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...aack, I'm busy with beginning-of-semester stuff! Yell at me in this thread for stuff I get behind on. I'll have the final round of the 2016 FSTDT Awards voting ready by the end of today though, and I'm extending voting until the end of the month. But if there's other stuff that I need yelling at for, put it here plz.

>_<, look at my puppy! 4 Comments [1/4/2017 7:03:04 AM]
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That's a fine pooch.

1/5/2017 2:29:57 PM


Cute doggo

1/5/2017 6:45:36 PM


Thanks guys :3 I love my little dude to death

1/6/2017 3:12:32 PM

I submitted a few quotes from a Tumblr user, but I've since talked to her and she's really a good person. One quote in particular was from a few years ago and she has since changed her mind on the subject. She doesn't deserve to be grouped in with all the other crazy people on the site. Please remove the quotes...


Thank you

1/7/2017 3:20:50 PM

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