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Please convert to Islam

I have been thinking about what most here should do (with the help of a few glasses of wine). Here was my previous advice:

[link removed]

I recommended Orthodox Judaism, Orthodox Christianity, Conservative Mennonism, or Mikraite. But Orthodox Judaism doesn't work if you aren't jewish, Orthodox Christianity and Conservative Mennonism don't work if you don't actually understand Christian theology and history, and Mikraite doesn't work if you don't have brains. So none of these options really work for most people here. The real question is, what is the best option for ignorant morons, which is what modern culture is now mostly composed of. And I think the answer is Islam.

Islam truly is the ideal religion for ignorant morons, which is what most of you are, so please convert. It's true that I have my doubts about whether Islam can ever really work well again (since Ash'arism became dominant). But I am quite sure that it can never be as bad as modern culture. Your chance of finding a wife is certainly better in Islam than in modern culture. And there is always a chance that you could become a jihadist and kill a few modern scum, which isn't bad in my view.

fschmidt, /r/incels 36 Comments [12/29/2016 4:15:27 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

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The Reptilian Jew

I didn't get why this is fundie until the third paragraph. Then I got it.

12/29/2016 4:28:41 AM


okay. the incel movement's transition into an omnicidal nihilistic hate cult has stopped being funny.

12/29/2016 4:32:37 AM

The Reptilian Jew

Wait, there was a point when it WAS funny?

12/29/2016 4:34:36 AM


Please deprogram yourself.

Also I`m saying this here and now, anyone ANYONE tries as much as cover a lock of my golden hair with anything else than my stoner wool cap and I`m executing the V on their entire society. I`ll die pretty before I live as someone`s slave. To all dipshits believing me simply another female to break under your torture and violence despite my attitude, you`re in for a suprise. You can cut this cute processing unit off my shoulders but my last word will be: I FUCKED YOUR GOD!

Live free or die trying, perhaps to many these are just empty words in an age of internet detachment but for me they are engraved in the deepest core of my program, they are a mental reactor which powers my unending fury towards these scum and the enrgy it produces could supply a star for a century. Not only do they have the guts to waste their own precious sentience, they actively demand we all submit as slaves and some of you good folks actually believe these fucks deserve to be reciprocated with empathy when they themselves don`t even understand the notion outside their closest relatives.

Somebody outright says: I consider you a slave and believe with all my heart you should submit as such, also if I had the necessary enfocement I wouldn`t ask, I would demand on pain of death.

How the hell some cretins respond to this with: You know, our civilisation values freedom and individuality above everything else so I can`t force you to not force others and take all we hold dear away.

Why isn`t it simpler: Then go be a slave. I am not, you will not force me nor will you silence my voice simply because it offends your terrified sentience. Use violence and force and it will be reciprocated ten times.

This would force some of the aggresive ones to commit themselves fully to their mad violence cult of course but you know what, I for one am tired of playing "don`t get mad" with a violent retard who obviously cannot grasp the idea that what he does couses tremendous pain and that he could just fuck off to a diffrent playground but he won`t because the idea would simply not occur to his damaged brain.

Had someone like that in my neighbourhood once when I was a kid. Fucker was bigger, fatter and generally took everything and would beat all the more timid kids as he liked since all the parents were trying to not cause an offence. I had enough, I might not look like much but to see this fucking sociopath beating up and killing one of our neighbours dogs(nobody liked the beast to be sure, he was a nast little old viener but ffs, he never as much as bit any of us kids without provocation and well, it was the dogs right to live, period) for the first time I switched my empathy off somehow and took a big solid piece of coal, threw it at his head then proceeded to tear him apart with fists, teeth and the occasional pieces of debris I could grasp at to take to his fucking thick brain.

I wanted to kill this bastard, wanted to give him all the pain he caused others right back and if his program was too primitive to understand why, I would carve the fucking why on his bloody remains. It took two adults to take an 8 year old off his devastated form, he did survive though but not without some permanent damage, thanks to which now he could have a reminder he could understand to never ever try to as much as touch anyone else and finally learned to wait till others were through with whatever playground constructs they were using.

All in all yes, I caused irreversible pain and damage to both his sytems and his program, shocked his every conception of how reality is to function, no doubt and made him ultimately miserable, maybe for the rest of his life. I do not regret it. Had I ended him I wouldn`t either. Because there is a diffrence in using violence and deadly force only to protect, never to take or enslave, never to gain, it`s only that most of us don`t believe we are capable of making such judgements. I disagree, make me a psycho for it if such is your want, I cannot fully convey myself through these empty letter signs but maybe some of you folks will see it is a conffesion and an anecdote about how values and perspectives are never universal, one`s victim is another`s life saving meal yet we don`t deny the rat the right to bite back even as the cat breaks his spine, we cannot deny ourselves the mandate to reciprocate with the intention to kill but we must always do it after we are only absolutely sure the threat is real and inaction will mean more suffering and in consequence more lives lost.

