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(A user was talking about her mentally disabled daughter volunteering and going to public school)

I could train a rat to communicate more than your said daughter can, AND the rat wouldn't drool. Let's say I wanted to take my rat to your older daughter's class and have it go to school there, so resources will be taken away from your daughter's class to teach my rat how to minimally communicate, because to me it's a big deal for it to communicate even a little? You would say "No, because the rat is not capable of learning, it doesn't belong there! If YOU care about teaching it how to nod it's head when it's hungry, then YOU teach it that yourself at home. It's not going to learn writing and mathematics, so it has no place is school with my child!", and you'd be right.

I thought hard about this because someone earlier pointed out that they are disabled and thus a burden to society, but they still deserve education. While I am somewhat financially conservative, I don't believe in a pure free market society, so for example, if a fourth grade boy has a terminal disease that will definitely kill him within five years (aka, he'll never use his education to contribute financially to society), then I still think he deserves to sit in that fourth grade class. Why? Because he's capable of sitting in history class and learning history, and that's where he's supposed to be. But a turtle that will live to be 120 has no right to be sitting in that history class because he's not learning history, he's just sitting there. School is for people who are capable of learning on that level!

If the city offers your older daughter and everyone her age free swim lessons, and I show up with a kid who is allergic to water and demand that my kid get skydiving lessons, what would you say? Would it be fair for my child to take away a teacher from the swim class and take away huge amounts of $$$ so that my kid can learn skydiving? Would you be happy that now your child sits in a class with a much worse teacher-to-student ratio, and now there isn't the money to teach butterfly stroke? Because that's exactly what you're doing.

I love cats and am all for volunteering, but what your daughter does is not impressive at all. Petting the cats is the fun part! There is so much more that needs to be done like changing the litter boxes and washing their dishes, feeding them, cleaning them. I hardly call "petting" volunteering because it's not something anyone would ever get paid to do. Most small children love animals and would give up their allowances to be able to go pet kitties. The fact that you're proud of your daughter over this just shows how far removed from reality you are. If a normal child convinced her parents to take her to the shelter and let her pet the cats, would you say "well, aren't you lucky that your parents let you do that?!" or "wow, you really deserve respect for petting cats!"?

Your daughter is less of the amazing volunteer making-the-world-a-better-place, and more of your own beloved pet rat whose tricks you love, who you are forcing upon the public schools.

Itsfuntorun, Free Jinger 31 Comments [10/30/2014 3:18:50 AM]
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I'm not completely sure what this dude is trying to say, but I sure don't like this overall "Your daughter worths less because she's retarded" tone.

10/30/2014 4:05:06 AM


Five paragraphs seems a lot for a troll.

10/30/2014 4:10:17 AM

Mister Spak

I'll bet this person who compares a retarded girl to a rat is pro-life.

10/30/2014 4:47:35 AM


Thinking like this causes eugenics and genocide.
First they will say "well those retarded kids are no use to society anyway, so stop teaching them!" then the next year they will say "well those retarded kids can't function in society and learn anyway, so lets kill them!"

I know this is a slippery slope, however if history has taught us anything, something that happens in history will happen again if the same path is taken.

10/30/2014 4:59:04 AM


I would very much like to punch you, OP.

10/30/2014 5:01:16 AM


Look up Aktion T4 and you'll see where this human Shitstain is coming from.

10/30/2014 5:03:35 AM


And you are a moral cripple, who should not be allowed to waste the space and time needed by better people.

10/30/2014 5:22:20 AM

Doubting Thomas

What a fucking asshole douchenozzle.

10/30/2014 6:14:24 AM

Goomy pls

Fuck you. You are more of a burden to society, you indolent, arrogant, pusillanimous waste of organic matter.

10/30/2014 6:42:06 AM


While this actually made me cry a little, I am delighted to see IFTR getting her ass handed to her over it. I can easily relate to how hurt the mother of the little girl was to read such hateful bullshit.

10/30/2014 7:11:06 AM

Captain Zens

While I wish we had a better way to help those that are mentally challenged, so they could learn and understand at the same rate, completely disregarding them as a society is awful. A society should be judged by how it treats the least.

Regardless the swim lessons thing is an awful analogy. What's with terrible people and inane, pointless analogies?

