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Although God ordered the extermination of entire cities, He did so in righteous judgment on a people whose corruption had led to extreme wickedness, including child sacrifice. Did God destroy the righteous along with the wicked? In an exchange with Abraham, God indicated that He would spare the wicked to save the righteous. He demonstrated this principle by saving righteous people from Sodom and Jericho prior to their destruction. The charge that God indiscriminately murdered people does not hold to to critical evaluation of the biblical texts.The Bible says specifically that all people (except Noah and his family) had become corrupted.12 Not only had all people become corrupted, but they were continually plotting evil!13 Is it possible that an entire culture can become corrupted? You bet

Debbie Harrington, Quora 5 Comments [6/19/2018 2:38:22 AM]
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A Letter From Hell

Dear Mom,

I am writing to you from the most horrible place that I have ever seen, and more horrible than you could ever imagine. It is BLACK here, so DARK that I cannot even see all the souls I am constantly bumping into. I only know they are people like myself from the blood curdling SCREAMS. My voice is gone from my own screaming as I writhe in pain and suffering. I cannot even cry for help anymore, and it is no use anyway, there is no one here that has any compassion at all for my plight.

The PAIN and suffering in this place is absolutely unbearable. It so consumes my every thought, I could not know if there were any other sensation to come upon me. The pain is so severe, it never stops day or night. The turning of days does not appear because of the darkness. What may be nothing more than minutes or even seconds seems like many endless years. The thought of this suffering continuing without end is more than I can bear. My mind is spinning more and more with each passing moment. I feel like a madman, I cannot even think clearly under this load of confusion. I fear I am losing my mind.

The FEAR is just as bad as the pain, maybe even worse. I don’t see how my predicament could be any worse than this, but I am in constant fear that it MIGHT be at any moment. My mouth is parched, and will only become more so. It is so dry that my tongue cleaves to the roof of my mouth. I recall that old preacher saying that’s what Jesus Christ endured as he hung on that old rugged cross. There is no relief, not so much as a single drop of water to cool my swollen tongue.

To add even more misery to this place of torment,
I know that I deserve to be here. I am being punished justly for my deeds. The punishment, the pain, the suffering is no worse than I justly deserve, but admitting that now will never ease the anguish that burns eternally in my wretched soul. I hate myself for committing the sins to earn such a horrible fate,

I hate the devil that deceived me so that I would end up in this place. And as much as I know it is an unspeakable wickedness to think such a thing, I hate the very God that sent his only begotten Son to spare me this torment. I can never blame the Christ that suffered and bled and died for me, but I hate him anyway. I cannot even control my feelings that I know to be wicked, wretched and vile. I am more wicked and vile now than I ever was in my earthly existence. Oh, If only I had listened.

Any earthly torment would be far better than this. To die a slow agonizing death from Cancer; To die in a burning building as the victims of the 9-11 terror attacks. Even to be nailed to a cross after being beaten unmercifully like the Son of God; But to choose these over my present state I have no power. I do not have that choice.

I now understand that this torment and suffering
is what Jesus Bore for me. I believe that he suffered, bled and died to pay for my sins, but his suffering was not eternal. After three days he arose in victory over the grave. Oh, I do SO believe, but alas, it is too late. As the old invitation song says that I remember hearing so many times, I am “One Day Too Late”.

We are ALL believers in this terrible place, but our faith amounts to NOTHING. It is too late. The door is shut. The tree has fallen, and here shall it lay. In HELL. Forever lost. No Hope, No Comfort, No Peace, No Joy. There will never be any end to my suffering.

I remember that old preacher as he would read “And the smoke of their torment ascendeth up for ever and ever: And they have no rest day nor night” And that is perhaps the worst thing about this terrible place.


I remember the church services. I remember the invitations. I always thought they were so corny, so stupid, so useless. It seemed I was too “tough” for such things. I see it all different now, Mom, but my change of heart matters nothing at this point. I have lived like a fool, I pretended like a fool, I died like a fool, and now I must suffer the torments and anguish of a fool.

Oh, Mom, how I miss so very much the comforts of home. Never again will I know your tender caress across my fevered brow. No more warm breakfasts or home-cooked meals. Never again will I feel the warmth of the fireplace on a frosty winter’s night. Now the fire engulfs not only this perishing body wracked with pain beyond compare, but the fire of the wrath of an Almighty God consumes my very inner being with an anguish that cannot be properly described in any mortal language.

I long to just stroll through a lush green meadow in the springtime and view the beautiful flowers, stopping to take in the fragrance of their sweet perfume. Instead I am resigned to the burning smell of brimstone, sulphur, and a heat so intense that all other senses simply fail me.

Oh, Mom, as a teenager I always hated having to listen to the fussing and whining of the little babies in church, and even at our house. I thought they were such an inconvenience to me, such an irritation. How I long just to see for a brief moment one of those innocent little faces. But there are no babies in Hell, Mom.