Claiming universality means that you give yourself a mandate to perfect morality, but such a thing does not exist. Our values in the end are just as subjective as those of the slave drivers and it does not follow that we shouldn`t hold them and by their virtue protect all we love againt aggresion and violence. Don`t think it`s all some elaborate way of attacking the refugee situation( I refuse to use the term: Crisis, safe well off poeple acting like fearful animals isn`t a crisis, it`s a terrible embarrasment for everyone involved), it is precisely our way to open our doors to a starving, freezing sentient whatever thier beliefs might be, even taking a few weakend bites so to speak, aggresion born of pure fear and overextension is after all the easiest to empathicaly understand and be given just a bit of leeway. Back to my story, I would do the same for our violent antagonist if I found him dying and freezing at my doorstep even if his later behaviour would prompt me to throw him out after he recovered.

Such a tl;dr already and I barely scraped the subject but damm it`s an important one.

You can respect someone`s life and existence without respecting their values and their behaviour if it conflicts with the most basic principles of your own. We have a muslim and chirsitan populations in any given western country but they cannot get the free pass on their primitivisms and irrational offences they take to things contradicting their beliefs as some are prone to giving them now.

Why was this british police dept. some time ago only so happy to take the puppy down as their mascot after some ignorant apes with violent preconceptions about his species said the very visage of this faithful companion animal offends them, why they themselves were not told that their views on the doggy were offensive and irrelevant to our people who by and large consider dogs our best helpers and companions and love to see them honoured and generously rewarded for their service to our kind?

It`s citing the first directive to a borg cube, so to speak.

12/29/2016 4:47:11 AM

Hasan Prishtina

Advice from a Jewish admirer of Hitler.

12/29/2016 5:32:04 AM


@The Reptilian Jew:

amusing? entertaining? i dunno. I don't have the best word choice in the early mornings.

I suppose their hatred of 99% of humanity is more particularly acidic in this post than others quoted from the incel movement.

12/29/2016 5:40:27 AM

Doubting Thomas

Because the only way incels can get a wife is if they live in a culture where women are treated as property.

12/29/2016 5:51:50 AM


Very subtle WTF. Still horrible, especially qhat is not written, but obviously comes with.

12/29/2016 5:55:46 AM

Pharaoh Bastethotep

By the way, the first response there is made of win:

@Crusty Space Wizard:
I'm actually really impressed with how many things this post insulted simultaneously.

There is something wrong with the [quote=] tag.

12/29/2016 6:23:04 AM


Dang, Skide, I'm sorry I didn't have you around when I was young!

12/29/2016 6:23:13 AM


That's why I have to laugh at "That Which Shall Not Be Named" being so virulently Islamophobic, Thomas.

Considering the way that thing worships Medieval society, you'd think it would be all over a religion where a woman would be forced to be its' wife.

12/29/2016 6:37:07 AM


The day may be coming when his Mexican wife actually does liquidise his assets - and takes his kids with her - and goes south of the border.

If fschit were to take his own advice.

Please convert to Islam

You first.

...but then, how would you be able to enjoy that wine?

12/29/2016 8:42:43 AM

Pharaoh Bastethotep


Actually, it goes like this:

Caamib hates "Modern" society. Caamib wants "Modern" people to be raped and massacred. Caamib believes that Muslims and blacks rape and massacre "Modern" people. Caamib approves.
Caamib believes that "liberals" worship "Sacred Classes" like Muslims and blacks and therefore approve of being raped and massacred by them. Caamib, on the other hand, is a straight white mile, so he does not belong to a sacred class and is therefore not allowed to rape and massacre "Modern" people. Caamib therefore hates "liberals" even stronger for being hypocrites.

12/29/2016 9:04:52 AM

Insult to Rocks

Hahahaha! You lazy bastards!? As Muslims! Oh my god, that's hilarious! I bet you couldn't even figure out which direction to pray toward without melting down and blaming women and "Chad" for the concept of geography.
And....and the Hadj.I mean, actually putting effort into your life? Leaving home for a pilgrimage? Incels don't do that! They can't even talk to women without suffering a psychotic break. Asking a stranger for directions in a foreign language? Totally beyond them.
The longer I think about this, the more hilarious it gets. Especially considering, given their own "rating" system, Mohammed's marriage to Khadija would make him more like the "modern western women" they so despise than Jesus, who, being a virgin with issues with his parents, seems a perfect fit for them.

12/29/2016 9:26:47 AM


"The real question is, what is the best option for ignorant morons, which is what modern culture is now mostly composed of. And I think the answer is Islam."

Well, that explains suicide bombers then.

12/29/2016 10:07:01 AM

Shepard Solus

Did he just admit that they're all one light breeze blowing past their heads away from a negative brain cell count?

