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FOX 32 NEWS - Chicago investigators are questioning four African-Americans after a Facebook Live video shows a group of people torturing a white mentally disabled man while someone yelled "F*** Trump!" and "F*** white people!"

Chicago police were made aware of the video Tuesday afternoon. A young African American woman streamed the video live on Facebook showing at least four people holding the young white man hostage.

"The video is reprehensible," said police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi.

"It's sickening. You know it makes you wonder what would make individuals treat somebody like that," Police Supt. Eddie Johnson added.

Throughout the video, the victim is repeatedly kicked and hit, his scalp is cut, all while he is tied up with his mouth taped shut.

At one point, the victim is held at knife point and told to curse President-elect Donald Trump. The group also forces the victim to drink water from a toilet.

The suspects can be heard saying they want the video to go viral.

Detectives think the victim, who lives in the suburbs and appeared to be in his late teens or early 20s, met some acquaintances in northwest suburban Streamwood and they drove him to Chicago in a stolen vehicle, Guglielmi said.

The victim is then believed to have been held hostage and tortured in an apartment in the 3400 block of West Lexington on the West Side, Guglielmi said.

Anonymous Chicago Residents, Fox 32 14 Comments [1/5/2017 11:27:52 AM]
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Pepe, the Fashy (((Frog)))

Crickets chirp where our usual commentators exist.

I am expecting:

1)They did this because they were oppressed themselves
2)They did this because actual oppression and hate transformed their minds.
3)Congratulating them sarcastically that they have become like the conservatives.

I mean, sheeit, I can read your minds across the seas around Erdogan's Dumbfuckistan! And look! I can speak Turkish, English, German just as an educated person!

Must be torture for your little worldview where all rightwingers are troglodytes, as if leftie college pigs like Trigglypuff are educated compared to me.

Ciddi beyinsizsiniz amina kodugumun "cuck" lari

P.S Backups will be posted in case you edit this comment.

1/5/2017 11:36:13 AM


@Phoney Pepe

Assault is assault no matter who perpetrates it. What you overlook is that while this represents the extreme lunatic fringe on the left and these folks will arrested, tried, and convicted, acting like troglodytes is mainstream on the right. As a matter of fact on the right they're proud of being ignorant, uneducated assholes and their behavior is defended by the Drumpf himself.

1/5/2017 11:48:34 AM


@Atrocious Amphibian

Crickets chirp where our usual commentators exist.

...he said after nine minutes, and on a site which isn't exactly massive at that. Are alt-righters just too dumb to read timestamps?

The more you taunt us about editing your posts, BTW, the more tempting it becomes to replace all your screeds with "HI THERE I'M A TURKISH JEWISH NAZI DURR I TOTALLY MAKE SENSE". Especially since the actual content is the same strawman bullshit you still spew even after we've rejected and refuted it a billion times.

1/5/2017 11:57:02 AM


Pepe, thou art a talentless imbecile and a disgrace to Frogkind. Thou abusest My name in thy vain attempts to promote thy foul agenda. Thou shalt kill thyself.

1/5/2017 12:03:12 PM


Frog has been flushed. And another one bites the dust...

1/5/2017 2:55:51 PM


I'm as Progressive as they come and I hope those freaks who tortured that guy all get arrested and get the book thrown at them!

Those 4+ torture freaks are filth and need to be thrown in the slammer and they DO NOT SPEAK FOR ALL BLACKS, PROGRESSIVES OR ANTI-TRUMPSTERS.

They are bigots! They are REGRESSIVES!

Since they put it on video for all to see, they are STUPID as well!


1/5/2017 3:13:33 PM



He'll be back - the guy recently bragged about using proxies to circumvent IP banning. Pharaoh recently mentioned a "superweapon" that could ban users hard enough to render IP spoofing useless; here's hoping it rolls out soon.

1/5/2017 4:14:19 PM


Notably, Det. Cmdr. Duffin waffled when asked if hate crime charges would be pursued, saying that they had "to determine whether this is sincere or just stupid ranting and raving."

Thankfully, reason prevailed and the four no-longer-anonymous (and indeed arrested) residents will face hate crime charges. There may be a charitable explanation for his hesitance (besides a double-standard wrt hate crimes) if e.g. he had not seen the video himself.

1/5/2017 6:03:32 PM


Fucking disgusting.

Even if the man wasn't disabled it'd still be fucking disgusting.


It usually takes longer than 9 minutes for the first comment to roll in.

Besides, if white people were tormenting a mentally disabled black man, saying "Fuck Hillary", you'd be the first one cheering them on.

1/5/2017 6:26:45 PM


Black arseholes. Just to show the basket of deplorables is an equal-opportunity group.

1/6/2017 12:44:11 AM


Chicago investigators are questioning four African-Americans after a Facebook Live video shows a group of people torturing a white mentally disabled man while someone yelled "F*** Trump!" and "F*** white people!"

Subhuman scumbags. May they DIAF.

1/6/2017 3:11:26 AM


The worst part of all is that they posted this video on Facebook, secure in the belief that their friends would all react positively to this.

1/6/2017 9:38:32 AM


It's also the best part since their stupidity got them in The Can.

The guy they tormented needs a hug.

1/6/2017 7:36:45 PM

Man Called True

And yet people try to deny the Horseshoe Theory.

1/9/2017 9:24:34 AM

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