There are no Bibles in Hell, dearest mother. The only scriptures inside the charred walls of the damned are those that ring in my ears hour after hour, moment after miserable moment. They offer no comfort at all, though, and only serve to remind me of what a fool I have been.

Were it not for the futility of them Mom, you might otherwise rejoice to know that there is a never ending prayer meeting here in Hell. No matter, there is no Holy Spirit to intercede on our behalf. The prayers are so empty, so dead. They amount to nothing more than cries for mercy that we all know will never be answered.

Please warn my brothers Mom. I was the eldest, and thought I had to be “cool”. Please tell them that no one in Hell is cool. Please warn all my friends, even my enemies, lest they come also to this place of torment.

As terrible as this place is, Mom, I see that it is not my final destination. As Satan laughs at all of us here, and as multitudes join us continually in this feast of misery, we are constantly reminded that some day in the future, we will all be summoned individually to appear before The Judgment Throne of Almighty God. God will show us our eternal fate written in the books next to all of our wicked works.

We will have no defense, no excuse, and nothing to say except to confess the justice of our damnation before the supreme judge of all the earth. Just before being cast into our final destination of torment, the Lake of Fire, we will have to look upon the face of him who willingly suffered the torments of hell that we might be delivered from them. As we stand there in his holy presence to hear the pronouncement of our damnation, you will be there Mom to see it all. Please forgive me for hanging my head in shame, as I know I will not be able to bear to look upon your face. You will already be conformed into the image of the Saviour, and I know it will be more than I can stand.

I would love to leave this place and join you and so many others I have known for my few short years on earth.
But I know that will never be possible.Since I know I can never escape the torments of the damned, I say with tears, with a sorrow and deep despair that can never be completely described, I never want to see any of you again.

Please don’t ever join me here.

In eternal Anguish,

Your Son / Daughter,

Condemned and Lost Forever

Unknown Author, Photos For Souls 17 Comments [6/19/2018 2:38:02 AM]
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(=This is one of the pioneers of the Ex Gay movenent, deceased since 2011, and coined the name "Exodus" for Ex Gay Ministry=)

Right from the day of my birth, there was a hint of future problems. When my mother first saw me, she expressed her love for me, then remembered she only had a boy's name chosen. Thus Robert became Roberta.

During childhood, my mother's heart condition and crippling arthritis kept her from doing the usual things with me that my friend's mothers did. I became a loner and a daydreamer. At the age of eight, I was imitating everything my older brother did, from smoking cigarettes to dating girls.


When I was ten, I "fell in love" for the very first time with my lady school teacher. This crush lasted for three years until our paths separated when I began my freshman year in high school. My heart was grieved until I met a beautiful brunette in my class and new love sprang up in my heart. Of course I couldn't speak of this love to anyone. I began to realize that somehow, I was different. My whole being cried out to love and be loved. Living with my secret longings through those teen years was so difficult.

I tried being like my friends and began dating young men when my father would allow it. When he wouldn't, I became angry and rebellious. I built a bad reputation for myself and as the small town tongues began wagging, I started withdrawing, antagonistic toward all.


My Christian mother was very patient during those years, but my father was under conviction for not accepting the Lord. His cursing raged out of control nearly every night as he verbally abused my mother. These times sent me into a rage. It was during this time in my life that I decided no man would ever treat me like that.

I also rejected my father for getting mom pregnant again. She was in ill health and she hadn't wanted another child. I had also heard many stories of my father's first wife dying at childbirth and that filled me with fears of having children. No way was that for me.

Then at sixteen, my "steady" boyfriend tried to rape me. That event really confirmed to me that sex was filthy and an abomination.


After high school, all my girlfriends were getting married. I became fearful of being left out. In desperation, I gave in to my brother's suggestion to meet one of his friends, twelve years older than myself. In less than three months, I married this man whom I didn't even love. After two years, I divorced him and began writing to a man in the Armed Forces who had loved me before my marriage. The decision to marry him came when I learned he would soon be going to Germany in active combat. I could receive an allotment check and wouldn't have to live with him. What a farce! Less than two years later, he came home and I soon divorced him.

Not long after, the Holy Spirit began to convict me of my sin. I had attended tent meetings in a Pentecostal church when I was a child and marched to the front night after night to get saved. But I'd given it all up when I realized I couldn't be good in the days following.

When I began to feel pangs of guilt, this made Satan angry. Soon after, I was introduced to a lesbian who had been in that lifestyle a long time and knew the ropes. She was a bad influence on me and soon I began drinking, which I had never done. The second night, she invited me to spend the night with her. I began meeting other lesbians and partying far too much. Not long after, I was fired from my job.

I soon met a girl who was my "type" and we lived together for eight years. Because of the guilt and drinking, my fits of jealousy and temper became uncontrollable. Then I left my first friend and began living with another. After a year I nearly killed her in the car after drinking too much wine. Needless to say, she left me for good.