10/30/2014 7:49:59 AM

Professor von SCIENCE!!!

Wow, you're a despicable monster. I've nothing smartass to say on this it just pisses me off.

10/30/2014 8:10:40 AM


I worked with special education students for two years, and each one, from the most high-functioning to the most profoundly disabled, is worth a thousand of the shirt stain in the toilet of humanity that is OP. Fuck you, OP.

10/30/2014 8:31:53 AM


This makes me think that the term disabled is a very relative thing. I don't think the OP is a properly functioning part of society.

10/30/2014 8:46:20 AM



Me first! you can hold him while I hit him. Then I'll hold him while you hit him!

and anyone with an imagination and some power tools can join in too.

10/30/2014 8:58:31 AM


Go fuck yourself.

10/30/2014 9:36:37 AM


And here we see the unrepentant asshole in his natural habitat.

10/30/2014 9:42:33 AM


You know, I remember an article about a girl who was intensely uncommunicative. She had little control of her nervous system and even randomly made noises and all that and was completely unable to talk. But when she was given one of those computer pads where she could use it to make sentences she proved be to a perfectly normal person on the inside, trapped in a body that just didn't respond right.

She wasn't mentally handicapped, she was only physically disabled and most of her past bad behavior was her frustration at not being able to communicate or simply wanting to be left alone.

So when people say shit like this.. it just makes me realize there are too many people wired against empathy which is a huge factor in human survival.

10/30/2014 9:58:11 AM


++"I thought hard about this"


10/30/2014 10:20:39 AM

Nicholas Krizov

I see this was translated from it's original German...

10/30/2014 11:10:15 AM


Mmmm. I feel the burning love from probably yet another pro-life, Christian, rat-training, air-wasting jackoff that has the nerve to "think" about anything.

10/30/2014 3:32:15 PM


Damn. I want to beat this strumpet with live, angry, electric eels genetically modified to be twice as large and ten times as vicious that are trained to feel hate specifically for her and it wasn't even my daughter she insulted in such a sickening way.


Wait, that's a woman? ...Still stands. Thing about equality is that it works both ways and that's a level of nasty that gets your knuckles rapped. Good to hear about some comeuppance at least.

10/30/2014 5:23:51 PM



The slope is not just slippery, we've already slipped there. This week.



Yes, absolutely.

10/30/2014 10:15:22 PM


Hey, IFTR? I'd love for you to say that to the mother of a woman my family knows. Her name is Janna. She has Downs. She also has a job and pays rent at a facilitated living complex. She always has a hug and a smile for everyone. Her mother had to ordeal being told Janna (her youngest child) had a birth defect because the parents must have sinned by ignorant people in their church. In reality the parents were both in their mid 40s, which is a factor for Downs. Now Janna's mother considers her a blessing. Janna's siblings all live out of state, the father has died, so Janna (who visits with her mother everyday) is the only family her mother has frequent contect with. She is a wonderful woman and a productive member of society. And there are quite a few people who would (and have) defend her from the likes of you. Pet rat indeed. *snort*


That child had no standard of life. At all. Look up those diseases. This isn't "My child is disabled and it's hard and I wanna throw them away." this is "My child is in agonizing pain and she doesn't deserve to spend the rest of her life as a shrieking ball of pain and misery." You can tell the mother loves her little girl, and it's hurting her to give her child up. She's sacrificing her own feelings to do what's best for her child.

10/31/2014 7:35:16 AM


So why aren't you volunteering & going to school then, Shitsnotfuntohavetheruns? [/mega-zinger]

You are less of the amazing volunteer making-the-world-a-better-place, and more the haemhorroid hanging out of the arsehole of humanity. Your point?

Moral: The Paralympics (especially that after our 2012 London Olympics:

'This is how you run a Paralympics!'

-Member of Team Para-USA

Your existence is invalid, never mind your 'argument'.

'Sport doesn't care who you are. Everyone can take part.'

-Advert slogan by Samsung, 2012 London Paralympics sponsor.

And when a major electronics company from South Korea is infinitely more progressive in it's thinking, then you know you're on a hiding to nothing, attitude-wise, Shitsnotfuntohavetheruns. [/2018 Pyeongchang]

All those volunteers in the Olympics & especially the Paralympics.

10/31/2014 7:53:13 AM

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