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It's not enough to just jail these people.

They actively participate in what could only be called a death cult, exchanging unsanitary bodily fluids like semen, shit, blood which contain multiple strains of STI's as well as multiple strains of HIV like this poster mentioned:

They are walking human petri dishes and are as about responsible as a pig farmer feeding their pigs random birds he picks up off the ground which is situated in a batcave.

inb4 muh freedom or muh statist

When your four year old is chocking on her own bloody vomit from some plague that wafted out of the ass of some faggot, you tell me how those "non aggression" principles are working out for ya.

pic very much related(Nurgle Lord of disease)

eGremlin, SheekyForums 24 Comments [4/14/2016 3:30:51 AM]
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Submitted By: TimeToTurn

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Does he think STDs are airborn?

4/14/2016 3:41:21 AM


The vile shit coming out of your face anus is a serious VTD (verbally transmitted disease).

4/14/2016 3:49:35 AM



4/14/2016 3:55:55 AM

Mister Spak

When you reject modern medicine and die tell me how much that bible humping is working out for you.

4/14/2016 4:20:11 AM

Grey Rook

@Prager: Sexually Transmitted Infection, I think.

4/14/2016 4:20:30 AM


I can't help but feel like he picked the wrong Chaos God...

4/14/2016 5:21:15 AM



Verbally Transmitted Disease is a wonderful term! I hope it gets used more often.

4/14/2016 5:35:20 AM

Doubting Thomas

Um... you do know that gay people don't have any STD's that heterosexuals don't have, don't you?

4/14/2016 6:06:20 AM

Unless you have sex with them, you shouldn't worry......I guess

4/14/2016 6:12:38 AM


I would think Slaanesh would be a bit more fitting here if he's whining about gay sex.

4/14/2016 6:24:49 AM

The Crimson Ghost

Every last one of us is a petri dish.

Nurgle, schmurgle! He's but part of Tzeetch's master plan, for the Lord of Change sees & knows all.

4/14/2016 6:47:53 AM

SheekyForums is just an ad-farm that directly lifts content from 4chan.
Also, quoting 4chan's /pol/ board on RSTDT sounds like an enormous waste of time.

4/14/2016 7:46:09 AM


They are called STDs for a reason, nitwit.

4/14/2016 8:29:12 AM

Mister Spak


"SheekyForums is just an ad-farm that directly lifts content from 4chan."

It's also a virus farm. I went there and instantly got a virus warning.

4/14/2016 9:32:03 AM


eGremlin thinks about gay sex enough to consider all the bodily fluids involved, but doesn't think about it enough to consider safe sex practices.

4/14/2016 11:03:40 AM

Man Called True

Bad choice of god, eGremlin. Unlike you, Nurgle loves everyone equally. (Even the bacteria and the fungi.)

4/14/2016 11:22:57 AM


Charlie 'WINNING!", "Tiger Blood", "Adonis DNA" Sheen.

Pics very much related; if John deLancie is Tzeentch:

Then here is Nurgle, Lord of Disease:

Question: is Charlie 'Manslut' Sheen gay? Because compared to him, Princess Molestia - the analogue of Slaanesh - is the God-Emperor of Man, pre-Horus Heresy. And thus your entire argument (that of someone who claims to be heterosexual) is equally riddled with AIDS.


@Man Called True

At a party that Nurgle had invited her to, ReiTree discovered that Toad had taken a lichen to her. She realised that he was a fungi to be with.

...that pun was quite spore. Maybe I should pack my trunk and leaf. X3

4/14/2016 4:08:14 PM

Kid Cthulhu

I didn't think most 40K players were so hateful. Usually their wrath is aimed at bad rules-writing and contradictory fluff/fiction. Maybe poor Nurgle became nothing more than a meme?

Tzeentch for the win.

On and the OP can go "chock" on his own bloody vomit.

4/14/2016 4:12:18 PM

Somebody already beat me to it. SheekyFourms and LeekyFourms are bullshit sites. Everything on them is extremely racist, homophobic etc because it is lifted directly from 4chan.

4/14/2016 5:12:38 PM


#1933145, #1933326

Thank you, I was wondering what the hell the place was and why it sounded so much like /pol/. That's why I never submitted them but this shit was hilarious regardless. I won't be submitting from them again.

4/14/2016 6:04:26 PM


Is it possible your suffering from the madness of tertiary syphilis, Gremlin? Should have used a condom!

4/14/2016 6:36:55 PM


Well, since we've got all the others...




4/14/2016 9:13:35 PM

Even if your wild & many misunderstandings of biology were actually true, it'd be better than having her burnt at the stake as a witch for talking to her invisible friend (the sheer hypocrisy) or whipped for being caught learning to read as you'd prefer.

4/14/2016 9:36:59 PM


How dare he blemish the name of Grandfather Nurgle, attributing such vile hate to His image! Nurgle loves you, he wants you to join him and accept his necrotic embrace, not hate. Hate is pointless, since in the end, everyone belongs to Nurgle.

4/15/2016 7:18:17 AM

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