I was home alone the afternoon of October 7, 1955. With fear and panic in my heart, I made the decision to take my own life. I was too ashamed to commit myself to an institution to find help for my troubled mind. Pride was still very much alive, even though I thought I was beyond help. I wondered how to call my friend to ask for her forgiveness. I wanted so much to be forgiven, but it seemed out of the question.

I started for the kitchen to turn on the gas jets. I had already had a few drinks to try to give me courage. Just before I entered the kitchen door, I fell to my knees in front a chair. With tears streaming down my face, I cried out, "God forgive me. God forgive me!'

Only later did I realize that I was saved at that moment. The Holy Spirit came to live within me, and began leading me in ways that confirmed my salvation. But in rebellion, I still held onto my old friends.

I had two lesbian relationships after my salvation. "God doesn't expect me to "quit loving women," I reasoned. Of course, I couldn't stop without supernatural help. And I didn't have anyone else to help. This was years before God raised up former homosexuals to begin ministries.

Ten years after I received Jesus Christ as my Savior, I was still living in sin. God began allowing me to feel the consequences of my rebellion. I could not have survived the trauma that followed without the Lord's care and mercy. God allowed the devil to pour out his wrath in such a devastating way. I still shudder at his trickery. With demonic signs and wonders, Satan convinced me that God wanted me to live with another woman while involved in Christian ministry.

The climax came following the suicidal death of a dear friend whom I had betrayed. It was from that shocking emotional experience that my stubborn will was broken. I promised God that I would not let her death be for nothing. Then came the vision.


While living in what seemed to be a hell on earth with my lover, God came to me one night. I was alone and in deep despair, The Lord gave me a spiritual vision of a worldwide ministry. This outreach would reach homosexuals who wanted a close relationship with Jesus Christ and who wanted to be set free from their sin.

As the vision unfolded, I knew God was saying I must leave this lifestyle forever. I was to begin interceding for Him to raise up individuals from the gay lifestyle and others, truly called by Him, to begin specific ministries to homosexuals.

Six years after the vision, God directed me to write my personal testimony of deliverance from lesbianism. My story entitled "Gay Liberation" was published in book form in 1975. It was the first of its kind and not many bookstores would accept it, due to the subject, which was "hush-hush" at the time.


Much has happened since that time. While I continued to intercede, God began calling forth former gays to minister. God has blessed my friendships with many of the "pioneers" in the Exodus movement, such as Frank Worthen, Robbi Kenney, Ed Hurst, and others. I have been blessed also to see many ministries begin in foreign soil. What a wonderful God He is!

God has kept me at a low profile. At times, I have rebelled concerning this. But deep down, I know I was called to intercede for others to be led by the Holy Spirit into the entire world.

Even as I write these words, tears are flowing down my cheeks. Surely God will complete His perfect plan to reach the many millions of the lost who have been so rejected and lonely so many years. I weep for the church, blinded by the enemy so it cannot see the need to teach gays. So many Christians cannot truly believe that God can set these people free. My great desire now is to reach those in the gay church. I am believing God to also work a miracle there. Our God reigns!

Roberta Laurila , Precious Testimonies 4 Comments [6/19/2018 2:37:37 AM]
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Ex-Gay's testimony

Some people confuse the issue of loving people with accepting their sins and agreeing with their error.This is a controversial subject but it needs to be dealt with.Helping people to go deeper and further in their bondage is not love. If someone is a drug addict or alcoholic, we love the person but we certainly reject homosexuality although we love the people. This video is to help you understand the issue from a unbiased, Biblical and true perspective.

We as Christians are commanded to love our neighbor and even our enemies but that doesn't mean we accept or agree with people's sins.In John 8 people brought a woman caught in the very act of adultery. People were referring to the law that she must be stone but Jesus said:" he who is without sin cast the first stone." as result people were convicted by their conscience and left But Jesus turned to the woman and said:" I don't condemn you but GO AND SIN NO MORE." Jesus didn't condemn that woman but He didn't accept or agree with her sin.

The purpose of this video is not to condemn the gays but the share with them the Gospel and lead them to repentance and change. The Bible says:"The goodness of God leads people to repentance." Many people have a problem with how to deal with homosexuality.The media and educational system and some politicians have told people that "it's only a sexual preference" or "gays born this way" or "it's who they are."... But none is true.

This is a true story of a former homosexual who through the Grace of God was able to get free from homosexuality and turn to become a man of God and a missionary. Adam felt lost as a homosexual and felt miserable, after asking God to show him the truth, he was delivered and now he is sharing the love and truth of the Word of God with people.

He has been persecuted for his conversion and he abstinence from homosexuality. We live in a fallen world and the prince of this world is satan. he comes to kill,still and destroy. John 10:10. The devil comes to deceive you. He uses thoughts, desires and imaginations to impose his perversion on you. We as believers must fight off those ideas and thoughts.2 Corinthians 10:3-5 says:" For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war according to the flesh. 4 For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in God for pulling down strongholds, 5 casting down arguments and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ." we need to bring every thought into captivity under obeisance to Christ.

