nsa, Unz 3 Comments [1/29/2018 2:10:02 AM]
Fundie Index: 8

Quote# 136318

Lady Checkmate's headline: "Justice Ginsburg to skip State of the Union, signals she has no plans to retire"

Lady Checkmate:
That woman needs Jesus. Even at her advanced age, she still lacks godly wisdom, yet, she will still answer to the same God she rebelled against.

Angella Shelton:
She is an upright justice. Hope she doesn't retire soon.

Lady Checkmate:
Hi Angella Shelton. I noticed your account was opened 57 days ago, but you only have 6 comments...hmmm.

*Please read our community guidelines before commenting or posting here again...the link is in our channel's description (top right hand corner of your screen). Do not send me any off topic comments, nor questions nor concerns about my request here. If you have follow-up/clarifying questions or concerns please post them in the proper forum, not here, again, the link is in the guidelines. Sock accounts are both a Disqus TOS violation and a violation of our community guidelines.

Thanks for understanding.

For your convenience: https://disqus.com/home/discussion/channel-newsnetwork/news_network_community_guidelines/

Lady Checkmate, Disqus - News Network 15 Comments [1/29/2018 2:03:15 AM]
Fundie Index: 3
Submitted By: Jocasta

Quote# 136317

Parents Are Making Their Children Drink Bleach to 'Cure' Them of Autism

Parents are making their children drink industrial bleach to cure them of autism—with the potentially deadly practice linked back to a U.S. cult.

According to British tabloid the Sunday People, six British police forces have probed cases in which children as young as two have been forced to undergo the potentially lethal treatment.

The treatment being administered is CD (Chloride Dioxide) or MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution)—with a secret Facebook group touting its use to desperate parents in the U.K.

The method has been promoted by a controversial U.S. church with a branch in Los Angeles - the secretive Genesis II Church, founded by Jim Humble, a former scientologist.

A 2016 investigation by Eyewitness News and ABC News found an underground network clustered in southern California promoting MMS on Facebook as a cure for ailments including cancer, Parkinsons, and autism in children.

The previous year the BBC exposed a secret conference in which leading figures from the church travelled to the U.K. to promote the use of MMS, which it claims is a non-dangerous religious sacrament.

They believe that autism is caused by pathogens and parasites, which Chloride Dioxide kills. Doctors say that the claims of adherents are groundless, the solution is untested and can cause serious harm.

The solution includes two chemicals – sodium chlorite and hydrochloric acid – that combine to make bleach. It is sold to be used orally or as an enema.

Proponents recommend mixing it with a fruit juice, but medical experts warn that this causes the solution to acidify and produce chlorine dioxide – a potentially lethal bleach used for stripping textiles.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration warns that the product “used as directed, produces an industrial bleach that can cause serious harm to health.” It is banned in Canada.

The British Food Standards Authority warns against use of MMS, and says it can cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, reduced blood pressure, damage the gut or cause respiratory failure.

There has been one death linked to use of MMS and several cases of those taking it reporting serious injuries.

However, the substance remains available to buy on the internet.

Dr Jeff Foster warned of the potentially deadly consequences of using MMS.

“Autism is a neuro-developmental disease which is not amenable to any form of tablet treatment. ‘It’s developed in the womb or early stages of life. ‘You can’t just reverse it and anyone claiming that does not understand the condition,” he told the People.

"When you have very extreme measures like this to “cure” a condition it’s just a roulette game,’ Dr Foster said. ‘

"Eventually someone will die. It’s only a matter of time."

A British parliamentiary commission focussed on autism is expected to tighten the laws around MMS.

Genesis II Church, Newsweek 29 Comments [1/29/2018 2:01:59 AM]
Fundie Index: 13
Submitted By: Denizen

Quote# 136315

Of all the races, Native Americans are the most poorly adapted to modernity. Despite reasonably high intelligence, complex social structures, and having a unique, thriving culture, they never built any kind of civilization. In fact, their entire bloodline up until the arrival of whites, was about impermanence, not leaving any kind of permanent mark on the land. We need attitude now, and its entirely feasible to draw up laws that place large amount of land under reservation control, so that it isn't eaten up by corporations. In an ethnostate, you would have to simultaneously increase their sovereignty, as well as dependence on the US. For example, they need to have a solid, federal education system on the reservation in order to be able to move between and function in the two entities. The Red's love of and dependence on alcohol is even greater than that of the Celt, so increased federal DEA presence is a necessity. Likewise, you'd have to modify or complete get rid of certain laws that allow corporations to take advantage of things like imminent domain and tax evasion.

DancingWithDarkness, Reddit 14 Comments [1/29/2018 2:01:36 AM]
Fundie Index: 4

Dude, Not Funny! Award

Quote# 136303

[From "Happy Holocaust Day!"]

Today is the official day when we all sit down and thank Uncle Adolf Hitler for gassing 6 gorillion evil Christ-killing kikes in fake shower room gas chambers and in other hilarious ways.

