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The Bible states that the earth will "wear out as a garment" would. And that the heavens (outer space) will fold up like a garment (collapse on itself) just like many astronomers say it will do after it expands to it's limit. How did they know that years ago? I have been taught Evolution in school and I have read the entire Bible (without any religion telling me too, I have no religion to espouse here), so I have the benefit of knowing both. Do you?

Elizabeth, MySpace 19 Comments [3/9/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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I'd like to meet these astronomers. They have some research that I'm not aware of.

3/10/2006 5:39:47 AM


I listened to an interview between a Christian apologist and an atheist recently. His favorite argument was that the bible contained accurate prophecies. When he quoted a few the atheist demanded the verse each came from. In every case it was something almost entirely different that could only be made to mean what the christian wanted it to through a huge, huge amount of rationalization and \"creative reinterperetation\".

Humans see patterns and make connections. It's what our brains are good at. However all too often we do this to resolve cognitive dissonance involving reality and an idea that we want very badly to be true.

3/10/2006 5:44:43 AM


I think what he's refering to with the heavens collapsing is the \"big crunch\" theory, namely the theory that the universe will eventually stop expanding and collapse in upon itself. This theory was fairly popular in the 80's but more recent calculations of the cosmological constant (a wierd phenomenon often shrugged off as \"dark energy\") actually suggest that the universe is expanding so quickly that it will never collapse but rather continue to expand indefinitely.

3/10/2006 10:29:08 AM

Jeremy PC

Check out this from Dr. Phil Plait (who runs the badastronomy site) who says that creationists will be increasingly targetting the science of astronomy.


3/10/2006 11:06:53 AM


I wonder how Elizabeth would feel to know that evolution has nothing to do whatsoever with the universe collapsing on itself.

3/10/2006 1:43:13 PM


Oh, so the big crunch is back on? I sure wish those astronomers would make up their minds...of course maybe Dizzy Lizzy hasn't looked at \"evolution\" (or astronomy, whatever) since 1987.

3/10/2006 4:09:12 PM


Yes, yes I do. I went to Sunday school as a kid. I went to church as a young adult. I've read the Bible cover to cover several times. Also, I didn't sleep through science class so I have a pretty good grasp of evolution. Not all atheists are as uninformed as you might like to believe.

Just curious, when the universe folds up, will it fold into a triangle, like the flag, or a square, like my sheets. This could be of vital importance as I don't want to get stuck in a corner.

3/10/2006 4:27:34 PM

David D.G.

Elizabeth is not quite the raving hardcore fundie usually seen on FSTDT, but she seems to think that she is open-minded simply because she isn't as bad as they are, when in fact she's just better at social skills.

She still has her brain in creationist lockdown, going around and around the same points on the science forums, categorically unable to grasp the scientific information other posters give her in any terms that conflict with her preconceived worldview. She is quick to reinterpret scientific data with creationist spin, thus discounting the scientists' interpretation of their own field, but she absolutely refuses to consider the possibility that the fundie theologians who provide that spin might be out of their depth in scientific fields, or that they have an axe to grind.

She tries to be civil, I'll give her that much, but she is a staunch creationist who has no real intention of ever accepting any scientific argument in conflict with her dogma.

~David D.G.

3/10/2006 5:08:34 PM

King Spirula

What xMinionX says. By the way Elizabeth, if you are using the bible to support your \"science\", it is not science but it is espousing a religion.

3/10/2006 7:16:46 PM


Sweet Bess, go get yourself a new education. Your old one's getting a bit worn out.

3/10/2006 7:21:27 PM

Blind Watchmaker

Elizabeth, the earth won't \"wear out as a garment\". It will be burned and destroyed when the Sun turns into a red giant, some billion years from now.
Will you be there?

3/10/2006 7:25:00 PM


So, what does this have to do with evolution or biology?

3/10/2006 10:49:45 PM

CousinTed the Mentat

Miss Elizabeth, I fear that your interpretation of the Orange Catholic Bible is quite fallicious. The instance of the cosmos 'folding in on themselves like a garment' refers to our most advanced system of space travel: The ability to fold the very fabric of space, to travel without moving. It is for this reason that we must continue to extract the spice from the planet Arrakis. Since the Butlirian Jihad when all thinking robots were made illegal we have had to substitute the minds of men for the minds of machine. This holds true even for the Spacing Guild: Their navigators need the spice so that they may gain the perseption needed to safely fold space.

3/11/2006 1:14:49 AM


CousinTed, are you so blind as to not see that Elizabeth is the Kwisatz Haderach, who will lead humanity on the Golden Path through her glorious jihad?

3/11/2006 4:53:48 AM


Not only do I know both, Elizabeth, I'm willing to bet that I know both better than you do.

3/11/2006 9:51:23 AM

mad dog corrino

Elizabeth is a Bene Gesserit witch, involved in a conspiracy to seize the Golden Lion throne! Do not let her false jihad decieve you.

3/27/2006 1:39:04 AM

Hey, here in the Bible it says something that, taken figuratively, might look remotely similar to a misunderstood scientific theory! Praise be!

9/16/2011 9:57:30 PM


> I have no religion to espouse here

I'm betting that's a lie.

9/17/2011 6:28:48 AM

Quantum Mechanic

"I have the benefit of knowing both."

Lie much?

4/19/2012 4:53:24 AM

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