That means there are some thoughts, desires,ideas,suggestions,emotions that you need to fight off and reject and bring to captivity instead of allowing them to dominate and control your lives. Yielding to unclean and profane thoughts or desires only will lead you to darkness and bondage.

The Bible says in
I Peter 5:8-9 "Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. Resist him, steadfast in the faith, knowing that the same sufferings are experienced by your brotherhood in the world."

Ramin Parsa, Youtube 5 Comments [6/19/2018 2:35:29 AM]
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Gay to Christian Testimony - Homosexuality Was My Identity

Becket spent over 25 years pursuing the desires we all desperately want as human beings: relationships, love, intimacy, support, and affirmation. Undeniably, these desires had a unique grip on his heart that was incomparable to any other desire. They carried with them emotions that vastly impacted his will, intentions, and actions and became a unique part of his identity.The problem with this is that he was not created to have an identity rooted in sexual orientation or human relationships. No one is. We were created to have an identity rooted in God. If that's off, all of our desires are off and we find ourselves chasing things that we were never supposed to pursue. Homosexual relationships are one of those things. It stands contrary to God's moral will for mankind. But we don't have to stand as enemies of God. Through Jesus Christ, there is hope for new life. There is hope for salvation.

Becket's story portrays this truth with such kindness and from an intimate understanding of your life experiences, thoughts, and desires. May you see his love for you, God's love for you, as you watch it.

IS IT OKAY TO BE GAY AND A CHRISTIAN? Sign up to watch this bonus interview here: https://anchorednorth.org/homosexuali...

Regardless of what you have done in your life, redemption is provided to you through Jesus Christ. Just like Becket, even if you have found your identity in worthless things, God died for you. He can make you a new creation and save you from a terrible fate if you call out to Him. If you are broken over your sin, call out to God in repentance and faith in Jesus Christ that He will redeem you.

Anchored North, Youtube 0 Comments [6/19/2018 2:34:59 AM]
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My social and Eugenics program

And yes I know by my own logic I'd be sterilized but if society was like this I wouldn't care.

An open Eugenics program such that:
>only men with 10 to 12 percent bodyfat, 120+ IQ and 6'+ height can reproduce and they must have no facial deformities, drug or alcohol dependencies or history of inheritable diseases. Likewise with women except height is not factored in. No past history of serious criminal offenses or political ideologies opposite to that which this society is opposed to. Must be white to the extent their great grandparents were. No Jews.
>sterilize everyone else completely and give them monthly payments for co-operation
>legalize assisted suicide and have walk in suicide clinics
>3 children max per family and any children born with genetic markers for defectivity are aborted. Post Natal if required.

>deport all immigrants, non-cooperation is death by firing squad or other execution which can be an on the fly one by the appropriate shock troops.
>close borders and station military personnel there who will be ordered to shoot to kill for trespassers
>racially separate the rest from whites and control their birth rates and status no interracial couples allowed.

>homosexuality, transsexualism and other degenerate perversions such as furries is a crime to practice openly and will be treated as a mental illness
>age of consent will be reformed to 15
>infertile men are allowed to have sex with infertile women. Fertile men or fertile women can have sex with an infertile partner but will be encouraged to procreate
>prostitution is legal for infertile women to sell themselves but is regulated and restricted to private in service or regulated brothels

>drug use is legal for infertiles and is restricted likewise to a regulated business. Public intoxication or operating machines high or drunk is still a crime and will result in suspension of access or restricted access in the future.
>everyone overweight or obese will pay a fat tax

>economy controlled and monitored by government
>feminism, egalitarianism and other degenerate philosophies banned
>compulsory military service for males from age 16 to 21
>Islamic religion banned

Let's face it Chad wants Stacey and Stacey wants Chad so give them it and let incels do drugs and fuck hookers and ban degeneracy and immigrants while we are at it.

Gymcel Chronicles, Sluthate 11 Comments [6/18/2018 11:39:24 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

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Lets team up with LGBTs

Lets add pedos and make it LGBTP then the media would like us more.

Polycel, Incelocalypse 9 Comments [6/18/2018 11:23:11 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

Quote# 138190

Would the advocates of the false proposition of marital rape agree with us as Bible believing Christians that what the husband in the Markland Letter did was physical abuse even to the point of possibly endangering his wife’s life? Of course, they would.

But from a Biblical perspective it is absolutely impossible for a man to rape his wife because a man can only rape a woman he is not married to.
In other words, from a Biblical perspective forced sex within the confines of marriage is not and cannot ever be classified as rape, but only forced sex outside of the confines of marriage can rightly be considered rape.

Also I need to point out something very important for Christians to understand about rape. The world says rape is immoral because it violates a woman’s consent to sexual relations but the Bible shows us rape is wrong because it violates God’s consent for a man to have sexual relations with a woman. God only consents to a man having sexual relations with a woman if he has entered into a covenant of marriage with her and then he may have sex with her “at all times” as Proverbs 5:19 commands.