12/29/2016 10:20:46 AM


@Pharaoh Bastethotep

Caamib, on the other hand, is a straight white mile

...and like Alv here, so do I: http://www.fstdt.net/QuoteComment.aspx?QID=118725&Page=3#1941806

12/29/2016 4:05:55 PM

If Islam is the religion for ignorant morons, incels and fundies would definitely fit in well with it

12/29/2016 4:44:06 PM

Huh. You know there may actually be an advantage to having a petty, obsessive, media-addicted, lunatic who cares little for laws or rights as (hopefully temporary) POTUS.

Somebody retweet fschmidt fshit to Donald Trump.

Promotion of Islam - which includes an appeal to murder everybody - and a side of America bashing will set Trump off. He will go after Schmidt and all his associates in ways that overstep the law and tweet blatant falsehoods on a daily basis because that's pretty much what he does. The rational will see Trump overstep his constitutional authority and Trump's misogynistic, racist, alt-right supporters will see him pull out the stops going after a white misogynistic racist who at least claims to be a millionaire.

12/29/2016 6:58:42 PM


Not a good idea. Trump would give him a position in office and we don't need these incel types in any kind of authority

12/29/2016 7:01:17 PM

Jamaican Castle

I genuinely don't know whether this is more offensive to Muslims or his own audience (with "the greater intelligence of humanity" coming up a close third).

@2002957: Maybe, but the more incompetent the political appointees are, the greater the odds that the professional civil servants below them can just work around them. If you're going to have raving lunatics either way, at least you can avoid the one who are good at turning their will into reality.

12/29/2016 7:53:35 PM


He promotes something by insulting it. Now he's confused and I'm the "Scanners Guy".

12/29/2016 7:56:21 PM


"so he does not belong to a sacred class and is therefore not allowed to rape and massacre "Modern" people. Caamib therefore hates "liberals" even stronger for being hypocrites."

You are mostly correct here, Pharaohloon, I will give you that but some things must be clarified.

An average moron reading your post might believe (and you likely believe it as well, since you're a moron), that I believe non-whites are legally allowed to kill. That isn't true, at least not yet, though places like Sweden are slowly getting there. But it hasn't gotten there yet.

My point is that you are liberals, and thus see being white and male as the Original Sin and would like such a society. That's why you go after men like me who simply accurately describe what modern Western women are and what they want, but ignore anything done by those you see as oppressed classes. If you don't know you're either lying or are ignorant of your own religion. I don't know what's worse. But in any case it's a good reason for me not to like somebody who calls me a rapist for fucking a woman who calls me on the phone to offer it but wants a white male toddler to be burned alive because they think he is a rapist, slave owner and entitled shit.

As for this maniacal follower of mine, that he believes I'm "islamophobic" WHILE I OPENLY SUPPORT EUROPE BECOMING A CALIPHATE is just another example of how stupid and sick he is. He really is me backwards - he is basically everything I am not.

12/29/2016 8:51:09 PM



Why do you bother with your blatant lies, you are a defective ape who cannot understand how the rest of the species works, I`m not going to debate you but if I ever see your mug irl I WILL kill you, like a scum you are. It`s a threat and a challenge fuckoo. Want to at least stand up to your hatred, lets chose ourselves a place and time, after all traveling within union isn`t a big deal. We can get some abandoned ruin on the roadside where the cops will not interfere for sure. You have a chance, I`ll give it to you, prove that you are the beast and a villain you believe yourself to be, I represent everything you despise, make a present for your slave driver overlords of my blonde head if you can, assuming you truly believe your crap and don`t simply use it as an excuse to not face just how pathetic you are.

In short: PROVE YOUR SHIT in a situation in which if that mystical male advantage really isn`t there, you will die by female hand. Confront your sick theories with reality if you fucking dare.

12/30/2016 12:55:03 AM

Pharaoh Bastethotep


Not even Pharaoh Bastardhotep?

you likely believe [...]that I believe non-whites are legally allowed to kill.

Wrong. Although, given your utter lack of any connection to reality, it would not have surprised me if you did.

since you're a moron

Wrong. I am very intelligent.

you are liberals

Depends on what you mean by liberal.

thus see being white and male as the Original Sin


would like such a society.

Wrong. I do not want anyone to be raped or massacred.

men like me who simply accurately describe what modern Western women are and what they want

Wrong. There is absolutely nothing even remotely accurate about your delusions.

but ignore anything done by those you see as oppressed classes.

Wrong. Utterly wrong.

If you don't know you're either lying or are ignorant of your own religion.

Or maybe, you are wrong about my "religion".

I don't know what's worse.


wants a white male toddler to be burned alive because they think he is a rapist, slave owner and entitled shit.

Wrong. Unless you are talking about that woman. In which case, we already know that she would have to be utterly insane because there are circumstances that would have her agree to having sex with you. Assuming, of course, that this happened anywhere outside of your own fantasies.


And then, your fellow coarseholes will kill you for being an atheist. Not that this is going to happen.

He really is me backwards - he is basically everything I am not.

I am sure he will be delighted to hear that.

12/30/2016 3:37:44 AM

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