Although every Jew death was hilarious, there are some that I like to remember in a special way.

Chambers with electric floors
Steam chambers
Diesel fume chambers
Pedal-powered skull-smashing machines
Forcing Jews to climb a tree and then chopping the tree down
The rollercoaster of doom

There are many, many other fun tales of absolutely hysterical ways that our favorite uncle dreamed up to kill these filthy rats.

So take a minute today, on this day of commemoration, to remember just how funny this shit was.

In just six short years of war, Hitler gave us laughs for a thousand years.

Because the Winston Smith blog and Carlos Porter’s blog are down and out, apparently, I am going to this year work on collecting these fun and TOTALLY LEGITIMATE claims from the Nuremberg Trials on a page here on the Daily Stormer.

Because we must never forget the lulz.

Andrew Anglin, The Daily Stormer 32 Comments [1/28/2018 9:12:40 AM]
Fundie Index: 25
Submitted By: JeanP

Quote# 136302

Sure, I would and I would expect them to cover for my murders. Isn't that is what family is for?

Ths strikes me as being the natural order of things. It's her job to protect you. It's not your job to protect her.

I'd die for my child. I'd do almost anything for her, including perjure myself (unless she was quite obviously going to be a menace to herself or others if released) but I don't expect her to do the same for me.

That is basically it for me as well. Sure, I would lie to protect any close family member but I wouldn't let myself get in much trouble unless it is one of of my children then all bets are off. I am a big fan of sociobiology. I am younger than my parents and have kids of my own so we fall in ever increasing importance in the hierarchy in descending birth order. I expect my children and grandchildren to feel the same way.

I'm always amazed when family members reflexively defend someone accused of a heinous crime. "They would never do that! They wouldn't hurt a fly!" I know all of my family members, and they are great people. AS FAR AS I KNOW. And that is key. No one is an open book, and everyone is capable of everything. If my mother turns up dead and my father is implicated as the killer, I'm not automatically think there's a mistake and rush to his defense. And vice versa.

I think a key sticking point is that people are imagining up their own scenarios and how they would respond to it and the universe of possible crimes is large. If one of your parents killed your other parent, you have a true conflict and I can see how you would want the justice system to do whatever is necessary because that is family-on-family crime. I wouldn't cover up for a serial sex offender either especially if I had a high degree of confidence it was actually true.

I imagined the scenario as a murder that was a one-off kind of deal and had some good reason behind it. Maybe it was a person that kept threatening your sister's family including their very lives but the authorities wouldn't take it seriously. One night your sister believed the threat was about to become real and did something about it. It is murder by the strict definition of the law and would be prosecuted as such but only if there are enough witnesses to make a good case. Your sister confessed to you that she did it and even told you where the body was buried. You can talk or not talk. The choice is yours. Right now, it is just a missing person's case and may stay that way.

Shangnasty, The straight dope 2 Comments [1/28/2018 9:12:14 AM]
Fundie Index: 3

Quote# 136270


Time to take public transportation and not cover my mouth when coughing. Normies will pay. Luckily, a fresh new semester started (and I've raised my grades and am no longer a probation student!)

Spring semesters are brutal. Painful as hell, and they last long. This is the semester that got me on probation. Looks like it's time to give normies the flu ruin normies' grades, which they aren't entitled to.

Zielony4, incels.me 36 Comments [1/28/2018 7:41:18 AM]
Fundie Index: 13
Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 136267

Did you know that each major gang has a corresponding voodoo god - better known as an orisha - that goes along with it? Even the gang colors match the colors of a specific voodoo spirit that the gang is secretly dedicated to.

This is why violence and death go hand in hand with gang activity. Because when a person joins a gang they are dedicating themselves to evil spirits, allowing those spirits to enter inside of them.

And once that happens the person ends up becoming the tool of devils.

If this topic sounds intriguing to you, you owe it to yourself to read Gangs And Demons: Blood In and Blood Out. Get it right now!

Mack Major, Facebook 16 Comments [1/28/2018 7:40:33 AM]
Fundie Index: 5
Submitted By: Yossarian Lives

Quote# 136262

Anyways, during that gay app conversation, instead of reciprocating his requests for my address or for me to go to his, his unsolicited (small) cock pics and shit like that - I instead asked about his interesting "bi" designation on his profile instead of gay. He said he's bisexual obviously but that he leans more towards guys now. He told/messaged to me (unsolicited) about all his recent easy fucks/conquests with all the "easy Korean sluts" on his college campus and that he even has photos of his cock still in those Korean shithead slags (they let him take photos during sex!) - he proceeded to send them and I was so sickened then told him to stop. He then said how white chicks on his campus were too busy just trying to march for feminist causes or tried being "liberal nutjobs" whilst the Asian (Korean according to him) chicks were all over him and he said his record was (barf!) "4 Korean chicks in a single day".

gay app user, Reddit 8 Comments [1/28/2018 7:39:25 AM]
Fundie Index: 0
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