However, Ephesians 5:28-29’s command for men to care for the needs of their wife’s body is a Biblical caveat to Proverbs 5:19’s exhortation for men to sexually satisfy themselves with their wife’s body at all times.

While we as Christians should reject the false construct of marital rape we should certainly recognize the possibility of a husband physically abusing his wife and this Markland Letter case shows the husband did just that. A woman’s genitals need time to heal after giving birth. Even if the surgery was for something different than complications after child birth – if a husband forces himself on his wife with complete disregard for the damage it may cause her after surgery this is a clear violation of the Ephesians 5:28-29 principle that he is to care for the welfare of his wife’s body.

The truth is that free love advocates and feminists had (and still have today) a more insidious agenda. They did not want to simply condemn physical abuses which occurred in this marriage situation or others. They wanted to condemn the entire concept of Christian marriage itself with the husband as the head of the wife as an abusive relational construct and they wanted to eliminate traditional marriage from American society.

biblicalgenderroles, Biblical Gender Roles 3 Comments [6/18/2018 11:23:00 AM]
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There's no reason not to be a sociopath.

Everyone is a narcissist. And everyone is selectively graceful, and not generally to anyone who approaches. Everyone would prioritize their own grandness over community. Being communal in most people's mind is just a necessity to stay inculpable and to avoid society's wrath.

Eugenicist, Sluthate 8 Comments [6/18/2018 7:39:10 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

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No virtue/ principle/ nobleness compensates for being ugly.

People can come up with any justification/ way people can look at the world to calm themselves. Or, if your parents or family decide on a way for you to make peace with life for losing, or for you to have a sense of honor/ not whining/ not feeling entitled... you're just hurting yourself.
Because none of that matters. No principle/ code of conduct gives you a full life experience. Only somatic/ materialistic/ popularity luxuries do.
All else is pointless if you don't get that.
Living by any ideology that puts you at the expense of that makes you an auto-bitch from an evolutionary/ instinctual/ society's perception perspective.
Don't be virtuous. Be powerful.
Parents/ Teachers shouldn't groom their offspring to be humble unless they're so hopelessly dense or naive. Dont' train them to feel humble, or meek. That's for the lowerborns. Groom them for power and dominance. Anyone who argues just wants to see you fail.

Eugenicist, Sluthate 3 Comments [6/18/2018 7:39:06 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

Quote# 138184

Interesting insight.

Only those with dark triad personalities acquire women. Yet society encourages people to not be dark triad. And those who are not dark triad are those who don't get laid.
Mating is an essential element to humanity. As is bonding with the opposite sex.
Dark triadity is implied as an evolutionary survival mechanism.
It seems to be the zenith of what we are supposed to become as a species.
Fairybraiding is just wishfultwisting for the weak.
Just like how most things in nature turn out to be dirty, and refinement is an exception, but not the rule... as are humanity's spirits.
And we haven't changed. We're just great finessers.
No one is truly friends with another.
The ego gives off that illusion. We're all really just in it for power/ prominence/ dominance/ supremacy.

Eugenicist, Sluthate 6 Comments [6/18/2018 7:39:05 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

Quote# 138181

What if?
What if you had a friend who died without knowing Jesus as their personal Saviour?
What if he or she went to hell?
What if one day you received a letter in the mail from beyond?
A letter from your friend in the flames of eternal torment
This a story of two fictitious high school students named Zack and Josh. Although Zack has every opportunity to tell Josh about Jesus. . .he didn't. . .They were bestfriends-- they play soccer together, they went to classes together, they partied together, they shared their lives with each other. . .
But there is one thing Zack held back from Josh. . .HIS PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP WITH JESUS CHRIST. . .
The rest of the story is simple and sad. . .

A few too many beers, a traggic back home, a crush,a death, a funeral. . . A LETTER. . . . . .FROM HELL. . . Here is that letter. . . . .

Dear Zack,

I died today. It’s a lot different than I expected. You see, I always thought that dying would bring me to a world that is foggy and hazy. But this place is crystal clear… It’s even more real than my life on Earth.

I can think. I can talk. I can even feel.

Right after the wreck I could feel my spirit leaving my body. It was the weirdest thing, Zack. I thought I heard you screaming out to me, man. Must have been just imagining things.

At first I was just standing in line, getting registered I guess. They asked me for my name…and began to look in this thing they called the Book of Life.

I guess they couldn’t find it though because this huge angel standing next to me grabbed me by the arm and started dragging me away. I was terrified. I had no idea what was going on. I asked the angel where he was taking me, but he didn’t answer. So I asked him again…

Finally, he told me that only those, whose names were written in the Book of Life, could enter into Heaven and the rest would be condemned to Hell forever.

Man I was scared. The angel threw me into some kind of holding cell. Where I’ve been sitting and thinking for a long long time. Do you want to know what I’ve been thinking about?

