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I took my family to Universal Studios Tour in Hollywood. My wife and 7 year old daughter were in line ahead of me. For the season pass they took their thumb scan. When I got up there I said very loudly that ONLY criminals get fingerprinted! People were watching. They said ok we have to put a sticker on your season pass that I just had to show I.D. All the sheeple were just going along with no complaints!

HemiDave777, Rapture Ready 15 Comments [7/4/2016 3:48:46 AM]
Fundie Index: 8
Submitted By: Arceus

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Warren McIntosh

And guess what - you were the only one who gave a shit

7/4/2016 4:00:40 AM


Really? You're gonna complain over a simple fingerprint scanner? What crazy conspiracy are you avoiding this time?

7/4/2016 4:50:33 AM

But "God's chosen people" are referred to as sheep...

7/4/2016 5:20:11 AM


I guess they don't like banks ether. Since Banks use thumb prints if you ever deal with large sums of money. I guess if the rapture happens we should check under the mattress of those ruptured.

7/4/2016 7:05:43 AM

You made a fool of yourself, we got it

7/4/2016 8:06:13 AM


Yet, you expect visitors to your country to have biometric passports, do you not? If I have to have one...!

So why are you lot bending over backwards to lick Donald 'Wall-y' Fart's arse, again...?!

7/4/2016 8:09:22 AM


Criminals, teachers, government workers...the list goes on

7/4/2016 8:19:32 AM


Congratulations on possessing government-issued ID, and showing those documents to strangers upon demand, Mister Freedom Fighter.

7/4/2016 9:12:53 AM


Police get fingerprinted, as do military personnel, airline pilots, schoolchildren...

you....you've never even been to the real world, have you?

7/4/2016 10:30:28 AM

Admiral Nopants

And you just let your wife and daughter get scanned? So in addition to being a total idiot you're also an asshole that doesn't give a shit about his family. Lovely.

7/4/2016 3:02:56 PM

Phil O'Macedon

Hemidave777, truly thou art a mighty champion of truth , Biblical Values, and non Antichristedness! That thy family cringes greatly when thou dost raise thy powerful voice in public is of small matter! Fight the Good Fight, Warrior of God!( Waiting seemingly forever (giggle) for the day of the Rapture makes some people cranky.)

7/4/2016 9:54:35 PM


It's Rapture Ready. They seriously believe, among other things, that fingerprints will be used to trace people at the End of Days, to make people get the 666 mark. it's really sad.

7/4/2016 10:30:50 PM


In South Africa, you give fingerprints to get your ID. Wonder what idiots like this think they're going to do.

7/4/2016 10:42:37 PM


So you let a 7-year-old child get their thumbprint scanned to make sure she can be tracked by Satan's NWO minions. What a hero.

7/4/2016 11:05:29 PM


In Hong Kong you get your thumb scanned when you get your ID card. This means that there are no queues going through passport control as it's all done by the scanner.
Dave, I guess, can queue if he wants to.

7/5/2016 7:23:24 AM

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