I’ve been thinking about YOU.

Zack, You’re a Christian. You told me so yourself. I mean we talked about it three different times today.

Kelly brought it up and you laughed it off. Coach Adams brought it up and you changed the subject.

I mean, it came up right before the wreck. Well the question I can’t get out of my mind is this, Zack. Why haven’t you ever told me about how to become a Christian?

You say you are my friend, but if you really were you would have told me about this Jesus and told me how to escape this terrible place that I’m headed for.

I can feel my heart pounding in my chest, the angels who have been chosen to cast me into hell are coming down the hallway. I can hear their footsteps.

I have heard of this Hell. They call it the Lake of Fire.

I can’t stand it, Zack. I am terrified. No! The angels are at the door. Oh no, no! They’re coming in and they’re pointing at me. They’re grabbing me and carrying me out of the room.

I already can smell the burning sulfur and brimstone. I can see the edge of the cliff where Hell burns.

This is it. I am without hope.

We’re coming closer, closer, closer. My heart is bursting with fear. They’re holding me over the flames. I am damned forever.

This is it. They are throwing me in. Fire, Pain, HELL.

Why Zack? Why didn’t you ever tell me about Jesus?

Your friend,



Original Author Unknown, Youtube  18 Comments [6/18/2018 12:15:40 AM]
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Quote# 138180

Former homosexuals and children of LGBTs speak the truth!

At the Teens4Truth Conference at the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary on Nov. 18, 2017. Real people countering the lies that we are all being constantly told about the LGBT lifestyle.

MassResistance, Youtube 5 Comments [6/18/2018 12:15:35 AM]
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Recently I’ve had multiple conversations with people about how to apply the Old Testament today. At times it seems like we pick and choose which parts, and which laws we should still observe. Some will interpret the Old Testament literally while others will write it off and say, “that’s in the Old Testament so that doesn’t apply to us today.” The Old Testament is more than 3 times as long as the New Testament and there is a reason God left it in the Bible and Jesus Himself put His stamp of approval on it. So how exactly does the OT apply to the NT Christian? How can we see the practical benefit from studying it? How do we interpret it correctly? This article will seek to provide 3 questions you should ask yourself that will serve as what I believe are the best principles for how we should approach the OT to extract the most value out of it. As an aside I STRONGLY encourage you to read through and study the book of Hebrews. It will clear much of this confusion up in no time.


Okay that’s a bunch of theological jargon so let me explain the difference between the two. When Moses communicated God’s laws to His people there were both ceremonial laws and moral laws. We must understand that the covenant God made in the OT was with the Jews, not the Gentiles. So the laws then don’t and never did apply to us today. Think of it like a state law. They were in Florida. We are in Texas. Are we obligated to obey specific laws that are unique to Florida? No. Not unless the laws are common to both states. The OT law was written for several reasons.

To reveal the utter sinfulness of mankind and our desperate need for a Savior – Rom. 7:7-9; Gal. 3:24

To set Israel apart from other nations

To train them in the ways of holiness having come out of Egyptian slavery.

To provide a “type” or “foreshadowing” of Jesus – Col. 2:16-17; Heb. 10:1 – In other words, they were symbolic of what Jesus Christ would one day come to the earth to do.

Several NT scriptures indicate that we are no longer under these laws but instead, we exist under a New Covenant (Rom. 10:4; Gal. 3:24-26; Eph. 2:15; Heb. 8:10-13). Below are some examples of ceremonial OT laws no longer valid today.

Dietary Restrictions – Jesus said,
It’s not what goes into your mouth that defiles you; you are defiled by the words that come out of your mouth.

Animal Sacrifices – Hebrews 10 teaches us that there is no longer a need for animal sacrifices because Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice.

Uncleanness – There were a list of things that made an Israelite “unclean” (leprosy, blood, male discharge, mildew, etc.). In other words, if they had these conditions they were to be set apart from others until they offered a sacrifice and got cleansed again. One such question that comes up frequently is, “is it prohibited for a husband and wife to have sexual intercourse during a woman’s menstrual cycle?” Once again this was part of the ceremonial law which we are not under. The NT also sheds light on this when it says a husband and wife should not deprive one another except by mutual consent for a season. In other words, each couple may choose not to for whatever reason but it is not a sin to do so (see also Heb. 13:4).

Circumcision – Paul explains that physical circumcision is of no value if your heart is not first circumcised (Rom. 2:25-29). In other words, the hardness of your heart must be removed.

Sabbath Day – This is the only one of the Ten Commandments that is not explicitly repeated in the NT. On the contrary it teaches that we should treat every day the same (Col. 2:16-17; Rom. 15:4). In other words, like many things under grace, it is a matter of personal choice and conviction.

As you can see the OT ceremonial laws are discussed in the NT and it is clear that we are not under any obligation to fulfill them. However, the moral laws of the OT are still binding because they are either repeated, further explained (Matt. 5-7) or fall under the “love your neighbor as yourself” or “love God with all your heart” commandments.

Allen Parr, Allen Parr 10 Comments [6/17/2018 12:22:15 PM]
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I usually do not reply to your kind (libs;) however, for a reason/reasons I do not understand, I will reply to you, and probably not again.
You lie when you say you want to hear an explanation. What you want to do is be given a platform to argue, to mock truth, and promote confusion, lies, corruption, destruction, and death.
Beside these things, you lack the capacity to recognize truth when exposed to it. This is happening to you because you have already chosen to hate God; subsequently, you must hate truth. As Jesus (God) repetitively highlighted, all of us are blind and deaf to truth until God himself heals us. There is no way for anyone to enlighten anyone who clings to their hatred of God. You display haughtiness and mockery.
Telling you the truth before you become humble is a lot like watering a rock.

Dark days, Christian News Network 7 Comments [6/17/2018 11:23:54 AM]
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Men are simply born men! Women simply are born women! Ask any non-Darwinist geneticist and you tell me what the truth is! If Transgenderism is valid, why do transgendered "women" commit crimes at similar rates to men? Because they are MEN! Yet I'm the one with the third grade understanding of science.

Homosexuality is unnatural because children who are raised in homosexual households are more likely to be in poverty, incarcerated, depressed, and also more likely to become homosexuals. This is verified information

Taylor Swift's "reputation" album and corresponding music videos have shown off her drunkenness, vindictiveness, as well as her lack of modesty in attire. Quite sad, really.

Next, I am not a schizophrenic person, and you libs have obviously never heard of reusing content with permission. I simply reused the content from Pastor Grimes' sermons to bring the light of the Gospel of Christ to the unsaved heathens residing there until I was removed by hyper-PC liberals who decided that the word "tranny" was comparable to the n-word. When were trannies enslaved again in the United States? Please enlighten me. Trannies and tranny enablers are insulting the African American community by spewing nonsense like that.

James A. Wilson, FSTDT comments 15 Comments [6/17/2018 11:23:27 AM]
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I have no honor

Homo sapiens prefer results of dominance, and will cut past every regulation/ regimentation/ conduct code for it. They will bulldoze over honor, family, community for it.
There is no good or evil, there is only power and those without the sense to sieze it.

Eugenicist, Sluthate 8 Comments [6/17/2018 11:21:21 AM]
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This is what happens when an unnatractive man manages to have kids.

Lol he's not even on the front of that lunchbox, it's Chad cena instead.
Unnatractive guys that manage to reproduce through money and status are the cause of most of the users on here, they have been creating too many unnatractive children and not realising that the kids won't have the same advantages like they do.
For example, most incels on here have parents from third world countries where the father could just get an arraigned marriage or betabux some wife that wants to move to the west.
And then they have ugly sons in the west, and the ugly sons have absolutely no way of getting woman like their fathers did.

Crustaciouse, incels.me 16 Comments [6/17/2018 8:40:28 AM]
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It's not even about sex!

One reason I came here is to make a post clearing up normies and antis view of incels. At least for ME it's not even about sex!

I keep hearing "why not buy a prostitute?" and all that about how anyone can get sex. Well if you're one of them lurking and reading this. NO! That's not the only thing in life I'm after! Yes it's a big part of life but a prostitute is not going to genuinely love me, accept me, and want to be in a romantic relationship with me. She just wants money! Which is ironically what a lot of normal women want too. What I want is to be hugged by a girl, accepted and liked! No I don't think it's your fault, or all womens fault because I don't have a girl friend (despite my best efforts). I understand you're literally programmed to reject certain guys who don't meet your thresholds and it's not your fault. Just like it's not my fault for being programmed to want to be loved in the first place. What can I do about that huh? I JUST want to be NORMAL like everyone else. I suspect I may have diagnosed autism. I'm pretty sure I do have it, but what can be done about it? I've tried so much, see my posts about me graduating, getting a good job, a car, a home, etc.

I do wish some "opposition" was allowed to post here because I want to know what they'd have to say to that. I don't think they'd have an answer. It's not my fault my brain LITERALLY PUNISHES me with EXTREME PAIN because I'm rejected by girls and considered worthless by you and society. Sure, the government might not want me to kill myself, because I'm a tax cow for them. But YOU wouldn't care would you? I don't get how these people can consider themselves to be on the moral high ground. You know how many men kill themselves every year!? I'd say many of them are incels, many of them are men and they did it over a woman. Idk what percentage, it might be the majority but the reason I suspect is a very large percentage.

AlexAnguish, incels.me 4 Comments [6/17/2018 8:40:22 AM]
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Psychology doesn't even exist

It's ALL about the neurotransmitters (and their receptors and sensitivity, but you get the point)

There is literally NO free will

Everything we like, hate, whether we are talkative or shy, happy or sad, excited or bored, what we lik to do and what we don't like to do, the choices we make, it's all 100% controlled by neurotransmitters

There is nothing what "we" are, we are quite passive observers obedient to the chemical reactions in our body, we do what they tell us, we cannot really change anything about it

Rotting Penis, Sluthate 11 Comments [6/17/2018 8:40:10 AM]
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The economic rationale behind the Asian cap is donor money. It is likely that Harvard receives most of its donations from wealthy White individuals. If the school became seen as "too Asian" these donors would stop giving. Why give money to an institution they see as not benefiting "their" kind?

If there was no cap at the Ivy League schools, America's elite could become predominantly Asian American within a few generations. This sudden demographic change would receive major backlash and resentment from the White majority. The United States, whether you like it or not, is still a White, Western country that primarily serves this group's interests. No group relishes in seeing themselves become a minority in their own country.

Suppose the top universities in China became overwhelmingly White. Do you not think there would be backlash and attempts to limit their numbers as well? Of course there would.

Thinker , Nytimes 2 Comments [6/17/2018 12:49:06 AM]
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Here is my problem with this whole issue theologically. Biblical Marriage is picture of of how Christ loves the Church. Christ is monogamous to the Church and so the Biblical view of Marriage is Monogamy. In Christ loving the Church he is always faithful, he has eyes only for his Bride (the Church). There is one Church, One Bride. In the same way the Church is called to be wholly faithful to the one who redeems us. There are many passages in the old and new that talk about being unfaithfulness to God. God throughout the Bible condemns Israel for being unfaithful. So if Biblical Marriage is a picture of Christ and the Church the idea that Polyamory does not stand up to Biblical Scrutiny. If you plan to respond with the typical what about Abraham, David, Solomon...etc. You need to understand that the people in the Bible are flawed individuals that do no live up to the the Perfection of Christ. The ideal marriage in Scripture is 1 Man 1 Woman for life.

Michael Gleason, Patheos 8 Comments [6/17/2018 12:49:02 AM]
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(=On the Bible and Polygamy=)

God also 'permitted' divorce and allowed Moses to issue certificates of divorce, but it wasn't His desire. He did it because of the sinfulness of man. I can't think for God, sin is sin and it matters not the generation. Besides all that, Jesus reaffirmed for the people the proper, godly, and right understanding of marriage, condemning the divorce certificate for nearly all reason (except unfaithfulness), and reaffirming that marriage is for one man and one woman only. This is how it was in the beginning, sinful people screwed up (as we do most things), God permitted it and even used it for his own advantage from time to time, but then reaffirmed it in Christ.

Seth D. Young, Patheos 4 Comments [6/17/2018 12:48:47 AM]
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There are a variety of ways to sexually molest kids. Until recently, there were two primary methods. One method was violent and the other was a seductive beguiling both led to physical molestation.
God says in the latter times much knowledge will increase. Now, there is a new third way which has gained formidable acceptance in Europe, Canada, Australia, and the US. It is institutional child molest. Basically, it begins with the sexual molestation (corruption) of the children's mind and emotions. The mind and emotions (the soul) are linked to their physiology via neuro transmitters. Hence, the kids bodies begin to experience physical molestation immediately upon exposure to LGBT indoctrination formats.
Truly, all who approve of the LGBT campaigns are active child molesters even if they never personally speak with a child, because they are engaging in institutional child molest. I believe modern liberals are as monstrous as Nazi death camp workers, abortion workers, child rapists, ISIS, MS-13.
We are seeing the Western World rebel against God, hate everything that is pure and good. How the Western institutions, cultures, and nations more civilized and less demonic than Islam? How are liberals morally superior to ISIS?

Dark days, Christian News Network 6 Comments [6/17/2018 12:44:57 AM]
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[on someone confessing to being a pedophile]

I think most people choose to focus too much on the child victims in this issue instead of the person whose sexuality forces him to have these thoughts (Personally, I hate children so I have no problems ignoring their side ).

No rumor or inuendo here, though. The OP has stated his problem clearly. Still let your kid stay with him?

Well, I've always believed in second chances. If this guy's been around kids without doing them harm, then I'll take my chances.

Personally, I think American society makes too big of a deal out of sex. Like, monstrously big. To the point where I feel that this shit cannot go on without some kind of violent revolution.

Tie that in to my own personal beliefs that may scare people, and it makes me think that it would be me overreacting if I were to simply hear somebody talk about this and immediately become like one of those overprotective parents that I hate. I do not want to become like those people. If I did not trust Pduol when he's already admitted these feelings, then I would be like those people.

Hell, there are plenty of people I would beat up, kill, or otherwise harm if given the chance. I don't do it because I would go to jail. To me, that's a big motivator for me to stay on the law-abiding side. Just hearing Pduol agonize over his lot in life is enough to convince me that there are plenty of others who feel the same way. The threat of prison is there, don't discount it.

So yes, I would allow him to babysit my 11 year old daughter.

Yogsothoth, The Straight Dope 4 Comments [6/17/2018 12:44:54 AM]
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